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    Thank you for your help @Penguin-keeper I’m not too knowledgeable on stuff like this but it makes sense now. I managed to make a new Apple ID and downloaded the app now
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    I think if you connect your Mix with the Meets ver, you will be able to unlock the location.
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    @lovecherrymotion - APK is the application format used by the open-source Android mobile operating system. Apple's mobile devices, running their iOS operating system, are based around a "walled garden" ecosystem that does not allow you to take the risk of freely installing outside applications without hacking your hardware - that's why you must change your App Store location for those devices.
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    Hi Arissu, I don’t know if you’ll have the answer to this. I’m trying to avoid the whole ‘changing my App Store location to download then change it back’ scenario. I managed to find the mymeets app on APKpure with your post, but since I have an iPhone when I click the iPhone link download it doesn’t doesn’t have the app for iPhone, it just recommends other apps. Do you know if there is one for the iPhone on there or do you think I should just do the App Store location that everyone else recommends?
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    Yes, it is compatible with the Ons!
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    I'm pretty sure it's the same one. In 40min I believe I will win the bidding and get them all for about $7. Including shipping. I have been trying to look up the dog pet also. I tried reversed image search and found "fish fish" and "chicken chicken" which both looks just like this one but are with fish and chickens. They are hitorikkos. I had no luck at all searching for the yellow one. I will try to fix it. Change the screen and what might be needed.