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    Hi everybody! So I've finally decided that this should be its own separate thread instead of it being intertwined with my log. The story is this: I used to have a P2 as a kid and I lost it, and I was really fascinated by Tamagotchis when that happened. It's now 20 years later and now I've become good enough at programming to actually program my own Tamagotchi app so I decided to try and do so. Plot twist: Upon finding Tamatalk and the Tamagotchi fandom.com pages, I started becoming interested in all the other vintage releases and the Connection series too, which I've never owned. (I still don't like the color Tamagotchis too much since I find the characters a little too cutsy and I feel like they all look alike. I think they're definitely aimed towards more of a female audience with less of emphasis on trying to provide "universal" characters. But that's not the point of this post.) This made me want to try to start my very own implementation, first of the P2, then of all of the other vintage releases, at least up to the V4. Now I know myself enough to know that the probability of me actually delivering on that promise is about the same as that of frogs raining on Jupiter, but I'm still going to give it a try! Here's how I've decided to go about it: *First, I'm going to finish my Matlab implementation of the P2 that's based on the Matlab command line (so pretty much useless for anyone except me (and other Matlab users of course)). I'm starting with Matlab only because it is by far the language I'm the most comfortable with. *Then, I'm going to program a Graphical User Interface for it and try to make it as a standalone program. By that point other users might be able to use it if they agree to install Matlab's MCR (which is freely downloadble). *After that I'll just go Mothra, Angel, Genjintch, and so on up to the V4. There might be some releases I might ignore, such as the TamaOtch, which I really don't find interesting. The only reason I think I might be able to do this is that I think once the P2 will be complete, then implementing the others shouldn't be too much of a hassle. It should only involve drawing new sprites and changing just a few basic things (I might be completely wrong about this - and I think I am). In the meantime, I'm also going to try to implement it on Android using a nice little app I found called APK builder. Basically it allows the user to program android apps directly from an android phone, without any need for Android Studio. I use it all the time when I'm commuting or just outside. It's pretty neat. Only weird thing is that it's not on PlayStore anymore and you can't even find it on other sites. And finally, I also thought of actually purchasing an Arduino card and a small screen and actually building myself an actual Tamagotchi. I'll be showing you all the process if I do so of course. From this point on, all the following posts are going to just be updates on the project, so stay tuned. I'll be doing this on my free time so expect hiatuses (?), disappearances, posts where there has only been very small improvements etc. Feel free to ask any questions about my implementation, in fact I'll be glad to share the code with anyone interested.
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    We're almost a week from Halloween, I'm just post this drawing here since I've put enough effort and finished before Halloween. But enjoy this Mario & Luigi x Tamagotchi crossover for the spooky month of October! Wonder if you know something familiar in the Mansion?
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    Hyurutchi's the first tamagotchi I've ever had that sleeps at 6 PM!
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    Tsubutchi has just evolved into a Hyurutchi at around 3 PM. I'm starting to wonder whether I should start climbing DOWN the TMP ladder instead of up, since there are more characters I don't know down the ladder than up. By the way, I think I remember reading that in this game each egg can give birth to any TMGC regardless of TMP level. That should be the reason why I ended up having a Tsubutchi instead of a Puchiteletchi. Another design choice I'm not a fan of.
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    Well, that didn't take long. As soon as Pipotchi woke up, I went to the mating menu, and found a Kabutchi for Pipotchi. I hesitated for a moment, thinking I do want to keep Pipotchi for a short while (to at least see some of its animations for a while before I let it go). However I figured, what if I don't find Kabutchi tomorrow when I decide to marry Pipotchi, so I thought I'd rather marry it right now and keep the momentum going. Here's Pipotchi merrily jumping in its room Here's a calmer picture of it Here's the Kabutchi I found on the right Here are the lovers meeting For some reason the game still shows a Billotchi and a Billkotchi having an egg After your tamagotchi gets married it goes back to its home planet However, I'm kinda bummed out right now because to my surprise, the marriage gave birth to a Tsubutchi (TMP2) rather than a PuchiTeletchi as I intended. Now why is that?! Is it because I married Pipotchi too early? Does that factor into what baby you get? Well, at least now I know that that might be the case. It's not too much of a big deal since I've never had a Tsubutchi nor any of its evolutions. However that does mean that I'll have to see Puchichocotchi and Mizutamatchi again in order to get to the TMP4 characters. Well, okay game!
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    aaand Batabatchi just evolved into Pipotchi. That's one step up the TMP ladder. Here's Pipotchi asleep: What's funny is that Batabatchi normally wakes up at 8:00 but Pipotchi wakes up at 10:00 apparently (it's 9:42 and its still asleep). So basically what ended up happening was that Batabatatchi woke up, evolved, and fell asleep as soon as it did. So now I need to find a Kabutchi to marry it with to obtain a Puchiteletchi. I think a Chomametchi can also do the trick but I'm not sure that marriage is guaranteed to yield Puchiteletchi. Anyway, I don't know if I'm going to marry Pipotchi right away or if I'm going to keep it for a day. I don't know how the game selects mating partners, I think it gives the player a choice of three characters, but I don't know how frequently they change. We'll see!
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    And here's today's update: As you can see, I've added the icons, but only the food and game icon work so far. Also, shirobabytchi actually walks left and right on the screen, rising up and ducking down as the original does. I'm not sure if there's a pattern to its movements, I just made it go randomly from left to right, which admittedly gives weird results when it reaches the screen's limits. I've also added many sounds and made the existing ones more faithful to the original. I think I did a pretty good job on the happy sound effect, it's so satisfying to hear it (for me at least). I'm progressively getting rid of the text-based aspect. Now I'm mostly using just 3 keys. Since it's a command line program you have to input a button and hit enter each time, but this will stop being a problem as soon as I implement this as a Graphical Interface. I mostly did this to be completely done with the Food menu. As you can see, it's 100% complete and operational. Well, I didn't show it saying "no" when you feed it 5 times, but you know from previous entries that it does. Also, this brings this project one step closer to being a GUI, so that's cool. You might have noticed a glitch when I try to enter the food menu. I don't know why it does that and don't think it's necessary to correct this behavior at this point. In the end, I'm pretty sure it's either something very easy to correct, or it has to do with how I'm handling time, which is bound to change. Even though I said I planned to first completely finish the project and then make it into a GUI, it doesn't have to wait until that point honestly. In fact, I really want to start he GUI right now while the code is still relatively manageable because this will make it feel more like an actual program (and tamagotchi). Besides, I'm getting tired of having to hit enter every time I push a button. Doing this is really showing me how complex Tamagotchis are, even the very first P1 version! I mean, here I am with Matlab, in 2020, trying to rebuild a toy that used LR batteries and a 4-bit processor! I always thought building a Tamagotchi was a pretty straightforward task, and to some extent I still think it is, but for 1996 and very limited hardware, it's incredibly complex and really deserving of all the praise and success it got! (By the way, I like how even my incomplete, basic tamagotchi rip-off is still better than the Bunny-ROM!) Good day or night!