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    Apparently version 1.1.2 (the version that APKMirror hosts) is the last version that doesn't require an Internet connection. So downloading it from the iOS Purchases screen will not work. Anyway, the reason it got taken down is not just because it sucked but because My Tamagotchi Forever replaced it.
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    Okay, then. I wasn't sure since the vast majority of recent topics around the site are about the Tamagotchi On. Anyway, so far I haven't had any luck. I think I'm cursed to always get the same teens from the same children over and over again on the V4.5, none of which are from the Kuchi family But I just mated a Horoyotchi and a Celebtchi today, so hopefully that'll work! From my experience, mating two characters of two different family groups often results in at least one child evolving into the family that neither of the parents belonged to.
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    I got my new tamagotchi today! I'm happy to have a start on my collection. =^u^=
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    I'm not too surprised by this, personally - Thanksgiving is a US holiday, and from what I've seen I think that it would be fair to call the localisation of the Tamagotchi On fairly minimal. Congratulations on getting so far! Here's to many more generations! That makes me hungry.
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    I'm possibly gonna be getting p1 tama tomorrow!! >U<!! ( Aka adding more stress to myself )
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    If you're on Android, the APKMirror version still works. If you're on iOS, try redownloading it from the Purchases screen of the App Store, though I'm not sure if that works.
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    My oldest tama ended up dying today :(((( It was a mimitchi and I kept up with talking care of it but she was only 12 days/years so I'm wondering if I did something wrong???