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    Started these two today! the plan was to start with the devilgotchi but can’t open it right now , lets see how things go with these two!
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    My watermelon Entama just arrived!
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    Just chilling getting ready to pay off my preorders tomorrow for the wondergarden.
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    Have a lot on my plate lately, so I think I'll be gathering a few days worth of photos for each log, since I haven't been able to log daily.
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    Honestly, i'm really enjoying the forum. It's got a different feel to it than Facebook and Discord.
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    I just snagged some NIB vintage Tamas today! A Morino, Mothra, and an Angel! I already have an English and Japanese angel, but I'm excited to add it to my collection nonetheless! I've never had a Mothra or Morino though, so I can't wait to try them! I hope they all work, haha. Sadly it'll be a while before I can get them as I sent them to my boyfriends house in PA. But it'll be worth the wait. He also has my Pac-Man nanos he bought for my birthday so maybe I'll run all 5 a once.
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    So I decided to start to hatch my angelgotch again I will make a topic soon, I hope adding vpet at my collection too. I start my Vfamily slow wish me good luck
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    It rained! Sorry, I just really like rain, lol.
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    All of my tamas are severely overweight from snacks...I'm going to be playing a lot of games today
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    The day got away from me and I forgot to post a log! But I did take photos, so I'll have a longer entry tomorrow...
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    Just posted today's log...somehow decided that caring for 12 tamas (with 8 new babies total) during a severely busy work day was a good idea - but I'm alive and it was fun!
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    Just set a self-imposed tama-purchasing ban on myself and set a calendar alert for the date it lifts I simply cannot be trusted with this amount of free time and access to eBay This collection rebuild project is just too much fun!
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    Just snagged an Entama with the shareholder's edition watermelon shell, NIB! I've wanted this shell for so long
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    Feeling really pleased with how my collection rebuild is going so far! 😊 🎉
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    So. I merged the two sites and now the one and only site of mine is https://alexgtama.tk. (no www is necessary) Yea, I also installed an ssl certificate and you should be seeing a secure padlock from now on. That's all folks. Cya
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    My bank will hate me, I bought a tamagotchi on - magic. I found a tamagezi and I also bought the vpet with the squisy cheeks (can't remember the name) but it's a cat XD I will wait september for the Qpet and the touma I'm trying to get different virtual pets
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    Hey, wow! Haven't been on the site in like five years. Took a break from collecting tamas because i went to college and couldn't really afford it. Now its five years later though and I've picked it up again and have tripled my collection! Wonder if any old heads are still on the site? Hope all is well!
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    Running my V2 again!! I wonder who I'll get.
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    DINKIE BATTERIES IN! it works. except the buttons dont work now; they feel wrong and arent letting me put in the time. i tried to open it for cleaning and one of the screws holding down the circus board was stripped. this is so much effort... ty everyone for the battery help tho!! at least i know its not totally busted.
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    I added mt ID in what I'm running, so that's three now.. oops lol.
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    Lol is it just me...... Or do other people turn on the sound of their Tama and put it in the bathroom somewhere when they shower or bathe incase their Tama needs attention? I do this.... Don't bully me for this please..... I know I'm weird.
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    i have a v2 and v3 coming in the mail, a dinkie, and i got my pacman nano last night, but i saw a wonderland on and i MELTED theyre SOOOO pretty and im this close to getting one ugh... i dont even have the batteries to keep both my ons, on gdsfhgjlk;
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    wish i knew what to say to be more active here 💔
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    Guys. I found a sanrio M!X on my local e-commerce site for A THOUSAND BUCKS. Then I found this. Now it looks like I'm finally going to be able to buy a Sanrio M!X!! Bye!~
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    One of my Nendoroid finally came in after Japan stopped SALfor a while!
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    Day 1 of my tama-purchasing ban and I'm feeling alright
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    The vintage trio I bought off Facebook is out for delivery! Can't wait to be sent pics!
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    Don't seem to be able to react to anyone's posts right now ...just know that I'm reacting in spirit!
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    I finally got a Digimon! My little brother and I have been battling them a lot, lol. I'm really enjoying the different mechanics, but the button location is a little confusing since I've only ever played on Tamagotchis.
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    I got the shipping and tracking for the Vintage bundle I bought in one of the FB groups last night! Should be at the bfs by Saturday! I’ll definitely ask him for pics. But i wanna open them, lol.
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    Thinking of doing a challenge and starting up all of my current tamas at once just for fun.
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    I even start to hunt vpet in my dreams now haha ! Vpets and tamagotchi everywhere !
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    Hello hello!! I just joined cause I'm planning on getting an On and stuff. May make a thread later about some questions. Currently running a V3!
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    Always a sad day when you gotta start selling your collection. Not gonna rid myself of my boxed or <1999 tamas. Just the V3/V4/V5/4U/iD's Keeping my v2 as it was the first tama I ever owned.
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    Ugh one of my tama mails was almost here and randomly got returned to sender. DHL is seriously annoying...
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    i filed my unemployment late and i got my check recently and im really about to drop it on some MORE tamas huh because i already got some today ...
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    how is everyone doing?? ❤️
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    My P's batteries died. I put new ones in and the Tama almost leaves! That was close lol. I'm on gen 3. lol.
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    It's supposed to storm today, I'm excited!
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    Quick update: QPets freak out when their age is over 9 (text goes into the other text). I will post an image later
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    Personally, I think Bandai did a good job on the tamagotchi ON, But I want to hear what features you all want for a possible future tamagotchi. I’ve noticed that the tamagotchi ID L had a lot more features than some of the other tamagotchis, but it did have more of a pixelated touch to the graphics, and I would personally enjoy a future Tamagotchi that has the graphics of the ON, and the features of the ID L and the ON, But like I said, I’d like to see what you all want for the possible future features of a new tamagotchi.
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    Weeping over how expensive V5s have become in recent years 😭
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    It's been a few months and I'm still not completely over Steven Universe ending. I listen to the songs and I beginning to feel a sad, yet nostalgic feeling. I'm glad it's a show that existed in the first place, I totally plan on re-watching it all again soon.
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    I started watching Demon Slayer last night after ordering the three Nanos from Amazon and GameStop. I'm already 6 episodes in, so I'm hooked. Pretty excited for January to come. I got my bf who lives in PA to order them for me as it's cheaper there than in Ontario.