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    I’ve decided to start a little ‘personal project’, where I’ve bought a pretty beat up Ketai and try to restore it! Will it take time? Definitely. It’s the first time I’ve ever properly tampered with the hardware of a Virtual Pet, but after countless YouTube videos, I think I have an almost ‘blueprint’ to my restoration. I’ll share what it looks like via Tamashell here so you can get a rough idea of what the outcome will look like; hopefully!
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    Today is my cat's eighteenth birthday! Happy birthday, Snowball! 😸
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    just bought the angelgotch ! honestly there's something about the vintage tamas I just love so much, how simple they are and their design, they're so small and easy to carry around. angelgotch has been one of my most wanted tamas ! although I hear they are difficult to take care of. also, thanks for the suggestion in the comments of my last post, I will look into finding another P1 ! edit: how does a angelgotch log sound? I'm not sure how it will turn out since I have school (my senior year of highschool ! ) but I honestly miss logs so I might give it a try !
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    I was today years old when I found out what the lightbulb is for on my Tamas. No wonder they were always so grumpy; I was making them sleep with the light on!
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    I recently bought a Tamagotchi Akai and it arrived, its so cool! Yesterday I bought a Tamagotchi angel, new in packaging, so I hope it works/doesn't have stripped screws...
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    Me: It's got legs! (My very first Tama friend grew to an adult today!)
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    In Search of: Heart Shaped, 16 in 1 Bongo Super pet. I’m looking for the virtual pet seen in the attached photo. If anyone has one and is willing to sell it please contact me. Many thanks. 😊 Tara.
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    just bought myself the ketai katsu~! (v3 I think? correct me if I'm wrong) my angel arrived in the mail but I can't find the screwdriver to put in batteries a new academic year is starting and I'm buying myself so many distractions from my schoolwork,,, really setting myself up for success here !
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    Wow, I never knew this existed! https://sublab.net/tamago/index.html Maybe I should think less about recreating vintage tamagotchis and more about creating android emulators for these roms I lean more towards just recreating them because tamagotchis are comparatively so simple, it would be quicker to reprogram them from scratch than to bother finding ways to hack the ROMs. Still, I've been using emulators since I was like 12 and I'm definitely interested in trying to write my own now. If I give it a shot, I'm definitely starting with an TamaGo emulator!
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    the screws on my p1 is stripped it's been like that for months now,,, I went and got batteries then realized I couldn't get the screws out it's so frustrating because I really want to run the tama and I have a few weeks before school starts, I have the batteries and everything but this one screw just won't come out- I'm close but so far away the inside of the screw is a completely round hole now,,, and the more I try I find I just end up scratching up the tama near the screws so I'm stuck :///// and also I can't find the screwdriver, great
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    Happy Sunday! I think I got paparatchi for my v3 teen? the only thing different from the google pictures is my character is fairly pudgy and has a smirk instead of thick lips are they a bad care character? the only thing bad I can think of that I did is I kept feeding them snacks to increase their weight so I can play games, but their hungry and happy hearts were constantly full and their weight was always the lowest! they did get toothache like twice... I wonder why did I mess up with the games? 😂
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    help ummmm am running my v3 and this old man suddenly appeared on the screen bringing me 130 points? then an option came up and since I can't read japanese I randomly selected one and the man became sad and left. I didn't get the gotchi points :[
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    Hey Lucidlyes! I have been looking at all the cool tama emulator you have made and i was wondering if you would let me test the app? thanks, cyac.
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    AT LAST after days of struggling for Eternitchi to work, i can now play it.
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    hello !! I haven't been on here for.... a year? it's nice to be back !
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    Well I'm not an artist!
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    Now that's much better already!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    I'm really grateful for all the people I met and memories I made here!
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    my angel came defected, the screen goes blank after a few seconds and you can only see from an angle at first I thought it was a battery problem which was bizarre since it already had new batteries in so I switched it, but the problem persists a bummer since I paid a lot for this. I'm gonna try to see if I can get it refunded and returned.
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    My very first Tama, named Doodad, died today. I am in pieces. I checked him, fed him, and played the game. He had full hearts and 20 minutes later, he was dead; only about 12 hours after becoming an adult. He was 8 years old. I've lit a tealight and when it goes out, I'll hatch a new creature. RIP Doodad. I tried my best 💔