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    Thank you for replying! So far looks like there are two food that you can transfer and gives you a color. Peach for pink and the other one it’s orange but don’t remember the name. I haven’t tested it myself but going to try the peach to see if it does change the color of the tama even though that food doesn’t belong there. I heard the Banana Shake from the tamagotchi app’s tree game changes the tama to yellow color and that’s also a transferable food from the mymeet. Not sure if it’s true the changing to yellow but going to test it out too at some point so I can share the info.
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    Holy cow I just realized how long ago I joined the community. Almost 8 years ago. Time flies I dare say!
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    Hello there well i got my very first tamagotchi today. I got the fairy pink one. The video i saw of it got me exited to try and raise one of my own. Cant wait to see what adventures we will get in. Ill keep posting and updating as much as possible.💖 Well my egg hatched into shizukutchi he is adorable I fed him the baby food then i gave him a bath. he went to the bathroom for the first time now im playing with him to get his happiness higher. he is my first generation tamagotchi. I think at seven he will fall asleep im not sure tho. Just now I just had to use the first aid kit on him. His happiness level is four bars so thats good. Ill also be posting pictures of his growth. I just notice they have baby cookies for the baby I dint know that.😁 I took a picture of him with the camera im going to keep pictures of him when he evolves from each stage ill have memories of him.
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    Hi all, Another brief update. Currently on holiday and still running my Tama v1 which I brought with me. No issues so far so I think it’s fine now. @Eggiweg many thanks if I haven’t thanked you already
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    Okay guys Its Monday which means I didn't study well enough for my exam and focused on my kids too much. Onwards!!! These past two days Ruby and Quartz needed a lot more love, in fact the higher the meter- the more they summoned me oddly. In fact they haven't even gone to bed. It's one a.m and the clock is only 3- Never mind did my math. Ignore my 5th grade level math. Point is they have done a few more things that have I haven't seen before like this: She's so mad here, its my first time seeing this animation! Just look at them playing, its actually kind of cute. Not sure what I was supposed to do about this since their meters were full. Just look at that sass. Look. at. It. After the ducks would fall over.. every time. Or this one. Again, they were full and the only thing i could think of was sticking on a flower crown. Btw I'll do that tomorrow, their reaction was priceless. And not what I expected. at the moment this was their happy meter. Pretty high, but after observing the great power of the official app, its always going to be full. To my surprise though even though I named them off their colors by birth (i.e quartz in the baby picture was the white one and ruby the red) They stayed the same colors, even in the current picture they stayed in the same placement too. Except when I named them, for whatever reason Quartz was first born and Ruby second, after the family photo, BOOM! Quartz and Ruby switch sides and I had to keep track. But they never changed their colors, and even as teens had different features. Maybe the shades but its been easy seeing who is who. Moreover Quartz has been proposed to about 3 times now. Poor Ruby. Hopefully I can marry off Ruby in the future since Quartz already has technically 3 sets of offspring. Quartz recent proposal. Anyways I need to cram before bed, after all medical school literally does not pay for itself. Show me pictures of your current tama or let me know what kind of stuff you'd like me to post about, maybe crafts made around my tamas or things like recording the animations such as the ones I mentioned earlier. See you guys tomorrow!
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    Thank you! i Will create it Tommorrow. OR When i have time.
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    If it's still not resolved, there is a difference between uploading through that method and from a link. The link method doesn't have a 0.12MB limit, which was something that I had an issue with when I was trying to upload images for my Tamagotchi log (I haven't been on here for a year so I was a bit rusty). You can just right click on an image, click on 'copy image address' and paste it here. The link should end with a .jpg or a .png and after a second or so it'll automatically turn into an image. Alternatively you can click on 'Insert other media' and 'Insert image from URL' and paste it there.
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    I don’t know of you can get the food you want from MyMeets App hopefully someone tried it can tell you. Since you have the magical version, I don’t think you will be able to change to neither blue or red. Check this chart, it will show you the food that changes your tama color.
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    It's been a while since I gave an update, and I don't really have all that much to add. It seems like there's not really that many versions left to document, so I'm pretty chuffed that we've managed to make it this far and discover this much. ROM versions are an interesting piece of history worth preserving! But... there has been something on my mind lately regarding some of the really unusual devices I've encountered in my time researching. Every unusual device I've encountered has revealed something new about Tamagotchi's history. Let's briefly talk about a couple of these unusual Tamagotchis. So a few months ago, a user in the Tamagotchi Collectors Discord received two wave 1 US V1s. We were expecting at least one of the devices to use ROM Version 4.0, but they instead used 4.1 and 4.2. As I recall, this was the first time a wave 1 shell had been observed to use 4.2. Closer analysis of the 4.1 revealed something else unusual - the hardware was akin to that of a European device instead of an American one. The sound effects, the jumpers on the board, the screen - none of it matched what would be expected of a US device. Later on it was noted that the paint job on the device was also slightly different to other US devices - the logo was the wrong size and placed slightly differently. This wasn't the first time we'd seen this though - if you've ever compared one of the Spanish language devices to the English ones, you might have noticed the exact same differences in the logo printing. We still don't fully know why the V1 in question features these differences, but the similarities to the Spanish devices are undeniable - they also use similar hardware to the European devices. It's possible that this V1 was an early South American device, before the implementation of the Spanish language version, but who knows. At the very least, it's an indication that each region had its own unique and interesting history of Tamagotchi releases. Speaking of which... A while back I mentioned that one particularly rare ROM version for the V4 had been found - A4.7 E. This has so far only been observed once, and its manufacture date was a particularly late 31st March 2008, over a year after the initial release of the V4. This is not the only unusually late date that has been observed. Some V1s released in Europe and Australia were manufactured in late 2004 to early 2005, resulting in a relatively rare ROM version, 2.4; some European V2 shells weren't released until early 2006; and we've also found a V3 with a manufacture date of 20th August 2007, an extremely late date for a V3. While I'm not sure that all of these devices have anything particular in common, it has been observed that the extremely late V3 and V4 were actually released in Greece and featured Greek packaging. I'm used to thinking of Europe as being one whole collective when it comes to Tamagotchi releases, but apparently some regions received new versions much later than other regions. Not only that, but evidently, there were some ROM versions which seemed to only make themselves public through these unusual releases. The V3 had a standard A3 3 ROM, but that hasn't deterred me from hoping that other Greek devices are found in the future (some of the super late ones might have been released in other countries too, I'm not sure - Greece is just a common denominator right now). Could there be a V1 VER 2.5? A V2 VER A.7? Perhaps a late V4.5 or V5? If I do manage to encounter another extremely late release, I'll make sure to find out. The fact that after all this time we're still encountering new things to learn about Tamagotchis is fascinating to me, and I think that's one of the biggest appeals of this sort of research - you never know what else you have to learn.
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    Judging by the packaging you've got a wave 1 shell design. I've heard there were relatively frequent issues with the battery on early releases of the first wave (not sure if it's a hardware issue or a software issue), and its age might contribute to some of those issues, too. Hopefully the problems aren't consistent and now that your V1 seems to have survived a few days it continues to last longer
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    Okay, then. I wasn't sure since the vast majority of recent topics around the site are about the Tamagotchi On. Anyway, so far I haven't had any luck. I think I'm cursed to always get the same teens from the same children over and over again on the V4.5, none of which are from the Kuchi family But I just mated a Horoyotchi and a Celebtchi today, so hopefully that'll work! From my experience, mating two characters of two different family groups often results in at least one child evolving into the family that neither of the parents belonged to.
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    Lol i don't think anyone has, but I think I have seen the listing XD
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    Oh boy Dream Town, this was a fun one first i would like to thank @Alex Grigoriou as he had downloaded all the Dream Town files before it went down, basically making this whole thing possible. But anyway you can play dream town @ http://famita.ml/friends/index.html Registering and Login saving stuff works, however codes for the actural Tamagotchi Friends dont (yet), If you have any problems please tell me so i can try fix it- im not entirely sure i rewrote every single script soo Technical notes (for nerds): This game might have not been developed by Bandai but rather outsourced to "Firma Studio" as all packages are marked "com.firmastudio" - interestingly firmastudio.com seems to be an architexture company not a game development one, now granted it is Dream TOWN but i dont think it falls under *.CEBD file format - there is only 1 SWF file acturally loaded by this, which is the loader itself. which loads other binaries and config files in the .CEBD file, which is compressed (gZIP) & encrypted (ARC4) SWF or XML files the main config file is called "mmog.cebd" which is XML and defines stuff like the login server and stuff. and the main binary is "tam.cebd" which is a SWF, i wrote a CEBD decryptor in C# .NET which you can find the src and binaries for here: Cebd_Decrypt its also built with the Starling Engine, the login server is default over unsecured HTTP (infact, it pretty much HAS to be over HTTP since it expects a direct IP and not a domain name, i think SSL on IP's is possible but you cant do it with Let's Encrypt ..), oh and the original server stored passwords in plaintext, when you did a "i forgot my pass" thing it would just give you your password. i acturally set mine up to do SHA512(password)^salt the password reset merely creates a new password for you and tells you that instead. :-: It was totallllly possible to cheat dream town (even the original one,) basically whenever you do anything it sends a request to the auth server (defined in mmog.cebd) basically you can just POST to <authserver>/inventory/add with a JSON like {"itemId":1,"quantity":4,"authId":<token>} and it just adds it to your inventory. Anyway, you can find the CGI scripts code for the login server here: DreamTown Repository, and the Client Files
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    Sorry, she has no idea. My area of specialisation is vintage virtual pets, really.
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    Unfortunately, I have Sanrio Meets and this particular issue happened to me! I think the issue still there for the units they sold already, not sure if the english/ON is having troubles thought!
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    ★ 𝔖𝔞𝔫𝔯𝔦𝔬 𝔐𝔢𝔢𝔱𝔰 ★ Hello hello Gumi turned into a teen in the night (I think) He was mainly white with some light matching colours And yesterday, he turned into an adult first thing in the morning, which also woke me up too. And are the eyes finally different this time? ...Nope But it doesn't look too bad on Gumi. Perhaps the big headpiece and the blue colour kind of takes it away a bit, but oh my god get those eyes out please!! I'll hang out in the Meets Park to see if anyone wants to propose, and for me to find any potential partners for Gumi ★ 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔦. 𝔐𝔦𝔵 ★ Another slow day here. I've been too lazy to try and get Mikan with another character and I also don't know who to choose Mikan has also been getting nightmares, maybe because I'm neglecting him most of the time? She's been sulking in the corner whenever she comes back from her parent's house ~~~ I'm also getting a bit busy irl with exams and with the same routine repeating itself over and over now, expect posts to cover two days as opposed to one post per day Until next time~!
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    btw this is really cute ! can't you size it up abit? :)
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    ★ 𝔖𝔞𝔫𝔯𝔦𝔬 𝔐𝔢𝔢𝔱𝔰 ★ Not much happened today, apart from Pin and Pon growing up. They turned into cute little devils, inheriting their parent’s ears respectively. Have I been pretty lucky by getting non-identical twins twice in a row? I forgot to mention that yesterday they adopted a pink takoyaki pet, and then another pet showed up to marry it. I like how the mix ended up being purple from the pink and blue ★ 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔦. 𝔐𝔦𝔵 ★ I took a day off on the Anniversary Mix. I pretty much just sent it to their parent’s house, but tomorrow I will most likely be marrying Walnut off to Memetchi. Apologies for the lack of engagement here, but I know that if I married them off as soon as they turned into an adult then I will be burned out quite quickly... Until next time~!
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    Ah I see. Maybe we'll get this item soon. On the my meets app of course.
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    Okay guys, I was on the app looking around at all the pretty tamas right? Well this strolls up on screen and I have no idea where it came from or what it is, and as another fellow reddit user pointed out to me: its not in my meets, or at least the version I am using. Anyone have a clue?
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    It's a probably a meets station item. My meets doesn't have all the items, and it usually takes a while for new stuff to get updated onto mymeets because it requires access to a device with the items downloaded.
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    ★ 𝔖𝔞𝔫𝔯𝔦𝔬 𝔐𝔢𝔢𝔱𝔰 ★ Today I hung around the Meets app to find any potential partners for Kat. (Oh yeah, if you spotted, the pet is a different one. I may have time travelled to New Years to get some easy free Gotchi points and accidentally made the pet run away) Some of the interested characters were female, so unfortunately we couldn’t marry them, and with the few that were male, Kat got rejected. Again. But after some persistence, she finally landed a willing partner! I was interested in the blue outline that this Tamagotchi had. I know that it can only come from the Pastel Meets, but I was hoping for the baby to inherit this too. It was only now that I found out the blue outline is exclusive to the Pastel Meets...Here’s the little marriage animation that followed--thank you very much kind person for letting Kat marry! And I got twins again! Boys this time. I named the white one Pin, and the pink one Pon. They are just two bald boys stuck in an eggshell An hour later they turned into toddlers and they are so cute! (Actually, they kind of look like the Lovot, don't you think?) I’m going on a guess saying that if the twins are different colours, then they will be non-identical adults. I can’t wait to see what they’ll look like~ Pin and Pon looked so sad when their mother had to leave them...but don't worry little babies, I'll be taking care of you ❤️ ★ 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔦. 𝔐𝔦𝔵 ★ Walnut went to hang out in Makkakka Town with Memetchi. She's going to be the next Tama I will be mixing with since I have never tried or considered her :d I saw that if you go and do the meetings before the adult stage, it's easier to get to lovers as opposed to doing it all when they are an adult? I had some free time so I just did it He also turned into an adult today. At least the eyes are pretty cute Although, I want to get rid of the body. So I think Memetchi would be an interesting choice. I love her eyes but I wonder how my Tama will look like if they are shaped like a lightbulb ~~~ The entries that I write up are actually the day before, i.e. this entry was about yesterday. It just helps me keep track with what has happened Until next time~!
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    I have had the same dilemma on my Mix too, but I know that as much as I would like to keep them, I'll want to see what the next generation would look like. What I did was save their sprite before I married them off and on the Meets app before you head into the park with your Tamas you can take a screenshot and it's a clear image of them!
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    Woke up at 7:00am I gave him a bath. When to the yard for the first time I plan to get a tamagotchi pet for him. Chabitchi if i can. Took a picture of him evolved. Played with the ball a little went to town. Meat a tamagotchi girl she said she liked taking pictures but dint like to be in the pictures. Then went to the shop to play the dolphin game to get gotchi points i got 200 points then i played again and got 140 points. Then i fead my tamagotchi some rice bowl till he was full then some gelatin. Then took a bath here are some pics of him. Then we played some more of the dolphin game. This time i only got 100 points im trying to get him the VR set. Now im planing to get him a pet. It was precious he went to the yard and saw some bubbles and decided to jump in one and float in it. It worked the tamagotchi pet that i wanted shoed up. I told it it could live with us. Then after awhile he went to the back yard to play with his new pet here is a pic of them playing. I totally love the squirl pet it is so cute. We decided to unlock a location. Tama Hotel lets see what awaits us.I got to see Kikitchi he talked to us about some one that is his butler and that he is a hard worker. Now all i have to do is meet Mametchi, Lovelichi and Nijifurwatchi. Went to the park meat a dinosaur tamagotchi he said girls like gourmet food and fashion that wen he reads a magazine he wants to travel. Then he left then we played the dolphin game i got 140 points after that we went to tamagotchi hotel i saw Mametchi he wanted to play with us. So they played with the VR set. It was so cool the little scene it showed. After that I got to see Nijifuwatchi she said her favret place to go get away is the tamagotchi hotel. Now im trying to unlock gourmet street. It says that you have to eat an omelet rice 5 times to unlock it. Oh my gosh i just put the batteries on yesterday and it says low battery and they were new batteries from a not open pack plus i had the contrast on one bar. Maybe its the type of batteries i use? Im going to switch to duracel and see what happens. he went to play with his pet and it was raining. I feel sorry and sad for it. It has to stay in the cold rain. Then i fead it some gelatin and he got a tooth ache. I had to use the first aid kit on him. Then when to the back yard and another pet showed up it ask my pet to marry it but i dint like it. That is the second time that has happened to me. I hope i find one i like i can marry it off. went to the park meat a tamagotchi that said it had a problem that when he goes to the resort he likes making friends but the problem was remembering there names. That if i knew a solution it was so cute. Im just like him I make friends and its hard remembering names.
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    hoshiponchi is his name
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    Your Tamas are SO cute oh my heart! I love them I haven't married my Tama for about 17 days now because she's too cute but seeing yours make me wanna marry her again.
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    Thanks Ive already solved the issue thanks for your help
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    ★ 𝔖𝔞𝔫𝔯𝔦𝔬 𝔐𝔢𝔢𝔱𝔰 ★ Kit and Kat turned into adults! They grow up so fast Turns out that they are non-identical twins, so Kit resembles her mother, and Kat resembles her father! Except that both of them have inherited Pumpkitchi's eyes and on Kit it looked a bit unsettling in this one...specific frame... And since they are adults on the second generation, I was now able to unlock the Toy Land, the last destination I had on my Meets. I read that you can only marry one of the two twins off, which is understandable but oh poor other twin Although Kit was the more prominent sister (as seen with her name showing up in the family picture), I think I will be marrying Kat off to someone. I am not sure who I want to go for, whether it be another awesome Tamagotchi on the Meets app or a male Sanrio character. So many options, and I really want the next generation to be cute. I went onto the app for around an hour to see if there were any potential mates. Someone wanted to propose to my Kat, but I didn't want to have their Tamagotchi's genes in my third generation. I was vaguely aware of the fact that you don't have to actually receive an egg after the proposal acceptance, but I didn't know at what point I could disconnect. So I am super super sorry to the person who I accidentally turned down, whoever you are! No hard feelings. I found two potential mates and tried to propose, but sadly Kat got turned down on both occasions That's okay, I don't mind spending some more time with my two babies a little longer and hanging around! Eventually, I actually got two proposal requests directed at Kit! She is surely a fighter, trying to take marriage opportunities away from her sister At this point I now knew how to accept someone else's proposal and not have mine go to the next generation at the same time. So I accepted the requests because I didn't want to let the other person down, and they will be able to enjoy my Tama's genes (hopefully) on their device! Maybe the two people who Kat proposed to didn't know about this trick, much like me on my first proposal offer P.S. if you guys want to add me, feel free to do so! I'm not sure what the friends feature does exactly in the app but I wouldn't mind~ ★ 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔦. 𝔐𝔦𝔵 ★ I did a quick search to see if it was possible for a Mix and a Meets to marry, and the first link that I clicked on said that it wasn't possible! I tried to check this with my Mix and there was no 'Proposal' option underneath the connection tab, but in the friends list the friend bar goes from blue to red, so the red must just mean super best friend and not lover. If my information is wrong though, please correct me! Because currently there is nothing exciting going on with the Mix part of this log. Walnut turned into a teenager today, and that's pretty much it here ~~~ I didn't realise that the comments OK tag wasn't properly showing up but now I fixed it. I don't mind people leaving their comments, it'll be more interactive that way Until next time~!
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    Thanks ill try the new sites u gave me.
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    Go to BeeIMG or Postimage, upload your image, then right click on the image and choose "Copy image URL" or "Copy image location" or whatever it says. Then go back to here, choose "Insert other media", choose "Insert image from URL", and paste the URL.
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    Hello and welcome to TamaTalk! you can use imgur to upload pictures on the fourm.
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    Just coming in now: Again been pretty busy studying for my exam so I'll update with cute pictures soon of Quartz and Ruby! Yesterday they became adorable little teens and I couldn't stop squealing! Like OML I couldn't ask for better genes. They were on the app and got some attention on reddit which I feel like a proud mama to the best twins ever. I thought I was beyond in love with Usagi and Mimi but Usagi's offspring are just as cute as her. To my surprise they got some of dad's genes and the cutest parts of mom. I'm going to have a hard time letting them go when its the right time. Hopefully I can find a partner who can enhance the family beauty more or just appreciate the genes. Today I played with them alot and forgot it was nearly time for them to become adults, I came home to hear them calling for me to show off their newest forms. I think I woke up the neighbors. Anyways I'll post some cute updated images once my phone finishes charging! EDIT: Alrighty guys here are the pictures from today!!!!! Their teen form, which honestly I wouldn't have been sad if they caught peter pan syndrome (But I am happy they didn't). I don't even have words for the cuteness that has been gifted to me. And now they are ADULTS!!! Aren't they the cutest! I didn't take many today so sorry about that, I wish I had but sadly there wasn't enough time to. Well I'll try to catch cuter pictures tomorrow since I am making charms of some of my favorite generations that I have had and maybe a few extras. Let me know in the comments what tama was your favorite, I love to see everyone's tamas. Have a good evening!
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    New update: I've begun dissecting V4 item passwords, too, and they seem to work in a similar (though slightly different) way to V3 item passwords. Whilst looking for some I found the output of D-Best's password generator that someone had used, and the password list output by Tamatown at the end of someone's play session. I noticed something interesting appearing in the middle byte of the password: all of them took on the same value for each set of passwords. Let's quickly remind ourselves of the five-byte structure of a V3 password - we'll label the leftmost byte "B_5" and the rightmost "B_1", etc. B_5 can either be 0 or 1 and represents additional encryption on the password - if it's 1, you XOR every other byte by 106 B_2 holds the item ID data B_1 holds no data unless the item relates to the travel tickets, the King or to the parent or grandparent characters All five bytes are XOR'd by a variable relating to the username on the device, and there's a constant which is XOR'd onto the whole thing to give the final result B_4 and B_3 are somewhat enigmatic - it is known that one of them may be any value and serves to increase the number of password combinations, and the other is a sort of checksum. Up until this point I had assumed B_3 was the checksum, but the parent / grandparent passwords lacked a byte corresponding to increasing the number of password combinations 256-fold, so it became clearer that at least in that scenario the checksum byte was B_4. Maybe this carried over to other passwords too? When the old V4 password generators produced passwords - or when Tamatown did it at the end of your play session - all the passwords are generated simultaneously and so they all use the same random input variables. Comparing the V4 passwords I had found to eachother, it was clear that the middle byte was once again the random byte, not B_4. Perhaps this is the real reason some of the values of d_item_user don't work - because the formula assumes that B_4 can take any value when really it's B_3 that should be able to take any value. If the checksum was generated with XORing alone this probably wouldn't be an issue due to the surjective nature of the XOR function. However, if the checksum is generated in a more obscure manner, then it's possible that there are some checksum values which are never attained by any of the input (B_3) values. What does this all mean? It means that B_4 is still a total mystery, but perhaps somewhat less so now than it was before. --- So... V4 login passwords, let's talk about them again. After searching for a little while online I managed to find a login and logout password pair. Both of the passwords use different iteration values, so I XOR'd out the iteration before XORing the two passwords together to see what had changed. To my surprise, only two things had: - The iteration byte was XOR'd by 3. - The rightmost byte was XOR'd by 128. The bit which changes in the latter case was always observed to be 0 in the login passwords, so perhaps this is a "login / logout" variable. Unusually, even the checksum remained unchanged between the passwords despite the iteration value changing - assuming it's not a coincidence, then perhaps the logout is simply obtained by switching the iteration of the login password - and a few other bits of data - without recalculating the checksum. And what about that 3? The logout code actually corresponded to logging out with 300p, so I suspect that variable just determines how many hundreds of Gotchi points you'll be receiving. Pretty simple, really! If I get further confirmation that this all works as intended then I'll be making a V4 logout password generator very soon. Not only could it be used to generate free points, but future versions of fan-made Tamatowns could incorporate the generators to create a more authentic experience. Funnily enough, I didn't really need any info on the actual data structure of the login passwords to figure this out, only the iteration variables. That hasn't stopped me from gaining a further understanding of the password structure, though. Since my last post I've managed to crack the username component as well as most of the data variables: Recall that each character of the username can be represented by five bits. Suppose the nth character of the username has the bit structure "abcde". Define f(n) to be the concatenation 00abcdebcde, and g(n) to be the concatenation bcde. Then the username variable equals the concatenation g(5)f(4)f(3)f(2)f(1). That might sound complicated, but I couldn't really find an easier way of explaining it, hahaha. Maybe an example would help illustrate? The characters in the username "ABCDE" have the following bit structures: A = 00001 B = 00010 C = 00011 D = 00100 E = 00101 Then - in binary - the username variable is: 0000101010100001000100000001100110000010001000000010001 EEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDCCCCCCCCCCCBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAA From E From D From C From B From A XORing the password by the username variable, as well as the iteration variables, leaves only the data. So far I've observed the data to take the following structure: (PPPP000A IIIIIIII) SSSSTTTB 100GGGGG 000PPPPP ?0VJJJJJ LGCCCCCC P - Iteration type (In brackets because this structure is removed once the iteration variables are XOR'd out - after removing all the iteration data these bits will end up being zero, but I kept them there to indicate where that information is stored) Basically just indirectly tells you what value the iteration value I takes. A - Alternator (In brackets for the same reasons as above) If it's zero, then the password is unchanged. If it's 1, XOR each of the other bytes by 108. I - Iteration (In brackets once again) The value by which each other byte (all but the leftmost byte) is XOR'd by to increase the number of passwords representing the same data. S - Checksum Unsure of how this is calculated, but it definitely depends on the rest of the data and the iteration type. I'm not sure if the checksum depends on the username (one way to check would be to generate passwords from a freshly started V4 for multiple usernames until you've obtained two with identical iterations - then, XOR out the username and see what's left) T - Travel Has a ticket been used? Which one? B - Baby Seems to change when the adult character has a baby. Not sure if it relates to the presence of the baby or its gender. G - Grandparent character ID of the grandparent. P - Parent character ID of the parent. V - Version 0 for V4, 1 for V4.5. J - Job ID of the job the character has. Preschool, school and the stages between schools and between school and work are also included as their own ID values. L - Login / logout 0 for login passwords, 1 for logout passwords. G - Gender 0 for male, 1 for female C - Character Character ID. ? - No idea ?????? I've seen it take on the values 0 and 1 but haven't detected a correlation between those values and the input data. I expect some of the 1s and 0s will end up representing other bits of data that I've not accounted for, like the King rank, the King gifts and the Passport souvenir. It should also be noted that parent and grandparent IDs are stored slightly differently to character IDs on the V4 - since only adult characters can be parents or grandparents, most of the ID values would be unused. To resolve this issue, the IDs used by these characters are like what you'd get if you took the normal ID list, removed all non-adult characters and renumbered each character according to its placement. So for example, Mametchi normally has ID 9, but in this new system he has ID 1. This means the character is represented with only 5 bits of data instead of 6. Okay, so V4 login / logout passwords are mostly done now, I guess. I should really try and decipher the various check digits that are left but I'm becoming increasingly curious about the system that was used by the Music Star... so any login password donations for the Music Star will be appreciated as always, as will any item passwords found to be working with those login codes (it turns out it's actually fairly easy to trial-and-error item passwords on the Music Star!) All this password cracking is making me miss Tamatown more and I'm lamenting the fact that so little was done to archive all the swf files that the website hosted. As time goes on it seems less and less likely that somebody is going to come out of the blue and say "oh, it turns out I saved a bunch of the files on my pc back in the day", so perhaps a future project could be to reproduce the art and flash files used by the site in a manner faithful to the original content alongside (fingers crossed) a working password generator. Even if that doesn't happen, I want to preserve any information on generating passwords that I manage to figure out, so I'll continue posting updates here whenever I make breakthroughs, and I intend on producing some documentation which is hopefully a little more accessible than some of my posts have been. Who knows, maybe I'll produce an EnWarehouse-like application for the passwords too - only time will tell (it really depends on how complicated these check digits are!!)
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    Just another question - does anyone know where i can find a list of infrared phones that work with an idl? I've had a look around for palm treos but after converting to aud it becomes pretty pricy (especially for a student with no job ;_;). I've looked for lists but most of them are expired links. Thanks! Edit: found the updated link! If anyone else needs it: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tamazone/tamagotchi-id-compatible-cell-phones-t22536.html
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    It cannot be both of these things at once. Do you mean that you want to create a virtual pet that isn't part of the Tamagotchi brand? For the creation of a physical product: With millions of dollars* for licensing, research and development, wages for designers/engineers/programmers/marketing/lawyers/etc., suitable business premises and equipment, tooling, electronic parts, raw materials, and also for complying with relevant global laws relating both to the standards of the factories used and the treatment of their workers and the procurement of materials (for an electronic product you will need to ensure that you are vetting your supply-chain for conflict-minerals, for example), as well as for toy safety testing for every country where you want to sell the product. That's just quickly and roughly off of the top of my head, and it definitely doesn't even come close to everything. *Electronic parts are usually sold in US dollars, and you will most likely need to deal in this currency for all business dealings relating to this concept. For the creation of a one-off physical project: You might want to find out if any pre-existing kits from a company like Adafruit Industries can be adapted for your purposes, and you will need to be able to invest the time to both make and program the device - and to learn how. For the creation of a computer program for personal use: Depending on what you want to achieve, you may be able to use a drag-and-drop game-creation program to create this, or you may have to invest the time to learn a programming language so that you can have finer control over your project.
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    Tears For Fears. It's a pretty old band. It's very 80's.
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    I keep seeing these online and it makes me upset. You can get these fakes for a cheap price, but the Tamagotchi Connections of my childhood cost $35 or more now! And I did see a YouTube video of the fake Color from Wish. I was laughing when Patrick came on because a Nickelodeon character does not belong the Tamagotchi world. I have seen these in public. I saw the heart variant of the Jia-Yun pet at both Hot Topic and Marshall's. Hot Topic also had a variant of the same pet that fooled you into thinking it was a Color, and to make matters worse, it was next to some real Tamagotchis. The heart variant of the Jia-Yun pet also appeared in the Schooled episode "Tamagotchis and Bells" alongside some real ones. Coincidentally, this aired the same day I saw the same pet at Marshall's.
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    Considering they're selling it as if it were a Tamagotchi, I doubt they know or even care if it works.
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    Only the 2 figurines that were included with the device trigger content that's already in the device itself. The other figurines that you had to purchase separately, carry their own data. They only released 12 figurines because of the v7/Tama-Go's commercial failure, but they originally planned to release over 50 of them, and that would probably not have fitted in the ROM.
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    Only the English version? Aww, now I wish I had saved the file of the Dutch translation. At one point in it, Mametchi literally said "Kiramotchi can be a bit of an idiot sometimes!".
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    Today... Virtual Mickey Mouse stopped selling. Only this! From takara tomy! https://lavitsfigure.com/products/takara-tomy-disney-mickey-mouse-magical-transfiguration-handheld-digital-virtual-pet-game-play-key-chain And Not this! https://japanyouwant.com/product/new-mickey-life-game-yellow-vintage-mini-game And this! https://www.ebay.com/itm/VIRTUAL-Mickey-Mouse-Yellow-Interactive-Cyber-Tamagotchi-NEW-SEALED-Disney-/283355936782
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    I can't believe this place is still up.. I haven't been on here in almost 7 years
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    Sorry about that! I must have waited just a little too long before I added that. But here is a pic of that very similar dinosaur pet:
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    Sorry guys, I'm going to have to be a bit of a grumpy git and say: Anything Connection and beyond, barring the Minis/Nanos/re-releases. I don't enjoy the excessive complexity (why are these guys training for specific jobs and going to work and raising families but still pooping all over the floor?) or the lack of a complete life-cycle; They shifted into being nigh-invincible virtual friends at some point, and that's not what interests me about these devices - I'm interested in the raising and the evolutions.
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    While I might have seen some templates, I don't think I can find them for you now. However, there's some options for you to try: 1. Take out the P's faceplate and scan it with a piece of plain white paper on top of it. The scan should be more or less accurate when it comes to size once you print out your ready template 2. Just make a looping pattern of sorts on paper and then trace the faceplate on it before cutting it out (or even use scrapbook paper and stuff for it). It won't be ideal but it works.
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    In japan they will, outside japan they probably won't, Tamagotchi Friends and Tamgotchi Life werew the only things we currently had outside japan, and now that we don't have Life and that the TFs is not really selling well, they probably won't want to release new versions overseas xD I think the problem is mainly that Bandai US/UK's marketing is terrible, lots of worse (and expensive) toys sell a lot better because of their marketing, Bandai just didn't do it right with Tamagotchi, the Tamagotchi Life website and facebook had more non-tamagotchi girly stuff related than actual Tamagotchi stuff, if you saw the website you wouldn't think is a virtual pet project, And the TFs add is overall really creepy xD
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    It’s really hard taking care of tamas while studying engineering!
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    Name: Katsu Age: 16 B-day: July 7 Date of death: July 20 Generation: ??? Goodbye Katsu! We miss you so much