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    A new Tamagotchi has been announced for Japan! It releases on 11/23/21. No info on international release so far. It'll be a smartwatch-tamagotchi hybrid with voice and touch interactions! It also has additional pieces for new content, kind of like the P's. The straps are removable if you want to use it like a regular tama.
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    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I've wanted a "Tamawatchi" ever since the Tamagotchi line first came to the West in 1997, and it's finally happening! I really hope that this one comes to the West, as well. Though, as with most Japanese releases, it should still be pretty importer-friendly even if it remains Japan-only.
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    posting extra pictures in the comments due to file size restrictions.
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    One time yearsss ago I made a new forum asking for Tamatalk to let us "like" status updates, and someone replied to it "This isn't facebook," and its sooo funny logging back in years later to see we got it 🤣🤣
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    i have so many feelings on this (GOOD FEELINGS THOUGH) but man im so hyped for this!! two whole new color tamagotchis being released in the same year, and both look super fun and promising... we're really getting spoiled for this anniversary this year also I really love the new characters, they kind of remind me of connection-era character designs and it makes me happy to see tamagotchi go back to having wacky looking characters again (though I love the cutesy ones too dont get me wrong) If i could save up enough money for it, I'm really tempted to get both this and the pix just to compare and contrast them, it would be fun to raise both at once
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    Happy Birthday to me! Got a new iPad and a Red P2 this morning. Looking like it’s going to be a good day!
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    I was also worried about them getting rid of the tactile buttons, but it seems pretty cool with how they're utilizing them. But agreed. I can't imagine the resolution is much higher than our current iteration of color tamas, so I don't have MUCH hope for a phenomenal camera. It'd be nice if they were at least decent, however. 🤩
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    Ive already said it before but the animation is so smooth, I love it! I'm actually really impressed by the camera, I can't tell if the video is highly edited to look better but that camera quality is WAY better than what I was expecting. and the fact that it's able to detect colors apparently?? that's pretty awesome, i just hope it works as good in person as it does in the footage.
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    im really excited for this one!! to me it just looks fun and im excited to see what they're gonna do! also i like a lot of the new characters!
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    Not necessarily. I make mine super snug so they don't come off very easily. The trick here is going to be making one that allows for use of the camera button to move up and down, without the case being too loose or tight. Us crocheters are going to have our hands full the first week trying to work up a design LOL
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    Hello everyone My name is KuchipatchiPod or you can say Pod for short. I am new here but saw the log forum and decided to give it a try I've mentioned in other threads, but recently my father delivered to me my original 97 P1 Tamagotchi that I played with as a young tween. I decided to get some batteries for it, and while I was at it, grab a Japanese OG P1 so I could try to get Oyajitchi. I'd always been interested in collecting Tamagotchis, and my friend sent me a link to where you can buy the new Digimon ver20th vpets. I had to grab one. Then you know how online shopping goes... you get a little carried away sometimes. I had just received a Twitch payout and decided to blow it all on Tamas and Digis. I grabbed up six Digimon total (one of each variation, and then a sixth so I could ge thte "connect to 5 unique devices" mons... ) After playing with my new Tamas and Digis for a bit, I decided I wanted some "fresh" Tamas, as my OG ones have seen better days. So I ordered a rerelease P1 and P2... Definitely going to stop for now because I'm quickly depleting the little bit I have in my bank account... At first it was just the two Tamas and a yellow Digivice. But then my purple one came in (for some reason the other 5 got shipped in two different packages despite buying them all together) early in the morning, so I decided to open it and play with it, even though it's the same "variation" as the yellow one. But I was eager to start another Digimon. Then the others came in later in the day. I was feeling obsessive and wanted to try out some of the other ones, too. Since the black and white ones have forms that can Jogress with each other, I decided to open BOTH of those. Bringing me to a whopping total of 6 active pets. So let's meet the crew... I named each device (I'm not going to name each individual monster/creature). In the Digimon, you actually get to type in the names, so I was limited to 4 characters, but with the Tamagotchis you don't enter a name, so I just refer to them by the names I gave them. Tyson is the translucent blue Tamagotchi shell. He's my OG P1 from when I was a kid. I started him on the 19th after learning I could take him apart and clean him out (thanks to the members here!) Takao is the all-white Tamagotchi shell. He's the OG JP P1 that I ordered from eBay. I started him on the 20th when I got him in the mail. Kudos to you if you get the naming theme of the two Tamas. THAO is the translucent yellow Digivice. It's the first one I received when I thought I was only buying one of them. I started it on the 19th when I first got it in the mail after trying to get Tyson to hatch before learning I could clean him out, so THAO has been the longest-running pet so far. META is the translucent purple Digivice. It's the second one I received and started early in the morning of the 21st because I was eager to start another Digivice. POD is the black Digivice with white buttons. It was the third Digimon to get started, after I got my shipment of the rest of the Digivices that I had ordered on the 21st. TRAN is the white Digivice with black buttons. It is the most recently started one; I waited til the Baby stage of POD was finished before starting it so I wouldn't get too overwhelmed. I decided to take a photo of each evolution I get in the P1s, so I can have photographic evidence that I got each 'gotchi. My goal is to see all twelve forms! My memory is kind of bad so I think the timeline here is a bit off, but I'm trying to make it as accurate as possible as to the last three days. MAY 19th - THE BEGINNING The 19th was easy as I was only caring for the THAO for the first part of the day, enjoying my first little Koromon. Later in the evening, after learning I could clean out my Tama, I started raising the newly-revived Tyson. Babytchi is so needy! Koromon hardly needed any care, so I was focused completely on Babytchi. It was getting pretty late, so when Babytchi went to sleep, I thought it was done for the night. I sat it aside and got online to watch some Twitch. Then a bit later I heard him crying out! To my surprise, there were four poops and a sick Babytchi waiting for me. I nursed the poor little guy back to health, and that's how I re-learned that Babychi takes a nap shortly after hatching instead of going to sleep for the night. Finally, Tyson evolved into Marutchi! Then I was wondering why it was not falling asleep for the night, as it was after 10PM. I checked his clock and realized I had mixed up the AM/PM. Oops! I fixed it and Tyson fell right to sleep. MAY 20th - TAMAGOTCHI DAY The 20th was an exciting day because my Japanese Tama was set to arrive in the mail! I anxious awaited its arrival while keeping an eye on THAO and Tyson. It was pretty easy as Marutchi is not nearly as needy as Babytchi, and I was having fun checking on THAO every now and then because I was still feeling quite obsessive and not wanting to do much else. Takao finally came in the mail in the early afternoon. Sadly, I was not able to get his battery compartment open because the screws are stuck! But the existing batteries, despite being 25 years old, seemed to work when I pulled the tab out, so I gave him a reset and started to care for him. Another needy Babytchi... The screen would fade in and out sometimes shortly after pulling the tab, but since then it seems to be running fine. Eventually, Takao evolved to Marutchi as well and it was easier to keep track of them. I decided to try an experiment, since Tyson's buttons are particularly hard to press. I would raise Tyson's happiness only by feeding candy, and Takao's happiness only by playing games. Let's see how they evolve! THAO's Koromon evolved to Agumon and I was able to start another egg! I picked the horizontal stripey one because I knew it could evolve into Kunemon eventually, which is my favorite Digimon. I had to be careful to neglect Tokomon just the right amount to get three care mistakes. I didn't want to hurt the poor thing any more than that. Once I got the mistakes, I took good care of him well. MAY 21st - DIGIMON DAY Normally I wake up around 10-11AM, but on this day, Tokomon decided to cry at 730AM! I can't believe the Digimon wake up so early! Thankfully, the cry did not wake up my husband, who is a pretty deep sleeper. I waited 10 minutes to get my final care mistake I needed, and then started taking good care of Tokomon. Later in the day, he evolved into a beautiful Kunemon. Earlier in the afternoon, my package arrived with META, my purple Digivice. I was originally going to put this one away and just play with one of the Black or White ones when they came in, for a total of two Digimon. But while waiting for my package to come with the rest of my Digimon, I got so anxious to play that I ended up opening up the purple one anyway. I neglected Koromon just enough to get him to evolve into Betamon (so I could have two different mons). Later in the afternoon, my other package came in with the rest of my Digimon. I still wanted to have a type A or B digivice running, so I decided to open POD. Hubs was taking a nap, so I decided to stay in the guest bedroom and take care of my pets while playing phone games. This way the sound wouldn't bother him while he slept. Without much else to do, I was checking my pets constantly, and felt like there wasn't enough to do with the pets. So I decided to open TRAN. Maybe I was making a big mistake, running so many pets at once... I was having so much fun with my pets, but the buttons on Tyson and Takao were kind of hard to press, making me have to exert my thumb more than I would like. So I decided... why not get even more pets? So I ordered a P1 and P2 rerelease to be delivered on the 23rd... MAY 22nd - THE FIRST FULL DAY OF 6 PETS And that catches us up to today Outside of getting the Child/Rookie stages of the Digimon I wanted (since I really wanted Betamon and Kunemon), I'm trying not to use any guides or help. I did look at a P1 growth chart to make a checklist of all the forms you can possibly get on the P1. I'll try to update if anything major happens from here on out. CAPTURE PROGRESS Babytchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Marutchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Tamatchi - Not Found Kutchitamatchi - Not Found Mametchi - Not Found Ginjirotchi - Not Found Masktchi - Not Found Kuchipatchi - Not Found Nyorochi - Not Found Tarakotchi - Not Found Oyajitchi - Not Found Bill - Not Found
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    I recently acquired a Zudes toy. It's a pretty generic 2000-era toy, but what fascinates me the most about it is the total lack of information about it online. If you search for Zudes, Zudes "Trolls with attitude" or zudes hasbro (or Tiger electronics) you will only find a few eBay listings. Searching images does yield a fair amount of results. I understand that a product can flop, but it just seems like it never existed?! From what I gathered: They were first released in 2001, and were sold until at least 2003 It was made by Tiger Electronics, part of Hasbro They contain a few pretty basic games (I kinda like them actually) It only plays games. You don't have to feed, clean, entertain them. It's nothing like a vpet. You can connect several Zudes together (the package suggests they will play together) You get 1 extra game when you connect two Zudes together But there is so much unclear: Why isn't there a single review available anywhere? (Speelgoed | Trouw briefly mentions it but that is the only mention I can find) Why is there only 1 Youtube video available about it in 240p that shows the toy? What is the extra game you get when connecting two of them? Do they actually play together when you connect them? Does it have some sort of protocol for connecting other Zudes? I don't know why it fascinates me so much, but it just triggered this search for answers. Does anyone have any additional information on Zudes or can anyone answer any of my questions?
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    You're probably aware of BT21 who are kind of like mascot characters that correspond with each BTS member, created by them for LINE messenger. The announcement was some time last month that two new, limited edition nanos are on the way featuring BT21 characters!! Set to release some time in August but preorders are available. You can see their shell colors on Instagram, which are named Space Color (the blue one) and Baby Style. Each BT21 character will have their own unique characteristics and behaviour. I recommend you don't keep reading if you wish to avoid any tiny spoilers. These are some actions that you can expect from each character: RJ washing his scarf Chimmy playing the harmonica Cooky exercising Tata leaving in a UFO Koya sleeping Shooky crying because he hates milk Mang dancing Van celebrating There are also features that are unique to the BT21 Tamagotchi. The BT21 characters are able to dance, bake, explore space, and take photos. I gotta say, I can't wait to watch baby Koya (RM) flopped down blowing a sleep bubble, personally.
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    i havent seen anyone talk about these before so i thought i should make a post about them! on the vintage tamagotchi website for a while there was quite a few tamagotchi games running off of shockwave, being based on various pets from around the time! i think ive only seen like maybe 1 photo of them before? they were based on things like the ocean, devilgotchi and santaclautchi and some others too! the reason i really wanted to make a post about this recently is that i dont think ive seen them really archived anywhere before but i have the files to them which i got when i was browsing the vintage website a while ago! i havent figured out how to play them yet since shockwave got discontinued a long time ago but i just really wanted to share! im not sure how to go about sharing the files to the games yet but ill find a way to do that if anyone wants the files! there was also a flash game on the website that i think involved professor banzo but i think that one is sadly lost to time since i cant download it anymore... i think it was just a way to connect it to other parts of the website so if it was archived i dont know how much it would do sadly but! i hope it was ok to share information about this little part of tamagotchi! im gonna see if i can play the games and record footage soon if i can!
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    I just bought the Himespe Phone, I've always wanted one since forever lol. Now... next I'm going to buy the Tamagotchi Angel, but next month lol.
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    ok i put together the google drive folder! im not super experienced with getting shockwave games to run in modern day but i think these are enough to make the games work if you can find a way to do that! theres 5 games in here and i think theyre all pretty simplistic from what little ive seen of them but! enjoy! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1N524S3ADVRBnr5T0uxXBZCFZRpnxOZ5R?usp=sharing
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    : D!!!!! im thinking of maybe trying to upload them to a google drive folder and sharing that? im not sure how well it would work but thats just what ive thought! i have a huge passion for old parts of tamagotchi despite not being around for it and i get incredibly sad when things about it seem to just be lost to time and am trying to do what i can! i think you can still download the game files through the wayback machine but i wanna make sure theyre archived in case something happens where they arent available anymore!
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    It's difficult in the beginning with a first generation to manage my spending on ridiculous accessories, and indecisively switching rooms. I'll have to restrain from spending all of my earnings if I'm not planning to carry my tama to work – after which a portion of my actual earnings go to tamas, coincidentally. An interesting choice it is! I wondered how that would work without being able to dump our tamas on their parents. On a different note, it recently occurred to me that I won't be able to use one of my current pusheen cases that I love dearly. It's going to be hard not scuffing these guys... Hopefully a solution will appear that gives the lens an opening and protects the shell, while staying flexible enough for the top button!
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    https://tamapalace.tumblr.com/post/653448509368958976 so the pix's manual got posted apparently, looks promising! I like the idea of ordering your tama food, and the babysitter costing money is an interesting choice.
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    Today is my 24th birthday!
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    I am so sorry for disconnecting suddenly without any notice. Something urgent happened and I couldn’t really keep up with the log or even to keep up with it!
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    I'm not expert, but it sounds to me like the battery is loose or needs to be replaced. I remember my Furbies used to do this when their batteries got low, and when I got a new tama with bad batteries recently it made a messed up start sound too.
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    Thanks so much for the link to the guide! I was afraid to take apart my tama on my own without knowing what I was getting into. I followed the guide and cleaned the contacts (everything looked clean but idk!) and now it seems to be working. The buttons aren't SUPER responsive but for a toy from 1997, I can't complain It's working well enough for me to have fun. Thanks again for your help!
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    I would try cleaning it as Penguin-keeper stated. It could be that you can't set the time because the B button isn't actually making contact. It happened to a friend of mine a couple of months ago where her C button wasn't working AT ALL, no matter how hard you press on it. I've revived more than one of my (and also my friend's) Tamas by doing the recommended cleaning. Here's a detailed guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ8IKn33OMA That guide is for the Connection series, but they should be quite similar. Just work slowly and diligently Oh, and be very careful when you pry both sides of the shell open so you don't rip the speaker wires, everything is explained quite nicely in that vid. Best of luck!
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    This was posted today from Toys R Us! I think I have to say I'm sold on it! It was super cool to see in action https://youtu.be/E8iqv94XGic
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    Yeah it feels like another 4u/p's situation... I think the worst part about the 4U for me was the fact that so much of the downloadable content was only in japan at specific dlc stations, which really sucks for anyone not in japan. all I hope is that the prices for the tamasma cards don't skyrocket like the p's pierces did
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    im too busy to try to start a thread myself but did anyone else see the tamagotchi smart announcement?? im losing my mind over it
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    So upon weirdly timed battery insertion, I managed to bug the heck outta my American P1. Started by letting me set the time with the hour as 0:xx, which then the egg screen was just forced lights out dark. Then when it "hatched", the character is literally sleeping stardust... I've never seen this before, or any significant bug like this for that matter! 😂
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    My long-living oldie on my Hanerutchi turned 4 human years old today! Happy birthday, Sotilde! Never expected you to live this long, young lady ;^) I suppose I should be thanking myself, ha ha!
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    Well I recently got the Ocean's secret character, Ningyotchi, for the third time except this time the little mermaid lived for three days! Previously I was under the impression that she can only live for 24 hours at this stage, since the other two times I got her, there was a seemingly unavoidable, hard coded polar bear attack exactly 24 hours after evolving. She just passed this morning at the age of 9. Just thought I'd share this major breakthrough in Umino care! XD
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    That sounds awesome, maybe you can upload the files to some archive site. I feel like ive heard of these games but never had the chance to play them. Anyway, that's still amazing that you have the files, you have possibly saved another form of tamagotchi media from becoming lost media.
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    I think crochet cases are going to be very popular. Very flexible for the shutter as it is essentially a fabric, thick and cushioned to protect against scratches. I wonder if it has a spot for a strap to keep from dropping it.
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    And here it is! : D The remix in full form! Hope this is one that you guys enjoy listening to! Here's a download link for those who want to download the music itself. You're free to use this remix in any content, but be sure to credit me and ian if you do! https://t.co/MrQklb5x0d?amp=1
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    Does anyone know of anywhere else they can actually get the tama on release day? So far it's only looking like it's possible through gamestop's website. I tried going to my local gamestop to preorder in person and not be subject to the shipping delay dieties. As I'm sure most of y'all know, shipping has been a mess and I'm wary of spending an extra $10 to maybe get it on release day. Tbh I'd prefer to just go to the store and buy it; maybe I'm just old-fashioned but there's no guarantee of any of my nearby stores stocking it. (The screenshots are my looking at amazon, walmart, and gamestop's websites).
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    Hey There! i'm new to this forum so nice to meet you all! I recently picked up a pocket puppy (sorry it's a pooping picture, I thought it's so cute lol)
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    The commercial does mispronounce it. See the explanation at the top of page 2; As I said there, hiragana and katakana are their own pronunciation guides.
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    The Tamagotchi Pix is now available to pre-order from other UK retailers, in addition to The Entertainer as mentioned on the previous page. Smyths Toys lists both the pink and purple versions for £59.99 each; Tamagotchi Pix Pink Tamagotchi Pix Purple And, at the time of writing, Amazon UK is listing the purple version only, also for £59.99; Tamagotchi Pix Virtual Pet, Purple Smyths lists their expected in-stock date as being between the 2nd and 9th of August, and Amazon UK lists theirs as August 1st.
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    Thank you all those who participated and were viewing the hatch. I’m very sorry that I couldn’t keep posting here as I was in a difficult circumstances that didn’t allow me to take care of my vpets and allow me to post here. Hopefully until I’m done with everything that keeps me busy I will do another log/hatch without pausing or disappearing. Till next time
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    This morning, we got a bunch of evolutions. Welcome Monochromon, Birdramon, and Devidramon. All of them evolved while I was sleeping, in that first hour they were awake. And yesterday we got a few more evolutions... now we have three Devimons I think I'm going to stop caring for one or two of them, as much as it pains me to do so. But I decided to start looking at growth charts for the Digimon since there's just so many, and it looks like none of the Devimons will evolve into anything unique. Just one path for them. So today is Down With Devimon Day. Takao also evolved into Tamatchi yesterday, too. But the most important thing about yesterday... New arrivals! Welcome to the family Maynard, the P1, and Blaise, the P2. I got them around noon yesterday and quickly started them up at the same time. I am surprised how similar the life cycle of Babytchi and Shirobabytchi are. Basically they did everything at the same time -- pooped, napped, got sick... eventually they evolved into Marutchi and Tonmarutchi where they started to be slightly different from one another. I also noticed that while in baby form, feeding doesn't raise weight, so you can feel free to stuff them full of candies and cakes to make them happy. Definitely a convenient way to take care of them before they grow up. This is my first time owning or playing with a P2, so it's my first time playing the number game. How much better this is than the direction game! Thanks to it not being 100% up to chance as you get to make educated choices, the games are not only more entertaining to play, but go by faster as well! Nothing is more frustrating than losing 4 games in a row to the directional game on a P1... at least the little guys get a workout doing that...? Speaking of the minigames, I'm glad that Digimon's training game is just mashing a button. The tag training is interesting in that it seems to follow the same patterns over and over. Like there's only 4 or 5 patterns or so, and it never does the same direction 3 times in a row, for example. So you can make guesses based on that and win more often than lose. Plus you fill two hearts at once since two Digis are taken care of by playing it. So, in all, like that minigame -- in fact, tag training is more fun than battling! Taking care of 8 pets is turning out to be not so difficult. I stay on top of them for the most part, as long as you take time to check in on them now and then, you can refill their hearts and clean poops before it gets to be a problem. I only had one Digivice get sick from poops yesterday. While playing Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town on Twitch, I would quickly check one while waiting in the spa at the end of each game day. So about every 15 minutes I'd check one, and do that in order until I looped back around to the beginning, and that seemed to keep everyone doing well. I'm also not taking perfect care of Maynard and Blaise, as their speakers are REALLY loud and so it's annoying to play the games so much as I feel it will bother my husband. I guess I could just turn the sound off before playing games though. I actually didn't think about that until just now. But it's okay because I might actually get the 'bad' evolutions this time, instead of having three Tamatchis lol. I don't know how bad you have to do for the bad teenager, though. I guess we'll see if my bit of neglect is enough.
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    So, some time yesterday THAO's Koromon evolved into Greymon (at least, I think that was yesterday) and last night, Kunemon evolved into Ogremon! It was a bit stressful as Ogremon apparently goes to bed after 11PM (I'm guessing midnight??) which was too late for me to stay up. I did stay up for Greymon though, who went to bed at 11PM. I was hoping Ogremon would go to bed then, too, but nope! You can tuck Digimon in for a "nap" that lasts 3 hours, though. So I tucked in both Greymon and Ogremon at the same time, hoping that the 'tuck-in' would last through the night on Ogremon. Of course, I had no way to tell, as Digimon seem to all wake up at 7AM. Who has time to keep up with this crazy schedule, staying awake past midnight and waking up before 7?! Fortunately they didn't seem to accrue much poop or deplete their energies too much from the time they woke up til the time I woke up (which was 8AM today). Tamagotchis, on the other hand, have a great sleep schedule. Going to bed at 8PM and waking up at 8 or 9AM, it's very easy to take care of the little Marutchis Tyson and Takao. However, the double-Marutchi stretch ended today! Tyson evolved into Tamatchi! I was a little surprised, as I was doing nothing but feeding him candies to raise his happiness, I thought maybe he'd evolve into Kuchitamatchi. But other than feeding lots of candies, I took good care of him, so I guess it makes sense. He now weighs 82g, compared to Takao who only weighs 10oz. Since outside of the candies, I'm taking similar care of them, and taking even better care of Takao, I'm assuming I'm going to end up with two Tamatchis. I'm going to continue my experiment of only feeding Tyson candies and only playing games with Takao to see if their adult forms are any different. I heard weight has a bigger impact on the rerelease P1s, so maybe this is testament to the low effect weight has on evolution in the OG Tamagotchis. Tamatchi is a little disappointing as he doesn't wander around the screen like Babytchi and Marutchi. He just kinda marches in place. You'd think they'd have even more interesting animations as they aged. Also, my two new tamas are set to arrive today! Just got a notification they are "out for delivery," but I've had that happen before and my package didn't come. They're coming from the next city over so I don't know if they'll actually arrive today. But I'm going to open them and start them when they come, so my active family will be at 8 pets... or 12 if you count each Digimon as two. CAPTURE PROGRESS Babytchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Marutchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Tamatchi - Tyson 5/23/21 Kutchitamatchi - Not Found Mametchi - Not Found Ginjirotchi - Not Found Masktchi - Not Found Kuchipatchi - Not Found Nyorochi - Not Found Tarakotchi - Not Found Oyajitchi - Not Found Bill - Not Found
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    Dad handwriting! All caps with slightly larger capital letters to symbolize when something is actually capitalized I know e-readers and phones tend to have fonts made to be easier to read for people who have dyslexia- and the font looks really cool to boot(I don't have dyslexia but I find it easy to read that font quickly so I also use them). Maybe it'll end up having a font like one of those?
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    Here's my "active squad." I broke down and bought a bunch more Digimon (must... have... exclusive... monsters... ) Four Digimon ver20th, and two P1s (left is the OG English one and right is the OG Japanese one, so I can go for both Bill and Oyajitchi ) Yellow Digi was started two days ago and English P1 was yesterday. The rest were started today. That's why everyone is so young. Look at how happy Koromon is about his poo So far keeping track of 6 pets has been a bit difficult, but not impossible. I'm going to try to 'stagger' their needs so they don't all suddenly beep at once tomorrow. I also kind of ignored the black and white Digimons for a while and they beeped at me with 4 poops and sick Koromons. But if I mess up on some I'll get different evolutions so it's okay, right?? I ordered two new Tamas (the new versions of p1 and p2, because the shells are soooooo cute ) and am thinking about adding them to the roster but I don't know if I can handle 8 pets. I might retire the two OG Tamas when I get the new Tamas since the old buttons are kinda hard to press and it hurts my delicate fingers . And I can't get the screws off the JP one so the batteries will probably die soon and I won't be able to replace them.
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    At 8pm it finally evolved. Was a teen for most of the day though.
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    ==Day 4 (13th of May)== I was waiting for Zee to wake up so I could change her temperature. As soon as she awoke, the sleep screen gave way to the checkered animation of an evolution and she appeared as a sinewy, sickle-headed alien. I thought in my older runs the farthest I ever reached was a stage past this, but it would only be when she went to bed that I would realize it wasn't. ZigZagZ didn't get sick that morning and yet her temperature was still finicky. I didn't know if I had prevented anything or if the device was going easy on me. When she took her morning bath, all that was visible was her head and "shoulders". Over the past days, I noticed her bathing seemed to be the life-like pattern of in the morning and in the evening. I noticed Zee stopped beeping when she was half meters and speculated that this might be a sign she was growing up and getting hardier. Between late 3 and early 4, she got sick when the temperature was 28 c and didn't even have a heat flip out. I was confused till I realized I forgot to turn the air conditioner on. I speculated that the Tako Seijin is programmed to cause sickness if the temperature isn't changed within a specific time. Based on my time log, I concluded her temperature changed every hour and specifically at the 53rd minute if each hour. That worked out to the 7th minute of everyone of her hour. I waited and, sure enough, at 5:50 my time and 5:07 her time, the temperature changed. I then wondered if the temperature actually changed hourly and discovered that this was true indeed. I also witnessed the temperature ridiculously jump from 22 to 28 and from 27 to 21. It seemed as if the logic behind the temperature insanity was to make the care taker to change the temperature every hour. I felt disappointed that this trait would make it inconvenient for me to run my Tako Seijin in the future. Zee lit out at 10:45 and I laughed when I saw her funny little sleeping sprite. ==Day 5 (14th of May)== Zee woke up and had the usual evolution signal and pixelated checkered screen but she didn't look any different from yesterday. Wasn't a problem for me as I don't mind longer growth stages. She immediately took a bath after I topped up her meters. Later, I was surprised when I checked her temperature and found it at 25 c. I thought the perfect temperature was not naturally achievable. I wasn't sure what to do with the AC so I left it. I missed the ensuing change window by 10-15 minutes and she got sick, ending my hope that she wouldn't get sick that day. Her temperature had risen to 31. I then started puzzling out what this all meant. I did some experiments later and came to a promising hypothesis. I concluded that the device wants to be kept at a fluctuating mild temperature with the idea that temperature will never be stable so it is better to have mild discomfort. Temperature uses a four category scale: Anything 30 Celsius and above is considered extreme heat, anything from 29-25 is considered mild heat, anything from 24 to possibly 19 is considered mild cold, and anything below 18 is considered extreme cold. Because the temperature jumps from 1-7 points, the air conditioner inevitably should be put on the reverse power option every hour. This prevents the future temperature from getting extreme and causing sickness. Present temperature adjustments are only for altering the future temperature. The air conditioner's activation or deactivation at the start of the new hour can only change the temperature for the next hour. Temperature is only adjusted for the present if the owner makes the proper adjustment in response to the alien's reaction to an extreme temperature (turning the air conditioner off in response to a chill and turning the air conditioner on in response to a heatwave). Although sickness may also be a response to extreme temperatures, curing sickness does not change the temperature. I did want to test out if turning the air conditioner on and off would actually alter the next temperature, but I didn't want to potentially kill Zee as she was in this group hatch. I also wanted to test changing the air conditioner to the right setting at the last minute before an hour but I held off for the same reason. I hoped temperature sickness would be counted as less than neglecting meters and Zee would make it to adulthood. She got chilled and outraged before I found out the logic behind how I was supposed to work the AC. After that, everything went fine till I forgot for one hour and she got sick. I pinned down 40 minutes of an hour to be equivalent to the start of a new hour on her device. I also observed that it took her 10 minutes from when the temperature was changed late to get sick. Due to my slip up, I speculated on just lugging her around with me everywhere. I then worried about what church was going to be like with her. Eventually, ZigZagZ conked out at 10 her time which was 10:39 my time. - - - - I'm posting this batch now since the remainder of my backlog might take a couple days to prepare. My next log post will conclude my purposeful contributions to this hatch as Zee abruptly died this morning. I will still read whatever @iTamannadi and @cyac post and maybe write some comments depending on if I have anything to say. Till next time :^)
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    It could also be that some of the case screws might need tightening - there was an issue with the similar Pac-Man Tamagotchi where some units were shipped out with the screws too loose, which led to some folks encountering constant resetting.
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    There's no separate battery for the clock, no. Have you tried pressing the reset button on the back, and then trying to set the time with the B button as normal after that? Sometimes installing new batteries can cause unintended glitches - that's why the instructions for devices like this usually suggest that the user press the reset button after putting in fresh batteries. If that fails, I wonder if the buttons have just accumulated a bunch of grit and gunk underneath the due to age, and simply need cleaning?
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    Pretty much every bootleg V-Pet to ever exist has the same shell mould, poorly designed and cheaply made. There's no originality or uniqueness, just a carbon copy of something it isn't.
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    I'm so used to them intensively shouting at me in every possible way, it never even occurred to me that tamas could manage polite speech. That would be very interesting to see! (Joking aside, I know capitalized font is easier to read for some people, so I hope the lowercase is a type that is clear enough for everyone to understand.)
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