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    I really love the way my Tama evolved! It inspired me to draw a piece with them and their dog(?), Frost.
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    some nyatchi art i drew a while ago that i wanted to share!
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    An avatar I made of Moriritchi!
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    My twins went to magic land with their friend. ❤️
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    If Tamagotchi returns to America once again, this is how it should be done!
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    Made on MS Paint, freehand with the mouse using the 1px pencil tool. Made transparent background with Gimp.
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    Finished humanized Makiko from the livestream today! (12/20/13) I would have uploaded it to the "Tamagotchis" category, but it was full, so it's going in the "Cool Avatars" category because I think I'm gonna use it as my avatar. If you want to use it for something, please ask me first and give me credit! The stream was so much fun, and I'll do another one sometime soon! Thank you to everyone who came!
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    I'm VERY proud of this drawing of Pikachu I did a little while ago! DeviantArt Link: HERE
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    Looks like Kuchipatchi is hungry!
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    excuse the image coming through on the back > get ipod > put all songs on shuffle > get pencil and eraser > result. if you can't read the sea dweller joke here it is eridan: hey fef wwhat do you call dr wwatson wwhen hes not wwith sherlock holmes feferi: W)(at? eridan: holmesless eri+fef: hahahaha

    © me, vancouver, canada, north america, northern hemisphere, the earth, the milky way, the universe, etc

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    drawing of mimitchi
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    drawing of mametchi
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    just some fanart i made of mametchi and kuchipatchi
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    Autumn with gudetama.
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    Loved this little autumn scene. 🍂🍁
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    just find this pict on website, so creative ! 😂

    © https://mojok.co/mfa/ulasan/konter/tamagotchi/

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    I think this actually came out pretty good. Let me know what you think!
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    Doodle from a while ago
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    This took about less than an hour to make, and I'm finally done!
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    Some random Tamagotchi characters I decided to ink in. I might color them eventually.
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    Page 105 from the BFG. By Roald Dahl.

    © Pic taken by Yumecantchi000

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    I decided to upload this sprite-art I'd done of Meloditchi Because everyone likes Meloditchi Everyone loves Meloditchi Meloditchi Meloditchi

    © Not my character, made by Bandai

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    I managed to get my scanner to work so this time I didn't have to take a picture of a picture! For those who don't get it, allow me to explain, though it'll contain minor spoilers. Mallow is a character from the SNES game Super Mario RPG. Separated from his parents as a baby, he was raised by frogs and so grew up believing he was a frog. Eventually he learns he's not really a frog (which is pretty obvious since he looks nothing like one, he can't jump for beans, and he's able to control the weather) and he travels alongside Mario to find his real parents. Since Mallow once believed he was a frog I figured why not stick him in the old Frog Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3? I was actually surprised to see no one had done this before.

    © Mallow belongs to Nintendo and Square-Enix. The Frog Suit belongs to Nintendo.

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    Crepetchi wants to eat one of the strawberries on her head, so she's using Ichigotchi as a replacement.
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    I am greatly upset, and I really didn't want him to come out that way...I hope he rests in peace, and...I love him very much. We all love you, Rayman.
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    I drew this picture for tama town and it has a back ground!

    © me

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    It wont let me upload this to the tama gallery so it can live here. I'm addicted. (Also always looking for an excuse to break out the fake nails. As my job is 90% typing I cant wear my nails to work. ;A;)
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    Dedicated to TamaStar133 and any other Aikatsu fans
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    For tamastar123 I do no like how this picture turned out but I hope you like it still
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    The detail and the way it looks...it just brings tears of joy to my eyes...great job, Puffy Snivy! You made it very well!
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    Well, I'll be! Rayman's such a sweet little baby...

    © Rayman and all other characters belong to Ubisoft.

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    I tried my best on the Baby Zafara, and this is how it is.
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    It's supposed to dance but I don't know if it will work...
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    Cute animated Kuishinbotchi!
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