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    The trailer is definitely lacking. The only thing we saw was taking pictures feature, which is honestly in my opinion is not impressive! Hopefully tomorrow we will have everything we need to know.
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    I hope more information is revealed such as whether the MIX feature has finally been removed or not. Lmao if this thing is like 100$ then i really dont see myself buying it. Pink is my favorite color but I can already see the blue and green ones being online exclusives/harder to obtain.
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    I know i definitely won't have the funds for the tama anytime soon, but personally I'm pretty hyped for it. being able to pet tama is so cute, im really hoping this one will be more focused on interacting with your tama (unlike the mix/meets/on which were all more focused on genetics). and i definitely feel as if the picture taking isn't gonna be as good as in the ads, i'm ready to become a 100x100 pixel jpeg though. Though hopefully more will be shown in the official announcement tomorrow!
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    The commercial (in my opinion) looks really bad. The whole concept of the device isin’t explained here and they just did a really bad job at the Pix as a whole. I can imagine the camera will be pretty dire, the the price It’s going to be at least £80. Honestly, I might pick one up if they become cheaper.
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    Update: A new trailer for the Pix is here, doesn’t really give information on the new device except that you can take pictures with it. I believe we are not meant to see the trailer yet as it was announced on Tamagotchi USA twitter page, that on 21st of this month we will have a surprise/announcement. People speculating that this might be the Tamagotchi Pix official reveal. Cant’t wait to find out more tomorrow!
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    I'm sooo disappointed... The buttons aren't real buttons that you can press, the designs are very bland and girly, it still needs batteries, the packaging is very big and will probably be very empty + It must be hard to take clear photos if you have to press a button that's 1/4 of the device itself. I'm just curious to see how the back will look like and I really hope the price won't be over 50$ otherwise I can already see it flopping. Edit: i'm quite happy with the new cooking and customizing furniture options tho
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    The marketing is stereotypically girly, but don't worry, the actual game is not. The older games had edgy boyish shells too.
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    This one time it came up as “H00 B01” and my brain was absolutely convinced it was saying “HOO, BOY”
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    Indeed this is the ROM test mode on the rerelease P1/2 models as I recall, the versions are as follows: Ver 0 - P1, Japan Ver 1 - P2, Japan Ver 3 - P1, International Ver 5 - P2, International The frequency is, I think, likely related to the frequency the Crystal oscillator is oscillating at, though don’t quote me on that. As for the other thing that appeared, that seems to be a checksum of some sort - this is the “ROM test” bit of the test mode; it’s checking the data on the ROM matches an expected checksum
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    Yeah, you can only edit for 24 hours after posting, here. If there's any sort of problem, it's fine to use the Report button on your own post to alert the Guides (the moderators), too. Since I'm here right now, what needs changing/fixing?
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    4th day 4/14 My Tama is now a Mameitchi. I also just realized we can't really edit posts after a while, which is unlike most of the boards I've been on. Oops. I made my first post with the expectation of being able to edit it. I've sent a message to the admins. Hopefully they can edit my original post. Adults don't like the freebie meal, I guess, so I bought some food. I have a ton of money from the minigame I've been playing. I think I have all the items available to me through buying.
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    This conversation has reminded me of a certain passage in the Tamagotchi (1996 Pet) page on the fandom wiki. I must be a female then. I have almost no interest in Digimon. I only seen some anime episodes when I was I kid, and I barely remember it. I only remember watching it, that's it. However, I remember going nuts over my sister's Tamagotchi, and wishing I had one. I finally got a Tamagotchi Connection V4.5 for my birthday in around 2008 or 2012. It was red, with a yellow star on it's antenna. I adored it, at least for a couple of years. I even remember using tamatown. Sadly I lost interest in tamagotchi. I think ether the screen broke and started leaking, or I forgot about about it, or both. Yes, I know, I am a horrible monster. I wish I continued to take care of it. If you are wondering, I am pretty young. I am Twenty-Five, practically born yesterday. Tamagotchi can totally be multi-generational if Bandai wanted it to be.
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    Good news TamaTalkers, well still need to be confirmed! I found this information in a tamagotchi Facebook group called “Tamagotchi Collectors” and apparently Bandai is planning to release a new western exclusive tamagotchi. The name is “Tamagotchi Pix”. They are listed in Amazon Spain, Italy and UK so far and are available for pre-orders. It is stated that it will be released on 31/8/2021. The price is roughly $100 USD / £71.76 GBP the description below was translated from Amazon Spain website: “The little animal of the 90s has evolved well. Keeping the basics of the original, the new generation tamagotchi offers more features, stories and games for fun. A color screen, a camera that connects the tamagotchi to the real world, and touch keys. All these new features for more interactions, excitement and fun. Thanks to its integrated social network, the tama social, you can visit your friends, share photos and make virtual gifts. Accompany them throughout their life by choosing the starting egg (cute, intelligent, creative). Depending on your egg and the activities you do, you will have a job as an adult that suits your life. Tamagotchi Pix available in various colors.” Here’s a picture of it: What do you guys think? Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TamagotchiCollectors/?ref=share
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    11th Day One of the Twins married a girl from Tama Party! I don't know what she was - she was some type of blue bird with a cool hair cut. They had twins, but twin GIRLS! They're named Jamtchi and Jellytchi ♀ (yeah, I know). So, I am currently trying to get them to kid stage. Can anyone tell me how to take decent pics of my Tama? My On is also set to just 12 hours ahead now, sleeping schedule is being changed around somewhat. I'll never have it as real time, however, since I am always a night owl.
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    Ahh, that would make sense! Though I’m not sure why 2 was seemingly skipped, unless they were reserving a spot for a localisation in a language they’d not done before, or something.
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    8th Day I am raising the twins! I've been sick still, so they've been left in the Tama Hotel the last three days. They're midway through their bar. I make sure to take them to the app and take care of them at night. I will admit, I was surprised when I suddenly was able to take care of two Tamas, together! I still have yet to get the Rocket from the Flower Catching game on the app; anyone got any tips for it? I can get to 850, but never higher.. I got the Limousine today, and some other items. Getting items and then downloading them to the On seems to be the easiest way to keep the Tamas happy. I just figured out how to get my Tama code, if anyone wants to add... TWC322226. AND I JUST GOT THE ROCKET! Luck, really.
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    Have you tried praising your tamagotchi each time it plays its instrument? I remember doing that recently and i passed pro debut regardless of having high stats. The music star is so difficult to enjoy lol.
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    I have played Puyo Puyo games in the past, and I own Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 but I have yet to play that
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    Ah apologies, my mistake. The numbers I put in for Ver 1 and 3 should’ve been switched
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    From my experience, the music star is just a bit buggy with that. After failing the first or 2nd attempts, I could never get that third judge to give me the OK, no matter what else I did. Did you max out your stats while your tama was still a teen, or did you do it after failing the debut as an adult? The only way I could ever get it to work was to gets my stats super high as a teen and also do a lot of band practice while still in the teen phase, basically working like crazy as a teen to ace the debut on the first try as an adult. It's been years since I've played the music star so I'm not entirely sure on the specifics, but I ran into that issue a lot too so I feel your pain
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    Happens to me all the time, no sweat.
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    Well I’m a guy and I enjoy tamagotchi’s. Like what @Penguin-keeper and @Joc said, it’s really up to you when it comes to the gameplay.
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    It honestly is a really awesome feature and would have been cool to have enabled in all of them, but i can understand the reasoning for the devs removing it. Is there any way to enable it on a north american tama? I have 2 jumpers, JP1 and JP2. JP3 is debug. On the LCD size my test bench tama has c7-c10 and r3,r4 points which all seem to have small resistors on em
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    Thank you, I sent you a PM with the information. 4th day 4/14 My Mametchi is hard to please; he loses happiness fast. I did a lot in the app last night as I finally had access to Tama Party. I had the bar full before I went to bed, and when I played with him again right when he woke up, he lost about 25% of his bar. 🤷‍♀️
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    Hi Penguin-keeper! Thanks for responding. Your explanation is very interesting. I will definitely check out that thread about rom testing and do some research. If you could please try this out and post some pictures that would be great. Thanks. (By the way I used a Gen.2 reissue for this not an original)
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    They're not appealing to a fair few of us girls, either. There are a few designs that don't seem quite as in-your-face with it (though I think all of them have glitter), but they're unhelpfully few and far between thanks to the "for girls" and "for boys" labels that have become increasingly dominant in the toy industry; In this case, the colour-model Tamagotchi shell designs would appear to be limited because supposedly "nurturing is for girls" or something like that, even though in times gone by the neutral approach made the brand a household name globally. I said in another thread about this same topic, where the question was simply whether the product is "for girls" or "for boys", that it's up to the individual what they like rather than what someone else says they can have (I grew up with an interest in computing and video games, so I had to deal with a lot of that nonsense as a youngster!), but even with that said I would definitely like to see more cosmetic variety, because the lack of it is obviously narrowing the market for these devices when that needn't happen. They get it absolutely right with the monochrome releases (as demonstrated over the last few years with the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini, the still-ongoing remakes of the 1996/1997 devices, and most of the current character-themed Tamagotchi Nano offerings), so I don't get why the far-more-expensive colour models don't get the same treatment.
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    Freakin' awesome! I think that preservation like this is super-important, so I wish you the best of luck. This is probably an advantage of Bandai's lateral use of well-established "old" technologies right from the very start of the Tamagotchi line - I'm going to hazard a guess that, at least with the Connection line and below, the parts are mostly going to be well-understood ones, since that was how they were able to make a good-quality product to such a low cost.
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    3rd day, 4/13 I ended up grinding a bunch on the app last night, and bought the rest of the items I could and some accessories. When I woke up, my Hoshipontchi was now a Hanbunkotchi. His bar dropped a little, to 40%ish.
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    That totally looks like a debug feature but who knows? Ive personally never came across that before, at least not as obvious as this lol. Maybe its because my tamas are all USA? Im in Canada so Id assume north american devices up here. I have been looking into trying to bust into the ROM but that is much over my head. However, I have lots of free time now and nothing better to do I've examined the ROM chip and found some info on it My tama currently on the operating table has an ISSI rom in it, which is pretty well documented. Ive never done anything like this before and am working slow but hoping to get some others together and make the magic happen lol Issi 607 408-a 20 6C 40BA-26
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    There was no packing, just a floppy with a bar-code on it and had said "The Official Computer-ized Tamagotchi, Developed by SGA in collaboration with BanDai"
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    (Note the footage that you will see is running under the lovely OTVDM project because my win98 laptop is pretty slow) So, what happens when you take a windows 3.1 computer, fiddle around with visual basic to make a virtual pet and license it to Bandai, you get WinTama! A slow, kinda crummy version of the og tamas. Start it up for the first time and you get this Just enter your tamas name and then you get a small window As it says just click to hatch, no wait time! Now we have our pet, looks like a pretty Windows 3.1-ish og tama with all the icons lit up. If you played with a first gen tama, the icons will make sense Clicking the lightbulb blanks the screen and closes out the program (I did not get a picture but) Clicking the food icon will show some bread, and will feed your tama Clicking the play icon just shows hearts, no minigame (sometimes it wont go back to the tama, causing me to exit and reopen) Info has your info, pretty simple (And there is scold and the peanut, but they dont do anything special as this version is ment to run on less powerful machines, and attention and schedules take up a lot of CPU cycles) And I have to say that this version will die very easy on day 1, had to do about 3-4 runs to get a perfect run, and did I mention that 1 hour = 1 year So my thoughts on WinTama, its ok, did have some fun with it, bugs and crashes are everywhere and sometimes the tama dies on first hatch. It would have been fun back in the 90s but for now, its better left unsung.
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    This is an interesting oddity - thanks for the write-up and all of the screenshots! I don't see any of the footage that was mentioned, though... Will that be added later? However, are you sure that this is actually an official release? Windows 3.1 was long retired by the time the Tamagotchi came to the West, the known official 1997 Tamagotchi CD-ROM release for Windows 95 is very different to this, and this program bears a strong resemblance to a fan-game listed on this old fan-site as "Tamago" by "SGA". I'd love to see the packaging and accompanying materials for this one!
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    @PadmeLewisiana - There's no need to feel stupid at all - it happens to the best of us!
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    Thank you very much for the responses. I felt so stupid, but I'm happy now that I know I didn't kill my blob but That it was the battery 😁. Now I'm going on battery hunt 😁
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    Batteries have an expiry-date, and the demonstration batteries that are installed at the factory are often not the strongest ones available - this is why this can happen even with a brand-new device that you just got out of the box.
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    This week has been pretty slow for Kitty, but she turned 9 this morning and changed appearance, which means she'll turn 10 tomorrow and change again! I'm kind of hoping for something other than jasper, at least in the beginning, since my previous panda had that appearance 3 out of her 5 changes. Fingers crossed! 🙂 Something interesting happened yesterday though, we had two weather interactions in one day! However, they were sunny and windy, ones that we've already had before, so we're still waiting for rain... pictures of these are above, so I won't be including them here. I've also been having Kitty read/do other learning activities, and exercising a lot of the times when she beeps for attention, or right before/after she's fed. I must've been giving her the right attention or just plenty of attention at some point the other day, because she went quite a while without beeping! Of course she just now beeped as I'm typing this. 😝 I also realized that I haven't posted pictures of her exercises yet, so they'll be below. She can also fail, which I've only had happen once so far, I'm guessing because her hunger hearts were getting low. I'll have to get pictures of those for a future post. I'm also including pictures of her getting angry in her 5-9 age range, lol. Something that I've noticed is that she seems to stop having the upset reaction once she reaches 9, I just played a game with her to see what would happen if she lost, she did lose, and just went back to wandering around instead of crying. Something else I've been trying with Kitty is having her avoid tv now that she's through that annoying age range. I'm hoping maybe if I do, she'll actually let me wash her face and bathe her, but she still hasn't been, which is a little frustrating. I still prefer to keep her at home when I'm out, so I make sure she's fed and happy before I do leave for a bit. It's been working pretty well so far, haha. Here are some pictures from the week of her getting upset in her previous stage, exercising (weight lifting, golf, swimming), and what she currently looks like at age 9.
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    Lol seriously? It is a new one. Thank you
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    This means you need to replace the batteries.
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    The viruses from Dr. Mario are here to ruin everyone's day! Including mine, because they're stealing my notebook.
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    Quick update: I've started re-coding the app in Python. I know most users would not want to install Matlab's MCR to play the game.
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    Nope. It's actually a toy from the Precure series. The integrated camera is something that's been cropping up in a lot of non-Tamagotchi type color screen toy for a few years now, so it isn't too surprising to see it being implemented... but the quality of camera is always lacking (it's a toy afterall...) and there's never been a way to export photos. It would interest me if Bandai have decided to make a pet that integrates with social media so you could share your pictures. That would be interesting, but I don't know how much my other adult age friends want to see that. If we could somehow export them to share on forums, etc, that might be fun... but I'm honestly keeping my expectations low.
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    oh absolutely. i am... very tired of mixing my tamagotchis aah.. i mean its CUTE but. i miss being able to tell how well i did like with my connections yknow?
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    I wonder if the Pix will have the gene mixing feature. I have heard people say that it probably won't based on the fact that the leaked images show only 'regular' tamagotchis, but on the other hand I feel like 'Pix' could be a play on 'pics' (pictures) and 'mix'. What does everyone think?
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    I wonder if it's a camera button? That would be odd considering the lack of the traditional A, B, and C trio, though... One thing's for sure, with the touch-panel instead of buttons, they won't be able to have any button-mashing games like the Meets has! I just hope that they don't mispronounce Tamagotchi as "Tamma-go-chee", like they did in all of the Tamagotchi On ads. I'm really sorry about that! I didn't have the time to come here until quite late, yesterday!
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    That's a very apt description of the font. I forget to mention that I don't like it either since instead of complementing the sleek, modern look, it just looks lazy. Lazy, of course, seems so much more bootleg. I just checked the font style on my V3 and it was drawn in a scratchy style while the On uses a cursive font. In contrast, the Gudetama nano's font is allot more simplistic but even it has more variety than the Pix as it varies letter size and is very rounded. The 4U's is all uppercase, the Plus Colour is bold and cartoonish, the Dream Town is pseudo-cursive, and the P2 is scratchy and varies. In comparing the Pix to past models, it's font choice seems even more lazy. Typography is a pretty interesting artistic area so the fact they went with such a simple font seems underdeveloped and disappointing (I also didn't realize until I did this how the font style is a charming little detail). It is worth noting that some of the Japanese models don't even bother with adding a name while it's a standard practice for English releases. Your comment about the camera made me realize that the pictures of children used on top of the Pix's screens are supposed to indicate the camera quality. Thus - unless this is false advertising - the pictures will only fit the screen size. Of course, the promotional photos really tell us nothing about the camera qualitity because they are totally photoshopped. Chances as are that unless people have a studio, the pictures are going to turn out all sludgy since indoor lighting stinks. I wonder if the camera feature is going to kick out another feature from the menu. Or, like the screen capture photo feature on the actual Meets and On, if it will be tucked into a menu. If the Pix's top half isn't removable, it might attract grime like crazy. A colour Tamagotchi without minigames would be terrible. If they really wanted to make a cheap colour, they could just go back to the Dream Town's attraction-style locations and changing resturant menu. Until we get to see a video ad or more promos, it's hard to tell how much they are altering the concept. I never thought of the maintance problems with the design. With a reguar tama, it can be just opened up and the button contacts cleaned. This one might not have the option but perhaps the touch screen wont become unresponsiveness (the only faulty touchscreen I experienced was with a bootleg DS Lite, which was faulty from the start).
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    I have... many thoughts about this - I remember the leak and already feeling wary of the shell design, and even now the Pix gives me a really cheap vibe? I agree with the bootleg vibes some of you are getting. I'm not sure why, pessimism aside about original western Tamagotchi releases. At least it's in colour this time! Yay. I do actually like the designs of the faceplates, except for the separated crack segment up the top with the google docs-looking 'tamagotchi' font. It would be a good place for the camera though - now that I think about it, how will this device even be able to process a camera considering how small it is?? I mean, small-sized digital cameras for kids have been around since the early 2000's (the 90's if you count the legendary Gameboy Camera!), but still. The packaging + its mix of Connection-era and Modern-era artwork, even though its the same art style, kills me inside - but that's only because I fret about these kinds of aesthetic continuities, oops. I feel the same! I really don't care for social media... but thinking about it, the picture part is cute for novelty's sake. This is the closest I can get to my virtual 32x32 sprite sheet, leave me alone. I also like how jobs are implied to be returning - that was one of my favourite features on the V4, which is my favourite Tamagotchi! (hopefully the minigame aspect will be there, as opposed to the rational choice of having a cute animation and a photo-op). Choosing from an egg reminds me of the Friends, down to the number you can choose as well. Interesting... I'm not sure about the lack of buttons but hey, at least I won't have to worry about them refusing to respond (unless the touchpad stops responding... oh no). A part of me is excited, but a part of me also feels like this could possibly be a very watered-down Tamagotchi... toy, if that makes sense. I'm sure this is all irrational, new releases always get me feeling this way. Hopefully I'll be able to get excited about this as well in due time! I still think the most exciting part is how it's a western-exclusive colour Tamagotchi - hey, if it's cheap, maybe I'll be able to pick it up as opposed to having to import the ON! Then again... I'll probably have to import this version too. XD Time to wait and see!
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    I wonder if the camera is actually underneath the top cover. Although, the only versions that had removable tops were the Osutchi and Mesutchi and they bothered to add a metal rings connected by the key chain loop to prevent the top from getting lost. Maybe it's just ornamental then. Because the buttons are probably a touch screen, I wonder if the whole display can turn into a camera screen. While the shell design is very eye-catching and follows the egg motif, I'm with iTamannadi that the faceplates are uggo. The ombré and the generic shapes make it look like a knockoff since knockoffs are known to reuse or imitate existing elements. PurplePyonkotchi00!'s topic has pictures of the other shells: Only the purple one is decent to me - although it still looks very lacking. I think the coloured shapes with a white line going through them are supposed to be metallic, so that does make the design a little better but still doesn't remove the "homemade in a bad way" vibe. I feel it really doesn't stand up to the designs of past devices, even including the Plus Colour which just left the faceplate section white. I sure hope it's not that extensive since I, too, am not a fan of social media - heck, I have a Tumblr and an Instagram account just to stalk people browse. I also don't really have an compatible phone available. Judging by the standard characters on the package and this description, it sounds like they're nixing the gene-mixing and partially taking up the job system again.
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    It's nice to see a new Western-exclusive colour version (that's a first!), and even nicer to see that the UK will get this one, since we didn't get the Tamagotchi On. However, this one's not aimed at people like me, I suspect - I have no interest in social-media, and the description makes it sound like something of that nature will be a key component of the device (unlike the Tamagotchi Meets/On, where the app was an optional outside extra). It also seems odd to me that it doesn't have actual buttons. On the plus side, I really like the shells for these - they look very 1990s-influenced, both in terms of the plastics and the designs on the faceplates. I think that the blue one is more visually-interesting than the pink, though. Also: Calling @Naze77 and @hwd45, who were trying to get to the bottom of the regulatory filings about this one in another thread.
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    So...Some of you asked me what is going to happen to the https://alexgtama.tk and http://famita.ml TamaTown sites after Flash Player reaches its End of Life (December 31st 2020). @SilicaAndPina and I have decided that the sites will NOT be discontinued and instead they will run on the standalone version of Adobe Flash Player (Adobe Flash Projector). As some of you already know, there is a project being developed to put Adobe Flash Player back on the internet (http://ruffle.rs). So, because it is under active development and its not stable, we have decided that we should wait for a stable version to be released and then implement on our sites (although @SilicaAndPina has already implemented it separately on the V5 TamaTown just for the sake of it). Further instructions regarding the use of Flash Player Projector will be provided at the end of December. We will not allow TamaTown to die so easily. We have done so for years and we will continue! We are as excited as you are! See you soon! Stay safe!