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    Haha, this is a bit of a random post, but I thought I'd share. Has anyone else had any dreams specifically about Tamagotchi's? I haven't had any recently but MANY MANY times I've had dreams where I've gone into a store or somewhere and there were Tamagotchi's lining the walls, and I'd grab as many as I could and put them in my cart or even in my shirt holding it like a sack to collect them all, lol! One time I even had a dream I went outside to take the trash bin to the curb, but when I opened the bin to put a trash bag inside it was over-flowing with tamas! I grabbed as many as I could and ran to my room, shoving them under my pillows for some reason?? And then when I woke up I looked under my pillows and the Tamagotchi's weren't there. I was heartbroken. πŸ˜† I don't think i've had any dreams about characters specifically, but I definitely have frequent dreams about collecting Tamagotchi's. What about everyone else? Any interesting Tama-related dreams?
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    Oh my gosh I have the exact same dreams as you, they're occasionally reoccurring (every few months) and there's always either so many (usually free) or so little (usually costs money, weirdly). I once had a dream about going to a thrift store (it looked more like a grocery store with its shelves and layout tbh), and I saw a weird flip-phone Tamagotchi with a transparent background (no paper sheet inside)! Starting this year I've had around two dreams about going to this mall and seeing this store - in the first dream it was a huge store going out of business and it was selling all of it's NIB color tamas for $1 each, then a dream I had way later involved the store back in business, where you could play luck-based games (like the ticket-earning machines you can find in arcades) to win tamas. I won two pink iD Ls (also new in box)! Amazing. I never fail to wake up in a sad state after these dreams. They always vary in location too (similar to yours) - I once had this dream where I was at this country fair of sorts and there was this massive building-sized crate full of Tamagotchis. That was a few years ago now iirc? It was super weird, but pretty cool either way!
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    Vote for the suitor here! Mametchi Kuchipatchi Omechupitchi Kappappatchi Kikitchi Hotakemotchi
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    I'm sorry guys, but I have chosen Mametchi. He's already proposed to me like 3 times, poor guy. XD
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    Thank you! I actually don't use a phone or anything to take pictures- I use a digital camera. Well, when my egg hatched I said "iT hAtChEd iNtO a gIrL aHh" and my dad said "Why don't we name it Daisy?" XD Thanks everyone for the nice comments Alright, here we go with today's log. 28/11/20 On Saturdays, me and my family usually buy something for breakfast, so today we went to my brother's house (and i brought chiroritchi ofc) Well, juust before that we zoom back in time to 7 am. Chiroritchi woke up. She wasn't crying of hunger. She was fine. Happiness bars were in the green. Totally not what I was expecting. (Is this normal? Idk, just totally weird to me) Alright, now we zoom to after we came back from my brother's house. I was quite sleepy after lunch, so I played with Chiroritchi for a while then dozed off. I woke up to the sound of beeping. Sleepily, I woke up the screen- to see that Chiroritchi had evolved- into Hanbunkotchi! Now, we zoom to 6 pm. I was just playing with Hanbunkotchi, when Kandentchi came. (You all know what that means.. ) Yep. I got the "low battery" notification. But actually it wasn't a big problem. I took my AC remote batteries and Tama batteries and switched them. Simple. Ah, now for updates. We have unlocked Food Town and Tama Farm! We have a Tamapet and after quite a few marriages, we are left with this blueberry-coloured squirrel. Hanbunkotchi should be an adult by tomorrow! I will create a vote tomorrow on who she should marry! That's all for today, see you all tomorrow! >w< Hanbunkotchi: *snores while sleepwalking* ..Uhh, good night everyone! 29/11/20 Hanbunkotchi woke up in the same condition as yesterday. πŸ˜• Happy, but not quite full. And with a poop on the floor. XD Ok, here are the weird things with my Tama so far. All the diary pictures show the same date, Nov 29. Hanbunkotchi, well, isn't as needy as I expected to see. She hasn't even gotten sick even once! She doesn't even do those little things, like go off on a mini vacation or host a random concert every now and then. She doesn't even dream! Ah well, now for updates. Our tama pet is now a floofy white squirrel. I hope to get Memetchi later. We'll see if eating 5 donuts worked. That's it for now! >w<
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    When I was 12/13 years old I remember I wanted to collect as many Tamagotchis as I can, at that time I believe V5 was released and I was hoping that I will get it along with a V4.5! So during that time I remember I dreamt there was someone that was knocking on our door, and when I opened the door, I saw a lady wearing a fluffy beanie and was holding a stick and on the other hand she had something that looked like a thermometer! She looked like a fairy sent from tama-planet! She then told me I came here to give you as much Tamagotchis as you want BUT the much you take it will be detected from here and pointed at the meter! Sadly I woke up and never saw that lady!
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    I want to celebrate this achievement with my TamaFamily because no one will understand it better! πŸ’š
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    so Lovelitchi married Mametchi and they had a baby boy; who I named Bunbuntchi. 60 minutes later, it grew up to become a light yellow Hoshipontchi with Mametchi ears That's all for now! >w<
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    Okay! I just need to, er, visit him more often then.
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    Welp, seems like eating five donuts didn't work after all. Hanbunkotchi evolved into Lovelitchi! We've went around town to see if anyone will send us proposals! Mametchi and Kappappatchi has sent us proposals! I didn't turn them down; I simply said I'll think about it, so you guys better vote quick! Vote here:
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    Kuchipatchi for the win! He's just a good boy.
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    This handsome lad! I know he's not on the poll, but I imagine their child would be very funny to say the least! And thats his favorite item right next to him if you want to get his friendship up before proposing to him. He appears at the Tama Farm!
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    Hanbunkotchi: *beeps* ..Oh, it pooped.
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    Hello everyone, as many of you probably know I have began archiving Tamagotchi books and interesting content, I even have uploaded the first ever scans of some books! Because of the rapid progress I am making, I thought it would be only natural to make a thread dedicated to my findings and here it is! My only request is that if you repost any of these scans PLEASE credit whoever scanned them, especially mine. I know none of us technically own the content within the books but I am buying these books specifically to scan so other people can enjoy them without spending a ton of cash. Plus, scanning can be really tedious! Speaking of, if anyone has scans or books they are willing to donate that would awesome but of course no one is obligated to! If you use something from this archive that isn't mine, a link back to here would help me out a lot so people can find this page! F.A.Q. Will you be posting Manuals? Manuals are not being archived by me considering they are almost everywhere on the internet and would take forever to list anyway. Who scanned ____? Any scans with a specified scanner is credited within a document file in each folder. I scanned ____ and I would like to be credited/removed! If you have a scan listed and would like to be credited, uncredited, or removed, DM me! My Scans Tamagotchi Angel Encyclopedia Osu/Mesu Encyclopedia Other Scans Tamagotchi 4U Guidebook Jetix Magazine scans 1997 Nintendo Power article Misc manga stuff Misc Art and curios Misc Ads
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    She was looking kinda dumb with a finger and a thumb in the shape of an L on her forehead~~~ Ok, this totally cracked me up. I'm already in a good mood from a day of mulling over a project that I want to work on, and this just made it even better. ... Could Penguin-keeper's spree of destruction in the Mod Break thread finally be over? Nah!
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    Well, Lovelitchi is the best care character on a lot of colour 'gotchis, including this one! Memetchi is considered the worst care character, so you would've had to neglect her pretty hard if you already knew the five-donut strategy didn't work. Bunbuntchi! (I see what you did there XD). I can't wait to hear about how he looks as an adult.
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    All good, his genes can still produce some highly interesting results! Lovelitchi and Mametchi mixes are either cute as heck or... well. Whatever happens, I'm sure Bunbuntchi will be a kind, strong boy no matter how he looks!
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    where and why did you get that avatar
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    probably not obviously, but I didn't try to check out why it does that. maybe you'll find something out. I just remember looking up the problem on google and seeing that most people were complaining about it with no solution, so I just figured it wouldn't just be an easy fix.
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    Dang. I probably don't reboot my laptop as often as I should. But my computer updated tonight and rebooted itself. I thought to check if it kept my save file and... nope. I wonder what the issue is? And if it would happen on a Win95/98 VM?
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    Haha, thats funny! It seems you had something to stop you from being too greedy, whereas in my dreams I just went full-on crazy with no guilt XD
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    You are a freaking saint!!! Edit: I noticed in the very back of the Osutchi Mesutchi book theres an ad for an umino/Ocean book? I'm googling all I can but I can't seem to find it, I wonder if it was made?
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    Nope, it'll go through the 1 hour baby stage with the meters dropping like crazy, then it'll evolve into a toddler, and then it'll go to sleep. That's how it is for most tamas except, maybe, the 4U. I also did start up my Pastel Meets (a Japanese On) at 11-ish, so I can confirm it still does this. The baby stage on practically all tamas is basically a short, intensive period which is why I would recommend only starting up a tama when you have a bit of free time. Once you've run enough tamas, the baby stage just seems to fly by. In the case of the On/Meets, there is a way to make the baby stage easier. What toddler it evolves into is determined by the happiness level and the On/Meets has a really long bar. So a trick for it is to max out the bar and then just focus on keeping it full and cleaning up after it, as the bar wont empty till almost the end of the baby stage. If you fill it up when it gets low after its nap at the 30 minute mark, it will definitely not empty and you can leave it alone till it evolves - making sure to feed it and clean up after it, of course. Care mistakes in the baby stage don't count, so don't worry about it. You might also want to take advantage of filling up the happiness with the teddy bear as this is the only stage where happiness goes up very quickly.
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    4 robots jumping on the bed... because the πŸ’monkeysπŸ’ weren't durable enoughπŸ’
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    you're welcome you should check out if your save file remains when you close the app and reboot your computer before putting too much effort and heart into it. On my computer the game would save alright but the save file would be gone if I shut off my laptop
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    I had a dream recently where I was realizing that in the end I actually still had one of my Tamagotchis, and that all I had to do was look up in my old stuff to find it. Of course as soon as I woke up I realized how nonsensical the thought was.
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    Urgh someone is selling the sequel to the research report but its 100 dollars... imagine the scans 😩😩
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    Welp, the digi's on my Black Digimon just died. I woke up to the death sound and I couldn't do anything. ;_; They don't sleep for very long but I sleep for like 10 hours so I can't clean up their poop 😭