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    Fun fact, I haven't seen another human in over a week. Fortunately, I find that to be a total win!
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    Hello there once again guys and girls. This status update isn't about Tamagotchi (for once) lol. It's just a friendly reminder. Well, let's get straight to the point. You have probably heard this like a thousand times, but try staying as safe as possible from COVID-19 at least until a vaccine is found and tested well enough. Pandemics like this ain't no joke. Follow your government's safety instructions and tips on how to stay relatively safe. It's better to be safe than sorry. You can check out World Health Organization's page for more info. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 Stay safe! Cheers, Alex.
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    Here's something a bit different for the log: A little bit of coverage of Little Friends: Dogs & Cats - a title by Imagineering which is the first, and currently only, virtual pet/life-simulator game of any sort on the Switch. It seeks to fill the gap left by Nintendogs not (yet?) having a Switch installment, though unfortunately it falls a bit short. Compared to Nintendogs (which is something that I will have to do several times here, since it's still the best-in-breed pet simulator for consoles of any sort ), some of the models and movements are unnatural and occasionally uncanny, and sometimes animals will run right through each other. They also won't respond at all if you accidentally poke them in the eye or the nose - ouch! The flow of the game is unnatural, as well. For example, Nintendogs is a game that has a slow pace, where you can easily slot quick bursts of play into your daily routine alongside, say, Animal Crossing and Brain Training, because all of them run in real-time and are designed for that. Meanwhile, Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is a victim of "Achievements" culture - everything seems to revolve around getting stamps and bits of text that say that you did something or went somewhere, and earning enough money to collect various types of items (whose effects and looks aren't as differentiated or well-detailed as what you would find in Nintendogs) and outfits (which all look a bit awkward when worn by your pets). You get text notifications rather than actually seeing gradual progress and behavioural changes - for example, you don't teach your dog to sit, you'll just randomly be told by a text pop-up that they learned it, after you've carried out several unrelated activities. It also constantly breaks immersion by having on-screen counters for marking and searching spots during walks, and by occasionally displaying giant, brightly-coloured "LEVEL UP!" text above your dog. It doesn't run in real-time, either. Still, on the plus side, the game is cute, so here's a look at my German Shepherd, Donna; Different developers will always take different approaches to the same concepts, and there's nothing wrong with that (after all, I bought this one to see how the devs had approached the concept that Nintendogs popularised, since it's seeking to plug that gap in the Switch's library), but in this case I would recommend waiting for Nintendogs to show up if you want a proper life-simulator for the Switch.
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    SO... I haven't been active on this site for way over a year. Now that I have all this time on my hands, I started feeling nostalgic for my tama days. I might just have to pick up one of my tamas and get back into it now, lol! Just wondering if anyone remembers me? Not sure if any of my friends or people I talked to is still active, but it's worth a try! still lowkey missing the old format of the website oops
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    You know I really miss the days when people would all make their own growth and item charts for everyone to use - it's nice to see people continuing that tradition to this day
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    That is amazing! This would explain why a lot of our experiments resulted in "good care" teens even though we were giving them a ton of care mistakes. So would this also be the key to obtaining Oniontchi/Nikatchi from Mizutamatchi? I know you got Rick to evolve into a Kuchi family teen, so were you keeping his stats high otherwise? On a personal note, Lapis got married to a Zukyutchi and they had a baby girl (Samus). I mostly ignored her during her baby hour which resulted in her evolving into a Mizutamatchi and not Mohitamatchi (just like Rick). I've obtained three care misses (from hunger) so far, but I've had her on pause since yesterday. I've been keeping her stats below four hearts the whole time, except for one instance when I took her to the toilet (I wasn't expecting it to fill a happy heart). I'll continue to keep her stats low and see if that gets me a Nikatchi. Now I wanted to announce that I might not be be able to post as often for awhile. I'm starting a new job on Tuesday, so that won't leave me much time to run my V4. I'll certainly still be lurking around the forums and making posts here and there, but I won't be able to contribute much to the this thread if my V4 is going to be growing at a snail's pace. This isn't a goodbye or a resignation of any kind, but I just wanted to let you guys know why I won't be posting as frequently. Once the dust settles and I get used to my new schedule, I'll be back to running the V4 as frequently as I can. I'll likely be posting this weekend since I plan on unpausing Samus tomorrow (she's been paused because I'm trying to change my sleep schedule), so I'm not going on hiatus yet.
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    Evie the Mimitchi finally married a couple days ago, but I wasn't able to marry her to a Mame adult. I feared that if I waited any longer, she would evolve into a senior because, even though her age counter was borked, the device still keeps track of the Tama's actual age. She married a Tenpatchi, a Kuchi adult, on my Earth V4.5. Her son (whom I named Edd) evolved into MohiTamatchi as I expected. I gave him five care mistakes over the course of today; three from hunger and two from unhappiness. Afterwards, I kept his hungry and happy hearts at a maximum of three hearts, and let them drop several times. I think I may be safe from HinoTamatchi and Obotchi, but we'll have to wait and see. I didn't miss any training calls, so I'm definitely safe from Hawainotchi. I'll update tomorrow on which teen character he evolves into! UPDATE! He evolved into Oniontchi!! Not only did I never completely fill his hungry and happy hearts, they were also halfway empty when he evolved! (for the same reason, Greyer the KuchiTamatchi evolved into Kujakutchi...bleah ). Based on this, it definitely seems that keeping the stats low has an impact on whether the "good care" or "bad care" teen is obtained; not only before it evolves, but also when it evolves. It would make sense, too, since I've obtained Y. Mametchi, Y. Kuchipatchi, and Y. Dorotchi with four care mistakes, which is generally considered "bad care", while otherwise keeping their stats fairly high.
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    Welp, I just figured out I made a mistake! Tarakotchi is the average care character, not the worst! I fixed that in this one! Sorry!!
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    You don't need permission to join in! It'll be interesting to see what you find. A few pointers though: It's going to be difficult to get the hang of and you'll need some patience because most of the time I perform the glitches nothing interesting happens Expect the device to reset a lot Sometimes it'll spontaneously show the low battery symbol too - that's not really a sign that it's really low battery, it seems to just be one of the glitches (in particular, if the battery is fiddled with during the minute before the egg hatches it can often make the low battery symbol show up when the egg starts hatching - pressing the reset button and trying again fixes this) It'll be interesting to see if it works when connecting - this is one of the screens which uses a lot of power and will probably be a bit tricky to perform the glitches on without resetting or causing the low battery screen to appear, but I imagine the results of the glitches will be worth it.
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    Hi! It's been a while, but I have some updates. Mewtwo and Amber left their babies and both just evolved into the Child stage. Metwtwo's son, who I called Mewthree, surprised me greatly by becoming a MohiTamatchi, despite having no Kuchi genes whatsoever! Fuji, Amber's son, became a slightly more predictable MizuTamatchi. I didn't take perfect care of them (their hungry & happy hearts dropped to 2 once) so maybe that's why they got these results. Since I have both of those now, I perhaps I can try this trick with both of them! I'll also have their hearts fairly low (maybe up to three maximum, to avoid Obotchi?), which may be a factor, as tamaninjacat pointed out. Hopefully, this will get me Oniontchi with Mewthree and a Kuchi teen with Fuji! I'll update in a day or two.
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    No problem! Good luck, and I hope that this is all that it is. For what it's worth, I'm not too surprised that you found that it was flat. A running change in the materials used for the V4.5 might explain why you haven't experienced similar with that one, I would guess.
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    Interesting on your results. They certainly bring a twist! I actually wonder if Puchitchi's evolutions are a combination of care and randomness. Perhaps, for example, Puchitchi may evolve into either a Mame or Meme teen with 0-2 care mistakes, but lesser care can only bring Meme teens. Have you ever gotten any Mame teens from Puchitchi with bad care in the past? It might be a good avenue to test Puchitchi with more care mistakes (all three of our Puchitchi tests so far had only 0-2 of them). If we see Mame teens even with a high number of care mistakes, this might mean that care mistakes don't influence evolution at all. There are a lot of possibilities! Too bad with Evie; luckily, if you marry her to a Mame partner and she has a daughter, you can try again next generation if you feel like it! In other news, Mewtwo and Amber were married today, and had two baby boys. They will be my next test subjects over the next week or so. Unfortunately I do have to go on a long trip for a few days over the week, so they will spend this time paused at home. So their growth will be delayed, but I'll report back eventually!
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    Update: I tried this experiment with the same V3 (however, this time with a regular CR2032 battery) and some interesting stuff happened. But first, I have to get out of the way that "tilting" the battery while it was on the "CONNECT" screen did absolutely nothing. If you did it too fast, nothing would happen because the screen had a low refresh rate. Even if you did it at just the right time, it would say "FAIL" on the other one because AFAIK, IR data is transferred at an insanely high speed, so even tilting the battery within 0.5 seconds would cause a lot of data to be missing, which would make the other device display the "FAIL" screen. Now, the interesting stuff: One time, the screen turned off and it played the happy sound (the sound your Tamagotchi makes after winning a game or gaining points.) Another time, it displayed some pixel squares on the screen in the usual glitch pattern but also displayed the "HOW MUCH?" screen you get shown when you want to donate to the Gotchi King and below it, the screen showed 1000 points. That's basically all the interesting stuff that happened. I doubt I'll be doing this experiment again, because I don't want to brick one of my Tamagotchis. (I also took this opportunity to ROM test it, and its ROM version is A3 3. Nothing special or new, but I thought it would be interesting to include.)
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    Ahh, that's awesome! I think there's a few more glitch souvenir sprites that I've not had the time to personally try out myself, as I recall, so they might be an addition for the future. And yeah, I think there must still be a bit of a mystery surrounding the ticket items and souvenirs. I'm wondering if it depends on the ROM version of the device the passwords are entered into?
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    Hi, so I'd just like to point out @Penguin-keeper has already made a Database, where you can share and look at fake and generic pets. You can access it here. Its like this, except lots of other members have already contributed to it, and you can even do you if you find a new one!
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    i tend to get the same problem when i forget to turn bluetooth on before trying to connect, but it also looks like for some reason, windows is trying to pull the paths for MyMeets from the system folders instead of the MyMeets folder like it's supposed to if you're making sure bluetooth is on already, maybe try re-downloading MyMeets, if that doesn't work, it may be a bug in the most recent update
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    I know this might be a long shot, but can you pair your tama like you pair headphones or speakers? I use Bluetooth on my phone for Tamas or whatever. I have never have had much luck with Bluetooth, I use a netbook though when I have issues. pop details open?
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    Check Bluetooth is on... also, check how much is actually running on your computer. So if you have extra stuff open like music, cds, internet windows..etc, maybe close some stuff out. Make sure it’s finished all it’s start up stuff. Make sure antivirus is done because that sucks up a far amount of “do power” It could also be a firewall sort of issue, which is beyond my knowledge (for good reason)
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    it's not possible at the moment, but Santaclautchi was the monthly guest for December, and could be married using the Tama Party during that time he might come back next December, I would figure there's a video of someone connecting to the app and meeting Santaclautchi at the Tama Party here, you can see the marriage happen around 14:27
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    https://www.ebay.com/itm/TAMAGOTCHI-FRIENDS-PURPLE-SILVER-VIRTUAL-PET/174222781715?hash=item28907cad13:g:IZkAAOSwIh1ecF4R That's for a normal tamagocthi friends. It is used but in REALLY good shape (Check out the pictures) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamagotchi-Friends-Dream-Town-Electronic-Pet-Shell-Digital-Bandai-Zig-Zag-Gem/401955313387?hash=item5d966756eb:g:UcAAAOSwkARdybBA The best deal I could find on Ebay for a dream town was 60$ Sorry Hope this helped a bit!
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    ☆ Welcome to my Tama Log! There's no pictures (due to some technical issues), but I hope you can enjoy! ☆ 19th March: App Fun! I got the Tamagotchi App, it's so much fun! My Tama is only a kid so I couldn't go to the Tama ♥ Party, which is a shame. But I played the Restaurant Game and the Catching Flowers game! I unlocked both backgrounds and the toy rocket. Apart from that, it's mostly just cleaning My Tama's poop and all that. Current Stats ☟ Generation: 6 Age: 1 Y/O Evolution Stage: Toddler ✰ Rose ✰
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    😂 When people look back on this logbook, they'll be so confused! ☆ Welcome to my Tama Log! There's no pictures (due to some technical issues), but I hope you can enjoy! ☆ 20th March: 😕 Pretty boring day, I keep updating this a day behind so this entry won't count. I'm going to update my Tama log twice today to keep it on track. Hope y'all understand. ✰ Rose ✰
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    That's okay, I understand your situation completely! Your results seem pretty accurate with my experience. It's okay that things didn't go the way you planned, there's always next generation. I didn't have much experience with care mistakes myself until just a few months ago, when I tried it out of curiosity on two of my V4.5s to see if several care mistakes would put Hitodetchi into the Meme or Kuchi family rather than the Mame family (and unlike my experiment with Puchitchi, it worked). If Fuji became a Gourmetchi with only two training bars, that may solidify my theory! Of course, we'll need to do a little more testing before we can say for certain Update on Lotti, unfortunately she has evolved into Ichigotchi. I thought I was doing the same thing I did with Edd, but either I got the amount of care mistakes wrong, or her stats were too high when she evolved. Or perhaps I did something else wrong, I don't really know. I haven't obtained a Meme teen on the V4 in quite some time, though, so I wasn't very upset. I'll have to marry her to a Kuchi adult so I can try again. Speaking of Edd, he married an Ura Zukyutchi last night and had a girl. I have no idea which child she'll evolve into; the only time I had a marriage with Kuchi + Mame, it resulted in Puchitchi, but perhaps I'll end up with a different child this time, who knows? Hopefully I'll be able to test one of our theories regardless of the results
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    Hi! Sorry, it's been a while - I've been on many professional commitments recently, so I had to pause my Version 4s during this time. However, they've finally evolved - Mewthree into Young Kuchipatchi and Fuji into Gourmetchi. They weren't the results I was aiming for, but this was my mistake. I was only able to give them one care mistake each instead of six - this was partially because I was busy (I didn't let the hearts empty enough because I had to leave them for long periods and I was worried they would die from it) but also due to my lack of experience in giving care mistakes. I'm used to giving good care to my Tamas so this was pretty new. I'm sure I'll get better with time though. I did however, keep hearts at a maximum of three, just like Maria&Co.'s test with Edd (Test M5). I did this out of curiosity to see if the "two hearts maximum" method is completely true with obtaining Obotchi/Ojyotchi. Since neither Fuji or Mewthree became these, it seems to confirm that theory. Interestingly, Fuji also had poor training when he evolved (at just 2 bars), yet he still became a Gourmetchi. So that theory you stated may have some weight - perhaps both conditions must be met. Since Fuji had just one care mistake, he may not have been given enough bad care to qualify for both conditions (despite his somewhat sloppy care with hearts). I get your situation, so no problem! I've had similar times in the past where work/study commitments got in the way of my Tamagotchi logging. In fact, I'm fairly busy now, so my progress might be slow at the moment too. Luckily, this online research project can technically take forever if we need it. Good luck with your new job! I'll post here next when my Version 4s reach the next generation. I might stagger the lifecycles of the two Tamas a bit so that I won't have to raise two Child characters at once and then have several days without any tests. I've now updated the spreadsheet to include the most recent data, and I'll hopefully continue that.
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    First off, I want to apologise for being inactive for a few days. I was away visiting some relatives over the weekend. I've looked at your information and have thought over my past experience with V4 growth, and I have a couple theories that I think may be worth testing... First off: are Hawainotchi and Hawaikotchi obtained with low training AND poor care? When I was younger, silly me would always praise a Tama when it made a "for no reason" call, so they tended to have fairly low training. But I only remember obtaining Hawainotchi once or twice before logging my Tamas' growth, and I don't think I've ever obtained Hawaikotchi. And both times either of us have obtained them lately, it was through low training and poor care, so I'm interested to see it it's both of those factors that result in them and not just the former. Second: are Pyonchitchi and Pyonkotchi obtained through low skill, low training, or both? It's always been thought that they come from low skill and good care, but I'm wondering now if it's actually a low training bar that results in them? When I was younger, I would obtain Pyonchitchi fairly consistently (along with Gozarutchi and Masktchi) with both low training and low skill. In recent years, I haven't obtained him even with fairly low skill points. This is what leads me to believe it may be a result of low training rather than low skill. And just a little update, Rick the Kuchipatchi married a Masktchi and had a girl, currently a MohiTamatchi named Lotti. She should evolve into a teen tomorrow morning. I didn't miss a single training call, but I've let a few care mistakes accumulate, and I've hardly filled her hungry and happy hearts fully (but I've tried not to let them stay too low). I'm strongly hoping that's enough for her to evolve into Nikatchi! I'll update when she evolves. Wish me luck!
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    Amaltchi's teen stage it looks like we're almost definitely ending up with a fruit bird, which i'm fine with for now i suppose
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    I’ve had this happen to me a few times prior; it’s not a glitch or anything, it’s just a way the device reacts to you messing about with the battery area. This also can happen if you put the battery in facing the wrong way, like I did with my Usatama. But, it’s not a glitch. Like @hwd45 said to me, it takes patience. A lot, actually. I’m doing experiments on my V2, although I also have a V1 and V3. So, I’m not sure if it’s different on the amount of glitches, but I’d expect that you would find more ‘Easter eggs’ for say on the V3. ( This is because of there being the TamaTown features, but call me out if I’m wrong! ) But good luck; I’d love to see how your tests are going!
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    Monday, my favorite day of the weekend. I wanted to post yesterday, but I was super exhausted. The hiatus will be starting tomorrow, so let's get everyone caught up! V4 Samus unfortunately evolved into the Universal teen, Hawaikotchi. I wasn't able to raise her training enough because of the excessive amount of pausing I was doing... She later evolved into Pyonkotchi, which is a face I haven't seen in awhile! Pyonkotchi/Pyonchitchi are probably my favorite Universal adult characters on the V4, so I'm happy with this. Then earlier today I went to get Samus a job (the mail had the [!] icon blinking), but it turns out she already had one! She was just getting fired from the hospital job I didn't know she had. I know that the V4 can answer the important mail by itself, but I haven't had one actually get a job from doing so until now... Fairy ON Mint got married to Maskutchi on Friday and they had a baby boy. I named him Shy Guy (get it? mask?) and he ended up inheriting the Maskutchi body! That's what I was hoping for the most, so now the ON can finally rest (at least until next month). I married him to a Pichipitchi, but I'm more interested in their children inheriting the frosting hair. That will have to wait though because I deactivated the device yesterday. P's There's nothing really new with Gus, but I just wanted you guys to know that he's still with us as we move into the hiatus. He's 406 as of today! And that's all! As I've mentioned a few times now, the new job hiatus starts tomorrow. I'll still be running Gus and Samus, but there won't be much to post about. We'll be back, of course, but it'll be less frequent. I'll try to post this weekend (depending on my schedule), so see you guys in a bit!
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    Eggotchi evolved a bit ago, and the ears are back! hopefully the monkey's paw didn't just curl a finger
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    The connection models basically have a cutoff point for which versions can connect to others. V1 all the way to V4.5 can connect with each other. V5 to V6 can connect with each other. I am unsure of what the Tama-go can and can connect to, but I'm positive it cannot connect to V4.5 and lower.
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    oh, thank goodness that's the teen stage that corresponds to the Maskutchi body that fruit is still problematic, though found another of Tekelitchi's kids in the app today, and his features look adorable on the Maskutchi body too!
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    I've never really found any V1 Growth Charts that I've found visually appealing, and a lot of them have false information (Such as Nazotchi being a secret character), so I decided to make my own! I hope everyone enjoys and that it helps clear up some misinformation! In my own experience, I have never had a Hinotamatchi evolve into Mametchi, or a Oniontchi evolve into Mimitchi, which explains why they don't have lines connecting. If anyone has experienced otherwise, please let me know and I will change it ASAP! Also, every time I've completely neglected an even generation tama, they've always turned into Gozarutchi, which is why he is switched with Androtchi (other GC's have Androtchi as the OK adult for even generations).
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    I would assume so. Immediately after Rick's sixth care mistake, I filled his hungry and happy hearts completely and kept them high until he evolved. I think I'll have either Rick or Edd marry a Meme adult to get MizuTamatchi so I can try what I did with Edd when he was a MohiTamatchi. I don't think I'll be at risk for HinoTamatchi or Ichigotchi, since the aforementioned children both seem equally likely to evolve into them. Good luck! Maybe any further care mistakes should be from unhappiness; accumulating care mistakes from hunger may be more risky (it would make sense, but it's just a theory). Catching a Tama before it makes a mess fills two happy hearts; I was kind of surprised the first time I discovered that. Also, congrats on the new job!
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    wow, that's my least favorite result! at least you tried i did not bother taking a marriage picture this time ok, it is time for drastic measures maybe if i name it after the horse, i will get the Maskutchi body reverse psychology
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    Hi guys! I've made a small poem about Tamagotchis. I was inspired today, so I like how it turned out. Here is what I had gotten! ♥ I might have a problem. A small one, I think. It happened so fast, best described in a blink. It’s not curable, too, and indeed quite drastic. I fell in love with a creature of pixels and plastic. Some might call it quite immature and strange, But for me, my fascination will never be changed. It’s true, I fell in love with a creature of pixels and plastic. But it takes the pure at heart to carry on with the magic. Comments and critiques welcome! ♥ ~Dez
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    March 11th 2020 Wait...I'm actually posting two days in a row? What kind of sorcery is this?? Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Greyer annoyingly evolved into Kujakutchi even though he had accumulated three care mistakes and Spiritual was his highest skill. His hungry hearts were at one heart when he evolved, so that's probably why. Oh well. I can't expect to get a Kuchi teen EVERY time I obtain KuchiTamatchi and Kuribotchi, and I guess it's nice to have a child-to-teen evolution I rarely-to-never see. I'm planning on evolving him into Ura Togetchi, he's the only male Ura Meme character I don't mind obtaining (also Daiyatchi, but only when he evolves from Hitodetchi). STATS Name: GREYR Training: 8/9 Skills: 17 Funny, 25 Gorgeous, 51 Spiritual Weight: 28 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 14 Pink Stripe V4 Rick got a job as a bus driver today. The bus driver game increases Kindness/Social points on the V4. No pictures of that, so here's a picture of him close-up instead Other than that, no new updates STATS Name: RICK Training: 9/9 Skills: 40 Intellectual, 41 Style, 88 Kindness Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 4 Years Generation: 11 Yellow Mood V4.5 Felix married Ura Violetchi via the matchmaker this afternoon. He had a girl! I was more than pleased with this because it's just not fun when every single Tama I get is the same gender Normally I wouldn't allow this combination of parents, but I haven't married two Meme adults in AGES, the V4 and V4.5 combined (in fact, the last time I did was less than a week before I started this log). I strongly hope Felix's daughter will evolve into Hitodetchi, because I haven't obtained a Mame teen on the V4.5 in weeks. STATS Name: FELIX Training: 8/9 Skills: 33 Funny, 36 Gorgeous, 145 Spiritual Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 6 Years Generation: 25 Black Spark V4 Mission Accomplished! Edd evolved into Oniontchi! I guess to get him and Nikatchi, in addition to a few care mistakes, the stats have to be somewhat low on average, but not to the point of severe neglect. Because that's what I did to get him. I'm really excited to have obtained Oniontchi! This is only the second time I've ever obtained him on the V4, and the only time in recent years! (Aside from Poppy, but that was on a V2) Now the only teens I have left to obtain are Nikatchi and Hawaikotchi. Since all went according to plan, I plan on evolving him into Minotchi. STATS Name: EDD Training: 8/9 Skills: 43 Intellectual, 14 Style, 21 Kindness Weight: 19 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 6 Earth V4.5 Pat evolved into HashiTamatchi! I was quite excited about this, because I was nearly positive I was going to get Daiyatchi. Every time I've obtained a Universal teen lately, I got it by having a Universal adult as one of the parents, and letting one of its stats drop to one or two hearts two or three times as a child. I've been giving him very poor care today in an attempt to obtain Gozarutchi. That includes letting the stats drop and stay low, letting care mistakes occur, and missing training calls. I think this is the most I've ever hoped to obtain Gozarutchi! STATS Name: PAT Training: 6/9 Skills: 30 Funny, 24 Gorgeous, 30 Spiritual Weight: 32 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 27 Purple True Friends V2 Art evolved into Hinatchi! I'm trying to go for a Tier 4 adult, and as such, I've let his hungry hearts empty a couple times today. Since teen-to-adult evolution lasts one day longer on the V2 than the V4/V4.5, I'll have longer to accumulate care mistakes. STATS Name: ART Training: 8/9 Weight: 29 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 10 Pink True Friends V2 No new updates. Tomorrow John will be able to marry via the matchmaker. STATS Name: JOHN Training: 9/9 Weight: 32 Pounds Age: 6 Years Generation: 9 Blue Tama-Gos This screen on my first Tama-Go is a real nuisance, but I manage to get past it. This Kilalatchi evolved into Kuchipatchi this evening. On my second Tama-Go, I decided my Mametchi needed a change of scenery. I really like this Japanese style interior, but it was starting to get a bit old. Even one of the standard interiors is nice after having the same one for a long time. To end today's log entry, here's Mametchi and Kuchipatchi playing together at the park
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    This discussion may help, it sounds like it could either be that the insides are loose and need to be readjusted, or it may even be water damage. A ROM test may help as well? I don't have a TMGC Friends so I can't say for certain, though. Hopefully these help!
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    Unfortunately, this really just sounds like a case of bad luck. I'm not sure on how to fix it myself, but I think watching some videos on gameboy restoration may help a bit? The video linked below in particular has a guy fixing a gameboy even after cleaning corrosion with the thing still not powering on, and he did some soldering to different parts of the circuit board? I know its not the same as a VPet but it could possibly help out a little. I'm sorry to hear about your bad luck streak though! I wouldn't give up on eBay though, just make sure to message the seller/check their description to see about the status of the VPet first. Oh! I just remembered, dusting the circuit boards may help as well. Just make sure to use material that won't scratch anything important! 😆
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    I feel like the main thing that would come out of performing the glitches during a ROM test is that it'd probably be more likely to fail the ROM test. As for debugging, I highly doubt it would have any effect on the glitches. It'll make changing characters easier and it certainly won't begin making permanent changes to the device - "ROM" means "Read-only memory", so it's not likely (or possible?) to be affected at all by the glitches, and debugging won't change this. In fact, the person in the video I posted used debug mode themselves whilst performing the glitches.
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    If it’s ok, I’d quite like to help with your experiments! I just got a V1, and it will be coming in a few days. It was really cheap, and I’m going to try a few things with it; and I’ll probably be fiddling with the battery as such. Is there anything that you’d need help or assistance with? I’ll try and “recreate” some of the tests you’ve been attempting.. so I can try and compare them. Also, a thing that I’ve wanted to try for a while is trying to fiddle with the battery when trying to connect. It sounds odd and to to exiting, but maybe there’s some sorts of hidden animations? Like the items and such.. maybe there’s something else.
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    I've obtained MohiTamatchi nearly every time I've married a Mame and Meme adult by connection, so that's not at all surprising to me I think the stats dropping is why it happens. Anyway, I have an update. Remember Daisy the Maidtchi? Well, she married a Tarakotchi via the matchmaker. I named her son Rick, and he evolved into MizuTamatchi. I fell asleep for about a half hour while he was a baby, and when I woke up, his hungry hearts were empty and there were three poos on the screen. So that probably explains why he didn't evolve into MohiTamatchi as I have every other time I've married a Mame adult to a Kuchi adult. Anyway, I gave him six care mistakes over the course of yesterday (three from hunger, three from unhappiness). I didn't miss a single training call, though. And somehow, someway, he evolved into Young Kuchipatchi just now! I was a little shocked, but also a bit amused at the same time. I guess we're going to have to try something else to get Oniontchi and Nikatchi. My next best guess is seven or eight care mistakes, but that's probably too strenuous. Keeping the stats fairly low may also play a part in it, as @tamaninjacat theorized. I was going to marry Evie the Mimitchi to another Mame adult to try for Harutchi, but now I think I'm going to marry her to a Kuchi adult to get MohiTamatchi so I can try for Oniontchi/Nikatchi again.
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    NO. Oh wait, wrong thread. T
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    If this is an old and well-used unit, have you tried to VERY carefully bend the battery contacts back up with a small flat-head screwdriver? I noticed that you mentioned this issue in your log, too, and I'm wondering if it's erroneously telling you that you need to change the battery because it's not making proper contact and is therefore thinking that the voltage is dropping off when it actually isn't, or something of that nature.
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    That's very odd! It may also prove my theory that all the Kuchi teens are considered "bad care". Hmm...that may be. Just two days ago, I had a Kuribotchi evolve into Boxertchi with three care mistakes but sloppy overall care, so maybe keeping the stats low does play a factor in obtaining the "bad care" teens. On the other hand, I've obtained Obotchi twice by keeping the stats very low on average, so I'm not quite sure. It's also possible that a variety in the type of care mistakes is required. Like on the V2, I've seen giving Propellertchi three care mistakes for empty happy hearts result in Dorotchi, a Tier 3/average adult. While giving Ichigotchi four care mistakes, two for empty hungry hearts and two for empty happy hearts, resulted in Debatchi, a Tier 2/above average adult. (I guess that's kind of the reverse of what's going on here, but you get the point) That's the most likely possibility if you ask me. I'm going to try six care mistakes the next time I get MohiTamatchi or MizuTamatchi to see if that works. Daisy the Maidtchi should be able to marry later today; hopefully she's offered a Kuchi adult today so I can speed things up a bit! (As for Evie...she gave me the dead battery screen AGAIN today even though I changed the battery less than a week ago My Black Spark V4 is being VERY difficult lately...)
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    That's probably the best thing to do for her. This will also give us a more controlled test where we're only testing one care variable at a time. You're probably right about the training just being for Universal characters, so it might just be best to avoid purposely lowering it in any of our experiments for now. I only assumed it had influence because of the previous versions. Daisy's child will definitely be helpful in this case. Also, good luck with Evie's child! I'm exciting to see what you find out no matter if it's a boy or a girl. IMPORTANT UPDATE: I gave Lapis five care mistakes today, but she still evolved into Young Dorotchi. She currently has three training bars which I think means I missed a training call, but that likely doesn't matter. Here are some recommendations for future trials/what I think might have gone wrong in this one. Despite the care mistakes, I left her stats too high. I got all of her care mistakes through hunger (I'm being extra vigilant of skill points after Spyro), but I kept her happy hearts super high. Then, after she got the five care mistakes, I took near perfect care of her. Five might be the right number, but maybe you need to keep their stats super low otherwise (nothing above two hearts). More care mistakes are needed. We can try ramping up the number of care mistakes until one of us gets a Nikatchi/Oniontchi or a Universal teen, which ever comes first. I'm open for any ideas, so let me know what you guys think we should try next with Mohitamatchi.
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    Congrats! I had a feeling marrying two Universal adults would result in MohiTamatchi; based on my experience with marrying a V4 to other versions, MohiTamatchi seems to be the "default" child character on the V4 (the "default" child character on the V4.5 seems to be Tamatchi). Uh...I hope that makes sense I would definitely say five care mistakes, as that's the requirement for Kuribotchi to evolve into Boxertchi and Yakantchi on the V4.5. I wouldn't risk intentionally missing any training calls. I'm honestly not sure if that affects anything -- other than obtaining certain Universal characters -- but regardless, I wouldn't risk it for the possibility of obtaining Hawaikotchi. Personal update, Daisy evolved into Maidtchi today and I plan on marrying her to a Kuchi adult once she's able to. Then (assuming the child evolves into MohiTamatchi, which I mean...it should) I'll be able to try the five care mistakes to see if I get Oniontchi or Nikatchi. Evie evolved into Mimitchi, but I plan on marrying her to another Mame adult so I get Harutchi again; if it's a boy, I'll try three care mistakes to see if that turns Harutchi into the Meme family. If it's a girl, I will take P E R F E C T care of her, not letting A N Y care slips occur, and since I just recently changed the battery and it hasn't faltered since yesterday afternoon, I shouldn't have any issues with that...I hope. Anyway, good luck with Lapis! I hope she evolves into Nikatchi!
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    I've got some exciting news about Spyro's child! I married him to a Masktchi and he had a baby girl (Lapis) that evolved into a Mohitamatchi! I was honestly expecting her to evolve into a Mizutamatchi (or at least a Puchitchi) but this is a welcomed surprise. I want to aim for a Nikatchi, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Based off these parameters, how much neglect is enough for Nikatchi, but not so much that she evolves into Ichigotchi? How many training calls should I miss, but not so many that she evolves into Hawaikotchi? I'm thinking maybe five care mistakes (just outside of the 0-4 needed for good care Kuchi teens) and one/two missed training calls. Let me know what you guys think the best course of action is for raising her. Universal [Debatchi] + Universal [Masktchi]= Mohitamatchi
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    It's time for Penguin-keeper's penguin-in-chief to end this! Start again!