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    hey everyone! sorry it took me so long to get back to it, i had a few bad days for my brain and so it was a lil rough so nugget!! she grew up shes SO cute and we got to food town and im so happy about it we're probably marrying mametchi because we interacted with him the most for a while. cosmo evolved into kuchipatchi! very proud of myself... im not great at getting good characters and i know hes not GREAT hes above avg but dfshgkl !!!!! ee so excited the pacman tamagotchi i have accidentally reset i think five times now? i... really like pressing the buttons. the sounds have been very good for me the past few days with how ive been feeling? makes me feel better, but. ill do it absentmindedly and so i end up resetting on accident. but i got mimitchi!... (i reset it again a few hours after she evolved. ugh!! its ok though.) finally; maya finally left! she's been with her son for like 3 days. are they usually around that long? golly. well! i named him mitch. i was looking for a half life name and i got it; mitch, for mitchell, from hunt down the freeman, a half life fangame thats really bad and im ashamed to say im a genuine fan of. but thats a me problem, ahehe. other than that, i got my dinkie and my second v2 today! ... the dinkie isnt working. i dont know if its a battery problem or if im putting them in wrong or what but im going to be testing it in the morning. it ended up upsetting me so much i couldnt really start the second v2 though, so that one is just laying around and waiting now. i'll definitely be starting it tomorrow though and adding it to the log. if i can get the dinkie up i'll probably put the on aside for a bit, or maybe the v3. anyway, i love yall! ty for ur patience ❤️
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    Belle collection It's hard to manage all of them ? I'm wondering since I have trouble with only two XD
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    It's been much less stressful than I imagined, but that's because I work from home so I can keep them next to me at all times Some days when I'm very busy with work and other things, it can get a bit busy with the tamas especially when several of them are in similar stages (like when the parents have just left the babies all at the same time). But it's been fun, so I continue!
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    Thanks you for all the lovely messages. I was hesitating but I'll get one then
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    i appreciate that... i think im going to turn off my v3 when it grows up, because 5 tamas is a lot to run, even if ones a nano. i have my beach v2 paused right now because it's an adult, and when my heart one grows up (which i got last night and im so excited to show off when i have more pictures!) ill have them together ❤️ so yeah.
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    Day 15 & 16 It's been a very eventful two days, but I am aware that I say that in every log Day 15 My Entama pair got married! And had an adorable pair of baby boys! It seems I'm officially in the Meme family now, though I'm hoping these boys can eventually pair with some members of the Kuchi-family as I'd like to try for some Kuchi characters in the future. My V3 pair left their babies, also boys: They enjoyed each other's company after evolving into a pair of Tamatchis: Day 16 Today began with the realization that my Petit family was of marriageable age! With some sadness at splitting up my adorable Petit family, I decided to go on the Dating Show and was paired with Chantotchi. It was really cute seeing them together as Petiputchi is a third her size. He had to jump to kiss her! They had three babies, two of which were Mimifuwatchi so I might try to get the Mame or Violet family for the next generation: Here are the parents after they evolved: Some quality time playing golf! And the evolved toddlers: Not long after, I was greeted by my Akai twin babies: They then evolved into Kuribotchi, which according to the growth charts is the result of poor care but I disagree. I took perfect care of them, so I think it may also have to do with which generation you're on: Since my Akai and Familitchi are early risers, I had some free time before the other babies woke up: They both evolved into Hitodetchi despite being different versions which I find cute (pink is Keitai, white is English V2): I wasn't expecting much else to happen today, and then I heard my Osu/Mesu pair evolve! I'm very pleased, I got Marumimitchi and Mimikotchi! Shortly after I was surprised again by my Uratama evolving into Ura Togetchi, one of my favorite characters: And then by my V3 pair evolving (I don't know about you but I love Pirorirotchi!) : And finally, my Ichigo Yogurt Keitai was paired with Kuchipatchi and had a baby boy!: Lots of excitement these last two days. Tomorrow should bring more, but I'm glad that all of these events happened on a lazy Sunday rather than a busy Monday. I was able to give my tamas my full attention and enjoy the games, use password and codes (finally!), and connect them for many playdates. All in all, a great tama day!
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    You don't need to apologize. Just post whenever it is most convenient for you, we're happy to read it whenever you get a chance
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    Skinny neenetchi got married! She had been going to the date place on a frequent basis and met three guys. A ninja, a blonde hair guy and a charming monkey guy. She went on multiple adorable dates but the cutest were with monkey guy! Today he proposed and she accepted and they got married. I now have the third generation ehh about to hatch. OMG it just hatched and it’s... a boy! I’m super excited because I’m gonna make them lovesolatchi because I recently unlocked them. Oh and my plant on the farm has been watered every day and looks like it’s going to bloom tomorrow! I hope it doesn’t completely restart after I harvest it because it took about 4 days. It seems that this website is quite dead apart from the new tamagotchi meets and a few connections. A lot of people seem the think the 4U/+ is quite limited. Maybe it is compared to other models but I thoroughly enjoy it! I’m not too bothered about the limited characters and I love the date place and how they can propose after a few dates. The farm is hopefully quite useful as I heard it grows vegetables you can eat? For my 12th birthday I am definitely asking for a Tama p’s though because of all the amazing features, characters, pierces etc. Oh and by the way, before I marry any of my tamas I always make sure I have all of the clover pieces. I wonder if anything happens once I get the clover pieces for every character?
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    The Wonder Garden version is newer and thus might have some bugfixes that the Fairy and Magic versions don’t have. So if you have no preference, I’d get the Wonder Garden.
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    Angelgotch - Cloudy Day one I started my angelgotch at 03: Am (yes I know I'm a insomniac) he goes fast from a ... ghost to a angel v1 I feed him and played some game but strangely he don't want sleep ? I guess he is not tired and telling him the boogeyman will come to eat him is not enough to scare him to go to sleep XD.
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    So I decided to start to hatch my angelgotch again I will make a topic soon, I hope adding vpet at my collection too. I start my Vfamily slow wish me good luck
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    Yes! I've been trying to get them to replicate it but I guess they all like each other too much now lol. Basically they send a gift and there's a little black skull inside (the same one that appears when they get sick), then the tama that received it looks sad and the attention icon goes off and you have to give them medicine.
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    Past couple of days have been a bit busy, the twins spent Saturday at the hotel playing pool and darts with Lovelitchi Then they grew up to teenagers when they came home and finally adults earlier today Then they had a playdate with my pastel tama long day for the little guys
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    I third what Berks and 321Boom said! Don’t push yourself for us if you don’t want to. Sometimes you burn out on your Tama, and that’s okay. The Tama can also wait for you if you remove the batteries. (Remember to store them in a safe place!) and we’ll wait for you too.) None of this is suppose to be stressful-in fact, it’s meant to be fun! We all care about you, from three tama fans to a another.
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    I second what @Berks says here. Don't feel any pressure. While it's an interesting read for us, what's truly important is that doing this log stays fun for you.
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    The only difference is what locations and marriageable characters (and therefore genes) are available on the device, so whether you pick the Fairy, Magic, or Wonder Garden version is just a matter of personal taste.
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    It worked! I Unlocked both of the 4U+ exclusive characters, some Tama fashion 50% coupons, some posters, an Eiffel Tower, a Statue of Liberty, upgraded my garden, unlocked the farm and unlocked the dating place.
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    I agree with you that the Tama On is relatively easy to raise, and that yes, getting care mistakes on it is harder than it should be, but it is doable if you ignore/neglect your Tama long enough. I've never got a care mistake yet on it, yet there were times where I was on only 2 hungry rice balls filled up from 6, so only a little more was left to go! It's only tough to get the bars/meters down/empty for the first care mistake, once they're empty, you'll be getting one around every hour from thereon out.
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    Make me the fourth voice, here. There's no point in writing a log if it's not any fun for you, and you're not obligated to write one for others, either. I've actually had two logs, so far, and I stopped with the first one because it eventually ended up feeling like too much of a chore. When I started my current one, I set a rule of only photographing and posting about important evolutions instead of every single step, and that made it a lot less time-consuming and a lot more fun. Just do things your own way.
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    Getting care mistakes is like nearly impossible on a tama on, though! And I’m already on gen two *sigh*
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    It might be more worthwhile going for the care mistakes method then if the 'feeding a specific number of food' method isn't working.
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    Ahhhh, we test that with a gen 1 Tama, although idk anybody who’s on gen 1 on the Meets/On
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    It says here you can feed rice omelet 3 times to get a KuroMametchi, yet when I tried it it didn’t work. I did it on the teen stage and everything. This misinformation is even on the Tamawiki
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    Your first Tama can actually evolve into other characters apart from Mamerchi or Lovelitchi. There are a possible 5 adults for each gender. Here's the growth chart:
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    hmmmm, yes the floor here is made out of floor
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    DINKIE BATTERIES IN! it works. except the buttons dont work now; they feel wrong and arent letting me put in the time. i tried to open it for cleaning and one of the screws holding down the circus board was stripped. this is so much effort... ty everyone for the battery help tho!! at least i know its not totally busted.
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    I've restocked my battery-stash at last, and I've put new batteries in my Fairy version Tamagotchi Meets, so... ... It's the return of Spotchi! Here she is marrying her one true love, Nejirobotchi. The two had an orange baby boy, who I named Bottotchi. I wonder what traits he'll ultimately end up inheriting from his very weird family-tree? We'll see in a few days' time!
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    Nice snipe! Glad you're enjoying your 4U.
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    I currently have a tama friends, 20th anniversary mini tamagotchi? And this thing called a virtual pet. Only my friends is running. I have been looking at getting a colour tama for a while and I finally won an auction for a pink 4U+ with a custom faceplate. I am not sure if it comes with it’s original faceplate but we will find out when it gets delivered. this week I had already lost two auctions. The first for a P’s and the second for a virtually new 4U+ in blue. So it was a relief when I won this tama. I decided to get a 4u or a 4u+ as the p’s were expensive so I am getting one for my birthday. The reason why I chose the 4U as my backup is because of the skills, school and babysitter. I feel like it has good features that the p’s doesn’t have. Anyway I won it by a small £1.01 gap. I used watch counter and it only had 9 watchers. Some silly bidders had early bid and had rammed the price up to £37 but a few minutes before the end it for its way up to £46 which was bad considering my budget was £46.20. I had to bid £47 due to the increments so I asked my parents (I’m 11) for 81p and bid £47.01 7 seconds before the end. For anybody unfamiliar with eBay. This method is called sniping. Luckily nobody else from the 9 watchers were sniping and I won! I will update you when it gets delivered in a few days.
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    Haha thanks everyone! 😆
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    The blue PCBs might look better in transparent shells so maybe it's a design choice? Just checked my oceania V3 has a green PCB, but my oceania V4 has a blue PCB.
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    A few of the connections I own have blue backings! It could be region-specific, or maybe just what was available on the manufacturing line? A lot of my connections also have white backs where the battery is inserted - as I've gotten connections from varying locations (and currently don't have access to them right now ;w;), I can't remember them exactly. I'll see if I can open a few up and compare! EDIT: I just noticed you already have an answer oops!! XD I'm genuinely interested now though, both my V5s are Australian/Oceania models so I'll have to check them out when I can.
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    Hello, the App opens up many more possibilities for breeding various different genetics from people you meet online, and also exclusive items in the App which you can send to your Tama On device. You can still download the App although you're in France, I'm in the EU and I have been using it with no problems If you're on Android, just download it from APK Pure: https://apkpure.com/tamagotchi-on/com.bandai.tamagotchion Just visit that link from your phone, grant APK Pure the necessary permissions to install on your phone, and download it from there You will need to update the Tamagotchi ON App through APK Pure when it requires updates, not the official Play Store. You might need to download APK Pure before downloading the above mentioned link/APK. Sorry, I forgot the exact steps how I did it, it's been around 2 months since I did. Here's the link to APK Pure in case: https://apkpure.com/ I am definite that I didn't use anything else apart from these 2 links, so you should be able to pull it off The installer/APK should go in your phone's downloads folder, which you can access through a File Manager app (my phone had one built in by default). If you're on iPhone, just create a US account and you should find it in the list of apps. Hope this helps As for recommendations, I have no experience with the new Tamagotchi ON Wondergarden, I have the Magic version and it's brilliant though I highly recommend one of these new colour Tamas (Meets/ON), nothing to be hesitant about
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    In this case, "guts" is just being used as a synonym for "innards". In the case of the Tamagotchis that have things like "GUTS!" written on them, or which have "guts points", that's a reference to this guy, who's basically an icon of showing that one is gutsy (i.e., that you've "got guts", as in, you have courage in the face of adversity). You can learn more about that here.
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    It work, we managed to save it, it was because the dust and we put another kind of battery it work now. I'm glad ! thanks for your help
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    Sorry I kinda forgot to update 😐. My first Tama was a girl and I made it melodytchi and transformed it to its post adult stage, melody muse. I got all of its clover pieces and it married and had a daughter. I made the daughter neenetchi and transformed it to its skinny version because it is very cute and is the reason I made it neenetchi. Today the eco triplets came and I got the fork which is very useful because the restaurant is expensive. I got three of her fave things and noticed the box of my 2DS XL said it had NFC! I didn’t have an android device so this was a relief as I really want to unlock things. At first the NFC wasn’t activated so I got animal crossing new leaf and turned on NFC camera. I clicked the button to scan an amiibo card even though I have none and placed the Tama on the screen. It made a random connection! I won’t be able to download anything from it as it can’t hold files but it might be a way to unlock things? I will experiment tonight and let you guys know. Who knew a 3DS could be a possible alternative?
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    There are multiple alien virtual pets out there! This list from Tamenagerie shows just a few. The excellent Super Gyaoppi 9 in 1 (and its 8-in-1 and 10-in-1 variants, which were sold under different names, in different shells) also features an alien as one of the options. If I had to recommend just one, it would be the Super Gyaoppi, because it offers so much. I'm very fond of the Pac-Man Tamagotchi - I hope that you have great fun with it!
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    so it's not the end of the night yet but im getting ready to stream with some friends so i'm going to go ahead and get the bulk of today's activities done! most of the exciting stuff for today's already happened anyways. so!!! this morning i was greeted first thing by miss banana slice herself, nugget. so cute... every time i see her i think about making banana bread! then cosmo woke up and we spent some time together with items and last but not least was maya! she's always a bit late, but thats ok hehe. today was a really sleepy day, and was going by super slow since i was waiting for my hair dye. i laid down for a nap but guess who stopped by? aaaaa!!! i was so happy... ❤️ she brought over a sweet little pipotchi! i don't know what im going to name their son... i guess i have the day to figure it out. then i got my hair dye an hour or so later? i went ahead and did it, but it didn't turn out. my hair wasnt light enough; i can't bleach it myself, i don't trust myself to, and im too high risk alongside most of my family to go out to a salon, so oh well. my hair IS kind of grey now though, especially in the light. its just still especially blond. we tried! with my hair dye came my pacman nano though! now, i've never been big on tamagotchi nanos, theyre just... not my thing. but i have a soft spot for pacman and i needed the extra push on the purchase for it to say it would ship. so i went for it! and ohh my god i am so excited i did, i feel so soft for the little guy? between the music and the little games and just having another tamagotchi in my collection... and my first not-color tama fresh out of a box? the buttons feel so nice and theyre not the hard plastic like my m!xes and on, im just!! in love with him, genuinely!! AND FINALLY!!!!!! banana head over here grew up for the day a little bit ago! while i was like. in the middle of getting this ready gsdflkg;dsh ohh i love nugget so much. shes so cute! all of these guys are adorable. theres probably not a lot left to say for the night but i will be posting a goodnight photo for sure with the group. i love to do that... any ideas for maya's son i'll gladly take! or i might do something half life related... i think i said to my friends i was going to try to name one 'barny' sometime? because barney is too long, and, well, barn is *my* nickname!! but we had a really good day today these guys and i. i can't wait for our new friends coming in next week!!
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    ooOOHHH I LOVE aliens sooo much... im going to be on the hunt now... i didnt know there was an alien vpet anywhere at all, and its a dinkie?... i see... and i love hanahana mi! i really want one, but i didnt realize that was a dinkie... i had no idea about any of those honestly. im also glad yall like the name nugget, ahaha. kinda wishin i named her banana though, she looks like one!! maybe it can be gold nugget, hehe.
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    It's just a little decoration to celebrate Tanabata, a Japanese festival. Here's some info from Wikipedia: The Tanabata tree like the one in your tama's house is often depicted as either bamboo grass or a couple tall pieces of bamboo. It's a wish tree, so the decorations on the tree are small slips of paper on which people have written wishes for the future.
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    Very true and very good point. I honestly didn't think of that, since we know that the Fairy and Magic versions didn't fix some of the pre-existing bugs from the Japanese releases themselves - at this point, I just kind of expect that Bandai won't bother.
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    Greymon's time as a warrior has come to an end. Somewhat unsettlingly, in this version the grave twitches a little bit every now and then, giving it a spooky look that suggests that your monster might yet rise again. I'm currently awaiting the arrival of several new virtual pets and some related items, so tomorrow I might resume running my Fairy Meets in order to pass the time until I get the new additions.