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    Hello there! I decided to track some of my little berry's new adventures. Of course, he fell asleep right before I thought to take pictures. Maybe I'll come back and make this post a little nicer soon~
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    I've faced similar before Don't be sneaky tho' - that never works and basically breaks down trust and friendship between partners or family members. I can only suggest doing something similar to what I used to do. Tell your husband that you want to buy the sanrio and pastel meets because they're good value right now. Tell him these tamas are something that you enjoy using and playing with - like a hobby. They make you happy, so you hope that he's okay with it even if he himself can't see the appeal. You could add that you know there's enough savings for "fun" stuff but you'd be happy to use your own money from your own account if he would prefer that option. A friendly, rational chat is usually the best approach. But that "guys... it's something that makes me happy and I can afford it; why is that not ok? Please don't make me feel down about it" is the best way to approach things.
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    I'm glad to have you aboard the project, @Hohotchi-HO7! I love the name Mewtwo for a test subject. I just wanted to update on Guava really quick. She got married to a Minotchi because I would like to try for another Mizutamatchi. She might be leaving her baby tomorrow (definitely on Monday), so I'll update then.
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    What's this? A back-to-back update for the first time in forever! What a surprise... V4 Guava got married to a Minotchi today! I'm still confused as to why the matchmaker wasn't showing up yesterday (she was 6), but she found love in her own time. As a result, she had an adorable baby boy. They've just been hanging out since then. I might have Guava leave tomorrow, but she will definitely be out of the nest by Monday. iD L 15th Anniversary Finnbar evolved into a Otogitchi today! Oddly enough, that happens to be what his father was. An interesting coincidence to say the least. Just like his mother, finding his three happy stamps was no problem at all. Now we're just waiting for that final stamp again... That's all for today! Nothing is going on with Gus or Biddybud, so there really isn't much to say today. I probably won't be updating again until Guava and Finnbar both leave me with their children, so the next post will have a lot more going on. See you then!
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    Hi again! Thanks for letting me help! I actually decided to start two of my Version 4s for the research, so we can double the workload! I hatched the first one from an egg and named the baby boy "Mewtw", short for "Mewtwo" (Get it, because he's a test subject ). My first order of business was to see how first-generation Baby/Child evolutions worked. I took very good care of the baby and it evolved into a Harutchi. So this may have been care-based, or it was just a random result. Perhaps I can do more testing of first-generation Baby/Child evolution sometime later. Me getting Harutchi was actually quite convenient. I decided to follow up on your recent research and give it two care mistakes (though with good training) to see if this gets a Mame or a Meme teen with no genetics involved. I'll update you on the details when Mewtwo evolves! With my second Version 4, I decided to download the previous data so I could also do some research with some family background. I found a 7 year-old Masktchi named Gina, which was also convenient because she would be eligible for the Matchmaker soon. Half an hour later, I married her to a Tosakatchi and she got a baby girl. This can give me multiple things to investigate when Gina leaves; firstly, if the baby got Meme genes from the Tosakatchi, and secondly do more testing on Child/Teen evolutions. I will be away over the weekend, so I probably won't be able to report on this for a few days. But I'll be back eventually!
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    Hi! I've just been reading this thread and I'm very intrigued by the progress you made through Version 4 evolution research. I encountered similar questions (especially surrounding genes) when I was using my Version 4s, but couldn't quite figure out the complexities behind Child/Teenager evolution. So, great work! If the Tamagotchi was an academic subject, you would have come through with a significant discovery! If you'd like, I can boot up one of my Version 4s and help your research. That way we can test theories and answer some remaining questions faster.
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    ...You thought I was going on another hiatus, didn't you? Don't worry, I (probably) won't be doing that again anytime soon. Lots has happened to the Tamas the past few days so let's talk about that. V4 I was expecting to see Guava evolve into a Kuchi teen after giving her four care misses, but I was instead greeted by a Ichigotchi. (No pictures of her teen form because I'm forgetful.¯\_(ツ)_/¯) Is it because I did something wrong or is it because she's a first gen Tamagotchi? I don't mind too much because I love all my Tama children~ Although I hope her child is also a Mizutamatchi so I can try again... Anyway, today she evolved into a Memetchi! Since Ame and Clyde were a Mametchi and Kuchipatchi respectively, I figured I would complete the trio by raising Guava into a Memetchi. iD L 15th Anniversary Byleth evolved into a Morutchi on Monday and into a Lovelitchi yesterday. (No pictures of her teen form either. Monday was a forgetful day for me.) I took her to TAMAX-TV shortly after she evolved and she changed into her Gotchiman Lovelin alter ego. It's been awhile since I've raised a Lovelitchi on any of my Tamas, so I was happy to see her again. I also got three of her happy stamps right away (Lovelitchi's favorites were pretty predictable), so now we're just waiting for her fourth. Morino Biddybud evolved into a Imotchi on Monday and entered his cocoon stage today. I tried to raise his weight as much as possible because I've heard that helps them survive the cocoon stage better. I'm keeping the heat up as well because I haven't raised too many characters from the "hot" side of the growth chart. He should be exiting his cocoon sometime tomorrow, but that might be delayed because I will be pausing him before bed tonight. I think it's a little unfair that the temperature can still change while you're sleeping. Do I have to say that there's no Gus news or do y'all know the drill by now? We should be seeing some marriages and babies soon, so I'll see you then!
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    So here's the interesting thing about the ball glitch: the items I get seem to be more or less the same every time I try it... and furthermore, doing things on the device seems to affect what items are currently present in the treats menu. For the purposes of this post I'll focus on the ball glitch's effects on the treats menu. The ball glitch can effect the items menu too but you can trigger the glitch without affecting this menu. Let's examine the contents of this menu upon first triggering the glitch. They're not always identical, but one of the most common configurations is as follows: 1-32: Ball 33-36: Random(?) items 37-83: Ball 84: Pencil 85: Usually ball, sometimes another item 86: Usually ball, sometimes another item 87: Ball 88: Glitch item "AIT" 89-90: Ball 91: Can be many different items 92: Usually hair gel, sometimes another item 93: Can be many different items 94: Usually ball, sometimes another item 95: Can be many different items 96: Usually ball, sometimes another item 97 onwards: Tools Whenever one of the items is eaten it turns into a ball. The fact that these specific items seem to appear so often suggests that this outcome isn't really "random", but rather, it's reading some information stored on the device and displaying that information as items. The first hint into what some of this data means is by looking at items 33-36. I quickly noticed that these items are always the same as what's in the shop at any given time - hence, eating one of them (and thus turning it into a ball) will cause a ball to appear in the shop! Which is why I kept noticing items in the shop changing into balls whilst eating some of the seemingly random items I'd encountered. What about if you buy something from the shop? What item appears in the treat list to take its place? Turns out it's a new glitch item, a bit different to what we've seen before: Unlike the glitch items we had encountered before, this one's sprite is not made from fragments of another item's name. Instead, the sprite is made from garbage data and the name consists partially of graphical data - namely the small-font numerals. Whilst on the topic of glitch items, let's briefly look at another glitch item I've encountered whilst the ball glitch was active. This one was encountered during a different instance of the glitch so I think the data that was present in the treats list was totally different, and thus I'm not sure what this item corresponds to. This one's eating animation once again shows us sprites that are normally only seen on the V1. Back to the ball glitch now - I had noticed that the items in the 85-96 range would change every now and then. In particular, I noticed they would change every time I connected to another device or pressed the reset button - pressing the reset button these would all turn back into being balls, so we can press the reset button to sort of "reset" the initial conditions in testing the results of connecting to different devices. It was by resetting these initial conditions that I realised that even unsuccessful connections would have an effect on these items, as though it takes in the IR data, stores it and checks over it to see if it's valid. 91-94 seem to behave very unusually and apparently depend on what device you're connecting to - perhaps it's related to the internal ID of the device, which is used to identify if two connections to characters with the name same name are really from the same device. Resetting the other device seemed to change what items appeared here as a result. The only real thing of note that I can tell from this is that it seems to be the case that #91 + #93 = #92 + #94, and these sums are usually 15 or 0. 95 and 96 are fun - they represent the number of friends in your friends list. For whatever reason, it seems the variables being presented here are 4-bit variables, so the items displayed are (with the exception of the AIT glitch?) all items with IDs 0-15. This means that, to display numbers larger than 15, a second item slot is used as overflow - 95 represents the lower part of the number and 96 the higher part. Setting one of these to zero by eating it makes part of the friends list disappear, but the actual friend data held on the device still remains. Hence, increasing your friend count again will reset what was stopping it before by recovering all your friends. Though weirdly this seems to be able to overwrite one of the friends in your friends list, as if the variable representing the number of friends is also used to determine which slot to write the information about the next friend into. By far the most interesting is 86 (and presumably this is a 4-bit variable so 87 may also be part of this variable). If you've read my ROM Versions thread, you may remember when I looked over a V1 patent document detailing many of the different variables handled by the device. One of these variables - specifically one sent during connection - is the "recognition code", a variant of the device's version number. From the small table offered in the document, it seemed like the recognition codes were in fact just the integer part of the device's ROM version. This does still leave the recognition codes of some of the English language devices unclear though, as these ROM versions are not simple numbers. For example, the V2 I was using for these experiments uses ROM version A.3 - how can we assign an integral value to this number if it's not a real number? The ball glitch may have the answer for us. Here are a few ROM versions and their respective effect on item 85 when connecting to the V2: Ver ROM Ver Connect Mode Item 85 1 0.0 - ID 0 (Ball) 1 2.1 - ID 2 (Wig) 1 4.1 - ID 4 (Tools) 2 A2 H Ver 1 ID 10 (Darts) 2 A2 H Ver 2 ID 10 (Darts) 4 A4.5 E Others ID 0 (Ball) 4 A4.5 E Jinsei ID 10 (Darts) I can't be certain this is the recognition code - perhaps it's another similar version variable - but it's still very intriguing. Not only are the IDs a perfect match for all three major versions of the V1, but later versions seem to change the item to ID 10 - looking at the version numbers of other devices reveals that there's a gap in version 10 where no known device goes. This version falls somewhere between the Keitai and the Akai implying a 2005 release date - exactly matching the V2. As such, I think it's possible that version 10 was deliberately avoided to reserve the spot for releases outside of Japan. I've not tested the V3 or the V4.5 but I assume they return similar results. I tried a V7 too but this seemed to have no effect on the items - presumably because the IR protocol had changed significantly by this point. Strangely the V4 seems to behave differently to the V2 when in "Others" mode - the V2 seems to continue transmitting the same version data whereas the V4 seems to attempt to mimic the Plus by setting the value to 0. Alright, I think that's about as much as I want to cover about the ball glitch for one post. One last interesting glitch: A user in the Tamagotchi Collectors Discord called Mr Incubator joined me in my experiments using a V4. One of the most interesting glitches involved a spontaneous change to the contents of the meal and snack menus. After the four permanent food items the following items were listed in the following order: # Item ID 5 Choco Bar 112 6 Waffle 111 7 Fried Chicken 110 8 Crepe 109 9 Candy 108 10 Lollipop 107 11 !! ? 12 Yogurt ? 13 Noodles 104 14 Turkey 103 15 Cake ? 16 Cookie 101 17 Chocolate 100 18 Grapes 99 19 Orange ? 20 Scone ? 21 Melon 96 22 Corn 95 23 Royal Costume ? 24 Pasta 93 25 Pineapple 92 26 Pear 91 27 Popcorn 90 28 Cereal ? 29+ Lots of balls - All the food items showed one of their partially eaten sprites for some reason. So there's a very clear pattern here - weirdly, a group of items appeared which appear to perfectly match the order the items appear in the item ID list, albeit backwards. Assuming the unknowns also fit the pattern, this allows us to fill in a whole bunch of ID list blanks! I'm hoping similar things can be done with the V2. Until next time!
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    Sadly, it looks like Tama-Zone has been abandoned. I looked into that website a year or two ago and found that there were barely any recent posts. The posts that were there seemed to be new users trying to start something and most of them didn't accomplish anything. It really functions as an archive now since back 5-10 years ago, there was genuine interests in all things virtual pet and it flourished. It looks like users gradually moved on to other social media platforms since logging, the main forum activity, is highly social and allot of people are contented with an informal structure. Naturally, people moving onto other places means they take all of their other Vpet curiosity with them, making the discussions on Tama-Zone die even further. Judging from what I've seen there - and what has trickled onto TamaTalk - people moved to Tamagotchi Facebook groups and those are starting to break down. People are trying to make new forums to hopefully rekindle the old enthusiasm - someone even mistakenly tried to do that here - but really TamaTalk is the only active Tamagotchi forum. I reckon allot of that is due to the community collecting here because it always has and there is still interesting content. I'm telling you all this as another way to say that you are better off staying on TamaTalk because you wont get the same interaction on Tama-Zone - since its practically abandoned and any contributing there would be equivalent to screaming into a void. If you still want to contribute there anyway, you could PM Ra on instagram since he's still active there. Just in case there is any confusion, I'm perfectly fine with people going to Tama-Zone instead of TamaTalk and if Tama-Zone ever gets its community back, the more the merrier!
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    Following on from the previous post, sending the items to another device just seemed to convert them into generic gift items like cakes. Not that exciting. In other news, I've been finding that the Ball Glitch seems to be one of the bizarrest glitches attainable, with some of the most wide-reaching effects. The most recent round of Ball Glitch effects I've experienced have revealed some things I hadn't even considered about glitch items. Remember how glitch items have strange effects when used in the items menu? And remember how the Ball Glitch can make food items appear in the items menu and items appear in the food menu? Well, as it turns out, if your character is an adult you can use the food items that end up in your items menu and they act in similar ways to glitch items. CRACKER - The Tamagotchi instantly crashed and the screen turned off TEA - Like AB, the screen continues showing the item as if that screen is the item animation CREAMY CAKE - A LOT like TEA and AB, but it momentarily hangs and then registers two button presses instead of one, causing it to instantly go onto the clock screen. While it's transferring to the clock screen you can see the "CREAMY CAKE" item screen but for some reason the character sprite is underneath the text too creating a bit of a mess. I'd create an image if I could but it was difficult to get a photo of because of how quickly it happened. I suppose the inverse of food behaving like glitch items is glitch items behaving as food. As it turns out, by some bizarre coincidence (perhaps it wasn't a coincidence and there's some item data even when you think it's all gone?) the Ball Glitch placed one of our glitch item friends in my treats menu. Specifically, "AIT", which as an item caused the device to crash. What happens when you eat it? A LOT HAPPENS, APPARENTLY - It's almost like getting a glimpse into a sprite sheet that the Tamagotchi draws its images from. Except, those sprites in the last frame... they don't look familiar to me. This'll need more investigation. One more interesting thing I found using this glitch? If your items list is more than 100 long, things get a bit weird. Like many fairly primitive programs, there's no "100s" place in the number - instead, the 10s place just keeps changing to symbols beyond 9. These were the first few characters I noticed in the 10s column after 9: A blank space, as if the number of the item was less than 10, A zero, something you definitely wouldn't normally see in this column, 1, 2, E, h, 5, 9, L, 8, 6, Another blank space. Notice a pattern in the symbols above? The 6 and the 9 might give it away - the E, h and L aren't actually letters, they're just the digits 3, 4 and 7 rotated by 180 degrees. For some reason that's the case of all the digits in this run of characters. As always I'll continue to give more updates as more unusual things happen. I feel like, since I'm starting to get items I wouldn't normally be able to, that I'm getting closer to one of those unused items I've been looking for.
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    Lunatchi grew up. She was a dessert head who went on to marry a dog just like her father before her. Their baby, Dishchi, was a really cute lop-eared girl. Dishchi was very popular on the app. She had a lot of gentleman friends. But her heart lay... with another dog. Only this one had a cherry symbiote. s Thankfully the offspring, Spoonchi, only inherited her dad's pink napkin, and not his creepy parasitic twin. Finally, Spoonchi went in on the family tradition and married the BEST DOG YET. ...because I got my first set of TWINS!! Meet Moonchi and Sunchi! They're different colours so I guess they're fraternal twins? Anyway I love them! Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Moonchi and Sunchi!
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    Thank you to all of you! I ended up being able to have a good talk about it even though I was nervous! I tend to build things up in my head more than I should. I did talk to him about it and said that they were a good price, that I was really excited about them and that I had enough in my separate account for them. He still thought it was ridiculous but he didn’t say no. Lol he laughed and called me a weeb and was like, “as long as you realize how ridiculous it is.” He wants me to be happy and enjoy the things I like, but he still disagrees about spending that price for tiny devices. I don’t know what he thinks about them now that I have them, but he knows I like them and that I’m happy playing with them, and he seems happy to see me happy :) I know I’ll probably want to grow my collection again sometime soon, and will be looking to get a Ps next and eventually, if I can’t find my old V3, probably get a V3 too. I’ll cross those bridges when I get there though lol. Thanks again guys for everything, it means a lot to me 🥰
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    A few months back, in my password experimentation topic, user Eggiweg noted that whilst using an unfinished version of my password generator they'd managed to obtain "glitch souvenirs" - item IDs 114 - 127 would give the player a "souvenir" of sorts that looked like a small section of text taken from somewhere else. The souvenir is only briefly seen and doesn't appear in the souvenirs list, but is an interesting example of "glitch items" on the V3 nonetheless: ID SOUVENIR ID ITEM 114 Untested 0 BALL 115 CIL 1 PENCIL 116 Untested 2 WIG 117 Untested 3 SUNGLASSES 118 Untested 4 RC CAR 119 N 5 (Unknown) 120 HTS I 6 WEIGHTS 121 OY 7 RC TOY 122 AR2 8 (Unknown) 123 W 9 BOW 124 TS 10 DARTS 125 G CK 11 BLDG BLOCK 126 P 12 CAP 127 TIE 13 BOW TIE The items listed above are all the glitch souvenirs I've recorded so far. I don't currently have a V3 running so I've basically just had to go off what others using the password generator have found. In the left two columns you'll the the item ID of the souvenir in question and how that souvenir appears to look on-screen. On the right I've listed the first 14 items by their ID number. Clearly, there's a correspondence here like some of the items we saw on the V2. From this, we can conclude that RC CAR2 is probably item ID 8 and item ID 5 is probably PEN. You can see the items I've obtained images of so far below: I've left 15 slots here instead of 14 because I've actually not seen item ID 113 tested yet and I'm not sure if it'll be rejected as an unused item ID or if it'll contain yet another glitch souvenir. Ideally I'd like to fill in all the empty slots as part of an effort to document all the absurd glitch-items Tamagotchis have to offer, so any experimentation with and photographs of the glitch souvenirs using the password generator would be helpful
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    You got me, I'm a big Fire Emblem fan! Other names I've used include Celica, Chrom, Saizo, and Selkie, just to name a few. I haven't finished Three Houses yet, but the Golden Deer are my favorites (and Hilda is a powerhouse). I don't think I'm doing the classroom part right, but I'm trying my best to figure it out. Fairy ON Speaking of Hilda and Marianne, they evolved this morning! They've inherited their mom's fruit and their dad's fancy ribbons. Speaking of their dad, I noticed something odd when I went onto the app yesterday. He's definitely pink here... ...but he wasn't pink when my last Tama married him. I assume the other person said yes to my proposal, but rejected the egg on their end and then changed their color. It's just strange to me that the family tree on the app updated even though I never interacted with them after that. Marianne has been pink since she was a toddler though... coincidence? Maybe, but I think it would be funny if Hilda took after her father's original color and Marianne just so happened to take after his new one. It would have made way more sense for Hilda to have turned pink due to her namesake, but oh well... V4 @Maria&Co. must have bless Ame's genes because... HE EVOLVED INTO A MAME TEEN!🙌 I swear I rarely have have this kind of luck with Puchitchi, but it's a welcomed surprise. Now apparently, some people have had their teens switch families. It's super unlikely and what I can only assume is from bad luck at that point, but I'm going to be cautious and evolve him into a Mametchi. Only the most Mame of the Mame family bloodline is allowed around here. In order to achieve that goal, I've enrolled him in Mr. Turtlepedia's class. Maybe I'll even evolve him into Tensaitchi, but I make no promises there. And that's all for now! I've got no Gus updates, he's just chillin'. Tomorrow the twins should evolve and I'll likely marry them when that happens. I used to keep my M!x/Meets/ON characters for a little after they evolved, but now I prefer to marry them off ASAP to see the next cute characters I get. See you all soon.~
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    Okay, sooo, Templechi grew up to become a wall-eyed adult with the same fashion problems as his forbears. I didn't get many pictures of him, here's one when he married Miss. Apple And finally FINALLY THE DRESS WAS NO MORE FINALLY GOT RID OF THE DRESS I HAD FROM GEN 1!!!! This little guy was called Cupar and that was one of the only pics I got of him. He was cute and wall-eyed like his dad. I liked him so much that I kept him for a few days before marrying him to a dog. This little one is named Lunachi, after Luna, my puppy that I will be picking up in 2 weeks time. Here's a pic of her :3 Until next time!
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    I'm running my Meets again at the moment, and just quickly attached a couple of things that I had on-hand to make it easier to hook the device onto my lanyard - with the added bonus of the addition looking quite cute, too; As one of my penguin minions helpers is showcasing here, I added a standard 20mm split-ring (I don't think that the Meets/On would be able to take a bigger ring), and to that I added a heart-shaped split-ring (which I got from craft-supplies store Baker Ross). I have star-shaped ones, too, but I wanted it to match the casing! Anyway, I just wanted to quickly share this - it seems pretty sturdy and it does the job nicely.
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    This is absolutely true. 🐧 Well *I* was going to let them get to 99. Time to pick a new number - tell one of my penguin minions helpers to fetch my dice-bag, will you, please?
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    Never be afraid to be yourself. That's a surefire way to live with regrets.
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    I would have started this sooner, but I had to spend three excruciating hours finding my SD card adapter since I lost it and my computer doesn't have an SD card slot Here's my very own log! The posts may be a bit long, but that's largely because I'm running seven tamas at once currently Also, the order I'm listing them in may seem strange, but there's actually a reason for it; first three are my favourite ones. The next two are my sister's favourite ones. The last two are the ones I got for Christmas last year, listed at the end because they're the most recent ones I've obtained Currently, I have to upload my images to the Tamagotchi wiki and link them here. I'll try to use Imgur as soon as I'm able to create an account tomorrow. Also; apologies for the blurry picture quality. I don't have my own cell phone or a working camera, so I have to take them with my 3DS. The poor Winter lighting also has a part in it as well Chocolate Argyle V4.5 This is my favourite tama with a dead battery The sounds were distorted-sounding and then it gave me this screen. Replaced the battery at 11:55 AM this morning. Meet Tony, the Ura Young Mametchi! He's quite adorable in my opinion :3 Tomorrow, he's going to evolve into Ura Mametchi. Nothing particularly interesting happened to him today aside from the dead battery. STATS Name: TONY Training: 7/9 Skills: 70 Funny, 31 Gorgeous, 45 Spiritual Weight: 27 Pounds Age: 1 Year (resetting a tama in any way prevents its age bar from changing that day) Generation: 9 Pink Stripe V4 Meet Jaiden the Violetchi (her name is actually spelt as "Jaden" since the "i" wouldn't fit). As you can see, she has a cute little baby boy with her. She left him behind at midnight, but unfortunately I couldn't get any pictures of that Nothing else particularly interesting happened to her today. STATS Name: JADEN Training: 9/9 Skills: 59 Intellectual, 51 Style, 125 Kind Weight: 37 Pounds Age: 7 Years Generation: 5 Yellow Mood V4.5 Meet Angie the Ura Young Marotchi. She evolved into Tsukkomitchi at 10:59 this morning, but I forgot to take any pictures Nothing else particularly interesting happened to her today. STATS Name: ANGIE Training: 9/9 Skills: 30 Funny, 69 Gorgeous, 60 Spiritual Weight: 33 Pounds Age: 3 Years Generation: 20 Black Spark V4 Meet Jacob the Gourmetchi. He started off as an energetic little MizuTamatchi; At 7:33 this evening, he evolved into that ice cream sandwich character we all know and love... While he was still a young'n, I played Mimic with him a lot (I seem to be one of the few people who actually like that game ). For some reason, his kindness skill was building at a snail's pace. His intellectual and style skills, though, were rocketing STATS Name: JACOB Training:5/9 Skills: 52 Intellectual, 50 Style, 34 Kindness Weight: 15 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 1 Earth V4.5 Meet Ben the Tougyutchi. Two nights ago, I accidentially dropped this Tama, which caused the screen to blank. I pressed the reset button; several spooky, distorted beeps were heard. I pressed the button again. A few non-serious glitches happened (one of which was the tama still running while I briefly took out the battery ), but everything was normal. But he evolved an entire day after he was supposed to. Oh, by the way, he was a Kometchi (third time I've obtained him in the past month, I've really been on a lucky streak on the V4.5 ). I find Tougyutchi wearing makeup too... too, wonderful to not share (Ura Kuchipatchi with makeup made me laugh out loud ) STATS Name: BEN Training: 8/9 Skills: 25 Funny, 63 Gorgeous, 54 Spiritual Weight: 37 Pounds Age: 3 Years Generation: 22 Purple True Friends V2 Meet Illy, the Kinakomotchi. She won't stay Kinakomotchi for very long; she's scheduled to evolve shortly after her wake-up time tomorrow! She started her time in my care this morning, after her mother, a ChoHimetchi named Jazz, left her alone. Tamas are really lousy parents i STATS Name: ILLY Training: 5/9 Weight: 11 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 5 Pink True Friends V2 Yikes, you can barely read that text... Meet Max, the Butterflytchi. He married Jaiden the Violetchi just yesterday, and like her, he left behind his sweet little baby boy at midnight (again, I couldn't get any pictures ). I tried having him draw with a pencil, but he drew a blank... literally and figuratively STATS Name: MAX Training: 9/9 Weight: 40 Pounds Age: 8 Years Generation: 4 Wow, that took a lot longer than I thought it would! Sorry I don't have much to report today, maybe from now on I'll only report the interesting stuff. Hope you enjoyed reading; if you did, there's definitely more to come. I promise it'll be more interesting next time
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    I feel that the Meets/On on its own, without the use of outside official or unofficial programs, is perfect for someone like me who prefers the simpler 1990s devices and the more recent Minis/Nanos - it's not going to be what you're after if you want a lot of different locations and games on one device, though.
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    V4 Guava got a job at a flower shop shortly after I posted on Wednesday. I was expecting her to get married later today, but the matchmaker just won't show up. In fact, I wrote up this entire post hours ago and held off on posting it because I was waiting for her to get married. So not much is going on with Guava today. iD L 15th Anniversary Yesterday Byleth met the love of her life and she left me with a sweet baby boy. I named him Finnbar (after my betta fish) and he quickly evolved into a Daiyatchi. I've always found it kind of disorienting that a lot of past teen/adult characters were used as toddlers on the 15th Anniversary (see Byleth having been a Kusatchi). Even more confusing still, Finnbar evolved into a Kujakutchi who is Daiyatchi's counterpart on the V4.5. It just makes no sense. Morino Biddybud stayed in his cocoon longer than he should have because of the nighttime pausing. I was worried I might have burned him to death because I kept the heat up really high and forgot to turn it back down, but he finally emerged today! He's a Koganetchi which is a character I've never had before. I forget how to keep a healthy adult on the Morino (I'm pretty sure weight plays a factor), so I'm probably going to have to reeducate myself. P's Gus? You've got news today? What's goin' on? That's so swe- -or not. Sorry buddy, Finnbar can be a bit of a trouble maker. That faceplate is still so nasty... Anyway, next time we should be seeing more evolutions and Guava should be getting married tomorrow (for real this time ). See you then!
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    I was going to post an update yesterday, but I figured I'd wait until all the children evolved into teens. Off-topic, but I hope I find my Origami Crane V4 sometime in the near future...broken sound wire or not, I'd really like to continue running it again, especially so I can get my V4 evolution research going a little bit faster... February 21st 2020 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Here's one last look at Maria the Ura Debatchi, right before leaving her baby boy... Yesterday morning, I had named him Bowser (spelt as "Bowsr"), after one of my favourite Mario characters He evolved into... Kuribotchi! Just as I was hoping! I decided I wanted to try for Boxertchi; henceforth, I gave him five care mistakes (four for empty hungry hearts, and one for empty happy hearts). Unfortunately, that didn't quite turn out, because... ...HE NEARLY DIED!! (I didn't take any pictures, because there was simply no time for that) I was just playing some Mario Kart 7 yesterday evening (fitting with the theme here), and I heard the death beep! I completely forgot his hungry hearts were still empty! Seriously, though, I was only out of the room for no more than four minutes... I pressed the reset button before he could die, and everything except his skill points had reset to what they were when he evolved. Oh, well... I figured I'd have to do the same tomorrow. And... I did! This time, I kept a closer watch on him to make sure I filled the hearts as soon as the attention icon turned off. And it paid off, because he evolved into Boxertchi! I was very pleased, I'm not entirely sure I've ever obtained him before! I'm going to try for Tougyutchi, and as such, I enrolled him into Ms. Flower's class. STATS Name: BOWSR Training: 5/9 Skills: 39 Funny, 29 Gorgeous, 53 Spiritual Weight: 15 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 12 Pink Stripe V4 Cal evolved into Young Mametchi yesterday morning! Of course, you'll already know if you've been keeping up with my V4 evolution thread... This, combined with other data I've collected, leads me to believe that "bad care" on the Version 4 and Version 4.5 is considered a minimum of five care mistakes, rather than four (as on the Entama, Uratama, V2, and V3) or three (as on the V1 and sometimes on the V2). Of course, this doesn't always apply, as I've had MizuTamatchi evolve into HinoTamatchi with three care mistakes. I also believe I've had KuchiTamatchi evolve into Kujakutchi and Ura Young Violetchi with a minimum of four care mistakes. Anyway, I decided to go for Androtchi (ultimate irony...you'll see what I mean soon ). I enrolled him into Ms. Flower's class. STATS Name: CAL Training: 9/9 Skills: 29 Intellectual, 42 Style, 29 Kindness Weight: 25 Pounds Age: 2 Years Generation: 9 Yellow Mood V4.5 One last look at Luther the Mametchi before leaving his baby boy behind... I named him Phil yesterday morning. And, just as I expected... ...He evolved into Kuribotchi just like his brother! I just took the same care of him I normally would of a Tama because I figured he would probably evolve into a Universal teen... ...but, alas, he evolved into Kujakutchi, one of my least favourite teen characters. Well, as long as every other child evolved into different characters, I don't really mind too much. I decided to go for Celebtchi, and as such, enrolled him into Mr. Turtlepedia's class. STATS Name: PHIL Training: 6/9 Skills: 34 Funny, 35 Gorgeous, 39 Spiritual Weight: 25 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 23 Black Spark V4 The last image ever took of Ned the Minotchi before he left behind his baby boy... I named him Jim yesterday morning, and he evolved into... ...Puchitchi. My expectations were very low after that, so I kind of didn't pay much attention to how well I took care of him. This morning, he evolved into... Well, actually, the battery died the EXACT MOMENT he evolved, so he was still Puchitchi when I pressed the reset button (the battery wasn't really dead, this tama just has really weak battery usage for whatever reason). He evolved, an hour after he was supposed to, into... ...Young Androtchi! His happiness hearts dropped very low several times, so I was worried I would end up with Gourmetchi or HinoTamatchi. I'm glad I got a Mame teen! I decided to try and raise him into Mametchi (see the irony?), and enrolled him into Mr. Turtlepedia's class. I've accidentally given him two care mistakes already since he evolved...but I should be safe from Gozarutchi as long as I don't let any more accumulate and make sure his happy and hungry hearts stay fairly high! STATS Name: JIM Training: 7/9 Skills: 49 Intellectual, 32 Style, 22 Kindness Weight: 20 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 4 Earth V4.5 Sandy the Ura Memetchi left behind her baby girl as well... I named her Rosie, after Rosalina, one of my favourite Mario characters (noticing a pattern here?). And, she evolved into... ...Kuribotchi!! This is actually the second time I've obtained Kuribotchi on all three of my V4.5s at the same time I gave her the exact same level of care I did Bowser in hopes of getting Yakantchi, and... well, it... ...Worked! She evolved into Yakantchi this morning! I thought high Spiritual skill was required to obtain Kuchi teens on the V4.5, but Spiritual was actually her lowest skill. I guess it's not required in some cases I decided to go for Shitekitchi, and as such, enrolled her into Mr. Canvas's class. STATS Name: ROSIE Training: 5/9 Skills: 34 Funny, 34 Gorgeous, 36 Spiritual Weight: 19 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 25 Purple True Friends V2 And finally, here's Nancy the Hanatchi right before she left behind her baby boy... I named him Yoshi, after my favourite Mario character! As I expected... ...he evolved into Marutchi! I would have rather obtained Marutchi on an odd-numbered generation, but I'm glad to have obtained a child other than Kinakomotchi for once This morning he evolved into Propellertchi! I didn't take any pictures because I've just recently had a Propellertchi on this same Tamagotchi. I decided not to go for a Tier 1 adult, so I gave him one care mistake for empty happy hearts earlier today. I might allow for two or three more care mistakes before he evolves into an adult. There's not really any specific adult character I'm trying for, but I would like to get Toratchi or Dorotchi. STATS Name: YOSHI Training: 6/9 Weight: 28 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 8 Pink True Friends V2 No new updates (unfortunately), but tomorrow Joe will be able to marry through the matchmaker. STATS Name: JOE Training: 9/9 Weight: 44 Pounds Age: 6 Years Generation: 7 That's all for today, the next update I post will probably be on Sunday or Monday, because most of the teens will evolve into adults on Sunday, and Yoshi will evolve into an adult on Monday.
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    Episode 1 Hello again everyone! Some of you may remember seeing me on this site in around 2017 and 2018. I tend to take long breaks from the venerable Tamagotchi, but I do surface every now and then, and now I'm back! I hope you've been well. In my previous logs, I ran a hefty amount of Tamagotchis (usually around 8 or so) but this time I have a smaller roster. I feel that this will make me less likely to "burn out" so early, like I did last time. It will also make this log easier to write, and will give you less baggage to read through. So I think it's a win-win! My ultimate goal for this log is to keep it sustainable and exciting, so I'll also cycle through my active Tamas from time to time and perform various evolution experiments. I hope you enjoy it! You might have noticed the unusually specific title of this log; that's because I have an underlying goal to obtain ChoHimetchi on my active Version 2! Why ChoHimetchi, of all things? It's actually due to many reasons. Firstly, I haven't had it on a Version 2 since I was a kid, and I always thought it was a cool-looking character worth getting again. But it's also because it seems to be very elusive to me. I tried to get ChoHimetchi multiple times in my previous logs, but my attempts badly backfired (Most of the time, I landed on the right tier but got the more common Mimitchi instead!). As a result, ChoHimetchi seems to have been an ever-present goal that I have always failed to reach. I feel like Wile E. Coyote or the Team Rocket Trio, and I must settle this, once and for all! As a result, this log will generally theme around my active Version 2 and the quest for ChoHimetchi, but it will also have some other Tamas with their own experiments to keep things varied. At the moment, I am running four units, which I think provides a decent balance. So, without further ado, let's introduce the gang! Tamagotchi No. 1: Flowery Blue Version 2 This is the Version 2 that will be featured in my quest to get ChoHimetchi. This shell (which I think is supposed to represent an underwater theme) is very nostalgic to me because it originally belonged to my sister back when I got my first Tamagotchi, which was a green Version 2 that I have stored for now. For many years, this blue Tamagotchi was actually disassembled as a source of spare parts, but I restored it back to working condition in 2018 due to nostalgia. While it functions well enough, its speaker does not work and its infrared system is busted, meaning that it cannot connect to others (thank goodness for the Matchmaker!). This Version 2 was the first one I re-started after my last hiatus; I did so shortly before Christmas so that I would have something to occupy myself with. I have run it non-stop since then, and it is now in its fifth generation. I had tried to get ChoHimetchi all this time but to no success. Currently, it has a 7 year-old Pochitichi named Dale, who just had a male baby this afternoon. Since ChoHimetchi is only obtainable on even generations, Dale's baby will be my only possible attempt for a couple of weeks. In order to obtain ChoHimetchi, I must give the baby perfect care (especially in the Teenager stage) since the character is on the topmost tier on even generations. Then, when it evolves into an adult, I must blindly hope that ChoHimetchi is randomly chosen out of the three characters in the top tier. It can be a frustrating process! For my last two attempts (in the second and fourth generation, respectively), I tried to land on the top tier but instead got the middle tier due to accidental neglect. In fact, I actually got Dorotchi both times! So I'd better be very vigilant this time. Tamagotchi No. 2: Ice Blue Version 4 Two of the other Tamas I am running at the moment are Version 4s. The main reason for this is due to an ongoing research project on the Version 4's growth chart, conducted by Maria&Co. and tamaninjacat. See the thread here: I was very impressed by the headway they made in the research, so I decided to help them! This snowy blue Version 4 (which I have featured in my previous logs) is thus mostly being used to test theories that are being established in that thread. Currently, this shell has a first-generation Harutchi named Mewtwo, whom I am using to test Child/Teenager evolution patterns. Today, I meant to give him two care mistakes through the Child stage (though instead I accidentally gave him three), and I will see whether this makes him a Mame family teen or a Meme one. It is generally established that Harutchi becomes either a Mame or Meme teen depending on the amount of care, but it is still unknown what exact numbers of care mistakes make what. There are similar mysteries with the Meme and Kuchi families as well, so I aim to help solve these questions in the future! Tamagotchi No. 3: Sea Blue Version 4 This is the second Version 4 that I'm using for the evolution research project. While I started the other one from a clean slate, I decided to continue this one from where it left off to investigate the prominence of "family genes" in the Version 4. It turned out that the character was a 7 year-old Masktchi named Gina, who was actually all the way back from my first log. She became a Masktchi mostly because I accidentally left her unpaused when away, which led her getting neglected for a day. However, I found this useful for the research because it allows me to test how the Universal family affects "genes" in the Version 4. Shortly after I had Gina running again, she got a Matchmaker visit and had a baby. Her partner was a Tosakatchi, so I will see if that partner brings Meme genes to the baby in the future. Once Gina leaves, I will experiment with the baby, just like Mewtwo, and report results. Tamagotchi No. 4: Rainbow Version 4 Yes, my final Tamagotchi is yet another Version 4, but it is not being used for evolution research. Instead, it is for another purpose that I have continued on-and-off since my first log. The Otokitchi in this shell is named Valma. She is currently aged 30 (in Tama-years of course), and I aim to get her over 90 years before breeding her with an Ojitchi. This, in theory, should make her one of the oldest parents of all time (though I doubt it will break the best record - someone has probably had an Ojitichi or Otokitchi breed over the age of 100). Nonetheless, it would still be a good achievement. While I can technically wait until she is well past 100, I do pause her regularly, so I will be unable to record her age after the two-digit counter fills up. Valma is very easy to care for, though I do give her high priority to make sure she does not have a care mistake. In the Connection series, if a Senior takes care mistakes, they become more and more needy until they die. As a result, I must make sure that Valma does not take any care mistakes during her long run. If care mistakes are avoided entirely, Valma can theoretically live forever. There have been a few times when people have gotten Ojitchi or Otokitchi to live for hundreds of Tama-years! Due to her age, Valma has an incredible amount of Intelligence points (I usually play Shape when playing on a Version 4). She'd make a Tensaitchi jealous! Well, that's all the updates for now. Here are the stats of my four active Tamagotchi: Stats for Dale (Version 2, Blue Water shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Age: 7 years Weight: 44 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 5G Gotchi Points: 6,539 Stage: Adult Evolution: Petitchi > Hitodetchi > Nikatchi > Pochitchi Stats for Mewtwo ("MEWTW", Version 4, Ice Blue shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 5/9 bars Skill Points: 26 Intelligence / 29 Fashion / 15 Social Age: 0 years Weight: 15 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 1G Gotchi Points: 3,120 Stage: Child Evolution: KuroTsubutchi > Harutchi Occupation: Pre-schooler Stats for Gina (Version 4, Blue shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 7/9 bars Skill Points: 106 Humour / 177 Glamour / 26 Spiritual Age: 7 years Weight: 22 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 7G Gotchi Points: 62,320 Stage: Adult Evolution: Tsubutchi > Mizutamatchi > Ichigotchi > Masktchi Occupation: Baker Stats for Valma (Version 4, White/Rainbow shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 8/9 bars Skill Points: 707 Intelligence / 40 Fashion / 82 Social Age: 30 years Weight: 31 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 7G Gotchi Points: 52,430 Stage: Senior Evolution: Tsubutchi > Puchitchi > Young Memetchi > Ponytchi > Otokitchi Occupation: Retired ~ Well, that's all for now! I aim to post this roughly to a weekly schedule, which will make it roughly once each generation. That will ensure that I have enough updates for each post. But until next time, have fun!
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    Wow, thank you! I think that would be a good idea, if you don't mind, since collecting data can get a bit slow at times. I appreciate any extra help UPDATE: In a shocking twist of events, Cal evolved into Young Mametchi! This makes me think Harutchi's evolution patterns are more similar to MohiTamatchi's than MizuTamatchi's...whatever the case, Harutchi's evolution is definitely stranger than I thought Very strange is that I've had Harutchi evolve into Ringotchi more than once with perfect care; the only thing I did wrong being the happy hearts dropping too low once or twice. Next time I get Harutchi I'll try either two, three, or five care mistakes to see if I'll get anything other than Young Mametchi.
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    ...So much for THAT... I noticed I tend to update when I get a reply on my V4 child-to-teen discussion topic. I swear I don't do it on purpose, I was going to post an update today anyway I just haven't really felt very motivated to update recently, my motivation has shifted to other things... ...of course, as you can see, I still have the motivation to keep running my Tamagotchis! February 19th 2020 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Yesterday, Maria married Luther! Also, Ura Debatchi's kissing sprite looks very odd... They had boys together. I was kind of hoping for girls, but hey, what can you do... STATS Name: MARIA Training: 9/9 Skills: 57 Funny, 71 Gorgeous, 139 Spiritual Weight: 26 Pounds Age: 7 Years (Should be 9) Generation: 11 Pink Stripe V4 On Monday, Dusty married Masktchi through the matchmaker and had a boy. Sorry, no pictures...I was busy playing Animal Crossing with my sister I named him Cal and he evolved into Harutchi, as you can see. You can also see he's paused...that's only because I didn't think to take a picture of him until he had already gone to sleep I've been doing the exact same thing I did with Debbi; the only thing I did differently is that I didn't miss any discipline calls. I really hope he evolves into Gourmetchi tomorrow! Mostly because I want to see if subpar care is what turns Harutchi into the Meme family. STATS Name: CAL Training: 4/9 Skills: 12 Intellectual, 21 Style, 15 Kindness Weight: 15 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 9 Yellow Mood V4.5 Here Luther is with his baby No other updates. STATS Name: LUTHR Training: 9/9 Skills: 48 Funny, 50 Gorgeous, 276 Spiritual (If it's not obvious, Man Hole if my favourite game on the V4.5) Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 8 Years (Should be 10) Generation: 22 Black Spark V4 Here's a picture of Ned for proof he indeed evolved into Minotchi Yesterday, he and Nancy married! They had boys, which was a bit aggravating Also, it looks kind of strange how a Petitchi... ...can turn into a KuroTsubutchi. Nothing unusual for the Connection series, I guess STATS Name: NED Training: 8/9 Skills: 284 Intellectual, 23 Style, 28 Kindness (If it's not obvious, Shape is my favourite game on the V4) Weight: 32 Pounds Age: 8 Years Generation: 3 Earth V4.5 I couldn't get any pictures of their marriage, but Sandy married Tougyutchi through the matchmaker and had a girl! I really like Ura Memetchi and Tougyutchi as a pair One reason is because I had them marry through connection a few months ago, but it's mostly because I just find it kind of funny; Ura Memetchi has angel-like wings, and Tougyutchi has devil-like horns (I know he's supposed to resemble a bull, but since his horns are coloured red in his artwork, they look more like devil horns than bull horns). STATS Name: SANDY Training: 9/9 Skills: 45 Funny, 164 Gorgeous, 132 Spiritual Weight: 28 Pounds Age: 8 Years (Should be 9) Purple True Friends V2 Once I noticed it, I just could NOT unsee how Hanatchi's nose looks like a skull in her close-up sprite, what with her large nostrils and the position of her whiskers...combined with her facial expression and the fact that she's described as being very frail, honestly, I find it a bit distressing It's probably not even intentional... Other than that, I think Hanatchi is a very cute character Here she is wearing sunglasses And here she is with an adorable little bow You can read above how she and Ned married and had boys. I wanted to marry them because Hanatchi and Minotchi are both worm-based characters. STATS Name: NANCY Training: 9/9 Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 7 Years Generation: 7 Pink True Friends V2 Joe evolved into Violetchi today >_> That's the second time this MONTH I've had a male Violetchi named Joe... STATS Name: JOE Training: 9/9 Weight: 33 Pounds Age: 4 Years Generation: 7 Maria, Luther, Ned, Sandy, and Nancy all left behind their babies at midnight. Tomorrow is going to be HECTIC
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    I suspect child-to-teen growth on the first generation works differently, on both the V4 and V4.5. I once had a Puchitchi evolve into Gourmetchi on the first generation even though I gave it PERFECT care, and Puchitchi normally evolves into the "bad care" Mame teens with perfect care. Similarly, I've seen Tamatchi evolve into the Meme family teens twice on the first generation, but every other time I've obtained her, it evolved into the Mame family (Universals don't count). KuchiTamatchi also seems more likely to evolve into the Kuchi family on the first generation. I don't think the fact that you jumped into perfect care after Guava accumulated four care mistakes had anything to do with her evolution, because I did the same with Debbi. The missed discipline call may have something to do with it, but it's most likely simply because it was the first generation. Next time you get MizuTamatchi, you should definitely try one extra care mistake and/or a missed discipline call. Be careful the care mistakes don't occur too close to discipline calls, or the discipline calls will be bypassed entirely. I'll try the same next time I get MizuTamatchi (which probably won't be very soon ). Next time I get MohiTamatchi, I'll try five care mistakes to see if it evolves into Oniontchi or Nikatchi. On a side note, I currently have a Harutchi named Cal whom I've been trying the same thing I did with Debbi, except I haven't missed any discipline calls. I really hope he evolves into a Meme teen! Hopefully I won't get a Universal teen again. I think this is the most I've ever hoped to get a Meme teen, honestly
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    Guava has unfortunately evolved into and Ichigotchi (and now a Memetchi). I gave her four total care misses (three from hunger, one from happiness), but she still evolved into the Meme family. I immediately started taking perfect care of her after getting all of her care misses, so should I have kept her hearts low? Or is it because she's a first gen Tama and she doesn't have any Kuchi genetics? She also had four bars of training which may have been one too many since you mentioned that Debbi had a missed discipline call. I'm going to marry her to a Kuchi adult, so hopefully I'll be able to try again soon. I'll probably do one extra care miss+one missed discipline call just to mix it up a little.
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    So much for staying updated... It's just past noon where I live; I'm posting now to catch up on the previous several days I was inactive (no excuse; just got caught up in other things ) February 16 2020 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Maria evolved into Ura Debatchi on Thursday! She got a job as a baker the next day. The game is exactly the same as the Florist game, the only non-graphical difference is that it increases Spiritual skill instead of Gorgeous skill. STATS Name: MARIA Training: 9/9 Skills: 53 Funny, 71 Gorgeous, 162 Spiritual Weight: 21 Pounds Age: 5 Years (Will change to 6 later) Generation: 11 Pink Stripe V4 Dusty evolved into Zukyutchi on Friday! He got a job at the Amusement Park the next day, just like his father did. STATS Name: DUSTY Training: 8/9 Skills: 41 Intellectual, 31 Style, 101 Kindness Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 4 Years (Will change to 5 later) Generation: 8 Yellow Mood V4.5 Luther got a job as a teacher on Thursday! Playing the Teacher game on the V4.5 increases Spiritual skill. This morning, the matchmaker came for him, but it glitched up and froze. I pressed the reset button and everything was normal. I plan on marrying him to Maria soon, anyway. STATS Name: LUTHR Training: 9/9 Skills: 40 Funny, 42 Gorgeous, 186 Spiritual Weight: 33 Pounds Age: 5 Years (Should be 7) Generation: 22 Black Spark V4 Ned evolved into Minotchi on Friday, but I completely forgot to take any pictures! He got a job as a teacher yesterday, but I forgot to take pictures of that, too! Playing the Teacher game on the V4 increases Intellectual skill. STATS Name: NED Training: 8/9 Skills: 183 Intellectual, 20 Style, 24 Kindness Weight: 36 Pounds Age: 4 Years (Will change to 5 later) Generation: 3 Earth V4.5 Sandy had evolved into Ura Memetchi on Thursday. The next day, she got a job as a hairstylist. Here she is, washing her look-alike's hair Here she is washing her own mother's hair... ...and she turned out to be her only disappointed client Playing the Hairstylist job increases Gorgeous skill. STATS Name: SANDY Training: 9/9 Skills: 41 Funny, 148 Gorgeous, 55 Spiritual Weight: 33 Pounds Age: 5 Years (Will change to 6 later) Generation: 24 Purple True Friends V2 Nancy had evolved into Young Mametchi on Thursday! Here she is next to Dusty, also a Young Mametchi Annoyingly, though, Young Mametchi appears as Nazotchi when connecting between versions. She evolved into Hanatchi just this morning. That wasn't surprising, as I had accidentally left the Tamas alone for a while several times in the past few days... But I'm glad to have gotten a different character for once! She even shows up properly when connecting to a V4, something that is surprisingly rare considering how many characters are on both versions... I plan on having her marry Ned soon. STATS Name: NANCY Training: 9/9 Weight: 26 Pounds Age: 3 Years (Should change to 4 later) Generation: 7 Pink True Friends V2 Buster married Zuccitchi through the matchmaker on Thursday and had a baby boy! Yesterday I named him Joe (just realised today that was his grandfather's name...whoops), and he evolved into Kinakomotchi. I sure get Kinakomotchi an awful lot This morning, he evolved into Ringotchi. I'm not sure I'll try for any particular character; I'll just do whatever and see what happens STATS Name: JOE Training: 4/9 Weight: 22 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 7 Sorry for being so inactive lately...as I mentioned at the start of the post, I've just been caught up in other things. I'll try harder to keep on top of things starting today, though :)
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    Now a Hulkish shade of green, which I think suits him way better, Goblintchi has just proposed to Fairytchi, and they now have a lilac-coloured baby girl called Faetchi. I'll update again when she's fully-grown.
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    Unifuwatchi and Kiminanizatchi had a son called Goblintchi - so named because of the many odd colour-changes that his mother naturally went through as she grew up, and because, frankly, both of his parents look a bit weird. Last night, true to the reason for his name, Goblintchi grew up looking a bit weird himself - in a cute way, of course. I'm going to turn him green later, for a bit of a change, since his mother's green teenager stage looked cool, and then he will be marrying Fairytchi later today.
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    February 12th 2020 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 No new updates. STATS Name: MARIA Training: 9/9 Skills: 53 Funny, 71 Gorgeous, 68 Spiritual Weight: 16 Pounds Age: 2 Years Generation: 11 Pink Stripe V4 Dusty evolved into Young Mametchi, just as planned! I'm going to try for Zukyutchi; I don't think I've ever had Young Mametchi evolve into anything other than Mametchi! Not to mention, I've only ever obtained Zukyutchi once. I enrolled him into Mr. Canvas's class. STATS Name: DUSTY Training: 6/9 Skills: 24 Intellectual, 21 Style, 55 Kindness Weight: 22 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 8 Yellow Mood V4.5 Luther evolved into Mametchi, just as I had expected. I wonder if there's any way to change which adult character the Universal teens evolve into? I would like to get Violetchi and Gozarutchi at SOME point. The Tama's battery seems to have run out. That wasn't surprising, as it's been using that battery for six whole months. Which is pretty good for cheap dollar store batteries. I changed the battery, which will hopefully last as long as the previous one did! STATS Name: LUTHR Training: 9/9 Skills: 28 Funny, 26 Gorgeous, 148 Spiritual Weight: 34 Pounds Age: 2 Years (Should be 3) Generation: 22 Black Spark V4 Well, it seems Ned has evolved into a Universal teen, specifically Hawainotchi. Initially, I was a bit disappointed (as I was really hoping to see Harutchi evolve into the Meme family), but now I'm actually kind of excited to have obtained him. I've been raising his Intellectual skill considerably in hopes of obtaining Mametchi, but even if he instead evolves into Tosakatchi or Minotchi, I won't terribly mind (especially if he evolves into the latter). Even if he evolves into a Universal adult, it'll be fine. My best guess as to why I got Hawainotchi is because his training bar was very low when he evolved (only two bars were filled!). Next time I get a female child (besides Harutchi or MohiTamatchi), I'll try intentionally letting its training stay low to see if I get Hawaikotchi. Also, Hawainotchi's close-up is rather adorable STATS Name: NED Training: 5/9 Skills: 93 Intellectual, 20 Style, 24 Kindness Weight: 20 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 3 Earth V4.5 No new updates. STATS Name: SANDY Training: 9/9 Skills: 41 Funny, 87 Gorgeous, 49 Spiritual Weight: 15 Pounds Age: 2 Years Generation: 24 Purple True Friends V2 I had named Luigi's daughter Nancy, and she evolved into Kinakomotchi. I gave her the same level of care I normally would, but now I'm thinking I should have tried poor care and try to get Oniontchi or Nikatchi. Well, it's kind of too late for that now. I didn't post any pictures of her because I've already obtained Kinakomotchi many times, so I thought taking pictures would be pointless. STATS Name: NANCY Training: 4/9 Weight: 11 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 7 Pink True Friends V2 No new updates, but... Does anyone know exactly what it is ChoHimetchi draws? It's probably amazingly obvious, but it just kind of went over my head. I'm probably going to realise it right as I click "Submit Reply" and feel really dumb STATS Name: BUSTR Training: 9/9 Weight: 33 Pounds Age: 6 Years Generation: 6 That's all for today, I'll try to stay updated tomorrow.
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    Unfortunately I wasn't able to have Harutchi evolve into the Meme family (I think I know what I did wrong, though, I'll get into that). But I DID make an interesting discovery regarding the Universal family! In my log, I mentioned Debbi had left behind her son and I named him Ned, and he evolved into Harutchi. I also mentioned how I took the same level of care of him as I did Debbi when she was a MizuTamatchi; however, he evolved into Hawainotchi, a Universal teen. I bet that what I did wrong, was that his training bar was only filled by two. I didn't do it on purpose, though, it was simply a result of attention calls for empty hungry and happy hearts leaking into his discipline schedule. Based on this, I'm pretty confident that Hawainotchi and Hawaikotchi come from a very low training bar, and Obotchi and Ojyotchi come from rarely-to-never filling the hungry and happy hearts higher then two hearts.
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    February 11th 2020 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Sure enough, Maria evolved into Yakantchi! I was very happy, because across three V4.5s, with eleven-to-thirteen years of running them, this is only the second time I've ever obtained her! And she's one of my favourite characters! I decided to have her evolve into Ura Debatchi. I've been raising her Gorgeous skill as such. STATS Name: MARIA Training: 5/9 Skills: 41 Funny, 59 Gorgeous, 44 Spiritual Weight: 16 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 11 Pink Stripe V4 Andre had left behind his baby last night. I named him Dusty this morning, and he evolved into... Harutchi?? I thought it was only possible to obtain Harutchi by marrying two Mame family adults! (Not counting Universals) Well, you learn something new every day I've taken the best care of him I possibly can, but I fear my chances of obtaining Young Mametchi may have been shot down, as his Happy hearts were half-empty when he evolved I immediately filled them up, but I still fear it may be enough for him to turn into Young Androtchi. Other than that, I've never let his Hungry and Happy meters deplete below three hearts. STATS Name: DUSTY Training: 4/9 Skills: 13 Intellectual, 19 Style, 24 Kindness Weight: 10 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 8 Yellow Mood V4.5 No new updates. STATS Name: LUTHR Training: 9/9 Skills: 27 Funny, 26 Gorgeous, 120 Spiritual Weight: 22 Pounds Age: 2 Years Generation: 22 Black Spark V4 Debbi, too, left behind her baby last night. I named him Ned, and he evolved into... Harutchi?? It was quite fascinating to me that the offspring of two Kuchi family adults resulted in two Harutchis; on the V4.5, marrying two Kuchi family adults through connection results in two Kuribotchis; MohiTamatchi's equivalent. I've been trying the same thing I did with his mother: I allowed three care mistakes for empty hungry hearts, and one care mistake for empty happy hearts. I want to see if that's what turns Harutchi into the Meme family, just as how it turns MizuTamatchi into the Kuchi family. In one instance, though, I gave him a time out because I thought he had made a "for no reason" call...but he didn't. His Happy hearts were only at 1, so giving him a time out for no reason emptied the meter...I hope he evolves into Gourmetchi and not HinoTamatchi or Young Androtchi. Here's where his parents were last seen STATS Name: NED Training: 2/9 (All those care mistakes severely interfered with his discipline schedule) Skills: 16 Intellectual, 16 Style, 14 Kindness Weight: 19 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 3 Earth V4.5 Sandy evolved into Ura Young Memetchi, yup... she Kujakutchi are the teen characters I dislike obtaining the most. That's almost entirely due to how much I've obtained them over the years. Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it. I guess she is kind of cute (I still think Daiyatchi and Ura Young Violetchi are more cute, though) I might try for Hanagatatchi, but I make no promises there STATS Name: SANDY Training: 7/9 Skills: 41 Funny, 55 Gorgeous, 43 Spiritual Weight: 15 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 24 Purple True Friends V2 Luigi married Tarakotchi through the matchmaker yesterday and had a girl! And at midnight, he left her behind She'll be strictly in my care tomorrow morning. Something rather spooky I noticed this evening, is that the V2 makes a very quiet, rapid beeping sound when nothing is happening, kind of like an alarm clock...only much, MUCH quieter. I only noticed it because there was not a sound to be heard at the time, and I thought I heard a faint beeping sound. I put my ear to each of the Tamas to see if it was coming from any of them, and when I got to this one, is when I noticed it. On the clock screen, the beep matches the speed of the clock ticking. The beep would "hold" while holding button C. While Luigi was gazing over his baby, there was a faint static noise instead. After he left behind his baby and she was sleeping alone, the sound was "holding", but it went to normal when I went to the clock screen. I had to put the Tama right next to my ear to hear any of these sounds, and neither the V4 nor the V4.5 made these sounds. I also closely listened to the Pink TF V2, and, sure enough, I heard the same sounds. STATS Name: LUIGI Training: 9/9 Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 8 Years Generation: 6 Pink True Friends V2 No new updates. (By the way, my reaction to obtaining ChoHimetchi yesterday was because I was kind of weirded out by obtaining a male ChoHimetchi, since the "Hime" part of her name literally means "Princess") STATS Name: BUSTR Training: 9/9 Weight: 32 Pounds Age: 5 Years Generation: 6 That's all for today.
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    Sorry I didn't post anything the past two days, I've been kind of caught up in other things. I'm posting earlier today to catch up, and also because I don't think much more will happen today anyway. February 10th 2020 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 On Saturday, Bobby and Ari married! They had baby girls together This morning, I had named Bobby's daughter Maria. I took the exact same care of her and her sister, and even named them at the exact same time; for some reason, though, Maria evolved nearly an entire minute after her sister. She evolved into Kuribotchi, just as I had expected I'm going to allow five care mistakes to accumulate and hope I get Yakantchi. It seems to me that Kuribotchi is (ironically) much more likely to evolve into the Kuchi family than KuchiTamatchi, so I have a pretty good feeling that I'll get a Kuchi family teen anyway. STATS Name: MARIA Training: 1/9 Skills: 10 Funny, 23 Gorgeous, 40 Spiritual Weight: 13 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 11 Pink Stripe V4 Yesterday, Andre and Debbi married and had boys, as you can see here This is the first time I've EVER been able to marry two Kuchi family adults through connection between two V4s! (Come to think of it, though, I did have a Sebiretchi marry a Kuchipatchi through connection once, but the Kuchipatchi was on a V4.5, so I'm not counting that time) STATS Name: ANDRE Training: 9/9 Skills: 82 Intellectual, 45 Style, 377 Kindness Weight: 41 Pounds Age: 6 Years (Should change to 7 later) Generation: 7 Yellow Mood V4.5 Yesterday morning, I had named Elijah's son Luther (spelt "Luthr"), and he evolved into Hitodetchi. I was kind of irked, because this is the THIRD generation in a row I've obtained her on this particular Tama. I tried taking very good care of him to see if he'd evolve into a Universal teen, since his "mother" was a Universal adult, but I got a bit distracted and his happy hearts emptied three times. This morning, expecting to see Crackertchi... ...He evolved into HashiTamatchi!! I was VERY happy about this! I haven't obtained a Universal teen on the V4.5 in nearly two months, and this is the first time I've obtained a Universal teen on the Yellow Mood V4.5 I enrolled him into Mr. Canvas's class. I suspect he'll evolve into Mametchi (every HashiTamatchi I've obtained evolved into him; same with Hikotchi into Kuchipatchi, UFOtchi into Memetchi, and the only V4.5 Ichigotchi I obtained evolved into Mimitchi). STATS Name: LUTHR Training: 5/9 Skills: 17 Funny, 26 Gorgeous, 60 Spiritual Weight: 21 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 22 Black Spark V4 Here's a nice, somewhat clear image of Debbi the Sebiretchi Aside from marrying Andre the Nonbiritchi, not much of interest happened with her. She got a job as a Fire Person, which increases Kindness skill, and doesn't seem to require very high skills... Normally, a Tama can only be accepted into a job if they have a fairly high amount in the skill that the job increases (along with a reasonable amount in the other two skills), but Kindness was her lowest skill point, and it was no higher than 35. STATS Name: DEBBI Training: 9/9 Skills: 67 Intellectual, 101 Style, 60 Kindness Weight: 24 Pounds Age: 5 Years (Should change to 6 later) Generation: 2 Earth V4.5 You can read above how Ari married Bobby and had girls This morning, I named her daughter Sandy, and, despite naming her and her sister at the exact same time, she evolved almost a whole minute before. She evolved into KuchiTamatchi. I expected her to evolve into Tamatchi, but whatever. STATS Name: SANDY Training: 2/9 Skills: 35 Funny, 17 Gorgeous, 23 Spiritual Weight: 12 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 24 Purple True Friends V2 No new updates (unfortunately), but Luigi will probably get married through the matchmaker at some point today. Annoyingly, Hitodetchi appears as Nazotchi when connecting to a V2... ...but Mimitchi, along with very few other characters, do appear properly. STATS Name: LUIGI Training: 9/9 Weight: 36 Pounds Age: 6 Years (Should change to 7 later) Generation: 6 Pink True Friends V2 Buster evolved into ChoHimetchi this morning u_u I didn't think I took that good care of him. I seem to be cursed with nearly always getting the best-care characters on the V2 and Tama-Go (which is a large reason I no longer run the latter ) Not that I'm upset or anything, mind you. STATS Name: BUSTR Training: 9/9 Weight: 32 Pounds Age: 3 Years (Should change to 4 later) Generation: 6 I don't think much more will happen today, but if something does, I'll just post a mini-update.
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    I'm practically stuck in a hurricane right now and I fear the power will go out February 7th 2020 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Bobby was visited by the matchmaker this afternoon. I refused to answer the call, because I KNEW it would just glitch up and freeze (as it does, no lie, EVERY time I answer a matchmaker call the first day she appears on this particular Tama). But she was NOT leaving...so I answered it, and let's just say I was right. I pressed the reset button and everything was normal. If you remember back in November when disaster struck and this Tama was reset...this actually was how it happened. The matchmaker froze, but I waited a while instead of immediately pressing the reset button. Big mistake Now I always press the button as quick as I can... STATS Name: BOBBY Training: 9/9 Skills: 41 Funny, 37 Gorgeous, 169 Spiritual Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 5 Years Generation: 10 Pink Stripe V4 Andre got a job as an Amusement Park worker today! This was the only job he was offered that I find fairly easy to play. To play the game, you have to pull down the balloons. The balloons need to be at the side of the character to be pulled down. The most you can collect is 30. Playing the Amusement Park game increases Kindness skill, and was replaced with the Heavy Lifter job on the V4.5. I had racked up enough points for him to evolve into Nonbiritchi!! I was very excited about this! Now the only Kuchi family characters I have left to obtain are Nikatchi, MukiMukitchi, and possibly Boxertchi. Tensaitchi and MukiMukitchi are the only Special adults I haven't obtained yet, now. Here were his skill points at the time of evolution... And here he is, playing with Debbi More on her later... STATS Name: ANDRE Training: 9/9 Skills: 72 Intellectual, 30 Style, 364 Kindness Weight: 34 Pounds Age: 4 Years Generation: 7 Yellow Mood V4.5 Uh...the matchmaker kind of...offered Elijah a Mametchi to marry. Which would be nothing unusual on a V1, V2, or V3...but since both Ura Togetchi and Mametchi are male-only on the V4.5...this was very odd...but not the first time I've seen it happen. On the advice of my sister, I had them marry They had a baby boy! I hope he evolves into a Universal teen. Knowing my luck, though, he won't STATS Name: ELIJA Training: 9/9 Skills: 43 Funny, 45 Gorgeous, 159 Spiritual Weight: 35 Pounds Age: 6 Years Generation: 21 Black Spark V4 Debbi evolved into Sebiretchi! The only pictures I took of her turned out abysmally...just refer to the above image of her and Andre for proof she did indeed evolve into her Other than that, nothing particularly interesting happened to her today. I have previously mentioned I plan on marrying her and Andre, right? STATS Name: DEBBI Training: 9/9 Skills: 48 Intellectual, 89 Style, 34 Kindness Weight: 25 Pounds Age: 3 Year Generation: 2 Earth V4.5 No new updates. Ura Yattatchi's tooth brushing animation is almost exactly the same as her young counterpart's. STATS Name: ARI Training: 9/9 Skills: 106 Funny, 99 Gorgeous, 90 Spiritual Weight: 22 Pounds Age: 6 Years Generation: 23 Purple True Friends V2 Reverse of how Elijah married a (seemingly) female Mametchi, Luigi evolved into Mimitchi, who has been female ever since the V4! So far the only characters on the V2 whom I've obtained exclusively as their originally intended -- or later determined -- gender, are Mametchi, Young Mimitchi, ChoHimetchi, Propellertchi, Memetchi, Kusatchi, and Hinatchi (possibly, I don't know if he ever had a set gender)... STATS Name: LUIGI Training: 9/9 Weight: 33 Pounds Age: 4 Years Generation: 6 Pink True Friends V2 Speaking of Hinatchi... Buster evolved into him today! I've been really lucky with getting the teen characters I want on the V2 so far! (Well, except on the first two generations) Sorry for the funky shadows, it was hard to position the camera and Tama in a way that you could actually see anything... Nothing else of interest happened with him today. STATS Name: BUSTR Training: 7/9 Weight: 24 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 6 That's all for today, folks
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    That’s really creepy, you’re right. I decided to go for the English version, I might eventually buy a Japanese one though so I can have that cactus character because I love that!! The Japanese ones seem pretty easy to come by as well. I got a pretty good deal on the Angel I bought, which I’m really happy about since I’ve wanted one for a long time!
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    I find it hilarious that the English versions after the originals boasted of a pause function, when actually nothing had changed. I actually have an English Angelgotchi - which I got in a used lot - and the clock set screen doesn't say anything special. I suppose the fact I have one might be something to boast about, but really I just see it as an Angelgotchi. Besides the icon differences Eggiweg has noted, the only other notable programming difference between the two is that the Japanese version has Sabotenshi/the cactus angel, while the English version has the Smiling Angel (which is pure nightmare fuel). Unfortunately, both characters have incredibly lazy programming since they have the same animation for every single function. Besides programming, American Tamagotchi Angels/English Angelgotchis actually have a different mold for the back half of the device. The holes for the screws in both battery cover and in the rest of the device are actually in a completely different place from the Japanese versions. What makes this so peculiar is that the previous English versions, the P1 and P2, did not have such an alteration so this was a change in the manufacturing (if the only other English model, the Tamagotchi Ocean/Oceangotchi remained unchanged, then the English Angelgotchi would have a truly unique mold). The direct impact of this is that if an English Angelgotchi's back cover is lost - which is the case with mine - then it cannot fully swap back covers with any other vintage since the screws are necessary for stability.
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    February 5th 2020 Apologies for not posting a log yesterday! The day kind of just flew right by and I was far too tired to write an entry by the time I came around to it. Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Ugh, I really need to get a better camera... Bobby evolved into Matsuritchi yesterday! He's actually one of the first adult characters I have any evidence of obtaining Today, he got a job as a heavy lifter. Playing the Heavy Lifter game increases Spiritual skill. STATS Name: BOBBY Training: 9/9 Skills: 41 Funny, 26 Gorgeous, 105 Spiritual Weight: 36 Pounds Age: 4 Years Generation: 10 Pink Stripe V4 If you've read my recent updates on this thread, you may already know about this one... Andre evolved into Young Kuchipatchi! I was expecting Oniontchi, but honestly, I'd rather get Young Kuchipatchi anyway. Next time I get a MohiTamatchi, I'll have to try five or six care mistakes. I enrolled him into Mr. Canvas's class, and have been getting his kindness skill fairly high. I really want to get Nonbiritchi, but it's very difficult for two reasons: one, I am not very good at the Flag game. Two, I find skill building is harder than it is on the V4.5! Babies start off with a portion of their parent's final skill points on that version, but on the V4, babies always start with 0 points in all skills no matter what! Not to mention, teens on the V4.5 always gain 8 skill points by winning Apple, Shapes, and Man-Hole, while teens on the V4 only gain 6 skill points by winning Shape, Dance, and Flag unless their Health fortune has three stars... I'm not fully discouraged about getting Nonbiritchi, though. I've obtained Makiko once, and I'm even WORSE at the Dance game STATS Name: ANDRE Training: 9/9 Skills: 6 Intellectual, 25 Style, 138 Kindness Weight: 23 Pounds Age: 2 Years Generation: 7 Yellow Mood V4.5 Elijah evolved into Ura Togetchi yesterday, as planned! He's one of my favourite characters, even if he is from the most common family group He got a job as a Hospital Worker today. Playing the Hospital Worker game increases Spiritual skill. (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures) STATS Name: ELIJA Training: 9/9 Skills: 35 Funny, 34 Gorgeous, 121 Spiritual Weight: 34 Pounds Age: 4 Years Generation: 21 Black Spark V4 Jacob left his baby behind Monday night. I named her Debbi on Tuesday morning, and, as expected, she evolved into MizuTamatchi. My expectations were very low after that, but I tried the same thing I did with Andre anyway to see if it would work. I let her hungry hearts empty three times and only filled them when the attention icon turned off, and let her happy hearts empty once, only filling them when the attention icon turned off. After that, though, I made sure the happy and hungry hearts stayed fairly high (the V4 is really strict when it comes to a child character's happy hearts dropping very low, but filling them before it makes an attention call). I also made sure her weight never got too high, and her skill points didn't stay too low. I missed one "for no reason" discipline call as well, but I'm not sure that counts as a care mistake on any version beyond the V3. And today... she evolved into YOUNG DOROTCHI!! (If you've read today's update in the aforementioned topic you'll already know that, though...) She's one of my most favourite characters! I was ever so excited to make this discovery, and now I'm looking forward to trying this out next time I get MizuTamatchi! Based on this, it seems my theory with the V4.5 also applies to the V4; all of the Kuchi family teens are technically "bad care". Even if Young Kuchipatchi and Young Dorotchi can be obtained from MohiTamatchi with perfect care, they can still be obtained from it and MizuTamatchi with what the Entama and Uratama consider "bad care". This also makes me think that child-to-teen evolution on the V4 and V4.5 really ARE more closely related than initially believed... The only thing that doesn't seem to apply, though, is that high kindness skill is not required to obtain Kuchi family teens on the V4, while on the V4.5, high spiritual skill is a requirement (giving a Kuribotchi four or more care mistakes may be an exception). Right now, I'm wondering how to obtain Universal teens? I've obtained Obotchi twice in the past month; the only similarity between those two occurrences is that I rarely-to-never filled the hungry and happy hearts completely. The most commonly believed theory is that he and Ojyotchi are obtained from low skill, but I don't think that's true. And it's most commonly believed that Hawainotchi and Hawaikotchi are obtained from severe neglect, but once again, I don't think that's true, because one out of the two times I obtained Obotchi, I gave it abhorrently bad care as a child (it was Puchitchi, by the way)... Anyway, I'm getting off topic here... This is a sight I don't think I've EVER seen! Young Kuchipatchi and Young Dorotchi at the same time! I plan on marrying Andre and Debbi when they're both adults. I connected them a few times today, as you can see here STATS Name: DEBBI Training: 6/9 Skills: 36 Intellectual, 41 Style, 19 Kindness Weight: 23 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 2 Earth V4.5 Ura Young Yattatchi's tooth brushing animation looks very strange... Ari evolved into Ura Yattatchi yesterday! And yes, all her skill points were at the same level as I had planned Even though I've obtained Ura Young Yattatchi nearly a dozen times in total, this only the second time I've actually had her evolve into her adult counterpart Today, she got a job as a Bus Driver. Playing the Bus Driver game increases funny skill. I plan on marrying her and Bobby soon. STATS Name: ARI Training: 9/9 Skills: 73 Funny, 75 Gorgeous, 84 Spiritual Weight: 22 Pounds Age: 4 Years Generation: 23 Purple True Friends V2 This was one of only two pictures I took of him... it'll just have to do Luigi evolved into Propellertchi yesterday! I've been hit with a WAVE of good luck this past week No new updates for today. STATS Name: LUIGI Training: 9/9 Weight: 21 Pounds Age: 2 Years Generation: 6 Pink True Friends V2 Yesterday, Joe married Kuchipatchi through the matchmaker and had a baby boy! It can't be a coincidence that the matchmaker offered a male Violetchi a female Kuchipatchi... (Because on the V4 and all later versions, Violetchi was made female and Kuchipatchi was made male) No new updates for today. STATS Name: JOE Training: 9/9 Weight: 32 Pounds Age: 8 Years Generation: 5 Again, sorry I didn't update the log yesterday. I'll try to keep it updated tomorrow if I can
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    So much for more frequent updates. Fairy ON Travis and Justin evolved into teenagers on Monday. They evolved into adults yesterday. They look almost exactly like their grandma! The only difference is in the eyes. As for marriage, I've been looking all over the app with no luck. Travis did accept a proposal from someone, but we didn't take home an egg. Who am I to deny someone of these cute genes? I'm going to keep looking today, but I won't update on their marriage until tomorrow. V4 WHAT'S THIS?! A KUCHI TEEN! It's been such a long time since I've had a Kuchi family member. We celebrated by visiting a gene. Even more good news! Clyde should be evolving into a Kuchipatchi later this evening since I've been keeping his kindness points high. I enrolled him in Mr. Canvas' class to help with this goal. P's HAPPY BIRTHDAY G- Nani?! Trying to run away, on his birthday of all days! I was doing a water change on my fish tank when he called, but I didn't think he was going to do this... I offer his favorite snack as a token of my apology. Now let's celebrate! Happy birthday buddy!🎉 I hope we'll be celebrating many, many more!
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    yes, perfect! tekelitchi turned out just how i'd hoped
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    That's good news! Good luck with getting Young Kuchipatchi! Remember to make sure the hungry and happy hearts never drop below three! Also...one of the first Tamas I had on my Black Spark V4 was a MohiTamatchi named Clyde I also have an update; I had named Moe's son Andre today, and he evolved into MohiTamatchi! I'm going to try a little something different; I'll let his hungry hearts empty several times and maybe let the happy hearts empty once or twice, and only fill them when the attention icon turns off. Hopefully that will turn him into Oniontchi and not HinoTamatchi!
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    I've got an update on my V4. Ame got married to a Pukatchi and they had a baby boy. I named this boy, Clyde, and he evolved into a Mohitamatchi! Finally! I'm definitely going to take your advice and avoid the mail. This is probably unessesary, but I'm going to make a "marriage equation." It's just so I can have an easy reference for past marriages. Mame [Mametchi (intelligence)] + Kuchi [Pukatchi (intelligence)]= Mohitamatchi
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    Well, so much for that! Here's an unexpected extra update; I accidentally turned Lemonitchi and Pietchi brown-and-orange due to excessive omurice consumption! Now they are fully identical. Oh well, I guess that that's how they'll stay now - it'll be interesting to see how it affects the look of the next generation.
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    January 31st, 2020 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 No new updates, though Tony will have left behind his baby by midnight. STATS Name: TONY Training: 9/9 Skills: 155 Funny, 63 Gorgeous, 61 Spiritual Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 5 Years Generation: 9 Pink Stripe V4 Moe evolved into Tarakotchi today! I normally don't really like Tarakotchi, but I was quite pleased as, like I mentioned before, he was one of only three Kuchi family characters I've never obtained before. (Now all I have left to obtain are Nikatchi and Nonbiritchi; also MukiMukitchi and possibly Boxertchi on the V4.5) I plan on having him and Illy marry tomorrow; a Tama can marry by connection at any time after it's been an adult for twenty-four hours, and I don't really want to wait to start the next generation! Plus... though I was pleased, I'm not that excited to have obtained Tarakotchi. I have a feeling marrying him to an adult on a V2 will result in MohiTamatchi, as it has every other time I've tried it (Pyonchitchi seems to be programmed differently between the V2 and V4, as are many other characters). If I do get MohiTamatchi, I'll try four care mistakes to see if I get Oniontchi or Nikatchi. Also... his close-up sprites are quite similar to Androtchi's STATS Name: MOE Training: 9/9 Skills: 50 Intellectual, 71 Style, 35 Kindness Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 3 Years Generation: 6 Yellow Mood V4.5 No new updates, though Angie will have left her baby behind by midnight. STATS Name: ANGIE Training: 9/9 Skills: 91 Funny, 95 Gorgeous, 99 Spiritual Weight: 35 Pounds Age: 7 Years Generation: 20 Black Spark V4 Jacob got a job as a baker today! I forgot to take any pictures, but it and the florist jobs are just reskins of each other, so... Anyway, since I hatched him later in the day, I have a feeling I'm going to have to wait until Sunday to marry him (the matchmaker won't come until a Tama has been an adult for seventy-two hours or more, in other words, exactly three days) STATS Name: JACOB Training: 9/9 Skills: 88 Intellectual, 98 Style, 85 Kindness Weight: 31 Pounds Age: 5 Years Generation: 1 Earth V4.5 No new updates, though Ben will have left behind his baby by midnight. The sound effects have also sounded a bit "off" all day today; they were louder and more compressed-sounding than normal. STATS Name: BEN Training: 8/9 Skills: 25 Funny, 63 Gorgeous, 200 Spiritual Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 6 Years Generation: 22 Purple True Friends V2 Illy evolved into Pyonchitchi today! I thought the dead battery would greatly hinder her evolution schedule, but she actually only evolved about forty minutes after she was supposed to, so I assume the V2 saves progress more frequently than later versions. Also, it's fairly amusing how I've obtained Pyonchitchi twice on the V2 so far, both times as a female. And he was never intended to be a female character STATS Name: ILLY Training: 9/9 Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 4 Years Generation: 5 Pink True Friends V2 No new updates. STATS Name: JOE Training: 9/9 Weight: 22 Pounds Age: 3 Years Generation: 5 That's it for today, tomorrow I'm sure I'll have more to report
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    There's a lot of interesting data to look through in that thread. The posts date back to before the US release and only a couple of months after the European release, so this was all very new at the time. There is a chance that, due to how new the V4 was at the time, this particular finding might be a mistake. It's possible that the person got their names mixed up because there weren't many resources to work with at the time. On the other hand, this finding might not be a mistake. If that's the case, then the V4.5 toddler evolution patterns might be more closely related to the V4 than we initially thought. Did the poster specify if they got this result through good care, poor care, or just plain randomness? Maybe the "most likely" family evolution theory has been debunked.👀 On a more personal note, Ame evolved into Mametchi, just as planned! I should be marrying him off tomorrow or Saturday.
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    I'm posting a couple hours earlier tonight (or day, depending on where you live) because I had a really sucky afternoon which drained most of my energy for the rest of the day Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Tony got a job as a bus driver today! He crashed a couple times (sorry, no pictures of that ) but no worries, he and the passengers were fine STATS Name: TONY Training: 9/9 Skills: 132 Funny, 31 Gorgeous, 45 Spiritual Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 3 Years Generation: 9 Pink Stripe V4 Moe evolved into Young Kuchipatchi!! It's nice to get a Kuchi character every once in a while when the gene pool is flooded with Meme characters. (Sorry for the funky shading in the second picture, it was really hard to position the camera in a way that the Tama wasn't too dark to see, nor drowned in light) He enrolled into Ms. Flower's class. STATS Name: MOE Training: 7/9 Skills: 36 Intellectual, 39 Style, 23 Kindness Weight: 20 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 6 Yellow Mood V4.5 Angie got a job as a florist! She was really good at it, too. But I have to wonder what picking up flowers with a crane on a conveyour belt has to do with gardening? The most amount of points you can get in the minigame is sixteen. Once sixteen flowers have been correctly picked up, the minigame immediately ends and you are awarded with an "Excellent!!" ranking. Likewise with the baker career since that career's minigame is functionally identical to this one. STATS Name: ANGIE Training: 9/9 Skills: 44 Funny, 95 Gorgeous, 93 Spiritual Weight: 35 Pounds Age: 5 Years Generation: 20 Black Spark V4 Jacob evolved into Togetchi! He's so cute, in face he's one of my favourite characters :3 (And one of three male Meme family characters on the V4 and V4.5 combined that I don't mind obtaining, the other two being Gourmetchi and Ura Togetchi ) Sorry for such a blurry image, but the lighting wasn't that great. STATS Name: JACOB Training: 9/9 Skills: 62 Intellectual, 82 Style, 70 Kindness Weight: 32 Pounds Age: 3 Years Generation: 1 Earth V4.5 Here's Ben, pulling his weight at work pulling heavy weights. We both struggled a bit on that last one, but we pulled through STATS Name: BEN Training: 8/9 Skills: 25 Funny, 63 Gorgeous, 130 Spiritual Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 4 Years Generation: 22 Purple True Friends V2 Here's Illy the Ringotchi. Not a whole lot happened with her today... ...But one thing I find rather interesting, is that on the V2, a Teen character turns around in agitation when in a bad mood, but on the V4 and V4.5, a Teen character cries when in a bad mood like the Child characters do. What's most interesting is the fact that the manual for the V4 and V4.5 still show the demonstration for a Tamagotchi turning around in agitation, but they never do that on those two versions. The Tama-Go doesn't even differentiate between "for no reason" calls and "in a bad mood" calls STATS Name: ILLY Training: 9/9 Weight: 26 Pounds Age: 2 Years Generation: 5 Pink True Friends V2 Joe evolved into UFOtchi today. It's so hard to remember he's a boy, because UFOtchi has only ever been a girl on other versions Also... just compare how BIG UFOtchi is on the V2 compared to the V4.5! She's the size of an adult character on the former version! Even compared to her original sprites on the Mesutchi, she's still quite noticeably larger on the V2. I have to wonder, is it because she was planned to be an adult character on the V1, and when that didn't happen, they just reused her updated sprites for the V2? Here he is, taking a bath. Or... at least dipping his feet in. He's not even really in the tub at all! Right before 8:00 this evening, I figured I'd get a head start and turn the lights off for Illy and Joe. Illy went right to sleep when I did (and gained one heart of happiness), but Joe didn't... he took a bath an hour after Illy, so I figured, maybe he goes to bed an hour later? But he was sleeping when I checked him about fifteen minutes later... so, yeah. That was odd STATS Name: JOE Training: 8/9 Weight: 23 Pounds Age: 1 Years Generation: 5 That's all for now. If you like reading, check for updates tomorrow around this time!
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    That's one of the things that's tripping me up the most. I'm interested to find out if it's fully dependent on one or the other, or if it's a mix of both. I've had my Tama's babies switch genders when obtained through connection marriages, so connecting can get a little unpredictable at times. (The gender switch happened when I married a Music Star and a Tamago.) I'll be putting that to the test in a couple of days. Honestly, I'm super excited to get Mohitamatchi because I legit don't think I've had one since I was a kid (which idk how that's possible because I was terrible at Tama care back then ). Only time and experimenting will tell us what we want to know!
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    January 28th, 2020 Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Tony grew up today! Here he is, a full-grown Ura Mametchi He was supposed to evolve at 10:59 this morning, but the dead battery threw his schedule off. He evolved at 1:58 this afternoon. I, uh... accidentally gave him a love potion this evening. Whoops But, no sense in wasting a good love potion... Here he is, meeting Angie the Tsukkomitchi the first time and instantly falling in love ❤️ "Do these pants make my hips look big?" "Tell me I'm pretty!" STATS Name: TONY Training: 9/9 Skills: 96 Funny, 31 Gorgeous, 45 Spiritual Weight: 31 Pounds Age: 2 Years Generation: 9 Pink Stripe V4 Jaiden's son I named Moe, and he evolved into MohiTamatchi! Sorry I didn't get any pictures. I've took perfect care of him all day and NEVER let the hungry or happy hearts drop below three hearts. Assuming he evolves into Young Kuchipatchi (which he should), I'm going to try for Tarakotchi. He, Nikatchi, and Nonbiritchi are the only characters in the Kuchi family I've never obtained before (and I really don't feel like going for Nonbiritchi right now, and CAN'T go for Nikatchi for obvious reasons). His intellectual skill was increasing very fast, but his style and kindness skills were turtling. STATS Name: MOE Training: 4/9 Skills: 31 Intellectual, 6 Style, 7 Kindness Weight: 14 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 6 Yellow Mood V4.5 I forgot to take pictures yesterday, so here are some I took today: Angie the Tsukkomitchi is very pleased to meet you. Look, she even wants to shake your hand Why else would she have her hand out as such? She wanted to know if I liked her wig. I said to her, "can you even CALL that a wig??" Hey, I saw that "top" at a thrift store once! (I really wish I was joking) Who needs hands with legs like those?? I have to "hand" it to her, she draws a great hand STATS Name: ANGIE Training: 9/9 Skills: 30 Funny, 69 Gorgeous, 68 Spiritual Weight: 40 Pounds Age: 4 Years Generation: 20 I don't have anything to report about the Black Spark V4 Earth V4.5 Ben got a job as a heavy lifter today! ...But I forgot to take pictures. Uh... does anyone have any idea what it is that Tougyutchi draws?? I've obtained him three times in the past two months, and I STILL have no idea what on earth this is supposed to be... I actually took this picture back in November, when I had a different Tougyutchi named Aaron. I didn't take another picture of it today because I thought that would be pointless. It looks rather strange how Tougyutchi and Gourmetchi brush their teeth in spite of them both having no apparent mouth... STATS Name: BEN Training:8/9 Skills: 25 Funny, 83 Gorgeous, 96 Spiritual Weight: 31 Pounds Age: 3 Years Generation: 22 Purple True Friends V2 Illy evolved into Ringotchi today, but I completely forgot to take any pictures... STATS Name: ILLY Training: 8/9 Weight: 24 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 5 Pink True Friends V2 I had named Max's son Joe (to match his brother's name, Moe). He evolved into Kinakomotchi, but I (ONCE AGAIN ) forgot to take pictures. STATS Name: JOE Training: 4/9 Weight: 11 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 5 That's it for today, more to come tomorrow night :3
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    The only way that an anime dub will happen is if there is a market for it and if a network wants to run it. Bandai selling one of their prize IPs to a company that is being advised to give them the middle finger won't bring this about. Hasbro didn't "inherit" Power Rangers, either - Bandai's rights to the toy-making license expired, Hasbro bought those rights, and then Hasbro bought the entire property from Saban, along with others. It's just business, not inheritance. Moreover, for better or worse, cute shows based on foreign toy-lines have not typically gotten through the localisation process unscathed - sometimes just because the audience that they thought was there wasn't, and sometimes because those creating the localisation feel a need to change things unnecessarily. (Both of these are probably why a dub has not happened.) An excellent example of the latter would be the animated TV-series that was based on the Aurora World toy property, YooHoo & Friends - those plush animals with big glittery eyes that inspired a host of imitators (such as Ty's Beanie Boos). Where the original Korean version was a cute show with a bit of an educational angle, those localising it seemingly decided that it needed to be aimed at a different demographic and include higher stakes and more "action", so, instead of it being about a group of cutesy animals, the entire plot was changed to claim that the animals were a group of ugly, environment-killing corporate executives who had been transformed as punishment and had to save the world in that state, with the one doling out the punishment being Father Time (pressured by his wife, Mother Nature), who was voiced by American rapper Flavor Flav (who also narrates the show). The above also involved new characters and interstitial animation being created by David Feiss, the creator of Cow & Chicken - those with an interest in animation will know that this signature style is not at all suited to the looks of a cute-driven Eastern property. There's a bit more on this here. Be very careful what you wish for, guys - nobody wants to see a Tamagotchi anime adaptation about ugly humans who were magically transformed, because things aren't allowed to be cute on their own merits, narrated by Flavor Flav.
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    Hi there Gina. Unfortunately, I've had to remove your link - as per the rules on website ads/links, it is a personal link that is intended for personal gain, and topics promoting these are not allowed. You are allowed to put personal links in your signature and profile, however, so by all means please do so - your work looks lovely! Additionally, the News and Announcements section is labelled as being for TamaTalk news and official Tamagotchi news, neither of which your topic falls under, so I've had to move it, too. You note that you've been a member for some time, so perhaps now might be a good time for a refresher on the site's rules?