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    My fav tamagotchi is maskutchi. whats yours?????
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    Tarakotchi. He's been my favourite ever since I failed in an attempt to get a Maskutchi a few years ago and accidentally got a Tarakotchi instead - I think that he's got a lot of personality! I'm quite fond of the "ugly" Tamagotchi types in general.
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    In this case I recommend you take it to a jeweler and see what they could do to the backplate.
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    Honestly I love so many characters it is hard to mention only one so I will mention some of them Togetchi/UraTogetchi Violetchi/UraVioletchi Mametchi/UraMametchi/Devil Mametchi Mimitchi, Masktchi, Ginjirotchi I think that’s enough, because I wont stop
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    maskutchi!!!! and thennnn ura mametchi ((:!!
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    Sadly the nanos always reset if you change the battery and there's no way to save your data. Same with the vintage tamagotchis. I'm not sure what's the reason for it, but it might be because the device is too small to have it store any data.
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    Mine is tooooooooooooooo
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    Ah, I missed that. Thanks!
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    My favourite tamagotchi is Mametchi
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    Hi guys thai is my first time i write in this forum, I hope I’ m in the right place to ask help and I apologise if I make any mistakes but English is not my mother language. some days ago I found my old tamagotchi of when i was a child From 2004 it works perfectly and i’ m very happy for it. someone can tall me exactly what version is and its growth chart? Thaks for who will answer me
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    My tama(s) are adults!!! (They are twins)
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    Ohhhhhhh i like PomPomtchi!!
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    Kiminanizatchi. I'm a huge fan. I also like PomPomtchi too!
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    My favorite Tamagotchi is Miraitchi. I also really like Orenetchi, Melodytchi, Himespetchi, Kiraritchi, and plenty of other modern tamagotchi characters.
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    Yes all pre-orders are cancelled, I mentioned this in my topic here
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    aah, im really glad to hear it too honestly eep!!! i was glad to see it...
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    I'm really happy to see that you know what Setsubun is! Usually when people post about the non-localised holidays on the colour Tamagotchis, it's because they don't know them - or occasionally have misinterpreted them as a problem with the device. There's nothing wrong with that, of course - it's just fun to see it the other way around for once! I know that Hinamatsuri is featured on at least some devices, as well as a characterisation of the large ceremonial New Year's mochi. There are definitely others that I'm forgetting, and that doesn't even touch on the random seasonal animations.
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    I had one of those too! I was totally ripped off by that!
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    We got the screwdriver however that still has not worked. The backplate is still firmly in place.
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    yeah.. im afraid to touch it for now. in the meantime ive been offered uh. $10 if i decide to keep it, and then other than that i ... assume my option is to return it for a (i assume/hope) a full refund? ... mmmm. i was gonna say i could get one in the box its just more expensive and now i cannot find ANYTHING that isn't over 300 when last time i looked it was 225 on amazon.... annoying...... the sellers being nice though. ill probably get back to them in the morning but. i would like to fix it if i cant seem to.. get a replacement, i guess.