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    Today's log entry is pretty empty Gaia went for a Racing tournament but lost to a Mimitchi. I restarted my Tamagotchi Classic app and am severely neglecting it. (I only restarted it to gather data for my Matlab de Hakken project). I didn't get to play Eternitchi at all I didn't get to work on my Matlab de Hakken project. I do have something to say about it though. Someone has said they were excited to see where I was going with it. My current goal is only to implement the Tamagotchi P1 or P2 as faithfully as possible. After that I'd like to implement all those other Tamagotchis that I didn't even know about until about a months ago. I've read a lot about the Vintage tamagotchis and the Tamagotchi Connection versions. I grew really fond of them by reading about them and watching videos, so I'm thinking if I can program some (or all) of them, it would be awesome. To do this however I'll need a lot of info about how exactly they behave, down to the detail. I was wondering if this sort of knowledge base exists somewhere, and if not I hope I'll find the missing info by asking you questions from time to time. Have a good day or night!
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    I know, right? There are so many little wrinkles to it that make it stand out from a lot of other versions, regardless of era, which is why it's my all-time joint-favourite version alongside the original Gen 1 pet. I've gotta second all of that.
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    Hahah! I'm pretty sure I couldn't find a chart like that mostly because no one likes to see so many lines in one picture. LOG FOR DAY 15/11/2020 Today I tried to delve a little bit more into what Eternitchi has to offer. I gave a shot at every mini-game that increases the tamagotchi's stats. I already mentioned the Maths one so there's no point in speaking about it again obviously. So I immediately tried the artistry one; and honestly, I thought it was brilliant! The goal is to complete a gradient between 2 given colors by picking a 3rd color that goes in-between the other two. That's exactly the part of one's brain that's supposed to be working when doing actual art... I guess! Of course being more "left-brained" I had to find a trick to get the right answer systematically. It still requires some thinking, but basically the thinking boils down to doing math again so, that's more within my range. (I forgot to mention that I was finally able to enlarge the Eternitchi window. Good news is, that's solved. Bad news are, (there's 2), 1/ I have a dead key on my keyboard and 2/ the software I'm using for screenshots (Greenshot) is giving weird results. Please excuse the weird images) So there's the game; The next one I tried was the kindness one You have to keep watering the plants by clicking on them before they "slowly quickly wither and die" (Symphony X reference). After the brilliant idea of the last game, this one seems more simple by comparison. It still gets the job done though. Next up, the humour game. By now I was like, how in the world are you going to think of a mini-game that would raise a tamagotchi's "humour". Well, Poop comes out the toilet and you have to catch it using a broom and dust pan. Sometimes a golden poop flies out and you must not catch that one. Whoever thought of that is a genius. Then there's the Beauty game It's basically a memory game where you have to remember the pattern of faces and reproduce it afterwards. My trick is to just remember the colors of the faces and read them out loud. I personnally can NOT win if I don't do that. And finally there's the Passion game Scrub, scrub scrub. You have to clean the gym by repeatedly clicking on messy/dirty parts. I guess the Passionate part is that you have to be really passionate about such a boring task to keep at it... That's it for the stats-raising mini-games; next I attempted to play the cards game with Sanutchi's parents: Honestly I don't get it. Every other game has 1 or 2 sentences to explain how to play, but this one has this: I really don't understand what that means. Other than the fact that I only figured out how to use items today, and that I let Sanutchi play with a random Game Boy I don't remember buying, that's all for Eternitchi (That's exactly the face I was doing when playing the cards game XD ). Nothing much happened in Tamagotchi GB. Gaia went for another Beauty contest and won. The contestants were a Kusatchi and a Hashizoutchi that did mildly amusing faces, but not interesting enough to post them. I'm noticing Gaia's hearts are depleting faster, but it seems to affect the Hunger meter way more than the Happy meter. I think they really went ahead and actually implemented actual character traits to each character in the GB game. Compared to Hashizoutchi and Tentotchi (which was quite needy), I feel like Ginjirotchi tends to stay happy for way longer. @Penguin-keeper this game is so intricate and complex for a "spin-off" that was released only a few months after the original pet. (Actually I think these character traits are present even on the original toy now that I think about it, aren't they?) And finally a little progress in Matlab de Hakken (I'm keeping that name :lol: and I don't even know what "de Hakken" means XD ). What's new is that yesterday the tamagotchi opened its mouth but the burger would remain unchanged; now it actually gets eaten. And the tamagotchi also says no when it's full. There's soooo much more work to be done on this lol. That's all for today! Man these log entries are becoming longer and longer! Good night or day!
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    https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B08L32N816/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=たまごっち&qid=1602782840&s=specialty-aps&sr=8-9&srs=3534638051 https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B08L3226CT/ref=sr_1_11?dchild=1&keywords=たまごっち&qid=1602782840&s=specialty-aps&sr=8-11&srs=3534638051
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    I put my Tamagotchi Gen2 to bed an hour late (9). It is 2 years old and I have made no care mistakes so far. I don't know if this will count for neglect or not? HELP!
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    By put to bed an hour late, you mean switched off the lights an hour late? The grace period for switching off the lights should be longer than a normal care mistake (which is usually 15 mins), however, yes it could result as a care mistake if you left it too long.
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    Ahh, I see it now. Thankyou! Now I don't know how I missed that - I must've gotten a bit overwhelmed by all of the lines!
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    I'm aware Himediatchi is the "bad care" toddler, but I find her utterly adorable so I'm content with this development, especially since this version of tamagotchi doesn't bar you from certain evolution paths depending on who you get if I understand the growth charts correctly like older gens did. I'm not aiming for any particular teen or adult but I do know I'm going to try and marry her off to Pumpkitchi.
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    That's some nice art, well done! Looking forward to the log, and. . . WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!