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    February 11th 2020 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Sure enough, Maria evolved into Yakantchi! I was very happy, because across three V4.5s, with eleven-to-thirteen years of running them, this is only the second time I've ever obtained her! And she's one of my favourite characters! I decided to have her evolve into Ura Debatchi. I've been raising her Gorgeous skill as such. STATS Name: MARIA Training: 5/9 Skills: 41 Funny, 59 Gorgeous, 44 Spiritual Weight: 16 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 11 Pink Stripe V4 Andre had left behind his baby last night. I named him Dusty this morning, and he evolved into... Harutchi?? I thought it was only possible to obtain Harutchi by marrying two Mame family adults! (Not counting Universals) Well, you learn something new every day I've taken the best care of him I possibly can, but I fear my chances of obtaining Young Mametchi may have been shot down, as his Happy hearts were half-empty when he evolved I immediately filled them up, but I still fear it may be enough for him to turn into Young Androtchi. Other than that, I've never let his Hungry and Happy meters deplete below three hearts. STATS Name: DUSTY Training: 4/9 Skills: 13 Intellectual, 19 Style, 24 Kindness Weight: 10 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 8 Yellow Mood V4.5 No new updates. STATS Name: LUTHR Training: 9/9 Skills: 27 Funny, 26 Gorgeous, 120 Spiritual Weight: 22 Pounds Age: 2 Years Generation: 22 Black Spark V4 Debbi, too, left behind her baby last night. I named him Ned, and he evolved into... Harutchi?? It was quite fascinating to me that the offspring of two Kuchi family adults resulted in two Harutchis; on the V4.5, marrying two Kuchi family adults through connection results in two Kuribotchis; MohiTamatchi's equivalent. I've been trying the same thing I did with his mother: I allowed three care mistakes for empty hungry hearts, and one care mistake for empty happy hearts. I want to see if that's what turns Harutchi into the Meme family, just as how it turns MizuTamatchi into the Kuchi family. In one instance, though, I gave him a time out because I thought he had made a "for no reason" call...but he didn't. His Happy hearts were only at 1, so giving him a time out for no reason emptied the meter...I hope he evolves into Gourmetchi and not HinoTamatchi or Young Androtchi. Here's where his parents were last seen STATS Name: NED Training: 2/9 (All those care mistakes severely interfered with his discipline schedule) Skills: 16 Intellectual, 16 Style, 14 Kindness Weight: 19 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 3 Earth V4.5 Sandy evolved into Ura Young Memetchi, yup... she Kujakutchi are the teen characters I dislike obtaining the most. That's almost entirely due to how much I've obtained them over the years. Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it. I guess she is kind of cute (I still think Daiyatchi and Ura Young Violetchi are more cute, though) I might try for Hanagatatchi, but I make no promises there STATS Name: SANDY Training: 7/9 Skills: 41 Funny, 55 Gorgeous, 43 Spiritual Weight: 15 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 24 Purple True Friends V2 Luigi married Tarakotchi through the matchmaker yesterday and had a girl! And at midnight, he left her behind She'll be strictly in my care tomorrow morning. Something rather spooky I noticed this evening, is that the V2 makes a very quiet, rapid beeping sound when nothing is happening, kind of like an alarm clock...only much, MUCH quieter. I only noticed it because there was not a sound to be heard at the time, and I thought I heard a faint beeping sound. I put my ear to each of the Tamas to see if it was coming from any of them, and when I got to this one, is when I noticed it. On the clock screen, the beep matches the speed of the clock ticking. The beep would "hold" while holding button C. While Luigi was gazing over his baby, there was a faint static noise instead. After he left behind his baby and she was sleeping alone, the sound was "holding", but it went to normal when I went to the clock screen. I had to put the Tama right next to my ear to hear any of these sounds, and neither the V4 nor the V4.5 made these sounds. I also closely listened to the Pink TF V2, and, sure enough, I heard the same sounds. STATS Name: LUIGI Training: 9/9 Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 8 Years Generation: 6 Pink True Friends V2 No new updates. (By the way, my reaction to obtaining ChoHimetchi yesterday was because I was kind of weirded out by obtaining a male ChoHimetchi, since the "Hime" part of her name literally means "Princess") STATS Name: BUSTR Training: 9/9 Weight: 32 Pounds Age: 5 Years Generation: 6 That's all for today.
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    Egetchi evolved, and it seems she has a citrus theme as well, though her body has more of a lime hue than her parent Charatchi's eyes still look funny on most body types, so i enjoy it it's a little bit late, and they're not on an On, but i figured i may as well introduce the third Tamagotchi i currently have running, a Kuchipatchi family on my old cookie dough V5 i probably won't update on them much, since i'm pretty happy with what i've got, but i figured they should get some recognition (incidentally, Kuchipatchi is probably my favorite Tamagotchi after Ginjirotchi, which might not be surprising given they've both got the same nondescript dino-ducky bean body and pretty similar features, i just have a preference for Ginjirotchi's cheerful disposition and little head pattern. also, i happen to be partial to blue)
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    This is an amazing deal for an anniversary IDL
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    I would love to see more English translations as well. Especially the Sanrio, since it’s so expensive right now AND shipping isn’t cheap either. Maybe if the On sells well enough they’ll release more here but the stores near me haven’t even gotten the On, so I’m a little doubtful that they’ll release any more.
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    tekelitchi was asking for accessories we tried a few things but he seemed to like the hat the best we'll stick with that for awhile
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    Days two and three rose to unexpected popularity, tamas all corners of world appreciated all the love the twins, they only stopped to bathe, sleep and look into their favorite magical mirror and vacuum. Twins were VERY busy during their first days of work
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    Egetchi evolved i know that teen stage! looks like another Tamagyaotchi body soon i'm excited to see what it looks like with the music note head
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    This doesn't appear to be a comment or a rumour, so I've moved it over to What's On Your Mind?. Anyway, I'd really like to see more Meets versions localised into English. I haven't picked up an English On to go with my Japanese Fairy Meets yet, and though I would really like to get one, I'm waiting to see if anything else gets translated soon.
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    Sorry I didn't post anything the past two days, I've been kind of caught up in other things. I'm posting earlier today to catch up, and also because I don't think much more will happen today anyway. February 10th 2020 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 On Saturday, Bobby and Ari married! They had baby girls together This morning, I had named Bobby's daughter Maria. I took the exact same care of her and her sister, and even named them at the exact same time; for some reason, though, Maria evolved nearly an entire minute after her sister. She evolved into Kuribotchi, just as I had expected I'm going to allow five care mistakes to accumulate and hope I get Yakantchi. It seems to me that Kuribotchi is (ironically) much more likely to evolve into the Kuchi family than KuchiTamatchi, so I have a pretty good feeling that I'll get a Kuchi family teen anyway. STATS Name: MARIA Training: 1/9 Skills: 10 Funny, 23 Gorgeous, 40 Spiritual Weight: 13 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 11 Pink Stripe V4 Yesterday, Andre and Debbi married and had boys, as you can see here This is the first time I've EVER been able to marry two Kuchi family adults through connection between two V4s! (Come to think of it, though, I did have a Sebiretchi marry a Kuchipatchi through connection once, but the Kuchipatchi was on a V4.5, so I'm not counting that time) STATS Name: ANDRE Training: 9/9 Skills: 82 Intellectual, 45 Style, 377 Kindness Weight: 41 Pounds Age: 6 Years (Should change to 7 later) Generation: 7 Yellow Mood V4.5 Yesterday morning, I had named Elijah's son Luther (spelt "Luthr"), and he evolved into Hitodetchi. I was kind of irked, because this is the THIRD generation in a row I've obtained her on this particular Tama. I tried taking very good care of him to see if he'd evolve into a Universal teen, since his "mother" was a Universal adult, but I got a bit distracted and his happy hearts emptied three times. This morning, expecting to see Crackertchi... ...He evolved into HashiTamatchi!! I was VERY happy about this! I haven't obtained a Universal teen on the V4.5 in nearly two months, and this is the first time I've obtained a Universal teen on the Yellow Mood V4.5 I enrolled him into Mr. Canvas's class. I suspect he'll evolve into Mametchi (every HashiTamatchi I've obtained evolved into him; same with Hikotchi into Kuchipatchi, UFOtchi into Memetchi, and the only V4.5 Ichigotchi I obtained evolved into Mimitchi). STATS Name: LUTHR Training: 5/9 Skills: 17 Funny, 26 Gorgeous, 60 Spiritual Weight: 21 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 22 Black Spark V4 Here's a nice, somewhat clear image of Debbi the Sebiretchi Aside from marrying Andre the Nonbiritchi, not much of interest happened with her. She got a job as a Fire Person, which increases Kindness skill, and doesn't seem to require very high skills... Normally, a Tama can only be accepted into a job if they have a fairly high amount in the skill that the job increases (along with a reasonable amount in the other two skills), but Kindness was her lowest skill point, and it was no higher than 35. STATS Name: DEBBI Training: 9/9 Skills: 67 Intellectual, 101 Style, 60 Kindness Weight: 24 Pounds Age: 5 Years (Should change to 6 later) Generation: 2 Earth V4.5 You can read above how Ari married Bobby and had girls This morning, I named her daughter Sandy, and, despite naming her and her sister at the exact same time, she evolved almost a whole minute before. She evolved into KuchiTamatchi. I expected her to evolve into Tamatchi, but whatever. STATS Name: SANDY Training: 2/9 Skills: 35 Funny, 17 Gorgeous, 23 Spiritual Weight: 12 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 24 Purple True Friends V2 No new updates (unfortunately), but Luigi will probably get married through the matchmaker at some point today. Annoyingly, Hitodetchi appears as Nazotchi when connecting to a V2... ...but Mimitchi, along with very few other characters, do appear properly. STATS Name: LUIGI Training: 9/9 Weight: 36 Pounds Age: 6 Years (Should change to 7 later) Generation: 6 Pink True Friends V2 Buster evolved into ChoHimetchi this morning u_u I didn't think I took that good care of him. I seem to be cursed with nearly always getting the best-care characters on the V2 and Tama-Go (which is a large reason I no longer run the latter ) Not that I'm upset or anything, mind you. STATS Name: BUSTR Training: 9/9 Weight: 32 Pounds Age: 3 Years (Should change to 4 later) Generation: 6 I don't think much more will happen today, but if something does, I'll just post a mini-update.
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    Egetchi evolved, and it seems she is just as proficient at astral projecting as her father
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    i wasn't sure if i wanted to marry off the twins today, but i saw a peculiar citrus dinosaur on the app and decided to ended up with another green baby, despite not marrying off the green twin
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    Malphatchi and Malthutchi evolved! i would have been a little disappointed they ended up having identical body types in adulthood, but Charatchi's eyes look really funny on Shisagoyatchi's body, so i like it a lot
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    Malthutchi had the famous Shadow Hands Nightmare this generation has been a first for a lot of things
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    Hello Tama lovers! I would like to talk about & teach you all on how to unlock locations with Tamagotchi Meets by sending invites. They added this great feature for the Meets, you’re now able to unlock them with only ONE device by simply sending an invites! Which made it a lot easier, unlike the mix where some locations required connecting your device with multiple unites to be able to unlock some of them, which was frustrating for many of us! The only requirement is you must have another tamagotchi meets that has already unlocked the locations. All Meets versions share some of the locations, so before sending an invite make sure that the other tamagotchi has the the locations you are trying to unlock. Here’s how you do it: On the device that has already the locations unlocked, go to: Connect - ツーしん Tamagotchi Meets - たまごっちみーつ Go out - おでかけ Come on! (invite) - きてもらう *then choose the location you want to unlock* On the device that doesn’t have the location: Connect - ツーしん Tamagotchi Meets - たまごっちみーつ Go out - おでかけ Go play! - あそびにいく We are done! after the visit, the location will be unlocked! You can repeat the same steps for other locations. Check the list below, which shows all locations in the Meets, and on what version you will find them: Tama Hotel (all meets versions) Gourmet Street (all meets versions) Tama Farm (Magical, Fairytale, Sanrio and Fantasy versions) Toy Park (all meets versions) Sports Plaza (Magical, Fairytale & Fantasy only) Starry Lab (Magical, Fairytale and Pastel only) Beauty Salon (Magical, Fairytale and Pastel only) Flower Garden (Pastel version only) Easter Land (Pastel only) Puro Land (Sanrio Meets only) Mary Land (Sanrio Meets only) Star World (Sanrio Meets only) Strawberry Kingdom (Sanrio Meets only) Princess Palace (Fantasy only) Arabian Night (Fantasy only) Wonderland (Fantasy only) *The list might change if there’s any more releases in the future.