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    I have saved a BADLY corroded Digimon v2 that has the same EXACT battery contacts and yes, nail file is the only thing that saved it. You just have to unscrew it. Don't be afraid to do it, I mean, if it doesn't work as is, what's the danger here?
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    I haven’t played with my tamagotchi friends for ages now! But I think it should take around 2-3 days for teen to adult! hopfully someone who knows will be able to tell us.
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    Hi again! I know it's been a while but I have some good news. My Pastel and Fantasy Meets arrived a few days ago! I thought it was going to come next week so it took me by surprise. So I will be expanding this log to the Sanrio, Pastel and Fantasy! I can also use the My Meets app on the computer too. I think it's pretty awesome to see custom backgrounds and also to create Tamagotchis from there β˜… π”–π”žπ”«π”―π”¦π”¬ 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… I had a few more marriages with my twins afterwards as I kept popping onto the app to find the pink sparkly eyes on a male Tamagotchi. I decided to try out the My Meets on the computer because I was getting tired of trying to find one on the app itself. I downloaded a custom wallpaper too to test if my computer could send to my Meets and it does! It's nice to be able to download the perfect genes that you want but I'm going to refrain from manipulating it as it kind of takes away some of the fun. I had to try it at least once though, in my pursuit of the pink sparkle eyes. We had a red baby boy as a result so I named him Cherry I forgot to take a pic of the toddler stage but you will see him make an appearance on the other two Meets! Cherry's teen stage inherited both accessories of the 'fabricated' mother. I was wondering if the adult stage would troll me by not giving me the pink eyes but they did! So I finally got those pretty eyes I'm gonna be keeping lil Cherry for a while. I also see why the Cinnamoroll body is so popular too He'll be up on the Meets app for some marriages to anyone interested! β˜… π”“π”žπ”°π”±π”’π”© 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… Here we go! Despite the issues on the Pastel Meets, I really wanted to try it out and flex the blue outline on the Meets app First generation won't have anything too special, so here are the different stages it's gone through. Gonna have to wait til the second generation to unlock the locations. Funny that they don't let you name your Tama for the first generation, so I will call my boy Egg The toddler is super cute! I think I'll be getting the same adult for both the Pastel and the Fantasy since I don't neglect them β˜… π”‰π”žπ”«π”±π”žπ”°π”Ά 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… Now here's the quick Fantasy introduction Another baby boy, who I will name Hoshi given his star like appearance as a baby. I downloaded a wallpaper from the My Meets app because I thought it looked pretty cool, so I stuck with it. (I was also able to successfully download a wallpaper onto my Pastel, but it was a custom one with the green streaks at the top so I just went back to a wallpaper from the Tama itself) ~~~ I connected the Pastel and the Fantasy onto the app, giving me a total of 3 Meets connected to my account. Again, I'm going to refrain from using the My Meets to create the 'perfect' Tama genes as I'd like to try to leave that up to chance (maybe with the exception of Makiko eyes? They're pretty uncommon from my experience but other than that I want to have fun and silly creations!) Until next time~!
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    Oh man! You all are getting so close to 13!! oh.
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    You could try sanding off a thin layer using sandpaper or a melamime sponge, though it may not work if the the colour change has affected a deep layer of the plastic. Jhud has the right idea, you'd just have to unscrew the tama to get to the contacts.