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    Pre-Ordered the Wonder Garden's from ThinkGeek and I am more excited about the release, now that I have it pre-ordered. It is a slight bummer knowing that it lacks 2 locations and the characters and items associated with those locations, but I am excited for any English Colored Screen Tamagotchi, so there is that
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    Saw the little guy trying to get a little artistic. First, he dropped the ducks and got a little upset. But he picked them back up and continued his drawing
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    Just for clarity, as of the time of these comments and topic, the Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden is only releasing in the North American region. I don't want people getting wrong information reading this Until there is a source or Bandai announces that the release will go to other places outside of the North American territory, it really is not a worldwide release. We can hope and keep our fingers crossed though!
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    Mitatchi grew up into an adult today. The red hair unfortunately disappeared but he's actually so adorable, im not disappointed at all He's such a cute little guy, he loves Soccer Ball rice just like his dad His favorite toy is the treadmill, he really enjoys his exercise But he also enjoys bath time as well
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    Welcome back! It's a new day today, and with a new day comes new photos to show off! Pictured: John livin' the Tamagotchi life. Here's a photo of John as a Tamatchi, as promised. I've tried to keep him in healthy spirits (though I accidentally gave him a time-out before thinking he wasn't starving, oops ). Sorry John. I went on a virtual shopping spree earlier, so he had a ton of items to play with. Pictured: John discovering his family's legacy in the form of digging up a sack of Gotchi Points. First off was the shovel! Digging it into his... bedroom floor (because Bandai hates scene dressing??), he discovered a bag of money! How exciting. Pictured: John's happiness quickly disappearing. How cheap was his family?! It was only 100 Gotchi Points, though. At least it wasn't 10? John didn't seem too enthusiastic either way. Pictured: John questioning the sanity of yours truly. So to cheer him up, I got out a treasure chest I found in my non-existent basement! Don't ask questions you aren't prepared to handle the answers to. Pictured: John experiencing the horrors of being old. Not pictured is my face when I saw this animation on my V6 for the first time. Spoilers: I was terrified. For some reason, the chest didn't really like John, and turned him into an oldie. A crass joke, but he didn't look at all like the real life guy I based him off of. He turned back into normal once I slapped the strange piece of... wood? Pixel? Anyway, I slapped the chest silly and John was back to his old (ha) self in no time. There's not too much else to say. I've been enjoying my time with the V3 though! The shell comes out really nice on camera - It's more of a dull shade of pink in person. The promo picture is a lavender shade for some reason, so you guys get the best view from here. I'll update later when John evolves!
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    He finally died yesterday! His room turned brown, form being dirty, the only time he was fed was the 2nd time I went to the app and came back, he had had the meal slots filled and the happiness increased too. The baby ended up being 4 years old, so I guess I was wrong in that babies can't die, they can it just takes several DAYS of ignoring them altogether. Whelp at least we have that tid bit of information ... Anyway, kind of glad to have a device to run again, but kind of wish I could have found something to fix the glitch! Thank you 321Boom for all your help and suggestions, I sincerely appreciate it!
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    Penguin-Keeper reacted 6
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    Let Me Talk About Proportions and Why I Think The Tamagotchi Proportions Should Change Here Is Mametchi Proportions Compared to Human Proportions Mametchi IS SO CHIBI..... ._. BANDAI. PLEASE CHANGE THE TAMAGOTCHI PROPORTIONS TO A MORE ADOLECENT PROPORTIONED.
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    I Will make A Book Based on Mickey Trying Windows NT 4.0 But First Let me License Disney. I Used This Website https://www.disneystudiolicensing.com/ Though It Takes 6-8 Weeks....... I Have to Wait for it. Continuing For the Next Day!
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    Rest in Peace my latest devil, Kuridebitchi. Had a lot of fun with that little guy, almost a full month lol. I'm going to put away the devil for a bit and play more with the Tamagotchi On since I'm having a lot of fun with it. At first, I was trying to recreate a DevilMametchi on my On, but wasn't very successful so I decided to move away from that and be more open-minded. The On is a lot more fun if you just go with the flow and see what happens, there is always a pleasant surprise to be had Here's my second generation family tree with the DevilMametchi attempts This is my current generation, seven I had just married my previous girl to Kuromametchi and then I got this little guy...who was considerate enough to leave all you viewers a nice little surprise on the floor He seemed pretty upset by it, but then he moved on with his day don't worry, I cleaned it up and fed him after the second picture haha One thing I like most about the On is that you really don't know what you're gonna get. The red hair of this guy popped up out of nowhere, the last time there was red in the family tree was generation two. It went dormant, then came back again to my surprise, which I really like. His name is Mitatchi, he should be growing into adult sometime tomorrow and I'm eager to see what happens
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    Hello everyone. This is gonna be a quick one. You may experience some downtime on the sites for the next few days, but there is no need to worry about it. I am going to organize the sites a little better and reconfigure some stuff on the server for your convenience. That's all. Cheers!
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    Wow 4 years old sure is resilient! At least this avoids you having to hard reset and lose everything though! Yes that could help others who encounters this glitch at baby stage, to really wait it out before hard resetting. Yes it is a shame we couldn't fix the glitch, would have been much more satisfying if you could have continued on your family tree, but at least you have a working device now and didn't lose gotchi points or anything else No worries at all Just wish our efforts were more fruitful is all. Enjoy your new generation
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    I can now see everything in your second post and your signature.
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    @Penguin-keeper Darn! I'm trying a new image source, I can't edit the first post but I'm testing the second post + my signature as we speak. Please tell me asap if they're broken or not! ;w; understandable though haha! You all probably thought I was insane with the long, ranging sentences that were meant to be present under my photos. XD EDIT: I tested viewing this log on other internet browsers - Internet Explorer refuses to show anything, I'm not too sure about Chrome as I stopped using that ages ago, and Firefox also refuses to show them. I use Opera for reference, so that seems to be the problem.
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    Modetchi has relatively human proportions I really hate it
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    Worldwide? Where did you get that from?
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    I'm now waiting for 4 pets! The QPet Quolor, Touma Pet, 24 in 1 Smart Baby And Pets pen (digital pet pen) and the 168 in 1 cyber pet. FUN FACT: I have a 1.8 console that has some of the games from the Touma Pet. It was from a clothes store (C&A if you're wondering)
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    @NotBart Oh no! On my end the photos appear to be working, I'm not sure if your situation is universal or not. I'm sorry for the inconvenience! I'd have no idea how to help, I'm afraid. I just hope no-one else is experiencing the same problem.
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    might mean they are working on making a new Club Penguin and don't want anyone stepping on their toes. Nintendo has done similar stuff to fan projects before announcing their own official version at a later date.
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    Thanks! I'll try it. (I wolud like to right now but it's 0:22 CEST)
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    MIMIC is my favorite Friends minigame. Wait until the other Tamagotchi stops moving, then press any button when your Tamagotchi makes the same pose as them. Miss twice in the same round and you lose.
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    You can unlock the 4th game without connecting with anyone, you only need to What’s the minigame you don’t understand how to play?
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    The only problem with not having anyone to connect with on the Friends is that you can’t collect all the jewelry, which means you can’t access the 5th minigame. Everything else can be done alone.
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    Today, Sotilde, my long-living Hanerutchi, turns 3 years old in human years! Happy Birthday, Sotilde :^) Let's hope you have many more :^)
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    knew this was coming, penguin-keeper liking everything was just too suspicious 2
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    Someone on FB got it early for review. Pretty nuts. If he posts anything I'll relink it
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    I've experienced the same with your other log and with your signature, but because some of the other log's images did work I wasn't sure if it was my browser's security extensions causing an issue, so I never said anything.
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    Why are all of the images broken?
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    Well Kuridebitchi beeped at me just now and I thought it was time to turn off his lights for bed, but when I pressed the A button, he turned into a cloud of smoke. he had passed. A bat popped up saying "Bad End," probably because he died from his DP being so high. but I don't think it was a bad end, I think he enjoyed himself. He died with all four hungry hearts filled and all four happy hearts filled. (no poop on the ground either lol) So angelic that he wouldn't misbehave enough for me to discipline him