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    I have lot of fun with my tamagotchi on, I'm like a kid :3
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    Narrowed down my active tamas to three since life got a little busier than usual. Won't be logging for a while but I am still running a few!
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    Found this really cute game which tells you what character you can get when m!xing with a particular character! https://tamagotch.channel.or.jp/tamagotchi/mix/uranai/play/
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    I’m sitting around playing with this leapfrog twist game... with all the eggs. Derp. I’m an adult playing something aimed very young. Oh well, got it for the “pets” inside... and clearance.
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    Got my tama home deka in the mail today! It’s so satisfying to push the big buttons. Also coming in the mail today hopefully are my PriTamaGo and my Momo Motchimaruzu!! So excited to try out a virtual pet that isn’t tamagotchi.
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    im on discord calls a lot and sometimes one of my tamagotchis will beep n my friends will ask me if its mitch bc thats what i named one recently. makes me happy.
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    My bank will hate me, I bought a tamagotchi on - magic. I found a tamagezi and I also bought the vpet with the squisy cheeks (can't remember the name) but it's a cat XD I will wait september for the Qpet and the touma I'm trying to get different virtual pets
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    I got my Motchimaruzu but the pet is never happy and always sulking. I don't know how improve the relation with it. I feed it but it don't work do someone know how make it happy ?
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    https://fuzzy-n-chic.com/ This shop that i found is suggested by a youtuber . Go check it out^ It mainly sells tamagotchi covers which are beautiful🤩
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    Entirely stripped a screw in my genjintch 😞 the head has basically a circle in it. Having to get a friend to fix it on Saturday. Bummed because I dinged and scratched the black plastic a little bit trying to get it out. Hoping I have give it a gentle buffing to fix that. Meanwhile I ordered some stainless steal screw replacements and the appropriate screwdriver off of JPYW. I had a small enough screw driver at home but the screw was so tight that it still stripped. Don’t be like me. Get a JIS 😭
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    getting my friends to watch one of my favorite movies with me tonight and my MOST favorite horror movie ever ... GHOSTWATCH!!! aaaahhh its so fun and weird and the controversy around it is so interesting im so excited
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    ctrying to convince my 13 y/o sister to buy a tamagotchi but she doesn't care about them wahhh. I remember when she was like 4 or 5 years younger she always wanted to play with my tamas. It hurts my soul that she doesn't care about them anymore. They grow up so fast ahh
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    I even start to hunt vpet in my dreams now haha ! Vpets and tamagotchi everywhere !
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    Hey, wow! Haven't been on the site in like five years. Took a break from collecting tamas because i went to college and couldn't really afford it. Now its five years later though and I've picked it up again and have tripled my collection! Wonder if any old heads are still on the site? Hope all is well!
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    Hello hello!! I just joined cause I'm planning on getting an On and stuff. May make a thread later about some questions. Currently running a V3!
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    Running my V2 again!! I wonder who I'll get.
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    Last time when I decided to run two of my Meets guess what happened? They both went to Neverland...