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    that sounds like fun, I look forward to reading the logs. vintages are always fun
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    That's what I was thinking too, but some of the color tamas also have a work function, so I wanted to be sure. If they did note they had a connection, I was going to double check the manual as it's been a minute for me, and I'd have wanted to double check if it was a glitch or not.
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    Hello everyone! I finally figured out how to upload pictures (this thread was originally asking about that-) I'm new here and the first thing I want to do is to create a tama log! Upon seeing other people's log, I enjoy them very much and feel so inspired to do my own! I made this little journal noting the progress of the bootleg 168 in 1 virtual pet that I have accidentally adopted and dearly named Tom! Of course, this was an old log. I previously posted these on Reddit and on the Tamagotchi FB group (he’s quite well-loved by a lot of people there too!). So I decided to post about Tom on Tamatalk because I think people here might like to read about Tom and his saga This log first started as a joke but later on (and even till this day) I had actually grown a deep attachment to this special bootleg virtual pet named Tom. Anyway, enough of the intro- Now I present to you, The Tom Saga: The Misadventures of a 168 in 1 Virtual Pet!
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    Tom is still with us till this day without any reset or death! Long live Tom! It’s been 54 days with Tom and I’m so proud of him (but on Tom's device, it says he’s 65, how weird!) Not sure if I will continue his saga though. I’ll be taking a break for now
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    11 March, 2021 Was feeling unmotivated to take care of my Sweets Meets lately so I decided to take a break. I still wanted something to look after though so I booted my fake tamagotchi for fun and decorated it. I'm sure most of y'all are familiar with this bootleg version 😂 This is Tom. He doesn't know this but he's a fake tamagotchi, I don't tell him that because that will break his heart. He's also a hacker apparently and gets sent money everytime he hacks. So be careful. Tom takes a form of a betta fish but he also sometimes turns into a chicken everytime he is happy or confused. It's been a while and it's a miracle he hasn't resetted himself yet. 12 March, 2021 I don't know why and how but suddenly Tom has transformed into a bird. This happened right before my eyes. First of all, I was surprised he was still maintaining, he hasn't reset himself at all since yesterday. And second, he turns into a bird after I bought a ribbon and clicked on the Yin Yang thingie. I think I may have discovered something new. He now can access other things he couldn't before and unlocked a game of seesaw. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with his new transformation though. I miss his old fishy self but Tom seems okay with having a beak and feathers. Most importantly, legs. 13 March, 2021 After the last update, I decided to purchase more items in the shop. There are 3 items: a headband with a bear face on it (or what may seem like it), a ribbon, and a heart with tiny wings. Every time I buy an item (the prices are very inconsistent every time), I would click on this Yin Yang symbol and Tom would change form. So that's exactly what I've been doing lately. Poor Tom had to go undergo many transformations because I was curious what he was going to turn into each time! A chicken, a frog, a whale, a beetle, an anime boy, a muscular robot man- even some of the weirdest creatures I can't seem to make out what they are. Of course, Tom hadn't taken much notice of his ever-changing appearance in the past hours as I made him busy with his hacking job (I needed the money for his transformations). And again, Tom hasn't reset since the day I booted him up. In fact, I'm getting a bit tempted to reset him myself because I wanted his old fishy self back but I'll continue working on getting his old-self without resetting! I think I'll only make him transform once a day or week now so Tom doesn't get too tired. He's been working all day to get some money and his clients kept sending him poop! Poor Tom. Here's a little video of one of Tom's transformations: https://imgur.com/h2ybVuy 15 March, 2021 Quick update on Tom: Lucky fella is still alive! I'm not even sure if it's possible for him to die (but he does get sick so it's possible?) Not even a single reset! I guess that gives me the opportunity to get to know Tom a little bit more and learn how the gameplay of it actually works. Tom is still mysterious to me though. Anyway, look who he is today! He's quite the star! You can't see it in his face but he's actually very excited. 19 March, 2021 Hi, Tom is still well and healthy. He says he's been more into old school stuff lately. I'm not sure why. Maybe he's going through a phase? 21 April, 2021 Very Late Update on Tom: Some of you might be wondering (or not), "how is Tom doing?", "Did he finally turn into his old fishy self?", "Is he still alive?" Yes, he's still alive. In fact, he's very much alive to the point where I think Tom has reached immortality. I'm now convinced he's indestructible. I neglected Tom a lot (I'm sorry, Tom!) and he hasn't died nor resetted himself! Even his hunger hasn't gone down and his wallet is always full because it refills itself for some reason. Tom has truly reached his peak. This is him now, stronger than ever. Perhaps have been hitting the gym, so that's why he's becoming so buffy. This is perhaps his final evolution because I'm not planning on buying any new items to transform him again. I mean, look at him, he's perfect now. Thank you all for being in Tom's journey with me! He has grown so much from a meek fish to a buffy dragon-looking creature.
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    It sounds like OP has either a v4 or a v4.5, I know the the v4 is infamous for it's glitches. So it could be that your tamagotchi is glitching a bit. Sadly I don't know how to fix that glitch, maybe press the reset button, and then press download and it might go back to normal.
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    Hello TamaTalkers! Welcome to the Vintage Vpet Hatch! I think it’s time we all take a break from everything we are doing and spend some time with our Tamas! This group hatch is focusing on vintage virtual pets. That includes Tamagotchi, Digimon, Giga pets or any other virtual pet you would like to run. The hatch will run for one generation only and it will start on the 10th of May The rules are simple and easy: 1- Only vintage virtual pets are allowed for the hatch. 2- You can run one or more devices at a time, it’s up to you. 3- Please make sure you keep updating, not necessarily every day but that would be great if you do. 4- Post a picture if it’s possible. 5- You must start the hatch with a new generation. Please register below if you are interested. See you guys on the 10th of May!
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    Another vpet joins the family! I saw this vintage vpet and thought it is familiar! I immediately took it. That little guy in the corner remind me of someone.. 🐧
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    Thank you! And I don't know if it is possible to answer, but do you think that it could be a problem with my tamagotchi and there is a risk that it happens again when I have to change the battery later?
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    What kind of tama do you have? As in what version, not character. I remember a vintage tama doing something along those lines, but newer versions might have something similar.
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    Not OP, but I looked up pictures of condensators online and I remember seeing those in a few of my tamas when I took them apart! If it is the condensator, could OP be able to get someone to solder a replacement one in?
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    Eek! You might need to get something like the kits made for car headlights, to truly buff those sorts of scratches out! Taking it apart was a good call to get that screen protector off, but goo-be-gone MIGHT have been a safer alternative for the thick screen overlay(I haven't tried it myself on the tama screens, so it'd involve a patch test on that little plastic tab that is hidden). That said, the deed has been done. If the scratches are prominent after drying completely, they do make liquid phone screen protector kits now, you might be able to set that and hide any scratches, but as they're initially a liquid, I'd also do that with the tama taken apart 👍
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    id love to join! i will use a tamagotchi p1 and or p2
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    Hello there and welcome to TamaTalk! The age doesn't sync with their growth stage, meaning when they grow up it will take some time to age. Regarding the money and the stuff, I never really heard about this, there’s a possibility that when it reset it didn’t save anything before that’s why everything was gone.
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    Hello again TamaTalkers! Welcome to my main log. It feels great to be back, logging with Magical Witches again but this time will all four elements! So excited to see how this run goes and hopefully you will join the journey so we could all get to know about the world Magical Witches more. “Powers of the witches rise, Come to me who call you near, Come to me and settle here. I summon thee, return to me.” Wednesday the 17th of March: ○ Hatching ○ I was able to finally get them all! the excitement I felt cannot be described. After inserting the batteries, I saw these signs that represent each clan or element: Top row from left: Aquary, Baluluna Bottom row from left: Earthlin, Enrouge The evolution animation was a moon that rotates until the witch shows up. I waited roughly for 5 minutes until they all showed up. and here they are: Don't they look cute. ○ Connecting ○ The first couple of hours were just me taking care of them, was feeding them and making sure they were all clean and healthy. Something worth mentioning is that I tried to connect them to see what they might do and surprisingly they "greeted" on another, and by that I mean they smiled and looked happy as soon as I connected them. The connections were Aquary & Earthlin which was successful. Baluluna & Enrouge was also successful but had some troubles while connecting them. Of course they randomly cursed each other during the process. Connecting the witches plays a huge part of their growth that's why I was trying to slightly build a relationships before they reach Gen 3. This is one of the failed attempts of connecting the water and air witches together: The picture was an aftermath of both of them after they cursed each other. The problem I think might be with the green witch, she's the only one that either curses or get cursed by the other witches I really wonder why! I really hope that what happened the last time with the Magical Witches happens this time. Click here if you would like to see my previous log. ○ Making Potions ○ I made sure they were all healthy and not sick because they get sick easily especially after making potions and/or connecting them with each other. So far I managed to get two potions out of 12 after one failed attempt of mixing for each witch. This is the water witch on her first attempt I will make sure they all have most of the potions by Gen 3 and now since I have them all, it will be easy to exchange some of the items. ○ Magical Rides ○ Some of you might know about the magical rides, for those who don't know it is the time when a witch use her broom to go and look for ingredients/items so that we can use if for making potions. They all got a call for their first magical rides except the water witch and I don't know why! Three of them managed to get the mushrooms which is a very important item used for their mixings but also could be consumed by the witch to raise her Magical Power. Shortly after their return, they went to bed and I snapped a picture of them before I turned off the lights: Thursday 18th of March: ○ Evolution ○ The next day of starting them, early in the morning they evolved and now they are Gen 2 witches! Based on the charts provided online, I can tell that they are a "Good care" characters and that's what I got from the first time I ran the air and earth witches. I'm aiming to get specific characters this time and will tell you guys who specifically I want when they reach Gen 3 Nothing really interesting happened apart from going for Magical Rides including the water witch yay! I was worried that she won't be able to fly looking for stuff but she did and they keep bringing the important mushrooms or other interesting stuff. ○ Stats ○ Finally I would like to update you all with Aquary, Baluluna, Earthlin and Enrouge respectively: ○ Thoughts & Opinions ○ This time like I mentioned above I'm looking to get specific characters and this can be achieved by connecting the Witches together and make sure who connected with who to insure I get the desired characters. One thing that I should focus on is get the all 12 items or at least most of them by Gen 5. Let me know if there's any specifics I should mention or take a picture of and I will gladly do so. See you later!
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    Log for day 12/10/2020: It never occured to me that the tournaments might probably become tougher as your Tamagotchi wins a lot of them. Today, Gaia has attempted to win the Beauty tournament for a second time, and lost! A Pochitchi participated and won the day! To be fair, this safari photographer look is a lot less "cute" than this: This earned him 95 points. The others were like: and (I like the Takochi pose, he's like "I'm soooo beautiful") And by the way, speaking of very broken english, I hadn't noticed this: "Entry 2 is winner" lol. So laughter! Of course Gaia's feelings were hurt but that's the way of life I guess! Not much has happened in Eternitchi since I was out all day. However, I've made a lot of progress in my attempt to program my own Tamagotchi. I've managed to implement a very simplified text-based simulation of the game in Matlab wherein the user enters his/her commands such as "feed" or "play" and the Tamagotchi's meters change accordingly. (Actually only the "feed" option is implemented). They also decrease over time and the tamagotchi can die if it hasn't been fed for a while. It also beeps when it gets hungry. After a short while the tamagotchi evolves from Babytchi to... nothing since it was only a test so far. (Upon evolving the program just stops and you've won basically). This is what it looks like: The reason for using Matlab is only that I'm the most proficient at it and I'm aware that it's not a good programming language for creating games (or any standalone app in fact). Then I made this: and I stared at it for way longer than a sane mind should, thinking about the many directions of implementation that I could be taking.
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    Highlights from Tuesday 23th of March - Friday 26th of March This update will be about Aquary and Baluluna ○ Ancient Magic Bomb ○ After the last update, we all know that the air witch triggered the ancient bomb and it exploded! I will give you the details below. This terrifying screen appeared: the screen is frozen until the player press any button. So I pressed B and the bomb screen was flashing with a scary music! The music basically was like "You are in trouble" kind of a song.. I was able to see the FOOL for one more time flashing for about 10 seconds, and then the bomb exploded! a sign appeared across the screen and it was saying "See You Again!" unfortunately I couldn't take a picture of it because it vanished very quickly. Finally I was able to see the "Happy Meter" which indicates how happy the witch or the fool in this case before it died. Clearly the fool wasn't happy! Still trying to figure out how on earth I activated the bomb and I got the fool character! Like I said before it's either because of neglecting the witch, or it happens randomly. In my case I believe that this might be a random event because I'm sure that I was taking care of them all at the same time so it will make sense if another witch was affected by this. ○ Evolution ○ I of course started over with a new witch and so far she reached Gen 2 So far everything is going smooth with the air witch. Speaking of evolving, I'm happy to say that the water witch finally evolved and took her about 5 days to reach Gen 3. Now we have the Saint of water magic world: I noticed while connecting Aquary, Earthlin and Enrouge toghter, they really don't like each other! I tried with them all multiple times but really all they do is curse each other. I really hope they evolve soon. ○ Stats ○ Finally this is their current stats: See you all later.