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    Hello everyone. This is gonna be a quick one. You may experience some downtime on the sites for the next few days, but there is no need to worry about it. I am going to organize the sites a little better and reconfigure some stuff on the server for your convenience. That's all. Cheers!
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    Hi once again. The V3 version is up and running on http://alexgtama.tk/V3/index.html. The V4 will be taken care of tomorrow. Cya tomorrow!
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    Sounds good, thank's for your help.
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    This case is for the Tamagotchi Connection series. These will fit on the V1 - V6, which are relatively flat Tamagotchi's. The On is not only wider but bigger in every dimension than this case will be able to cover. There are other cases on Amazon and eBay and I'm sure other online stores, that have a case big enough for the On device. https://www.amazon.com/Viviplus-Protective-Silicone-Tamagotchi-Electronic/dp/B083LNFX7P/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=tamagotchi+on+case&qid=1592247326&sr=8-3 There are several listings, and I know that there are some without cat ears. Just make sure that if it shows the Tamagotchi in the case that it is a colored screen Tamagotchi and it should fit (not 100% fool proof, but is a pretty good measure of fit)
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    So, I was just looking at the Tamagotchi Wiki page about battery sizes and found this image of a special Maxell CR2032 battery that has a photo of Mametchi etched on it. What I need to know is: Was this battery the one supplied with Japanese Tamagotchi Plus models in the box, or was it sold separately as a limited edition battery? If it's the former, then I'm glad because I might get a new Tamagotchi Keitai Akai from JapanYouWant and I think this battery would be a nice little "souvenir" in my Tamagotchi collection.
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    Woke up this morning to find Mitatchi catching up on a TV show.. must have been a good episode, if you look closely you can see he shed a tear lol
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    John evolved! Well, he evolved last night, but still. He evolved into Batabatatchi: Pictured: John flying around, having the time of his life. Now he can play air guitar. What an inspiration. Pictured: John playing a round of Flag. He lost straight after I took the photo. I was surprised when I saw this game as an option on the V3 - for years I thought it debuted on the V4! It also plays just a bit different (timing is slower iirc). Still a fun time. Pictured: Stats. Not too much to post about today. I still wish Tamatown was open (at least, a complete version of it), I would've loved to see the V3 experience! I wonder if it was any different from the V4's portal. That, and there's just something missing on this device, y'know? Besides the games and characters, it's almost identical to the V2 -- it's selling point was Tamatown (in the west, anyway). I just hope whoever owned this version before me managed to play it in time. I'm thinking of introducing a new tama to the blog, but at the same time it's called a V3 log for a reason. Also, running one at a time is easier on my part at the time of writing this, haha! See you all soon.
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    Yay! :DDD I'm glad I found something more reliable. A warning: do not use Google Photos if you want your dreams to be crushed. Next post hopefully coming in a few hours! >w<
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    Hello, I've found out a couple of favorite toys/food for tamagotchis that Americans don't see very often because they are Meets Station exclusives. I just wanted to put together a list to keep track of what I've found. Feel free to add if you know any more Here is a link to a google doc that lists the names of all the Station Exclusives so you can see if your tamagotchi resembles one of them: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pUf7z1bvqJqlh0Rv-pzB27EtsM4_9OnD/view Himefujimitchi: (favorite item) Coin Purse (favorite food) Sky Bread Young Dorotchi: (favorite item) Music Box (favorite food) Heart Pizza Jellytchi: (favorite item) Balloons (favorite food) Sky Bread, Rice Stars (it's actually just a pain to keep an adult happy if you don't have its favorite toy lol) *Just wanted to note that this list may not be 100% accurate since I only have had a mix of these tamagotchis, never pure from the meets station. For example, my current Jellytchi-like tamagotchi's favorite items are Balloons as well as Ball and Treadmill, but the Ball and Treadmill are likely because she has some Kuromametchi genes.
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    My best guess is metal etching. I'm not really sure on what you'd need to do to do it on a battery, but hey it looks pretty cool
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    If I'm correct, this isn't actually true. Mr Blinky's jewlelry sender machine (not really sure what the official names of it is ) but it is something along those lines! The generator can actually be used to fill in items that the shop doesn't sell, too. Although it would be better to have another friends as it's way easier!
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    It isn't as good as the v3 or v5, but I played it for years regardless.
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    He needs a Circle Battery Which Was Used for Earliest Tamagotchis. Latest Tamagotchis Only Uses Battery Like This Know It?
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    Wow 4 years old sure is resilient! At least this avoids you having to hard reset and lose everything though! Yes that could help others who encounters this glitch at baby stage, to really wait it out before hard resetting. Yes it is a shame we couldn't fix the glitch, would have been much more satisfying if you could have continued on your family tree, but at least you have a working device now and didn't lose gotchi points or anything else No worries at all Just wish our efforts were more fruitful is all. Enjoy your new generation
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    Yeah. Even Mametchi Proportions Hasnt changed. The Modetchi on Her Modern is Still the same!
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    Modetchi has relatively human proportions I really hate it
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    I'm now waiting for 4 pets! The QPet Quolor, Touma Pet, 24 in 1 Smart Baby And Pets pen (digital pet pen) and the 168 in 1 cyber pet. FUN FACT: I have a 1.8 console that has some of the games from the Touma Pet. It was from a clothes store (C&A if you're wondering)
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    The only problem with not having anyone to connect with on the Friends is that you can’t collect all the jewelry, which means you can’t access the 5th minigame. Everything else can be done alone.
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    I don’t recommend tamagotchi Friends, the main issue about this version is you need another Friends version to be able to enjoy its features. I will recommend you get the newer versions of Meets/ON since you can meet with different people online and can enjoy one device instead of buying two.
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    Teen marriage is a very common glitch with the V4 and V4.5 models. There's just something about the programming of those models that doesn't check the age. It's likely an oversight as it sure doesn't happen with the V3 and below and doesn't fit the whole growth process. As for the V3, tamagotchis aren't gender-segregated as they are in the newer models so with the exception of the baby characters, characters can be either gender. It does make things rather hilarious since my V3 is currently a male Violetchi and I had a female Bill named Glitter XD
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    Forums in general mostly have died in favor of Reddit and Facebook which are pretty much useless.
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    Kirby, where the different conditions result in a different Copy Ability at the end of a run. But even if that were to happen, I don't imagine that it would be until 2022, to mark the series' 30th anniversary.
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    I am glad you like it! I am using Python, or Pygame, to be more specific.
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    This is pretty marvelous. What language did you use to code this in?
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