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    I MISSED LAST YEARS CHECK IN... How are you doing, Tamatalkers? I hope you've been well! Even though it's been nearly a decade since I was active, Tamatalk still means a lot to me. I hope all members, old and new, have a wonderful day!
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    I just passed three years of being a part of this Tamagotchi forum. I am very happy to still be here. Thank you to everyone for all the fun Tamagotchi adventures I've been able to read and share with.
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    TAMATALK NATION WHO IS SHE???? SHES SO BABY I HAVE TO KNOW 😭😭 also is she related to tanpopo i also have to know
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    God why did I like Actually kin her so hard in middle school I hate this for me forreal πŸ’”
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    They went to bed already???? Ok babies sleep well πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
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    Helpppp oh my godd I made the mistake of going down a nostalgia trip and now I’m frantically looking for the second tamagotchi movie sobss I found some links to it subbed but ig it got taken down?? Does anybody have a download link anywhere or smth I rly wanna watch it now this is so unfortunate 😭😭 back on my bs from 12 years ago help