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    Thanks for that link, I'll definitely make good use of it! It's especially helpful seeing a log of someone obtaining Ningyotchi (the mermaid), I really like her. Yeah, it's a tough little Tama I'll give it that, you'd really need to dedicate a week to it I imagine. Running it at the office is gonna be super tough if not close to impossible, that's really putting me off from starting it, taking care of it for a whole weekend only to have it die the next time I'm in at work x_X When I'm working from home it's manageable, but we shift on a roster, so I always have at least 2 days a week from the office 😢 Why would you even suggest that to your own beloved sibling?????
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    Dang, didn't notice Penguin-keeper broke it on the next page x_X Off we go again. . . 1!!! Thankfully yeah, me and my family are very close Ohhhh yeah, you absolutely have no idea how leafy I can actually be hahaha
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    The viruses from Dr. Mario are here to ruin everyone's day! Including mine, because they're stealing my notebook.
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    I can't answer your other questions, but the evolution has probably been delayed because you've adjusted the time. My understanding is that, in the background, as long as the clock is running, vintage-era Tamagotchis have a set lifespan that's somewhat independent of what the clock and age readouts say - if you leave the clock alone, it should resume the expected behaviour sooner or later. Good luck with getting a Lucky Unchi-kun - it'd be amazing if you managed it on your first try!
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    Hi everyone, I recently rekindled my passion for tamagotchi and bought a second hand Japanese angelgotchi. On my third try I ended up with a ghost jr who didn’t turn into maruten the first day, whose AP maxed out at 90, and after looking around the internet I realized this is what happens in rare cases where it evolves into Lucky Unchikun instead. it’s now the 7th day (I counted, I’ve messed with the times a bit that changed its age) and my tama is still a ghost jr (baby), and I’m starting to wonder if I’m doing something wrong that’s stopping it from evolving? I’ve mostly taken good care of it, keeping the hungry and happy hearts are filled out, discipline bar full and AP is kept at 90. I might have had some care misses on the first day though, because I was trying to get the bad care teen before realising it was Ghost jr. who didn’t evolve I’m pretty bummed because this seems to be a really rare occurrence... does anyone know how you’re supposed to treat Ghost Jr. to allow it to turn into Lucky Unchikun? Any specific AP range it should be kept at? (Eg maybe I shouldn’t keep it at 90? And let it drop?) thanks so much in advance!!!
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    Okay so I actually got to watch as one of these guys (although blue) came up and got married to my pet! And it doesn't seem to be a Sanrio pet either. So I guess there's a bigger number of pets that can come to get married?
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    Quick update: I've started re-coding the app in Python. I know most users would not want to install Matlab's MCR to play the game.
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    This website has various guides on the 4U and 4U+ among other colour models. Look to the 4U growth chart for the requirements on how to get specific characters and to the post adult personality chart to see the criteria for each personality form. Even though this topic is old, I thought I might at least answer it for the benefit of anyone else. Just googling the tama model and "guide" or "growth chart" is usually all you need to come across this stuff. There are quite a few websites that host guides for current models and there's also Youtube tutorials as well. The beauty of the internet, really.
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    I found the answer in this topic. It turns out that the house upgrades after the minimum number of connections specified in each column is met between two 4Us. So each number range show the amount of connections which will leave the house at its current level. I guess the idea is that the tama decided to fix up its house when it gets such and such visitors. People do the same thing also XD I remember hearing a sermon anecdote about a father forcing his kids to paint the house because company was coming. That's neat about the 4u and kinda makes buying another one a bit better in addition to the special characters achieved through connecting on the 4u+.
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    Ha, I like it! We'll go with Kitty. 😄 Kitty woke up this morning and I played games and fed her until 10, when she turned 2 and changed appearance. As usual, she lost half a heart when she grew, I tried feeding her bread which she wouldn't eat, and feeding an apple did nothing, so I immediately turned the tv on. Guess that's what she'll be doing until 10 am on Monday. 🥴 Here are a few pictures from this morning of her sleeping, getting angry over losing a game, and right as she turned 2.
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    How about Kitty, since the baby form looks a little bit cat-like?
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    A new panda was born this morning! I started her shortly after 9 am so that she'd be 1 year old at 10, meaning she'll grow tomorrow morning. 🙂 Here are a few pictures of her in her baby form, which doesn't look too much like a panda in my opinion. One is the default pose when she's just hanging out, another is when she's cheering after being fed or playing a game, and also winning a game and having me pet her. As I'm typing this I'm thinking that it would be fun to give this one a name, since I just called the last one "panda", but don't really have any ideas at the moment, so maybe I'll have one when I make another post. Or if anyone who looks at this has suggestions, feel free to suggest!
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    Oh yeah, the Umino is known as one of the most difficult tamas to run and I heard that it was designed so that most wouldn't even see the adult stage. If you did manage to keep it alive at the office, Bandai should give you a medal. Oh yeah, I found this website gives allot of details about the Umino/Ocean and has some nicely written logs. Oh yeah, there's gross people everywhere. I actually did tell to him to send Vomit a friend request. Man, I thought it would of worked and also since he was well known in that particular community.
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    4! And thanks for sharing a picture of your family, 'Boom. There is such a strong family resemblance and I'm sure you all have such deep roots. Even though you're not in it, I'm sure you're pretty leafy this time of year :^) And hey, you could do an excellent Kusatchi cosplay right down to the planter