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    I've had the P's for a few years now! All the pierces do is add certain extra characters (sometimes transformations depending on the pierce), extra items, backgrounds, and foods. Some pierces give you the ability to visit extra locations, but as mentioned it really does depend on the pierce! You may already know about this though. XD To get to my point - I've never gotten my hands on any of the pierces, nor do I have a way to download extra content through iRDA. With or without them, the P's is still a really really fun version to run, and there is a bunch of things to do/characters to raise/locations to unlock and so on and so forth. My P's is beat-up and scratched to death (oops) so if you do pick one up, don't do what I did, haha!!! It's a version worth taking care of, to sum it up. And I do like the shell design - it's very pretty! I always end up fidgeting with the pierce port though. XD This version is known for losing its shell colour/yellowing over time easily (though this applies to most of the colour versions), so be careful when storing it and taking it around! Basically, if you're willing to take the risk price-wise, the P's is a very fun 'gotchi to own. There's a few differences between it and the ON (such as the obvious language barrier, unless you've got a way to patch it - I am forever envious of those who can ), but those differences are what make it unique and fun. This has gone on for pretty long now, so if you're still unsure I'd recommend some further research and seeing what you like about it. I hope this helped you out!
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    Hello everyone! I have a tamagotchi on right now but I’ve been really wanting the p’s. It is very expensive but it seems like so much fun. I don’t think I’m going to be able to get any pierces because they are also pretty expensive. For those of you who have a tamagotchi p’s, do you think it’s fun without the deco pierces (or an IRDA phone)? Thank you
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    I don't know, I don't have a p's. However, I did see this site where you can download the pierces' content! http://mrblinky.net/tama/vdp/index.html#vdp-plus
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    Hi guys! I’m on the 4th generation right now and my new tama baby is named Cloud!
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    Alright so Build 3 is here! I've improved many things from the user interface to some aspects of the gameplay to what's displayed in the console. Only thing I can't do is make the MCR start up quicker, that's beyond my reach! You'll find everything you need (including instructions on how to setup and start) here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Tnx9Gc7V5srS09-wXH-XZNHgw4yb-iYn?usp=sharing I've added menus so you can reset the Tamagotchi without having to delete the "tmgc_save.mat" file. (The reset option closes the app and you will find a new egg when you re-open it). I've also added basic Help and About menus. And finally there is a "save" button that saves your progress instantly. (The game used to only save when the user leaves, which could potentially be disastrous in case the computer crashes or resets). I've changed the way evolutions work too. They're still based ONLY on the number of care misses, but now they're a little more forgiving. The way it was, I could never get any character other than the worst care character. There's also a trick (that you can figure out on your own if you're just a little tech savvy) to raise as many characters as you want (it involves keeping copies of the file "tmgc_save.mat" under different file names). This trick should be the basis of the next big improvement of the app (don't ask me when it's coming), i.e. allowing the user to raise multiple characters (without manually fiddling around with save files). About the secret character: Yes. I've been raising a character for about 5 days now, to find as many glitches as possible. It evolved into a Takotchi yesterday (I hadn't improved the evolution system yet). This is what the app looks like now: If you want to see more, I'll be logging about it starting from tomorrow. Maybe showing you what the app looks like will make you want to try it for yourself. And if you do and find trouble, do not hesitate to contact me for support! Have a good day or night!