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    Hey guys- Happy New Years! Now that the holidays are technically over and we are into a new year are you ready for your big update? Yeah I am too. So I plan on making some content based off my current tamas and want to invite you all in on the fun! I’ll be making status updates elsewhere so this can purely be about my little angels. So let's hop to it! Floratchi 18y/O (actual age: 58 days) Floratchi being the eldest is still alive, after being frozen in time multiple days she's living the good life, she hangs out with Kayotchi's descendents and often dreams at night, although she's pushing her age, and has gone through (in her life) 3 sets of batteries. She has seen 2 sets of kids and is seriously one old pumpkin. I'll be depressed if she passes, but I'm hoping I can find a cute partner for her before then. I think she deserves a happy ending. Or you know.. maybe next Halloween? Kaiyotchi Famliy So again, a lot happened especially in the sanrio line: Kaiyotchi grew up to be rather er.. unique. He became a lonely boy and had a hard time finding a wife he tried for Ms. Hello Kitty and got rejected, then a twin star angel, rejected so I threw him on the app he met a sweet little girl who accepted his proposal And then: Jellyitchi is born. Mind you that was not her name, after Kaiyo I stopped making them since the Sanrio meets actually makes it easier by mixing the parents names for you! Plus it saved me time typing on the keyboard. I was worried she would be cursed with her grandparents genes and it would be a long process But sure enough.. she went from ugly duckling to the most adorable little jellyfish! She got the best of both worlds and I just could not let her go to save my life, but as always I reminded myself of the mission- to get a full breed sanrio character. I had been aiming for our cute little Twin Stars but rejection after rejection after rejection I ran out of money. So back on the app looking for some mixed sanrio decendents and threw a million proposals after finding the one. And so… BonBontchi was born. A cute little boy, I honestly did not think I would get the body so quickly. But I forgot who his grandpa was. So while I adored BonBon with all my love, and so did Floratchi, we knew it was time for another partner, and after he reached 10 days, I found him the perfect partner, and if my luck keeps rolling these next set of twins are going to amazing. Meet Basil and Sage the cutest little boys, since I am aiming for those cinnamon genes, I may get them sooner than expected, but honestly I could be content when these guys grow up. These two are by far the cutest twins I have had! They ended up being fraternal thanks to color differences but it wont matter since I am aiming for full cinnamon child. I will hold on to them for awhile but not as long as my sweet little Flora. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now Christmas is a thing, right? Of course it is, and we all know what happens, yeah a surprise. Meet our newest friend, Fairytchi, that will be the family name until our second generation is born. FAIRYTCHI Fairy came into my shopping basket literally Christmas eve. Like just, fell in it, and yeah, merry Christmas to me. I hadn’t planned on bringing her home, I honestly preferred green but for whatever reason, both my Walmart and Target carry only Purple and Pink, not out of stock, just solely carry purple.. And pink.. So I gave in. Fairytchi born on December 26th is a girl! She sadly was thrown into the app until today due to working. So far she is a kid, and I won’t lie, I keep getting lazier and lazier. Main goal- don’t kill them. Get them past gen 1. Fairytchi may be the least cared for at the moment (loved but not getting much attention) Hopefully her and her daughter Faeitchi will grow up just fine. I dont have pictures of Fae since for whatever reason the pictures I have been taking on my phone have not been saving, so I will work on getting more, as well as cleaning out alot of older photos. How is everyone's new year going? Are you guys ready for some serious clean up around the house? Or are you all enjoying the new year on your tamas? I'd love to hear from yall! Happy New Years to everyone! And sorry about the late reply!
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    What ever you do when the baby is born.. DONT CHANGE THE TIME. Just never change it. The first stage takes 45minutes- an hour to evolve. I did that at 2 am in the morning and I didn't go to be til 4. wait until it reaches the next stage. Its not damaging but man I wish I had remember that tidbit before I adjusted the clock. edit: I forgot to mention get a silicon case and some cheap universal screen savers for it. You can buy a hand sanitizer case from walmart with a backing on it to prevent heavy scratches to the body and grunge build up as well as 96 c universal phone screen savers, they're cheap and easy to cut to fit the screen. It gives it longivitiy.
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    I highly doubt they can ban anyone who has married a corrupted character- by that point half the population would be banned, it only takes one tama to mess it all up since if they do the egg trick then everyone they shared their genes with would be banned. Bandai knows better than to do such a rash tacit, more than likely they will target select models i.e the ONS and Ssome since they cannot have access to these stations. There is only so much information they can see. So I wouldn't worry too much. More than likely if you have meets genes nothing will happen. On the news of glitching I don't use my meets on my tamas currently but I know for a fact uploading backgrounds wrong can make your tama disappear temporarily. When you do mix genes occasionally it will cause a reset since the data is not from an actual device, I would need to test with a tama myself but I assume its actually anti-piracy or its own software protection. I am not sure how intelligent the software is however it seems to be forced only when marrying. Of course I should say its rare and only from heavy use. If you use it to marry every single time, or heavily change the backgrounds thats typically what causes it to corrupt. As long as it is in moderation the app is safe to use! Hopefully I had some answers for you.
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    you should be okay, i've married mine to someone's from the park almost every generation and it's been fine, but if you're really worried about it, you could try just marrying the special park guest in the tama party, or check the family tree of whoever you're going to propose to beforehand to make sure there's no weird glitchy tamagotchi in there
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    I obtained Butterflytchi on one of my V2s yesterday, and today, I obtained Yakantchi and Ura Young Yattatchi on two of my V4.5s. I'm in a pretty good mood because of it, especially since it's the first time I've ever obtained Butterflytchi and Yakantchi
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    Week 1, log no. 1 Just received the tama on device, it was the magic green. When I started I got a boy tama, it was a Shizukutchi. He is adorable. My Shizukutchi evolved into a Hoshipontchi. Used the app for the first time as well, it seems I got a hang of the catch game. But the restaurant game was mildly irritating on a iPhone 8+. My Hoshipontchi and I got the cloud room from the app. I changed his room to the cloud room, It was nice looking as it was a prize item from the app. Then later on in the day he evolved into Hanbunkotchi. I consider him a fave tama stage of mine.
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    Wow 58 days?? Is it tough to take care of a tama that old? I'd say 'don't kill them' is a great goal lol.
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    Hi Crazychick, glad you're enjoying it! I don't think I have a secret, i've just been taking photos real close up with my phone camera (but not so close that it blurs the image,) and hosting them from imgur. I have a samsung s7 if that helps at all. Ok so things are basically moving at a 100mph pace. Dink grew up and is stILL WEARING THAT GODDAMN DRESSDEEFDGvfebvn I do think he's sort of cute especially with the apple of his head, but that friggin dress is a curse at this point (I know it's only been like 4 generations but srsly). Later, Dink ignored the perils of stranger danger, and followed what I can only describe as an LSD trip nightmare beast into another dimension (the star place? observatory? Something like that.) "don't do drugs kids!" Anyway Dink's bachelor life came to a screeching halt as I found him a blushing bride, the lovely miss pudding. Check out miss pudding's twin all like "oh thank god I don't have to marry fuzzy william tell over there" Anyway this is Dink and miss pudding's son, Joop. Do not ask me where I get these names from, because I don't even know. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Joop!
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    I know what you mean, it’s confusing! Also, typing this out on my slow iPad isn’t helping anything😒 Hopefully somebody will know which Tama is which. I’m hoping the white is Creamitchi and the yellow is puddingitchi cause I think the names fit better that way😂
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    sorry but the questions got me like lol! I think the character on the left will have the first name and the one on the right got the second name. I’d like for someone to confirm it for us.
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    They dropped to 49.99 where i was for the holidays, couldn't keep them in stock, and it didnt help it was always low stock (they'd send like 4 of each color) to most of the stores. I cant find green or blue though in my town, only pink and purple.... They sell though, made a mom made when I grabbed on off the shelf LOL.
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    Welcome to Tamatalk!
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    Just ordered my Gudetama a few hours ago!
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    Sorry that I'm posting so much X3 but I'm fully into the app now lol. Jojo proved to be very popular in the plaza, I was pretty surprised when two tamas proposed to her. I knew from reddit that you could accept the proposal and not connect the device and therefor not get the egg. This probably all seems very normal to you guys, but for me i'm just laughing at the idea of Jojo being a deadbeat mom and serial bigamist. At the same time I was trying to find a good husbando for Jojo. I really liked this pink guy (his name is just 'pink guy') and thankfully he consented to getting hitched! Dink is born! ..aaand immediately goes to bed because it's past 10pm here. I have work tomorrow, but you know, priorities. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Dink!
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    I'm still loving documenting my time with my tama but I returned to work today after the holidays and have less time, so my logs will probably be a bit shorter. The day began with Jojo brutally fleecing a bunch of oldies for their money (I found out about the 'leave with parents' feature - since it was new year-ish time both the parents and grandparents gave jojo money) Jojo evolved into basically a big version of her teen form with Bob's dress. That thing is quite the hand-me-down by now. She was light blue but I dyed her white, because honestly I think I prefer lighter/neutral colours to help her stand out from the background. Honestly the amount of pets my guys go through is worrying. I think doink lasted the longest. This new lop-eared ghost thing is quite cute and matches Jojo quite well. It's name is Floopy. I think I got bitten by the bug when it comes to marrying off characters and seeing what combination comes up. I'm pretty sure Jojo will be married soon :3
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    Jojo's teen stage. ngl I kind of love her, but I know those incredible hulk genes gonna come out eventually 👀
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    Finding a nice girl for ding dong wasn't easy. I took to proposing to random characters in the app, the first three of whom rejected poor ding dong probably on account of his cabbage-like hue and questionable fashion sense. It's not easy being green. "anata to kekkon dekinaiyo" (I can't marry you.) Eventually we came across a tama who would have him, "nakayoku shiite hoshii no" (I want us to get along) Soon Ding dong was looking forward to being a proud father Welcome jojo! I didn't realise that ding dong's greenness would persist into the family tree. 😕 does that mean his colour can be expressed in his offspring? Jojo soon became a marshmallow ballerina like her grandmother, bob, with green and gold head accessories. Her pet is also a fish, but unlike ding dong's Hootie, this fish isn't just stupid, it's completely vacant real estate in the brain department. I have named it "doink." I don't expect it to last long. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of jojo!