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    I can confirm this works. I kept my US iTunes account on my iPhone when I lived in Australia and was still able to use every US-based iPhone app.
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    Hello, the App opens up many more possibilities for breeding various different genetics from people you meet online, and also exclusive items in the App which you can send to your Tama On device. You can still download the App although you're in France, I'm in the EU and I have been using it with no problems If you're on Android, just download it from APK Pure: https://apkpure.com/tamagotchi-on/com.bandai.tamagotchion Just visit that link from your phone, grant APK Pure the necessary permissions to install on your phone, and download it from there You will need to update the Tamagotchi ON App through APK Pure when it requires updates, not the official Play Store. You might need to download APK Pure before downloading the above mentioned link/APK. Sorry, I forgot the exact steps how I did it, it's been around 2 months since I did. Here's the link to APK Pure in case: https://apkpure.com/ I am definite that I didn't use anything else apart from these 2 links, so you should be able to pull it off The installer/APK should go in your phone's downloads folder, which you can access through a File Manager app (my phone had one built in by default). If you're on iPhone, just create a US account and you should find it in the list of apps. Hope this helps As for recommendations, I have no experience with the new Tamagotchi ON Wondergarden, I have the Magic version and it's brilliant though I highly recommend one of these new colour Tamas (Meets/ON), nothing to be hesitant about
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    Yes! I've been trying to get them to replicate it but I guess they all like each other too much now lol. Basically they send a gift and there's a little black skull inside (the same one that appears when they get sick), then the tama that received it looks sad and the attention icon goes off and you have to give them medicine.
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    The blue PCBs might look better in transparent shells so maybe it's a design choice? Just checked my oceania V3 has a green PCB, but my oceania V4 has a blue PCB.
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    For your first colour tama, I recommend getting the original On.
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    A few of the connections I own have blue backings! It could be region-specific, or maybe just what was available on the manufacturing line? A lot of my connections also have white backs where the battery is inserted - as I've gotten connections from varying locations (and currently don't have access to them right now ;w;), I can't remember them exactly. I'll see if I can open a few up and compare! EDIT: I just noticed you already have an answer oops!! XD I'm genuinely interested now though, both my V5s are Australian/Oceania models so I'll have to check them out when I can.
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    So my Argos V5 just arrived in the mail, and when I took off the backing to insert the battery I noticed that the guts are blue and white. I'm used to the normal green color that the rest of my tamas have, so I wanted to make sure that this wasn't something iffy before I left a review on eBay. When the battery is insert the gameplay itself seems fine, I even hit Download and you can see here that the three toddlers are the usual. The distortion is just because they were jumping around on the screen when I was taking the photo: The background is a bit distracting, especially when it overlaps with the font but I remember that being the case with my old V5. I don't have another V5 to compare it to so any insight is appreciated!
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    Loving the theme. I assume that you and your Tamagotchis have an island, too?
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    Well, most of what I've gathered over the past week wasn't much good... Curt evolved into Tougyutchi and Caroline evolved into Mimitchi, and I married them after a few days. They had girls, and I named Curt's girl Ursala (sticking with the theme here) and Caroline's girl Bliss (I hope someone gets it). Ursala evolved into Kuribotchi and Bliss evolved into Mohitamatchi, just as I was hoping for! I gave both of them perfect care: I never missed a training call, kept the stats at 3 hearts minimum, and played games frequently. Unfortunately Ursala evolved into Ura Young Violetchi (when she probably should have evolved into UFOtchi) and Bliss evolved into Ichigotchi (when she definitely should have evolved into Young Dorotchi). This was very irritating, as I have NO idea what could possibly have gone wrong. Ursala evolved into Ura Memetchi this morning with 49 points in each skill, but Bliss unfortunately died yesterday afternoon. I hatched a new egg later that night (I was on a daytrip and wanted to wait until I got home to hatch a new egg), and it was a girl -- as such, I kept the name Bliss -- and she evolved into Harutchi. This time, I've really been trying to keep tabs on her in hopes that she'll evolve into Young Mimitchi. I'll update tomorrow morning whether she evolves into Young Mimitchi or Ringotchi.
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    The only difference is what locations and marriageable characters (and therefore genes) are available on the device, so whether you pick the Fairy, Magic, or Wonder Garden version is just a matter of personal taste.
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    Do they actually get sick like a viral tamagotchi illness? That's kind of radical.
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    So I'm late at starting a log for him, but whatever. My Tama is named Jelly bean and he is a teen. his age is 6, but he has been paused before. Note: I use a gen 1 Tamagotchi Here he is...... Sorry if its small or blurry, I'm new here. Thanks for checking this out!
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    Glad you got that Mametchi you were hoping for
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    Congratulations on raising a Mametchi! He's my favorite of the original tamas too
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    Sai got married today to an ice cream cone and had two twin little boys Kei, a Japanese name meaning wisdom, and Rai, a Japanese name meaning trust The little guys went to go visit their parents after becoming toddlers
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    Jelly bean is now an adult!! I’m really happy because I’ve never gotten my Tama to an adult before, plus this ya my favorite character. Hopefully he’ll survive for a long time! Thanks for checking this out!
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    You can use MyMeets for app items if your Windows 10 computer has low energy bluetooth (not every computer does) but barring that, you still have various items and locations for your Tama to visit, no app needed. Though I do recommend it, you’ll get items, genes not found on your Tama version, and more. Simply use the instructions above.
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    In this case, "guts" is just being used as a synonym for "innards". In the case of the Tamagotchis that have things like "GUTS!" written on them, or which have "guts points", that's a reference to this guy, who's basically an icon of showing that one is gutsy (i.e., that you've "got guts", as in, you have courage in the face of adversity). You can learn more about that here.
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    What are "Guts" by the way? I've seen the words on vintage Tama packaging: GUTS! BY TMGC
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    So.... Jelly bean is 7, but has been paused. He should be an Adult soon. I’ll post when he is. this is him. thanks for checking this out!
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    Jelly Bean is asleep.... for some reason, I think the photo is sideways. sorry about that. anyways, I just want to add some info about him. he is a young Mametchi (teen) his age is 6, so he’ll be an adult soon. Keep in mind tho, that I have had to pause him multiple times. i am using a gen 1 Tama. Thanks for checking this out! (hopefully I’ll post again today with update on him evolving..)
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    Started these two today! the plan was to start with the devilgotchi but can’t open it right now , lets see how things go with these two!
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    Jelly Bean is such a cute name! Looking forward to the rest of your log
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    Seriously, they can send actual sickness to each other on the Japanese versions. It happened several times between the Keitai and V3 in the last generation, I don't understand why it's even a concept.
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    Day 7 Wow, it's been a week since this challenge began! It feels like it's been a full month and at the same time only a day Oh boy...today is off to a busy start. Looks like all the parents left their babies, which means I have 5 newborn tamas to take care of. But since that just isn't enough for me, I decided to start up my new V2, V3, and V4 as well - so that the babies would all by synced. Nothing like an extra challenge within a challenge But before I begin the Ultimate Daycare, I decided to make sure the rest of my tamas were in good condition, since I would most likely be giving them a little less attention today. My V5 evolved into teen stage! I've never had this lineup before, so I'm very excited. Not that I've been neglecting my tamas during this challenge, but since I haven't been giving everyone perfect care I find that I'm getting more interesting results, which I enjoy. (I somehow forgot to take a photo of the third child and can't be bothered to do so right now) My Osu/Mesu pair finally connected! At first I thought they were shaking their head 'no' again, but I realized they were frantically running back and forth. Was this excitement? I decided to physically connect them to see, and what ensued was the longest mating process I've ever seen in a tama featuring very cute synced music. Pyonkotchi had twins, of course, and one was sent to Kiwitchi. So I have my 2nd generation of Osu/Mesu to look forward to soon. Although this does bring up some confusing questions. As there's no matchmaker in the Osu/Mesu world, each pair is simply mated to get the next generation...so these twins will be mated to get generation 3. Huh . I guess that makes my thread about mating related tamas a bit obsolete now, seeing as outright inbreeding is acceptable (and apparently encouraged) in the tamagotchi world... And now for the Ultimate Daycare! I started up my three new arrivals first, so that the eggs had time to hatch while I took care of the rest of the babies. Here's all the babies lined up! We have a total of 5 girls and 3 boys. I decided to start up the babies in pairs, starting with my Akai twins: Then my V3s: My Entamas (note: this photo was taken before the reset glitch described later in this log. The watermelon Entama is now a boy) And finally my Keitai and V2, since they don't currently have a matching pair: I have no experience with the V2, so I was surprised to see that there is a third food option, for "Treat". I'm excited to see what this is! My V3s and V2 had fun connecting with each other for the first time, but I noticed that the Japanese tamas don't allow connection during baby stage. Maybe they're considered to be too delicate at this age for competitive games Oh no! As I'm writing this something strange happened with my watermelon Entama...as I attempted to connect both Entamas for the first time, my watermelon wouldn't connect and kept taking me to an unfamiliar menu. As everything is in Japanese, I just kept trying to exit as best I could. Well, finally I couldn't exit and it turns out that menu was the Download/Reset menu! And unfortunately I hit reset... I've heard about this Entama glitch and I just wish I had remembered it in the moment! Well, on the bright side, the new baby is a boy so he can marry the other Entama...except it happened twice. From what I understand this may have to do with old/low batteries, so I switched out the batteries and tried again...and it was fine! Thankfully the second time it restarted I got another boy, and he evolved into the same tama, so no harm done! And at the end of a very busy day, everyone evolved into toddler stage: Thankfully tomorrow is Saturday, so I can enjoy the company of my tamas and play plenty of games with all of them before they move on to teenager stage!
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    Day 6 Today began with two new arrivals! I do want to add these to the challenge, but I'd like to sync it with the departure of my V3 parent, so that the babies can grow up together. So it'll have to wait until tomorrow! In other news, my Osu/Mesu pair were low on happiness, so as usual I gave them a snack. Suddenly they began to evolve...but it wasn't any evolution I've ever experienced! Meet Debutchi. This is what happens when your tama reaches a weight of 99. It's a temporary evolution, but if you don't play games to revert the weight to at least 89, your tama will die in 24 hours. And with that ominous motivation in mind, I got to work and a few minutes later my pair reverted to normal: And a few hours later they both evolved! Here we have Kiwitchi and Pyonkotchi: I have to say I'm surprised I got two of the best evolutions for this generation. I haven't been neglecting them, but as the Debutchi debacle has illustrated, I was going heavy on the snacks rather than playing games. They're both super cute and I love them! I'll be connecting them later this evening as well, with updates tomorrow. My Uratama also evolved into none other than Ura Furawatchi! That makes 3 Violetchis/Furawatchis total in this challenge! Other than that, things have been pretty uneventful. It's been a busy day at work so I haven't had much of a chance to play with the tamas but everything seems fine! Tomorrow my V3, Keitai, and Akai parents may be leaving their babies, so I'll have a lot on my hands!
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    Day 5 - Wedding Bells! (Note: I'm still fine-tuning the photo process. It's challenging to take decent photos of the Akai, especially since the light changes drastically throughout the day in my apartment. Things should improve soon!) Today began calmly, with the usual tamagotchi daily hygiene: And some fridge-foraging: : Oh yeah, and my V5 evolved! Here's the family lineup: As everyone (except the V5) is in at least teen stage, there wasn't much maintenance required. I decided to connect my Akais and suddenly...they were married! They had a pair of adorable baby boys: I was just getting familiar with the new red-pixel babies when the matchmaker arrived...three times! I'm not picky when it comes to who my tamas marry, all tamagotchis are beautiful My Keitai was matched with a Kuchipatchi, and had a lovely baby girl My Entama was matched with Androtchi and had a baby girl as well! And as I'm writing this the matchmaker has arrived for my V3 - who was also matched with Androtchi and had... another baby girl! I'm sad to see my tamas all grown up and married off, but I'm glad they each found their perfect match Tomorrow should bring some evolutions for my Osu/Mesu pair, Uratama, and V5. Very excited, especially for my Osu/Mesu because I specifically avoided looking at growth charts to maintain an element of surprise. I find that, with this challenge, since I'm not giving 100% perfect care to every tama I'm getting more interesting evolutions. In the past I would manipulate my care in order to achieve the results I wanted, and would therefore get the same tamas over and over again. This way I'm experiencing more! Question: what is your approach with marrying tamas via connection after they've been connected once? For example, my Akai twin boys are now brothers. Their marriages will be via Matchmaker, and if their respective children are boy & girl, I'm definitely NOT marrying them. But how long does one wait before it's not weird? Should I just get a third Akai to mix things up genetically? Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I would feel a bit strange having cousin-tamas marry, no matter how distant they are. Keitais, V3, and Akais are the versions I'm most interested in collecting for the shell colors, so maybe in the future I'll have enough to not worry about risky marriages
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    Good to know! I saw someone in the Tamagotchi Collectors Facebook group that just received the same one today, so I asked her if hers looked the same, just in case, since I'm a worrywart But since the gameplay seems fine I guess there's really no reason to worry. Thank you, I love it! It's even prettier in person UPDATE: It is normal! The owner of the same V5 sent me photos to confirm that the circuit board is blue and white
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    I'm no expert on Connection-era models by any means, but blue PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards - what makes up the innards of a device like this) are a real thing even though green ones are more common (as an aside, there are also red ones, too), and there's no reason that I know of that a company like Bandai wouldn't use them. This V5 looks gorgeous, by the way - having seen your other thread about it, I'm really glad to see that you got it ok!