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    Do his hilarious faces count?
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    So Tongaritchi evolved into a Hashizoutchi today. I really couldn't care for this character more since it was born. I'm glad that having a Mimitchi is thus still challenging enough without necessarily ending up with Takotchi for just a few care mistakes. I was outside today and the best I could do was use TeamViewer to remotely connect to my laptop to care for Tongaritchi. Needless to say, I was kinda lazy to do so... This is what I found when I got back home. Here's Hashizoutchi asleep. And this should mark the (temporary) end of this log since nothing really interesting is going to happen from now on. Maybe I'll only upload a few of Bill's funny faces in Beauty tournaments. It did win such a tournament today but it made the exact same face as last time so there was nothing really interesting to show. Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed the ride. I can't say when I'll be coming back to this log, but I hope I will. See ya!
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    hey everyone this is my first post here I’d like everyone to know about my new video about the amazing PIXEL CHIX! https://youtu.be/hn6QVTh0pjo
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    Of course he had to win as soon as I posted this lol So Ares is now officially admitted to the hall of fame. I'm going to try to collect more medals even though I'm getting kinda bored with Bill. I don't think I'll be logging about him again unless something really interesting happens.
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    Hmm, I stayed wondering about this, and it looks like there are 2 pieces of plastic which should act as holders for the yellow wire. I did 2 red arrows to show what I'm referring to as one is obstructed by the yellow wire in your pic: I think the wire got singed by being in contact with that metal plate that the red wire is connected to. Hopefully the defective Pastel you had was just a manufacturing defect where the yellow wire wasn't in place correctly between those holders, so let's hope that other Meets/ONs don't have the same problems, and we can all keep enjoying them for years to come! Interesting topic and findings btw!
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    I forgot to mention that Tonmarutchi evolved into a Tongaritchi yesterday. Nothing really happened until it fell asleep at 9 PM I should be on my way to obtaining Pochitchi. Bill lost at the knowledge tournament. I won't log about him again until something changes.