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    By the way, I almost forgot, here's the original .ods file for the spreadsheet that was requested. While .ods files are native to open-source spreadsheet software (which is what I use), they can also be opened in Microsoft Excel, so hopefully you won't have any problems opening it either way. I updated the spreadsheet to include Evie (Test H4) and Daisy (Test P3). You can request an updated version of this sheet at any time in the future, too. Log.ods
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    Yes that is totally normal, the Connection models age counter is a bit weird but if Iā€™m not mistaken by the time your tama is an adult the age will be 6-7 years old. Unlike the P1 or any other vintage model it will start count the age right after the egg is hatched.
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    Thank you! I use OpenOffice, so it's not a problem for me Anyway, I have a bit of an update: I accidentally gave Evie a time-out because I had just sent her to preschool and didn't notice the heart icon was still selected...I meant to check her stats, but didn't notice I had selected the discipline icon until it was too late The same Tama gave me the "dead battery" screen just a couple minutes after, though, so it probably hardly matters anyway... Evie is going to evolve later than she was supposed to now, so I'll have to wait a bit longer to update on the situation. All I can do is hope she will evolve into Young Mimitchi UPDATE: Daisy and Evie both evolved into Ringotchi. Which I was not expecting of either of them; I gave Daisy the two care mistakes, and I took perfect care of Evie...but they both still evolved into Ringotchi anyway. I was kind of happy in Daisy's case, but not in Evie's case. In Daisy's case, it makes me think Puchitchi's evolution is more random than anything. In Evie's case, the dead battery must have influenced it. Which, if so, is EXTREMELY annoying as it basically punished me over something I had no control over! The Version 4.5 doesn't do that...
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    Well, Easter is in a few months, so a Pastel announcement would make sense.
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    I don't blame you, I'm not that great at the dance game, either Anyway, I have a couple updates today... Jim's daughter, whom I named Evie, evolved into Harutchi as I expected. I've been trying to take perfect care of her, never letting her happy or hungry hearts drop too low. I'm also avoiding the mail. Cal's daughter, whom I named Daisy, evolved into Puchitchi, which I was NOT expecting. At least now I'll get to see what giving Puchitchi two care mistakes will do, without first having to wait several more generations (In unrelated news, I had an Ichigotchi evolve into Debatchi with four care mistakes on my pink V2. I thought that would be enough to get a Tier 4 or Tier 5 adult, but apparently not )
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    Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone has asked about this, but I can't find any post that answers my question. It turns out that I recently acquired a Tamagotchi connection V1, but I noticed that when transforming to Marutchi the counter followed 0, I followed him carefully until he became an ichigotchi, and the age remained at 0, until today he has changed to 1, is this behavior normal? Because I have a Tamagotchi P1 and it is counting the age at the time it is born. (sorry my bad english) Bye
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    Hello, I'm trying to figure out if my next tamagotchi is gonna be a Meets or a On. I think the On is easier to connect with the app because of language. However I think I've read how the Meets can connect with the Mix and the On can not. Is this correct?
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    I thought I was broken xD. Thank you very much for answering my question, I thank you very much :).
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    Slicetchi and Peppertchi just evolved, and, once again, they've lived up to their names in quite an uncanny fashion! Slicetchi is pale yellow and very pizza-themed, and Peppertchi is forest-green and looks a fair bit like a bell-pepper. The two became non-identical during their teen stage (and by that I mean noticeably so, not just in terms of colouration), marking the first time that I've had non-identical twins; And they turned out to be very non-identical - you'd never know that they were related unless you'd seen them on the same screen together! Slicetchi has now married Cherrytchi and her bizarre cranial parasite. I dread to think what their offspring - a bright-orange boy named Cheesetchi - will end up looking like.
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    Thank you šŸ˜Š its the tamagotchi magic it has to be because of the Japanese girls day thank you it was driving me but
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    This is the Korean version of the Tamagotchi Meets/On.
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    Welcome to TamaTalk, Noir! This topic is one for Help For Tamagotchi Owners, not Stuff We Read, so I've moved it over there. You haven't specified which Tamagotchi version you're using, but I do know what you're referring to. What you're seeing is a decoration for Hinamatsuri, also known as Girls' Day, which is a Japanese festival which takes place on March 3rd. The "weird couple picture thing" is a display of emperor and empress dolls, and is a simplified version of a traditional Hinamatsuri doll display. A traditional display tends to look a bit like this. It features the emperor, empress, and their royal court, all decked out in Heian-period dress.
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    There weren't at the time, to be fair. What this is is closer to a reveal - at least as long as retailers pick it up, which will depend entirely on how the existing models have done. This is exciting news, at any rate, as long as it gets picked up - I've been watching for a new Meets-to-On localisation, as I don't have an English one yet, and I'd certainly like to get one to go with my Fairy Meets. This looks perfect - I was hoping for this or Pastel (now just watch them make it more difficult by announcing both... ).
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    Looks like you were right on the money @leogames2012. There are rumours of a fantasy ON being released.
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    Rashatchi evolved, and seemed shocked to have his photo taken it looks like the Kuromametchi ears are sticking, i don't mind that
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    continuing the trend of compulsively proposing to tamagotchi in the app with bizzare sets of genetics, i saw this royal, permanently-horseriding fellow and couldn't help sending one the resulting child is a light grey color, although that's expected since both parents are grey there's also a cute Tamagyaotchi in the family tree back there! i guess i've hit the number of generations that the device has started to discard some from the family tree, since this is my first time seeing this screen here's to you, Mametchi
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    Episode 2: Extra Content Hi all! I was surprised to find that Syd evolved a few minutes before his bedtime! Very impatient to grow up, perhaps? It turned out that I did miss the top tier - he evolved into a Toratchi, which is on the second tier. So it seems that I might have indeed missed some discipline calls which may have counted as care mistakes (either that or the Version 2 chucked a random ). But regardless, I'm quite happy at the result because I don't get Toratchi very often and I think it's a pretty cool character. So while it's a loss, it's at least not a bad one. Besides, wouldn't it be a little anticlimactic for me to achieve my ultimate goal so early in this log? Interestingly, according to the chart from Tama-Zone, Propellertchi can't evolve into Toratchi, so my result basically blows the chart's validity out of the water. But I might do more tests with it to see if it is correct in some aspects. After all, most secondary sources do have some truth to them, even if they have underlying errors. The missed discipline calls do make me wonder whether the disconnected speaker will be a thorn in my side for generations to come. Perhaps it's time to fix this once and for all and learn some light welding...
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    Episode 2 Hi again! I have a fair bit of news to share, so it's time for me to post it here! Firstly, I'll report on the Version 2 and my ongoing ChoHimetchi quest. Dale the Pochitchi (who had a son just before I wrote the first episode) left a couple of days later and I named the baby Syd. That day, I felt pretty tired and just watched a lot of YouTube videos, so I gave somewhat sloppy care to him in the baby stage. This showed because he became a Marutchi, which is generally considered the worst-care Child character! I was a little relieved, though, since I generally get Hitodetchi and Kuribotchi on my Version 2s for some reason. At least it was a nice break! From then on, I took better care, as I had the ChoHimetchi goal after all. While browsing online, I stumbled across this interesting growth chart from Tama-Zone (Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tamazone/tamagotchi-connection-version-2-growth-chart-t15081.html) This rather old chart was interesting because it showed that not every adult character could be obtained from any one Teenage character (and the same with Child-Teenager evolution). I had a few theories about this aspect myself in my past logs, so I decided to carefully analyse my evolutions and see if they line up with this chart. Interestingly, the chart showed that Marutchi could only become either of the bad-care teens on even generations, so I gave Syd perfect care to test it out. The next day, he evolved into Propellertchi: This certainly corroborates with the chart, so it may have had some truth after all! However, it will need more testing before I can mark it as truly accurate. At the moment, Syd is three years old, so he'll become an Adult tomorrow. I have given him as perfect care as possible (with full 9 bars of Training) but I am unsure if I missed some of his discipline calls due to the dead speaker. I recently heard that the Version 2 might possibly count missed Training calls as care mistakes; if that's true, I might have actually missed the top tier entirely! Well, I'll have to see for myself tomorrow morning. Another thing to consider is from the Tama-Zone chart. Apparently, Propellertchi can only evolve into two of the three top-tier adults, which are Mimitchi and ChoHimetchi. If that's the case, I theoretically have a 50% chance to obtain ChoHimetchi if it lands in the top tier. It will be another opportunity for me to test the chart's accuracy! Nonetheless, I'm excited for what comes tomorrow. There have also been developments on my two Version 4s that I'm using for evolution testing with Maria&Co. and tamaninjacat. My first test subject, Mewtwo (on the snowy Version 4) has made an interesting contribution. As I said last episode, Mewtwo evolved into a Harutchi for the Child stage and I gave him two care mistakes to help discover the threshold between Young Mametchi and Young Androtchi. It is generally believed that Young Mametchi is only obtained with very good care, so I was surprised when he became that character upon evolution! This makes me think that Young Mametchi isn't actually as difficult to obtain as I thought, which was corroborated by other tests by Maria&Co. who obtained a Young Mametchi with four care misses! On the other hand, Young Mimitchi (generally referred to as Young Mametchi's female counterpart in this version) seems to be much harder to obtain for some reason. The more you know! Currently, Mewtwo is in the Adult stage (a Mametchi) and I'll wait for him to breed so I can do another test for the research. This leads me to my other Version 4. Shortly after the last episode, Gina the Masktchi left her daughter, who I named Amber. During the baby stage, I cared for her the same way as Mewtwo, but she became a Puchitchi instead of Harutchi. Whilst her direct parent was in the Universal family, I believe she got genes from Gina's Matchmaker partner, who was a Tosakatchi (Meme family). This may indicate that Baby>Child evolutions are not only influenced genetically but can also be influenced by the secondary partner, especially if the parent is Universal. I'll have to test that again later. Maria&Co.'s research on Puchitchi indicated that it generally becomes a Mame Teen (Ringotchi or Young Androtchi) with very good care, but otherwise becomes a Meme Teen with lesser care. However, like with Harutchi, the exact threshold has not yet been found, so I decided to give Amber one care mistake and see where that takes her. Interestingly, she evolved into a Young Memetchi: This leads me to come up with two theories; either Puchitchi only becomes a Mame Teen with almost perfect care (0 care mistakes) or that Child>Teen evolution is a little random, especially at certain care levels. Like my previous results, I'll also have to test this again to have more solid information on this. Amber took Mr. Turtlepedia's class at school, so her high Intelligence points will have her become a Ponytchi tomorrow (she is now aged 2). I think I will marry her to Mewtwo and see where the Mame/Meme parent equation takes their children. The two of them are already good friends over connection, so a marriage will be quite easy when they're old enough. Valma has now reached 34 Tama-years of age and is still doing very well. I have given her very good care as always, though she has gotten the occasional bad letter which temporarily put her happy hearts down to 1 (I fix these very quickly though). Nonetheless, these "care slips" (as I call them; not quite a care mistake) don't seem to affect her temperament. Ii seems that things only go downhill if she gets a proper care mistake, which is good. For now, she is as tough as a tank as she can go for a couple of hours without any hearts dropping. Most of the time, she is my least demanding Tama to care for! Only about 60 more Tama-years of this to go... IIIIIIIT"S STATS TIME! Stats for Syd (Version 2, Blue Water shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Age: 3 years Weight: 18 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 6G Gotchi Points: 8,640 Stage: Teenager Evolution: Petitchi > Marutchi > Propellertchi Stats for Mewtwo ("MEWTW", Version 4, Ice Blue shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Skill Points: 120 Intelligence / 33 Artistic / 15 Social Age: 3 years Weight: 35 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 1G Gotchi Points: 5,020 Stage: Adult Evolution: KuroTsubutchi > Harutchi > Young Mametchi > Mametchi Occupation: School Student Stats for Amber (Version 4, Blue shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Skill Points: 112 Intelligence / 31 Artistic / 31 Social Age: 2 years Weight: 17 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 8G Gotchi Points: 48,530 Stage: Teenager Evolution: Tsubutchi > Puchitchi > Young Memetchi Occupation: School Student Stats for Valma (Version 4, White/Rainbow shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 8/9 bars Skill Points: 779 Intelligence / 40 Artistic / 85 Social Age: 34 years Weight: 31 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 7G Gotchi Points: 55,090 Stage: Senior Evolution: Tsubutchi > Puchitchi > Young Memetchi > Ponytchi > Otokitchi Occupation: Retired ~ Thanks for reading and supporting the log! I'll see you next time, probably in another week or so. Have fun!
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    Tekelitchi had the shadow hands nightmare last night lots of dreams lately i didn't have time to post before class today, but Maymotchi evolved! he ended up mostly sort of greyish i will probably find a marriage partner for him tomorrow
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    V4 I thought I was taking pretty good care of Spyro after he entered his teen stage, but something must have gone wrong because he evolved into a Debatchi. That's a little weird because I didn't take awful care of him, but I suppose he did get a couple of care mistakes and I did feed him a lot of snacks... I'm actually pretty excited about this because now I can experiment with Universal adult marriage. (I was trying to get a picture of his close up animation, but I got this instead and thought it was much cuter.) iD L 15th Anniversary Steven once again followed in his father's by evolving into a Kujakutchi yesterday (no photos because again, too redundant). Then today he became more that just a Finnbar clone by evolving into Herotchi. I can't place it but Herotchi's design looks very familiar. That might just be because he has a "generic superhero" look to him, but it's bugging me to not have a specific character in mind. V5 Celebrity The triplets evolved late last night into teens. Wirt became a Mamaekatchi, Beatrice became a Chamametchi, and Gregory became a Kikitchi. Their family bonds are only at 30% despite the fact that I've been on top of their calls. We've got plenty of time to catch up though because they shouldn't be evolving for a couple days now. They're also a social family, so that's pretty cool. (Oh geez I haven't really paid attention to how much junk is in the screen border. I did say this was my brother's Tama when we were kids, right? ā”('ļ½ž`ļ¼›)ā”Œ) That's it for this post! Next time we should have marriages and evolutions, but that won't be for a couple days. See you then!
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    Well i ended up getting the camo keitai akai, right now im also having fun with my music star so i think something simpler like the keitai is great to change things up a little. But thanks for the links, ill make sure to bookmark them!
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    If it works in the USA, they will release the on in europe. The problems are: 1. Can bandai provides the korean market, plus new releases in japan (sweets, fantasy...), Canada, USA, and the rest of the world? Looking at the situation with United States retailers, the answer is NO. Some retailers are completly out of stock (urban outfitters and books a million) and some are partially (amazon and target). New tamagotchi based their success on child, and child change fast! They're un fond of something for a week and move to something else. So if a child can't have his tamagotchi NOW because, you know, all my friends at school already have one! Bandai risk to miss the wave... 2. Tamapalace release an article about an interview of a bandai marketing something (insert name of a job that seems important, well paid and impossible to resume). The woman said that some news about tamagotchi on will be announce in fall 2020. Fall 2020... sounds like when they release the tamagotchi angel too long after the original tama. Nobody bought those things... And i don't speak about the app... they really need to develop the app to keep the attention of the costumers...
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    Goodness, how could I forget?! November 3rd, 2004. I had been begging my mom for a week to get me a Tamagotchi- mostly because a lot of the other kids had one too, including my two best friends. I had chorus rehearsal that day and when she picked me up, she gave me a bag. I opened it and saw a brand spankin' new purple V1!!! I was elated! As soon as I got home I fired it up. The egg hatched into a baby girl that I named Gina. Gina evolved into a Hanatchi.
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    when you're connected to the app, go to your profile in the settings and tap your avatar character mine is ZXK673337 if anyone wants to add me