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    Fun fact: Before the English Ocean was released, Bandai America was planning to do a Mori in English. But after the release of the Ocean, Bandai suddenly decided to cease production of Tamagotchis. At that time, it was like the ending of the Tamagotchi era, until the Connection series. I am glad, though, that Bandai decided to start making Tamas again!
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    Last week, some crazy stuff started happening with my mom and grandma, who live across the country from me. The stress of trying to help them and figure out what is going on in addition to some health issues I’m dealing with has unfortunately made it impossible for me to continue this log. Just wanted to say thanks to anyone who read it. I had a great time keeping it and reading all of your logs, too. I hope to continue logging my tamagotchi adventures when all of this madness is sorted. See ya!
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    Itsutchi grew into a teenager today and had a playdate with my pastel toddler Yuatchi there was a little accident but everyone still had fun
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    I really love the way my Tama evolved! It inspired me to draw a piece with them and their dog(?), Frost.
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    Hello, and welcome to my Morino log! Now, I REALLY like bugs, ESPECIALLY Stag Beetles, or really anything with a horn/pincer. I also just like most bugs in general. After finding a Tamagotchi thats ALL about bugs, I knew I had to get it. The only thing that comes this close to my love of bugs is Fish. In this log, I plan to: Run the Polka Dot egg to get a feel for how this Tamagotchi plays. Run the White egg several times after the Polka Dot egg, and see who I get. Discuss how I got specific outcomes to the best of my ability. Talk about new features the Morino has, and differences it has from other vintage Tamas the best I can. With introductions out of the way, I hope you all enjoy this log of the Japan exclusive, Morino Tamagotch!
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    I am running 4 Tamagotchi On's right now and have been pretty successful with keeping them alive. (2 Magic and 2 Fairy On's) I also want to get the Sanrio and other versions that are Japanese exclusive, as of right now. Running more than one isn't too hard, if you can handle one, you can most likely handle 2 more no big change. From where I have been looking, Amazon Japan has the best price from what I can see. a secondary shop is JapanYouWant as the shipping price does not increase even if you buy 4 Tamagotchi's at once. The Japanese exclusive genes can be hard to get depending on the items you go on, it also just depends on the people on at the moment. Like one if they are paying attention, and the other if they are new to the meets, they may not know that they can accept proposals without marrying. My verdict is if you are interested in the versions, get them. Tamagotchi's have not really gone down in value, especially the color screen versions. (as long as they are in good condition you can get your money back if you wanted to sell them off in the future). I'd say it is a good investment.
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    Hope everything works out with your family your log was very enjoyable to read
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    I'm back! (sorry for the late update) Today, we are gonna talk about... THE RESTAURANT! I just wanted to put it here because I.. accidentally forgot to write about it. OK, ya'll know the drill. Go to the Main Menu, scroll over to "Meal & Snack", and select "Restaurant". *cute animation of Tamagotchi walking over to the Restaurant and happy about it* Then, it'll go in and you'll see Maidtchi talking to your Tama. Maidtchi: Welcome to our Restaurant! What would you like to eat? Your tama will go sit at a table. The two options are "Meal", and "Snack". First, we'll go to the meal options. (Note: eating the same food a couple times will get your tama to change color.If you change color when your Tama is an adult, it'll stay forever. So be mindful about changing colors!) 1: Chow Mein 2: Udon Noodles 3: Rice Omelet 4: Stew 5: Ham Sandwich. Now for the Snacks. 1: Juice 2: Cream Puff 3: Lemon Pie 4: Pancake 5: Donut That's all for now; see you in the next post!
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    She woke up then took a bath then she vacuumed the room. Then she ate some gelatin. Then a little short video started she followed a butterfly outside there were two other tamas there. She followed the butterfly to a beautiful cherry blossom tree it was precious. Then she went to town to the shop to play the dolphin game i won 140 gochi points. Then back home she played with her ball in the backyard and walked and explored. Then she pooped but I dint hear her and she did it on the floor so I cleaned her up. Sorry but we didn't take any pics in this wonderful adventure of ours.
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    My egg hatched into Marupichi I fead her bathe her then played with her with the bear. She went to the toilet. Fead her a ton of the baby cookies to raise her happiness. Then she got sick and rushed for the first aid kit. She pooped now i have to feed her again. Then she vacuumed then played with her bear. After that i checked on her and she fell asleep then she woke up a few mints later and she pooped again she made it to the toilet this time.Then while i was making some delicious dumplings she got sick again i rushed for the first aid kit then she was all better. Then we both had dinner. then little wile ago she grew to next stage Im so happy now she is called Chirorichi and she received 300 gochi points.
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    I guarantee that you will be able to use the Japanese tamagotchi meets perfectly without any problems. The menus are exactly the same for every option. Also, you can connect the Japanese Meets to the English App so you don't need to bother finding a way to download the Japanese app. And, worst case scenario, you can just open up your English Tamagotchi On to help guide you through the menu when navigating your Japanese Meets You can do everything with the meets and On, except trading toys/items/food/accessories (don't know why there is an arbitrary restriction there), but you can marry, have playdates, even travel (I used my Magic Tamagotchi English On to travel with my Japanese Sweets Meets to open up Food Town, Starry Labs, Gym, etc.).
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    So I have the fairy ON, and I really thought I’d want to grab the sanrio and fantasy afterwards because they looked so cute! But after playing w the ON I realised that actually sanrio and fantasy genes are really common on the app and so I didn’t need to grab another unit. Also they’re pretty expensive, but that’s just my personal opinion. If you really really want the others, then go for it! Spend your money the way you want to. I’ve since found out that I actually much prefer the b&w tamas haha
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    Oh my god, you really think so?? If it is the case, that'd be really cool knowing that I influenced people to buy this Tama, especially since it's one of my favorites!
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    Yeah! The Mori looks like a really charming version. Incidentally, @Scrungo, maybe your log has contributed to the sudden run on these at Japan You Want? I was browsing a bit over the last few days and every single one that they had was quickly gone!
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    That is actually one of the cutest things I've ever seen in a tamagotchi! 😍
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    Hey! Sorry I haven't done an update in a while, I've been pretty busy with things haha. Enough about me though, because a few days ago on Monday at 8:33PM, Kabutotchi emerged from the cocoon! He looks so COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!! Like I've stated several times before, I LOVE Rhino Beetles/Stag Beetles, so Kabutotchi is immediately my FAVORITE outcome on the Morino due to that. Ok, enough about me gushing over my favorite bugs, lets move onto another feature of the Morino... The Length Screen! This screen shows up as the 4th page on the status menu once you get Kabutotchi, and is exclusive to him! (As far as I know, at least) I'm not sure on how you make it go up. My guess is that it's tied to both how much he eats, and how old he gets, but I could be wrong. I don't think there's any incentive to increase his length either, I think its more of a "High Score" thing to compete with your friends, and to have bragging rights if you get yours to be really long or something. Also, have this picture of Kabutotchi sleeping! Look at him, hes using a LEAF as a blanket! its so CUTE! Well, aside from that, not much as happened, especially since I've had him paused due to me being busy. However I shouldn't be as busy for a while, so he shouldn't have to be paused much anymore! It might be a few days until the next update, it sucks to leave you guys again for a few days, but oh well, there's not much I can talk about when hes an adult lol So, I'll see you guys in a few days if anything happens! Expect the White Egg soon as well!
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    At around 10:15PM, something finally happened! My Tama turned into a cocoon! So, I kept him with me all day, but I never heard the music that plays when a Tama evolves. The sound on this has been pretty low as well, and it's really bugging me. I don't know if its a battery problem, a problem with my unit, or some other third thing. In my next run I'll replace the batteries just to be safe, and hopefully that fixes it. When your Tama turns into a cocoon, the status screen shows this instead of the usual meters, age, and weight: The Temperature Screen! Pushing the A button changes which way the arrow is facing, and the other 2 buttons just take you back to your cocoon. My theory is that over time, it slowly gets hotter or colder (depending on where the arrow is facing), and you have to check in every few hours to make sure it doesnt get TOO hot or cold. I always thought you'd push the B button and it would change instantly, but I guess I was wrong Since this is the polka dot egg, we're destined to get Kabutotchi within the next 24 hours. I wont spend too much time with Kabutotchi, as much as I love Rhino Beetles, I really want to see the other Tamas in this version! I'll stick with Kabutotchi for a bit to document what hes like and stuff, but after a few days, I'll either get more lax when it comes to taking care of him, or just reset, idk yet. Welp, I'll see you guys when Kabutotchi emerges from his cocoon!
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    As expected, not much happened today. He got attacked once earlier in the day, but sadly I forgot to check the time. And then he got attacked at around 11:14PM apparently, because next time I checked my Tama, he looked like this! I've heard that if you don't react to a predator fast enough, your Tama will end up in bandages, and I'm 95% sure that's what happened here, sadly. Funny thing is, I don't remember hearing him getting attacked. Perhaps the batteries in this Tama are getting so low that the volume is getting quiet, or my hearing is just bad, could go either way lol. If anything, at least I got to take a picture of what it looks like so that I can share it with this log! Other than that, I never let his leaves drop below 1, and was just an uneventful day overall tbh. Oh, and it seems like hes been losing his hunger faster than before, it's been so slight that I think its just my brain playing tricks with me, but I swear his meter is going down faster and faster... Well, guess I could take this time to talk about another feature of this Tama... Multiple Food Choices! Normally (and to my knowledge) Vintage Tamas only have 2 food choices: One that fills up hunger & weight, and one that fills happiness & a lot of weight. This one (albeit not shown in the picture provided) has up to 4 different food options, some of which change throughout the day, and others that are only accessible with certain outcomes! The leaf increases your food meter, as well as your weight by 1. But the other option (which changes throughout the day) raises your food hunger by 1, and weight by 2. Fatter Tamas are considered healthier in this version, so its best to go with the second option rather than the leaf since the game lowers your weight by 1, essentially making the leaf useless. Once I learn more about the food, I'll go more in depth about it and how it works, but for now I figured I'd go ahead and mention it since today has been slow, and it gives me something to write about Tomorrow will most likely be as slow as today, and since I don't think he'll go into a cocoon by tomorrows end, and I don't think there's any other features I can talk about about at the moment, there may or may not be a post tomorrow. If anything happens with my Tama, I'll see you guys tomorrow. And if nothing happens tomorrow, I'll see you whenever something does happen
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    I ended up changing the time so that I could play with it all night, and good thing I did. I squeezed a good 7-8 hours out of this thing tonight alone, which just means less time I'll have to wait to get the the Cocoon stage! (Heres a pic of him awake, since in the last post it was of him sleeping ) At 3:00AM CST he got attacked by a Frog! Unfortunately I was unable to get a picture of it due to me caring about my Tamas well being more than a picture. When I can, I'll make sure to take a picture and post it, probably on another run most likely. Other than that, not much happened tonight, and from what I know, it'll take about 72 hours to turn into a cocoon. So, since there isn't much to report on, I'll take this time to talk about new features/differences I notice! Starting with... The Shell Game! In this game, you must find a leaf randomly hidden under one of these 4 hats/jars/shells (I'm not entirely sure what they are, honestly). Much like the P1's "Left or Right" game, this is both random, and has a "pattern" to it. You must find 2 out of 4 leaves to fill in a leaf on the happy meter. If you manga to find all 4, it will fill in 2 leaves instead of 1 on the happy meter! Personally, This game is alright. I like it a bit more than "left or Right", but can feel slow, and if you cant figure out the pattern to find the leaves, can lead into attempting the game several times which can be annoying. Secondly, I'll talk about... The Screen Saver! A new mechanic to the Morino, after about 8ish seconds of innactivity, the screen goes from showing your Tama, to this cute background of two trees, and your Tama flying in between them! At first I liked this, I thought it was really cool! but after a while, I found myself just wanting to watch my Tamas idle animation due to how cute they always are! So I found myself pushing a button just to view it. If it had a bit more personality, like Babymotchi/Imotchi crawling on the ground (since they cant fly), and the Cocoon/Minotchi hanging from a tree branch, I'd like it a lot more! But regardless of whatever Tamagotchi you have at a given time, they'll always be shown flying around the screen, to my knowledge at least. If your Tama gets attacked by a Predator and you don't stop it, on the screen saver it will be on the ground instead of flying. However I cant prove this since that has not happened to me yet, but I thought id mention it at least while I'm already talking about the screen saver. Well, that's it from me for now. I'll see you guys later with any new discoveries/things I want to talk about when it comes to the Morino! Until next time!
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    Alright, so I put the batteries in and turned it on. I decided to go with the Polka dot egg, which will always result in getting Kabutotchi. After about 5 minutes or so, he hatched! ...Just to fall asleep. I swiftly turned out the lights, and now he's just sleeping soundly. It's 10:11 PM as I write this, and I'm contemplating changing the clock on my Tama so I can play with it some more tonight, although I'm not 100% sure I want to do so. If I do, expect to see another post later tonight with my progress on Kabutotchi!
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    Panic-buying is not the way to go. (Yep, this is really going to date this comment! )
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    The Pet Vet ended up not working due to some sort of malfunction with the battery compartment. In the meantime, let's have a look at the 32-in-1 Virtal Pets. This one shares the same shell of two other generic vpets, one being the original bunny ROM (possibly by JD) and the Smart Baby & Pets clone. Fittingly, the majority of the characters on it are modified sprites from both. Here's a few: Some of these characters are also from the Scholastic V-Pets, which is no surprise as it plays similarly. Here's another version of the Scholastic pet I found a while, btw: I ended up picking the T-Rex because 1) it is original 2) how could I not? Just look at it! Unfortunately I only have a few days to run this and I think it takes a week for it to mature, so we won't get to see a full runthrough until later....... This is yet another Gyaoppi clone, and it even uses the same care icons as the pen game. Unlike that pet, you can select the game icon while it's a baby. All it does is show a little workout animation, so there's no actual minigame. There WAS a guide for this exact vpet on YT, but now I can't find it. I'll take a guess and say that if this does have a minigame, then it's unlocked later. Virtual Pets is surprisingly low on maintenance compared to, say, the original Tamagotchi. After getting both meters full, I haven't had to care for it much. My only complaint is the control scheme. Just like the Pet Vet, it is extremely weird compared to a Tamagotchi. However, this time it has an excuse since the icons are set up more like a Dinkie pet. Speaking of Dinkie pets, I recall the original release of this being in a Dinkie Dino shell: Sorry for the huge video thumbnail. 8:47 PM- Fortunately, this vpet goes to bed at 9 PM. It's nice to see the devs make it a reasonable hour for once. There's a catch though, as the time runs faster than normal and can't be changed. Depending on how things go these next few days, I might actually manage a full run. We shall see... This will probably be another slow section. As we've seen so far, bootleg and knockoff virtual pets tend to be very light on content. Well, you get what you pay for...
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    Day 10 On no! Dan died after being left alone for too long! Not to worry. Yes, a Tamagotchi with a revive option. That totally doesn’t defeat the purpose of the game. *Tomorrow is the final day for this fake Tama. Any additional photos taken in the future will be here* Also, I was thinking of getting one of these pen vpets. Not a guarantee, but I’m kind of tempted because the programming is from a rare 90’s multipet. Each pet has their own growth stages and even animation, and it seems really neat.
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    http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a160/Lucky_Neko/fake.jpg I was reading our monthly book order catalouge and I found this! It's soooo copying!
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    For pity's sake! Stop arguing over weather it is a fake tam! I say it is, since the appearance is very similar, and due to the cruddy photo, you could be easily tricked.
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    i got it iv made some other topics about them in tamagotchi cousins they DO copy TWO REAL TAMA CHARECTERS IN THE OPENING MASKTCHI AND MEMETCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My friend ella thought that it was the stupidest fake ever, but her mom thought it was real, and since she had wanted one for a while, her mom bought it. It's usess, has no instructions, and when she droped it, it cracked open... talk about crap...
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    I got my Tamagotchi Scholastic fake yesterday,but my sister (her name on here is Toonygirl)'s IR sensor (the red thing on top of the fake) broke. But mine was not broken , and the begining animation was funny and it featured 2 Tamagotchi Characters on this fake Scholastic Tamagotchu and in the begining animation. They are:Masktchi ( ) and Memetchi (). It starts out looking like a Tamagotchi Babytchi, and you will find out if it is a boy or a girl. Mine is named JD. JD is a girl and she is named after a company that makes fake Tamagotchi. My sister's broken Scholastic Tamagotchi is being returned to school for a new one. My Tamagotchi Scholastic fake is blue and white.