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    If anyone scans and uploads pages of the Tamagotchi ON instruction manual, I wouldn't argue
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    me looking at my bank balance after I spend 30 minutes on the Japan You Want website:
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    Got my ON yesterday (Canada)! Pink and purple. Loving them so far. Never had the Japanese ones of the Magic and Fairy so I'm very excited to have them grow up and see what I can what they become.
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    I've stuck around for almost 10 years. Definitely a lot longer than I ever thought I'd be here for
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    For those thinking of getting one, there’s now a new version of the QPet Quolor with spec upgrades and a charging feature. Look at all those bootleg Tamagotchi characters
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    I've just bought an OG 1996 Tamagotchi from Japan. Gonna clean that puppy up and make it look as good as new. I might post pictures of the process when it arrives :)
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    So nice to be relaxing on vacation. This will be a splendid two weeks!
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    Tamalympics starts on August 20th/July 30th! Tamalympics is an Olympics for Tamagotchi's. Keep yo0ur pet alive the longest... Or ELSE... you lose. Anyway, it's mainly on the Tamagotchi ON, but you can use the other color japanese tamas. It looms, so prepare. Sign up:
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    *Checking EB Games* "Hmm... I could actually buy the Tamagotchi On no trouble". *Few minutes later buys grail Mesu/Osu pair at whiplash speed* *Still giggling at impulsiveness*
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    Happy Canada day to you fellow Canadians! 🍁
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    I promise this isn’t some CreepyPasta. It’s like 2:30 AM right now and in my Tama drawer, I kept hearing this strange beeping noise. After a while I got annoyed with it so went through to see if any of tamas were making the sound. I’m only running two at the moment and both of them weren’t making the beeping noise. I listened carefully and figured out the noise was coming from my 1996 Tama. I picked in up and this Tama, (which I haven’t touched in two years), suddenly sprung to life for about two seconds before the battery died again. Its still beeping. I’m sure it’s just technical and my Tama isn’t haunted. Has anyone else ever had this problem.