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    Hi! It's been a while, but I have some updates. Mewtwo and Amber left their babies and both just evolved into the Child stage. Metwtwo's son, who I called Mewthree, surprised me greatly by becoming a MohiTamatchi, despite having no Kuchi genes whatsoever! Fuji, Amber's son, became a slightly more predictable MizuTamatchi. I didn't take perfect care of them (their hungry & happy hearts dropped to 2 once) so maybe that's why they got these results. Since I have both of those now, I perhaps I can try this trick with both of them! I'll also have their hearts fairly low (maybe up to three maximum, to avoid Obotchi?), which may be a factor, as tamaninjacat pointed out. Hopefully, this will get me Oniontchi with Mewthree and a Kuchi teen with Fuji! I'll update in a day or two.
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    V4 Lapis should have gotten a job yesterday, but she didn't because I had the Tamas on "pause" (I just changed their times so they were sleeping) almost all day yesterday. She'll definitely be getting a job later today and possibly getting married because she should be turning five later (or maybe tomorrow). Plus Color Papaya got married to a Nemutchi yesterday. I decided to keep the plus color going, so now I'm raising her son, Krobus. He evolved into a Kuribotchi after baby hour. I don't really have any plans for his evolution because I've only gotten two male characters before. My main goal is to just avoid Mametchi and Shimashimatchi. Sorry that the screen can be difficult to see at times. I bought this one used at a pretty good price for a Plus Color (about $50), but it came with some issues... The screen is super scratched, the buttons creak (they work perfectly, but they're just squeaky), and sometimes the sound wires sound like they're going out (particularly on the jingle before the mini games). I'm not complaining though because I'm super happy to have one that works, but I thought I'd let you guys know why the screen looks like that. Fairy ON I didn't plan on running the ON again so soon, but I really want to get the Maskutchi genes that are available on the app right now. He's such a cute character and I don't want to miss out! Where we last left off, Rosalina got married to Charatchi, last month's exclusive character. They had a son named Xander that evolved into a Hoshipontchi. He inherited that ever prevalent Maisutatchi hair, but I'm hoping the Charatchi genes start showing up later. That's all for today! Lots of evolutions should be happening tomorrow. See you then!
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    Hahaha! I'm glad that it seems to have made some sort of a difference, at least - hopefully you won't have any further problems, now!
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    Thought you might be interested in this. https://www.engadget.com/2020/02/24/pixel-stars-dreamhouse-hands-on/
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    March 6th 2020 I really haven't posted an update since Sunday? I am LAAAAZZZZYYYYYYYYYY (JK...kind of. I've just been really caught up in other things lately ) Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Bowser left behind his baby the night of my last post, yup. I named him Monty the next morning, and he evolved into KuchiTamatchi. I had pretty much accepted the fact that he would evolve into Daiyatchi since Spiritual was not his highest skill point, but I gave him three care mistakes anyway. Needless to say, I was pretty surprised to see him evolve into Kometchi! Based on this, KuchiTamatchi's evolution seems to be more random than I thought; perhaps it was little more than a coincidence that Spiritual was the highest skill point every other time I've had KuchiTamatchi evolve into the Kuchi teens. If so, this would explain why, a couple months ago, I had him evolve into Ura Young Violetchi despite receiving five care mistakes and having Spiritual as its highest skill. Yesterday morning, Monty evolved into Tougyutchi just like his father. I was going to get Spiritual as his highest skill point to get Ura Kuchipatchi, but I got kind of lazy and ended up with Gorgeous as his highest skill point instead. I kind of like Tougyutchi better anyway. This is actually the second time on this same Tama that I obtained the Gorgeous Kuchi adult twice in a row STATS Name: MONTY Training: 8/9 Skills: 65 Funny, 63 Gorgeous, 78 Spiritual Weight: 31 Pounds Age: 4 Years Generation: 13 Pink Stripe V4 Here is Daisy the Maidtchi. She evolved into her on Monday morning. She got a job as a hairstylist the next day, but I quickly remembered how long and tedious the minigame is. I haven't sent her to work since her first day. Yesterday afternoon, she met Tarakotchi through the matchmaker! That was convenient. She married him and had a boy. I was kind of hoping for a girl, but what can you do... STATS Name: DAISY Training: 9/9 Skills: 63 Intellectual, 47 Style, 43 Kindness Weight: 40 Pounds Age: 7 Years Generation: 10 Yellow Mood V4.5 Nola had evolved into Purimatchi just as I was aiming for. She married Ash the Debatchi and they had boys. Yesterday morning, I named him Felix and he evolved into Kuribotchi. Since his Spiritual skill was profoundly low, I didn't expect him to evolve into a Kuchi teen. I gave him four care mistakes anyway, to see what would happen. He evolved into Kujakutchi just like his grandfather did. I decided to go for Ura Togetchi, my favourite Ura Meme character, whom I haven't obtained lately. STATS Name: FELIX Training: 6/9 Skills: 25 Funny, 20 Gorgeous, 29 Spiritual Weight: 19 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 25 Black Spark V4 Evie evolved into Mimitchi as planned, but all those dead battery fakeouts severely impacted her evolution schedule. In fact, although her sister married yesterday, Evie still hasn't been visited by the matchmaker. At @Penguin-keeper's advice, I slightly bent the (nearly flat!) battery contact to see if that would fix the battery issues. Some graphical glitches this Tama normally displays, but hasn't lately, have sprung up (entirely involving very glitchy transparent areas), so I think that's (ironically) a good sign STATS Name: EVIE Training: 9/9 Skills: 131 Intellectual, 29 Style, 22 Kindness Weight: 42 Pounds Age: 4 Years (Should be 7) Generation: 5 Earth V4.5 Rosie, too, left behind her baby boy. Her age was 10, which I think is the highest I've ever gotten an adult Tama to without them dying or evolving into an elder. I named her son Dante, and he evolved into Kuribotchi. Since Spiritual was already much higher than his other skills, I gave him three care mistakes knowing I would obtain Kometchi in this way. Strangely, though, he evolved into Boxertchi! I took pretty sloppy care of him and his brother as children, so maybe that's why. I always thought the number of care mistakes was all that influenced child-to-teen growth on the V4.5, so this was a rather interesting discovery! He evolved into Tenpatchi yesterday morning, one of my favourite characters! I kind of forgot to take pictures of him... STATS Name: DANTE Training: 7/9 Skills: 61 Sunny, 21 Gorgeous, 68 Spiritual Weight: 37 Pounds Age: 4 Years Generation: 26 Purple True Friends V2 Poppy evolved into Oniontchi the morning after my last post. I believe I took fairly good care of her, but her stats emptied at least twice. She evolved into Pochitchi yesterday morning! Pochitchi is really adorable if you ask me STATS Name: POPPY Training: 9/9 Weight: 34 Pounds Age: 5 Years Generation: 9 Pink True Friends V2 Here's the last picture I took of Ash the Debatchi, shortly after he married Nola the Purimatchi. (No pictures of their wedding, but since Debatchi and Purimatchi show up as Nazotchi when connecting between the two versions, there wasn't much to see anyway) I named his son John yesterday morning, and he evolved into, annoyingly, Kinakomotchi. I've literally obtained Kinakomotchi five generations in a row now on this Tama, which is getting just plain old at this point. He evolved into Ringotchi this morning, but I forgot to take any pictures. Since I've recently obtained Ringotchi twice before this, just refer to those images STATS Name: JOHN Training: 6/9 Weight: 20 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 9 Sorry for such a long time between updates, I'll try to update more frequently now (I think we all know how THAT will turn out, though )
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    This is a forum game that's on another fansite that I absolutely adore. You basically say the alphabet, but.. it doesn't start over. Like counting, it goes on! For example... User1: A User2: B Several posts later... User3: Z User4: AA User5: AB Get it? The user below me begins! Let's all make it to ZZZ,ZZZ!
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    This is just a quick heads-up for UK TamaTalkers: Amazon UK now allows us to purchase the GigaPetsAR Puppy and Unicorn from Amazon US, without having to log in at the US website to do so, by way of a "Global Store" listing. The price for each is £10.35, plus £3.19 for shipping. I've pasted in the links below; GigaPetsAR Puppy GigaPetsAR Unicorn I must admit, I'm tempted to get one of them at some point, since I suspect that it'll be a long while before we see the penguin that was teased when the GigaPetsAR website first went live!
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    Hey guys! Think you have enough spare time to take care of multiple Tamagotchis? Have you already done so? What systems were you running? How old are they? What is YOUR record for Tamas/Virtual Pets all running at once? Mine is 4 virtual pets at once! One Hitorikko Fish, two Original 1997 Tamas, and one Original Reboot! That is, until my Hitorikko Fish keychain bit the dust and started to get blurry and wouldn't stop resetting... Yikes. Oh well. It bit the dust at about 8 days. Not bad! What is your record?
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    Wow! Five or six is a lot. Four is impressive! It's awesome to get into routine, 397 tama years is mega awesome! 💕
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    When I was younger I would run five or six Tamas at a time. These days I prefer only run about three at a time, but right now I'm running four. I've been doing a challenge with my P's to see how long I can keep him alive (he's 397 Tama years as of today), so I've fallen into a routine with him. Because of this, it doesn't really feel like I'm running four Tamas.
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    Beletchi evolved this morning it's looking like the horse body is likely again, but i will try again as many times as necessary
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    Guys! For all Pixel Chix fans, there (sort of) bringing them back!
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    No problem! Good luck, and I hope that this is all that it is. For what it's worth, I'm not too surprised that you found that it was flat. A running change in the materials used for the V4.5 might explain why you haven't experienced similar with that one, I would guess.
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    I think you should be fine if you can fit them in a bag, or you can ship them with mail service to where you will be moving to make it easier.
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    Hey TamaTalk! Sorry for the inactivity. I had a lot of stuff to do! Anyways, here is another request from Hapihapitchi! This time she wanted me to draw Mimitchi, so here ya go! Hope you enjoy! DigitalArt_Lovely
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    I think Tamagotchis can be a replacement of friends; they are much easier to have as friends because they're not human. They are just fun little toys that won't upset you or do anything unexpected like lying to you, breaking promises, randomly deciding not to be your friend anymore. For many years, Tamagotchis were my only friends - now the friends I do have are only online TamaTalkers...so, even my Tamagotchis helped me find good buddies.
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    There's nothing wrong with preferring Tamagotchi friends over real people! Tamagotchis never hurt your feelings or forget your birthday. I wouldn't wish to live in Italy.