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    My birthday was pretty great! Got myself a sweet new laptop, a Gudetama, a new pair of headphones, and a statue of Guido Mista from JJBA: Vento Aureo via GameStop's site. Best birthday I ever had!
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    I don’t even particularly care for tamagotchi and haven’t for ages but I still frequent this site it was just so influential for me in my younger years so it just kinda feels like a safe haven yknow
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    Yay. I'm logging again (for now). At best, I'll be able to do it until I start my new job.
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    Finally got my hands on a Green Mothra and TamaOtch. 😃
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    I always feel so sad when I wake up and the next gen baby on my v4.5 is crying cus their parent left them It's ok buddy I'll take care of you, I promise!
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    I keep falling off of here haha! Good to see you guys again!
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    Raising a Magical Meets, Sanrio M!x, and a Gudetama is certainly a handful 😅
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    I got Sylveon! ....which would be a lot cooler if I wasn't trying to get the Team Rocket Eevee. XD
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    suddenly added 5 tamagotchis into my collection
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    anyway wow hi I'm never here but follow me on instagram @ashtenpassion I cosplay and I'm cute so
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    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day!
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    Came across a cool project called Tamagotchi Together. Hope to see some cool animation coming from them!
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    im gonna be bought an id station, an id, a p2, a p1, and a keitai :>> happy grad to me
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    Hi, there 🍓 - Welcome to my new page! I’ve enjoyed Tamagotchi’s from a very young age & have decided to start a hobby of collecting them. - I currently have the new G2, a V5, & an Angelgotchi is on the way! ✨ - Hope you enjoy!
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    I LIVE! Not that what I had was deadly, but kept me in bed for three days. The Flu sucks
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    The other day I FINALLY passed the debut on the music star.. crazy.. FINALLY..
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    Going to be starting up another Magical Meets log with a Sanrio M!x ❤️ I’ll be posting updates on my side tumblr made specifically for Tamagotchi.
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    "295.35GB Queued for upload" This is going to take some time
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    Soooo sad!!! My tamagotchi died during my final Made it up to gen 5