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    I’m not big on adding photo taking to tamagotchi if I’m honest. I’m blind and the newer tamas are getting increasingly harder to use and it’s making me kinda sad. This is just going the problem worse. I’m also not super big on a tamagotchi social network given the intended demographic. The concept just feels extremely out of left field for them I guess? I’ll probably still end up buying it but it depends on how much I’ll actually be able to use it and I’ll most likely be getting it second hand if at all.
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    Yes, @TamaMum broke the thread! Correct, whenever a moderator break it we start over We can’t let the Mods break it every time we need to keep it going Starting from the beginning, 1
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    Booooom! 💣
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    Thank you very much i didn't know what a etamago was but now i do
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    The description for the device suggests that this version lacks physical buttons, so that may make it even more difficult to use, unfortunately.