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    Hello! I'm curious how Tamas that come "new" in sealed boxes without a plastic window age, since they can't be exposed to sun damage. Do you have any experience with one yellowing heavily due to the flame retardant even though it was in plastic within the box? I can just imagine the let down. 😣 I see many new in box blue P's that have tempted me to sell mine with an unyellowed shell, and the pierces it came with, just to have a sealed one as a collection staple. Mine has a screen that turned out too yellow for personal preference, which is why I'm tempted to eventually sell. Might doing that carry the risk of buying one who's flame retardant has risen as well as finding a yellow screen? It seems silly to worry, as I imagine I wouldn't be opening it anytime soon... but the "what if" will always linger in my mind after spending a fortune on it, if you can empathize. What a bummer it would be, after waiting and finally looking forward to something as pretty as a "new" P's is in imagination. 🥺 I hope I don't sound petty... obviously all Tamas are beautiful in a special way. Lol. Sorry to ramble on and vent all my concerns here.
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    Truly, you answered many of my questions! I hadn't given more thought to temperature degradation, so I'm grateful I intuitively stored mine from either extreme. It's been a concern since starting my collection, so I sadly avoid displaying my favorites, but it's a comfort they're in a place that's at a cool but not cold temperature. This helps me appreciate my P's more for its (albeit still young) age and very blue appearance. I'm starting to think it might be an option to swap out the lcd screen with one I see selling that displays more blue light. Hopefully later, someone would be interested in the unwanted one at a lower price despite being informed of the swap. Also, it sounds like it might be a more affordable route to resell. Then I'm guaranteed my P's has the screen and shell I like, instead of spending too much on a mystery box. Think it's less of a risk to follow a tutorial before operating, or risk a (maybe stored in their attic) mystery box? The last obvious option is to wait patiently for an affordable one which displays a bright shell and screen. As if my turtle reflexes would be quick enough.. Lol
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    I wouldn't worry about it - most examples that I've encountered don't have the correct instructions included anyway! (I've got a couple of different examples in my collection because I specifically wanted something weird - neither one came with accurate instructions.) It's not a tricky pet to figure out - if it's a five-button device you use the first button to navigate the menu, the second to confirm, the third to get confused because it does the same as what the first one does, the fourth to cancel, and the fifth to not do anything because you'll want to avoid pressing the easily-pressed reset button.
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    I sometimes can find the PERFECT screwdriver in those glasses repair kits you can find at the dollar store or pharmacy. They are usually in a little tube and come with extra screws, which can sometimes be the perfect size for temporary replacement screws if you ever happen to lose one from inside your tama or from the back battery lid. Honestly, buying these is often hit or miss, so I recommend bringing your tama to the store and just holding it up next to where you can see the screwdriver in the tube. I hope this helps!
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    Hashizotchi is equivalent to a Kuchipatchi on a Gen 1. So, not the best character, but certainly not the worst! Enjoy the little guy
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    I miss running tamas for a long time without anything keeping me busy/ distracted!
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    I'm running an Angel right now, and actually, the growth times are shorter!! They run closer to the current models. Hatch: 5 min Baby⇒Child: 1 hour Child⇒Teen: 1 day Teen⇒Adult: 1 Day Adult⇒Secret: ~2 days, YMMV So, you can have a fully-grown angel in 3 days, and a secret character in less than a week!
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    This is an excellent question! I do a lot of reading on this as yellowing is an issue that plagues all plastic... Unfortunately flame retardants/bromides aren't the issue here...it appears to be the degradation of the ABS plastic itself. This is thermal degradation, so while UV light speeds up the process, storage in high heat can cause the discoloration as well. The lower quality/cheaper the plastic, the less counteracting additives are likely to be included, which results in the degradation occurring faster. Unfortunately our dear Tamas, while precious to us, aren't exactly luxury items. (I mean, I've seen more yellow/gray 15th Anniversary iDLs than pink/purple at this point, and it's only been 10 years!) Back to your question, a Tamagotchi in a sealed lightfast box has a much better chance of retaining its original color so long as it has been stored in cool conditions, but there is no guarantee as ABS plastic will eventually degrade. Sorry there's not a better answer to this...!
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    I can take him on! HEAAAAH-YAAAAHHHH 🤸‍♀️
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