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    I'm really interested in programming Nanos too, they look way simpler
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    I'm not sure how it turned out this way, but I have two "first" tamas as I got them so close in time. Its the magenta hibiscus V2 and the light blue with flowers V3 Connections. I managed to remember my best friend since fist grade's first Tama and it was the one with cherries on it! Even though it was a V3 I don't remember the gameplay being too different, and I even think our tamas married. I also got a mini that was black covered in flames because that was my childhood aesthetic. I.e. Lisa Frank lunch box and supplies next to a hand-drawn dragon -- complete with claws, bloody teeth, spikes, and flames probably sitting on my desk.
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    OH I CANNOT STAND HOW WASTEFUL THE US PACKAGING IS!!! I'm usually one to keep packaging but I just can't for this, there's not nearly enough space in my apartment. ARGH! It was annoying to open, too. Also slightly too heavily gender-biased for my liking...there were two boys on the entire package, while the rest were girls. Yikes. Anyway, thoughts...two days in and I'm pretty enchanted by the Pix. I love the swipe input and all of the new game options it opens up! I appreciate the added level of interactivity it adds to some of the care options...makes cleaning up all that poop slightly more fun! (And there is So. Much. Poop.) The smooth animation absolutely blew me away, it's SO lovely. I gasped when the screen showed the starry galaxy - such depth!! Camera quality also surprised me. While I'm disappointed it only recognizes a handful of colors, I do enjoy the cooking and decor systems. I also appreciate how you don't have to use the camera all the time so you can just play it as a regular Tamagotchi. Also, MISSIONS HAVE BEGUN! The notifications appear to be pre-programmed and tied to calendar date. I wonder how long they'll continue for? They're not particularly challenging, but it's a cool concept! Love the communication via QR codes. No word on battery life yet...I've loaded mine with Eneloop Pros and haven't been playing obsessively, using the camera very minimally, but I suppose I can report back. While I'm rambling, a random annoyance: I've been spoiled by the Japanese color Tamas and their push button battery cover mechanisms...anyone else disappointed to see a screw? It's a very intentional design choice and I'm curious if it has to do with safety standards for the US vs Japan. Also, actually, I really like the battery holder itself...it's super secure. It's the first time I've seen that type of support and honestly I hope we see it more going forward! One more design-related observation: US lanyards don't typically use string loops like cell phone charms, more typically opting for snap clips, lobster clips, or standard keyrings. Japan has an established Tamagotchi lanyard culture, but maybe not the rest of the world...not adding a jump ring/keychain option feels like a grievous oversight. (unless they're planning to sell branded lanyards with string loops?) Anyway, new toy is fun! Yay! Looking forward to comparing it to the Smart later this month.
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    I got my vital bracelet a few months back without realising that the app didn't support my phone, but fortunately it seems that without the app the only features that you can't use are raid battles and stat boosting items
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    Unfortunately, Japan You Want is no longer a reasonable option for UK fans since they now require a $200 minimum order to ship here, so it'll just have to be HLJ and AmiAmi, I guess! Anyway, that explains it, and many congratulations on securing the white one! You'll probably be the first person here with a Tamagotchi Smart, so I'll be looking forward to seeing your thoughts on it. I didn't even know that it existed until right now! I'm not a fan of app-dependent devices because mobile applications are so ephemeral, and I've always had a soft spot for self-contained game-watches, so I think that the Tamagotchi Smart would win out for me, here.
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    Western arms of Bandai take note, this is how you correctly pronounce your product's name. Anyway, teasing aside, I'm really liking how this looks - and it's refreshing to see that criticisms about an excess of overly-perfectly-cutesy overly-humanoid evolutions are being listened to. I like some of these new character-designs a lot.
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    Nothing does, though - that's why we have different parts of the market to begin with. Trust me, I'd love to know what's next, too! I'm still waiting and hoping that at some point we'll see a bit more variety in the way of some new monochrome releases that aren't just retro-themed Minis and license-themed Nanos propping up colour releases that not all countries are getting. (We never got the On in the UK, either, unfortunately.) EDIT; They knew exactly what they were selling - it is their own product, after all! It was cheap publicity to package it in the original-style packaging*, and I agree that it definitely did some damage, but I don't recall Bandai saying that it wasn't a Mini - I only remember the press doing that (and even so, they did mention the reduced size and I was able to find out within five minutes of hearing about it that it was a Mini, even though I'd never heard of a Mini before that point). Bandai were very clear when they actually re-issued the originals. *Though they know what their own products are, there is potential for them to have failed to do their research here. They did the exact same thing with the retro packaging in Japan, but somehow people weren't confused by it there and knew that it was a Chibi - were they clearer in their messaging, or was this due to how context-heavy the Japanese language is? I wonder if they assumed a level of context-sensitivity that doesn't exist in Western markets when they pulled the same stunt outside of Japan?
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    It was Bandai’s lack of research. They packaged it as if it were a rerelease of the original, while it was actually a rerelease of the Mini. They had no idea what they were selling, and hurt the brand with it. It’s not the buyer’s fault they got a different thing than the thing they were told they were purchasing.
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    LIVING Normal Living- 0 Points Sweets Living- 3 Cooking Points Pastel Living- 3 Art Points Cool Living- 3 Fashion Points Space Living- 3 Invention Points Girly Living- 3 Fashion Points Modern Living- 3 Sport Points Art Living- 3 Art Points Retro Living- 3 Art Points Laboratory Living- 3 Invention Points CLOTHES Ribbon Dress- 1 Fashion Point Idol Dress- 1 Fashion Point Western Dress- 1 Fashion Point Kimono- 1 Art Point Punk Outfit- 1 Art Point Arabian Outfit- 1 Cooking Point Overalls- 1 Art Point Prince Costume- 1 Fashion Point ACCESSORIES Tiara- 1 Fashion Point Big Ribbon- 1 Fashion Point Kings Crown- 1 Art Point Headdress- 1 Cooking Point Swirly Glasses- 1 Invention Point Beret- 2 Art Points Top Hat- 1 Fashion Point Turban- 1 Cooking Point MEALS Curry Rice- 2 Cooking Points Karaage- 1 Cooking Point Gyoza- 1 Cooking Point Pizza- 1 Cooking Point Omurice- 2 Cooking Points Tendon- 1 Cooking Point Cream Stew- 1 Cooking Point Tanuki Udon- 1 Cooking Point Oyakodon- 1 Cooking Point Sushi- 2 Cooking Points Gratin- 1 Cooking Point Green Salad- 1 Fashion Point Chinese Rice- 1 Sport Point Soba- 1 Cooking Point Jumbo Steak- 1 Cooking Point Napolitan- 1 Sport Point Hamburger- 1 Cooking Point SNACKS Shortcake- 2 Cooking Points Ice Cream- 1 Cooking Point Honey Toast- 1 Cooking Point Apple- 1 Cooking Point Pudding- 2 Cooking Points Strawberry- 1 Cooking Point Popcorn- 1 Cooking Point Almond Jelly- 1 Cooking Point Fruit Parfait- 1 Cooking Point Macaron- 2 Cooking Points Shaved Ice- 1 Cooking Point Lollipop- 1 Cooking Point Collagen Jelly- 1 Cooking Point Tapioca Drink- 1 Cooking Point Dango- 1 Cooking Point Nata de Coco- 1 Cooking Point Herb Tea- 1 Cooking Point Donut- Turban- 1 Cooking Point Kale Juice- 1 Cooking Point Chocolate- 1 Cooking Point OYAJI CART Oden Can- 1 Cooking Point Ramen- 1 Cooking Point Savoury Pancake- 1 Fashion Point Sauce Cracker- 1 Cooking Point Oyaji Cider- 1 Cooking Point Dry Squid- 1 Cooking Point ITEMS Experiment Kit- 2 Invention Points Make-up Box- 2 Fashion Points Soccer Ball- 1 Sport Point Modelling Clay- 1 Art Point Frying Pan- 1 Cooking Point Cleaning Robot- 1 Invention Point Dream Capsule- 2 Invention Points Helicopter- 1 Invention Point Car Set- 1 Art Point Mirror- 1 Fashion Point Ribbon- 1 Sport Point Bike- 1 Sport Point Tennis Racket- 1 Sport Point Study Set- 1 Invention Point Violin- 1 Art Point Microphone- 1 Art Point Puzzle- 1 Invention Point Oven- 2 Cooking Points Keyboard- 1 Art Point Whisk- 1 Cooking Point Sketch Book- 2 Art Points Solar Car- 1 Invention Point Smart Phone- 1 Invention Point Sewing Set- 1 Fashion Point Barbells- 2 Sport Points SPECIAL Eco Badge- 0 Points Eco Fork- 0 Points Eco Bag- 0 Points Copied from 4U Guide Book