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    My 1 and 2 storey houses used to do this all the time! What I used to do is take the batteries out and put them back in. Works for me, but if it doesn’t for you; try a different brand.
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    Hahaha! I would hope so too! I must admit, given this I'm completely puzzled by what's happening here - you've covered all of the bases, already. I really hope that someone is able to shed light on this one so that we can all improve our knowledge!
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    I bought them 2 days ago from Sainsbury’s, so I would hope so! It’s been in a drawer for 6 months without use with all my other Bandai Tamagotchis. I’ve played with them on and off with no trouble.
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    Unfortunately, I will have to end my current log exams and final year projects are approaching so it’s best to focus on that. My apologies for those who were waiting for an update.
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    That's a pretty awesome find! I thought id take a peek back in the forum and see if there was anything going on. I'm still bent on doing a ROM dump of this V3 I have sitting on my desk, but have been playing around with more battery stuff lately. Looks like were still active in here! Do you have a link for the discord? I've got a new facebook account as well and forgot your name thx
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    Every variation is suitable for any gender. If a boy likes pink, then he can purchase the pink fairy version.
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    Just for extra clarity, here: Are the batteries in-date? Aside from that, how has the device been stored?
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    Dang, didn't notice Penguin-keeper broke it on the next page x_X Off we go again. . . 1!!! Thankfully yeah, me and my family are very close Ohhhh yeah, you absolutely have no idea how leafy I can actually be hahaha
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    The viruses from Dr. Mario are here to ruin everyone's day! Including mine, because they're stealing my notebook.
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    Yeah idk what's going on, no characters are on the screen but I can hear them talking plain as day. The lights flicker sometimes too. I tried the reset button but it still was acting this way. I'm not sure what to do cause I really wanna salvage this one haha. My mom something might be loose, but I don't have the slightest idea about disassembling and reassembling it, and I don't wanna make it worse. I can't afford a new one either so I'm kinda stuck. 😓