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    Many of you will tell me that you don't have a V5. That is not the problem. If you don't have a V5 and you are trying to play a login dependent game we have a solution for you. You can use this dummy code to log in and when you finish the game, just simply press logout. Dummy Login Code: 31906 10011 If you don't have a V5, you can thank me later.
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    Hello guys and girls. It's been a while, ain't it? So I have some GREAT NEWS FOR YOU!!! @SilicaAndPina and I have collaborated and we have FULLY REVIVED THE V5 TAMATOWN (Tama Earth and Expo). EVERYTHING WORKS. All the swfs are there, many languages are available and long story short everything is there. I even have a surprise for you. THE LOGIN AND LOGOUT SYSTEM ARE FULLY FUNCTIONAL. Now anyone can log in with their Tama, play, have fun and eventually can obtain souvenirs, points ect. Then, they can log out and receive their souvenirs and points. Just like the old site. How cool is that? This FULLY functional version of TamaTown is now available at: http://famita.ml/pc/index.html Trust me, it is worth your time. (All the credit for this particular project, including the site and the password system, goes to the one and only mastermind @SilicaAndPina.) And the fun thing is that this is just the start of our collab. We are looking forward to reverse engineer as many versions of TamaTown as we possibly can (including the server-side code). Anyways, have fun on the site!!! See ya.
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    Today is my cat's sixteenth birthday! Happy birthday, Snowball! :3
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    Caved and bought the Tamagotchi On I knew I wasn't going to let an English release slide and its been popping up on my Tumblr dashboard. At Toysrus, I had a choice between pink (disfavoured), purple (neutral), and blue (favoured but tips the colour population to three blue). Settled on blue because while green is nice, it seems to have become pretty common. A little upset about the price that now I vow to never buy a single tama for more than that.
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    Back here! Can't believe I joined this forum 7 years ago... Recently received an On for my birthday, been playing with it. Any other people in their 20's hanging around here?
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    ive had three sets of twins these past three gens, so this is pretty exciting ghrjegkerh
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    Sooo , my aunt is in Japan and she bought me a purple tamagotchi meets ! I can't wait to get my hands on it ! ⛩️
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    *Just realized my Tama's "name" is Tamako-Chi. πŸ˜•
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    Happy (belated) Birthday - hope it was a good day
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    i am happy today for today!! i hope you are too
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    Happy Birthday, Miri! I was going to make some dumb "optimistic" pun but I think you've got enough of those
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    Somehow a few weeks later I am on generation 4. Aiming for generation 10. Ill post some images later of how its going.
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    Ahh, beginning tama fans are always so remarkable with how they throw themselves into Tamagotchis with next to no information and swim to the surface - or tread water, or get the lifeguard, or find some planks Or hey, maybe they become merpeople
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    Pokemon master's servers are dead. Nintendo:
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    ATTENTION: for those who are experiencing issues with their Tamagtochi ON, if you could please reply to my topic below, we might actually get a respond from Bandai.
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    My Tamagotchi Meets randomly turned off even though I just replaced the batteries... Does anyone know why and/or how to fix it? I think this is the second time it’s happened. (Btw I’ll be back with another Bootleg Log entry soon.)
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    Update: After about three of my Tamagotchi IDL being non-responsive. I decide to put batteries in it (again), I thought it would be gone for good but it turned on. I really don’t know what was going on for two weeks but I’m very glad I have my favorite Tama back
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    The Nano Puppy clone might have to wait because I tried putting batteries in and it didn’t turn on. When I took the batteries out, they were really warm... Not sure what’s up because it worked the first time I tried it.
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    I'm so sad, the A&C buttons on my v3 don't function anymore and i'm too nervous to take it apart ;_;