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    As Penguin Watcher stated earlier, Tamagotchi ON models aren't available in UK, EU and plethora of unsupported regions. Here's what you should do to add Tamagotchi ON permanently to your Google account of your choice. First download app called OpenVPN off play store. get a testing account from Mullvad. These accounts last for two hours or so, you should do this step last IMPORTANT STEPS TO DO Disable location tracking (GPS) Clear Google play cache and data. Once you have your VPN set to supported location, US or Canada. Activate your VPN Search Tamagotchi ON app in Google play app Download and install. You have added Tamagotchi ON to your account. You can reinstall it if you buy a new phone or other android device. FINAL NOTES You do not have to have your VPN active to use the app. Tamagotchi ON manual fails to mention that you need to have both Bluetooth AND GPS enabled, otherwise you cannot register your tama units (Up to three), visit tamagotchi Town and download saved gotchi and items
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    You can also just use QooApp, though this gives you the Japanese version. https://apps.qoo-app.com/en/app/7052 On my iPad I downloaded both versions with an American and Japanese Apple ID, no VPN required. Just enter Bandai's headquarters or whatever as your home address.
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    IT WAS FAKE but i found this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Tamagotchi-idL-USA-SELLER-/123941140360 PLZ DO NOT BUY!! I REALLY WANT THIS !!!! 😑
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    ok am tamagotchi COLLECTOR but a small one so i would like to see you peeps ones ps my collection: 1.4 v3s 2.1 v4 3.1 ocean 4. 1p2
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    Sadly, it looks like Tama-Zone has been abandoned. I looked into that website a year or two ago and found that there were barely any recent posts. The posts that were there seemed to be new users trying to start something and most of them didn't accomplish anything. It really functions as an archive now since back 5-10 years ago, there was genuine interests in all things virtual pet and it flourished. It looks like users gradually moved on to other social media platforms since logging, the main forum activity, is highly social and allot of people are contented with an informal structure. Naturally, people moving onto other places means they take all of their other Vpet curiosity with them, making the discussions on Tama-Zone die even further. Judging from what I've seen there - and what has trickled onto TamaTalk - people moved to Tamagotchi Facebook groups and those are starting to break down. People are trying to make new forums to hopefully rekindle the old enthusiasm - someone even mistakenly tried to do that here - but really TamaTalk is the only active Tamagotchi forum. I reckon allot of that is due to the community collecting here because it always has and there is still interesting content. I'm telling you all this as another way to say that you are better off staying on TamaTalk because you wont get the same interaction on Tama-Zone - since its practically abandoned and any contributing there would be equivalent to screaming into a void. If you still want to contribute there anyway, you could PM Ra on instagram since he's still active there. Just in case there is any confusion, I'm perfectly fine with people going to Tama-Zone instead of TamaTalk and if Tama-Zone ever gets its community back, the more the merrier!
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    Week 08 Piposetchi got married to Mochiusatchi, the new tama was adorable, not going to lie but I named him Spaceytchi. I found the name fitting since I watched the anime a bit. Spaceytchi has gained the mochi pestle which was adorable when he evolved. he turned into an adult Wednesday and he’s such an adorable mochi tama! I will not marry him off for his adorableness!
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    This is how my collection is currently looking; Top: 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini, Tamagotchi Gen 1, Tamagotchi Connexion V2, Tamagotchi Connexion V4, Dinkie Penguin, Cyber Pet 168 in 1, Chuppi Middle: Penguin Watch, Virtual PETs (32 in 1), Shuku 20 Shunen Tamagotchi Gen 2, Super Gyaoppi 9 in 1, Digimon Gen 1, Toy Story Virtual Friends Space Explorer Bottom: Penpy, MGA Penguin (Penguin Time), Digi Pets Jia Yuan 168 in 1, Tamagotchi Original Gen 1, Tamagotchi (Game Boy), Tamagotchi Meets Fairy Version, Cyber Pet (32 in 1) (The Source Wholesale) I also have the Pac-Man Tamagotchi pre-ordered.
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    It's not broken. By the time we're replying to this, @Cielveon's Tamagotchi has probably evolved.
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    February 12th 2020 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 No new updates. STATS Name: MARIA Training: 9/9 Skills: 53 Funny, 71 Gorgeous, 68 Spiritual Weight: 16 Pounds Age: 2 Years Generation: 11 Pink Stripe V4 Dusty evolved into Young Mametchi, just as planned! I'm going to try for Zukyutchi; I don't think I've ever had Young Mametchi evolve into anything other than Mametchi! Not to mention, I've only ever obtained Zukyutchi once. I enrolled him into Mr. Canvas's class. STATS Name: DUSTY Training: 6/9 Skills: 24 Intellectual, 21 Style, 55 Kindness Weight: 22 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 8 Yellow Mood V4.5 Luther evolved into Mametchi, just as I had expected. I wonder if there's any way to change which adult character the Universal teens evolve into? I would like to get Violetchi and Gozarutchi at SOME point. The Tama's battery seems to have run out. That wasn't surprising, as it's been using that battery for six whole months. Which is pretty good for cheap dollar store batteries. I changed the battery, which will hopefully last as long as the previous one did! STATS Name: LUTHR Training: 9/9 Skills: 28 Funny, 26 Gorgeous, 148 Spiritual Weight: 34 Pounds Age: 2 Years (Should be 3) Generation: 22 Black Spark V4 Well, it seems Ned has evolved into a Universal teen, specifically Hawainotchi. Initially, I was a bit disappointed (as I was really hoping to see Harutchi evolve into the Meme family), but now I'm actually kind of excited to have obtained him. I've been raising his Intellectual skill considerably in hopes of obtaining Mametchi, but even if he instead evolves into Tosakatchi or Minotchi, I won't terribly mind (especially if he evolves into the latter). Even if he evolves into a Universal adult, it'll be fine. My best guess as to why I got Hawainotchi is because his training bar was very low when he evolved (only two bars were filled!). Next time I get a female child (besides Harutchi or MohiTamatchi), I'll try intentionally letting its training stay low to see if I get Hawaikotchi. Also, Hawainotchi's close-up is rather adorable STATS Name: NED Training: 5/9 Skills: 93 Intellectual, 20 Style, 24 Kindness Weight: 20 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 3 Earth V4.5 No new updates. STATS Name: SANDY Training: 9/9 Skills: 41 Funny, 87 Gorgeous, 49 Spiritual Weight: 15 Pounds Age: 2 Years Generation: 24 Purple True Friends V2 I had named Luigi's daughter Nancy, and she evolved into Kinakomotchi. I gave her the same level of care I normally would, but now I'm thinking I should have tried poor care and try to get Oniontchi or Nikatchi. Well, it's kind of too late for that now. I didn't post any pictures of her because I've already obtained Kinakomotchi many times, so I thought taking pictures would be pointless. STATS Name: NANCY Training: 4/9 Weight: 11 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 7 Pink True Friends V2 No new updates, but... Does anyone know exactly what it is ChoHimetchi draws? It's probably amazingly obvious, but it just kind of went over my head. I'm probably going to realise it right as I click "Submit Reply" and feel really dumb STATS Name: BUSTR Training: 9/9 Weight: 33 Pounds Age: 6 Years Generation: 6 That's all for today, I'll try to stay updated tomorrow.
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    Abraxatchi evolved earlier, i am late posting because i was working on a birdhouse he is very purple
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    Or a 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini, possibly? They did end up getting clearanced for around that or less in some countries. @cyac, I don't suppose that you have a photograph of the device in question, please?
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    found a simple little fellow to propose to in the app after awhile of looking this resulted in a little pink bean with an interesting family tree
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    The 15th anniversary (Tamagotchi iD L) and 20th anniversary (Tamagotchi m!x) editions are completely different, and in either case, I can't imagine he's offering you a new one for $10. He's probably offering you a fake.
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    Unfortunately I wasn't able to have Harutchi evolve into the Meme family (I think I know what I did wrong, though, I'll get into that). But I DID make an interesting discovery regarding the Universal family! In my log, I mentioned Debbi had left behind her son and I named him Ned, and he evolved into Harutchi. I also mentioned how I took the same level of care of him as I did Debbi when she was a MizuTamatchi; however, he evolved into Hawainotchi, a Universal teen. I bet that what I did wrong, was that his training bar was only filled by two. I didn't do it on purpose, though, it was simply a result of attention calls for empty hungry and happy hearts leaking into his discipline schedule. Based on this, I'm pretty confident that Hawainotchi and Hawaikotchi come from a very low training bar, and Obotchi and Ojyotchi come from rarely-to-never filling the hungry and happy hearts higher then two hearts.
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    The only thing I'm scared of, is the transplantation of the sound chip. I did that once and the sound was more silent afterwards, even though I was very careful. The sound chip is embedded in a little molten plastic of the shell... I don't know how easy it is to firmly embed the sound chip in another shell and if the sounds sounds the same afterwards. How would you do that?
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    Days two and three rose to unexpected popularity, tamas all corners of world appreciated all the love the twins, they only stopped to bathe, sleep and look into their favorite magical mirror and vacuum. Twins were VERY busy during their first days of work
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    Week 07 Pekutchi and Racutchi was married off to one of my Instagram friends, their tama was so adorable looking! I got another twin, not only that but the Loverde ears are sticking with me. The twins names are Piposetchi and Akatchi. (Was adhd last week, I don’t remember much) I raised them without giving them pancakes to the twins but they broke the lovelitchi curse slightly.
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    mokimotchi and yukikotchi evolved yesterday evening. Because of wagons they ride, I promptly set up 24/7 like express, Japanese Tamas seem to enjoy abundance of love the twins have to share, westerners not so. People misunderstand that twins want to marry, the wagon twins are married to their business full time 24 hours 7 days a week. Will deliver 10 likes to anyone willing a day, anyone is free to leave a order. More visible you are, more likely you attract your favorite Tama, increase happiness meter and inherit ideal genes. First day of wagon twin like express, customers are grateful
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    week 06 Pekutchi and Racutchi continued the adorable curse with the Lovelitchi ears and sparkly eyes. Wish I had the hello kitty ribbon, today I also decided to change their room to the activity room.
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    I stumbled across this in a branch of TK Maxx (the UK version of TJ Maxx) today, and I couldn't resist picking it up; It's an officially-licensed metal and enamel keychain, featuring a nostalgic element of the original toys that we enthusiasts sometimes bemoan ("Oh no, they only remember the Tamagotchi as a toy that poops and dies!"), albeit humourously framed. I'm pretty happy with this find because it was the only one that they had left and it had been reduced in price to £1.70! (A quick check online tells me that they originally retailed for £7.99, which, even though this is a really nice and surprisingly big keychain, I feel is a little high.) These were made by the UK giftwares company Paladone. Their goods are sometimes sold in North America too, so this is just a quick heads-up to let anyone who might be interested know that these are out there, presumably now discounted after the pre-Christmas impulse-buy period for items like this has come and gone. Interestingly, even though this is a British product, it doesn't use the angel death-screen from the original Western localised version of the toys, instead opting for the gravestone from the Japanese versions (though without Obaketchi). I'm sure that some people will swear blind that they remember it being this way originally, as a result. But it's still a nice-looking little piece of merchandise, and I certainly can't argue with the price!
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    OKAY! Stop fighting about politics, please, peoples. That's NOT what this topic is here for. I just checked on YesAsia and eBay a little while ago -- for us Canadians, the TMGC+Colour is around or OVER $100. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO unreasonable, but.... still! If they DO make the TMGC+Colour here for us English peoples, all of the text will probably be just, like, ....'s or something. And the Japanese actually get WORDS! Also, off-topic here: I will be putting batteries in my Cafe Entama tonight. Wheee!
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