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    I just started running my sweets and Sanrio after awhile and decided to start saving the photos. I chose no comments just because I want it to be more like a photo album. Thanks again to the mods for running this site and having a place for us to save this stuff. Well, its been awhile since I played the tamas and didn't remember the Japanese menus so well... After starting it up, I accidentally chose restart in Japanese instead of continue haha. So I'm starting off with generation one on both of them. Boy on the Sanrio and girl on the sweets Those two grew up into Mametchi and Lovelitchi, got married off and now there's a boy on the sweets and a girl on the sanrio
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    I had an account I was SUPER active on when I was a teen (~zunky~ if you were wondering) and I'm kicking myself, I'm getting back into the hobby and I remember the email address I used to have the account on. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ I decided to come back here for tips and such and why not continue to use my old account, ya know? Apparently I had a lurker account from before(hence why this account is from before that one). I couldn't have been older than eleven or twelve when I made this one! πŸ˜‚ I guess, as I've managed to get into one of my old accounts, I may as well figure out how to change the display name to something more... Fitting? Less cringy for sure 😜 Anyway, running my angelgotchi and having a blast with it too. Anyone else a super old tamaparent at this point? One concern of mine was that I'd be an adult on a forum full of children but then I remembered the awesome, most certainly adult, members, like Binary and Mothra. Hopefully I can contribute something half as awesome as they have to the community as they did when I was a kid. πŸ’–
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    I know I have some cringe child moments lol I just accept it was a different me back then. I know I'd likely have a whole different identity here had I made my account a few years later, but the Nazotchi theme is just too nostalgic at this point to change it.
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    Children rarely use forums anymore. They’re not very mobile-friendly, and Windows 10 is too user-hostile compared to older versions. Maybe the rising popularity of Chromebooks and MacBooks will help.