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    Found this article about using a Tamagotchi as a good measure of seeing how ready somebody is to take on the responsibility of having a pet… I have to say, I could not agree more! https://gametruth.com/editorials/dont-get-a-pet-get-a-tamagotchi/ Have you all seen any relationship between caring for a virtual pet and how that relates to caring for a real one?
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    Tamagotchi +Color has no downloads functionality though. iD, iD L and P’s have IrDA while 4U and 4U+ has NFC.
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    A new version of the software running this site has been installed. Lots of little tweaks to speed and stuff but, overall, you will not see many differences... Well except maybe for the GIF button Please post here if you notice any little bugs (or big ones)!
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    Well, as you said it's not available since 2009, it's been already 10 years since then. We just moved on. There are some projects that are attempting to bring it back but it's a huge work in progress and might or might not work. It is a shame but the toys are still usable even without Tama Town, even if some experience has been lost.
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    That's a P2 and it's a legit shell. http://www.tamashell.com/p2.php
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    The connectors might be faulty. Try wiping the figure's connectors (I believe they are heart shaped) with some rubbing alcohol.
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    Oh ok I got it! It works now I wasn’t sure what button was which.
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    Sadly it doesn't prove anything. We've been told to wait and see with wink faces for years now, though before that it was always through email. I don't think they will do a connection re-release at least until Japan does it, though Japanese connection are so different from English connections it would be more difficult. Except for the v1 since those are pretty much identical.
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    Came across another cool article on Twitter and thought it was worth sharing: The life and death of Tamagotchi and the virtual pet
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    That's a feature not a glitch! Right now in Japan they are preparing for the Hina Matsuri, or Doll Festival, and that pops up for a short time to celebrate You will see different seasonal items like that appear occasionally. They just stick around for a few days and then go away automatically.
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    I came across the following tweet and started to wonder what the current state of Tamagotchi is out in the world. I suppose virtual pet fans are in something of a bubble nowadays where it is easy to surround yourself (on forums, social media, etc) with people who like the same things. But what is it like out in real life? What do people around you think of your Tamagotchi? Do you all hide your Tamagotchi from others? There is no denying that it is not as popular as in the past... But there are still lots out there in use and still being sold... Or am I completely wrong?
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    I remember speaking with some of the Bandai USA folks many years ago regarding phones. This was around the time of explosive growth in smartphones and the decline of sales of Tamagotchi in stores. Back then they recognized that phones/apps were going to be eating into the attention spans of their customers. That being said, I think having apps integrated with the handheld devices is a natural thing to expect (though we kind of saw this kind of experimenting with Tamagotchi and web site codes years ago too). It is crazy to think about how much things have changed with Tamagotchi, the web, phones, social media, etc in just the (almost) 15 years that TamaTalk has been around... I hope Bandai is able to figure something compelling out.
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    When I have an active one I keep it on my belt loop and don't draw attention to it unless others notice first, but once one of my teachers got really excited and asked to see my tamagotchi, and when I got some in the mail once my stepdad said "Don't you have enough of those yet?" but he didn't seem to be upset, just teasing me. Most people don't seem to care about them for the most part, though. Actually, once during DnD my tamagotchi beeped and someone at the table said "We need to get you a hobby," but... Oh well, lol.
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    I think owning and caring for a tamagotchi taught my kids that virtual pets were a lot easier than real pets and they understood that if they could keep their tamagotchi alive it definitely didn't mean they were capable of looking after a real pet. They've both had tamas, hamsters, fish/aquarium and dogs (the dogs were family pets so they got to share carer responsibility). Now they're both adults but as far as dogs are concerned, both of them love and want their own one; but they know that it's just not practical if they're away from home at work or at university lectures during the day, so reluctantly they have to wait (and regularly try to persuade me that we need another dog in the house...) I'm not saying that owning a dog can't be done if you're out of the house for much of the day, but both of them know that a dog's quality of life and happiness is signifcant if they're around their humans for much of the day and they get enough exercise. On reflection, owning and running a clean, healthy aquarium for fish is pretty time consuming and does teach a reasonable level of responsibility about care and maintenance of living creatures.
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    http://www.ginjirotchi.ca/entama.html this one works reliably for me!
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    Honestly it's still impressive you can find a Tama Go, considering how long it has been off the market. But in all honesty it is not weird at all that you can't buy any tamas in stores. People on this forum are collectors, we pretty much -exclusively- get tamas from second-hand online deals, not stores. The exception are places that sell the new Mini, P1 and P2 re-releases as well as the new Gudetama Nano, but that's only a few places compared to other countries that used to sell tamas. Here in Poland we didn't actually get the Tama Go at all - only Tamagotchi Friends but it was short lived. After a few years things just stop being sold anymore, sometimes stores even send back the unsold pieces, though some smaller shops sometimes don't do that and you can get very, very, very lucky from time to time.
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    It's a bit embarrassing to expose this but it's difficult for me to dedicate myself towards collecting one category of products so instead I've been gathering all sorts of misc. stuff over the years. My primary focus right now is stuffed animals, I love them. They're my friends. I attached a quick, small glimpse of my collection here: I can't decide whether I should get a giant Loch Ness monster or another bunnie for my next stuffed animal addition! I'm crossing my fingers that sometime in the near future I'll be able to collect old tech from the 80's or just vintage electronics as they tend to run for a high price and at my age I don't have much room to spend money on those items even though I admire the appearance/functionality immensely. I'm a sucker for bulky devices. Anyways, I'm glad for the existence of this thread. Thank you for making me feel less alone with my collecting habits and inspired to continue. Observing the hobbies/passions of others makes me happy.
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    That's not just Brazil, most countries don't sell tamagotchis anymore. The new 20th anniversary re-releases are mostly Japan, US & SOME parts of Europe (+UK) exclusive. And even then they are hard to find outside of Japan and US. As crazy as it might sound, there is just not big enough demand for them anywhere else. Even for the West they have been brought back just because of the whole nostalgia craze going on now. I'm from Poland and there have been no tamas being sold ever since the original Friends came off the shelves.
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    Mum found one of my old tamagotchis. I used to be crazy about them! i did some research it’s a Tama-Go. I can’t find a pic that matches how it has kuchipachi with one arm and one down. The pics I’ve seen have both up. I am wondering if this can pause like my older tamagotchis and what the far right top button does.. it has mametchi facing away? Doesn’t select?
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    Sorry I had forgotten about my post here. I am unable to post photos rn since I won't be home for a bit but I can describe stuff. There are no serial numbers, markings, or dates. Function wise it is the same mostly. Your pet dies super easily and only evolves once. Marriage happens quite soon. When you restart the device all potential pet sprites flash across the screen. They are all sprites stolen from different franchises. From what it shown I recognized Digimon. There might have been a stolen Tamagotchi sprite as well but I do not remember for sure. Most of them I could not recognize.
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    Yes I mean legitimate I was confused, because on the Package stand Giochi Preziosi and I dont‘t wanz to buy a Fake Connexion 😅 So you think, it‘s a original Tamagotchi Connextion? 98mametchi98
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    These test kits are kind of dangerous since they are automatically put into a crime database... It's safer to go to the city hall of your birthplace and ask for a genealogy tree there honestly. Genealogy is indeed interesting but I'm not that interested in mine, even though my immediate family is very, very small, since I don't know my father or my father's family side.
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    Moved to Virtual Pets - General
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    You need to change the battery when it tells you to. How long the battery lasts depends on what brand it is.
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    You can pause with A+B (like other Connection Tamagotchis). The top-right button lets you access the character games/shops (you have a Kuchipatchi installed on top of your Tama Go). If I recall correctly, the Kuchipatchi with only one arm up is the one that came with the Tama Go (as opposed to the sold-separately one). If you can play "Cradle" when you plug it in and select the top-right option, this is the case.
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    Assuming you put in brand new batteries when you started, three weeks or so sounds rather short. That being said it doesn't surprise me if the battery is dying you're running into that problem. It's like any electronic, you can get a little more juice out of it by turning it on/off, but at some point it's going to just be a dead battery. If you've been putting in new batteries and it lasts a couple of hours then I'd say there's definitely a hardware issue.
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    It makes me sad that our tamagotchis can’t marry a tamagotchi of the same gender. I get why there was no same sex marriage on the older tamas, since the world was sadly much less accepting then, but now times have changed and I keep hoping that it will be introduced on the newer Japanese tamagotchis. However, it is not an option on either my M!x or Meets. Quite apart from anything else, this is disappointing as it limits the number of characters you can mix with according to your tama’s gender. I KNOW that in irl species you need a male and a female to make a baby (I’m a grown adult ), but we are talking about pixels here! Tamagotchis don’t even pretend to be modeled after real animals, like cats and dogs. They are goofy little aliens and if Bandai chose they could definitely programme in same sex marriages and breeding. Take The Sims 4, for example. You can now have two sims of the same sex have a baby together - heck, you can even have male pregnancies! And, sims are meant to be modeled after humans, for whom this most definitely isn’t possible. If Sims can do it, tamas can do it - Bandai should recognise that it’s 2018 (almost 2019)! What do you guys think? Is this a feature you’d like?
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    I am personally against letting children take care of pets until they are over the age of 13 and really do a lot of research regarding the pet (though parents should also do that to not let the children "experiment" with the experience), unless said pet is large enough to be the whole family's responsibility like a cat or dog. A lot of pets that are considered "entry level" for kids are actually not all that easy to take care of and require a lot of care to be happy. For example, hamsters actually need quite HUGE cages, a "perfect" cage for a golden hamster (just one! They are solitary animals!) is a whooping 100x100cm. A bare minimum is one that's at least 100cm wide on one side. The hamster wheel needs to be quite large to prevent back injuries, the food has to be good quality (no budget food!), proper diet has to be mantained (mostly grain, fruits and vegetables only as an occassional treat since they're not healthy for hamsters, also since hamsters are omnivores they need some bug protein from time to time). Then there's daily cleaning, understanding that a hamster can bite you, etc. I'm speaking from my own experience as I've had pets since I was a young child and when I realized that a lot of my first pets have been vastly mistreated still eats at me to this day. Goldfish are a whole another story too - aquarium keeping is NOT an easy task! But at the same time I know that children are not stupid and know a difference between a Tamagotchi and an actual pet, and just because a child can take care of a Tamagotchi doesn't necessarily mean they'd be a good pet caretaker, and even vice versa. But if there's no other way, it's definitely better to offer them a Tamagotchi rather than an actual pet. Though I personally think that parents should never 100% give children full responsibility of an animal, unless they are sure the child is doing a good job at it, they should be responsible too.
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    I personally think it might be Bandai's attempt to revive the following they had here in the west. I have seen some parents introducing their kids to them though! I'm praying it isn't just a nostalgia cash grab, but I think we're past that after the minis. To my understanding, the re-releases seem to be doing relatively well? Gigapets are also making a comeback, but they're including usage of an app along with the physical toys. Bandai's doing the app thing as well with Tamagotchi Forever, but I wonder if we'll be seeing exclusive apps with the purchase of a physical toy in the future? Bright colors and ease of access with phone usage seem to be a hit with younger demographics. ~Miau
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    I've been curious to know if a bit of Bandai's thinking with the re-releases and such... I've been left wondering if part of this is related to the fact that many of the people that had Tamagotchi as kids are now getting to the age of having their own kids. Will there be some generational sharing thing?
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    Yeah, all the famitamas/v5s/v5.5s can connect with each other.
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    hey guys, im coming towards ending collecting tamagotchis and im still yet to find myself a tamagezi. along with making pierces for the ps, id really like to start making tamagezi accessories. If anyone is selling their tamagezi or wants to trade, please let me know!
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    When I say that I like tamagotchis people usually answer that with "...what? they still exist?". Poland is one of the countries that sadly did not get the mini or vintage remakes so people are still pretty much out of the loop even about that, but then again we didn't get any vintages back when they were first released either. The first bandai tamagotchi that actually got released here was the v3, and the last was tamagotchi friends. But when they do they are usually quite pleased and are like "wow, cool".'
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    The Wave UFO (or Henshin UFO) is a virtual pet alien created by Bandai and its main feature is that the alien will change form when it detects specific waves - wi-fi waves especially, a good and bad thing. This page rescued from a defunct website give a nice little summary: With that context, let's move onto the instructions. Via Wayback Machine, I stumbled across a translated version of the Wave UFO instructions (I have the original Japanese ones, but that is not as useful as copiable text). As nothing lasts forever on the internet, I am posting the full instructions here in efforts to further preserve it. This is the original page. While looking for other information I came across which explains the menus and gives a little overview. I thought I'd add that although it repeats some of the information present in the instructions. I've noticed one big gripe about the Wave UFO is that the sound cannot be turned off for the attention or changing animations, both of which emit a shrill beeping sound. As someone who takes her Vpets practically everywhere, I had to find a solution for this. First I tried putting ductape over the speakers as in most cases that solves problems. Oddly, that only dampened the sound a little. I then found that rolling it up in a sweater really deafens the sound to a faint beeping. And I found that out after rolling up and tying my Wave UFO in a sweater and then lifting it up to the microwave like an offering to some pagan god, bewildering my father and making my brother laugh (I did this several times to make sure, of course). That works for me as the general principal of "several objects dampens noise" logically solves the problem, and it is faint enough that people probably wouldn't notice. Of course, there will always be the cost of having to unroll it to check on it, but it is low-maintenance enough to make that extra task reasonable. For people who don't carry a bag with them that can easily house a sweater, this won't be to helpful. My only advice for that is since it goes to bed at 1 a.m., it can probably be left unattended for long stretches and then cured before it goes to sleep. Also, in general situations such as walking outside or passing through places, there isn't really any need to be concerned with other people since loud talking is an equally acceptable distraction in those circumstances. Eventually when I have run my Wave UFO enough I'll create a review (like Penguin-Keeper :^) ) or detail it more in an oddpet log if that happens sooner. Overall, the information here will surely help anyone successfully run Wave UFO, as so far I haven't seen anything unusual or had problems (likely because all "evolutions" are not determined by care).
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    hi i have owned it since i wuz like 6 or smth so that was lyk around 2006 or 2007 yall ill try dat thank u everyone everyone is so kyut ;__; pray for my tama mwa ;3; v:
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    Guys, I have a surprise for you! I am building the site as an app for android and ios. Apps will come out really soon on the Play Store and App Store! See you!
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    I was directed here here by penguin-keeper due to some observations i made with my assorment of v3s. One of them, my pink translucent, has a slightly lower key than the other three. That being, all of its sounds are slightly lower than the same sounds of the others. I decided to rom test all four of them, and i had some pretty interesting results! First off, let me talk about my tamas. pink ice cream - US version, normal sound, blue and yellow box background, "tamagotchi connection" logo with mimitchi Green hibiscus - US version, normal sound, blue and yellow box background, "tamagotchi connection" logo with mimitchi translucent pink - US version, lower than normal sound, pink and yellow dots background, "tamagotchi connection" logo with mimitchi Zebra - US version region-changed to UK, normal sound, blue and yellow box background, "tamagotchi" logo with mametchi So, I went through and rom tested all four of them. The first three are all A3 0 or A3 2, including the deep-voiced translucent pink. However, my zebra was A3 3, which is a version that's not included in the list above! NOW, there's obviously something different about the zebra. I region changed it using a similar method to debugging (taking a pencil to the correct broken circles on the chip). When I undid the region change, however, it was back to being an A3 2! For my next trick, I attempt to region change one of my A3 0s. I tried doing it on both of them, but even after filling in the circles, it didn't actually take. I checked, and it was still and A3 0. It might have been the way I did it (my pencil could have been sharper), but i digress. Theory: there are four US rom versions. I've confirmed that A3 2 isn't a UK variant as theorized above, because all of mine are american, came with american chain styles and have US logos. However, A3 3 (and very likely A3 1) are region-changed variants of 0 and 2. also, now i have even less of a theory as to why my pink sounds like that.
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    Got a few more ROM versions! Thanks again to the two people from the Tamagotchi Discord group who helped supply me with this information: Oden-Kun: 0.2 Akai: 12.0 V5 (US): 32.1 one of those V3-looking Deka Tamagotchis: 11.1 one of those V4-looking Deka Tamagotchis: 1.0 Yeah, I don't know all that much about Deka Tamagotchis; I don't even know what these ones are called, lmao. But this was really cool to find out!
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    Mines currently 3 years old. Im not sure if its an adult yet. I still cant access my accessories.
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    Thanks for the help! If there are any version differences between different waves then maybe we'll find them. --- Here's the ROM version list so far, as well as any other known version differences: Kaettekita! Tamagotchi Plus / Tamagotchi Connection / Tamagotchi Connexion (V1) 0.0: The original Japanese release. 2.0: An international release, probably European. Features a multitude of changes from the previous version. 2.1: Seems to be present in both European and Australian models, so both of those regions probably used the same ROMs. Differences in this version are unknown. 2.4: Apparently, the time during the day at which the Tamagotchi's age number increases was changed in this version. 4.0: Probably the first US release. Main differences are in the form of text changes. 4.2: Apparently, the connection feature cannot be used while the Tamagotchi is a baby on any version prior to this one. This is the version this feature was changed. There's also a rare "GLAY Expo Edition" that probably uses another ROM version. Keitai Kaitsuu! Tamagotchi Plus (Keitai) The only known version is 6.1, currently. Haneru no Tobira Tamagotchi (Hanerutchi) The only known version is 8.0. Given that this version was a sort of spin-off and only had a single wave, I think it's likely that this is the only version. Keitai Kaitsuu! Tamagotchi Plus Akai Series (Akai) Currently no ROM versions are known. Chou Jinsei Enjoi! Tamagotchi Plus (Entama) The only version currently known is 14.1. The ROM versions of the CYOI Change models are currently unknown. Ura Jinsei Enjoi! Tamagotchi Plus (Uratama) 16.0 is the only known version as of yet. Haneru no Tobira Tamagotchi 2 (Hanerutchi 2) The only known version is 18.0. Given that this version was a sort of spin-off and only had a single wave, I think it's likely that this is the only version. Oden-Kun no Tamagotchi (Oden-Kun) No ROM versions are currently known. Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 / Tamagotchi Connexion Version 2 (V2) Three versions - A.3, A.4, and A.5 - are known. The differences between them are not currently known, though it is known that some versions of the V2 featured a variety of different item names, and there are differences between the US version and international versions of the V2. Whether or not these versions correspond to one of the three known ROM versions is unclear, but it does seem to be the case so far that the first wave of V2s in the USA was split into two groups - an earlier group and a later group - where the most noticeable difference is subtle changes in how the packaging looked. The later group were the ones most seen in promotional material for the V2, and it seems as though the earlier group - what I'm calling wave 0 - was probably like an initial production run that was merged with another group of shell designs for unknown reasons (perhaps they anticipated that more people would buy the V2 than they were expecting so they expanded the lineup somewhat). It seems to be the case that some of the wave 0 models were given the earlier ROM version featuring the earlier item names. There's also a PUMA Edition that probably uses another ROM version. Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 / Tamagotchi Connexion Version 3 (V3) The only known versions are A3 0 and A3 2 and their differences are unknown. A3 0 seems to be the US release so A3 2 may have been the European or Australian release. Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 / Tamagotchi Connexion Jinsei Version 4 (V4) A4.2 U, A4.3 E and A4.5 E are the only known versions. It seems to be the case that U models are the USA versions and E models are European. The main differences between them are probably bug fixes. Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5 / Tamagotchi Connexion Jinsei Plus Version 4 (V4.5) A4.5-3E and AUV4.5-.2 are the only known versions so far. I'm not so sure about the latter one, I feel like it was probably meant to be A4.5-2U but it was written wrong. The letter at the end seems to represent exactly what it did before. Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 / Tamagotchi Connexion Familitchi / Family Iro Iro! Tamagotchi Plus (V5) 34.1 is the only known version so far, and it corresponds to a European model. This was the first international model to receive a release in Japan since the V1, so there's a number of different versions of the V5. Main differences include language changes and changes to the Unchi-Kun item. Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity / Yume no Royal Family Tamagotchi Plus (V5.5) No known ROM versions yet. The English version apparently had two more games than the Japanese version, though, and some of the parent characters changed between versions. Tamagotchi Music Star (V6) 6.0 00 32.0 0 and 6.0 01 32.0 0 are the currently known versions. The latter was a wave 2 model, so they probably correspond to the two waves of the Music Star. Region functionality seems to be separate from version numbering, now (the ROM test screen lists the region separately). Known differences between versions include changes to how much money is passed down each generation (if I recall correctly, no money is immediately passed down upon starting a new generation on the original models, whereas half the money is passed down on the first generation only on the wave 2 models) and also changes to how expensive the Wild Guitar item is (from 100,000,000 points to 40,000,000). Tamatown Tama-Go (V7) 7.0 01 32.0 is the only known version. Tamagotchi Friends (V8) 8.0 00 is the only known ROM version, though it's known that international releases of the V8 featured different games to the US version. There's rumours of a Russian language version, too. Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town Digital Friend (V9) No ROM versions are known yet. I think this covers everything so far! It should also give us an idea of where to look for more information.
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    Is your character an adult? Only adults can wear accessories.
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    How is using rechargeable batteries? Are they beneficial?
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    The club owners/moderatoers can manage their own club topics... You can hide, lock, edit, etc How many people will actually read this anyways?!
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    But if people buy the fakes thinking they're actual bandai's and see how bad they are, isn't that stopping bandai from doing as well as they could? Put it this way: people try the fakes and just 'eh', but if people tried the actual p1's or something maybe - I don't even know how to word this. You get what I'm trying (and failing) to say, right?
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    Honestly, even if Bandai did have a full range of older models on offer for the nostalgia market, the counterfeit problem would still exist, and it would still be in no way influenced by them. The sad fact is, counterfeits (of everything, not just Tamagotchis) are extremely commonplace and education about how to identify them is poor, and that is why they persist. It's nothing to do with the companies who produce the genuine products, and due to the handling of copyright laws in some countries, there's very often little that the legitimate rights-holders can do to stop it. To cite a non-entertainment-related example, that's why we see people who are shocked by what's actually contained in fake cosmetics once they have a bad reaction to them, because the common, incorrect assumption is that it's only the packaging that's fake, not the ingredients of the make-up itself. And, worse, there are the sad cases where people aren't aware of fake electrical products until there's a tragic outcome. But that's getting a bit off-track, admittedly. My point is, the only thing that will make a difference is better education about counterfeit products and how to avoid them.
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    Every time someone buys one of these my soul dies a little bit.
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    Uh... Sometimes people lie on the internet. Nothing you can do. Not sure how are we supposed to answer to this to be honest.