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    Woohoo! Just got our 200th folower on twitter ( @tamatalkdotcom ). What’s cooler than that? Next month we celebrate 15 years online!!
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    For fun I tried doing a ROM test on my 2018 P2 but instead it was a sound effect test. Here’s a pic of what it looks like. There are 17 total.
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    Bandai is on a roll this year! On top of the Tama On there will also be a NA Digimon rerelease: https://withthewill.net/threads/21490-Digimon-Re-Release-V-Pet-Images-and-New-Info Yay
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    IM 18 NOW!!!!!!!
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    Tamatalk works on mobile now! Great! Also. I graduate this month and turn 18 on the 9th... scary stuff but I’m so excited! Can’t wait for summer so I can have more tama time
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    Yay! Just got a V3 Connection with Silver bows! Hopefully arriving soon; from JYW So it’s probably going to come in 2 or so days!
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    https://vgctmofficial.createaforum.com/index.php?action=ezportal;sa=page;p=4 Visit my Tamagotchi museum! All V-Pets that I own are added as they are received, either by donation or purchase. It grows almost every day so stick around. I plan to make this the ultimate cyberpet guide!
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    DUDE, I haven't been here in a while and just JUUUST found out about the Tamagotchi On and am beyond excited. I watched PandaBunny Toys on YouTube talk about it and she had described "...my friends want me to buy it and show it to them because they've always wanted a Tamagotchi, just not a Japanese one," and I was very jealous of the fact because I will be ranting about my excitement to people who do not care for Tamagotchi, but they care for my feelings, so they'll let me rant, hahahahaha. XD ❤️
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    Bandai (JP) usually releases new tamagotchi's every 2 years right? So the next expected tamagotchi is probably....2020? I'm hoping that they can stray away from the mix/meets variants in the future and bring something new once again! Though I don't mind the mixing feature, just hoping for some cool new games and features
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    Does the QPet Quolor even have a growth pattern? After the baby stage mine grew into Lavuzutchi, who is an adult o_O
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    Just found out about the On. Really, really psyched!!
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    tam of gotchi
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    Welcome to TT, new person. Although don't view the forums until they get cleaned up; trolls have posted extremely disturbing content.
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    It is a little cold today. It was raining earlier. But I still think it is nice outside. More people should remember that there is always a kind world outside somewhere, and that blind hatred isn't worth one's precious time. ^-^
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    i'm back!
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    https://vgctmofficial.createaforum.com/index.php?action=ezportal;sa=page;p=4 Come visit my Tamagotchi Museum! Only cyberpets owned by us are posted up! We accept donations of Tamagotchis and Cyberpets from people that want to see our database grow, and we are aiming to be the ultimate resource for Tamagotchi obscure info.
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    Heck new tamatalk looks snazzy!!!
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    Okay well at this point my log is totally dead. Life got waaaaay too big for me to take it on and I just needed a break. I've retired from that, but hopefully I'll come back to logging someday!
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    *Is mourning* Hope you come back soon ;(