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    Yeah, so, this is a new trademark that's just emerged: https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/008272074-0001 I want to begin by making it quite clear that this has not been confirmed for a European market. The website that listed it is a European Union property office, but this does not indicate that the device will be releasing in Europe. In fact, some digging reveals that they've also listed several other versions that were all for the Japanese market. As such, I don't believe this will be an international release just yet. It's also been noted that Italian is listed as a language in the trademark - this is also true for the Japanese versions; it's only indicative of the fact that the trademark representative (Studio Torta) is an Italian company. I did some investigation into this to see what I could find and I ended up finding some interesting things, including more Tamagotchi trademarks from the same source. Firstly, I noticed that although this trademark only recently emerged, the trademark was first claimed in late August. This is also unique in the sense that it's the only one of these trademarks that lists the design trademark being trademarked before the device's release. The others all claimed the trademark before release but filed the design afterwards. We'll come back to this in a bit. Here's some more trademarks also listed by Bandai: Tamagotchi 4U https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/002590554-0001 Filing date: 26/06/2014, though hints in anime as early as 03/04/2014 Announcement: 02/07/2014 Release: 27/09/2014 Tamagotchi M!x https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/003404193-0001 Filing date: 05/04/2016 Announcement: 14/05/2016 Release: 16/07/2016 Tamagotchi Meets https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/005887239-0001 Filing date: 27/06/2018 Announcement: 10/10/2018 (leaked on 08/08/2018) Release: 23/11/2018 Additional info: Also filed by Wiz Co Ltd Tamagotchi (2021 release) https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/008272074-0001 Filing date: 27/08/2020 (Note though that this seems to be for the patent claim and not the document filing) Announcement: ??/??/202? Release: ??/??/2021 Additional info: Not filed by Wiz Co Ltd There's been some speculation that this one could be another Meets / On release - the lack of Wiz Co suggests to me that it's definitely a new version. Taking these dates into account, and considering that the new release was first filed several months ago, I'm predicting an announcement in the next few weeks - either later this month or early-mid January. Then we're probably set for a March release date, which coincides with the 17th anniversary of the Connection. So I guess I'll call it now and say I think it'll release March 20th 2021. Some further digging for design trademarks reveals that there are more Bandai trademarks listed under a different organisation name: Entama https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/000455548-0001 https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/000455548-0002 Filing date: 15/09/2005 Release: 23/11/2005 Two months between trademark and release Uratama https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/000622576-0001 Filing date: 17/05/2006 Release: 22/07/2006 Two months between trademark and release Tamasuku https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/000660626-0001 Filing date: 03/08/2006 Release: 23/11/2006 Nearly four months between trademark and release TMGC+C https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/001071831-0001 Filing date: 23/07/2008 Release: 22/11/2008 Four months between trademark and release Tama-Go https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/001196851-0001 Filing date: 30/09/2009 (trademark claimed) / 18/02/2010 (design filed) Announcement: 22/03/2010 Release: ??/08/2010 They really strung this one out for some reason, but again the time between filing and announcement actually roughly matches the time between the announcement and the release Here's something curious - the only international model here was one with a particularly long cycle, and another case of the design patent being out before the release or the announcement, unlike the Japanese models. It's been nearly four months since the new version first had its trademark claimed, so about 3-4 months until release makes sense, but I'll note that this is much more in line with the Tama-Go than with any of the Japanese versions. Maybe a hint at an international release after all? But we'll see. Either way it looks like it's still around a month before an announcement and probably three months before release.
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    Back from hiatus again! I haven't really been running any Tamas (besides Gus) for the past couple of months, but the holidays have reignited my interest. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'm back for good, but I really wanted to do an update, so here I am. Part of this update is from two months ago and part of it is from the last week, so let's start at the beginning. Angelgotchi The Angelgotchi was one of the Tamas I decided to start running after I made my last post. I was greeted by a solemn grave shortly before meeting, Barry! According to my personal logs, Tarakotchi Angel was one of the last characters I hadn't raised yet (the other being Cactus Angel), so I had an obvious goal in mind. I ended up being successful in raising Tarakotchi, but I was unable to obtain Cactus Angel before, Barry, made his departure. (I included a picture of him eating because Tarakotchi has some impressive chompers!) Akai The next Tama I had started running was the Akai. Unfortunately, I don't remember much about raising this one. I forgot to take pictures of her toddler/teen phases and I didn't even draw them in my personal logs, so this girl (her name is also missing) was nearly lost to time! Please enjoy the pictures that I did take of her. Music Star This is the final Tama that I had started before going on hiatus. I was fully expecting to be greeted by a baby, but it turns out that I had left an Androtchi named, Hiccup. He got married very quickly, but despite that, I didn't end up raising his son like I intended to. I just lost interest right after Hiccup left... At least we know that next time I start up the Music Star I will definitely be greeted by a baby. 20th Anniversary Digimon I was fully intending on taking a break from my vpets (except Gus), but two weeks later I found a 20th Anniversary Digimon at GameStop! I've always wanted to try Digimon, but I could never find a reasonably priced one until now. I clearly fell out of the loop on this one because I had no clue that they had been released here. Upon startup I was greeted by a Botamon that I named, Moe. I spent a lot of time training him up and he quickly evolved into a Koromon. He then evolved into a Agumon and I believe it was at this point that we unlocked tournament battles. Moe had a pretty high singles battle success rate (somewhere in the upper 90%). I was given the opportunity to raise another Digimon alongside, Moe, so I hatched a Zurumon named, Joe. He evolved into a Pagumon and shortly after that, Moe, evolved into a Greymon. Joe evolved into a Gazimon. He and Moe destroyed the doubles tournament battle scene! Joe, then evolved into a Dark Tyranomon and continued to fight alongside, Moe. Unfortunately, they passed away a few days later... On a related note, I've noticed that Digimon poop a LOT more than Tamagotchis. Like you can't leave them alone for a half hour without multiple pieces popping up. I can't help but feel like this was my boy's undoing... I didn't raise any others after them because I decided that it was really time for a break from vpets (except Gus). (Sorry for the lack of pictures) P's Gus has been the only constant over my break. He's mostly been sleeping the days away when I'm at work and eating a few too many snacks on my days off. His batteries ended up dying late on Christmas Eve and I hadn't replaced them until today where I was greeted by the horrifying sight of Gus trying to run away! Thankfully he's okay, but it was quite the scare. (His clock was also set back to December 4th, so I'm not sure what that was all about...) New Christmas Tamagotchis I ended up taking a break for over a month and it probably would have continued if it wasn't for Christmas. There ended up being a few new additions to my collection, so let's introduce you to them! Eevee Tamagotchi I was absolutely shocked to receive an Eevee Tama from my parents for Christmas! I had briefly mentioned it to my mom at one point, but I was mostly just talking about how hard they are to find and wasn't even making a present suggestion. This was by far one of the coolest gifts I got this year.🥺 (Another incredible gift my mom managed to score was the Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary box set. They ran out really quick, but she managed to grab one when they briefly restocked.) I hadn't been able to start it up until this evening (eeveening, perhaps?) and it's super cute! I'm avoiding spoilers for how to raise the various eeveelutions (at least for my first generation), but I'm hoping for a Vaporeon because she's my favorite Pokemon. Mesutchi and Osutchi I had asked for an Mesutchi and Osutchi pair for Christmas, so they were a little less surprising, but still an absolutely wonderful gift to receive! I went to start them up this evening as well and it turns out that they didn't come with batteries... I only have one pair of LR44 batteries so RIP. I'm going out and getting an oil change for my car tomorrow, so I'll pick up some more batteries then. We've finally made it to the end of this update! I'm hoping to run my Tamas more often, but my work schedule is picking back up again. Spring and Summer is when my job is in full swing, so I'm trying to squeeze in as much time as I can with them before then. I'll try to update again when I can, but who knows when that'll be. BONUS: Kirby (my brother's cat) always steals the spotlight when I'm trying to take pictures!
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    Is it just me, or does the top of the shell in the diagram remind anyone else of the lid on the Osutchi & Mesutchi?
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    https://www.amazon.co.uk/TAMAGOTCHI-42878-Original-Electronic-Pet/dp/B08QVS16V8/ref=sr_1_10?crid=XRJ0TIWAPMJW&dchild=1&keywords=tamagotchi&qid=1608663324&sprefix=tamagotchi%2Caps%2C197&sr=8-10 https://www.amazon.co.uk/TAMAGOTCHI-42877-Original-Electronic-Pet/dp/B08QVQ3J7B/ref=sr_1_13?crid=XRJ0TIWAPMJW&dchild=1&keywords=tamagotchi&qid=1608663324&sprefix=tamagotchi%2Caps%2C197&sr=8-13 The situation in the UK seems to get better. The now have all the last releases, and the twitter account of Bandai reply to a fan that they are working on the release of the ON.
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    You can leave it in the name stage or crying screen forever really. On V3 and older the baby would even age still. If you left it on the naming screen for 15 days, the baby's age would be 15. Made little difference in play though as 15 basically became the "zero" and it continued to go through the life stages at a normal rate This didn't work for the V4 or higher that I recall of.
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    I’m not a big fan of Nanos but I think the ones that look interesting the most based on people’s reactions are Pac-Man and Sanrio versions. These are the only two versions I’ve seen people enjoying and talk about them ever since they were released. I think it has a lot to do with the characters and the animation for each version. Currently I’m not planning to get any Nano but if Bandai decided to do a collaboration with Disney one day and they particularly added Stitch into the game I will take it with no hesitation!
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    This is Tamagotchi original re-release and the batteries you need to use are CR2032 coin shaped battery.
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    Happy New Year to you and your tamas as well!!
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    Happy new year to everyone!. I pray that all of you and your Tamagotchis will have a wonderful and safe year! My best wishes and prayers to you for safety for the rest of 2021.
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    Thank you!! I'm also glad things payed off in the end, as it's here now and it's absolutely lovely. It came with a screen protector still intact, one of the matching Pusheen cat cases I'm fond of, and the box is thankfully undamaged. Such a sigh of relief! I'm grateful this all worked out and to the previous owner for taking such nice care and thought. There was actually a bit of a mishap with Fedex but nothing major. They just couldn't access the place that I live so they ended up delivering it to an onsite pickup location. I wouldn't have bat an eye if not for the 12 inches of snow we got overnight, and the mountain of it that blocked my car in, thanks to the snow removal truck. 😭 LOL at least I had something very special to look forward to when I came home this chilly NYE. Now that it's occurred to me, I'd love to wish everyone at TamaTalk a Happy New Years too! We all deserve a better year ahead of us with a lot of hope.
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    Hey guys just a quick update, – everything went smoothly at the meetup with the seller, and ForwardBuy (hope it's okay to mention as they've proven trustworthy so far) have provided tracking that shows it shipped on the 27th. Looks like it's already departing CA right now and is scheduled to arrive on the 30th!!! Gosh so fast, and I'm bursting with excitement about it. I suppose this means next update will be arrival!! 🥳
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    Maybe you had the time on incorrectly. The baby stage only lasts an hour and baby tamagotchis don't die. You most likely had a toddler and if it died overnight it might have been because you had the time wrong. Toddlers sleep at 8pm and tamagotchis do not die overnight like that.
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    Yep, that's exactly how the Pastel Meets is designed. I had actually taken the wire out of its holders when I was tinkering with it earlier but based on my recent findings, the issue is arguably the overall faultiness of the design. I just did a tam-autopsy and all of you On owners can relax: the On is built so radically different from the Meets that it totally won't have the same problem! This seems to be primarily due to the fact that the On actually has a screw holding down its back cover - in contrast to the more sophisticated Meets and other Japanese colour models which actually use a button to hold the cover in place, thus making battery changes a breeze and child-friendly. (I actually removed the screw from my On and taped over the hole to mimic the Japanese back cover design, since both the Meets and On also use the reset button to keep the cover in place.) So here are the autopsy/tear down results for the On: As the second picture illustrates, the circuit board's underside is pretty much inaccessible due to the metal literally spearing through it. If I truly wanted to see what powers the screen, I would have to cut this metal or damage the existing structure - which I do not have enough technical skills to attempt that and rebuild it after I'm done. One consolation is that I was able to tilt the device enough to see there doesn't seem to be any wires on the underside of the circuit board at all but rather this long piece of metal running down the middle of the board. It was way too hard to take a picture of that, unfortunately, because its completely overshadowed by the board on top and I would need three hands to take the picture - one to hold the tama, one to hold my camera, and one to shine the light (I doubt any family member could focus on it properly, either). So yeah, a description is all that is possible for it. Now for my working Pastel Meets: This highlights that the problem with my other Pastel was that it was carelessly assembled so that the wire did touch the metal, as 321Boom notes. While the plastic prongs that hold the wire do indeed help it to stay put, there are no prongs securing the wire near the contact - the true problem. This does raise the question of whether my Pastel Meets is unplayable due to construction carelessness or actually due to faulty design. I did bend my working Pastel Meet's yellow wire closer to the translucent plastic before I close it up, just for extra safety. With this information, I think the life of my purple, defective Pastel Meets went like this: a tama fan purchased the Tamagotchi and played with it (since it was used with its box) before eventually coming to sell it to Japan You Want. Japan You Want tested the Meets and found it was working fine, since the wire had not yet been burned through enough to cause problems. I purchased the tama from Japan You Want, received it, and started it up around 11 p.m. to finally experience it. The baby stage went fine as Petunia grew from a baby to a toddler and went to sleep for the night. The next day, after playing with the device a bit more, the wire was finally burned through and then the freezing began which lead to me tinkering with it and posting on TamaTalk, believing I had found a solution. And the rest is history. I feel this matter has reached a conclusion - but all of you lovely people are still free to post your thoughts - as it appears that I have discovered why my purple Pastel Meets was freezing. A personal positive from this is that I can totally swap out the entire front cover of my white Pastel Meets for my purple one, thus being able to enjoy both designs. This might also be possible with the On, but it's probably an easier task just to swap the paper faceplates (which is a bit more difficult than the Meets because similar to the different innards, the prongs of the On's plastic faceplate are longer).
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    YAY that's AWESOME!!! Really hope you receive it soon then!! Everything looks like it's going well since the listing has also been removed by the seller! Enjoy your stay here at TamaTalk! It's a lovely place here with lots of nice people, you should feel right at home!
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    Omg I won't believe it until it's safely here, but I got an email from the forwarder this morning!!! Apparently they were able to contact the seller and arrange a meet on the 26th, and since they're ahead of me by nearly a day, it feels even closer to reality. The seller has even removed the listing or it's been paid for (however the site works) so I feel even more reassured. 🥳😭 I literally can't believe this is happening. I'm grateful to everyone here gave such good ideas and encouragement to keep up the search. Thank you all and I can't wait to give the update when it hopefully arrives. Lol I sound like a pessimist but I can't jinx it now! In the meantime I plan to lurk the forums and daze post a bit. I've been so consumed with the search and the sad twinges that I've not let myself enjoy browsing around. I'm so very happy to meet you all!!
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    https://tamapalace.tumblr.com/post/187031963358/is-your-tamagotchi-on-learning-japanese https://tamapalace.tumblr.com/post/187148145373/is-your-tamagotchi-meets-learning-english
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    I don't know, I don't have a p's. However, I did see this site where you can download the pierces' content! http://mrblinky.net/tama/vdp/index.html#vdp-plus
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    If you unlock the locations you will get the wallpapers which then can be found and purchased at TamaDepa. There’s also a fan made app called MyMeets where you can make your own wallpaper but I’m not exactly sure how to do that, you can look for the guides.
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    I have a few I'm curious about, such as Jordy that has 6 games, but what other Nanos seem to be the most unique or featured in your opinion? I was able to collect the Eevee gotchis when they were cheaper, yet lately I've wanted to pick up one for casual play. In general how's your Nano wishlist looking?
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    Here's hoping, since the anniversary next year feels like a good time for it. (And thankyou! ) I guess that's an advantage of the Nanos being the supplementary and simple side-releases - they can afford to be a bit more experimental with the content (though not necessarily always the actual gameplay - for example, the Pac-Man and Hello Kitty versions sound like they're just re-skins of the same thing), since they're not the front-and-centre main offerings.
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    Well, I just finished my 2nd run of my Pac Man Nano, and I've found the answer to the question I originally asked at the beginning of this thread. Just posting again here in case it helps others. From my findings, the Pac Man Nano DOES have a set lifespan of 15 days. The first time I ran the Pac Man Nano, she left on the 15 day mark exactly, and I had made 5 care misses on happiness (on purpose to try getting the Tama to depart so I can run something else) on that day. A few minutes (maybe 20 minutes) after the 5th care miss, she left and I got the Departure (Good) ending. But the time was also 1pm, which was the exact same time I had started the Tama 15 days prior. I was still wondering if it was the care misses or the 15 day mark that made her leave. I wanted to test this theory further in this run, and 2 days ago (my Tama was 13, easy to keep track of the age cause I started him up on New Year's Day) I gave him 10 care misses on happiness, and he still wouldn't depart! After that I just decided to take care of him properly again and keep his needs fulfilled for these past 2 days to test the 15 day theory. Just 30 mins ago, he started beeping for no reason, all his hearts were definitely full cause I had filled them up like an hour ago, and there he was besides Pac Man waiting for me to see his goodbye, and I got the Good Departure Ending again, and the time matches up with when I started him up again on New Year's. So, conclusion, a Pac Man Nano lives for 15 days, and we don't have to stay purposely making care mistakes to make them depart! One thing I'm not sure about is, if my care mistakes were counting. What I was doing was letting his happiness drop till he beeps for attention, as soon as he does (literally that minute, I didn't want him to end up in the Sulking stage), I play a game with him or feed him the cherries, then just wait for the heart to drop again and he'll call out again, rinse and repeat. Maybe I had to leave the heart emptier for longer for it to count as a care miss and he would have departed earlier? Anyway, no need for that, cause we don't have to force them to depart since they'll leave on their own on the 15 day mark Hope this helps someone or some others find these findings interesting!
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    Granted it's my only Nano so far, but my favourite one has to be the Pac-Man one - I think that it works well because it makes use of an incredibly iconic character, and includes references and nods that hardcore long-time fans and those less familiar with Pac-Man will both get. It's got a lot of personality. As for ones that don't exist, I'd love to see one based on HAL Laboratory and Nintendo's Kirby franchise (whose 30th anniversary is next year) - perhaps you could get different Copy Abilities, in place of the typical evolutions from Tamagotchi devices?
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    Yes I agree... It's so hard for me to justify buying one, unless it's very affordable or somehow desirable enough. Oh no what have you done – I'd cry for a Stitch Tama, especially if they incorporated some of his cousins into it!! That would be just amazing. Idk how exactly given that he doesn't evolve into them.
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    Thank you! They are indeed very expensive and rare it’s really hard to find information on them, it is fun to find out about some details that were not mentioned already though! Hopefully one day you will get to try it.
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    Thank you for these logs, I look forward to each entry! It's interesting to gain insight on Magical Witch gameplay, I wonder if I'll ever end up owning one due to the ridiculous listing prices nowadays.
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    I think I know what it is - your batteries may be dead! The "crayons" you may be seeing might actually be Kandentchi! This is a warning screen telling the user to replace your batteries, featuring an exclusive battery-like Tamagotchi and a warning message in Japanese up the top! It can appear at any time on your Tamagotchi, usually after a long time of use, so don't worry, this is totally normal. This had nothing to do with selecting your friend list. Tamagotchi ON/Meets/colour versions in general are known for draining through batteries, so I'm impressed you made it to gen 4! (unless I've just been using terrible, off-brand batteries... oh no...) All you need to do now is just open up the back of the Tamagotchi and replace it's batteries. When it turns back on again, you will be met by a white screen with two options to choose from - choose the top one, as this is actually your save data, meaning you can continue your generation from where you left off (and see your Tamagotchi again)! The bottom option resets your Tamagotchi permanently, and should only be selected when you want to start anew from generation one. I hope this helped you out! Please let me know if I'm wrong anyhow.
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    This link should be helpful.
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    If you search Mr Blinky, you should find a list of compatible devices. I use a Sony Ericsson K750i with my iD. It works really well, has a side slot for a memory card, Bluetooth, and infrared. I know quite a few peeps use a Palm Treo (spelling) though.
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    to play tamatown after 2020, you can use adoobe's official "Flash Projector" here- https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html you want the one thats simply labeled Download the Flash Player projector , this is basically a standalone version of the Adobe Flash Player that is not reliant on any browser, and i already checked and the "killswitch" isnt present in this version. When you open it you'll see a white square window- : from there simply go "File -> Open" or just press CTRL + O now just enter the url to the main swf file for whatever game- like v5: http://famita.ml/pc/famitama_shell_patch.swf?init_site_lang=en friends: http://famita.ml/friends/prelauncher.swf? e-tamago: http://famita.ml/etg/pc/flash/tamago.swf uratama: http://famita.ml/etg/urapc/flash/uratama.swf i know this workaround kinda sucks but hey im not the one who decided to kill flash player in browsers also- ruffle has 0 support for AS3 atm, which means friends is basically out- v5 sorta works, and i havent tried etamago and uratama yet-
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    YAY!! Looks like you started off the New Year happy!! Really glad it all worked out well, and it didn't take that long till you got it in your hands either! Mega awesome that it came with the screen protector and case too (the box is also an added bonus for collector's purposes)!! Thankfully that's only a minor mishap, I tend to ease up once I know my package is safely in the country. Ouch, that snow thing does sound annoying though, surely an extra hassle! x_X (we don't get snow in my country) Happy New Year to you too, enjoy your new Tama
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    I'm very happy with my tama family right now, so I feel a bit guilty to admit a secret wishlist. That said, I definitely wouldn't mind having any one of these... 1. P's (Melody Land & Dream Coffret) 2. An English iD L 3. Black Devilgotchi 4. An Ocean 5. All three 10th anniv. Uratama
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    ok now that was a good one! 1
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    Still here. *eats a sandwich*
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    This means your tama house is dirty and you need to vacuum it! Just go to the 8th icon and use the vacuum/hoover. Another thing I want you to be aware of is sometimes your tama itself could turn brown because of pooping a lot without cleaning after it. Simply go to the 3rd icon (toilet) and give your tama a bath. Hope this helps!
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    For Surfing, you need to press the A button as fast as you can, this will make your Tama ride a bigger wave and get more points. For the Dolphin game, you need to avoid the sharks and let the dolphins give you the presents. A moves your Tama up, and B moves it down. You need to catch 15 presents from the dolphins to win the game with an Excellent rating. If you miss a present the game ends. You unlock 2 more games later on in Food Town and Toy Park
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    It's as @iTamannadi is saying, if your Tama is calling your name it's either hungry or unhappy. If you press A, and then Profile, you can see your Tama's Happy and Hungry meters. You need to feed it so the Hungry meter (represented by 6 rice balls) goes up, and to increase it's Happiness meter you play games with it by choosing the Store option (the 6th Icon, then go to the Arcade, you can either play Surfing or Dolphin) or by giving it toys like the Ball from the Item menu which is the 8th Icon), or feed snacks. Do note that feeding lots of snacks in a row will give your Tama a toothache. You need to do this multiple times to fill up the Happiness meter represented by lots of coloured bars as seen below: Hope this helps a bit, feel free to ask any further questions you might have don't worry
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    This is normal, when you press the B button she will go to the yard. And when you press the C button she will do a funny jump/dance that’s just an animation that shouldn’t hurt your tama. However since you said she’s calling your name I assume that she looks sad, which means you need to play the games, feed her both meal and snacks until she’s happy again!
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    Small correction, on the Tamagotchi ON, a teen only takes 24 hours to evolve also
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    You can not make a tamagochi age faster. A baby tamagochi takes 1hour to evolve. A toddler takes 24 hours to evolve. A kid takes 24 hours to evolve. A teen takes 3 days to evolve, and a adult does not evolve.
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    If the baby cries that means they are hungry and/or unhappy! Simply go to the second icon open the fridge and feed her, try to fill the hunger and happy meter. Another thing that will help you make the baby happy is give her the bear which can be found in the inventory box (8th icon).
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    i thought the same thing about the top of it, wonder what its gonna be used for.. im kinda hoping its gonna be a usb port for connecting it physically to things and possibly rechargeable batteries?? thats always something ive wanted to see in a tama. im real interested in seeing whats gonna happen with this 👀
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    I often check tamapalace. Two or three days ago the design of a new tamagotchi leaked. It came from a european institution, don't remember if it was for safety or intellectual property. The next day, the post disappeared. Did someone knows something about that?
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    I totally understand what you mean about the V4. I'm always on edge when running that one once it becomes an adult (although it's one of my favourites) because if it becomes an oldie, I'm stuck, no one around my area plays with them, and it's my only Connection, so I can't progress the family tree further. Apart from that, I read (but never tested) that if the Connections die, you lose ALL your items (and I have stuff from way back when Tamatown was alive like the Scepter and the King's Costume, which I really don't want to lose). Yeah starving is absolutely horrible, I like to think of letting the happiness drop as more humane (albeit still not nice making the poor thing feel so neglected and unhappy ). Ah, that's a much nicer way of looking at the reset at least, thanks for the idea! But then, for the Pac Man Nano, you will actually get a good ending, where the Tama departs and it's happily cheering alongside Pac Man (after doing 5 care mistakes in adult form give or take). If there's an actual 'good' ending built into the device, I would rather go for that one. Which is why I would have preferred it if the Pac Man Nano actually had a set lifespan to when it departs, rather than me having to purposely tac on care mistakes to force it to leave, or better yet, if there was a way to progress to the next generation like pass on an egg. This is what I really like about the ON, V4, and Friends (I only mentioned these cause they're the only Tamas I own that could get married), is that they could happily get married and we take care of the next generation (the V4 is especially super-cute having your adult alongside the newborn baby taking care of it for 2 days!). No need for us to 'force them out' and no need to view death sequences either from dieing of old age! It's a perfect win-win situation!
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    Wow a thank you very much for this long and detailed answer!!! Really appreciated!!! Now we just have to wait and see!!!
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    Congratulations on the acquisition, and I hope that receiving it all goes smoothly! Please do enjoy your time here. It looks like you've had a most excellent introduction to the community, already!
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    Hello tamatalk peeps! This my kuromametchi and my previous tama had a glitch so I just had to restart my tama and then I hatched a boy and he turned into a kuromametchi.
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    Hello @Tamagirl_14! Please can you read the description of the section that you are in before you make a post? Each section has a description that tells users what topics can go where. The "News and Announcements" section is for official Tamagotchi news from Bandai, and for official news from TamaTalk's Admin, not for updates about members' Tamagotchis. I've moved this to the "What's On Your Mind?" section, where it is more appropriate. However, if you would like to start a diary about your Tamagotchis, we have a section called "Tamagotchi Logs" for that purpose.
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    I'm normally not too interested in the P1/2 rereleases but uh, these are some of the nicest shells I've ever seen.