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    You can leave it in the name stage or crying screen forever really. On V3 and older the baby would even age still. If you left it on the naming screen for 15 days, the baby's age would be 15. Made little difference in play though as 15 basically became the "zero" and it continued to go through the life stages at a normal rate This didn't work for the V4 or higher that I recall of.
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    I’m not a big fan of Nanos but I think the ones that look interesting the most based on people’s reactions are Pac-Man and Sanrio versions. These are the only two versions I’ve seen people enjoying and talk about them ever since they were released. I think it has a lot to do with the characters and the animation for each version. Currently I’m not planning to get any Nano but if Bandai decided to do a collaboration with Disney one day and they particularly added Stitch into the game I will take it with no hesitation!
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    If you unlock the locations you will get the wallpapers which then can be found and purchased at TamaDepa. There’s also a fan made app called MyMeets where you can make your own wallpaper but I’m not exactly sure how to do that, you can look for the guides.
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    I have a few I'm curious about, such as Jordy that has 6 games, but what other Nanos seem to be the most unique or featured in your opinion? I was able to collect the Eevee gotchis when they were cheaper, yet lately I've wanted to pick up one for casual play. In general how's your Nano wishlist looking?
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    Here's hoping, since the anniversary next year feels like a good time for it. (And thankyou! ) I guess that's an advantage of the Nanos being the supplementary and simple side-releases - they can afford to be a bit more experimental with the content (though not necessarily always the actual gameplay - for example, the Pac-Man and Hello Kitty versions sound like they're just re-skins of the same thing), since they're not the front-and-centre main offerings.
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    Well, I just finished my 2nd run of my Pac Man Nano, and I've found the answer to the question I originally asked at the beginning of this thread. Just posting again here in case it helps others. From my findings, the Pac Man Nano DOES have a set lifespan of 15 days. The first time I ran the Pac Man Nano, she left on the 15 day mark exactly, and I had made 5 care misses on happiness (on purpose to try getting the Tama to depart so I can run something else) on that day. A few minutes (maybe 20 minutes) after the 5th care miss, she left and I got the Departure (Good) ending. But the time was also 1pm, which was the exact same time I had started the Tama 15 days prior. I was still wondering if it was the care misses or the 15 day mark that made her leave. I wanted to test this theory further in this run, and 2 days ago (my Tama was 13, easy to keep track of the age cause I started him up on New Year's Day) I gave him 10 care misses on happiness, and he still wouldn't depart! After that I just decided to take care of him properly again and keep his needs fulfilled for these past 2 days to test the 15 day theory. Just 30 mins ago, he started beeping for no reason, all his hearts were definitely full cause I had filled them up like an hour ago, and there he was besides Pac Man waiting for me to see his goodbye, and I got the Good Departure Ending again, and the time matches up with when I started him up again on New Year's. So, conclusion, a Pac Man Nano lives for 15 days, and we don't have to stay purposely making care mistakes to make them depart! One thing I'm not sure about is, if my care mistakes were counting. What I was doing was letting his happiness drop till he beeps for attention, as soon as he does (literally that minute, I didn't want him to end up in the Sulking stage), I play a game with him or feed him the cherries, then just wait for the heart to drop again and he'll call out again, rinse and repeat. Maybe I had to leave the heart emptier for longer for it to count as a care miss and he would have departed earlier? Anyway, no need for that, cause we don't have to force them to depart since they'll leave on their own on the 15 day mark Hope this helps someone or some others find these findings interesting!
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    How in the world have they not done a Kirby?? That's genius. It really gets me so excited and sad at the same time that it's not happened. They aren't strangers to Nintendo so we may actually see that one someday~ It would bring a huge new wave of fans from worldwide, wouldn't it? All my love for regular Tama, but I do love the idea of the franchise having another foreign market boost, if it promises new color types and nostalgic second releases. It sure seems to be the main tactic of Nanos.
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    Granted it's my only Nano so far, but my favourite one has to be the Pac-Man one - I think that it works well because it makes use of an incredibly iconic character, and includes references and nods that hardcore long-time fans and those less familiar with Pac-Man will both get. It's got a lot of personality. As for ones that don't exist, I'd love to see one based on HAL Laboratory and Nintendo's Kirby franchise (whose 30th anniversary is next year) - perhaps you could get different Copy Abilities, in place of the typical evolutions from Tamagotchi devices?
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    Yes I agree... It's so hard for me to justify buying one, unless it's very affordable or somehow desirable enough. Oh no what have you done – I'd cry for a Stitch Tama, especially if they incorporated some of his cousins into it!! That would be just amazing. Idk how exactly given that he doesn't evolve into them.
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    From 2006-2011, I ran a Tamagotchi message board called Tamagotchi Cool. We grew to a community of 1,400 members with 25-50 very active members at any given moment. While we had the classic Tamagotchi resources - shop codes, evolution charts, debugging, version release announcements, etc. - I would say most members visited Tamagotchi Cool to simply hang out with other friendly people. We held a lot of events and contests, and probably spent too much time testing how much customization Invisionfree could handle. We made plenty of memories over the years, but Tamagotchi Cool suffered when Tamagotchis themselves fell out of fashion. While we were once on the front page of Tamagotchi Topsites and featured on the official Tamagotchi website, eventually the board fell silent. We collapsed later than TamaIsland, but earlier than TamaCraze101 and TamaZone. Now, I think TamaTalk is the only active Tamagotchi message board out there, and I am pleased to see that there is still a vibrant online fanbase for this wonderful toy and franchise. A literal decade later - how time flies by! - I realized way too late that Invisionfree had died and my old love Tamagotchi Cool did not survive the migration to Tapatalk. I grieved this loss, and found myself reflecting on what a wonderful 5 years I had with Tamagotchi Cool. The people really made Tamagotchi Cool special. My members donated banners and icons, character guides, and countless hours fighting spam bots, building relationships, and advising other members on Tamagotchi and non-Tamagotchi related matters. Wherever they are in the world, and this list is not exhaustive, special shoutout to KasumiGirl and Lilytchi for their artwork, sweetrose, Chaowzee, SamJJE101, 619inurhouse for their energy, and teffygoh for sticking with me since the beginning. Tamagotchis still hold a special place in my heart - I have 11 toys in my collection and play the My Tamagotchi Forever app. I thought to myself, if any of my former members feel the same, they might still browse TamaTalk as members or guests. I am writing this to ask you: Were you a member of Tamagotchi Cool? Do you remember Tamagotchi Cool? If so, please message me. I would love to reconnect, thank you, and hear how you are doing. Were you involved with any similar Tamagotchi message board in the last decade? Please comment and share your experience. There used to be a ton of Tamagotchi message boards out there - all wonderful, passionate, unique communities. I hope they will never be forgotten.
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    I don't know, I don't have a p's. However, I did see this site where you can download the pierces' content! http://mrblinky.net/tama/vdp/index.html#vdp-plus
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    Hi guys! I’m on the 4th generation right now and my new tama baby is named Cloud!
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    Thanks, you're correct, it's 2.15pm here and the Tama has been awake since 9am and it's still pending and crying till now. As soon as I get home I'll name him and start the baby stage
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    I knew it was gonna happen soon. . . she was reacting to all my posts. . . x_X 1!!!
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    I actually haven't opened my Evatchi, since the US release is in a few months, but I think that one is really cool. For starters, I'm an Evangelion fan, and what I have seen based off pics and videos is that the animations are references from the series/movies. Those are really nice, especially because there are various animations and are pretty iconic, such as Shinji and Kaworu playing the piano. The creatures you raise are the angels, which are actually the antagonists of the series, so it gives a whole new spin to them. For a bad death screen, the Eva unit, who terminated that specific angel, will appear on the screen, and I think that's a really neat throwback to the series. I wish it could have let you raise the human cast like the demon slayer one, but it's okay since they appear in the animations. The device is just filled with references, the snack to feed are angels are watermelons, and one of the characters has a watermelon patch so I liked that. It's a must get if you are an Evangelion fan.
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    Day 15 Devilgtochi: Since last Tuesday I managed to take a good care of my Devil Mametchi. I’ve been taking care of hime since Tuesday and finally today he asked to shakehands and suddenly evolved to Kuridebitchi and fell asleep! It was VERY hard to keep the DP down for 6 days but I managed to do that and got the tama I wanted for a first time I think I did a really good job I was trying my best to capture the random angel that keeps showing up while my devil chases him but I couldn’t because it happens very quickly. Something else I was wondering about is how exactly Kuridebitchi is suppose to act? is it an angel or a devil? I guess I will find out by myself... Magical Witches - Earthlin & Baluluna : My Earthling witch evolved on Wednesday surprisingly I remember that the air witch took about 4 days to evolve to Gen 4 but the earth witch evolved quicker, in fact it took her inly one day! I’m not sure if it has to do with the witch kind or element or there might be something wrong with the evolution timing in either one of them. I tried connecting them after few days because I’m not sure why they refuse to exchange items. When I connect them I notice they both either deflect or/and cancel each other curses. One time I gave it a try and the earth witch cursed the air witch by trapping her in a bottle She finally took her revenge I guess I of course healed the air witch and made sure she turns into her normal form. I was really wondering and thinking there must be something wrong that I’m doing or not aware of! I made a research trying to understand how connecting should be.. The surprise was even the magical witches have their favorite witch to connect it with. That means each two clans/elements has to be taken into consideration before buying any witch, but I guess it’s too late now! The connection I’m referring to is based on the elements and how chemically they can mix with each other therefore will be able to exchange items, create new cures, make curses and even influence the growth of the witch. Air (Baluluna) and Fire (Enruge) are compatible with each other. Earth (Earthlin) and Water (Aquary) are compatible with each other. That means the chances of them being friends are high. In my situation I have the air and earth witches and they are clearly not happy with each other, when I found out about this information it made sense. I will keep trying to get them to connect and be friendly but that is clearly not guaranteed. The End I’m so happy with how I progressed with the devil and managed to get the evolution I wanted. I was worried about the sudden reset but thankfully that didn’t happen. I’m a bit disappointed with the late discovery I found about the magical witches connection and how does it work considering how expensive and rare they are. Hopefully I will be able to get another witch and maybe some day finish the whole collection.
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    That would explain why I seem to get Mini-like run-times from mine (which also has a similar set lifespan), regardless of the care-mistakes situation. Great research, there - thankyou!
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    Hello, and welcome to the forums! You need to be on the 3rd Generation or above for Magic Land to unlock
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    Thanks for replying ! Useful for sure For someone who's having the same issue, I've kept it without batteries for some months and somehow the screen is perfectly okay, only some very very small dots are visible. I didn't do anything to it, but keep it without using in a safe place. The screen damage was caused by falling from a pretty high desk. Screen works good and has no delay. Thanks to everyone for helping & visiting the thread If ur visiting this for help, I hope you can fix it ♡
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    There are a lot of screen protectors on Amazon Japan too so I've noticed! There are faceplate protectors out there as well if you're obsessive like me. Just be careful you're buying the correct ones if it's a M!x, Meets/On, Dream M!x, etc. I nearly made that mistake.
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    This is an extremely brief update to say that I’ve been getting back into battery glitches again lately, and there’s been some really interesting findings so far. One other user managed to find some really interesting unused functionality using battery glitches, so once a bit more research is done on it I’ll be doing a bit of a write-up about it here.
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    And they especially don't include bonus items that could potentially blind someone.
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    Why all the resetting? x_X Anyway, for rechargeables, did you try getting them online? I got mine from Amazon. I went for the white Eneloops, and they haven't given me any problems whatsoever It cost me something like 50 Euros for a pack of 8 and a charger including shipping
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    Hi I’m going to restart doing a log after not being here for a year. Anyhoo, I still have the same Tamagotchi white color on :). I’ll update later
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    its acturally really easy to patch the new flash versions to remove the timebomb i made a program to do it https://github.com/KuromeSan/FlashPatcher/releases/latest but if you dont trust me for some reason you can use your favourite hex editor on NPSWF.DLL or PepFlash.dll or Flash.OCX in C:\Windows\System32 (or SysWOW64)\Macromed\Flash, and just find and replace 000040463E6F7742 with 000000000000FF7F
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    Hello my fellow Tama carers! I started up my V4 again today, and I had left off with a wonderful Maidtchi with a baby boy next to her. I know she has to spend 2 midnights with the baby before she leaves and I could start taking care of the baby alone myself. Problem is, the 2nd midnight will be Sunday going to Monday, so Monday morning the baby will be left alone crying waiting for me to name it. I have work from the office on Monday, so I can't do the 1 hour baby stage at that time when the Tama wakes up. Will it be ok to leave it waiting to be named till I finish work, or should I quickly give it a name and Pause it? What would be the best and safest option? Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Yep, I've also got one for my ON Does anyone know if there are any faceplate protectors for older models like the V4, Music Star, etc? Would be really cool if so!
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    Very interesting indeed. WIth Edu 6 and Hunger 7 and Happiness 7 I've only ever gotten the v1.2 top right evolution on the chart. If food choice is not a factor, then it would seem that Happiness is a factor somehow even though the manual says only Edu + Hunger matters.
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    Found this interesting “Tamagotchi” Name: Connectible To Bandai Infrared Tamagotchi (ClipSparkingHeart) Type: Definitely fake. Notes: In the description it says that the manufacturer or the company that made it is called Jidan and is located in China. The device is suppose to function as a tamagotchi where you can connect with other devices and the more you connect you will be given a password to earn special gifts. The package includes: laser pen, device lanyard, battery, calculator, clock, bag, pedometer and a watch. Personal opinion: like I stated before this device is definitely a fake, if you pay attention to the top corner where it says “V4” we all know V4 has an antenna with a ball. Another thing is Bandai doesn’t give extra items with their toys usually especially the old/connection tamagotchis.
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    Okay, so we've seen the re-release of P1 and P2 Tamagotchis, the Tamagotchi mini's, Digimon, the Tamagotchi Nano's are doing well, and the On/Meets/Some are also doing good. This is purely speculation at this point, but perhaps we may see a new wave of the Angel, Forest, and Ocean? I would seriously flip my lip if that happened! And don't even get me started on the Devilgotchi, if that got re-released it would be amazing. Though that one is probably the least likely to be re-released out of the bunch. I hope that if Bandai goes down this path and Tamagotchi continues to be successful again, maybe they'll re-release the connections as well? Sigh, one can dream. What does everyone else think? Do you think a re-release of the Angel/Forest/Ocean is feasible? Would you also flip your lid? I'd love to hear everyone else's thoughts!
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    A while back I attached a my melody lollipop charm to my sweets meets in order to match the theme!
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    Hello, I'm new here at the forums but I would love some insight from anyone interested in helping out, and I hope to get more involved soon. Right now I'm looking to "complete" my current collection and it's the one I can't seem to find anywhere anymore. 😰 I realize it's asking a lot but is anyone in the community able to point me in the right direction, or is in the market to sell to another heartbroken collector? My collection will never be complete of course, but it's at the top of my current wishlist, and it would make me so happy to find one. I live in the United States which makes it a bit more difficult too. Thank you to all who read and respond! 😊
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    https://www.amazon.co.uk/TAMAGOTCHI-42878-Original-Electronic-Pet/dp/B08QVS16V8/ref=sr_1_10?crid=XRJ0TIWAPMJW&dchild=1&keywords=tamagotchi&qid=1608663324&sprefix=tamagotchi%2Caps%2C197&sr=8-10 https://www.amazon.co.uk/TAMAGOTCHI-42877-Original-Electronic-Pet/dp/B08QVQ3J7B/ref=sr_1_13?crid=XRJ0TIWAPMJW&dchild=1&keywords=tamagotchi&qid=1608663324&sprefix=tamagotchi%2Caps%2C197&sr=8-13 The situation in the UK seems to get better. The now have all the last releases, and the twitter account of Bandai reply to a fan that they are working on the release of the ON.
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    That's what they will do. The tamagotchi morino has been canceled in the us... Si I would love to see bandai rereleasing angel and ocean... And then the morino. Just to comeback really successfully, and take a revenge on the past. But has you said, that's not in their plan.
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    I dreamed about that. Said it many times here. Sadly, I doubt this will happen! (I hope to be wrong!) People that decide in big companies think they go to university for goods reasons. They just see profit, not the soul of the brand, and the desire of fans. (Tamagotchi's are too small to count.) The plan for bandai is simple, they count on the 90's revival to sell p1 and p2, and the on for everybody. The rest of the new releases are Tamagotchi, but, with a successfull license too sell them. (An other problem today...) I am still hoping...
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    By forgetting it's there because it's such a quiet and low-maintenance Tamagotchi. That's what happened to me, anyway - it was how my first run with the device, which took place after having not run anything for an extended period of time, ended. As an aside, the kill-screen death is fairly "creepy", since you find your Tamagotchi having fallen before the bugs, then they're consumed by them when you try to call Pac-Man, and then the screen goes black. It sounds like something out of an edgelord-authored creepypasta.
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    I must be crazy, but awhile back I was following a japanese twitter thread, it was super hard to read and follow but what caught my attention was it was going to be bundled with a tamagotchi. An offical tamagotchi based off the female character of the game. Long story short I lost the thread and the screenshots. Since it was all in japanese I'm not sure what game it belongs to, and to add insult to injury, the FB post I saved to it was gone too. I'm on a serious hunt for it. To clarify it wasnt demon slayer or neo evangelion series. I was sure it was granblue or a fantasy game.. anyways figured I'd try asking here since I'll be hunting to see if it still exists, and if I find it I'd love to pull yall in on the post too. EDIT: I FOUND THE LINK. it's from Fate/estella. I'll make a proper post about it soon.
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    But they're still a distraction in classrooms, which is the only concern of educators (and, as one of the posts in the linked thread said, "Copies don't sell as much as a real thing though."). This conspiracy does hinge on an ongoing 24-years-and-counting conspiracy amongst the mysterious adult world to take down Bandai and the Tamagotchi, rather than personal opinions about the death screens on competing virtual pet products, correct? So, how come the similarly-decried "fad" that was Pokemon, which had even more items banned from schools due to them being a distraction and a well-documented cause of playground and classroom fights and violence towards teachers, and which was the subject of far more criticism from educators and other community figures than Tamagotchi ever was, became the world's biggest media-franchise, which it remains to this day? Likewise, why is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (or, as it was dubbed in the UK at the time due to the 1980s UK and Europe ban on ninjas, "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles" ) still huge more than 30 years later? Superman? Batman? Rock & Roll? The Simpsons? Rap? Boy-bands? Video games? Loom bands? Fidget-spinners? Video games again? We're talking just some of the major educator/community concerns of the 1930s to the present-day, here. All still around, all doing just fine, and none of these much bigger cultural phenomena were the subject of anything like this alleged quarter-century-long conspiracy to take down the Tamagotchi, and only the Tamagotchi. Why was the Tamagotchi selectively singled out for a worldwide adult-run conspiracy, when the nurturing toy wasn't ever anywhere near as big of a concern to parents, educators, and their communities as any of these other things, which all stood accused of corrupting the youth or even encouraging violence and cruelty in their respective times? With loom bands there were even documented cases of physical injuries that were caused by the bands cutting off circulation, and at least one case of a blinding that occurred due to a band striking a child's eye when a sibling lost their grip whilst using them to make a bracelet, but I haven't heard of any adult-run conspiracy against those - apparently kids injuring wrists and hands, and being blinded, was ok by these conspirators, even though these are things that will affect future employment opportunities for the victims. I guess that they were too focussed on combatting Bandai by selectively allowing school-teachers to relax international copyright laws because one type of beeping thing is a distraction in their classrooms but another type of beeping thing isn't? The thread mentions that, though the first mention comes from a post that also uses the description "It starts out looking like a Tamagotchi Babytchi; It's worth noting that "looking like" is usually used as a synonym for "similar to". A later post, which claims that real Tamagotchi characters were copied provides no proof and is no more descriptive than the post that uses "looking like", but it does provide a frothy amount of exclamation-marks in its stead. It also bears mentioning that, because of the TamaTalk era that it's from, the thread also features generous amounts of such well-considered criticisms as "It's soooo copying!", "i hate schoolastic!!!!", "LOLZ", "Real Tamaz are wayy bata!!", "The fake tamagotchi ,copy is such a big huge fat... DUMB THING THAT I'M MAD AT!!! IT MAKES ME SICK!!! D:<", with only a couple of reasonable posts mixed in (of particular note, the ones by @Gejitchi and @Rainbow_flower, as well as @binary's sensible rule about the likely quality of books with included premiums), and very few people understanding that it's not a fake; This doesn't exactly inspire the greatest confidence in what little information is provided about the product. It is! It also very clearly says "MY PET" on it - there's nothing on it or about it that would make anyone think that it's a Tamagotchi or even a Bandai product. It certainly wouldn't trick anyone, as one post in that old thread suggested. Those calling it a "fake Tamagotchi" in that thread are just as guilty of genericising the noun as anyone who mistakenly uses "Tamagotchi" as a term to mean any kind of virtual pet, incidentally. Deliberately misusing the word to damage the brand is part of the conspiracy to take down the Tamagotchi, if my memory of other threads where it's been mentioned serves me correctly - clearly those posts are involved in trying to discredit Bandai and trick the world into forgetting what a real Tamagotchi is, so wouldn't that make your newly-added likes on those old posts an actively-contributing part of the conspiracy too, now? Not even close, on either count, I'm afraid. According to Scholastic here, schools can earn tiny commissions that are basically analogous to supermarket loyalty-card points by offering Scholastic book club sales leaflets and running Scholastic Book Fair events, and those tiny reward amounts can be saved and put towards buying more children's books for their school - they don't even get a discount on the books, nor can the commissions be used to purchase study materials. It's just a way of stretching their budget to procure more reading materials, and their company is no more associated with running a school than the British supermarket Tesco was when they were running their "Computers for Schools" voucher schemes back in the 1990s (in those, people saved up tokens from said supermarket, which were worth less than 1p each, and then contributed them to their local school en-masse, and when the schools had enough they could then exchange them for new computing equipment at a reduced cost; Tesco had no say in running their schools as a result of this). There really is no conspiracy here - as Occam's Razor tells us, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one, and the single-point "Teachers don't want distractions in their classrooms." is a far simpler explanation than the "There is an international conspiracy and collusion by adult society to encourage bootleg Tamagotchis so as to make people forget about the real ones and teachers would rather have bootlegs in their classrooms for that reason and that's why a company that sells products to schoolkids was offering a virtual pet during a 2000s comeback of the virtual pet toy-category."
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    It makes me sad that our tamagotchis can’t marry a tamagotchi of the same gender. I get why there was no same sex marriage on the older tamas, since the world was sadly much less accepting then, but now times have changed and I keep hoping that it will be introduced on the newer Japanese tamagotchis. However, it is not an option on either my M!x or Meets. Quite apart from anything else, this is disappointing as it limits the number of characters you can mix with according to your tama’s gender. I KNOW that in irl species you need a male and a female to make a baby (I’m a grown adult ), but we are talking about pixels here! Tamagotchis don’t even pretend to be modeled after real animals, like cats and dogs. They are goofy little aliens and if Bandai chose they could definitely programme in same sex marriages and breeding. Take The Sims 4, for example. You can now have two sims of the same sex have a baby together - heck, you can even have male pregnancies! And, sims are meant to be modeled after humans, for whom this most definitely isn’t possible. If Sims can do it, tamas can do it - Bandai should recognise that it’s 2018 (almost 2019)! What do you guys think? Is this a feature you’d like?
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    It's nearly impossible for me to post my entire collection at this point, so instead, I'll leave you with about 30 percent of it.
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    Pets will appear at Donuts Park- to adopt them, meet them 3 times with an adult character. Also, here's a list of the pets you can get and the times that they appear: 10 AM- 11:59 AM Doremitchi Bagubagutchi Puchiberitchi 12 PM - 2:59 PM Sopratchi Hapihapitchi 5 PM - 6:59 PM Chitchi Harapparatchi 7 PM - 9:59 PM Onsenmoguratchi Shurikentchi Rubytchi