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    Happy new year to all of you! Make sure to give your loved ones (both real and digital) some extra love to celebrate a new decade!
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    Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays! Don’t forget to spend some time offline/IRL with your loved ones. TamaTalk will still be here wsiting afterwards...
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    To all the new visitors to TamaTalk this holiday season... welcome to our little community. hopefully many of you are enjoying new digital pets!
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    I obtained Butterflytchi on one of my V2s yesterday, and today, I obtained Yakantchi and Ura Young Yattatchi on two of my V4.5s. I'm in a pretty good mood because of it, especially since it's the first time I've ever obtained Butterflytchi and Yakantchi
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    happy new year everyone!! happy 2020! hope it's a good year for you all!
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    Running these babies, let’s see how long they will last.
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    happy new decade and some good news, i got a nintendo switch with a game(New super mario bros u deluxe)bad news? Well, I don't have nintendo online but i am looking to save up for it and get the year long sub.
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    Looks like I’m getting the tamagotchi on magic green!
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    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all my fellow TamaTalkers!
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    Happy Holidays to the people of TamaTalk! May all your Tamagotchis be happy and healthy!
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    Welcome to Tamatalk!
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    The Gudetama's coming tomorrow!
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    Welcome to Tamatalk!
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    Just ordered my Gudetama a few hours ago!
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    Finally able to log back in. I just got a Tamagotchi ON Pink Fairy for Christmas alone with *drumroll* a Ver 4.5 ❤️ I have the best bf ever. :3
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    My tamagotchi on is coming on the 9th. Am excited!
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    Welcome to Tamatalk, and happy New Year! I'm helping out here.
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    Happy New Year!!! Make sure to visit you tamagotchi's parents on Janurary 1st for some money from them and your tamagotchi's grandparents!
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    2020 to-do list: - Expand collection to include Tamagotchis and more carts - Get a girlfriend - Make $$$ - Make sure new puppy isn't threatened by EMs - Wean Chris-chan off of the dimensional merge
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    Welcome to Tamatalk! I recognize that profile pic from somewhere...
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    wow, it's been a LONG time since i've logged in here, looking through my old posts is pretty embarrassing, heh
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    Welcome to the forums! I'm Deru-sama, and if you need anything, just lemme know.
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    I got the pink and purple True Friend V2s for Christmas! I really like the version so far, though I can't get past the first round in Bump Also, Merry Christmas to everyone!
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    Merry Christmas everyone!! 🎄🎁
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    Heya, everyone. Sorry for not being back. I've gotten into other things, like Devilman Crybaby. I'm still a Tamagotchi fan at heart, do not worry.
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    >decides to ditch crush because relationship with her is detrimental >fire everywhere >"This is fine."