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    Just wanted to give a shout out to @Alex Grigoriou for the impressive work in trying to bring back Tamagotchi Town! If you haven't already, check out the topic about it here or the site at http://alexgtamagotchieu.freevar.com
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    I am from time to time reminded how much TamaTalk has grown and changed with tamagotchi. I get nostalgic of other sites and groups I was a part of. I am going to try and be a little more active with tamas. Wish me luck and I hope to make more friends along the way!
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    No... they can't? The 90s devices can't even connect at all. OP, I'll answer each one of your requirements individually to give you an idea of the range of Tamagotchis there are: The originals only have about 11 characters so I'm guessing you want quite a bit more than that. This condition eliminates pretty much all of the vintage models, except for the Osutchi and Mesutchi, which have quite a few characters. Of the modern releases, here's the ones that have the most characters - though be aware that some of these characters might be inaccessible due to requiring external devices or web services that no longer exist: International releases: V1: 20 characters V2: 51 characters V3: 50 characters V4: 52 characters V4.5: 52 characters V5: 65 characters V5.5: 60 characters Music Star: 40 characters Tama-Go: 36 characters Friends: 36 characters Friends Dream Town: 36 characters Japanese-exclusive releases: Keitai: 23 characters Hanerutchi 1: 21 characters Akai: 23 characters Entama: 56 characters Uratama: 58 characters Hanerutchi 2: 46 characters Oden-Kun: 22 characters Plus Color: 26 characters Hexagontchi: 26 characters iD: 21 characters iDL: 48 characters P's: 42 characters with an additional 54 characters unlocked with pierces (sold separately), I'm not sure if all the additional characters can be raised though 4U: 16 characters and 16 personality stage forms (not sure what these are but they're functionally different characters, I believe) with an additional 32 characters unlocked with downloads and touch cards (sold separately), again I'm not sure if all the additional characters can be raised 4U+: 18 characters and 22 personality stage forms, as well as (I assume) the 32 downloadable characters from 4U M!x: There are 5 different versions of the M!x and they each have 22 characters, plus the ability to "mix" characters together through breeding to get a seemingly endless number of variations Meets: 19 characters as well as the aforementioned mixing mechanic All the Tamagotchis mentioned above can connect to others, as far as I'm aware! There are restrictions though: -Osutchi and Mesutchi can only connect with eachother -The V1, 2, 3, 4 and 4.5 can all connect, though Tamagotchis of different versions connect as though they're V1s which limits the number of things to do -The Japanese version of the V1 - the Plus - can connect with the Keitai and Akai -The V2, 3, 4 and 4.5 can all connect to the Keitai and Akai too -The Keitai, Akai, Entama and Uratama can all connect to eachother -The V5, 5.5, Music Star and Tama-Go can all connect to eachother -The Friends and Dream Town can connect to eachother I'm not sure about how the remaining Japanese models connect to eachother so I think someone with a better understanding of the Japanese models will have to help you there. All the ones above have more to do than the originals! I'll list a few features from each: Vintage releases: Osutchi and Mesutchi: Quite a simple model as far as I know, though there's a complex breeding mechanic where connecting your Tamagotchis gets you different characters. International releases: V1: This one has a two games instead of the one like the originals, and the ability to connect with other Tamagotchis. This also allows Tamagotchis to gift eachother items which they can use. Overall, the number of features is still pretty lacking, though. V2: There's new games, and games now give the player points that they can use in the shop to buy food and items. Relatively limited compared to later releases, but still allows for quite a lot of gameplay time. V3: Lots of new features and items, and a whole bunch of games. A big part of this Tamagotchi was the Tamatown functionality, but since the website shut down nearly 6 years ago this functionality has been inaccessible. You're not missing a whole lot though, honestly, since the souvenirs from Tamatown didn't actually do anything except look nice. V4: Growth is now determined by your Tamagotchi's interests and skills. These skills then go on to influence the job your Tamagotchi gets. There's also a huge variety of games, increased by the range of jobs your Tamagotchi can now engage in. Tamatown functionality is lost once again, but again it's not really a big deal. V4.5: Basically identical to the V4 but with different characters and games. I think getting skill points is easier too now and if I recall correctly the jobs are a bit different? V4 also suffered from some pretty bad glitches which were fixed in the 4.5. V5: Tamagotchis are now put into families - if you've ever wanted to raise more than one Tamagotchi at once, now you can! Though it's functionally identical to raising one. The range of features is pretty limited compared to the V4 though, since there's no job mechanic anymore. I think the range of items was also pretty limited if I recall right, and a lot of the items were only obtainable online, though the passwords are still available online since they don't always rely on a username like before. V5.5: Similar to the V5 again. V5 had some pretty bad glitches if you were unlucky - mine liked to reset itself on occasion - and they were fixed in this iteration. Different characters and games once again. Music Star: Basically the V4 but you can only get one job, a career in music. This isn't too much of a downside though, as there's plenty of fun to be had - more varied gameplay than previous versions, for sure. Easily one of my favourite versions, though a couple of the characters and a few of the items aren't so easily accessible anymore since the shutdown of Tamatown. Tama-Go: Very, very limited, unless you buy the additional figures which clip onto the top and unlock more content. The figures unlock extra games and the ability to buy items, which was removed from this version for some reason. On a more positive note the screen is now a 4-tone greyscale screen instead of the previous monochrome screen, and that allows the player to buy different room designs for their Tamagotchi. Friends: Haven't played it, so I don't know much about it. From the sounds of it though, it's pretty limited, like the Tama-Go. Connection is NFC instead of IR, now. Friends Dream Town: Supposedly an improvement upon the Friends, but still suffers from being relatively limited once again. I don't have any of the Japanese-exclusive releases, but I've listed some of their features here anyway: Keitai: Kinda like the V3 but with more things to do, I think? Hanerutchi 1: It's based off a gameshow or something? So the characters aren't really Tamagotchi characters. I think it's like a Keitai or the Plus / V1 otherwise. Akai: Like the Keitai but the pixels are red and there's different games and characters Entama: Like the V4, but with more to do, I think? Uratama: Like the Entama, but the pixels are blue now. Once again different characters and games, similar to the V4.5. Hanerutchi 2: Another Hanerutchi, but like the Entama, I think? Oden-Kun: Not sure what the functionality is like but it's based off the Oden-kun character. Plus Color: First Tamagotchi with a full colour screen. Hexagontchi: Like Plus Color but with some features related to a gameshow called Hexagon, or something. iD: I think you get the ability to keep your character for as long as you want, or something. I don't know much about this one. iDL: Like the above but... more? P's: Dunno, there's these "pierce" things that you can clip onto the top to unlock more content though. 4U: First Japanese model that used NFC I think. Allows the player to download new content. 4U+: Like the above but more, again, I guess. M!x: Has the aforementioned "Mix" mechanic which allows you to mix two characters together to get something entirely new. Meets: No idea, but I've heard the current release of this version is pretty glitchy. If a Meets sounds like your thing, maybe wait until the next version of the Meets comes out. Apparently carries the same mixing mechanic from the previous version. I think you can also raise twins in this version though I'm not sure if that was in a previous version (aside the V5) too. Generally the Japanese models have more features than the international releases. This is probably the strongest restriction you've given, and it should helpfully make it easier to make a decision. Any of the Japanese models from the Plus Color onwards will probably end up being too expensive for you. Even the Entama can go for $60+ if you're buying new, though it should be within your limits if you're buying used. Seems like the iD / iDL are an exception though, they look like they tend to go for a little cheaper. The vintage Osutchi and Mesutchi should be just within your limits. English models should all be affordable, though be careful not to buy one of the $2 fakes. The Music Star is likely to be a little expensive though some sellers will definitely sell it to you for less than $40. The Tama-Go should be just within your limits though the figures aren't going to be that cheap, and it's not really worth purchasing it without the figures. The Dream Town version might be the hardest to get because it's usually (confusingly) named the "Tamagotchi Friends" and those that know to add the "Dream Town" on the end tend to sell it for quite a bit more. On the other hand the Tamagotchi Friends seems to be one of the cheapest models available, probably because it was a relatively recent release. Hopefully others can fill you in on the information I'm less familiar with. I hope this helps!
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    Guys, I have great news about Tamagotchi Town V4. I have found some swf files and I have parsed tamatown all together. Click on the link for download. Have fun! Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ibdch866cbm37db/TAMATOWN.rar
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    A few small updates: Firstly, it turns out some Ketais have the ROM version 6.1. I haven't found much else about ROM versions and version differences in Japanese models, so any help with those would be greatly appreciated. It looks like the Japanese models might have continued using the numbered version notation the Plus / V1 used: Plus / V1: 0.0, 2.0, 2.1, 4.0, 4.2 Keitai: 6.1 Famitama / V5: 34.1 I guess we'll see if the pattern continues as we collect more version numbers. Another thing I thought it might be insightful to mention is the prototype version of the Tama-Go: If you were around for the build up to Tama-Go's release you might remember that the shell designs completely changed. Firstly, the shells seen here used a more of a matte colouring scheme than the glossy shells we got in the final version. The faceplates were entirely different (I think I prefer these faceplates), the bases of the figures shown are more translucent than the final design of the lite figures, the packaging is a little different and it looks like the IR slot is transparent here (the three Tama-gos which aren't in use have completely opaque IR slots, I think they might just be mock-up models though. The pink one also seems to be missing part of its top). Even the figures got prototype models! Gorippatchi never got her own figure. I wonder if this one is a functional figure, or just another mock-up? We'll see in a bit that it's probably the latter. There's also another image of a Mamametchi figure, which also never got released. Memetchi's seen here again, but with a different design to the one in the previous image. I don't think this figure design was ever released. This last image is of particular interest to me. First and foremost, we can see that despite the figure clearly being on, the device has other ideas. In a video of the event we also see that no "Welcome!" image comes up when the figure is placed on the Tamagotchi. I guess that either confirms the figures being mock-ups or the device still not being fully programmed as of yet. You might also notice it says "cartridge" instead of "character". I'm really curious about this - I wonder what other differences this version contained? Do you think these prototype Tama-Go models still exist somewhere in the world? Or, indeed, any other prototype Tamagotchis? If people want, I could continue updating this thread with interesting stuff about version differences as I learn more. That's kind of what this project is, after all - an attempt to document all the different versions that were released.
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    hwd45 gave an EXCELLENT run down for all the requirements, and then even more than that. I can only give a few corrections here and there: NOT similar to the v3 at all, and has in fact LESS things to do. Only similarity is the shell and some characters. Pretty sure it has less characters too. But it does have some unique functions. That's more accurate than above, though to me v4/v4.5 and Entama and UraTama are completely uncomparable units, aside from their shells and some characters. There is about the same amount of things to do between them, some features are removed, some added. Oden-kun functionality wise is similar to either Tamagotchi Plus or Keitai, I don't exactly remember. It's also worth nothing that aside from the buyable pierces, the P's also has custom downloadable deco pierces created by the community, called VDPs. They consist of completely new and original content as well as translated, fully-free content from the pierces. You can see VDPs here: http://mrblinky.net/tama/vdp/ Of course, there is also a english patch. 4U/4U+ has an NFC connection function, HOWEVER not every NFC phone is compatible with it, only a few models work. Also, the original app has been long discontinued, Mr Blinky's translated and improved app is still running however. In general the iD, iD L and P's line have introduced IRDA downloads, all you need is an old phone with IRDA compatibility to get brand new content on these devices. I'd urge to look at Tamagotchi Wiki pages on them. I could write a comprehensive guide of all the differences of color versions but right now I have no time, HOWEVER there's a handy guide, I wish it was passed around more than it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eDsMjBL2_gl7dOHoB3VqZurn7dFgszCp/view
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    As you might know, when performing a ROM Test on one of the connection-era Tamagotchis you're briefly shown a number representing some sort of ROM version for your Tamagotchi. I'm really into things like game development and version differences so naturally hearing that there were a bunch of different version numbers for Tamagotchi versions from a decade ago really piqued my interest - I figured maybe this would help me figure out why there were some more subtle differences between different Tamagotchi versions, too, like how some Tamagotchi models call that one item "Love Potion" while others call it "Honey". This motivated me to try and document the different ROM versions and how they might affect the gameplay, and try to understand the numbering conventions used in this process, too. I've done a bit of digging and this a list of the version numbers I've found so far: V1: 2.0, 2.1, 4.2, A4 V2: 4.2, A3, A4, A5 V3: A3 0, A3 2 V4: A4.2U, A4.3E, A4.5E V4.5: A4.5-3E V5: 34.1 V6: 6.0 00 32.0 0, 6.0 01 32.0 0 V7: 7.0 01 32.0 V8: 8.0 00 I obviously can't ask others to perform a ROM Test for the sake of research since it resets the Tamagotchi's data, but if anyone else has ROM tested one of their Tamagotchis in the past and you remember anything about the Tamagotchi's version number I'd love to hear more about it. Ideally, if you can also recall the model version (i.e. V1, V2, V3 etc.), shell design (the differences might relate to the different waves that were released), the region (USA / Europe / Asia-Pacific / Japan) and any other version differences (like changed item names such as Tools / Bubbles, Hair Gel / Hair Potion, Honey / Love Potion, Stuffed Animal / Costume) then that'd be really helpful to me! I'm also looking into the ROM versions of other Tamagotchis not listed above since I figure they probably use similar conventions (V5.5, V9, Plus, Keitai, Akai, Entama, Uratama, Oden-Kun, Hanerutchi 1/2). If you don't have anything to add that's obviously fine - I just hope others find this to be an interesting topic, too! Thanks in advance!
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    Our upgrade is complete and I THINK everything went smoothly. Please poke around and check out the new features and look. I still have some work to do... Our emoticons are coming back (of course)... I also need to make some tweaks to settings. Please look around and post here with any comments or problems you discover. I still have a backup of the old system so we can downgrade if major problems are discovered. One feture I am most excited about is that we are now way more modern and work wonderfully on computers, tablets and phones! One other thing to note is the new Clubs section which lets TamaTalkers make their own little group. The groups can be public or private. This is something I want to try out to see if it is useful. This gives you a chance to create your own little space where you can be the moderator and guide how things operate. Please Note! Community rules on behaviour and content will still apply! I hope you all like it!
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    Hello guys and Happy New Year! Thank you for your support! I won't tell you much. However, the only thing I am going to say is that the month of January is going to be full of surprises and new features. That is it for today folks. See you on the next post!
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    Someone on the FB group mentioned something about leaving items outside to get them? I haven't really dug that much though. >>
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    I can finally reply to my own topic heh I am waiting for a green magical meets! I am very excited. Looking to get a blue fairy one in March
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    (Sorry if the images are very big or sideways, uploaded these from a phone) Hello! Mimitchi06 here, logging my first tama experiences. It’s very exciting, even if they just bob around on the screen so far. Let’s start with the P1. He was very needy like all tamas in the baby stage, but after a solid hour he wasn’t as needy. I filled his hearts up right away and every time I saw them drop-even by one!-I very quickly refilled them. I fed him mostly meals and barely any snacks- those would be taken care of by games. At a random point (around 20-30 minutes before evolving) he slept for no reason and woke up around 6 minutes later. Then he got sick and needed 2 doses of medicine, and then a few minutes later, the magic happened! Now, he wasn’t as needy as he was in the baby stage, but now more waiting will happen until he evolves again. He did make 2 discipline calls, though, and got his meter filled halfway. I guess this guy’s hungry for attention. And then his brother came into the world... like the P1, the P2 was very needy- dropping hearts every few minutes but getting them refilled in no time. Throughout his time as a babytchi, he was fed only 2 snacks- we played the game a lot! I think the sound chip is a bit wonky in him, sometimes the beeps come out very sharp or lag a bit. I’ve also noticed his beeps are quieter than the P1- is this normal? P2 stayed a baby for longer, as I had him paused a lot (I did other things, nobody can watch tamagotchi for a whole day... or can they?) but this afternoon he evolved. He did the weird random power-nap thing again, but soon he gained a spike! Wow! Evolution is fascinating. He has not called for discipline at all, maybe he isn’t as attention-seeking as his brother, or maybe he’s just well behaved. Who knows. Anyway, that’s the end of today’s tama log. This is my first attempt at logging- please give feedback so my future logs can be better. I’m excited to see what happens tomorrow, if anything happens at all- I’m giving perfect care, so they should be on the route to Mimitchi/Mametchi. (Quick question: when do they [child stages] go to sleep?)
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    Happy boxing day to you too, Hohotchi! It's nice to see CAKE getting along so well! My little Nojikukatchi is looking a little more like a devilish teenager today- she grew up and got little horns as well as a clockwork tail. Ooooo! Nothing of much note happened for her today- I spent most the day at work so she spent most of the day asleep. She did go out and meet a friend or two in the gardening town, though! There was a big fluffy sheepyfriend in town and they planted a garden together. I'm so excited to see what kind of eyes she grows into, and if she'll get bigger horns! Lets go into a new day and a new adventure!
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    Hi again! Cake cruised along pretty well yesterday, and has evolved into an Ichigotchi for her Teenager stage! I think that Ichigotchi suits Cake's name very well, since you often see a lot of strawberries on cakes! I actually saw a cake with strawberries on it today, coincidentally. I had only a couple of slip-ups since last post. The most prominent of them was when I let Cake's hearts fall to two on each meter shortly after she became an Ichigotchi. As a result I doubt I can get Mametchi for the adult stage - it'll likely be Kuchipatchi unless I do any more mistakes. However I do welcome this, because I get Mametchi a lot and Kuchipatchi not nearly as much on my other Tamas. Additionally, Kuchipatchi would suit Cake's name better since Kuchipatchi would eat 10 cakes a day! Indeed, Kuchipatchi would be a good representation of the gluttonous behaviour of humankind at Christmas time. Either way, I will see in a few more days. Cake is already 3 years old because I accidentally had the clock set on the wrong time and she fell asleep early yesterday afternoon. As a result I changed the time and woke her up again, aging her by a year. But oh well, it's not like the Version 1's age counter is the most reliable anyway. Time for stats! Stats for Cake (Version 1, Black shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 6/9 bars Age: 3 years Weight: 24 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 1G Stage: Teenager Evolution: ShiroBabytchi > Marutchi > Ichigotchi ~ Thanks again for reading, and have a happy Boxing Day!
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    Merry Christmas! I'm also in Australia (albeit the extreme south, literally the last town at the end of the road at the edge of the southernmost state) so it's also a little warm today I'm going to run my Meets! Magical version, and so today I made sure to get my tamagotchi married off! They hatched a lil bundle of pigtailed joy. She's a cutiepumpkin, and I think I accidentally named her Nojikuka. I hope she gets lots of robot traits from her extended family! (Especially grandpa-- look at that grumpy face ehehe). Edit, a few hours later: Nojikuka grew up a little bit! Not worth a whole new post- but I'm very pleased because she seems to have the cute robot headpiece! Time to pack up and move into your own place, girl~
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    Hello! Sorry I've appeared so early, but it's already Christmas where I live and I have some logging to do! Anyway, I am actually out on holidays in a quite tropical area of Australia - so while many of you are making snow angels, I am dripping in sweat and turning red in the bare sun! ...Well, not quite like that, but it is still fairly polarizing to the northern hemisphere. The Tamagotchi I decided to hatch is my Connexion Version 1 (European). It is a very ratty specimen that my sister found abandoned in the playground one day. It is a bare black shell with barely any paint except for an almost-illegible Tamagotchi logo. Since I acquired it, its original white buttons have been replaced by mismatching purple ones, and its back cover is a red one from a donor Tamagotchi that I now cannot remember. As a result, it is the closest thing to a "paddock basher" Tamagotchi that you can get. Despite all its dents, scratches and lack of collectors' value however, its internals work perfectly fine. I haven't run this one in my usual roster recently since the Version 's features are a bit barebones (not to mention it has no built-in pause function). However, its low-maintenance nature and unique animations/sounds make it a great example for the occasional group hatch. Not to mention, its damaged shell makes it an ideal candidate for portability since I don't have to worry about protecting the paint or anything. Now, onto the hatch itself! I woke up at about 8:00 AM and started my Version 1 after breakfast. I put a battery in it and let the egg wiggle away until it hatched into a female ShoiroBabytchi! I named the baby "Cake" because of all the Christmas treats I am indulging in. Not a common name in my roster, I must admit, but special events must call for unusual measures. Cake was generally cared for quite well. She was tended perfectly for the first 40 minutes, but afterwards I left her fore about 10 minutes accidentally, leaving her at just 1 heart on each meter! Oh well, at least it doesn't affect her evolution this generation. After the usual hour, Cake evolved into Marutchi for her Child stage. At the moment, she is rolling around copiously as I write this log entry. I will update tomorrow when Cake becomes a teenager. But for now, it's time for stats! Stats for Cake (Version 1, Black shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 2/9 bars Age: 1 year Weight: 13 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 1G Stage: Child Evolution: ShiroBabytchi > Marutchi ~ Thanks for reading, and a merry Christmas to you all! I'll post here again tomorrow.
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    The older tamas didn't have a gender assignment, so that would be OK.
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    I would not care for this either.
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    Not today, but this is what I recently got in the mail:
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    (This isn't my image, for some reason the one's I took with my phone weren't working. I found this one on Google.) This is it! Although mine has some weird cursive writing across the top that I can't quite make out. I tried it out and it was just the generic programming they use in most of the fakes.
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    Finally, my goal is achieved. No more downloads. TamaTown is officialy revived by me and imported in a web server. There you can enjoy TamaTown being on a server once again. I also added android functionality by using Puffin Web Browser from the Google Play Store (not sponsored).I hope you like it Link: http://alexgtama.freevar.com
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    Guys, it is indeed time for an update. I have made some minor optimizations and some major fixes to the project. So, you guessed it. Tamatown project v2 is coming really soon (with some extra pressure i could even release it tomorrow). Anyways, the project is almost ready for publication. I will be using mega.nz instead of mediafire this time, because in mega, projects can be encrypted and it does not contain any annoying popups. That's it for today folks. I hope you are hyped. See you.
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    The 90s devices cannot connect to other devices, they aren't built with the functionality to do so. I'm not sure whether you're trying to be funny or if you're misunderstanding what the OP meant by "connecting".
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    I never thought you could get a chain of inspired v-pets! I mean the gigapets were inspired by tamagotchis (I think uwu) and the digapets were (probably) inspired by gigapets! Also I definitely prefer the packaging on the digapets! It looks so cool, not as good at the generic tamas thoooo