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    11/17/20 is when I found my 2 tamagotchis while I was cleaning my closet. I'm currently in college but no one's too old to start playing with these again πŸ˜‚ Their names are Emily and Jane, still pretty young as they only hatched yesterday. I'm hoping I don't get busy and forget. Although I have lots of real pets, I'm sure I have time to look after Emily and Jane πŸ˜… I had these since I was around 8-9 yrs old. Had no batteries so I bought 2 of them yesterday. Luckily they're past their 'new born stage' before I slept so they don't end up starving overnight. I remember just going to sleep after they hatched and fed them and they started making noises. Kept me up at night as a kid lmao. I planned on getting the Tamagotchi ON but those could wait. Just so much nostalgia playing with the old version I had since I was a kid. https://imgur.com/a/WCxt8bu https://imgur.com/a/kUWIVPq
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    True, she hasn't popped up in a while. . . Haha yeah, we're asking for it tempting penguin-keeper so much 5!!!
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    Hi ya'll, just a quick-ish update for the past two days. 18/11/20 Today I took Jal to work with me. Nothing notable happened really, just the usual care. Expecting a matchmaker arrival either tomorrow or the day after. 19/11/20 Slightly more eventful day today, as I was home. We kicked off the day with a glass of juice, which may be from a pervious generation? I didn't remember buying it. I then broke out my old notebook with all my growth charts and codes that I made when I was younger. I decided to enter in some of the shop codes. I was a little disappointed they didn't continue this feature in future versions, it feels almost like an easter egg! In particular, we played with the 'RC CAR 2', which makes some funny sounds. Jal was not impressed when it tipped over. Maybe he shouldn't be driving it so fast then. ...and then, just as I was writing this, we were visited (or rudely approached by) the thanksgiving turkey! Jal was chased all over the screen as I watched on and took photos.
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    Emily and a bouquet of flowers http://imgur.com/a/6w5umzk
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    6 little monkeys jumping on the bed! 🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡
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    I just recently got into Digimon, and i'm LOVING the 20th Anniversary version!!! It's only $19.99 on Amazon currently and it has all five versions on ONE device?! (Tbh im kinda disappointed that they didn't do something like that for the tamagotchi 20th Anniversary? Like at least both the P1 and P2 on one device, cmon.) In total it has 114 characters I believe, and you can raise two at once on one device, as well as connect it to another device! https://www.jtoys.com.au/2017/12/07/digimon-digivice-ver20th-exclusives-growth-charts/ I definitely recommend checking it out
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    The resetting method worked! Thank you so much.
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    Nah... I am not bribing ... just have a weird schedule. Sometimes random.
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    8! Fowl might include penguins, hence I used that over saying chickens again. I hope I'm not giving anybody anxiety. We're just counting, people. Have some free chickens to make yourselves feel better: πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ They seem to be unclaimed by their owner
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    we are going to be destroyed 6
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    Hello! the versions you have are V4 (ball antenna) & V4.5 (star antenna) These two versions have some issues when you connect them, the best solution is to reset one of them and download your character again. I found this useful tip from Tamagotchi ultimate connecting guide Let us know if it works
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    You can fix the button issues by taking your Tamagotchis apart and using a q-tip with some rubbing alcohol to take off the residue on the button contacts and inside the buttons. Here's a video link from this topic: Anyway, you red Tamagotchi is a V4 (I have that exact shell, but more beaten up) and your blue one is a V4.5. Connection-wise, they are treated as the same version so you should be using the option that say V4 in the connection menu. I haven't run my V4.5 in awhile so I don't remember if it just says V4 or V4.5 in the menu; don't use the option called "other" because that's for any other non-V4 tamas. Make sure you're pointing the infrared ports - the red section at the top of your Tamagotchis - at each other and they're a few centimeters close together. If you've already been using the same-version connection option, then I have heard of people complaining that the V4.5 will just outright fail when connecting to the V4 sometimes. Next to that, sometimes heat can cause Tamagotchis not to connect - especially if they're outside - and it's not recommended to do connections under strong light. If you want to embed images in your posts, just use the BBCode link imgur gives you.
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    5 again! Oi, @Penguin-keeper, when are you going to look after all of your πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“chickensπŸ“πŸ“? They're going to fly the coop if you don't! Or do you and Baker🍰 Rosette have some deal where you buy her bread for your fowl and she takes over your mod break duties?
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    @Penguin-keeper, where are yoooouuuuu? 4
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    2 i mean technically i was correct, since penguin-keeper was not the one to interrupt
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    I'm finally posting my full collection so far!! Color Tamagotchis: Hexagontchi Green iD Yellow iD Purple iD L Blue iD L Purple iD L 15th Green P's Blue P's Yellow P's (Berry Sweets Deco Pierce, Baby Change Deco Pierce, Sanrio Deco Pierce, Ciao Deco Pierce) Pink Spacy M!X Blue Melody M!X Fairy Blue Meets Pink Sanrio Meets Fairy Blue On Magic Purple On Wonder Garden Turquoise On Vintage Tamagotchis: 1997 Black P2 (USA) (2) 1996 Clear Yellow P2 (JPN) 1996 Blue Clock P2 (JPN) White Angel (JPN) Pink Angel (JPN) Yellow Vines Morino Clear Ocean (JPN) Clear Orange Ocean (JPN) Green & Orange Osutchi & Mesutchi 20th Anniversary Glitter Green P2 20th Anniversary White & Pink P2 20th Anniversary White with Green Characters P2 20th Anniversary Yellow with Characters P2 20th Anniversary Clear Blue P1 (In the mail) 20th Anniversary Pink with Sprinkles P1 (Can you tell I have a preference? LOL, I just love Mimitchi ❀️) Connection Tamagotchis: Light Blue w/ Yellow V1 Magenta w/ Hibiscus V2 Red w/ Hearts V2 (I was a dumb kid and painted over the hearts bc I got bullied πŸ˜•) Pink w/ Cherries V3 Light Green w/ Flowers V3 (2) Light Blue w/ Balls V3 Blue w/ Surf V3 Custom (need to repaint, did that when I was younger) previously Zebra Print V3 (Stripes wore off from being played with so much!) Blue w/ Constellations V3 Gray w/ Graffiti V3 Salmon w/ Hearts V4 Pink w/ Splats V4 Pink w/ Stripes V4 Yellow w/ Red Sun V4 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Black Reptile V4.5 Tiger V4.5 Peacock V4.5 Blue Globe V4.5 Blue Marble V4.5 Blue w/ Hibiscus V4.5 Cookie Dough V5 Blossoms V5 Red Gemstone V5 Tama House V5 Music Notes V5 Blue Ocean V5 Blue Abstract V5 Purple w/ Rockets V5 (I have no V5.5's ) Pink Lullaby V6 Rising Star V6 Feel The Beat V6 Idol Dream V6 (3) Sound Blast V6 Glam Rock V6 Techno Groove V6 Akai Sweets Ura Tama Town Misc. Tamagotchis: T (2) Black Tama-Go (2) Purple Tama-Go Blue Tama-Go Pink Tama-Go Green Tama-Go Tama Deka Tama Deka King of Games Tama Suku (Tama School) (Tama Depa Shell) Series 3 Green Nano Series 3 Yellow Nano Pac-Man Nano 20th Anniversary Mini Series 3: Red & Black 20th Anniversary Digimon Black LPS VPet White Mouse LPS VPet Tabby Cat TMGC Attachments: Miscellaneous: Thats almost everything for now!! Im still waiting on: Pink w/ Sprinkles 20th Anniversary P1 Both shells of the Hello Kitty Nano Transparent Purple w/ Yellow Digimon 20th Anniversary Pixie Gigapet Currently 87 Tamas, 90 VPets! When everything arrives it'll be 90 Tamas, 95 VPets!
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    Hello TamaTalkers! I hope everyone is doing great. I’m trying to give Digimon a chance but unfortunately don’t know exactly where to start or with what version. I have a Digivice that I bought two years ago, it’s this one below: Unfortunately I couldn’t play with it because it’s in Japanese and a bit complicated for me. So for you Digimon lovers who are familiar with the Digivices, I’m looking for a simple and fun version what is your thoughts and suggestions?
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    Im assuming a Tamagotchi angel (english) in the original box for 49 dollars is decent right? Thats another thing I purchased. box was a little dented on side but I think its still a good deal english silver and never openedddddd πŸ’–
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    That was so helpful, thank you!!
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    Going to a new school http://imgur.com/a/UuiUBYD
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    Emily and Jane grew up this morning http://imgur.com/a/O0iXNrp
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    That's what they will do. The tamagotchi morino has been canceled in the us... Si I would love to see bandai rereleasing angel and ocean... And then the morino. Just to comeback really successfully, and take a revenge on the past. But has you said, that's not in their plan.
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    10! Now I've gotta do some work or I'll be like those chickens by my parents
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    You mean looking after her penguins* 🐧 7 I feel like they are kind enough to let us carry on
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    10 penguins, too much for penguin-keeper to contain 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧
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    πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“Six chickensπŸ“πŸ“πŸ“waiting for their keeper~~~
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    Three chickens πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ because Chicken-Keeper hasn't shown up
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    Don't forget about the Chibi/Mini tamagotchi re-release that happened! As well as Digimon! Bandai is doing surprisingly well with their nostalgia marketing currently, I'm no business major but if I were them I'd continue riding the nostalgia train for as long as it stays successful!
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    14 little lookouts just to be safe
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    13 Exclemation marks because I am not good at LUA
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    I dreamed about that. Said it many times here. Sadly, I doubt this will happen! (I hope to be wrong!) People that decide in big companies think they go to university for goods reasons. They just see profit, not the soul of the brand, and the desire of fans. (Tamagotchi's are too small to count.) The plan for bandai is simple, they count on the 90's revival to sell p1 and p2, and the on for everybody. The rest of the new releases are Tamagotchi, but, with a successfull license too sell them. (An other problem today...) I am still hoping...
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    I bought mine and i can't wait for it! It's the first after years that i'm excited for a digital pet
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    I'm guessing it's okay to bump this topic as it's general - and it has 2021 in the title so there were some long-term expectations. I was actually thinking of posting here for so long and the fact this was started in February speaks of my un-chronological mind. Anyway, enough yapping and onto my collection (names of everything are in my profile). First, the oddpets (and two pokewalkers): My collection has gotten so big I can't fit all of my Vpets into one shot with reasonable detail. At the time, I was taking these pictures late on a Sunday night and I didn't want to unpack them because my father was already getting impatient. I was able to do a boxed and unboxed shot of my tamas, however: Missing is my semi-impulse purchase of a blue Home Deka: It doesn't have its built-in stand which is why the overpriced Ebay store I got it from had chopped the price down to a ridiculously reasonable amount of around $50 Canadian plus shipping (I payed that much for my V4.5!). The shipping box it came in had nice personalized touches which I appreciated. I would have definitely not valued it so if I had bought from the seller's personal website, as this feature was advertised as evoking some sort of Tamagotchi nostalgia - most of us bought our tamas in a store and not from an Etsy shop - and it was relatively inexpensive - merely a personal note and two little candies. The seller's website had an interesting recount of an experience with a toxic collector which seems to have turned her off the community altogether. In any hobby, there is naturally going to be some toxic people since that's what happens when a group amasses. There's been some signs the Tamagotchi Facebook groups have some in-fighting and the whole concept of a nostalgic electronic can attract some eccentric people, so the lady's story isn't that surprising. Though I can't help but wonder about the things left unsaid since it's just a summary. I'm just speaking my mind and I'm sure nobody is going to journey across the interwebs to bite my head off, ha ha.
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    Man, I'm hungry. Ooh, free chickens! 7 drumsticks πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— I'm still kinda hungry... ooh, penguins...
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    12 Kuchipatchis on a hextuple date!