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    @KidRetro64 already mentioned this on their profile, but this is what Bandai Namco US posted on Twitter before the weekend. It’s to celebrate Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary. Hope it comes to Europe as well. Would be a bit disappointing if it was just yet another Tamagotchi Nano version (with Pac-Man instead of Gudetama or Eevee), but either way, I am very excited for its unveiling! Come to think of it, the Tamagotchi Mame Game hardware was used for Pac-Man once.
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    Alright cool, just wanted to make sure I didn't get duped since im used to all these new ones! I guess I'm spoiled! Thank you guys so much!!
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    Yep, it looks totally normal to me, too - that's just what we had back then!
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    Yeah, that's just normal for a vintage device imo. My angelgotch runs about the same speed.
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    Alright, here it is; the long awaited video! Sorry about the crappy quality its the best I'm able to do. Let me know what you guys think!
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    Yep, I absolutely see where you're coming from. I look forward to seeing the video footage so that we can all figure this out once and for all. @Eggiweg - I'd say that, depending on the microprocessor (for some reason, some vintage units are more responsive than others, so I assume that two different kinds were used back then) the originals are either a little bit slower, or are noticeably sluggish.
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    I cant right now since its asleep, but I can try to get a video tomorrow when its awake!
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    Can you get a video of it running? As Penguin-keeper said, the remakes are a little bit faster than the originals.
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    I don't sadly. The oldest model I have other than this Angelgotchi is a Connection V1, which is completely different. If older models running slower than the remakes do is normal, then I wont pay it any mind. I've already gotten used to it honestly, I just wanted to make sure it was an internal problem or anything, ya feel me?
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    There’s been so much news lately on Tamagotchis! We have the new Mcdonalds toys in 2020, along with a Pac-Man edition Tamagotchi to celebrate its 40th anniversary!
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    My kuchipatchi and nijifuwatchi married each other and had a baby named deedeetchi. Days later it had a baby with kikitchi but it was the same Tamagotchi dressed up like a kikitchi though.
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    So I got my Angelgotchi a few days ago, and only just now got batteries for it. I'm using 327 batteries. It works, but its very slow compared to the ones I have. (The closest thing is the remake of the P1/P2 they made last year) If it helps this is a Japanese version, not an English version. Thank you!
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    Right now it is a penguin thing but tomorrow it will be an adult.
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    Just to verify, do you not have any vintage models to compare it to? The Gen 1 and Gen 2 remakes run a lot snappier than the originals did.
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    Hey guys, after a few days of being down and out after Rui's and Yuzue's death I was pretty destroyed, honestly I worked hard to get such cute boys and had a nice wife line up for Rui, the one with horns for clarification and Yuzue had the cream on the head. They got sick at some point while I was at work, and I do check up on them about every 30 minutes to an hour, so it struck me as odd that they progressed so fast. Sadly they went on Oct. 30th, around 8pm, now I know the more ghost the less of a chance they'll make it. It was a hard lesson to learn, especially since they were at full health and max happiness. Here are some images of the last day I had them. I couldn't bare wasting time and staring at their tombstone, so my newest family head was born. Another boy a Mametchi, and I went to town raising a healthy boy. I didn't take many pictures this time of my Mametchi but that was fine, I dropped into the app today and found him a wife within minutes, a kind user shared the genes with him and got me back into spooky business. While I don't plan on copying Rue and Yuzue I did really like the pumpkin linage, and hopefully can get lucky with the gene distribution again. And thus today Emerald was born, a green little girl. She's needier than her father, in fact got sick 3 times before evolving, typical for a baby but I paid the price for missing the last 2 care calls and shes having a bit of a hideous toddler phase. And hopefully the ears goes away too. She at least isn't green anymore. I can only imagine what she will get, hopefully majority of her mom's genes. On another note despite their passing I had finally reached my savings goal and was able to order a Sanrio meets, so between the Retail Holiday Schedule (work) and the holidays themselves. Ill be updating this log pretty soon with more than just Emeralds tree, and of course I have to make a case for the incoming tama, it'll be here any day now actually! Thank you for all who comment on this and let me know, will my first sanrio tama be a boy or a girl? And if so who do you think I'll end up raising?
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    I finally got batteries for my Japanese Angelgotchi, Im super excited!
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    Doing okay, still a bit sad about it, but I got good news I'll be posting soon about the log as well as the new linage. Thank you for asking though ^.^
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    As the saying goes, an item is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. If you're planning to sell online, assuming that that's why you're asking about value, your best bet to determine the current market value is to check recent sales on the same platform that you intend to sell on. Though in the case of a Tamagotchi you might have to look at what different designs sold for, since they released so many of them!
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    Today... Virtual Mickey Mouse stopped selling. Only this! From takara tomy! https://lavitsfigure.com/products/takara-tomy-disney-mickey-mouse-magical-transfiguration-handheld-digital-virtual-pet-game-play-key-chain And Not this! https://japanyouwant.com/product/new-mickey-life-game-yellow-vintage-mini-game And this! https://www.ebay.com/itm/VIRTUAL-Mickey-Mouse-Yellow-Interactive-Cyber-Tamagotchi-NEW-SEALED-Disney-/283355936782
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    Sorry about that! I must have waited just a little too long before I added that. But here is a pic of that very similar dinosaur pet: