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    As expected, I did not get mimitchi, but I did get the blessed duckplant and based masktchi. Thanks for the hatch @Mandymom!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome ^w^ rn I have a 2017 remake of the tamagotchi p2! I have ordered a 4u and It'll arive soon!
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    @Berks lmao Glad you're enjoying it! SO, I am once again, returning with a tamalog update! I left for a vacation on the 25th and got back two days ago, and during that time, I took the batteries out of my tama. Here's some generations y'all missed since my last update. Last generation we left off with was with Pastel, who ended up marrying an absolute cutie, and of course their offspring decided to keep everything except the hat. 😤 Here's the following two generations: Gen 5 brought my first set of twins!! AND I have another set of twins, which leads to their name reveal. Guess who's totally excited to have boys purely because I can marry them to mimitchi
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    I adore the GB Micro. It's a big shame it kinda floundered because it's my favorite way to play GBA games.
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    Hmmm. My brothers have PlayStations and a lot of games.
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    Haha, thanks! I got this one brand-new for a very small sum (I think about £30?) after they were clearanced because almost nobody wanted them at the time, and it's proven to be a really good little device (it used to pull double-duty as an MP3 player, with the Nintendo MP3 Player cartridge, which was the cut-down Western version of the Play-Yan - it's always had some form of keychain attached to it, though the current parts were newly-attached just last week, because I wanted something sturdier than what I'd used before). I wouldn't've gone with pink as my first choice back then, but it certainly turned out to go well with the third-party faceplate that I got for it at the time. Oh, definitely! It's something that I'd love to do, honestly, though it can wait for now. Yeah, I've seen that, too! The aspect-ratio issue is perfectly livable for me, so it's a no-brainer to add one to my collection. Maybe a Game Boy collection shot deserves to be taken, at some point? Of course, I also really hope to be able to get an Analogue Pocket, which looks fantastic! Incidentally, Eggiweg, I didn't expect that someone else here would be a bit of a Game Boy enthusiast, too. Naturally, I test out the Tamagotchi Game Boy game on every unit that I have - it deserves way more exposure within the community, I think, and I guess that that's one way of doing that (I'm sure that there will be more hardware seen running it in my log at some point). I've been playing more stuff since I posted last, too - a stack of Game Boy games that I've been wanting arrived (some are part of an ongoing rebuild of what I regret trading in as a kid, others are completely new to me because my Game Boy collection is my focus at the moment and I'm not all about nostalgia), and I had to test them all. One of them was a combined grail and trade-in-regret, too - Metal Gear Solid for the Game Boy Colour.
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    HI! i found my pink tamagotchi today and tested it and it works fine but the screen seems to be dirty (doesnt seem like dust/dirt just grime) is there a safe way to clean the screen without ruining it (such as bubles appearing or something of that sort. Thanks ^^
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    Bandai seems focused on their Generation 1 rereleases unfortunately. They did rerelease Generation 2 during the 20th anniversary, so maybe they’ll print it again some time. The current Tamagotchi’s are 128p. That’s pretty far removed from HD (720p) 😜 The piracy industry prefers bootlegs over emulation when it comes to Tamagotchi. There’s only a Tamagotchi Generation 1 emulator, and it’s extremely barebones. Emulation is something they mainly use against Nintendo; there’s a Wii U emulator and a Switch emulator, but not a functional PlayStation Vita emulator, despite the fact that that would probably be easier to make and less intensive to run than those. So don’t expect them to make emulators for all the various Tamagotchi hardware variations over the years.
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    I kinda wish I had a Switch ;-; (Hey, that rhymes!)
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    I'm not modding it, I'm just leaving it as-is, when I get it. Yep, same here! I didn't know about that, but I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised - the eras of the devices in question overlap, too, after all! Thanks! Looking back on it as an adult, I really regretted trading it in back in the day. It's great to have it again.
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    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh goodness me, that's made my day - thankyou. I grew up watching that show - I can remember when it was new! Shows like that, which respect the audience, are so rare, and it's absolutely worth your time to watch more of it! The production history is quite interesting, too, both for the show itself, and for the other pitches that were made alongside it which didn't make it, one of them being "Gizmo and the Gremlins", an animated show based on, of course, Gremlins, and another being an Aliens-based cartoon series which actually had a toy-line released by Kenner in spite of the show not actually being produced (said line was rebranded as being a movie-based line, but it used the cartoon's designs). Of course, one other pitch that did make it was Taz-Mania, which was the only one not based on a Warner Bros. movie franchise.
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    Hmm. Likes penguins and pokes young'uns with canes... Has Penguin-Keeper's identity finally been revealed!? Has she been tormenting Batman all this time!? Tune in next week at the same Bat-time on the same Bat-channel! Nananananana... (Reminds me how I should get around to watching more of Batman: The Animated Series since it was quite good despite the audience it was aiming at. Of course, I'm referencing above the cheesy 60s version that my parents would compulsively feel like watching ever so often. My mom can binge watch Sesame Street, which is fine, but that Batman series was kinda intolerable.)
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    May have just been a fluke so I hope you get a Mimitchi because you totally deserve it
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    Btw, love this name Your log is great, lots of fun to read
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    To unlock it, you have to be on your 3rd gen or higher, and go outside ( at 3pm? ) from this video in youtube. *cute animation of Tamagotchi following the White Rabbit down a hole and arriving at Wonderland* Voila! Done!
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    After quite the small hiatus (yay depression) I now have some updates! Here's Dabadee as he grew up! I sort of worried he wouldn't keep his blue color as an adult, because of his teen stage, but he kept it and married a sweet little tama on the app! And this is their son, who I named Pastel. Also: I have been having the worst luck with unlocking wonderland. I've tried quite a number of things and it just isn't working. Every time I go outside to the yard, nothing happens!
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    Time for an update! Yesterday, Squishy evolved into a teen! I sent him to food town and he met Kuchipatchi there. This morning he evolved into Kuromametchi! Usually I wait a day or two before marrying them off, but since he's the first generation, I mostly wanted to get those genetics going. After many, MANY rejections, I eventually found these cute twins who accepted my proposal. They had a little blue boy! I have the perfect name... I'm such a child.