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    https://tamapalace.tumblr.com/post/653448509368958976 so the pix's manual got posted apparently, looks promising! I like the idea of ordering your tama food, and the babysitter costing money is an interesting choice.
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    That makes sense I might take it to my dad cuz he’s good with that stuff to see what he thinks. But it’s with me ALL THE TIME cuz i attached a chain to it to make it a necklace.You may be right though, or maybe it’s to noisy around me. Idk though.I got the tie dye gen 2 from Walmart so maybe somee1 looking at it messed it up not sure though. All i know is this: 1. He’s a gen 2 Tie dye Tama. 2. I got him from walmart 3.He was on Shelf L6 in the kids area 4.He’s WAYYY bigger than the Pac-man 1 5. He eats to much cake 🤣🤣 ( yesterday on accident I gave him WAYY to much cake and he got to 75 lbs )( pounds )( lol)
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    Pressing A & C together will mute and unmute it, but sometimes it's a little tricky. Most tamas, my p2 included, let me hold down the C button then press A. It usually gets the sound back on. When you play the game, are there any beeps when you win or lose? It could just be in a stage where it doesn't need to call out a ton so it's mostly quiet. Mine beeps the most when it's in a state of distress, so that's a good sign you're being a good tama owner. If it's not beeping as a result of wining or losing the mini game, then you might have a loose connection. If it's new, you might be able to exchange it. If it's not, it might be worth disassembling. Edit: I almost forgot- the old-school tamas don't confirm a sound on/off with a screen, that's just the light. Instead, it'll make a "kuh-thunk" sort of weird beep to confirm when the sound is enabled/disabled. Right now you have it enabled, which is why it's working going through the menus and such.
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    It's a pun on the Japanese word for a hood, "zukin". There's a little bit of information about this here.
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    You may wish to check eBay or similar, or, if the warping of the shell occurred with normal use within warranty and not due to damage, contact Bandai about the problem. Unfortunately we don't allow sales between users here, as the sales section that previously existed was abused. I hope that you're able to get your daughter's Tamagotchi On repaired!
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    The thing about FB groups is that they deny new accounts. I deleted my FB account almost 2 years ago, and there’s no getting it back. If I made an account (which I did before when I was in search of an old Tamagotchi version), I would just get denied again. Thank you for the suggestion, though! I appreciate it!