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    Haven't been here in a couple months but I'm back! The holidays always have me thinking of tamagotchi... it's the time of year that I first discovered them and collecting and every year something about the snow and staying cozy inside my house makes me want to pop a battery in a connection and reminisce lol
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    My Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town just arrived! There was a bit of a scare - the previous owner had left batteries in, and it was refusing to activate with a new pair, but one battery test with my good ol' Tamatown Tama-Go and it decided to play nice! Log post coming soon... hopefully. XD
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    Happy new year to all of you! Make sure to give your loved ones (both real and digital) some extra love to celebrate a new decade!
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    i got really into watching doraemon this year, its such a nice n funny anime. tho it made me REALLY want to buy the doraemon tamagotchi from the 90s, unfortunately its out of my budget but one day i hope i can buy it. also since tamagotchi is doing a bunch of crossover versions now, why dont they make a remake of the doraemon tamagotchi??? i'd be so down for that
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    Happy 24th anniversary Tamagotchi!!! I remember when it was only it's 17th, time flies by so quickly!! ;A;
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    Im assuming a Tamagotchi angel (english) in the original box for 49 dollars is decent right? Thats another thing I purchased. box was a little dented on side but I think its still a good deal english silver and never openedddddd 💖
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    Fun fact, I haven't seen another human in over a week. Fortunately, I find that to be a total win!
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    Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays! Don’t forget to spend some time offline/IRL with your loved ones. TamaTalk will still be here wsiting afterwards...
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    I’ve decided to start a little ‘personal project’, where I’ve bought a pretty beat up Ketai and try to restore it! Will it take time? Definitely. It’s the first time I’ve ever properly tampered with the hardware of a Virtual Pet, but after countless YouTube videos, I think I have an almost ‘blueprint’ to my restoration. I’ll share what it looks like via Tamashell here so you can get a rough idea of what the outcome will look like; hopefully!
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    One time yearsss ago I made a new forum asking for Tamatalk to let us "like" status updates, and someone replied to it "This isn't facebook," and its sooo funny logging back in years later to see we got it 🤣🤣
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    Hi, I wanted to share my experience with using polywatch on my scratch Tamagotchi P's. I think it worked really well. Here are some before, during and after pictures.
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    I get out of school. DPD truck is going down the street. Huh that must be for me, DPD never comes here. Then, when I get to the crossing, the truck is coming from the direction of our house. And yep, there it is, my new ON!
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    Osu Mesu Book here as well, only have the PDF the scanner gave me though. To excited not to share! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1O4y7KGRqAPmvP9dd5DcrnFgo05CdrcSW?usp=sharing
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    My mom just bought a 20th anniv mini for her friend's son... he saw mine while I was visiting and had to have one. I got to help find one and pick it out! That was fun. His favorite color is yellow, so I got the yellow w/ orange buttons.
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    hi yall, its been a long time! i really miss using this site, the layouts changed a lot since i was last here. idk if anyone i was friends with is still around on this site, but happy 24th anniversary to tamagotchi! (i think im a little late now tho oops) I'm in the middle of my 2nd year of college as an animation major right now, which is funny thinking about now because i remember being on this site a LOT when i was in just middle school. currently working on a lot of projects, i got some comic series going and many MANY little animations done. ive been kind of on-and-off playing my tamagotchi mix and tamagotchi on, still love tamagotchi to death after all these years!
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    My watermelon Entama just arrived!
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    So. I merged the two sites and now the one and only site of mine is https://alexgtama.tk. (no www is necessary) Yea, I also installed an ssl certificate and you should be seeing a secure padlock from now on. That's all folks. Cya
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    Hello everyone. This is gonna be a quick one. You may experience some downtime on the sites for the next few days, but there is no need to worry about it. I am going to organize the sites a little better and reconfigure some stuff on the server for your convenience. That's all. Cheers!
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    Woohoo! Just got our 200th folower on twitter ( @tamatalkdotcom ). What’s cooler than that? Next month we celebrate 15 years online!!
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    Just bought the Tamagotchi Spacy ID L! It's used and in okay condition, I never thought I would ever get one!
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    Happy Birthday to me! Got a new iPad and a Red P2 this morning. Looking like it’s going to be a good day!
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    Finally obtained Pyonkotchi on my V3!!! I've been wanting to raise one forever. He's so cute! >v<
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    Hi there people of TamaTalk! It's been a while. I hope that you are doing well! As you can tell, there hasn't been any significant update since the flash player EOL, aside from the post about the standalone Flash Projector. So, feel free to report any bugs or point out anything about the sites to me or @SilicaAndPina. That's it for today. Cheers.
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    just finished this semester of college! unfortunately i had to leave my tamagotchis behind when i came back home for the holidays (the batteries are out so theyre fine), but now that im home i actually get to use cable TV again and it's really surprising to see tamagotchi commercials on. it's the one advertisement i enjoy seeing LMAO
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    I want to celebrate this achievement with my TamaFamily because no one will understand it better! 💚
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    First set of scans up. this is for the angel Tamagotchi encyclopedia. Its missing one cut out page. I will be making a archival website for these soon, but please take a look at these and enjoy! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yxFCf0lCRCY2QUw1YpZTA4v7sLedsuBP?usp=sharing
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    Finally raised a Pochitchi for the first time! It's on the Pac-Man Nano, which is pretty sweet.
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    My original tamagotchi came in the mail
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    I can't decide if I want to marry my tama in the On app to a random user or try for the rose tama in the matchmaking game...
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    Just ordered a gigapet pixie!! It looks soooo cute ❤️
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    Today is my cat's seventeenth birthday! Happy birthday, Snowball! 😸
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    I have lot of fun with my tamagotchi on, I'm like a kid :3
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    Started these two today! the plan was to start with the devilgotchi but can’t open it right now , lets see how things go with these two!
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    Just chilling getting ready to pay off my preorders tomorrow for the wondergarden.
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    Hello there once again guys and girls. This status update isn't about Tamagotchi (for once) lol. It's just a friendly reminder. Well, let's get straight to the point. You have probably heard this like a thousand times, but try staying as safe as possible from COVID-19 at least until a vaccine is found and tested well enough. Pandemics like this ain't no joke. Follow your government's safety instructions and tips on how to stay relatively safe. It's better to be safe than sorry. You can check out World Health Organization's page for more info. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 Stay safe! Cheers, Alex.
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    To all the new visitors to TamaTalk this holiday season... welcome to our little community. hopefully many of you are enjoying new digital pets!
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    Just wanted to give a shout out to @Alex Grigoriou for the impressive work in trying to bring back Tamagotchi Town! If you haven't already, check out the topic about it here or the site at http://alexgtamagotchieu.freevar.com
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    Today is my cat's eighteenth birthday! Happy birthday, Snowball! 😸
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    i kinda miss the old tamachat, theres not really a good way to directly talk to people on here without it being a specific subject. so anyways tho how are yall doing? anything cool happen lately?
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    i liek my tomagochie pet (on amazon listing for the ON) image attached, go to my profile to see it also my ON comes tomorrow ayyayaya
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    I've just found that out of curiosity. I wonder if it might be an early patent for the Osutchi/Mesutchi Tamagotchis https://patents.google.com/patent/JPH10235019A/en?q=tamagotchi&oq=tamagotchi&sort=old
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    even my tamagotchi isnt enjoying online classes..... :c we’ve been so tired lately
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    hi everyone!! i hope youve been doing well ((: ive been out of town and will be until next week but i just wanted to say that i love yall!! also, log update when i come back ((:
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    Found this really cute game which tells you what character you can get when m!xing with a particular character! https://tamagotch.channel.or.jp/tamagotchi/mix/uranai/play/
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    Something about the winter season always gets be super nostalgic for Tamagotchi. Probably has to do with getting most of my first few tamas around this time. Despite not really being around for years now, I'm really happy to see how many people are still around the site
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    There’s been so much news lately on Tamagotchis! We have the new Mcdonalds toys in 2020, along with a Pac-Man edition Tamagotchi to celebrate its 40th anniversary!
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    For those curious about customization, here are the dimensions of a 90's Tamagotchi background: Length and Width of Paper: 2.5x2.5 cm Length and Width of the icon sections: 25x7 mm And if you guys want I can do a full tutorial Here's how mine came out. So shiny!