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    Thank you you’ re very kind ti was just curiosity I don’t have any intention of selling my tamagotchi
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    Ooh, this sounds like an interesting quest! It sounds like a much smaller version of the 1990s Epoch/Tomy toy, Barcode Battler (which was sold with the laughable on-box subtitle "Commerce Conflict" ), though with that the creatures were never shown on-screen and it was entirely a game of numbers (the British press overhyped it as being superior to the Game Boy and Game Gear because it would help kids with maths - that didn't help its sales ). I'm doing a bit of searching because I've never heard of this one, or of Skannerz, but it doesn't look like Skannerz ever came in a "for girls" version or a watch version, so I guess that you can rule that one out. Do you remember anything else about it at all? I'd love to help out if possible. EDIT: The closest thing that I've found so far seems to be Barbie Scanimals Pet Rescue - could it perhaps have been an offshoot of this? (It was produced by the same company as Skannerz - an electronic toy manufacturer called Radica.)
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    Hey there, I’m new to Tamatalk and I joined because I have a question about my Tamagotchi Friend that hasn’t been asked by anyone else yet. I have a regular tama Friend and it’s a European one. I want to try and raise a Yumemitchi but she requires the social trait. I don’t want to spend more money on a second tama friend and they came out a little while ago now so they’re expensive online on places such as eBay. I’ve had my tama friend since I was little when it was released in Europe in 2014 and I’ve always wanted to get Yumemitchi and had no luck. Is there a physically possible way to raise her without having a second tama. The social boy characters are obtainable without a second tama to connect with, by giving your teen no trait and letting it evolve randomly. But some of the girls have no specific trait, so if you don’t give your tama a trait, it’ll evolve into one of the default no trait ones, making you unable to do the random evolution and have a chance of randomly getting a social girl. If anyone knows a way to get the social girls without a second tama, let me know, I’m going to try a few care experiments to see if I can do it. As Yumemitchi is the tama advertised on the box art and everywhere else, I think it’s a bit of a shame that if you only have one tama, it’s very hard/impossible to raise her. Not every tama owner also has friends that have one or have enough money to get a second one. 😂 I also wouldn’t ever bother with the second one or use it after I’ve used it for the connections.
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    When I was a kid, I had a toy that basically was like a watch (I think?) which scanned the barcodes on items. In the codes that it scanned, it would find creatures, like fairies and mermaids etc. It also had some mini games on it, including a picture puzzle where you had to move the pieces into an image (I think it was the image of one of the creatures that were found?) There was a girl's version and boy's version, from maybe around the mid 2000s? Naturally, I had the girl's version and loved that thing to bits. But then I went and lost it...🤦‍♀️ I have no idea what that thing was called (I'm pretty sure it wasn't Scannerz, unless they had something similar to what I'm describing?). I've been pining for it ever since though, so if it rings any bells please end my suffering! It's been nearly 20 years now!!!😭
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    I have collected tamagotchis for years but never thought about protecting the screens... Now I want to and I have some questions. What sort of screen protector should I buy for my tamagotchis? I want to buy some regular soft screen protectors and then cut them down to size to use on my tamagotchis but I am not sure which make of screen protection to go for. I am worried about using one which ends up actually damaging the screen. If anyone can suggest or post a link to the specific screen protectors that they use that would be great. Also, I see people talking about using screen protectors on the colour tamas but is it also ok to use screen protectors on the vintage tamas (P1/P2, angel etc) and the connections? Or could doing so damage them? Can I use the same kind of screen protection on them? One final thing: how do I clean a tamagotchi screen without scratching it? I need to know this for the modern tamas (meets/mix/idl etc) and for the older ones (P1/P2/connections).
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    You know what, I actually think that might be it! Thank you so much! I never would have thought it was a Barbie toy! And all these years I thought it was a watch (in my defense, like I said, it was a long time ago and I was VERY young)!😂 But the puzzle game matches up, and I remember the sheet that came with it with all the character sprites. It actually looks like a fun toy (a bit less gimmicky than I thought it would be)! Shame nobody on the internet appears to be selling them... Also, the big question: what the heck was the "boy's version" I remember seeing? Probably the aforementioned Scannerz...😅
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    I'm weird in that I really like the mixing feature. I think I'd be disappointed to see it go. I usually wouldn't bother with buying new versions of the same model of tamagotchi just for new characters but I have all the meets and all of the mixes except the melody mix because I wanted the new characters to mix with. On the other hand it is fun to try and get specific characters with care misses etc on the older models.
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    yeah same here. i wont lie, the mixing thing was really unique and innovative and i had a LOT of fun playing my mix and on because of that. though it does get kind of old after a while. I hope this version either doesn't have that feature or has it programmed in a different way, i feel like ive seen every single part of each character and it barely feels like im mixing anything anymore. I'd like it if they had the same number of adult characters that the mix/meets/on had (wasnt it like around 30 adult characters to marry on the tama itself?) but they were all raiseable characters
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    oh absolutely. i am... very tired of mixing my tamagotchis aah.. i mean its CUTE but. i miss being able to tell how well i did like with my connections yknow?
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    it's definitely a great idea, but after 4, almost 5 years of the same gimmick it's just become very meh for me. It would be great if they released a Tamagotchi with both mixing, and the ability to raise regular Tamas (without have to kill of your current one, lol). For this I actually meant changing it like you can on previous colour Tamas by prying up the faceplate and replacing the paper that's under there, I didn't even think of it being intentionally changeable like the Tama-go and 4U are! ...Man I hope there's some official news soon. Please Bandai I'm begging you!! I am impatient lol
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    I wonder if the Pix will have the gene mixing feature. I have heard people say that it probably won't based on the fact that the leaked images show only 'regular' tamagotchis, but on the other hand I feel like 'Pix' could be a play on 'pics' (pictures) and 'mix'. What does everyone think?
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    Heya,new to tamagotchi. Found a morino tamagotch in a thrift store But it wasn't working so i replaced the very old batteries with semi old ones. It kinda worked until the batteries ran out Though i noticed that theres something wrong Like,it turns off and on with a light slap So it means egg after egg after egg Then i bought some new ones but while screwing it on to close the screen fades to nothing But when the lid isnt fully closed,it works just fine.though that'd make it hard to put in a bag or my pocket Also works without the lid except everytime the batteries move it turns off then on again.
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    The screen fades away because as soon as you open the lid which keep pressing on the batteries to keep them connected it will turn off. That is normal for a vintage Tamagotchi. Not sure why when the lid is closed your Morino won’t work but I recommend you try this method that @Penguin-keeper suggested to me in another topic and see if it works!
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    hi! so its been a bit but not a lot has happened other than the... p's broke so im trying to return it. now im trying to get my on as old as possible 🙂 and this morning my v3 got married with a kid! idk what ill name it, but. other than thaaat... i might order a 4u? or i could get two of them used. im not sure if i want to get one or. two. the condition changes of course when i do that, then im also gonna get a digimon (:!! so that's exciting. id love to hear thoughts or suggestions about one 4U in box vs 2 used 4Us... im not sure what i want! its about the same price to get either or, so it's no big deal to me. alright love yall!! EDIT: i found a 4U+.... and after some research i think i'd prefer a + over a regular? its more than a regular in box or used but thats fine. i need to do more looking around but!!!
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    A quick eBay search shows around 30 - 60 USD average without packaging (https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=tamagotchi+connection+v1&_sacat=0)
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    I would say between $20 - $30 but I’m not an expert as I’ve never sold a tamagotchi before. I hope people on here will help you more with the price.
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    On eBay if you are looking for a new one in a package the price is around $40 to $90
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    Jekyl died today after not being able to find him for a whole week. Reply f forrespects. But hey, now we have Bloop!
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    today, i would like to mourn the death of Ronichi and Bonichi. They were the twins and the son and daughter of my first Tamamgotchi and her husband. I am very sad. What happens after that? Please say a wish for them to be happy now.