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    Yes. Normally once you start a new generation the child will have a random name (I'm not sure what they are because it's in Japanese). The Meet's counterpart, the ON, does not have any predetermined names, so you have to name them yourself. Yes. The most it can be filled to before the adult stage is halfway. No, not on the Meets. I think the only Tama that had a potty training feature was the Tamago. I don't think so. Nine is the most you can have at once. Do you mean buying the different items? Or multiples of one item? There's no use in buying multiples of one, but buying the different items will help your Tama raise their friendship levels with the Tamas in the towns. Each one has a different favorite item, so visiting them with that item will raise the friend level quicker. Here's a list if you'd like. Yes. Here's a full list of the items and what they do. I'm not sure, but I think it's to encourage you to buy the foods at the restaurants. I don't know why they want you to do that, but it's been a feature on most (if not all) of the color versions for some reason. Luckily the Meets/ON has a daycare feature, so there's been no need to be constantly monitoring them. There's two options: The Tama Hotel and the parent's house. You can send your Tama to these locations at any time (except after 5p.m.) and at any stage (except for the baby stage). They'll be returned to you at 5p.m. though, so make sure you don't forget! I would recommend exclusively using the parent's house for your daycare needs if you get a Meets because the Tama Hotel has a glitch that prevents your Tama from aging. (This glitch has been removed from the ON as far as I can tell, but I would be cautious...) 9.[Edit:concern] Is it [just] a theory that the type of care given will influence genetics? Makes sense, but it shouldn't be a major concern(?). This is just a theory, but it's not confirmed. Here's the theory if you want to check it out, but there's no guaranteed way to get the genes you want. You've just got to keep trying and see what you get. 10.{Extra} Is there a graph that details the times a Tamagotchi may be hungry/has a desire? Or is it random? There's no graph for attention calls, but it's not really random either. It depends on how you take care of them and how full their stats are. Your Tamas neediness will go down the older it gets, so just checking on them every couple of hours and filling their stats when you do will be enough. The longer you run them, the more in tune you'll be to their needs. The only stage that needs fairly constant care is the baby stage, but that only lasts an hour and they cannot die during that time. 11.{Extra} If the Happiness bar is full and the Tamagotchi is sated, what affect would it cause if you were to continually play/cater to them? Does it add to some hidden calculation or is it pure fun? If you constantly play/cater to them once their stats are full, it will only keep their stats that way. I suppose it would have the added benefit of raising a lot of money if you're playing the mini games. 12.[Edit:concern] How dangerous is it to take out the batteries? I've read people do it as a temporary pause, but isn't there a limit to how long the batteries are out until everything is erased? [Say, if you were burned out and wanted a month or a whole year break from the Tamagotchi, would this be necessary?] There's no danger to worry about. The Meets/ON has a download function, so you can keep the batteries out as long as you like. I've got Tamas that I haven't run in years that still have the previous Tama saved. Vintage Tamagotchis are the only ones that don't have a download feature.
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    Monday, my favorite day of the weekend. I wanted to post yesterday, but I was super exhausted. The hiatus will be starting tomorrow, so let's get everyone caught up! V4 Samus unfortunately evolved into the Universal teen, Hawaikotchi. I wasn't able to raise her training enough because of the excessive amount of pausing I was doing... She later evolved into Pyonkotchi, which is a face I haven't seen in awhile! Pyonkotchi/Pyonchitchi are probably my favorite Universal adult characters on the V4, so I'm happy with this. Then earlier today I went to get Samus a job (the mail had the [!] icon blinking), but it turns out she already had one! She was just getting fired from the hospital job I didn't know she had. I know that the V4 can answer the important mail by itself, but I haven't had one actually get a job from doing so until now... Fairy ON Mint got married to Maskutchi on Friday and they had a baby boy. I named him Shy Guy (get it? mask?) and he ended up inheriting the Maskutchi body! That's what I was hoping for the most, so now the ON can finally rest (at least until next month). I married him to a Pichipitchi, but I'm more interested in their children inheriting the frosting hair. That will have to wait though because I deactivated the device yesterday. P's There's nothing really new with Gus, but I just wanted you guys to know that he's still with us as we move into the hiatus. He's 406 as of today! And that's all! As I've mentioned a few times now, the new job hiatus starts tomorrow. I'll still be running Gus and Samus, but there won't be much to post about. We'll be back, of course, but it'll be less frequent. I'll try to post this weekend (depending on my schedule), so see you guys in a bit!
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    The japanese name is usually an amalgamation of the parents' base types e.g. a mametchi x lovelitchi --> mamelove
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    Last year, Bandai replaced the website with TamagotchiOn.com. They got rid of dream town, but we could see this coming as it didn’t let you make an account for quite some time. The files have been cached, but there aren’t any ON versions of it.
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    Samus has evolved into an adult, but she unfortunately became a Universal adult (Pyonkotchi)... The pausing caused me to miss training calls when she was a toddler, so she never stood a chance. I plan on marrying her to another Universal adult just like I did for Spyro. I'll see if I get the same toddler again or if I get someone new. My new job starts tomorrow, so I won't be making much progress for awhile. I'll still be lurking on the thread and cheering you guys on though!
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    It's a new Tama log! I've been getting a wee bit bored with Tamagotchis as of late, so I think keeping a log will help continue my interest. Without further ado, it's time to meet the tamas. Fairy ON First up we have the twins, Hilda and Marianne, on the Fairy ON. It's been a bit since I've had twins, so I'm pretty excited for this generation. I don't know about anyone else, but I almost always end up with adult identical twins which is a little disappointing... I enjoy seeing variety in twins and it almost never happens for me (and if it does the differences are very minimal). Hopefully these two will have a little more variety when they grow up. Anyway, after an hour of care, they evolved! It was time for them their mother to leave the nest. I don't know why she's say's "we' when she's moving out because her husband has already been gone at this point. This always happens when you marry through the app. It's kind of funny to imagine your Tama's spouse waiting for your Tama to hurry up and finish raising the kids while they're sitting comfortably in their future home. I guess that's just the struggles of Tama parenthood.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ V4 I've also started my V4 because I was inspired by a recent thread made by Maria&Co. My V4 has also been cursed with Meme family genes, so I want to see if I can change that. One thing we discussed in the thread was marriage through connection, but I unfortunately won't be able to take this approach. For some reason my V4 lost the ability to connect years ago and, despite my best efforts, I've never been able to fix it. So we'll just use the good old care miss method and see if that does anything for us. Here's our first subject, Ame. You can really see how old and beat up my V4 is when the picture is zoomed in like this... Hopefully he will be the first to break the chain, but his mom was a Makiko... the Meme genes are strong with this one. Aaaannnnddd we're already off to a bad start. Puchitchi is the MOST likely to evolve into the Meme family out of all four of the toddlers. I would say that I'll just take perfect care of him to see if I get a Mame teen, but it's Sunday and I slept in, so his stats have already dropped. Now I have two options, go with a Meme adult with kindness or intelligence points and marry him to a Kuchi or Mame adult respectively; or I can raise him into Universal adult and marry him to a Kuchi adult and see what that does. No matter what, I'll still love little Ame. P's Now it's time to introduce, Gus. I might not always do an update for Gus though because he's actually 356 Tama years old! (He was, however, paused for a collective 98 days.) There's not many new things that happen once you're that age... He is by far my longest living Tama (my last record was Jules on the V4.5, 137 Tama years). Again due to the zoomed in picture, you can see how nasty my P's faceplate has gotten over the years... He's a police officer! Also, he has what I like to call "the Ichigotchi charm of longevity". Every Tama I've selected to be my longest living has worn this charm. Let's hope it continues to serve him well. Anyway, that's all I've got for this post. Tune in next time to see Hilda, Marianne, and Ame evolve!
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    While they haven't arrived yet, I've got a few new additions on the way to me. This beautiful clear yellow V3. A new bobby, been on hold since last April! Alien Petogotchi Cat
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    Beautiful growth chart work. More people seriously need to do this with the more obscure vpets.
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    the fruit. it haunts me
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    ah. the monkey's paw DID curl a finger i'm not having luck, so i decided to just go for something completely different this time i might return to trying to get Maskutchi traits after Amaltchi is an adult, depending on how that works out, but i'm going to just wait and see for now
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    Maybe it's just for the Second Generation, but for some reason I was prompted to give names either way. And thanks a bunch Tamaninjacat!
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    i was hoping to have a surprise update tonight, but it looks like it'll be awhile until i can get the appropriate batteries, so here's Tekelitchi in the new room i made instead it's always fun going back to pixel art for a bit
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    Unlike previous versions like the IDL and Ps, where the goal is to raise every avaliable character and unlock new locations and features, the ON/Meets/m!x doesn't really have a definitive goal other than gene mixing, some people find it gets boring after a while. As for scratches, you can use cling wrap or chuck it in a clear lunch bag temporarily, fingerprints can be wiped off quite easily.
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    Hi guys! I've made a small poem about Tamagotchis. I was inspired today, so I like how it turned out. Here is what I had gotten! ♥ I might have a problem. A small one, I think. It happened so fast, best described in a blink. It’s not curable, too, and indeed quite drastic. I fell in love with a creature of pixels and plastic. Some might call it quite immature and strange, But for me, my fascination will never be changed. It’s true, I fell in love with a creature of pixels and plastic. But it takes the pure at heart to carry on with the magic. Comments and critiques welcome! ♥ ~Dez
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    I made this meme. Shared it on Facebook and figured I'd throw it here too. 😂
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    Following on from the previous post, sending the items to another device just seemed to convert them into generic gift items like cakes. Not that exciting. In other news, I've been finding that the Ball Glitch seems to be one of the bizarrest glitches attainable, with some of the most wide-reaching effects. The most recent round of Ball Glitch effects I've experienced have revealed some things I hadn't even considered about glitch items. Remember how glitch items have strange effects when used in the items menu? And remember how the Ball Glitch can make food items appear in the items menu and items appear in the food menu? Well, as it turns out, if your character is an adult you can use the food items that end up in your items menu and they act in similar ways to glitch items. CRACKER - The Tamagotchi instantly crashed and the screen turned off TEA - Like AB, the screen continues showing the item as if that screen is the item animation CREAMY CAKE - A LOT like TEA and AB, but it momentarily hangs and then registers two button presses instead of one, causing it to instantly go onto the clock screen. While it's transferring to the clock screen you can see the "CREAMY CAKE" item screen but for some reason the character sprite is underneath the text too creating a bit of a mess. I'd create an image if I could but it was difficult to get a photo of because of how quickly it happened. I suppose the inverse of food behaving like glitch items is glitch items behaving as food. As it turns out, by some bizarre coincidence (perhaps it wasn't a coincidence and there's some item data even when you think it's all gone?) the Ball Glitch placed one of our glitch item friends in my treats menu. Specifically, "AIT", which as an item caused the device to crash. What happens when you eat it? A LOT HAPPENS, APPARENTLY - It's almost like getting a glimpse into a sprite sheet that the Tamagotchi draws its images from. Except, those sprites in the last frame... they don't look familiar to me. This'll need more investigation. One more interesting thing I found using this glitch? If your items list is more than 100 long, things get a bit weird. Like many fairly primitive programs, there's no "100s" place in the number - instead, the 10s place just keeps changing to symbols beyond 9. These were the first few characters I noticed in the 10s column after 9: A blank space, as if the number of the item was less than 10, A zero, something you definitely wouldn't normally see in this column, 1, 2, E, h, 5, 9, L, 8, 6, Another blank space. Notice a pattern in the symbols above? The 6 and the 9 might give it away - the E, h and L aren't actually letters, they're just the digits 3, 4 and 7 rotated by 180 degrees. For some reason that's the case of all the digits in this run of characters. As always I'll continue to give more updates as more unusual things happen. I feel like, since I'm starting to get items I wouldn't normally be able to, that I'm getting closer to one of those unused items I've been looking for.
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    A small update - my V2 just evolved into an adult (after some very heavy abuse of the pause button, apparently) and I became able to use the glitch items. What did I find? To my surprise, the two items I was able to test had entirely different effects. Neither of the effects were very interesting in their own right, but the fact that each glitch item seems to behave differently is itself somewhat fascinating. I guess logging the effects of all the glitch items will have to be part of this project. The item with the "AB" sprite behaved as though it was playing an item animation, but nothing particularly interesting happened on screen - it just looked like it had stayed on the item screen but any button press would change it back to normal. "AIT" was slightly less usable - selecting the item caused the device to immediately freeze, without even making the "select" sound. Once again the screen hung on the image of the item. When I get home from work I'll try and see if sending the items to another device does anything interesting. I'm getting the impression that these items aren't particularly stable (who'd'a thunk it?) so my fingers are crossed for some wacky outcomes.
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    I love when people find cut features still hidden in games, but I didn't think there would be any to find on Tamagotchis! The unused sprites from the V2 remind me of the Pokemon Gold and Silver demo leaks. There were lots of Pokemon and general concepts that were cut, but they showed up in later generations. Similar to how the V2 had things that didn't show up until the V3 came out. Definitely keep us up to date on what you find.
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    I doubt I'll experiment with the Friends. The battery type is entirely different so it doesn't really lend itself to the same effects that the CR batteries do - I'd think it'd be much harder to fiddle with the batteries in the same way you can on earlier models. The Friends ROM has been dumped anyway so I doubt there'd be much in the way of new content to find using these glitches. I'll instead be focusing on the V2 and maybe a little bit on the V1, too, if I can get it to do anything fun. The V1 had a bunch of cut features which, if they still exist in any form on the device, would make for some seriously interesting findings.
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    Well done! If you will do Tamagotchi Friends, I have one! My friend had to change her tamagotchis battery, so she used cheap Zinc ones; instead of her usual Alkaline. Then, when she went to play a game, her points were in the 7 digits! And she could spend all of it, it wasn’t just like it said it. So if it helps, your welcome!
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    I got mine today - very weird 😂 but cool anyway - does it evolve?
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    That's bad advice! CR2032, CR2025, and CR2016 are each rated at 3V. So, if you use two CR2025 or CR2016, you'll get 6V; twice as much as the Tamagotchi requires. This may damage the circuit.