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    Hi guys! I just thought of a way to make the Tamagotchi GB game more interesting and more like having an actual Tamagotchi. Just thought I'd share it somewhere. The problem with the GB version is that time flies by too quicly compared to a real tamagotchi, but too slowly so that you get bored staring at the screen doing nothing. One argument I've often heard/read (and I thought so myself too) was that no one will leave their Game Boy on 24/7 just to simulate a real tamagotchi. Well, yesterday I decided to give it a try. I downloaded an emulator on an old phone I had and decided to leave it on, turning the phone to a tamagotchi. I quickly realised that even doing that would be annoying, because the tamagotchi will annoy you for about an hour, calling you every 5 to 10 minutes, and then he'll fall asleep and you won't hear from it for about an hour. So even playing the game that way is kind of annoying. That's when I realised that you didn't *have* to leave the Game Boy on all the time. Since time goes by faster in the game than in real life (I've timed it, a real-life hour is equal to about 3 minutes in the game), then just turn the game on for one in-game hour every hour. A lot of players have invented new games based on old video games by inventing new rules to follow (e.g. the "Beat Zelda without the sword challenge"). Well, here is a game that definitely needs similar measures! So here are the rules I've invented for myself: 1/ Do not let the in-game clock pass the current hour in real-life (you should take note of the date you started your tamagotchi, the number of days printed on screen should match the number of days since you've hatched the egg). 2/ If for some reason you couldn't turn on the game for many hours, you should turn it on and let it sit until the in-game clock catches up. During this time you can forbid yourself to take care of the tamagotchi (to make it more like an actual tamagotchi that you can forget). That's all! I think the game becomes much more interesting by playing it this way, let me know what you think!
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    13/9/20 -Update So quite a lot has happened. Ollie is now an Adult! Not only that but through the personality stage, he has turned into a Mamelabitchi! I am sooooo happy because that's what I wanted to get. When you talk to him his eyes sparkle and look like an anime character. I think that is sooo funny. Along with that, Ollie has completed every skill you can earn in school! I'm not sure how much longer I will keep him, I'm basically just waiting until he can get married. I hope for him to marry Memetchi (who is my fav character), and to have a little girl.
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    Felt kinda weird liking the above two comments. Anyway, I'm glad the mystery is solved and yeah, from my experience with the Tamagotchi Gameboy, weight seemed to be really important so I'm not surprised snacks have a higher penalty. I haven't run it that much - since it's not a background device - but it seemed allot more stricter than a regular tama, although time can be slowed down if needed. I still wonder why on earth they didn't fix the math minigame with its terrible controls. Perhaps you're only supposed to direct the tama when it is moving near a card instead of when the next round has started, but I never had the instructions and the in-game ones are unhelpfully hilarious. More like a sign of when someone has way too much time on his hands (likely a him). I'm okay with black humor but I draw the line at death and corrupting innocence (in regards to harming children's toys and the like). On a lighter note, I find it rather amusing that since me and Joc bantered so much on weight this topic has practically turn into that. And the original poster hasn't said anything yet XD
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    Unfortunately, my Japanese ability is nearly non-existent, so I can't provide a translation of the scene on the packaging, but the original Tamagotchi lore can be explained by way of these two Tamagotchi Wiki entries; https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Professor_Banzo https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Mikachu Basically, the Tamagotchis are tiny aliens who visit other planets seemingly so as to learn more about them, and they were discovered by Professor Banzo and his assistant Mikachu after a UFO carrying some of the aliens crash-landed in the Sumida River in Tokyo. The creatures couldn't survive in Earth's atmosphere, so the professor created a device that could house them so that a human could care for them; The device resembled an egg and also had a clock function, so it was dubbed the "Tamagotchi House", where "Tamago" comes from the Japanese word for "egg", and "gotch" comes from the English loanword "watch" (the "i" part is silent in Japan). This led to the entire species being named "Tamagotchi", and the original premise of the toy is that you're raising these alien creatures who otherwise can't survive on Earth. Later generatons of the toys feature the Tamagotchis visiting various locations, and from what I can tell the premise shifted slightly over time, so that you're no longer raising the creature directly within your device, but are instead using it to communicate with a creature who lives on Tamagotchi Planet. (This is further suggested by Tamagotchi: The Movie, where the device belonging to the main human character, Tanpopo, ceases to operate when she ends up on Tamagotchi Planet herself.)
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    Tamagotchi Boom: Rise of Lyrictchi They’re aliens. New characters should be less humanoid, not more humanoid. It’s been too long since they’ve introduced a proper non-humanoid adult like Zuccitchi.
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    Oh boy, do I have a strange story for TamaTalk for once. It centers on this: While I was connecting Sotilde, my Hanerutchi, to my Akai using the same-version connection, suddenly this weird flashing image pops up before the usual connection seeking animation. It flashed between black and white or negative colours and positive colours. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a positive coloured image but I can tell you it looked like a weird Kusatchi creature leaning out of its pot and crying, or possibly just being super anxious. After the flashing was over, it then transitioned to a screen displaying an empty meter at the top with a timer counting down from 9 seconds. It turned out I had to mash the A button in order to fill up the meter before the time ran out. The B button would make a noise but wouldn't fill up the meter and I didn't get to try the C button. Of course, button mashing is hard enough and I failed the first time and was then abruptly transitioned to the usual connection seeking screen. I exited out of the connection but was still in the connection menu so I selected same version connection again. The game reappeared! I tried my best to fill up the meter now that I had effectively unlimited retries unless I exited the menu altogether, as I did later. My button mashing skills were not good enough and at best I was two blocks away from completion. I was also getting nervous about harming Sotilde's device, considering she is a long-living oldie being 3 human years old. That's why I wouldn't have given her to my brother who's got excellent button mashing skills 'cause he'd probably total her. Now this isn't the first time this event has happened. I know for certain it happened twice on my Akai while I was unfortunately completely flabbergasted and unable to get any pictures because it ended so fast. The first time it happened, I thought I was hallucinating because such a weird, unexplained things started happening to my Tamagotchi for a few, brief confusing seconds and then it was just gone. And of course, the whole line of Japanese at the top made me even more confused. I tried rendering it in romaji using my Japanese connection chart but it looks like some of the characters are either truncated or completely unique. It would have helped if I got the normal picture of it but I can't so I'll have to wait for my next opportunity. I have a feeling this minigame might not be as uncommon as it appeared since I don't do that many connections to begin with, and most people probably don't. I wonder if this minigame actually requires prior connections or if it might be some special Easter egg intended to be stumbled upon by a bored kid messing around with the connection feature even though they didn't have another tama. Does anybody have any info on this?
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    Yep, this is quality content, and that's exactly what I like to see around here.
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    I'm a big fan of Tamagotchi GB, myself, and I personally feel that this is one of its greatest strengths - it's a more time-respectful implementation of the concept. I haven't had the time to run a conventional virtual pet lately, but have been playing the Game Boy game, with its Ocarina of Time-style accelerated timeframe, when I've had the chance, and it's been great. That said, this is a super-interesting idea, and I'll be very interested to see how you and others get on with running the game this way. I don't think that anything necessarily needs changing, but it's certainly great to have a solid ruleset in place for it! I think that the Game Boy game is a Tamagotchi release that deserves more notice and coverage within the community, and anything that gets people to give it a look is a big plus, so kudos to you for that! After all, it was the game that debuted a lot of features that would become commonplace later, and it's also the main ancestor of the modern-day colour devices. Incidentally, there is another solution, if your Japanese knowledge is good enough for it: At least one of the game's two Japan-only sequels did run in real-time, thanks to having a battery-backed real-time clock that's installed in the cartridge. Because of this, it would keep going even when the cartridge was out of the Game Boy - and if memory serves, one of the sequels' cartridges also has an LED that will flash to alert the user to in-game calls, as well, again even when it's out of the Game Boy. The sequels have even less recognition in the virtual pets community, so I'd love to know if anyone looks into this more. I've tried, but my Japanese is almost non-existent, and I don't like the idea of trying to navigate hidden meters and obscure almost-hidden mechanics in a language that I barely know - that's already tricky enough with the first game's iffy English translation!
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    *deep breath* Marumimitchi, Kusatchi, Mametchi and many more.
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    cool! Thanks for letting me know. Do you just edit it.
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    😋 @Tamacass Ty!!!! that is a big help @Tacoburritotchi thx! I did try and it's hard to translate the Japanese characters to English.
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    Colour Tamagotchis are a bit weird to get used to, especially in Japanese! There's a ton of guides on the internet that can help you, ones I've used myself - click on the underlined titles and they'll take you to the website listed: VPets - This 4U guide has every option fully translated and listed out for you! It's super easy to match the Japanese to the ones written, so don't worry if you get lost in the options. Fuzzy-n-Chic - This guide has things such as icon translations, growth charts (so you can get Mametchi without accidentally getting a different character!), and even other guides for things you may not understand straight away on the 4U - there's much more to it than meets the eye, even I get confused when coming back to this version! Here's the Tamagotchi Wikia page for the 4U if you want more details on the device itself - it shares a few facts with the other websites listed above, but I always find it helpful if I don't want to read through the more complex guides listed above. Hope these links help you out!
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    If you have a rereleased/replica gen 2 and you fed Pete some snacks, that may account for his premature death - since you were taking exceptionally good care of him. Apparently the rereleases are sensitive toward that as opposed to the originals. If that's what happened to you then it seems that even dropping the weight doesn't resolve it.
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    A Nintendo franchise. If you have a Switch or 3DS you can buy it from the eShop for cheap. Since Nintendo popularized these puzzles, the name is often used for similar/identical puzzles like this device, but the actual generic term is nonogram puzzle. You can buy books with paper versions of these as well.
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    The Tamagotchi Digital Pocket Background information What is it? During the peak of Vintage Tamagotchi in Japan - Bandai capitalised on the Virtual Pet toy's popularity by making a variety of spin-off LCD games. This device - the Tamagotchi Digital Pocket, is one of them. I estimate that it was released in 1997/98 as supported by the copyright information on the back of the device - and the fact it contains P2 assets. It's unknown how popular these devices were - however they have become incredibly obscure. Gameplay Starting up a game. On starting up the device - you'll be greeted with an image of the P1 Egg. Pressing the B button will allow you to change between the default egg (P1), the P2 Black Egg, or Obaketchi - as of this moment in time I believe that these are different puzzle sets a player can pick between. On pressing the A button the User will be able to select between two difficulties - 'Hard' and 'Easy' - the major difference between the two is the playable time limit. Hard mode gives the player 25 minutes to complete a Picross puzzle, where as Easy gives the user 45 minutes. After this the user is given two options - 'Play'; which starts the puzzle without additional hints, leaving the player to solve the puzzle themselves, or 'Hint'; which draws two lines, one vertical, one horizontal to give the user a bit of a head-start. The Gameplay The Gameplay itself is your standard Picross fare. The numbers on the top-row of the display represent how many blocks you have to fill in horizontally, while the numbers on the side represent vertical. The goal is to use these numbers to correctly fill in a sprite. When the player makes a mistake - time is deducted from them. So far from my tests these seem to mostly be Tamagotchi P1 and P2 sprites - I'll be keeping an Imgur album of completed puzzles when they are done. Pausing The pause button is the bottom 'option' button - this will take you to a screen with a question-mark. Up and down on the D-Pad will allow you to change the device's contrast - left and right will allow you to select between 'Play', 'Sound' and 'Give-up' and selected with the A button. On Puzzle Completion The device will play an animation from the item you have completed - in the case of an Egg, it will play a breaking animation. After this you will unlock new puzzles to complete, confirming my suspicion that the different eggs were in fact different puzzle sets. To avoid spoilers the device shows a babytchi doing various little animations ripped from the Tamagotchi P1 device. Pressing the 'A' button will take you to the next puzzle. Questions about the device are welcome!
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    Newly-customised spare Game Boy Colour = new playthrough of Kirby's Dream Land. And lots of other things, for that matter.
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    Hey there, i'm really curious about this scene at my Tamagotchi package. Could someone please xplain me what's happening there? Why there are some dudes drilling the earth and some others are in burning lava; what about the UFO? Google translate won't work with that layout, just some small pieces of text can be translated and makes no sense...
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    Hello everyone, my Tama just evolved and I am sooooooo in love with him, he's just sooooooooo cute!!! xD Just thought I'd post some pics Just look at that adorable smile! xD (he's actually pink not white btw, sorry for my phone camera's poor quality) I know that the wings are from Flower Fleur, and the cake thing on his head from Decoratchi. Anyone have any idea about the body? His favourite toy is the Oven (which makes it even cuter that he falls off the bread cause the birds eat it, he still can't fly although he has wings! xD). I have yet to find his favourite food.
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    I'll probably put it in my September monthly tasks in my bullet journal then :^) Y'know, alongside the bits and bobs I should probably be doing during the month. I'll probably borrow some of the formatting from your generic fakes database with some little extra touches like grouping things by subject (like toys, clothing, housewares, etc.). I've actually got quite a few things that fit in there like my ID/IDL era puffy stickers, my vintage band aid case, and the Tamagotchi Party On game (which is terrible by the way; don't buy it). I also saw someone selling a whole slew of vintage era toothbrushes so there, why not tell the world those existed XD
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    Today is my cat's seventeenth birthday! Happy birthday, Snowball! 😸
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    Welcome to Tamatalk! I've been collecting Tamagotchis for a few years now, so I've got a modest amount haha! What kind of tama do you have?
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    I used a reverse image search on google to find out that it is the Tamagotchi Pikalot, based on the fuller title given by another ebay listing. Here's a brief video overview! It's basically a gaming device that offer three basic games: whack-a-mole, slots, and rock-paper-scissors. Bandai's made a whole bunch of spinoff products throughout the various Tamagotchi eras so this kind of device isn't that unusual.
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    It could still potentially be a programming oversight that got carried over, though!
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    I'd like to add: Why would animal-like aliens be expected to have human-like proportions? And why should long-established adult-evolution characters from a whimsical fictional race be redesigned to resemble younger members of an entirely different real-world species?
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    Back in the 1990s, I collected LCD game-watches and character-themed digital watches, and I always dreamed of buying a watch-format Tamagotchi to go with them. Though other competing brands offered watch virtual pets, Bandai did not - they only licensed out the Tamagotchi livery for use on themed versions of standard analogue and digital watches. So, 23 years later, I've decided to make my own; Presenting the "Tamawatchi"! Though the name "Tamawatchi" was officially used for a line of Tamagotchi-themed non-virtual pet watches in, I believe, the Connection era, back in 1997 I always imagined it as the name that they would use for a watch version of the iconic virtual pet. Since this was based on an imagined product from my childhood, I specifically wanted a very 1990s look for this project, so that it would fit in with the watches that I have from that era. So, I purchased the newly-released bright-green Neon Tamagotchi Original Gen 1 and a dark-green fabric watch-strap on Amazon UK, since the two combined gave me exactly the look that I wanted. As with my "Tamagotchi Pinny" custom project, I attached brooch-bars to the back of the device using Gorilla Super Glue. Since I've got past experience now, the back of this one looks a lot tidier - not that it matters too much, since it won't be seen when it's in use. I used three brooch-bars so as to evenly distribute the weight of the device when it's attached to its strap (two are on the battery-door, and one is at the top of the device itself), although unlike the Tamagotchi Pinny, the Tamawatchi is a bit too heavy to wear as a pin. Also, unfortunately, for this project, I had to remove the iconic ball-chain, because on a watch it would just get in the way! There are better ways of making a Tamagotchi into a watch, but since I handle my things carefully, this quick-and-easy method will hold up just fine for my use-case. Here's the Tamawatchi with a 1990s Tamagotchi Fantasy Dome bubble-watch. The Tamawatchi doesn't look especially out-of-place, which I'm happy about. If Bandai ever makes an official watch-format Tamagotchi, I'll be right there pre-ordering one at the earliest opportunity, but for now, at least I finally have some semblance of the "Tamawatchi" that I always wanted to own.
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    I would recommend the Tamagotchi On/Meets (since it's the current model, which, as @321Boom notes, has an active community), or the Tamagotchi Original (since it's a remake of the very first versions, making it the quintessential Tamagotchi experience). If you're just getting into the hobby, I would avoid fakes at all costs. You may find that, when you've got more knowledge about and experience with these devices, you might want to add something bizarre to your collection, or you might not; Either way, I wouldn't recommend that approach to a beginner.
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    Quick update! So I've been playing the game(s) this way for almost 48h now and so far I can say that the Tamagotchis I'm raising feel more "real" to me because they don't only exist for a short, abridged play session. Since I'm forcing the in-game time to advance at the same pace as in real life, I'm thinking about my tamagotchis for a longer period of time, thinking about how they'll evolve, how long they'll live etc. The in-game limitations also feel more real to me, for instance when the game says I have to wait tomorrow for a new tournament, I actually think about my own tomorrow and don't just interpret that as meaning "just wait a while". I've also added a new rule for myself: 3/ If you're playing the game at e.g. 9:58, and the in-game clock shows 9:00, and the (real-life) 10:00 mark comes to pass, you have to wait for 10:00 in the game also, doing nothing. Basically all these rules could be summarized as: "You can only take care of your tamagotchi when the in-game clock shows the same hour as the real life clock." So if the in-game clock is too late, you must let it catch-up doing nothing. And if the in-game clock is in advance, you must shut off the game and wait. I haven't hatched a new egg when I started playing this way, but maybe when my current Hashizotchi dies, I'll hatch a new egg and start a log!
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    Guys, I think I cracked the code and it actually is super simple after all. In fact, it's one of the Keitai series many hidden features. There are four items on the Keitai variants that can be used by all characters: the balloon, the ball, the jump rope, and the trumpet. What makes these all special is that they have a symbol resembling the connection icon in their menu sprite. I recently learned from the Tamagotchi Wiki's article on the Akai that if both Tamagotchis are playing with the same toy that is one of these four kinds and then they connect, they can play a special minigame. Each toy has a unique minigame and the unique things about these, as the Tamagotchi Wiki notes, is that the user has input into these game. And this input occurs right before the connection as when the user selects the toy, goes over to the connection icon, and chooses the same-version-connection option, the user is then brought to a special screen to influence the game. Both the balloon and the trumpet have unique play methods while the jump rope and the ball use the button mashing game I found! If I had bothered to read further on the Tamagotchi Wiki, I would have read about the 10 second opportunity to fill a meter through button mashing and that the device with the fuller meter wins the game - which immediately ensues after the 10 seconds are up and the devices are made to connect. So the mystery is solved! Honestly, the Keitai versions are full of surprises from all of the item codes, to these mini games, to being able to beat off shinigamis by visiting the shrines of your deceased tamas, to the grave item which gives a special death scene. No English connection has this depth and the best part of all of this is that the Keitai version don't lose these extras when an external site goes down - which is the case with the V3-V4.5 (the V5 actually has consistent codes for items). Anyway, it makes perfect sense that this discovery happened the way it did because despite seeing that connection symbol countless times, I never connected the dots. I needed to be told there was a special feature because I assumed that based on my experience with English connections, everything should be taken at face value. That's just proof about the programming uniqueness of the Japanese versions. The reason I kept stumbling upon this partial minigame by accident was because - I think unlike the English connections - losing a minigame actually depletes happy hearts on the Keitai versions and thus I made either of mines play with an item to up their hearts before connecting them again. It was always one-sided with usually Sotilde losing eating contests to everybody under the sun which thus led me to believe it was a mechanic unique to only one tama. I never clued into the fact that the reason none of the four items stopped their animations when I clicked a button was because they had a broader function. I'd take advantage of toys increasing hearts frequently and in those moments I pressed a button during an animation, I'd usually just go and check the stats screen (especially because I'm paranoid about Sotilde). On one hand, I feel a bit foolish making this topic only to learn I had discovered something known but undocument because it was merely a part of something bigger. On the other hand, now people can learn more about why the Keitai tamas are awesome
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    I own one of the sequels, Tamagotchi 2, which features the umino and morino characters. The menus/functions for it are almost exactly the same as the Tamagotchi GB game, so I think the experience would be similar to playing on a meets after having played with the ON. I opened it up, and there's no RTC crystal in the cart (explains why the original battery still holds a save), but the RTC function does exist in Tamagotchi 3: Osucchi to Mesucchi. https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Game_de_Hakken!!_Tamagotchi_Osucchi_to_Mesucchi Anyway, good suggestions, might you be interested in making some sort of rom hack?
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    Are you talking about Kuchipatchi, perhaps? And welcome to TamaTalk!
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    Hello Hopefully these could get you started on the right track: General info: https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Tamagotchi_Connection_Version_2 Characters list and how to obtain them: https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Tamagotchi_Connection_Version_2/Character_list Growth chart for Odd Generations: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/tamagotchi/images/d/d6/Tamagotchi_Connection_V2_Odd_Generation_Growth_Chart.png/revision/latest?cb=20151220010808 Growth chart for Even Generations: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/tamagotchi/images/d/d4/Tamagotchi_Connection_V2_Even_Generation_Growth_Chart.png/revision/latest?cb=20151220010900 Enjoy your new Tama experience
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    Yeees I agree! I rly love Nyatchi as well as Kuromametchi! Alo tysm for joining this club ^w^
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    MS paint to the rescue! The characters look like a combination of hirigana and katakana れんだスタチ (renda-sutachi?). Maybe it's meant to be read as 連打. Super interesting find! Please let us know if you find out anything else about it.
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    For every big moment in Ollie's (and future tamagotchi's life), I am going to make a log about it. Ollie is 2 years old, meaning I've had him for 2 days! He currently weighs 7g and I always make sure he is very happy. This is my first log more about him. He is a child and a Pokapokatchi.
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    I think that I finally know where this change came from, too: I've been playing the Tamagotchi Game Boy game a lot lately (I'm currently short on time to run a conventional virtual pet, and its concessions for its format make it a pretty time-respectful Tamagotchi release), and as well as the game's time being somewhat accelerated (it has no real-time clock and works sort of like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), so is the rate at which a Tamagotchi will get sick from snacks. When I noticed that, I realised that it's just like the Tamagotchi Original re-releases - in Tamagotchi GB, it only takes a few consecutive snacks to prompt sickness, and it takes several doses of medicine to cure it. I'm pretty sure that the number required to cause an early death is similar to that of the Gen 1/Gen 2 re-releases - the "Death%" speedrun category for Tamagotchi GB hinges on this mechanic, even (yes, this is real).
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    Hello and welcome to the forums I don't have a Gudetama, so I can't really pitch in too much since I don't have first hand experience with it, but here's a couple of links that could hopefully get you started https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Gudetama_Tamagotchi https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Gudetama_Tamagotchi/Character_list
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    Yeah, candies are apparently poisonous in the Classic rereleases 😕
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    @Berks lmao Glad you're enjoying it! SO, I am once again, returning with a tamalog update! I left for a vacation on the 25th and got back two days ago, and during that time, I took the batteries out of my tama. Here's some generations y'all missed since my last update. Last generation we left off with was with Pastel, who ended up marrying an absolute cutie, and of course their offspring decided to keep everything except the hat. 😤 Here's the following two generations: Gen 5 brought my first set of twins!! AND I have another set of twins, which leads to their name reveal. Guess who's totally excited to have boys purely because I can marry them to mimitchi
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    It's no problem! It's not every day you get the opportunity to document something like this. I've wanted a moment like this throughout all my years of collecting niche stuff if I'm honest. It makes me happy to share info on something like this. Hopefully I'll get all the puzzles from it copied off it soon - it's dependant on how fast it takes for me to solve em until my friend who is actually good at Picross is in town. It's a type of logic puzzle - similar to crosswords made popular in Japan. You have to create a black and white image using the numbers and grid provided, see the recreated puzzles and their results to see roughly how it's done.
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    I’ve been collecting tamas since 2014, I have 34 Tamagotchis so far! I can’t wait for the current situation to ease where I live so I can get new batteries and start logging!
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    Since you’re looking for UraVioletchi You need to make sure that the gorgeous skill (sparkle icon) is the highest before your tama reaches adult stage. Increasing the skill points can be done by playing games, eating certain food and going to school. Check this guide for the games, and click here to see the food chart. Just so you know that this method is not guaranteed, like what @Iamtamagotchi said it’s completely random specially when the baby evolves into a toddler! Good luck on getting UraVioletchi
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    Okay, Greta Thunberg XD Yeah, I like the mini games too and it was such a cute touch with them being played on a literal Tamagotchi. The art is cute too but what really stinks is how there is barely any interaction between players and CPUs have such long turns that you waste so much time just waiting for your turn. In fact, I found it more convenient to take care of my tamas during the gap and no game should be that easy to drop. For Pete's sake, playing a bored game would be way faster! The last time I played it was with my brother and I quickly employed the strategy of trying to get some sort of crown thingy which gave some advantage. I then realized how I had such a low probability of actually getting it and even though I did get it super fast, I got fed up with the game and didn't want to play it anymore. Literally like someone handed me a winning lottery ticket and I threw it away say it's a waste of time. I'm glad to hear someone has a special connection to that game. My interest in tamas was renewed by a blog post on video games of all things. If the blogger hadn't been so positive about tamas, I would have never thought of them again (although I didn't throw away the three I had). I'll definitely remember to make the merch thread. Although I intend it to be more about any kind of Tamagotchi stuff that isn't a strict virtual pet (so the Dekas and the Mame game would count), most of the stuff is probably going to be on the obscure side. I went back to get pics of the tooth brushes and then I found an angelgotchi Polaroid camera, an angelgotchi pocket watch, some vintage figures, and a 30-pack of connection era figures. I know there's some more exotic things out there so I might get a little crazy, my documenting perfectionism and all.
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    This is a Tamagotchi Original (or "The Original Tamagotchi") Gen 1, which is a modern remake/reissue of the original 1996 Tamagotchi. I haven't heard of a debug mode for this version.
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    just coming in to say that 1. how dare you and 2. you're absolutely correct i have a constant love-hate relationship with this game, even without its gameplay (you don't select the board, you set the amount of 'elections' ((rounds)) you'll play for, and then you start at the same board every time and it's random which board it'll switch to next, there's so many more problems but the mini-games were fun ), as it's also the thing that got me to remember about Tamagotchi years after i stopped playing with them! I owned this game when Tamagotchi was in its prime over here and never got rid of it, so it's constantly a question of whether or not i should thank it for getting me into tamas again or curse it for the exact same reason. either way I'd love to see a thread on obscure Tamagotchi merch/spin-offs that don't follow the typical formula! I love this kind of stuff and it makes me sad that it's rarely documented. The only other piece of merchandise I have (using the word extremely loosely) is a copy of the film, which I lost a few years ago anyway. Oops.
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    Hmmm, so, a small update. I got the 'I need a new look' message yesterday, so I went to the Tama Resort and bought Sunglasses. . . and. . . the message disappeared! 🤩 I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I wanted to test it again before posting. Today, around 3 hours ago, I got the 'I need a new look' message again, so I went to Food Town, and bought a Chef's Hat, and, lo and behold, the message disappeared again! What I want to test out now is, is the message disappearing cause I bought a new accessory, therefore something which could give the Tama the 'new look' they are asking for, or just cause I bought something? (you know, same as you can remove the message by going to the yard or pressing C, maybe just doing a purchase removes it also, so I want to confirm that). When this message comes up again I'll go buy food for the fridge and see if it leaves If it doesn't, then the way to solve the 'I need a new look' messages is by buying a new accessory xD Which means they're not a programming error and could actually be fulfilled Which leaves us with the 'I want to play' message. . .
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    It has the same requests with the same issue. I wondered if I was misreading the Japanese for a while.
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    It's not quite a Tamagotchi fake or not. It's one of these here https://www.tamatalk.com/pixelmood/micalun.htm sadly I can't find much else about them except this page.
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    There’s the rumor of a Hello Kitty Nano, but as for me I’m hoping we get an UraTama and/or Ketai themed Meets (preferably Ketai and UraTama themed, with genetic outlines)
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    I would DEFINITELY and easily recommend the Tama ON/Meets. I've had it for almost 4 months now and I am so in love with it! Plus it's got the added bonus of a live online community on the official App, so you could be part of the fun searching for marriage partners and even pass on your genes to others!