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    You need to water them for three or four days, and then you will have the fruits you’ve been watering. That can be found in the fridge.
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    Thank you :^) From my experience with the M!X and the On, the colours and attributes in every pre-adult stage barely effect the outcome in adulthood. Barbratchi and Bethanytchi were white in their teen stage but then evolved into tamagotchis that strongly resembled both of their parents, Nanizatchi and Nejirobotchi (my previous M!X who's female but ya can't tell any more).
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    Thank you!! And Barbratchi and Bethanytchi are fabulous names, I couldn’t have picked a better pair myself!XD They actually evolved today, and are now teenagers who are both the pale yellow color now, so I guess the matter of what color they are doesn't matter anymore XD
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    There must be a problem or a glitch that prevents your tamas from growing! From teen to adult that takes only one day! Hate to say this but I guess you need to reset the device.
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    You need to go to the “ship” icon to be able to travel to different locations. Check this website for more guides on how to unlock the locations.
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    If you’re talking about the official app you can download it from the App store for apple but you must have a valid japanese address to do so. There’s also this fan made app where you can access and download all exclusive items and marry your tama with exclusive characters that were supposed to be only for Japan. You can find it here Hope this helps
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    Running these babies, let’s see how long they will last.
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    Based on the way my On twins have been behaving, it looks like the tamagotchi on the left does indeed get the first name, which is further aided by it the primary actor in animations and games, while the tamagotchi on the right gets the second name. Thus, Creamitchi is the yellow one and Puddingitch is the white one. Theme-wise, this still works as cream is usually a pale yellow and the typical pudding is usually vanilla and thus white. Those names are so cute XD I just named my twins Barbratchi and Bethanytchi. The On treats the twin, the second named, almost as a tag along companion - paralleling park animations at locations with the encountered residents - which shows that the On hasn't really adapted to the concept of having two focal actors. This is a similar case with the V5 where a family of tamagotchis could be raised - usually three children and their parents - but the parents only really came into contact as game actors and in token sprites, while the oldest child was used exclusively for games. The V5.5 did allow a choice of what sibling played the game and thus made it a bit more like there were three genuine tamagotchis on the same device. However, in both the V5 and V5.5, the children eat together and did all other activities together, thus balancing the focus. Enjoy your free trivia
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    The Gudetama's coming tomorrow!