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    There is no built-in feature on a tamagotchi On, or any tamagotchi of that matter, to make your tama grow faster. Sometimes I wish the same thing myself, but to no avail! Some vpets do have that capability of "hyperspeed" where it grows at a super fast rate, but the only way you can achieve that on a tama is by debugging certain tamagotchi connections, which can be risky anyways and have potentially permanent side effects if you mess it up.
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    Just don't do that. Tamagotchi are frustrating sometimes but hey thats the goal. Enjoy your tama and take your time. It's a simulation so follow the rules. Tamagotchi IS fun IS you play the game. It's a virtual animal. So let him gros and live is lire... Sometimes i am disapointed too, bit then i think it's ok, in life you can't always have what you want when you want. And that's thé charm of Tamagotchi.
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    Welcome to TamaTalk We have a My Collection thread going in the Seriously Tamagotchi sub forum: It's great to look through other members collections. Please do use it to share pics of your collection and ask questions or post thoughts
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    Think of this whenever you're feeling sad in lockdown: It's the first time in history that we can save the human race by lying in front of a television and doing nothing. DON'T SCREW THIS UP!!!
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    Crackertchi and Memetchi!! ❤️
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    Here's a picture of my Tamagotchis so you can see the shell designs too! I also have one of the silicone cases for the Gudetama Tamagotchi. My favourite as a kid out of these was the v6; music star!! I absolutely loved raising my tama and trying to get their band's star ranking up!! I also really liked the v5.5; celebrity famitama. Little pocket celebrities!! ❤️ I liked the unique characters in that version. There's also a lot of games in this model, so lots of variety. Even the pause screen is pretty interesting! I used to occasionally pause my tama just to see the travel animations. The Tamagotchi friends was also pretty cool, I liked the greater pixel count and also the different tones/shading. However, I think this tama is tooo easy!!! I remember always getting Coffretchi, the best care female character. I would deliberately neglect my tama to get a different character, but clearly the level of neglect required was higher than I anticipated and I still kept getting her. I never got a male tama either, for some reason? The v2 is really great, and definitely my favourite out of all of these! I'm still perfecting the care technique for it as I feel it's a more challenging tama and much tighter on care mistakes. I'm sure tamatalk can help, though! I found this tama in an old house, believe it or not! It was in surprisingly good condition, and I've had no issues at all with it. Nobody lived there, so I adopted it. I particularly love the wide range of characters!! There's so many, which gives this tama more replayability. There are three possible adult characters for each gender at each care level! I personally love that it's less predictable and random, despite being more difficult to get a particular character. ❤️ Gudetama Tamagotchi is a great model. I got mine from Comic Con! I like the predator feature on this tama; you have to protect your little egg friend from a hungry pair of chopsticks!! The predator feature has sorta disappeared and only appears in the retro models. It's nice that this crossover tama brought it back!! The death function is really cool too; your gudetama will eventually become one of many 'egg dishes'. The real goal of this tama is to get all the different 'egg dish' endings! Very unique and a fresh twist on my favourite virtual pet. ❤️ Which particular version/shell design is your favourite? I'm interested in what others think too!
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    I got some new tamas off ebay!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ A Ura Jinsei Enjoi (Ura Party) and Connection V3 (Silver Black w/ Stars)!
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    What were you doing in an abandoned house? That's such an interesting find!
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    I really want to get jewelry at the tama shop but my character is too young and I am impatient. How do you make your tama grow faster?
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    they've evolved! no pumpkin body, but this is a really cute pair of Tamagyaotchi, i might keep them for a little while before finding another marriage partner
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    Music star is great! Hope they will rerelease this one day !
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    On a Facebook Tamagotchi group apparently everyone favorites are the tama + color, and then the p's...
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    teen stage! looks like most likely Tamagyaotchi twins
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    Hmm, it seems interesting that it also happened with a CR2032 battery, my first assumption was that the battery discharged below the voltage level that the Tamagotchi expected because it had less capacity (CR2025) but apparently it can happen with any type of battery, maybe because of other factors like temperature causing the voltage to drop suddenly. You’re probably right, however I am just gonna use regular CR2032 batteries from now on, just to be safe.