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    The trailer is definitely lacking. The only thing we saw was taking pictures feature, which is honestly in my opinion is not impressive! Hopefully tomorrow we will have everything we need to know.
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    I hope more information is revealed such as whether the MIX feature has finally been removed or not. Lmao if this thing is like 100$ then i really dont see myself buying it. Pink is my favorite color but I can already see the blue and green ones being online exclusives/harder to obtain.
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    I know i definitely won't have the funds for the tama anytime soon, but personally I'm pretty hyped for it. being able to pet tama is so cute, im really hoping this one will be more focused on interacting with your tama (unlike the mix/meets/on which were all more focused on genetics). and i definitely feel as if the picture taking isn't gonna be as good as in the ads, i'm ready to become a 100x100 pixel jpeg though. Though hopefully more will be shown in the official announcement tomorrow!
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    Update: A new trailer for the Pix is here, doesn’t really give information on the new device except that you can take pictures with it. I believe we are not meant to see the trailer yet as it was announced on Tamagotchi USA twitter page, that on 21st of this month we will have a surprise/announcement. People speculating that this might be the Tamagotchi Pix official reveal. Cant’t wait to find out more tomorrow!
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    The commercial (in my opinion) looks really bad. The whole concept of the device isin’t explained here and they just did a really bad job at the Pix as a whole. I can imagine the camera will be pretty dire, the the price It’s going to be at least £80. Honestly, I might pick one up if they become cheaper.
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    11th Day One of the Twins married a girl from Tama Party! I don't know what she was - she was some type of blue bird with a cool hair cut. They had twins, but twin GIRLS! They're named Jamtchi and Jellytchi ♀ (yeah, I know). So, I am currently trying to get them to kid stage. Can anyone tell me how to take decent pics of my Tama? My On is also set to just 12 hours ahead now, sleeping schedule is being changed around somewhat. I'll never have it as real time, however, since I am always a night owl.
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    I'm sooo disappointed... The buttons aren't real buttons that you can press, the designs are very bland and girly, it still needs batteries, the packaging is very big and will probably be very empty + It must be hard to take clear photos if you have to press a button that's 1/4 of the device itself. I'm just curious to see how the back will look like and I really hope the price won't be over 50$ otherwise I can already see it flopping. Edit: i'm quite happy with the new cooking and customizing furniture options tho
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    10th Day I've been busy lately (between being sick and doing things), so I've been struggling to keep the twins happy. A few games and some food always seems to help, but I definitely think the App is the best way to get their happiness up, when you bring items back. Seems to be, anyway. It's weird that in games and to get married, that twins need to be split up. Why can't twins marry twins? 🤔 I got my silicone case in!
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    Quick update: I've started re-coding the app in Python. I know most users would not want to install Matlab's MCR to play the game.
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    Nope. It's actually a toy from the Precure series. The integrated camera is something that's been cropping up in a lot of non-Tamagotchi type color screen toy for a few years now, so it isn't too surprising to see it being implemented... but the quality of camera is always lacking (it's a toy afterall...) and there's never been a way to export photos. It would interest me if Bandai have decided to make a pet that integrates with social media so you could share your pictures. That would be interesting, but I don't know how much my other adult age friends want to see that. If we could somehow export them to share on forums, etc, that might be fun... but I'm honestly keeping my expectations low.
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    oh absolutely. i am... very tired of mixing my tamagotchis aah.. i mean its CUTE but. i miss being able to tell how well i did like with my connections yknow?
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    I wonder if the Pix will have the gene mixing feature. I have heard people say that it probably won't based on the fact that the leaked images show only 'regular' tamagotchis, but on the other hand I feel like 'Pix' could be a play on 'pics' (pictures) and 'mix'. What does everyone think?
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    Guess it was just an early leak after all. kinda weird how things keep getting leaked for the pix, first the model patent pic that was leaked, and now this. tho i dont remember if this happened with other color tamas before, but still its interesting