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    Age 2: Bagle (Fuyofuyotchi) is now 70g so I waited a while and it aged up into Kuchipatchi, YAY! I am now attempting to make Bagle 25g so I can get Jeanist Kuchipatchi! Making Kuchipatchi lose 45g is gonna be a huge chore but it'll be worth it!
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    16/9/20 -Update SO...I'm not even lying, as soon as I pressed the button to post my last entry, he aged up! George is a Spacitchi as of the 16/9/20 at 9:34am!!!!! I'm sooooooo happy. Now the goal is King Spacitchi.
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    Age 1: As I am aiming to get Kuchipatchi I will have to get 10 cooking skill and make him 60g! This may take a while... (Ps. sorry i didn't make an update yesterday I was caught up in school and I completely forgot!)
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    24 best be on the lookout...
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    This is pretty much the Pandemic series of games already. I think we haven't seen any meets updates because it makes more sense financially to release themed nanos, as they sell so well, and there's less work required for more profit. It would be nice to see a re-release of some of the limited edition meets to keep up with demand, though that would be very unlikely, given that it's never happened in the past. This is just wishful thinking on my part, but it'd be nice if they could release a retro themed meets with a B&W 'world' (like the m!x anniversary) where you could mix with some of the classic characters?
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    16/9/20 -Update So I think George is meant to age up today!!! And I am pretty so I fed him curry rice 5 times. Fingers crossed I get Spacitchi. Also I just realised that George is the name of the king in Hamilton, so yay . George now has all of his skills! When he goes to school he has to earn up to 80% on all skills! This is how you get King Spacitchi. Anyway, I will update again today if he ages up!
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    20!!! (better start bringing out the lookouts, drones and ninjas)
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    So Ollie (my last generation) had a child! George was born on the 14/9/20 to Ollie and Memetchi. I named him George because it sounds royal, and I'm trying top get King Spacitchy. He weighs 8 grams and (like his father) has turned into a Pokapokatchi, he is currently wearing a beret. This is my second generation on a tamagotchi 4 u and there will be updated to come on Geroge's life.
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    14/9/20 -Update So Ollie got Married. And to Memetchi! Ollie left us but left us with new life! Check out my next post to see who.
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    Changing the room would be silly yeah, but the accessory I wouldn't find it as a problem in my opinion. It only takes a couple of seconds, and it's free unlike the room.
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    Definitely - but I wonder if it seems that way to the main target audience, or if it just seems like playing with a dolls' house? I'm thinking of this because of how the US ad for the Tamagotchi On (with its maddening mispronunciation of "Tamagotchi") presents the device as "Their lives are in your hands!" or something of that nature.
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    Playing with them is always good, but if they already have a nice room and accessory it’s a bit dumb to change it all the time just for this 😕
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    It most probably is, so I guess we'll just have to look at it in the way as you suggested, 'that it's there to encourage more interaction with your pet'. Although there's no real end goal to it programmed in, the Tama is still asking for something (i.e. to play or look different), so we could still do this for them before dismissing the message with the yard or C button
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    I suspect that it's that. Though, maybe we're overthinking it a bit, and it's just there to encourage further interaction with the virtual pet? I still think that it's an oversight, though.
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    Well, I got the 'I need a new look' message today at about 4pm, so I went to Food Town and bought a Pizza for the fridge, and. . . the message disappeared Guess buying the accessory last time wasn't the solution and just buying something random will make it go away same as going to the yard or pressing C. I guess these messages really do have programming errors with no real end goal.
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    Huh, so here's an interesting development. I got the 'I want to play' message yesterday, and I took my Tama to the Sushi Bar in Food Town, and. . the message left I got the message again today, took my Tama to Toy Park and played a game in the Gym, and. . the message left again! This is exactly what I did before when I was trying to solve this, but it wasn't working before, but now it is? What's going on? Did it glitch before? (or maybe it glitched now instead?)