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    So I'm late at starting a log for him, but whatever. My Tama is named Jelly bean and he is a teen. his age is 6, but he has been paused before. Note: I use a gen 1 Tamagotchi Here he is...... Sorry if its small or blurry, I'm new here. Thanks for checking this out!
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    This custom wearable 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini - which I've named the "Tamagotchi Pinny" - was the result of a couple of my interests colliding. One of the other things that I collect aside from virtual pets is pins, and back in the 1990s I also collected LCD-game wrist-watches and always wondered why Bandai never made a wrist-watch version of the Tamagotchi - after all, the "gotch" part of the brand-name partly comes from the word "watch"! (Other manufacturers did make virtual pets in watch format, but Bandai themselves did not - they only licensed out the Tamagotchi branding for several different types of non-virtual pet watch.) After seeing a picture of a Tamagotchi Mini that had been turned into a ring, this musing about wearable virtual pets resulted in a random decision to create a wearable Tamagotchi of my own. So I picked up a 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini in purple, and I went for it. I almost decided to try this with one of the Tamagotchi Original reissues, but I stuck with the Mini because it's small and light, which is important for its use as a pin, and because it's a low-maintenance virtual pet, which just felt like the right choice for this project. I used multiple layers of Gorilla Super Glue to attach two brooch-bars to the battery cover, and a tie-tack to the clasp part of the ball-chain. The gluing looks hideous and untidy from the back, but it's also very secure and solid. Nobody will see the back when it's in use, anyway! Here's how it looks on my Tamagotchi lanyard. And here's how it looks on a wrist-strap. This isn't a proper watch-strap, but rather a thin charm-bracelet strap - I might get a proper strap for it at a later date, though I prefer the idea of wearing it as a pin so this isn't a priority right now. I left the ball-chain removeable for this purpose, regardless. I'm really happy with how the Tamagotchi Pinny turned out, and I'm looking forward to wearing it at geeky get-togethers in the future. And if I can get an appropriate watch-strap, I might still make that Tamagotchi Original "Tamawatchi" yet!
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    hi everyone! i'm angus barnaby c, preference for the b; ABC! rn im running a few tamas and i was gonna try to log them because its always super fun! not to mention i'm wanting to make a new purchase and i need to decide what kind to get. probably a v2 or v3, hehe. v3s are my favorite but im not sure! or maybe a meets or a new on. who knows!! let's meet the babies! i turned on my v2 last night and i has a baby boy named cosmo already running, he's gen 3! i'm super proud of him and myself? i don't usually get super far in generations, so it was a surprise to see it! in the middle we have my v3, maya! shes all grown up and ready to rock and roll. i think she can get married tomorrow. she's just a first generation, i started her a few months ago but she's back in action now. we was running alongside my entama who i named ryu (ace attorney is so fun) but i hit a slump n had to put em both aside. im planning on remodelling the entama though, and i can't wait to show that off! finally we have my magic on! memetchi, first gen of course! shes a sweetheart, we're going to get her married to kikitchi today! ok anyways i just wanted to kick this off and get it started!! ill add more at the end of the day, when they've gone to bed and i have more pictures! im thinking about ordering rechargeable batteries and i have the pacman nano coming in the mail, i'm not big on nanos honestly, but went ahead n ordered it when i got my hair dye... it should be here the first n my dyes supposed to come tomorrow... im so pumped! cya then!!
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    Hello, the App opens up many more possibilities for breeding various different genetics from people you meet online, and also exclusive items in the App which you can send to your Tama On device. You can still download the App although you're in France, I'm in the EU and I have been using it with no problems If you're on Android, just download it from APK Pure: https://apkpure.com/tamagotchi-on/com.bandai.tamagotchion Just visit that link from your phone, grant APK Pure the necessary permissions to install on your phone, and download it from there You will need to update the Tamagotchi ON App through APK Pure when it requires updates, not the official Play Store. You might need to download APK Pure before downloading the above mentioned link/APK. Sorry, I forgot the exact steps how I did it, it's been around 2 months since I did. Here's the link to APK Pure in case: https://apkpure.com/ I am definite that I didn't use anything else apart from these 2 links, so you should be able to pull it off The installer/APK should go in your phone's downloads folder, which you can access through a File Manager app (my phone had one built in by default). If you're on iPhone, just create a US account and you should find it in the list of apps. Hope this helps As for recommendations, I have no experience with the new Tamagotchi ON Wondergarden, I have the Magic version and it's brilliant though I highly recommend one of these new colour Tamas (Meets/ON), nothing to be hesitant about
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    Hey guys, I've got my penguin entourage in my signature now! Check it out! ... Oh.
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    With those red pixels, there's only one model that this can be - the Keitai Akai! The Tamagotchi in question here is Cheritchi, which is a child Tamagotchi that always appears in the first generation. A full character-list for this version is available on the Tamagotchi Wiki, and hopefully this will be helpful going forward.
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    Which tama version do you daydream about finding? At the moment, mine is this plumeria V4: My parents gifted it to me when I was a kid, and I'd love to find it again as part of my collection rebuild. Sadly it seems like everyone else has the same idea! I also really like this V4.5 I've noticed the most sought-after tamas at the moment (based on Facebook groups, etc.) tend to be the V2-V4 that many of us grew up with. What's your holy grail tama? EDIT: Any non-Bandai virtual pets are welcome in this thread as well! So what's your holy grail virtual pet?
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    A few weeks ago I decided to rebuild my tama collection and bring a little joy back into my life. I'm still waiting for a couple tamas to arrive in the post, but I've decided to run all the tamas I currently have just for fun! To clarify, I do work from home so I have the luxury of giving these tamas the constant attention they deserve and a place of honor on my desk. Still, I expect this to be a bit challenging, especially since I'm running a few Japanese versions I'm not 100% familiar with yet. I already have 3 tamas running, all in teen stage: V3 (Constellations) - Obotchi (female) Entama (Matcha Frill) - Young Memetchi (female) Keitai (Ichigo Milk) - Ringotchi (male) My boyfriend is technically running the V3 (his first experience with a tamagotchi!) but we're sharing the care since he's still getting the hang of it. These are the tamas I will be starting up today: Osutchi & Mesutchi pair (smoke/clear) Uratama (Ura Music) Keitai Akai (White) Keitai Akai (Apples) In total I will be running 8 tamas. This is the first tama log I've ever made, so I apologize in advance for any formatting issues! I'll be posting an update later today once I've started my tamas up. I just wanted to get started with this log and familiarize myself with the process
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    Hello hello! I've been lurking on here for forever, but after receiving my wonder garden on, I decided to finally make a log of my own! After doing a few resets to get the gym on my Magic on, I got this cute little boy! While you can't name your tama on the 1st generation, I've given this little guy the oh-so-creative name of Squishy. Look how cute he is when he sleeps!!! 🥰 Then he evolved into clubutchi! And then he just started playing a little concert, it was cute. Also I got him a pet! I'm usually really forgetful about getting my tamas pets, but this time I really wanna play around with it if I can.
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    Okay I'm clearly missing something with how I'm supposed to embed the pictures. What am I missing? Lmao nevermind I just wasn't clicking on the right thing
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    hey everyone! sorry it took me so long to get back to it, i had a few bad days for my brain and so it was a lil rough so nugget!! she grew up shes SO cute and we got to food town and im so happy about it we're probably marrying mametchi because we interacted with him the most for a while. cosmo evolved into kuchipatchi! very proud of myself... im not great at getting good characters and i know hes not GREAT hes above avg but dfshgkl !!!!! ee so excited the pacman tamagotchi i have accidentally reset i think five times now? i... really like pressing the buttons. the sounds have been very good for me the past few days with how ive been feeling? makes me feel better, but. ill do it absentmindedly and so i end up resetting on accident. but i got mimitchi!... (i reset it again a few hours after she evolved. ugh!! its ok though.) finally; maya finally left! she's been with her son for like 3 days. are they usually around that long? golly. well! i named him mitch. i was looking for a half life name and i got it; mitch, for mitchell, from hunt down the freeman, a half life fangame thats really bad and im ashamed to say im a genuine fan of. but thats a me problem, ahehe. other than that, i got my dinkie and my second v2 today! ... the dinkie isnt working. i dont know if its a battery problem or if im putting them in wrong or what but im going to be testing it in the morning. it ended up upsetting me so much i couldnt really start the second v2 though, so that one is just laying around and waiting now. i'll definitely be starting it tomorrow though and adding it to the log. if i can get the dinkie up i'll probably put the on aside for a bit, or maybe the v3. anyway, i love yall! ty for ur patience ❤️
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    Belle collection It's hard to manage all of them ? I'm wondering since I have trouble with only two XD
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    Yes! I've been trying to get them to replicate it but I guess they all like each other too much now lol. Basically they send a gift and there's a little black skull inside (the same one that appears when they get sick), then the tama that received it looks sad and the attention icon goes off and you have to give them medicine.
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    Jelly Bean is such a cute name! Looking forward to the rest of your log
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    The girls wanted to go outside today and found some bubbles then my little girls grew into adults Aki had a little trip when she tried to do a backflip like Sai No injuries though , then they played with their favorite toy: the crepe pan! but then they got scared because it turned into a robot? but the robot pan helped the girls make crepes for the whole town, so everything worked out just fine
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    so it's not the end of the night yet but im getting ready to stream with some friends so i'm going to go ahead and get the bulk of today's activities done! most of the exciting stuff for today's already happened anyways. so!!! this morning i was greeted first thing by miss banana slice herself, nugget. so cute... every time i see her i think about making banana bread! then cosmo woke up and we spent some time together with items and last but not least was maya! she's always a bit late, but thats ok hehe. today was a really sleepy day, and was going by super slow since i was waiting for my hair dye. i laid down for a nap but guess who stopped by? aaaaa!!! i was so happy... ❤️ she brought over a sweet little pipotchi! i don't know what im going to name their son... i guess i have the day to figure it out. then i got my hair dye an hour or so later? i went ahead and did it, but it didn't turn out. my hair wasnt light enough; i can't bleach it myself, i don't trust myself to, and im too high risk alongside most of my family to go out to a salon, so oh well. my hair IS kind of grey now though, especially in the light. its just still especially blond. we tried! with my hair dye came my pacman nano though! now, i've never been big on tamagotchi nanos, theyre just... not my thing. but i have a soft spot for pacman and i needed the extra push on the purchase for it to say it would ship. so i went for it! and ohh my god i am so excited i did, i feel so soft for the little guy? between the music and the little games and just having another tamagotchi in my collection... and my first not-color tama fresh out of a box? the buttons feel so nice and theyre not the hard plastic like my m!xes and on, im just!! in love with him, genuinely!! AND FINALLY!!!!!! banana head over here grew up for the day a little bit ago! while i was like. in the middle of getting this ready gsdflkg;dsh ohh i love nugget so much. shes so cute! all of these guys are adorable. theres probably not a lot left to say for the night but i will be posting a goodnight photo for sure with the group. i love to do that... any ideas for maya's son i'll gladly take! or i might do something half life related... i think i said to my friends i was going to try to name one 'barny' sometime? because barney is too long, and, well, barn is *my* nickname!! but we had a really good day today these guys and i. i can't wait for our new friends coming in next week!!
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    personally i collect connections specifically and i recommend those! v2 and v3s are my favorites, theyre super duper fun. it's all up to you and what you think you'd end up liking! everyone's talking about meets/on though and i can't say i disagree. i only have one on from release, but it's one of the tamas i keep turned on pretty consistently!
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    good evening everyone! let me tell you how my day went! so i woke up this morning and i didn't realize that it was kikitchi's birthday!! and when my on sang to me i was so startled i had just woke up i had no idea what was happening omg but happy bday kikitchi!! i played a lot on the app with memetchi yesterday so i transferred it all today, she has a cute hat!! kikitchi was STUPID hard to find at the park all day today though... i kept going. and going. and going. he was playing hard to get.... but i got him once early in the morning and then twice in the evening! but you can hear about those when they come around hehe maya didn't have a lot happening today! but she did blow me a kiss when i went to take my medicine this morning, how sweet! tomorrow she'll be old enough to marry iirc, so i guess she's getting ahead of the game, haha. cosmo grew up into a lil onion head today around lunch! i can't remember half the tama names off the top of my head but ❤️ im so excited... we played a lot of jump! and im... not great at v2 heading but thats ok! we played good today and had fun. im trying to get out of my habit of only using snacks and making my tamas overweight, sometimes im too tired to play a game but i might as well keep up with it while i can!! it was around this time that i started making purchases on ebay... i had been combing all morning, but no bids were placed yet. aha!! well, guess what? i bought the bubbly blue v3, and then i got a dinkie dino. i figured that's all i'd do for the day, but i got on facebook just a little bit ago and someone was selling a hearts v2 so i got that too... i have 3 vpets in the mail and im so happy ❤️❤️❤️ anyways! back on topic. cosmo and maya were a lil dull today, but memetchi had a lot happen! eventually she went to the part and mametchi proposed! i already had a ring for kikitchi so i was trying to build their relationship more and refused, but then i came back and kikitchi proposed???!!! we said yes, haha! had a baby that i named nugget! she's not the cutest just yet haha, but that's ok. lil banana head... ❤️ i love her. and here's everyone asleep! well. except for maya. they all sleep an hour apart but i never really have to worry about her. and those are the bracelets i did today! i finished one and just started the other. i wanted to show them off cuz that's all i did today, haha. listen to half life videos (freeman's mind), make bracelets, and care for tamas... with that, i can't wait to check on the babies tomorrow and update everyone! aaaaaand dye my hair i will be sure to share how that goes. ok!! cya tmrw ❤️ EDIT : i removed the pictures for now because they were. not the ones i included? they were starting to get silly and weird. ill get something else figured out. sorry! EDIT 2 : ok i added them back and hopefully they stay put this time!! ❤️
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    ^ I agree with @Joc , it seems more like a glitch than a "traditional" death. That might be the problem! Because the CR2025 is so thin, as @Penguin-keeper said, it can lose contact briefly with the tamagotchi and potentially cause issues. That's a cute way of seeing it! That is very odd. Kinakomotchi is not supposed to appear in the first generation...this keeps getting more and more mysterious! I would continue with the new battery, if you're not personally worried about it (and feel uncomfortable risking anything by taking it apart), then I would just leave it alone. If anything else does happen (which, fingers crossed, it doesn't), then you'll know it's something more than the battery. But I think the battery might be the issue, I just did a quick search and found other threads with users experiencing issues from it, so that might be what's going on. And you're very welcome, happy to help!
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    I don’t think he died. If he died, then DOWNLOAD would have returned to the death screen (unless you pressed 🅐 + 🅒 to get a new egg before) and a new egg would not have inherited his name. My wild guess is that a bunch of data got zeroed out because of the wrong battery and his name is one of the few things that remained intact. Maybe 0 in the character variable means “egg” and 0 in the gender variable means “female” so he turned into a female egg. Or something like that. Does the memory book still have anything or was that corrupted as well? Or does the v1 not have a memory book? If the name is really the only thing that remains, I would do a full reset just to make sure no glitched data causes problems in the future. Sorry for what you lost.
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    I was browsing for virtual pet-related merchandise items recently, and ended up stumbling across this, which I think is quite possibly the most unusual virtual pet tie-in product that I've ever seen; (Image source.) It's a 2000 release of the British fashion-doll, Sindy, featuring officially-licensed Digimon clothing and accessories. I've got to admit, this was the last thing that I expected to see carrying a license like this! Are there any weirder virtual pet-related items out there?
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    This is very strange, because at first it sounds like your tamagotchi was accidentally reset (due to battery issues most likely), but then what you mention here: ...makes it seem like the tamagotchi died. Because resetting would not allow your previous tama to be stored in the memory. But if the gender was altered in the history, that sounds like a glitch. I'm sorry to say, but once something like this has occurred you can't go back. If resetting and selecting "Download" took you to where you are now, that's the last saved bit of progress which means you can't revert back any further. Gen 27 is definitely something to be proud of, and I'm sorry you had to lose your progress - and your tama friend - in such a bizarre turn of events. I think the best thing to do right now would be to check for any physical damage. With older Connections it's possible that there is corrosion where the battery is inserted or water damage from humidity, depending on how it was stored these past years. I would unscrew the tama to reveal the circuit board, and just check to see if there's anything that looks unusual. If there's no corrosion or visible damage, it's possible that this was just a very unfortunate glitch. You can post photos here of what you see if you're unsure about anything - I've taken apart and repaired many tamas so I can be of assistance
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    If you want to try out one of the Connections, I recommend the V3 or Keitai. I have no experience with the modern color versions though, so I'm of no use there lol
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    Aside from the Meets/On, there’s another rerelease of the original Tamagotchi in new colours coming out soon.
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    made two little fellas based on a couple tama shells i really like! theres a kitty and a.... bunny, i guess? kangaroo? im not sure what that one is meant to be exactly LOL its just a fun little friend
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    My watermelon Entama just arrived! I've been wanting this one ever since I first started collecting
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    I noticed four listings for the "Melon Soda" Keitai shell from three different sellers with overlapping photos. I'm not sure which one is legitimate (if any of them are), but it's safe to say that they're all overpriced: These two are from the same seller but have wildly different prices for some reason. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Super-Rare-Tamagotchi-Plus-Melon-Soda/402326939421?hash=item5dac8de71d:g:GRAAAOSwTR1fDqYY https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mint-Tamagotchi-Plus-Melon-Soda/402326939464?hash=item5dac8de748:g:y6MAAOSwe75fDqYX The photos are also identical to the ones used in these listings from different sellers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mint-Rare-Tamagotchi-Plus-Melon-Soda/402315342334?hash=item5dabdcf1fe:g:nBAAAOSwDlxe~5nc https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamagotchi-Fierce-Rare-Plus-Melon-Soda-Japan/274387505920?hash=item3fe2c51300:g:~koAAOSwtP9e2SGg I know this shell is sought after, I mean there's a reason I was looking for it myself! Hopefully no one gets duped by these sellers
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    Update: I made an offer to the seller and got it for much less! It should arrive within a week, I'm super excited! 🎉
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    Over on the Sunset Tamagotchi Original, Marutchi evolved into Kuchitamatchi, today. Also there's some poop...
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    Hello there and welcome to TamaTalk! Unfortunately, talk of a ROM-dump isn't something that we can allow here, since anyone distributing such a file is infringing on Bandai's copyrights, but as far as glitches and other types of research go, you may very well find the topics of @hwd45 to be of interest - he's covered things such as glitches and known ROM versions. Here are some highlights; ROM Versions Battery Glitches, Glitch Items, and Unused Content V3 Password Experimentation
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    Ahh, the common man. Ever so brilliant XD (or just lazy). I remember back at camp when I was 14 idly thinking how lucky I was that I didn't lose my watch because of all the things that could've happen - y'know, ignoring how the thing was literally strapped to my wrist and all and it wasn't like some big fancy thing either. Now if I had a tama pinny, I would probably be 10 times more paranoid. The camp did have an electronic ban so chances are I would leave it on clock mode and change it back when no prying were around. And if I got caught, I'd insist, "Hey, look, it's a watch. Got a clock and everything. No, no, it's not a toy. It just goes off ever so often 'cause it's... an alarm. What? It makes me nervous? Well, of course! It's embarrassing to have it go off in front of everyone, y'know. Someone could be dying... I mean me! Dying inside. Ha ha. Oh yeah. Yeah it does go off at weird parts of the day. It a feature. Totally a feature. The irregular alarm keeps me alert! Alert!" Okay, rebel It would be fun to see just how long you can have it out till normies realize it's unique.
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    Ok, full collection shot! Here we go! At this point, my current collection has far surpassed my original 1990s collection. I'm really happy with it, and enjoy it very much.
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    Thanks you for all the lovely messages. I was hesitating but I'll get one then
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    Jelly bean is now an adult!! I’m really happy because I’ve never gotten my Tama to an adult before, plus this ya my favorite character. Hopefully he’ll survive for a long time! Thanks for checking this out!
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    Jelly Bean is asleep.... for some reason, I think the photo is sideways. sorry about that. anyways, I just want to add some info about him. he is a young Mametchi (teen) his age is 6, so he’ll be an adult soon. Keep in mind tho, that I have had to pause him multiple times. i am using a gen 1 Tama. Thanks for checking this out! (hopefully I’ll post again today with update on him evolving..)
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    ... I did NOT expect it to turn into a robot! That's so great.
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    My first gen teen on my white sweets meets grew into a Lovelitchi today This is actually my first Lovelitchi on my meets, I've always started with boys on my first gen before, so this was a nice change of pace Then she met a pancake and got married They had two lovely twin girls (such a nice surprise to have twins so early on) I named them Sai which means intelligence and Aki which means sparkle Typical twins antics always I would like to note that I now have three sets of twin girls lol My new pastel twin girls from yesterday My twin girls on my yellow sweets meets that I may never marry off because they're so perfect lol and finally Sai and Aki on the white sweets meets
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    I was referring to the third wave of colours, which is coming out soon. But yes, I noticed the second wave is available in Europe now! I’m planning to order the Sunset one too! I wonder how Tamagotchi Gen. 1 will compare with Tamagotchi Friends in terms of polish.
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    I second both of my fellow regulars, here - the Meets/On or the Tamagotchi Original/The Original Tamagotchi are both excellent starting points, as both have all of the hallmarks of the Tamagotchi experience, without anything over-complicating that. If you want the "tougher" aesthetic from the Tamagotchi's sibling line, then there's currently also the Digimon Original/The Original Digimon, as well. By the by, @Joc, the new Tamagotchi Original colours are already out over here! I've got the Sunset shell on its way to me at the moment - it looks great enough that I had to make an exception to my usual policy of not picking up multiple shell-designs for the same device.
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    I feel your pain! I retake my tama log photos constantly because they seem to enjoy pooping right when I'm taking photos lol.
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    I've never had problems with any of my Tamas on planes. I've flown to Japan, Portugal, and Cuba with at least one. Treat it like a normal electronic device, but even then IDR if I took them out of my bag at screenings, you can just to be safe. I just fixed spelling mistakes. Dumb fingers.
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    Day 5 - Wedding Bells! (Note: I'm still fine-tuning the photo process. It's challenging to take decent photos of the Akai, especially since the light changes drastically throughout the day in my apartment. Things should improve soon!) Today began calmly, with the usual tamagotchi daily hygiene: And some fridge-foraging: : Oh yeah, and my V5 evolved! Here's the family lineup: As everyone (except the V5) is in at least teen stage, there wasn't much maintenance required. I decided to connect my Akais and suddenly...they were married! They had a pair of adorable baby boys: I was just getting familiar with the new red-pixel babies when the matchmaker arrived...three times! I'm not picky when it comes to who my tamas marry, all tamagotchis are beautiful My Keitai was matched with a Kuchipatchi, and had a lovely baby girl My Entama was matched with Androtchi and had a baby girl as well! And as I'm writing this the matchmaker has arrived for my V3 - who was also matched with Androtchi and had... another baby girl! I'm sad to see my tamas all grown up and married off, but I'm glad they each found their perfect match Tomorrow should bring some evolutions for my Osu/Mesu pair, Uratama, and V5. Very excited, especially for my Osu/Mesu because I specifically avoided looking at growth charts to maintain an element of surprise. I find that, with this challenge, since I'm not giving 100% perfect care to every tama I'm getting more interesting evolutions. In the past I would manipulate my care in order to achieve the results I wanted, and would therefore get the same tamas over and over again. This way I'm experiencing more! Question: what is your approach with marrying tamas via connection after they've been connected once? For example, my Akai twin boys are now brothers. Their marriages will be via Matchmaker, and if their respective children are boy & girl, I'm definitely NOT marrying them. But how long does one wait before it's not weird? Should I just get a third Akai to mix things up genetically? Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I would feel a bit strange having cousin-tamas marry, no matter how distant they are. Keitais, V3, and Akais are the versions I'm most interested in collecting for the shell colors, so maybe in the future I'll have enough to not worry about risky marriages
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    Oh wow. That weird smell that comes off of fresh circuit-boards when you open a box containing computer parts for the first time, of course - clearly a virtual pet would smell of this.
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    I agree, at some point this will just be too stressful to call fun But I'm willing to see how far I can take it before then
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    I used to run all my Tamas a few years back. Now I run like 3 max XD. Good on you! Excited to see more updates!
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    Today was kinda busy so I left Kyotchi with his parents He got sad reading a book but Aoitchi came to cheer him up Then he grew into a teenager when he came home and went on a playdate with my pastel Tama
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    You should try JapanYouWant! They have a bunch of tamas there- including rare ones! Link here: japanyouwant.com They also sell other things! (EDIT: Just went there and saw that they had forgotten everything in my cart TwT ) (ANOTHER EDIT XD : logged in to my account and saw that they actually didn't. --^--
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    I'm back! (sorry for the late update) Today, we are gonna talk about... THE RESTAURANT! I just wanted to put it here because I.. accidentally forgot to write about it. OK, ya'll know the drill. Go to the Main Menu, scroll over to "Meal & Snack", and select "Restaurant". *cute animation of Tamagotchi walking over to the Restaurant and happy about it* Then, it'll go in and you'll see Maidtchi talking to your Tama. Maidtchi: Welcome to our Restaurant! What would you like to eat? Your tama will go sit at a table. The two options are "Meal", and "Snack". First, we'll go to the meal options. (Note: eating the same food a couple times will get your tama to change color.If you change color when your Tama is an adult, it'll stay forever. So be mindful about changing colors!) 1: Chow Mein 2: Udon Noodles 3: Rice Omelet 4: Stew 5: Ham Sandwich. Now for the Snacks. 1: Juice 2: Cream Puff 3: Lemon Pie 4: Pancake 5: Donut That's all for now; see you in the next post!