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    Name: ‘Hey Kitty’ Virtual Pet Type: Fake Notes: It has an identical shell to the Bandai Hello Kitty Tamagotchi; as well as saying ‘Hey Kitty’ on the bottom of the shell. It runs the Bunny ROM and the internals are identical to the 150-In 1 Tamagotchis.
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    Highlights from Tuesday 23th of March - Friday 26th of March This update will be about Aquary and Baluluna ○ Ancient Magic Bomb ○ After the last update, we all know that the air witch triggered the ancient bomb and it exploded! I will give you the details below. This terrifying screen appeared: the screen is frozen until the player press any button. So I pressed B and the bomb screen was flashing with a scary music! The music basically was like "You are in trouble" kind of a song.. I was able to see the FOOL for one more time flashing for about 10 seconds, and then the bomb exploded! a sign appeared across the screen and it was saying "See You Again!" unfortunately I couldn't take a picture of it because it vanished very quickly. Finally I was able to see the "Happy Meter" which indicates how happy the witch or the fool in this case before it died. Clearly the fool wasn't happy! Still trying to figure out how on earth I activated the bomb and I got the fool character! Like I said before it's either because of neglecting the witch, or it happens randomly. In my case I believe that this might be a random event because I'm sure that I was taking care of them all at the same time so it will make sense if another witch was affected by this. ○ Evolution ○ I of course started over with a new witch and so far she reached Gen 2 So far everything is going smooth with the air witch. Speaking of evolving, I'm happy to say that the water witch finally evolved and took her about 5 days to reach Gen 3. Now we have the Saint of water magic world: I noticed while connecting Aquary, Earthlin and Enrouge toghter, they really don't like each other! I tried with them all multiple times but really all they do is curse each other. I really hope they evolve soon. ○ Stats ○ Finally this is their current stats: See you all later.
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    Another week has gone by and some new panda stuff has happened... Last time I posted, she was 9 and her appearance changed again even though the instructions say she'll change to one of five appearances at age 10. When she turned 10, she changed again and became what's called "jasper", having an all-black body. I finally got to see some of the 'new' (to me) activities and interactions that I'd been excited for, such as having friends/dates(?) come over, and dressing for weather. I've only had a weather interaction once so far, but we've had three friends attempt to come over. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be more like dates, because when this happens, it'll show the panda sitting there looking at a giant heart, but each time I've pressed a button, the other panda walks away and the heart breaks, so it seems pretty sad. 🙁 Not sure yet if this is just random or if I should try pressing a different button each time? Pictures of both of these experiences will be included, as well as some appearance changes. Speaking of appearance changes, she changed again at 14? She went back to being black and white and was pretty large, I think this is the "jumbo" appearance shown in the instructions? I heard the growth music on that day and jumped up to check, and saw that she looked different again. She turned 16 today, and the music played again this morning, and now she's back to having the jasper appearance... I'm not sure if this is normal or if something is up, haha. I really wish there was more info out there on this pet. Curious to see if she changes anymore. However, something else interesting did happen this week. I left her on the table we have downstairs for a bit, and when I came back, it looked like it had been knocked over (probably the cat) and when I picked it up, the screen was blank, almost like the batteries had been removed. I got a screwdriver to take the back off, took the batteries out and put them back in. Also played with the little metal pieces a bit, screwed the cap back on and she just came back on like nothing had happened? I figured this would have for sure reset my progress. Also, it almost seems like messing with the metal has helped, for a while the screen would randomly go blank and come back on, but now it doesn't. My biggest complaint though is that since we recently set the clocks ahead, she doesn't go to sleep until 10 pm AND that weird little blank screen issue threw her clock off by about 10 minutes, so she goes to bed at 10:10 pm instead of 9:00. Oh well, I want to see how long I can keep her alive, and if she changes appearances anymore along the way. Here are some pictures from this week...
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    Thank you very much for the responses. I felt so stupid, but I'm happy now that I know I didn't kill my blob but That it was the battery 😁. Now I'm going on battery hunt 😁
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    Batteries have an expiry-date, and the demonstration batteries that are installed at the factory are often not the strongest ones available - this is why this can happen even with a brand-new device that you just got out of the box.
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    This week has been pretty slow for Kitty, but she turned 9 this morning and changed appearance, which means she'll turn 10 tomorrow and change again! I'm kind of hoping for something other than jasper, at least in the beginning, since my previous panda had that appearance 3 out of her 5 changes. Fingers crossed! 🙂 Something interesting happened yesterday though, we had two weather interactions in one day! However, they were sunny and windy, ones that we've already had before, so we're still waiting for rain... pictures of these are above, so I won't be including them here. I've also been having Kitty read/do other learning activities, and exercising a lot of the times when she beeps for attention, or right before/after she's fed. I must've been giving her the right attention or just plenty of attention at some point the other day, because she went quite a while without beeping! Of course she just now beeped as I'm typing this. 😝 I also realized that I haven't posted pictures of her exercises yet, so they'll be below. She can also fail, which I've only had happen once so far, I'm guessing because her hunger hearts were getting low. I'll have to get pictures of those for a future post. I'm also including pictures of her getting angry in her 5-9 age range, lol. Something that I've noticed is that she seems to stop having the upset reaction once she reaches 9, I just played a game with her to see what would happen if she lost, she did lose, and just went back to wandering around instead of crying. Something else I've been trying with Kitty is having her avoid tv now that she's through that annoying age range. I'm hoping maybe if I do, she'll actually let me wash her face and bathe her, but she still hasn't been, which is a little frustrating. I still prefer to keep her at home when I'm out, so I make sure she's fed and happy before I do leave for a bit. It's been working pretty well so far, haha. Here are some pictures from the week of her getting upset in her previous stage, exercising (weight lifting, golf, swimming), and what she currently looks like at age 9.
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    Lol seriously? It is a new one. Thank you
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    This means you need to replace the batteries.
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    I can't recall a specific incident, but for sure I have dropped it a few times / exposed it lightly into rain, it was my childhood Tamagotchi.. I took it everywhere with me and it definitely had a few accidents. But what I remember is that it stoped working unexpectedly.. I mean, it wasn't a "rough" day with big accidents. I may try a different brand of battery one of those days, although I believe that's not the problem.. But I'll have to try everything first before I jump into conclusions 😅😂 I will try it and let you know, thank you for your time!
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    I got my tamagotchi gen 2 Mimitchi to 22. That’s a new best for me!
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    Hello So, one of the discoveries I'm about to talk about is - and I don't think I'm exaggerating here - one of the most bizarre and significant discoveries that I think we've made in years. Not only does it present new features we've never seen before, but it throws a lot of what we already know into question. And, by some sort of cosmic coincidence, just a few weeks later one of the features of the discovery was found elsewhere using a completely independent method. While the discovery itself was made in the field of battery glitches, it also uncovered some interesting quirks unrelated to glitches, and entirely related to the Tamagotchi hardware. So, let's talk about a couple of features of the early Connection models you've probably never heard of before: "Hybrid Mode" and the Care Miss Counter. == Part 1 - A review of Tamagotchi's debug features == There are three fairly well-known debugging features on the Connection series devices - debug mode, ROM testing and region changing. Debug Mode Perhaps the most well-known debug feature is the aptly named debug mode. American devices - particularly versions 1-3 - have a "JP3 DEBUG" jumper on their boards, allowing the feature to be accessed. It's often said that European devices don't contain the same functionality, but we'll assess this claim shortly. The feature enables hyperspeed mode and a character select. It also disables the ability to enter the ROM test mode, for some reason. ROM Testing The test mode is a feature available on pretty much every Tamagotchi device, and what you can do in the test mode differs from version to version. It's often called the ROM test, but this is really only one part of the test. On the Connection devices, the feature includes the ability to check the screen is working, identify the ROM version number of the device, test the ROM and also check the infrared is working as intended. Region Changing A slightly more obscure and frankly somewhat bizarre feature, by shorting either the "JP1" or "JP2" jumpers on a US board, the version of the device will switch to a comparable European version. On later versions this mostly means changing the date format, but for the V1, the changes are more widespread. Even stranger is that region changing a V1 VER 4.2 turns it into VER 3.0 00001, an unreleased European Deka version. == Part 2 - What does Region Changing do? == The region change feature does pose an interesting question about how Tamagotchis work. In particular, why would two versions be included on the same device? What's the point? What would that even be used for in testing? And why is one of them a Deka version?! There's two possible explanations for what the region change does - I call them the "Single ROM" and "Double ROM" hypotheses. The Double ROM Hypothesis This hypothesis states that there are two separate "ROMs" contained within the Tamagotchi's ROM. That is, there are two separate sets of data, and which one is used depends on whether the region change is enabled or not. The main piece of evidence supporting this is the V1 versions - each of the region changed versions seem so different to the base version (especially the unused Deka version?) which would suggest that it's more than just switching a couple lines of code or a single sprite. But then again, perhaps the V1 does it differently to other devices. The Single ROM Hypothesis This hypothesis essentially state that a region changed version is fundamentally the same version as the base version, and that the only thing that changes is that a few lines of code or a few sprites are switched out. You can sort of think about the code and the data being one big pool, and ordinarily only a section of that pool is used - when the region change is enabled, like the other debugging features, it would just change which part of the pool is being used. Logistically, this hypothesis makes the most sense, as they'd only need to produce one ROM version, which would universally be used on all devices - then which version is used would just require a minor hardware change. This would also explain why US boards have the region change feature at all - it may be present on European devices but already enabled by default, e.g. with soldering. This latter hypothesis also has some interesting consequences. Could Spanish-language versions also contain additional ROM versions? Might there be other ROM versions that aren't available to us via modifying the hardware that our devices have? Could every European device contain an unused US version which never gets seen as a result of the hardware? Would that mean that versions for which only the European counterpart has been observed also contain information on unseen US versions? == Part 3 - A New Discovery == In the Tamagotchi Collectors Discord, I was talking with Razerek about battery glitches, and they decided to give them a go. Quite quickly they encountered something very unique: The European V1 food menu... but on an American V2. It's not the first time that menus from one version have been discovered on a later version via the glitches. In fact, the V2 games menu has been accessed using battery glitches on a V3 - and the slot game works perfectly. But this was different - it wasn't a random fluke that put us into an unused menu, it was consistently showing this menu instead of the V2 one. The glitch quickly went away, but after some more experimentation we got it to re-appear, and this time it stuck for much longer. Experimentation with the menu revealed that it worked identically to how it does on the V2, even down to there being an invisible "TREAT" option beneath the two options that were shown. Other menus were affected too. The status menu used some of the weird quirks that European V1s had, and on top of this the discipline, friends and sound menus all use their V1 connexion variants. (The generation number is pretty glitchy weird-looking here, but this is just a result of the battery glitches!) Even weirder, the Tamagotchi cannot be paused in this mode, and the angel sprite retains the little halo it had on the Connexion V1. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the other Connexion quirks were present too, like the weird connection gifts. On top of all that, the shop permanently features four balls and nothing else, as though the shop feature just stops working entirely! It started to look as though this was the result of region changing the V2 but using the slightly more extreme region changing measures that the V1s used. As a result, we decided to name it "Hybrid Mode", being a sort of hybrid of the V1 and the V2. Perhaps this functionality isn't even intended, but a weird leftover of sorts. Could this mode have a new ROM version? Well, unfortunately, the effect disappears upon resetting the device, so there's no hope for finding out that information just yet, unless there's a more permanent way to enable it. There's actually one more feature of this glitch being enabled that I've not mentioned just yet. Whether this is something fundamental to hybrid mode or just something incidental that popped up at the same time, perhaps due to the chaotic way the mode is enabled, is unclear at this point in time. The points screen contains two counters at the bottom, one labelled as "H" and the other as "B". At first it seemed like perhaps it was an odd graphical glitch, since that's not an uncommon trait of the battery glitches. However, the counters would always be present when the hybrid mode is activated, meaning it was potentially some previously unseen debugging functionality. But what could these counters even mean? Notably, they were a little bit different each time the hybrid mode was activated. I pointed out that they could represent the Tamagotchi's care misses, since the V1 patent document described the two levels of care miss that are apparently present on the device - though I wasn't sure what "H" and "B" were supposed to stand for. If this were the case it would become potentially extremely useful in determining the way the growth works on the V2. == Part 4 - Investigation == The inconsistency of the glitch was the number one thing holding back research into this phenomenon, but after some experimentation Razerek discovered that slipping the battery in and out at the same time as the "DOWNLOAD" option is pressed seemed to relatively consistently trigger the glitches (though I never managed to figure it out, personally). Since the prevailing hypothesis was that the points screen was showing a care miss counter, the next thing to do was to confirm it. We turned on hyperspeed mode and watched the counter tick up in line with the care misses - just as we expected, the care misses aligned with what was written in the patent document - supposedly, H for "heart", and B for "body". Further research confirmed that winning a round of Jump or Bump also decreases the B or H counters by one, respectively. The need to activate the glitch via a very inconsistent method was still an issue, of course. There could be a lot more we can learn about hybrid mode and the care miss counter which we just can't access due to the difficulty and inherently temporary nature of the approach we took to activate. We needed something more reliable. A few days later, SA311 brought to our attention an unusual V2 he had. He'd bought it fresh from an unopened box, so it couldn't have been tampered - it was 100% legitimate, but unlike anything we'd ever seen before. A European Tamagotchi V2 using an American firmware version, "A.2". The hardware looked like a European board, too, and certainly not a US board - so how did this even happen? Was there some freak accident that caused a bunch of devices to be given the wrong version? While looking at the board, SA311 noticed that the front of the board had a bunch of unused jumpers. There's not really any documentation on these jumpers. What happens if they're used? Say, for example, J8. What happens if we short that jumper? The miss counter is enabled. Permanently. Or, at least, for as long as the jumper is shorted for. Only the miss counter though - hybrid mode was not enabled by the jumper. So, this entire time, European V2s have had this feature readily available to us, in a fashion almost identical to the way the debug mode works, but apparently nobody ever noticed! Speaking of which, the debug mode can't be accessed on European devices, right? Well, as it turns out, the CSWD jumper enables it here, too. Not sure if it only works because the device is running an American version, though. Oh, also, the region? That can be changed too - J1 is the region change jumper. If we compare with a standard European V2 board... On a standard board, the J1 jumper is already shorted! I feel like the only explanation is that every European device also contains the US firmware, just like is the case for the American devices - the J1 jumper is supposed to be shorted to change the region, but evidently this particular device somehow got released without having its region changed, resulting in the American version being used! This also feels like strong evidence in favour of the "Single ROM Hypothesis", too, if you ask me. Funnily enough, this actually isn't the first time that a device has popped up with a strange configuration of firmware and hardware. In 2019, rjalda100 found a US V1 with a US shell running the US version VER 4.1 - but the hardware was inexplicably different to all other US devices we'd seen up until that point. In fact, it used the same board and screen icons as the European V2s used. We've hypothesised that it could be an early South American device from before the Spanish-language localisation (since these versions also use similar hardware to the European devices, and have a very small difference in the printing of the logo on the shell, too, which we observed on this shell as well). It does pose the question of what the other jumpers would do on the V1, though, doesn't it? == Part 5 - What's next? == If this experimentation highlights anything at all, it's that there's still so many things to learn about the Connection-era Tamagotchis, and a lot of their interesting and unique quirks may be hiding in plain sight. For one, the care miss counter jumper was apparently present the entire time on the majority of Connexion V2 boards, and we've confirmed that it really does activate the care miss counter consistently on other devices: Evidently, there's still a long way to go in terms of understanding Tamagotchi hardware. As a result I've decided to finally begin documenting all of the different circuit boards used by Tamagotchis, in an effort to identify the full potential that might be hiding in these boards. Who knows, maybe even the hybrid mode can be activated with consistency and permanence using a hardware method. If any of you would like to help out (and you're experienced with taking apart Tamagotchis already!!) then it'd really help me if you could take good quality photos of a device's board - both sides, ideally - along with some details about the device: The region of the device, e.g. US / Europe / Australia etc, and ideally the country of origin too in case some countries received some slightly different hardware, Which shell design it uses, The ROM version of the device, The manufacture code of the device (the number printed on the battery door), And if relevant, any other details? (You won't need to take the entire board out like in the images above though, of course - you can just take a photo of the board whilst it's still in the shell). I'm focusing on the connection-era devices at the moment, and probably only pre-V7 stuff - though I'll include the Japanese devices in that, too. Any help would be appreciated, though I'd really recommend only doing this stuff if you've taken apart Tamagotchis before, e.g. for activating the debug mode or performing hardware maintenance. == Part 6 - Any other glitch updates? == Oh, just a brief additional update - my V2 decided to give me a glitch jackpot and I received about 50 glitch items. I'm going through each one individually and logging their effects, which I may make an update on soon - it also provided helpful in identifying the IDs of a few more of the V2 items. Battery glitches continue to teach us more obscure Tamagotchi knowledge!
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    The viruses from Dr. Mario are here to ruin everyone's day! Including mine, because they're stealing my notebook.
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    I can't answer your other questions, but the evolution has probably been delayed because you've adjusted the time. My understanding is that, in the background, as long as the clock is running, vintage-era Tamagotchis have a set lifespan that's somewhat independent of what the clock and age readouts say - if you leave the clock alone, it should resume the expected behaviour sooner or later. Good luck with getting a Lucky Unchi-kun - it'd be amazing if you managed it on your first try!
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    Quick update: I've started re-coding the app in Python. I know most users would not want to install Matlab's MCR to play the game.
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    How about Kitty, since the baby form looks a little bit cat-like?
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    A new panda was born this morning! I started her shortly after 9 am so that she'd be 1 year old at 10, meaning she'll grow tomorrow morning. 🙂 Here are a few pictures of her in her baby form, which doesn't look too much like a panda in my opinion. One is the default pose when she's just hanging out, another is when she's cheering after being fed or playing a game, and also winning a game and having me pet her. As I'm typing this I'm thinking that it would be fun to give this one a name, since I just called the last one "panda", but don't really have any ideas at the moment, so maybe I'll have one when I make another post. Or if anyone who looks at this has suggestions, feel free to suggest!
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    Oh man. The things you don't even notice with hobby context XD Out of context, it sounds like someone had a really traumatic experience with their dog. I wonder if that's a signature my brother might use since he's really taken with crude humour and loves finding bathroom related usernames (which seem to pop up everywhere). Sadly - or maybe fortunately - User:Vomit on one site never accepted his friend request
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    Yep, I had both those characters. I definitely caught all the discipline calls in their Teen and Adult stages (I timed when I mated them on purpose with my work roster so I'll be working from home on those days, it's easy to catch them all when I'm not at the office), but might have missed a couple when they were in Child stage since I wasn't working from home. Discipline bar was still full in Child stage although I might have missed a couple. I always turned off the lights on time, but there was that one time where they slept with a mess next to them. Does that count as a care miss? Is doing that just once enough to lock you out from evolving into the Senior form? x_X That's quite harsh if so, a month and a half all ruined with just one poop!! x_X I only paused them for a total of 12 hours when they were on TMP 4. I keep track of how long they're paused so I know how much of a delay to expect for evolution as you're stating. Yes, I've noticed that too, they tend to get sick extremely close to the next evolution stage. My Adults (ChoMametchi and ChoHimetchi) got sick at age 12, so I was expecting them to go into Senior form that day or latest the next, but they never did I definitely will try again sometime in the future, thanks for the tips Just received an Angelgotchi, Music Star, Umino, and Uratama that I want to play around with first though! Thanks once again, your insight is very much appreciated!
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    I'm guessing Music Stars are expensive because they were released at the tail end of the Connection line. As a general rule be it virtual pets, action figures or any other collectible toy items released at the end tend to sit on clearance while they're current. Because interest is fading, the company is moving on and collectors are losing interest these items are left to rot at the time they're new. But because not many people bought them not many are in circulation for collectors later on. This creates demand which drives up value. What was once something stores couldn't give away is now highly sought after. Pretty much happens with any popular collectible vintage toy line.
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    I got both of them a little while ago (both passed on about two days ago). Did you have both ChoHimetchi and ChoMametchi? If so, the only other thing might be that you need to catch all discipline calls for it to count as a full discipline bar and not just the bar to be maxed out (the later models with discipline seem to follow this principle). Your care criteria is fine - I'm assuming you turned the lights out before the attention light went out and also that they slept cleanly. I think the criteria might be just don't get any care mistakes since I got both even when the hearts dropped down to one a few times (I think). Based on what I've heard about the vintage originals, the evolution age for special characters may vary by a few days. If you paused your tamas, that may have altered their actual clock age. This could have been made further misleading by how age goes up every time tamagotchis awaken on most non-colour Japanese models. Although in the case of the Osutchi and Mesutchi, both of my seniors died at 19 too, even though I'm sure they accumulated 6 hours of lost time through pausing. They never got care mistakes either aside from the time one of them slept next to a mess. Even with that care mistake, they both died about 2 minutes apart. I had elevated their weight to somewhere over 50 because I wanted to get Debutchi at least once, but I never went that far. I'm not sure if that had any impact. I've noticed that the Osutchi and Mesutchi, once during every stage, seem to get sick very close to when they will evolve. Watching for this in the adult stage is a good future indicator if you decide to try again. You might want to come back to them after a break if you still feel disappointed. If you do try again and succeed, you will get to see their hilarious eating sprites - especially for Otokitchi. I found the sprites had allot more personality in them than in the later models.
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    Cool, thanks! I was kind of hoping maybe this would be the case, otherwise you'll have to wait a while just to see which appearance you'll get each time and may keep getting the same one over and over. The instructions make it seem like once she turns 10, she'll change into one and stay that way for the rest of her life. She actually did change again last weekend, I heard her growth music in the evening (for what it's worth, she watched tv most of that day since we were out of the house), and she turned into the clown appearance (basically just wearing a party hat, lol). Other than that, this week wasn't all that interesting, so there are only a few pictures. Mostly just of her new appearance, and she ended up getting sick the other day, I forgot to have her watch tv when we left for a bit in the evening, so I came back and she had gone to the bathroom at some point and it took a while to get cleaned up. 😕 She also had a friend over and they finally seemed to bond! I decided to leave her on that screen to see if it'd just stay like that until I pushed a button, but when I came back a bit later she was back to wandering around. Unfortunately the weather thing doesn't seem to happen very often. Either it's happened once more and it was still the sunny/hat weather, or that first time in the previous post is all that we've had. As of right now, she's 23 years old and has had the clown appearance for going on a week now! Curious to see if maybe we'll get another one soon.
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    Y'know, if we saw this written about a virtual pet today, without pictures or any other sort of proof, we'd just dismiss it as some sort of silly "creepypasta", and yet these things are actually real features on these pets. That's hilarious! I bet that these things really freaked some people out, back in the day!
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    Friday 19th of March ○ Evolution ○ Finally, my four witches evolved on Friday and they all reached Gen 3 Everything seemed fine and well until I checked their stats. the green witch was the different one, her rank was showing "FOOL" and non of the symbols was lit! I was really confused. I also checked characters chart and unfortunately the green one is a fool now meaning that it will not be a witch basically. After the evolution I went and checked the stats again but it was the next day and found another surprise, but not a good one! The picture on top right is what it looks like a bomb! According to the manual it says that this bomb is an ancient magic that affect the witch "randomly" and could potentially affect another witch if connected. Another theory says that if you neglect your witch the bomb will be activated, as you can see there is a time limit starting from 50 hours, if the player doesn't do anything it will sadly explode and kills your witch! I tried to take care of the "FOOL" and tried to bring the weight down, made sure the meters are full but that's all you could do. I couldn't even do any magic, she couldn't preform any magic or anything really apart from being needy and super sensitive to anything! The bomb actually reset for three time so I decided to let it explode! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to see what happens! ○ Connections ○ On stage 3 I need to start connect them with each other so that they could evolve. The chart below shows the clans and each character has four symbols beneath them, the lit symbols represent the witch clan's symbol and also the witch she was friends with. At this point the only two witches that evolved are Earthlin and Enrouge there connections were as followed: Enrouge was connected with Baluluna multiple times, an interesting animation happened were both of them sounded happy and nothing bad occurred. Earthlin was connected with Aquary and the same with the previous two happened. Aquary also happened to like Baluluna and now they are good friends. I tried to connect Enrouge with Aquary and Baluluna with Earthlin to see how things might go with one another but they completely went ham on each other with the curses so I thought I will give it another try another time! Saturday 20th of March ○ Evolution ○ The big day has come, I was waiting for this to happen only to see if the growth charts online are accurate and I wasn't disappointed Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to the Saint from the Earth clan (top) and the Demon from the Fire clan (bottom) The connections were correct and I got what I was looking for. Apparently when you connect them you have to see them both happy otherwise that won't count for the evolution. Still waiting for the Water witch to grow. This is a cute animation of the Saint while he was making the potion: After they evolved I wanted to see what would happen and that just happened The earth witch cursed the fire one and trapped it in a bottle. The firs witch cursed the earth one with diarrhea! ○ Stats ○ Finally this is their stats that was taken on Sunday the 21st of March I thought I will include the Air witch photo here as well: Still no evolutions for both Air and Water witches. I'm not worried about the water one but definitely concerned with the "FOOL", the symbols are not lit and the fact it says fool is even worse! ○ Thoughts & Opinions ○ So far the progress is going great soon I will share more about the Water witch As of the Air witch, I will sadly let the bomb explode because at this point I cannot connect it nor I can train it and do magical stuff with it. See you all later!
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    Lol! Yes, they are such unique sprites!!! I myself keep waltzing over to the dumpster fire of fake pets on Aliexpress to catch sight of another genuine Qpet, still convincing myself to get it... but then I came across this interesting thing? Name: Animal Imaginado Ultrarojos Ver. 8 Type: Fake Notes: It appears to have a Tama V2 background, however the video I found shows it might be a "50 in one" bunny rom type. I was a bit impressed with the design (sorry if someone has posted this already) and couldn't help but appreciate the extra thought put into the packaging, and the included strap with neat charms. I like the butterfly one! A very convincing effort with the three buttons and recognizable Tama characters, plus the small TMGC logo on the packaging.
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    Ahhhh... Yeah, no, I doubt it as Precure is a pretty well established anime and it has never crossed with Tamagotchi before. Maybe it uses similar technology, but there isn't any sort of tie to the two.
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    I know scalpers are a part of the problem as well, i heard that's why the eevee tamagotchi's prices are crazy nowadays I agree too, they made a start with the p1/p2/mini rereleases, I hope they can do the same with the connections next (or maybe the devilgotchi or yasashii?? the prices on those are WILD)
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    This was something that certain virtual pet families did, back in the day (in particular, a number of pets using the Gyaoppi programming do this), so it's almost certainly intentional.
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    Hello again TamaTalkers! Welcome to my main log. It feels great to be back, logging with Magical Witches again but this time will all four elements! So excited to see how this run goes and hopefully you will join the journey so we could all get to know about the world Magical Witches more. “Powers of the witches rise, Come to me who call you near, Come to me and settle here. I summon thee, return to me.” Wednesday the 17th of March: ○ Hatching ○ I was able to finally get them all! the excitement I felt cannot be described. After inserting the batteries, I saw these signs that represent each clan or element: Top row from left: Aquary, Baluluna Bottom row from left: Earthlin, Enrouge The evolution animation was a moon that rotates until the witch shows up. I waited roughly for 5 minutes until they all showed up. and here they are: Don't they look cute. ○ Connecting ○ The first couple of hours were just me taking care of them, was feeding them and making sure they were all clean and healthy. Something worth mentioning is that I tried to connect them to see what they might do and surprisingly they "greeted" on another, and by that I mean they smiled and looked happy as soon as I connected them. The connections were Aquary & Earthlin which was successful. Baluluna & Enrouge was also successful but had some troubles while connecting them. Of course they randomly cursed each other during the process. Connecting the witches plays a huge part of their growth that's why I was trying to slightly build a relationships before they reach Gen 3. This is one of the failed attempts of connecting the water and air witches together: The picture was an aftermath of both of them after they cursed each other. The problem I think might be with the green witch, she's the only one that either curses or get cursed by the other witches I really wonder why! I really hope that what happened the last time with the Magical Witches happens this time. Click here if you would like to see my previous log. ○ Making Potions ○ I made sure they were all healthy and not sick because they get sick easily especially after making potions and/or connecting them with each other. So far I managed to get two potions out of 12 after one failed attempt of mixing for each witch. This is the water witch on her first attempt I will make sure they all have most of the potions by Gen 3 and now since I have them all, it will be easy to exchange some of the items. ○ Magical Rides ○ Some of you might know about the magical rides, for those who don't know it is the time when a witch use her broom to go and look for ingredients/items so that we can use if for making potions. They all got a call for their first magical rides except the water witch and I don't know why! Three of them managed to get the mushrooms which is a very important item used for their mixings but also could be consumed by the witch to raise her Magical Power. Shortly after their return, they went to bed and I snapped a picture of them before I turned off the lights: Thursday 18th of March: ○ Evolution ○ The next day of starting them, early in the morning they evolved and now they are Gen 2 witches! Based on the charts provided online, I can tell that they are a "Good care" characters and that's what I got from the first time I ran the air and earth witches. I'm aiming to get specific characters this time and will tell you guys who specifically I want when they reach Gen 3 Nothing really interesting happened apart from going for Magical Rides including the water witch yay! I was worried that she won't be able to fly looking for stuff but she did and they keep bringing the important mushrooms or other interesting stuff. ○ Stats ○ Finally I would like to update you all with Aquary, Baluluna, Earthlin and Enrouge respectively: ○ Thoughts & Opinions ○ This time like I mentioned above I'm looking to get specific characters and this can be achieved by connecting the Witches together and make sure who connected with who to insure I get the desired characters. One thing that I should focus on is get the all 12 items or at least most of them by Gen 5. Let me know if there's any specifics I should mention or take a picture of and I will gladly do so. See you later!
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    Hi! This is a first for me, doing any type of game log. My name is Dame, and I played Tamagotchis when they originally came out, but never that much. I now am busying myself with my Magic Blue Tamagotchi On. Currently: Hoshipontchi ♂ (First in run) Other things to note: I am nocturnal, so I have set my Tamagotchi time to be 13 hours ahead of my time. I am using the Tamagotchi On app everyday. I am looking up some information, but not much. I am not planning on getting any certain Tama or anything off the bat. I am fine with being offered tips or advice! I am looking for people to friend on the app who are active.
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    This one time it came up as “H00 B01” and my brain was absolutely convinced it was saying “HOO, BOY”
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    4th day 4/14 My Tama is now a Mameitchi. I also just realized we can't really edit posts after a while, which is unlike most of the boards I've been on. Oops. I made my first post with the expectation of being able to edit it. I've sent a message to the admins. Hopefully they can edit my original post. Adults don't like the freebie meal, I guess, so I bought some food. I have a ton of money from the minigame I've been playing. I think I have all the items available to me through buying.
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    This conversation has reminded me of a certain passage in the Tamagotchi (1996 Pet) page on the fandom wiki. I must be a female then. I have almost no interest in Digimon. I only seen some anime episodes when I was I kid, and I barely remember it. I only remember watching it, that's it. However, I remember going nuts over my sister's Tamagotchi, and wishing I had one. I finally got a Tamagotchi Connection V4.5 for my birthday in around 2008 or 2012. It was red, with a yellow star on it's antenna. I adored it, at least for a couple of years. I even remember using tamatown. Sadly I lost interest in tamagotchi. I think ether the screen broke and started leaking, or I forgot about about it, or both. Yes, I know, I am a horrible monster. I wish I continued to take care of it. If you are wondering, I am pretty young. I am Twenty-Five, practically born yesterday. Tamagotchi can totally be multi-generational if Bandai wanted it to be.
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    To be fair, the Super Glitter and Hyper Feminine designs isn't appealing to most males. I hesitated to purchase one at first even though I like purple. There is nothing wrong with variation, and I bet they would shift more units if they had colors from the original tamagotchi and chilled out with the glitter. There are not many men that are into glitter, much less boys.
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    3rd day, 4/13 I ended up grinding a bunch on the app last night, and bought the rest of the items I could and some accessories. When I woke up, my Hoshipontchi was now a Hanbunkotchi. His bar dropped a little, to 40%ish.
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    That totally looks like a debug feature but who knows? Ive personally never came across that before, at least not as obvious as this lol. Maybe its because my tamas are all USA? Im in Canada so Id assume north american devices up here. I have been looking into trying to bust into the ROM but that is much over my head. However, I have lots of free time now and nothing better to do I've examined the ROM chip and found some info on it My tama currently on the operating table has an ISSI rom in it, which is pretty well documented. Ive never done anything like this before and am working slow but hoping to get some others together and make the magic happen lol Issi 607 408-a 20 6C 40BA-26
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    There was no packing, just a floppy with a bar-code on it and had said "The Official Computer-ized Tamagotchi, Developed by SGA in collaboration with BanDai"
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    @PadmeLewisiana - There's no need to feel stupid at all - it happens to the best of us!
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    My lost Super Gyaoppi turned up! I ended up finding it in a place that I had already checked multiple times, where neither it nor any of my other virtual pets have ever been, and where neither I nor anyone else would have ever put it - bizarre! On that happy note, however, this is where I'm choosing to end my log. In the time that I haven't been writing new installments here, I've found that I enjoy running my virtual pets more when I'm not logging them, since I can just enjoy the moment-to-moment happenings rather than having to remind myself to make notes and take pictures. Thanks very much to everyone who read the log - I really appreciate it!
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    Hey welcome to my blog fellow Llamas!! I have a Tamagotchi On, Wonder Garden edition, and I am currently on generation 10! I have every location but sports plaza. I have the Llama fluff gene for 8 generation (lucky meeee!) and I currently have twin girls. I have questions about the tamagotchi app that can connect with your tamagotchi. Is it true you can marry people there and then they will come back to you tamagotchi as a new character? I'm confused. Do they have sanrio characters in the app on events? Can I connect to the japenese version on my english tamagotchi.
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    Hello, and welcome to the forums Cute Tamas btw! To answer some of your questions: Yep, you definitely can marry on the app, and your Adult Tama will come back with a baby with it. You take care of the baby for an hour as usual and your Adult Tama will leave. You can visit your previous Tama, and also the one you got married to on the app by visiting the Parents (the 5th Icon iirc). Not as far as I recall. The only 'events' that happen in the app is that a monthly guest comes which you can marry at the Tama Party. Here's a list of characters that had shown up as monthly guests: https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Tamagotchi_On/M!xable_Characters#App_Exclusive_Characters The ON can connect to a Tamagotchi Meets device (the Japanese version of the ON). As for the ON connecting to the Japanese App though, I have no idea about that sorry.
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    the battery is dead. hope i heaped
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    Have you ever dropped your Tamagotchi or exposed it to water? If you have it could have damaged some of the internals. My only other guess to the problem would maybe be the brand of batteries? If you can, try a different kind.
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    I bought them 2 days ago from Sainsbury’s, so I would hope so! It’s been in a drawer for 6 months without use with all my other Bandai Tamagotchis. I’ve played with them on and off with no trouble.
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    Okay so I actually got to watch as one of these guys (although blue) came up and got married to my pet! And it doesn't seem to be a Sanrio pet either. So I guess there's a bigger number of pets that can come to get married?
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    It rises gradually with time in the direction you have chosen for it to go. Think of it as turning on a heater and it takes awhile for the temperature in the room to rise (would have written "starting a fire" there but you non-woodstove people would probably be confused). So just set it in the direction you want to go and check on it some time later to make it go in the other direction so that the temperature doesn't max out on one side. What character you get depends on what side of the thermometer the coocoon mostly experienced (except for the spotted egg which only grows into one character and the special conditions for the secret character). It is worth noting that the till the coocoon stage ends, the temperature will still continue to rise or fall so make sure to set it appropriately so it doesn't stay maxed out while you're sleeping. Or you could just pause it during that time (I don't think that does anything but I haven't monkeyed around with the Morino that much).
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    ... Why can I imagine someone finding this hilarious enough to quote in their signature?
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    Sorry to hear that, month and a half is a really long time hopefully someone who knows about them can answer your question
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    I believe that this is the idea - that the Tamagotchi Pix may potentially be a rebranded version of the same device, since it's seemingly not being released in Japan. It's rather like how some video games used to get rebranded entirely when they left Japan.
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    I think that what Leo means is that the toy in question looks like it could be the Japanese localisation of the Tamagotchi Pix, since the Tamagotchi Pix currently appears to be exclusive to the West even though there shouldn't be any logical reason for that to happen.
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    Well I put my own silly differences aside and ordered one yesterday. There were limited choices but I figured the Wonder Garden had some beautiful features to it and who's to say I won't order another 😉 This will be my last comment before I end this discussion so thank you to everyone for their involvement. To summarise back to the original discussion, if anyone is interested in installing Mr.Blinky's English Patch then I suggest buying the Nexus 7 2nd Gen 2013 Edition. It is more reliable and cost efficient than other devices so it shouldn't let you down ❤️