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    I've decided to do a group hatch for the new decade. It'll start on January 1st, 2020, and I can't wait to see people join! All Tamagotchis from 2010-2019 can be used, whether color or not.
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    The day begins with sadness. Bob is overcome with ennui. Surfing and pancakes do little to lift Bob's mood. She really is a diva. I decide to try this new-fangled smartphone app thingy, which I eventually manage to download and run (apparently it's not available within my country, thankfully there was a .apk online I could use,) and finally Bob is whizzing her way to the plaza. Well, this is nice! Very festive. Bobs there, Mr.Krabs is there, even Santa is there! I'm not really sure what i'm doing here, I check out the other cute characters walking around and play the game where you catch falling stuff. Santa even gave bob some hot cocoa! What a generous guy. I decide to go to the tama♥party... who doesn't love a party? Hey, there are dudes here? That's cool I guess. Wait... tama♥party... tama love party?? Is this... speed dating? Oh my god, santa is getting in on this?? What have I gotten poor innocent bob into? She's only 3 days old! AHHH NOOO If bob thinks santa is gonna be her sugar daddy she's got another thing coming. She really is high maintenance. Look at the nice guys she rejected! The app asks me if I'm ok with the two of them marrying. What would bob's poor parents in the old country think? Not today, santa. I take bob back out of the app. She seems a lot happier, but perhaps she's wondering about what could have been. Nevermind love, at least you have Mr. Krabs. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of bob!
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    One more update: I've figured out that one strange 0 / 1 (the leftmost byte) that seems to mess everything up - it turns out that after XORing out those extra 106's the checksum is calculated in basically the same way - after removing the username, the 106's and the 70's, the sum of the bytes (now including the extra "1") is once again a multiple of 256, all the time. Analysing Parent / Grandparent / Travel passwords, too, it seems as though once all the encryption is stripped as before, the only difference from other passwords is that the rightmost byte is 130 or 131 instead of 129 (130 for parents and grandparents, 131 for travel items - I think these passwords only work when you've actually got parent characters or when you've actually travelled, though!). I do not know if the Famous Picture souvenir also acts this way, but if it does, I will need to make a very minor modification to my script. So basically... V3 item passwords are cracked. V4 passwords seem to act identically, except that instead of a 106 it's a 109 and instead of a 70 it's an 87. I have not been able to confirm if they still treat parent / grandparent passwords the same, however. Either way, I've added a V4 option to the generator. Okay... which passwords to tackle next? Since the V3 and V4 passwords were so similar, I expect that other passwords covered by the V3 (login passwords) also use similar checksum calculation techniques. Perhaps V4 login passwords do too! Music Star passwords are still a mystery, though.
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    i'm pretty sure you can't train the On or the m!x to use the toilet on their own, unfortunately, i'm not sure why that's not a feature anymore you can still take them to the bathroom if you catch them with the squiggly lines around them, but they won't go on their own
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    Hi Deru-sama and Penguin-keeper, glad you enjoyed! It's morning so I thought I'd fill you in on some developments from last night. Bob bleeped at some point, letting me know she was evolving. This kind of surprised me because she'd done nothing all evening except eat and poop, so it made for a nice change. Bob is now a cotton wool rabbit with pink jewellery and long eyelashes. She also has clothes - I didn't know tamagotchi characters did. I'm sure she'll still poop on the floor, fashion conscious or not. I was shown this screen - who are these other guys? Bob's parents from the old country? I hope they're not planning on moving in too. Despite everything, Bob seems upset. I know how she feels, one minute you're a pink blob with a duckface, next thing you know you're a rabbit. I fed her a rice bowl, that always seems to make her happy. ...but rather than scarfing it down as usual, bob instead floats in the air dramatically while crying. Pancakes seem to be fine for Bob's apparently more refined palette, which she seems to enjoy so much that she explodes into a ring of hearts and then proceeds to dance on the table. We go home and check on sponge jr, who has apparently caught the attention of a local crab. At this point, I know the drill. Sponge jr. has to sow his wild oats, and crab was apparently in the right place at the right time. Bob looks on, unfazed by this miracle of life. Well, at least the baby is cute. ...oh. Bob seems unconvinced. In fact I'm pretty sure that's the same crab that got lucky with sponge jr. and just decided to move in. Nobody is believing your charade, Mr. Krabs. Bob finally goes to bed. It has been a confusing day. Growing up isn't easy. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
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    Looks like I’m getting the tamagotchi on magic green!
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    A friend told me what it was about and now I understand. I will leave this open for anyone who has comments.
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    You can let them stay at the hotel. If it's not the first generation, you can also let the parents take care of them.
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    Heya, everyone. Sorry for not being back. I've gotten into other things, like Devilman Crybaby. I'm still a Tamagotchi fan at heart, do not worry.