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    Oops! I accidentally missed taking a picture of another stage of the Octo-Pets penguin yesterday, because it was very similar to the one pictured above, just with some extra lines sticking out of his head so as to represent more feathers. It was so similar to the previous form that I simply didn't notice that it was different until just before he evolved again today. So, on that note, here's how the penguin looks as an adult; He's basically a punky-looking Rockhopper, or some other similar-looking crested species.
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    Over on the Sunset Tamagotchi Original, Marutchi evolved into Kuchitamatchi, today. Also there's some poop...
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    Aw. Will you be running this version again at some point?
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    How uncanny - I've just finished having a bit of a chuckle at some similar frothing-at-the-mouth posts over in the old PowerPalz section (I was looking into them, and my research led me back to TamaTalk in the end). There was an excellent and reasonable post on the matter by you over there, too, funnily enough. Yep, I can't see any image, either, unfortunately. It sounds like it was sent out in pretty horrible shape, though!
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    Today, my little penguin chick saw rain for the first time! And a little bit later, he grew into his next form, so I guess that he's a fledgling now.
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    Annyeong haseyo!~ (Said that just for fun :B ) Today, we are gonna talk about... CONNECTING TO OTHER TAMAGOTCHIS! The TMGC On can connect to another On or a Meets. The Meets can connect to the On and the M!X, which the On cannot connect to. Go to the main menu, and scroll to that lil' heart icon. Which is the connection icon. Select "Tamagotchi" for connecting to a Tama, "App" to connect to the app, and "Download" is something Bandai America hasn't informed us about it yet. More later!~
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    I'm back! (sorry for the late update) Today, we are gonna talk about... THE RESTAURANT! I just wanted to put it here because I.. accidentally forgot to write about it. OK, ya'll know the drill. Go to the Main Menu, scroll over to "Meal & Snack", and select "Restaurant". *cute animation of Tamagotchi walking over to the Restaurant and happy about it* Then, it'll go in and you'll see Maidtchi talking to your Tama. Maidtchi: Welcome to our Restaurant! What would you like to eat? Your tama will go sit at a table. The two options are "Meal", and "Snack". First, we'll go to the meal options. (Note: eating the same food a couple times will get your tama to change color.If you change color when your Tama is an adult, it'll stay forever. So be mindful about changing colors!) 1: Chow Mein 2: Udon Noodles 3: Rice Omelet 4: Stew 5: Ham Sandwich. Now for the Snacks. 1: Juice 2: Cream Puff 3: Lemon Pie 4: Pancake 5: Donut That's all for now; see you in the next post!
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    lol yeah you're right, good catch
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    I think it's till 9am, not 10am according to this guide: https://vpetparadise.com/tamagotchi/on-meets/discount-item-guide/ Wouldn't want any new Tama On users spamming the Park for an extra hour for nothing lol
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    If you go to the park between 7am and 9am any day of the week, you have a chance to see a character that will give you two 50% off coupons: one coupon for room redecoration and one coupon for accessories. These coupons last forever, so you only need to get them each once.
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    Just a little extra thing to add to the last topic ( Credit goes to @321Boom for giving me this info! ) with the Eco-Usatchi triplets, you can also get an Eco Bag! Bye~
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    Hello again :3 WHEN YOUR TAMA EVOLVES INTO A TODDLER This animation actually happens when it evolves over time. The screen will appear to have flashing lights. After a while, it will appear.. as a toddler! You'll earn 300 Gotchi Points. Okay! Now, as a toddler.. you can now start unlocking locations! Now you should be able to access the "Explore My Town" and "Travel To Other Town" options. We shall explore them now! EXPLORE MY TOWN As always, go to the main menu, scroll over to "Explore My Town". You'll see the Shop and the Park. First off, let's check out the Store by selecting it. The screen will show a cute animation of it walking across town and arriving at the TamaDepa (department store)! Then it'll show the manager saying " Welcome to the Tama shop! How can I help you?" There are two options: Shop and Game. Shop is the option to, well, shop ( as in get stuff for your pet). Game is to play cute mini-games to earn Gotchi Points! The better you do, the more Gotchi Points you'll earn! Gotchi Points are to be used in the shop to buy stuff. Okay, now let's check out the Park! First, go back home. Go back to "Explore My Town". And this time, scroll to the Park! You'll find various events happening. For example, if the day is the 10th, 20th, or 30th day of the month, you'll find the Eco-Usatchi triplets! Your tama, with the triplets, will pick up the trash around the beach ( Surprise, surprise. ) and after that they will thank you and give you and eco fork or an eco badge! Other events? Well, I've heard of a character giving you a coupon for offers at the restaurant, and stuff, but I don't have it yet,so you'll just have to find out for yourself! Well, I'll see you guys in the next post, because it's currently nighttime here in Malaysia, so good night to any Malaysians in this community! Bye~ P.S. Sorry about all the spaces, I don't know why my keyboard is like this!
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    Hey guys, sorry for not updating yesterday, it was only partially because of the Fire Emblem thing, though (I got the reward unit I was after pretty easily, in all honesty), so it's mostly just because nothing much happened So, anyway, Boey left his daughter last night (yes, only Boey, more on that when I get to Grace), so when I woke up, I was greeted by a crying baby girl on my V4.5 I named her Mae, and thus her independent life was underway! I cared for Mae throughout the baby hour, and when that was up, she evolved into a Kuribotchi!! And sometime after that, she got her preschool enrollment! Congrats Mae, have fun! Now, about Grace... she's still here, but there's a reason for that - yesterday morning, I was awoken by the oh-so-horrifying sound of the Tamagotchi dying beeps! I checked to see which Tama it was, and seeing it was Grace, I quickly reset+downloaded the V2 in order to save her and her girl, making Grace stick around an extra day - I guess this makes Mae the older sister! So, since Grace is still here, here's some pictures of her listening to some music! She looks kinda like some sort of balloon in the first pic, lol! - V4.5 STATS - Name: Mae Age: 0 Gender: Girl Generation: 4 Training: 3 bars Skill points: 5 / 16 / 21 Stage: Toddler Character: Kuribotchi - V2 STATS - Name: Grace Age: 6 (probably bc of yesterday's reset+download) Gender: Girl Generation: 7 Training: 9 bars Stage: Adult (with baby) Character: Nyorotchi So, that's it! See you guys next time!! ~Miri
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    rest in peace Jelly Bean..... you will be missed. so yes, he died. I forgot about him for too long. So now he’s dead. He was 20 years old. ill probably get a gudetama tamagotchi now, but idk. bye