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    I think crochet cases are going to be very popular. Very flexible for the shutter as it is essentially a fabric, thick and cushioned to protect against scratches. I wonder if it has a spot for a strap to keep from dropping it.
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    It's difficult in the beginning with a first generation to manage my spending on ridiculous accessories, and indecisively switching rooms. I'll have to restrain from spending all of my earnings if I'm not planning to carry my tama to work – after which a portion of my actual earnings go to tamas, coincidentally. An interesting choice it is! I wondered how that would work without being able to dump our tamas on their parents. On a different note, it recently occurred to me that I won't be able to use one of my current pusheen cases that I love dearly. It's going to be hard not scuffing these guys... Hopefully a solution will appear that gives the lens an opening and protects the shell, while staying flexible enough for the top button!
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    One time yearsss ago I made a new forum asking for Tamatalk to let us "like" status updates, and someone replied to it "This isn't facebook," and its sooo funny logging back in years later to see we got it 🤣🤣
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    one of my friends collects digimon and i finally bought one of my own to add to my vpet collectio. he has a tamagotchi because of me so it only seems fair!
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    The tama that I most actively play with is my Wonder Garden ON!! I get really excited to see what the different adults will look like, haha. My favorite 'connection era' tama is my Keitai Akai (some people don't like the red pixels, but I find them very charming).
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    I just got a 4U (which I had initially skipped out on when it first released), and I'm surprised by just how charming it is?? The buttons are so snappy and responsive, and it's just a very cute and unique feeling tama