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    Sorry to hear that, month and a half is a really long time hopefully someone who knows about them can answer your question
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    Friday 19th of March ○ Evolution ○ Finally, my four witches evolved on Friday and they all reached Gen 3 Everything seemed fine and well until I checked their stats. the green witch was the different one, her rank was showing "FOOL" and non of the symbols was lit! I was really confused. I also checked characters chart and unfortunately the green one is a fool now meaning that it will not be a witch basically. After the evolution I went and checked the stats again but it was the next day and found another surprise, but not a good one! The picture on top right is what it looks like a bomb! According to the manual it says that this bomb is an ancient magic that affect the witch "randomly" and could potentially affect another witch if connected. Another theory says that if you neglect your witch the bomb will be activated, as you can see there is a time limit starting from 50 hours, if the player doesn't do anything it will sadly explode and kills your witch! I tried to take care of the "FOOL" and tried to bring the weight down, made sure the meters are full but that's all you could do. I couldn't even do any magic, she couldn't preform any magic or anything really apart from being needy and super sensitive to anything! The bomb actually reset for three time so I decided to let it explode! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to see what happens! ○ Connections ○ On stage 3 I need to start connect them with each other so that they could evolve. The chart below shows the clans and each character has four symbols beneath them, the lit symbols represent the witch clan's symbol and also the witch she was friends with. At this point the only two witches that evolved are Earthlin and Enrouge there connections were as followed: Enrouge was connected with Baluluna multiple times, an interesting animation happened were both of them sounded happy and nothing bad occurred. Earthlin was connected with Aquary and the same with the previous two happened. Aquary also happened to like Baluluna and now they are good friends. I tried to connect Enrouge with Aquary and Baluluna with Earthlin to see how things might go with one another but they completely went ham on each other with the curses so I thought I will give it another try another time! Saturday 20th of March ○ Evolution ○ The big day has come, I was waiting for this to happen only to see if the growth charts online are accurate and I wasn't disappointed Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to the Saint from the Earth clan (top) and the Demon from the Fire clan (bottom) The connections were correct and I got what I was looking for. Apparently when you connect them you have to see them both happy otherwise that won't count for the evolution. Still waiting for the Water witch to grow. This is a cute animation of the Saint while he was making the potion: After they evolved I wanted to see what would happen and that just happened The earth witch cursed the fire one and trapped it in a bottle. The firs witch cursed the earth one with diarrhea! ○ Stats ○ Finally this is their stats that was taken on Sunday the 21st of March I thought I will include the Air witch photo here as well: Still no evolutions for both Air and Water witches. I'm not worried about the water one but definitely concerned with the "FOOL", the symbols are not lit and the fact it says fool is even worse! ○ Thoughts & Opinions ○ So far the progress is going great soon I will share more about the Water witch As of the Air witch, I will sadly let the bomb explode because at this point I cannot connect it nor I can train it and do magical stuff with it. See you all later!
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    I'm pretty sure that there's still something that you can try. If you have any white vinegar to hand, it may be worth trying to scrub up the springs using a cotton-bud (sold under the brand-name Q-Tips in some countries) soaked with the stuff. There's a video here that shows what happens to some very rusty tools when soaked in white vinegar for 16 hours, but I would imagine that the sort of rust you're dealing with here wouldn't need such a lengthy treatment - you can probably just leave the springs in place and clean them up as described above, rather than taking the device apart and soaking them.
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    This was something that certain virtual pet families did, back in the day (in particular, a number of pets using the Gyaoppi programming do this), so it's almost certainly intentional.
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    Another week has gone by and some new panda stuff has happened... Last time I posted, she was 9 and her appearance changed again even though the instructions say she'll change to one of five appearances at age 10. When she turned 10, she changed again and became what's called "jasper", having an all-black body. I finally got to see some of the 'new' (to me) activities and interactions that I'd been excited for, such as having friends/dates(?) come over, and dressing for weather. I've only had a weather interaction once so far, but we've had three friends attempt to come over. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be more like dates, because when this happens, it'll show the panda sitting there looking at a giant heart, but each time I've pressed a button, the other panda walks away and the heart breaks, so it seems pretty sad. 🙁 Not sure yet if this is just random or if I should try pressing a different button each time? Pictures of both of these experiences will be included, as well as some appearance changes. Speaking of appearance changes, she changed again at 14? She went back to being black and white and was pretty large, I think this is the "jumbo" appearance shown in the instructions? I heard the growth music on that day and jumped up to check, and saw that she looked different again. She turned 16 today, and the music played again this morning, and now she's back to having the jasper appearance... I'm not sure if this is normal or if something is up, haha. I really wish there was more info out there on this pet. Curious to see if she changes anymore. However, something else interesting did happen this week. I left her on the table we have downstairs for a bit, and when I came back, it looked like it had been knocked over (probably the cat) and when I picked it up, the screen was blank, almost like the batteries had been removed. I got a screwdriver to take the back off, took the batteries out and put them back in. Also played with the little metal pieces a bit, screwed the cap back on and she just came back on like nothing had happened? I figured this would have for sure reset my progress. Also, it almost seems like messing with the metal has helped, for a while the screen would randomly go blank and come back on, but now it doesn't. My biggest complaint though is that since we recently set the clocks ahead, she doesn't go to sleep until 10 pm AND that weird little blank screen issue threw her clock off by about 10 minutes, so she goes to bed at 10:10 pm instead of 9:00. Oh well, I want to see how long I can keep her alive, and if she changes appearances anymore along the way. Here are some pictures from this week...
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    Hello fellow Tama caretakers! Yesterday afternoon, after being on Gen 4 for 19 days on my Osutchi and Mesutchi, they didn't evolve into their Senior form (Ojitchi and Otokitchi), and they just died abruptly. They never even had one care mistake, and the discipline bar was full, so why didn't they evolve into the Senior form? The wiki page states that perfect care needs to be sustained till they are age 13, and I'm 100% positive that I never got a care mistake till this age (or ever while running this model), so why didn't they evolve? (Wiki page for reference: https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Tamagotchi_Osutchi_and_Mesutchi/Character_list#TMP4) Is perfect care defined as not letting the hearts drop below 3 for example? Rather than not getting any care mistakes? I'm quite disappointed, been over a month and a half running these 2, and I didn't get the results I was aiming for at the end
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    This is a disappointing effort at an official Halloween costume. Now you can all share in my disappointment.