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    GUYS! This is on amazon? It is called Tamagotchi On and it seems like it is a localised tamagotchi meets?? Have our prayers been answered? https://www.amazon.com/Tamagotchi-42834-On-Magic-Purple/dp/B07R18MJGM/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Tamagotchi%2BOn&qid=1557159747&s=gateway&sr=8-1&pldnSite=1&th=1 This box looks HUGE
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    Hello guys! Umm... I don't know how to start. So... It has been a rather interesting week for this project. I discovered that my old laptop was still lying around in my attic. This laptop was from 2008. My cousin had formatted it a few years ago but I was certain that I had visited the old Tamagotchi Europe quite a few times before the format. Long story short, I contacted a recovery service and told them about the situation. Two days ago they told me they have found some files. Some of them were OK but some of them were corrupted. So I have to wait for their next reply when they have finished working on the hard drive. I am confident that this time it will be A FULL RESTORATION PROJECT! I AM SO HYPED! See ya in the next one!
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    Looks like Bandai has made the official announcement about the Tamagotchi On! https://www.bandai.com/tamagotchi/ 75 day countdown... Can you wait that long?!
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    I'm happy to see a new English-language release, and I'm happy to see them finally releasing the colour Tamagotchis outside of Japan, but I haven't decided whether or not I'll pick up a Tamagotchi On yet. The reason for that is that I was burned by the bugginess of the Tamagotchi Meets (I imported one upon release), and didn't find it to be as engaging as the pre-Connexion Tamagotchis partly as a result of this. I won't consider it if the bugs haven't been fixed.
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    I'm going to try to get one because I think supporting tamas in different languages and regions is a good thing for the hobby!
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    I'd recommend you do more research first if you're asking these kinds of questions. Yes, a ROM test is risky - especially on a valued tamagotchi - but any kind of thing like this that involves taking the tama apart has risks so... maybe you need to be sure about actually doing a test before you decide if you will use your $50 tama or try to buy a cheaper version so that you won't mind if something goes wrong and it's broken permanently. If you haven't already done so, use TamaTalk's search engine to look at topics about ROM testing. Here's an obvious one (but there are more): There are also you tube channels where users have done ROM tests or "tama surgery" so it's worth taking the time to watch a few walk throughs too.
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    The geolocation feature on the app detects what type of place you are at and shows your Tamagotchi going somewhere similar. Ex) If you scan at a restaurant, your Tama will also visit a restaurant. You can even get special items if you scan at a specific retail store during an event.
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    There are a LOT of really cool fan Tamagotchi related projects going on right now. I wanted to draw some attention to one that has fantastic potential: Tamagotchi-Re-animated I can't describe their project any better than they do: I can't wait to see what comes out of this collaboration! Check them out here or on Twitter
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    So that's the Connection re-release rumours debunked then.
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    Well would you believe it. Checked my collection I had from the 90's and sure enough, there was an Akachan 1. And yes, it IS Bobby. Except with Bub from Bubble Bobble as his alert icon for no reason at all. Nice find! And thank you tk the previous poster Eryson for reminding me this. How I forgot I'll never know. Gonna order some more of these sealed for my wall display! Thanks again!
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    I miss "ugly" Tamagotchis, which goes hand in hand with my other missed feature of there being actual consequences for poor care (if you do badly, it's only logical that you'll get an unhealthy evolution who won't live for very much longer once they reach adulthood), and also there being a complete life-cycle including death. Nowadays, it's super-easy to get the best-care characters and they've even adjusted the remakes of the originals to add this in, there are no weird-looking creatures because everything only fits into a certain category of aesthetically-pleasing, there's no real consequence for poor care, and the critters are nigh-on immortal. The one that gets me the most is the downplaying and virtual removal of the "ugly", badly-behaved evolutions, though. Where are all the toupee-wearing-blobfish, duck-snakes and bird-plants that helped to define these toys back in the 1990s?
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    Most sellers I have encountered on ebay will mention either in the title or the listing whether or not the Tama will work. I haven't seen many broken color editions on sale. The biggest problem with used Tamas is that the shells are either missing paint, plastic is scuffed up or the screen has scratches. If you're okay with those possible problems, a used Tama is a great way to save money. My only used Tama I have off hand is a English Angel edition and it has always worked great.
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    Today's new arrivals. A factory sealed green Nano Baby and a sealed orange Goji Rapper.
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    Heading and catching the Music notes - good fun. I loved playing Shape! You're right - it's tricky but once you learn it you can get high scores. Here's a link to an old topic (from Tips & Tricks) on how to play (and win) at Shape:
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    On the official website the commercial’s thumbnail shows some more new things: 1) Different BG in the app. It shows the old TamaTown we know and love, unlike the Japanese version which takes place in Meets Town. It’s nice that, in a way, TamaTown is making a comeback. Here's the Japanese version for comparison: 2)Also, some hats are from the exclusive Meets Station characters. The one Lovelitchi is wearing is modified from this one, which is less detailed: Memetchi's hat is also different, with redrawn sauce and more pieces of chopped leek. Original: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall any of the special location Mix characters being in the Meets. That Tama in the bottom right corner is obviously mixed from Jellytchi. Will this mean we’re getting some locations from the Mix too? Or, maybe there will be special event characters in the dating game like Mimitchi? Or maybe even (by immense luck) the On can actually connect to Japanese Mix and Meets? Only time will tell.
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    A user in the Tamagotchi discord recently found some Tamagotchi patent files and digging through them revealed quite a number of interesting things!
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    Already have one preordered on Amazon! I agree with PK when it comes to the bugs - I haven't gotten all that much mileage out of my meets because of them - but I really wanna support English tama releases, and I'd really more than anything like to be able to see what all the little bits of dialog are about that all the color tamas have. I think that alone will make it more engaging. I've always liked the genetic fusions of the Mix and Meets, so it'll be cool to get all that and understand what I'm reading, too! The geolocation mentioned on the box seems as well, but I'm wondering how that'll actually pan out. Also I wonder how quickly it'll drain batteries. >> Either way, I'm pumped!
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    Oh my gosh, you’ve probably got so much mail! How many Tamagotchis do you own?! Probably Thosands!!
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    I got those ones on ebay amd Buyee.com. I also use sometimes wish.com and Japan You Want. Shpock occasionally. You can get Tamagotchis on Buyee Japan Auctions for as cheap as 1 penny. With import and shipping charges still pretty cheap. Good to check out. For example... https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/e355715341?conversionType=search_suggest
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    No, you've been pronouncing it correctly. The people in the commercial are pronouncing it wrong, which is embarrassing for such a high-profile "revival". This incorrect pronunciation originated from incorrect information provided to those behind Tamagotchi Video Adventures, and that same information was also provided to some members of the press at around the same time (or perhaps those behind Tamagotchi Video Adventures did their research and thought that the press were correct - it could go either way, but at this point I have to assume that some well-meaning individual has been referring to old reference materials for the new ad, and that the same info was given to the production-company back in the 1990s). It's also where the falsehood that Tamagotchi translates as "cute little egg" comes from. To be absolutely clear: Tamagotchi is a portmanteau of "tamago" (egg), and "uotchi" (katakana spelling of the loanword "watch"; The "i" is silent in Japan, but is pronounced in Western promotions because it sounds exotic and catchy), and the correct (Western) pronunciation is "Tamm-a-gotchee" (or just "Tamm-a-gotch", in Japan). It is not, as the false information claims, a portmanteau of "tamago" and "chibi", and it is not pronounced "Tamm-a-go-chee" as per that and the Tamagotchi On commercial. For what it's worth, past commercials, dating all the way back to the late 1990s, got the pronunciation right.
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    https://www.gamestop.com/browse?nav=16k-3-tamagotchi+on,28zu0 Gamestop has them up for preorder, but the release date is set to 12/31? I imagine that will change since the tama site itself says 74 days. Also, according to that commercial.... have I been pronouncing Tamagotchi wrong for like 20+ years??? O_O
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    Today is the day! Bandai America has officially announced the Tamagotchi ON on their official website! Tamagotchi.com has been updated with the Tamagotchi ON, and we’ve got some information you’re going to LOVE. Firs toff, the Tamagotchi.com website now ONLY has Tamagotchi ON featured on it, no longer does it feature the Tamagotchi Original rereleased device from 2018. The website displays the 4 Tamagotchi ON colors, pink and blue fairy, and purple and green magic. The same description featured on Amazon is now on Tamagotchi.com under the images: Everyone’s favorite virtual reality pet is back for a new generation! Tamagotchi On is perfect for on-the-go entertainment as well as teaching children the responsibility of caring for a pet. With millions of different Tamagotchi characters, your My Tama will look like a combination of their mom and dad, perfect for having a personalized character of your own. Plus, on now colored-digital screens, you can decide what your character does. Eat at home or at the restaurant, shop in the different Lands, go to the washroom, bathe, make friends, travel to different Lands, play games, and even take care of a TamaPet. Connect to your friend’s Tamagotchi On device and go on playdates, give gifts, travel together and marry. For even more extended play, connect to the Tamagotchi On App to see other unique Tamagotchi characters, get married, meet up with friends, play a game for Gotchi points and other gifts to bring back to your device! With Fairy and Magic themes available with exclusive Lands and characters, there are endless possibilities for fun! There is also a new infographic of the upcoming device, which labels all the menu options in English (YAY!). It appears that the device will be identical to the Japanese Meets. Finally there is a countdown on their website showing that we are roughly 75 days away from the release. What’s great news is availability. The device will be available at Amazon, Target, GameStop, and Urban Outfitters! We are SO excited to hear that Bandai was able to score some deals to get this device in brick and mortar stores! Although information is SUPER limited right now we will be chatting with Bandai America soon to get some more details - the questions you’ve been asking all week to see what we can get. IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!
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    Unlike a lot of things like debugging and region changing, accessing the test mode actually doesn't involve taking your Tamagotchi apart at all. It's designed to be a test that they can use in the factory and so by its very nature it's not intended to be something that harms your device. However, I think a disclaimer should probably always follow any talk about ROM testing because it is still a developer feature that is not intended for the general public to use, but it doesn't involve any messing around with the hardware of the device, and I have seen literally hundreds of tests without any reports of damage to the device. I think there's a few important things to consider when accessing the test mode: Is the device debugged? In case you're uninitiated, debugging involves actually taking the device apart and messing with the circuit board. You can tell if a device is debugged as it'll have a "hyperspeed" mode activated by pressing the C button, which causes time on the device to travel a lot faster than normal. There were reports from years ago that ROM testing a debugged device could break it, but these rumours seem to be entirely unsubstantiated and recent attempts to ROM test a debugged device has shown that in reality it is actually impossible to access the test mode on such a device. Are you okay with losing your save data? Accessing the test mode by itself has no impact on your data and after accessing it you can usually pick up from where you left off, but the exception is that if you reach the "ROM TEST" part of the test mode your save data will be wiped and you'll have to start from the beginning. When entering the test mode the first few screens are intended to test the pixels and icons on the device and identify those that don't work. This is then followed by a screen showing the firmware version of the device, and after pressing a button on this screen it enters the ROM test part of the test mode. If you don't wish to lose any data then you can perform the test up until the version number screen, but I wouldn't risk it in case you accidentally press a button on this screen. If you do lose your data, no data from the software of the device is lost - it just simply acts as though you've got a brand new device, and you'll need to start from the first generation. It's basically like choosing the "RESET" option on the DOWNLOAD / RESET screen. So basically, if it's something you're considering, take the above into account, make sure it's definitely something you want to try, and maybe try it on a cheap device that you don't mind resetting first so you understand how it works. Since you mentioned the "numbers" involved I'll explain a bit - the "version number screen" I mentioned is a screen showing the version of the Tamagotchi firmware that your device is using. Two devices might both be the "V2", but they could have different firmware versions, indicating that they'll be subtly different in a few different ways. Here are the known version numbers corresponding to the V1 and the V2: V1 0.0 - Tamagotchi Plus (Japan) 0.1 - Tamagotchi Plus GLAY Expo Edition (Japan) 2.0 - Tamagotchi Connexion, first wave (Europe, Australia) 2.1 - Tamagotchi Connexion, later waves (Europe, Australia) 2.3 - Tamagotchi Connexion, unknown waves (Europe, Australia) 4.0 - Tamagotchi Connection, first wave (USA) 4.1 - Tamagotchi Connection, later first wave devices (USA) 4.2 - Tamagotchi Connection, later waves (USA) V2 A.2 - Tamagotchi Connection V2, first wave (USA devices that were shipped to Europe and Canada before the eventual release of the V2 in the USA) A.3 - Tamagotchi Connexion V2, first wave (Europe) A.4 - Tamagotchi Connection V2, later waves (USA) A.5 - Tamagotchi Connexion V2, later waves (Europe, Australia) A.8 - Tamagotchi Connection V2, Spanish version (South America) A2 H - Tamagotchi Connection V2 PUMA Edition (Europe) There are likely more versions than those listed above that have not yet been discovered. There's a video of the test mode in action here showing a V4.5 if you want to see what it looks like. The thread TamaMum linked above should also contain more details if you want more information. Hope this helps!
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    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BANDAI-1997-ORIGINAL-TAMAGOTCHI-ELECTRONIC-VIRTUAL-PET-GAME-X2-RARE-ONE-WORKING/153479282153 There's a mislabelled Bobby up for sale on ebay.
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    I recently found a clone of this pet too, and I swear that it's one of the noisiest pets that I've played in my entire life!!! ahahahahaa But it's still a very good pet, better than dragotti, and the "corrupting system" (that imposes a limit of how much you can neglect the pet)that it have is pretty nice! I've did a play Log showing the progress of my pet since the birth until it being completelly corrupted and dying :3 https://www.instagram.com/sonny.vpets/
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    I have both and it's hard to say. They are very similar. I do prefer Meets from the M!X in a way, but there are also the bugs (though none of them have occured to me so far). Meets also has a MyMeets app and even the normal Bandai app so you aren't "locked out of" Japanese-only content, unlike with M!X. But IMO there are better colour versions. If I had to choose I'd go with Meets, for the twins, pets, apps, etc, but be aware of the bugs.
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    Tamasuku 1: 21.2
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    So...I have my own domain now. Forget the other sites. The new site is http://www.alexgtamagotchieu.tk and the direct tamatown site is http://www.alexgtama.tk. Proceed without adblock because the usage of it will prevent the custom addons from being loaded and the pages will be kinda buggy. Well, see ya in the next one!
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    No idea, happened to me with a full discipline bar too.
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    I remember it like it was yesterday. It was 2003, I was in third grade, eight years old. My best friend at the time had the V3 Tropical design and I wanted one because she had spent hours showing me all its features and how adorable it was and I wanted one so badly. So I went home and told my mom I wanted one, but she said she wouldn't get me one since it would just be "another toy you don't play with". I was pretty upset until my grandpa (who lived with us at the time) heard our conversation and said he would get me one. We drove to Toys R Us and I ran through the aisle's until I found literally one tamagotchi left. It was the V3 Zebra Stripe and I thought it was super ugly. My grandpa evidently thought so too since he said, "Are you sure you want that? We can come back when they have more in stock..." I was determined to get one right away so I said no, that I would take the ugly Zebra one and that was the one I wanted even though it really wasn't. He bought it for me and I immediately ripped opened the packaging and began to read the instructions and started to play. I feel bad that I didn't appreciate the design at the time, because a few years later I traded for a snake skin V3 and I miss my zebra print terribly. Now that I'm older I can appreciate that it was a cute shell design. In short, thanks grandpa for starting the obsession! My mom still thinks its weird that after all these years, at 22 years old, I am still an avid collector and have a large collection.
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    In Pokemon's case, Pokemon is a more or less gender neutral franchise (it used not to be though) so the balance of designs is important, however Tamagotchi in japan is a heavily girl's franchise now (...and it used not to be!). That's probably why they keep pushing the cute factor. Though some less memorable characters do fall into the ugly-cute category, and it's the characters that nobody wants- usually male characters in versions like P's and and iD L. I remember nobody liking the male charactes in these versions. However due to the mixing thing it's meaningless now, though there are a few "pure" characters that do fall under the ugly-cute too. No duck plants sadly, though. That said, it's super funny to see people have a complete aneurysm when they get an "ugly mix" as if it was the end of the world. It's almost sad. Personally my favorite feature will always be the preschool-school-work system from the v4-v4.5, and also Entama and Uratama. They're two different systems but mixing them together would have been nice. From newer versions I enjoyed the dressing up feature. Oh, and also the items! I think they were the best in the Connection era. Simple but at least almost every one had a different animation, while most color tamas just go for a set of stock animations with different items. Very few have their unique animations... and even when they do I think they're a bit over the top. Sometimes I just want a simple jumping rope animation!
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    Since the Gen 1 and Gen 2 got a re release I'm pretty much sorted. They were my favourites. That being said I do love the Catch music note games and some other new features.
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    I'll post a full collection at a later date. But here's four new addition s to my collection bought from The Entertainer in Romford. I have some more coming to me through the post too.
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    Yeah, it's a good way to get afforable tamas. The paint may be a little chipped/discoloured though, so check the listing photos. Super recommend getting a used IDL.
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    Personally I have gotten a lot of second hand tamas from Ebay, and more often than not the description is very accurate. I don't think I've ever gotten a tama that was in worse condition than posted. It's a great way to get your collection going! A lot of used ones will have wear and tear, but usually not so bad you don't want to use it unless it's in a lot. The IDL is a great color tama, one of my favorites! If you want some tips, I find searching for "tamagotchi lot" every now and then can be very beneficial. I've seen lots of 10+ go for very cheap. The condition can be good or bad, but sometimes you can snag a really good deal that way. Best of luck to you though! Ebay can be tricky and at times disappointing; but usually so very worth it, it balances out. If you ever feel jaded by a purchase and the seller wasn't honest, always ask for a refund. Hope this helps!
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    Well, you have to understand this is a rare toy. One of the rarest Bandai virtual pets, if not the rarest. Maybe you won't pay them that price but most people will, lol. This is what comes with this hobby.
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    Time for perhaps the most bizarre update I've given - some new developer features have been discovered! All this information comes from rjalda100, who discovered and tested the feature while trying to perform the region change procedure on a V1. For those unfamiliar with region changing, it's a process you can perform on the American connection models in a similar manner to activating the debug mode - instead of shorting the JP3 solder jumper on the circuit board, however, JP1 and JP2 are shorted instead. I'm unsure about what happens if only one of these two jumpers are shorted; it'll be something to investigate in the future. As Pirorirotchi demonstrated on page 3, region changing has the effect of switching the ROM version that's used with a different one - the data your Tamagotchi uses is changed from the data used in the American ROM to one used by European models. This isn't necessarily hugely remarkable by itself, though this recent discovery has given us new knowledge about what this feature was used for. A few days ago rjalda100 was attempting to compare the two ROM versions of an American V1 - before region changing, the ROM version was found to be 4.2. After region changing and ROM testing again, the following screen was shown instead of what was expected: This ROM version has never been observed before, and until this point all of the Japanese and worldwide releases in the Connection / Plus series used even integer version numbers - 0.0, 2.0, 2.1, 4.0, 4.2, 6.1, 8.0 and so on. The numbers at the bottom of the screen are also unfamiliar, and their purpose is unclear. I had speculated in the past that there could be entirely new and unknown versions hidden behind the region change feature, so I guess this speculation was proven correct. I had also speculated that odd integer versions were reserved for developer versions - would this speculation be proven correct too? Upon resetting the Tamagotchi, instead of being greeted by an egg, the time setting screen is shown instead. Sure enough, the date format that was used by this version was Day / Month, as would be expected after switching to a European ROM version. This screen is followed immediately by the naming screen despite no egg having hatched. After this was an entirely new screen with the options "BOY" and "GIRL". Selecting a gender will finally show you the Tamagotchi you'll be raising: A Burgertchi Actually, more accurately, the Burgertchi will raise itself. From this point onwards, the only button which functions is the B button - only the standard Tamagotchi view and the clock screen are accessible. Burgertchi does all the cooking and cleaning by itself - if it's hungry, it eats automatically (aptly, it eats a burger). If it makes a mess, it cleans it up. It flicks between a bunch of different animations, too. I'm not really totally sure what the purpose of this feature is, or if there's anything else that's unique about this ROM version, but as far as I can tell it's some sort of demo mode. Why Burgertchi? No idea. But I can see this sitting behind a screen in a store, demonstrating what a Tamagotchi looks like without actually requiring constant care and attention. Hopefully, new discoveries like this will continue being made in the near future! The region change mechanic is a truly interesting one which may reveal entirely new Tamagotchi modes to us.
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    I am personally against letting children take care of pets until they are over the age of 13 and really do a lot of research regarding the pet (though parents should also do that to not let the children "experiment" with the experience), unless said pet is large enough to be the whole family's responsibility like a cat or dog. A lot of pets that are considered "entry level" for kids are actually not all that easy to take care of and require a lot of care to be happy. For example, hamsters actually need quite HUGE cages, a "perfect" cage for a golden hamster (just one! They are solitary animals!) is a whooping 100x100cm. A bare minimum is one that's at least 100cm wide on one side. The hamster wheel needs to be quite large to prevent back injuries, the food has to be good quality (no budget food!), proper diet has to be mantained (mostly grain, fruits and vegetables only as an occassional treat since they're not healthy for hamsters, also since hamsters are omnivores they need some bug protein from time to time). Then there's daily cleaning, understanding that a hamster can bite you, etc. I'm speaking from my own experience as I've had pets since I was a young child and when I realized that a lot of my first pets have been vastly mistreated still eats at me to this day. Goldfish are a whole another story too - aquarium keeping is NOT an easy task! But at the same time I know that children are not stupid and know a difference between a Tamagotchi and an actual pet, and just because a child can take care of a Tamagotchi doesn't necessarily mean they'd be a good pet caretaker, and even vice versa. But if there's no other way, it's definitely better to offer them a Tamagotchi rather than an actual pet. Though I personally think that parents should never 100% give children full responsibility of an animal, unless they are sure the child is doing a good job at it, they should be responsible too.
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    My Tamagotchi Meets arrived today, so it's time for an updated collection shot. But first, a look back, because I signed up here one year and one day ago! This is how my collection looked on December 23rd 2017. And this is how my collection looks today; Top row: 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini, Tamagotchi Gen 1, Tamagotchi Connexion V2, Tamagotchi Connexion V4, Dinkie Penguin, Cyber Pet 168-in-1, Chuppi Middle row: Penguin Watch, Virtual PETs (32-in-1), Shuku 20 Shunen Tamagotchi Gen 2, Super Gyaoppi 9 in 1, Digimon (Version 1), Toy Story Virtual Friends Space Explorer Bottom row: Penpy, MGA Penguin (Penguin Time), Digi Pets Jia Yuan 168-in-1, Tamagotchi Original Gen 1, Tamagotchi Meets Fairy Version
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    Then that’s kind of wrong.. What’s the difference between US Parents and UK? They both have to dicciplane and Nurture.. so really it’s up to Bandai. £60, they think that’s a lot here? Or the currency converter translates more; meaning people won’t buy? You do have a very good point, though. If Bandai definitely can Shop there products to the UK ( In saying that about the 20th Anniversary ), so what’s stopping here?
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    In one way, that's legitimately surprising, since the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini and the Tamagotchi Original Gen 1 & Gen 2 did so well here. In another, considering its price in the US and the high cost of living over here, it's perhaps not so surprising... Perhaps they're thinking that parents may reject that sort of pricing for a toy that's famous for being a simple, affordable keychain gadget?
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    On Amazon Bandai answered and they said no, because it is the Japanese version. I guess this makes sense because there usually isn’t cross compatibility anyways, but it’s still disappointing.
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    They were a lot of fun though! Solving the puzzles made the ending so worth it, yknow? Honestly, I'm still tempted to go back and buy 'em on Steam. 👀
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    good spider boy deserves to be happy deserves all the love in the world probably needs a hug
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    Day 10 On no! Dan died after being left alone for too long! Not to worry. Yes, a Tamagotchi with a revive option. That totally doesn’t defeat the purpose of the game. This is the last day so any additional photos taken in the future will be at either of these 2 links: https://postimg.cc/gallery/21dlqs3pi/ https://postimg.cc/gallery/ I did a reset to see if this thing can save your progress. Apparently, it does. I pushed the super-tiny reset button on the front and went through the usual time set, discovering that it wasn’t a hard reset. Soft resetting will only reset your pet’s stats, and if you turned the volume off it will be turned back on. This Tamagotchci does not keep age or Discipline, so you only have to feed it food and snacks and it will be back to normal. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the QPet Quolor. This next portion will cover everything from marriage to birth, growing up, and then death. It might not even take a full week to go through all of that, but we’ll see. Day 11 I got mine last year not too long after they came out. This bootleg interested me because a few years before getting back into Tamagotchis I saw the Tamagezi come and go, and passed every opportunity to get one. By the time I became a fan again, they were all gone! Then suddenly, this entirely new bootleg popped out of nowhere. Is it the same in quality? Not by a long run, but for a bootleg it’s not bad at all. This pet is the first color Tama I’ve seen to feature 2 languages built in. There isn’t nearly as much character dialogue than in an official, but it’s nice being able to have that option. When I put the batteries in, I discovered that it had saved my previous Tamagotchi from my last run. It’s a 5-year-old Ahirukutchi, who had grown from Kinotchi to Mametchi and Kikitchi. Woah. So from my understanding, the first character you pick will be the adult for the first generation, and from then on it’s different. I can’t tell if it actually keeps track of care, but doing the bare minimum might make you get Mametchi. How ironic. And now for one of the most disturbing moments in virtual pet history. Umm, what? Ahurukutchi is a toddler character <____< Anyways... The baby character will always follow a pattern, being the opposite gender of the parent. The name you enter at the beginning will be the same for every single one as long as it doesn’t die or get reset. I usually just take the bare minimum care with the QPet for the first 2 days. Even if the Tama is determined by health, what’s the point if I can just reset and choose? The QPet Quolor omits many of the original Tamagotchi Color features, but there are a few originals in their place. Let’s have a look at the School. This option is available until day 3, where it is replaced with Work. Solve a simple arithmetic problem, and your Tama will become happy. Get it wrong and it becomes shocked. As with most of the new additions, it doesn’t seem do anything except simulate real life. Again with the ToumaPet (can you tell what fake I want to get next?) this feature was also carried over, further proving that M&D also made that. Afterwards, a few hours went by and while I was doing homework it grew into Chamametchi! Day 12 When I checked on Chamametchi this is what was in the living room. The QPet has little holiday decorations like the real one does, except in the QPetthey’re all Chinese holidays. A while ago I found a list that had all of the holidays, but now I can’t find it -__- Go figure. One of the main Tamagotchi Color features that sort of got included was the Happy item quest. The only example I’ve been able to find on the QPet is when there’s a heart-shaped cloud outside But since this thing doesn’t keep track of all the secrets you’ve found, there’s no real incentive to find them all. Additionally, many of the items from the original were removed. Like I said, this is my first Tama log so if I’m doing this wrong let me know. And as always, if there are any comments/questions about what’s currently being ran please comment and I will answer in the next entry.
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    When I woke up there were 3 poops and Sunny got sick from it. This was an easy fix. After cleaning the mess she drank some tea at the morgue from the original Tamagotchi Color. The tea part must be original since I don’t recall any Tamagotchis having a choice besides medicine. Today I put Sunny in her mango costume, which is definitely one of the funnier ones: These things don’t have incentives like growth stages or Gotchi points, so Sunny will be cared for one last day before I show off the other character and some of the games. After 2 days of trying, I finally managed to get a closeup of Sunny: I will try to get one of her in the pineapple costume tomorrow. There are also a few Kikitchi costumes I want to try and snap like the Doraemon costume.
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    Do these figures have electronic contacts on them so that the device can recognise them, similar to a video game cartridge? If so, could some dirt, dust, or grit have gotten in there? The usual advice for such things would be to clean them with a cotton-bud (i.e., a Q-Tip, if that brand is sold in your country) and some isopropyl alcohol.
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    I agree completely that they were popular, but I see many people outside of the v-pet fandom confuse the Connection line with the original releases. I think because of that some audiences might not respond to it thinking that game play wise its interchangeable with the recent rerelease.
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    Another day, another tournament. Again, apply all the stuff about minigame training from the previous days, and done. I prefer the first minigame, since you’re almost always guaranteed to get $200, as opposed to the other two. The catching one is also okay, and sometimes gives more than $200, but sometimes it only goes to around $100. This is getting so boring T_T Going for 200% doesn’t seem worth it, so I’ll just complete the main game. I really want to see the final boss, and after you beat it you get a special crystal. If it can be used repeatedly (to avoid endless grinding), then I’ll go for it. Tip: How to mega attack: Quickly start pressing B and gradually slow down as the counter goes down, but never stop. If you can pull this off successfully, it will work. Images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9qzxvkjfn4dyccu/AABkF49vUTWTRmKyjHbClbkwa?dl=0
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    Yeah, the battery life is only about 2 weeks or so. You can't adjust the brightness. You can mute it by holding the B button for about 5 seconds, but the sound on these is so quiet anyway, so why bother? One of mine is almost mute as it is. They do connect to each other just fine. I have 2 of them. One even swears (says "Shi**y if you do badly in the games; the other just says "Poor"). It is very similar to the +color tama. I will spoil it--Patrick Star is the travel agent and he is tiny. I would get one very soon, as they might be pulled for copyright infringements. They are a lot of fun though, and the games are the same as on the +color.