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    I don't think I've used this site in about 4 to 5 years. Hope everyone's doing good! I started thinking about Tamagotchis and decided to look to see if there were any new ones. Was so happy to find they finally have an English Color version here in the US! So for my Birthday I'm treating myself to a Tamagotchi On.
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    Thinking about picking up a Keitai Akai! It would be my first Japanese-language Plus/Connection model, plus I love the red pixels present on the aforementioned ver.
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    music stars are fun... 🙂
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    Welp, I know that I haven't been online here for a few days. ._. But I've been obsessed playing Roblox, an online game. It's quite fun~ But I won't be leaving this site, mark my words.
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    That feeling when you're checking your saved searches every day to see if any new, cheap listings have come up...
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    Bruh I miss the small artist community that was on here over a decade ago I miss when we’d draw each other icons and share our art with one another and compliment each other it was so soft
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    Wow... I made this account when I was nine years old, and recently rediscovered it after I got my trusty old Connection v3 up and running again. Time flies!
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    Just Changed my Profile Picture to My OC
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    Remember my last status post? Decided to actually raise a tama and... I've still got it!
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    Hey guess what! My tamagotchi evolved into a pompomtchi! And she got married to mametchi and i got my first set of twins!
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    Sometimes when it comes to crossovers, I ended up having 3 franchises crossover with Tamagotchi. Mario. LBP, and COD Zombies to say the least.
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    I bought the Evangelion Tamagotchi and it came today. Not sure if I'll open it.
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    I found an article on the TMGC Fandom about TamaTalk, and it seems that we had a Tamagotchi name generator? O.o I'm editing it now.
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    Hi I’m the sister sitter, is when you are a sister of a owner of a tamagotchi i made a club fo anyone who wants to join.
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    This Is on Scratch but Its on Super Smash Bros or Persona 5
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    Welp, just wanna write this before I forget. I'll be offline from this Friday until next Monday. Yup, another vacation. And for Halloween I'm going to Legoland (which was the same place I went to last time I wrote a sorta departure notice) I'll try to send pics when I'm back!!
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    Happy birthday, TamaFifi27! Hope you have a good one
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    A V2 and a pair of V6s slipped right out of my hands. I hate auctions.
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    Running my English P2! I'm planning to get either Mimitchi or Pochitchi (as I failed the last time :<), though the latter is hard to get from what I've searched up. Any tips?
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    Tbh....... I'm Tryna Get On My Grind Like You Fr ✊🏽 Keep Killing s**t Blood 💯😈