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    Just wanted to give a shout out to @Alex Grigoriou for the impressive work in trying to bring back Tamagotchi Town! If you haven't already, check out the topic about it here or the site at http://alexgtamagotchieu.freevar.com
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    I am from time to time reminded how much TamaTalk has grown and changed with tamagotchi. I get nostalgic of other sites and groups I was a part of. I am going to try and be a little more active with tamas. Wish me luck and I hope to make more friends along the way!
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    found this place again! this was the first forum I ever signed up to, in 2006, time really flies. I was never a very active poster here, but I did lurk a lot. vv weird to be back. I recently graduated from university and haven't had time for tamas in many years, hoping to maybe start up with them again. probably just one or two max, I tried to keep one alive recently and failed miserably... I can't believe that 10 years ago or so I was able to keep multiple tamagotchi alive at once, and even get the best characters 😭 totally crazy
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    Man it's been just over a year since I truly got into Tamas and other V-pets, and it's been great. I'm never without one now, and there's so much I still have yet to try! Thanks to everyone here for being super kind and welcoming to this hobby. You've all been incredibly helpful and cool!
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    Hello! It's been a few weeks since I've been on here, so here's a quick update! For Christmas, I got one of the P1 remakes! It's really pretty, so I don't even wanna take it out of the box! XD Also a few days before, I found a 1999 Furby at a flea market for $1! I love him to bits, despite my past fear of Furbies. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever you celebrate! :3
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    i haven't been here in forever! the site looks awesome! ❤️
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    Hello everyone! I'd have a pressing issue, could someone help me to determine this tamagotchi's version: https://img7.leboncoin.fr/ad-large/2be0708733089f78dda15f76158de87e1b1f5748.jpg I just know it's written 2004 behind it ;).
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    Happy New Year, TamaTalkers! I hope everyone has a great start to 2019!!
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