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    It depends on the type of evolution; care only affects child-to-teen evolution. Care has no effect on teen-to-adult evolution within the three main family groups (Ura Mame, Ura Meme, and Ura Kuchi). You could give an Ura Young Mametchi horrendous care and it would still evolve into an Ura Mame adult. In the Universal family, it's the opposite. Teen-to-adult evolution in that family is seemingly based on care, and skill points have no effect there at all. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how it works, though (it's tough because the Universal family is very difficult to obtain ). Side tangent: child-to-teen evolution isn't just based on care, it's also based on what the child character is; for example, KuchiTamatchi and Hitodetchi evolve into Kujakutchi and Ura Young Violetchi with sub-par care, but Kuribotchi evolves into them with very good care. Sometimes it's also based on skill points; Kuribotchi and KuchiTamatchi are more likely to evolve into Kometchi and Ura Young Yattatchi with high Spiritual points and three care mistakes. Anyway, I hope I helped
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    Update #2: I wasn't expecting this to happen, but the Tamagotchi gods seemed to want me to try this experiment again, because the CR2025 battery I had on my V4 caused the screen to blank out one day. However, when I took off the cover and slightly adjusted the battery, it turned back on, so I assumed it was just the battery that stopped making contact. However, the same thing happened the next day but when I pushed any button it would make a long beep even though the screen was blank, so it seemed like the battery was still making contact. I panicked and put in a CR2032 battery as soon as possible, because I've heard that the V4 is very glitchy and I think mine is one of the first shell designs released which means that there's even more glitches. It seemed like everything was normal at first until I got to the name screen, and the name was turned into some weird characters and the letter Q. I have an Oyajitchi (the secret character you get when marrying Ojitchi and Otokitchi) and wanted to keep him for a while, but I think I'll marry him off the next time the matchmaker comes, just so I can get rid of that glitchy name. It hurts a little bit because I waited a long time for both my Tamagotchis to become oldies just so I could get him, but oh well. At least I learned my lesson: Never use any other type of battery in a Tamagotchi other than CR2032. There weren't any more glitches after that, however. I think I'll have to ROM-Test that V4 just to make sure that the ROM isn't corrupted. Also, I don't know how, but I forgot to mention something about the V3 that I did my last experiment on: The "character -> item" glitch actually worked, but instead of turning it into item sprites, it turned it to a glitchy pixel pattern that changed every time the Tamagotchi moved on the idle screen. That's actually one of the main reasons I decided to reset it and ROM-Test it.
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    Thank you so much for your help! The descriptive nature of your post worked wonders for learning about Tamas! 😊 I greatly appreciate it 😉
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    This happened to my V2 a few weeks back, although I was using a Duracel CR2032. It made the long beeping noise continuously for what I'd like to say a minute, while there were the infamous 2 black lines across the screen (according to my Dad who was doing all of this). We took the battery back out, popped it back in to see a nice little egg on the screen. I don't think you shouldn't use any other battery compatible with the device besides a CR2032, I think its just because its recommended and known to be used the most.
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    Hi everyone! I am very new to the Tamagotchi 4.5 and I'm not sure whether or not it grows by care? Every growth chart I look at just has the skill points on it and wiki articles also just reference the skill points. Is that the only influence in this Tama's evolution line or is care still a factor? If you could help, I would really appreciate it 😄.
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    No problem! The V4.5 was my first Tama, so I have a lot of experience with it
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    I got the AR T-Rex and I've been running the Jurassic Park Giga Pet for months since I'm dead-set on trying to get it to live longer than 4 days (it always dies as soon as it celebrates its birthday on day 5). I love both. They're both adorable and fun and I think it's kinda unique to have a dinosaur Giga Pet since before they've pretty much just been the standard cat and dog, as well as the monkey, frog, and koala. I like how they kept some bits of the original T-Rex design, but I LOVE the new animations. I know it's just pixels on a screen but it was adorable and endeared it to me. I also like how there were multiple games to choose from. What people were saying on Amazon about it re-starting itself was true though. Unlike those reviewers, who actually had a week with their AR T-Rex, mine restarted itself after about two or three days. The noise was pretty obnoxious and eventually I had to take the batteries out to stop its god-awful ticking noise. The controls when naming it was pretty weird too. It took awhile for me to figure out how to finish naming it without stretching out the name to fill out the allotted character space since I wanted to name it Sue. It was easier to name the pet on the Jurassic Park one, since the controls were more or less the same as the other Giga Pets. Take this with a grain of salt though since my point of comparison is Floppy Frog; my first Giga Pet was the dog and that was over twenty years ago. IMO the app was pretty pointless. I think I'd have liked it more if they could expand it to playing, like, mini-games with the pet or exploring some kind of world with it instead of just playing fetch with it or whatever. I hope they fix the resetting issue because I love the new AR Giga Pets and would love to have one that actually works instead of resetting itself after a couple days. Also, if they could get rid of the ticking noise in the start-up animation, that'd be awesome too.
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    Oh nice - right when I thought that things had gone quiet with these! I'm still hoping that they'll actually release the Giga Pets AR penguin that they teased before, too.
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    A bit of a tangent, but there are VDPs for the Ps which let you raise characters from the vintage releases. http://mrblinky.net/tama/vdp/
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    They're coming out with a second wave of devices with glitch fixes and a longer battery life.
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    Just bought a gray 20th anniversary ver. Digimon off Amazon! It'll be my first Digimon, but don't worry, I've done my research (including watching Digimon Adventure episodes). Put a couple of my own vpets/tamagotchis up for sale on ebay to make room (and $) for the new arrival.
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    I want color reeditions of all tamagotchis. P1 and two, océan, angel, devil, Santa, v1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.... or, let's stay realistic, just rééditions of other tamas than p1 and p2 as most of the people dont know devilgotch for exemple. ( saying this, i bought recently a tamagotchi angel. I remember as a child wanting one when i saw them at the grocery store. But i dont know a single person Who bought this. I just can imagine the thousand of trucks that go directly to the garbage....)
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    i've been having a lot of fun with it! i'm waiting until i can get the Able Sisters' shop so i can share the designs i've been making, and the amiibo features so i can have Octavian move in since he's my favorite here is my character with Biff