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    So. I merged the two sites and now the one and only site of mine is https://alexgtama.tk. (no www is necessary) Yea, I also installed an ssl certificate and you should be seeing a secure padlock from now on. That's all folks. Cya
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    I would open it and enjoy it, speaking from personal experience here but on a different hobby. Adding onto what Penguin-keeper said, I'm an 'in-box collector', and I seriously have over 100 PlayStation collector's editions games which I never even opened or displayed, time passed and I've moved on onto one particular game series and play that only, so I've lost interest in the PlayStation collector's editions I have accumulated and never enjoyed. In the end, was it worth missing out on enjoying them (seeing and displaying the statues/figures/artbooks) just to say I have some of the rarest editions that came out still brand new? Looking back now, I'd say no. Open it and make it a part of your life. Just treat it with the best care to your ability to keep it's condition as pristine as you can if it means that much to you
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    Hello everyone. This is gonna be a quick one. You may experience some downtime on the sites for the next few days, but there is no need to worry about it. I am going to organize the sites a little better and reconfigure some stuff on the server for your convenience. That's all. Cheers!
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    I agree! Especially since many parents give their kids tamagotchis as a test before allowing them to have a "real" pet. When there are actual, emotional consequences involved I think it makes a bigger impression. I remember when my first tamagotchi went back to its home planet, I was confused more than anything and assumed it was part of the gameplay rather than a consequence of neglect. I definitely prefer the vintage Japanese versions because of this. I feel like the charm of the Angelgotchi rests on the concept of Tamagotchis actually having a lifespan and basic needs, rather than just ditching you for their home planet 😂
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    I was actually thinking about this when I first got the Tamagotchi On, thinking that it would be nice to have consequences for poor virtual care/neglect/etc of the tamagotchis (second generation and on). Maybe like certain genetic features such as specific eyes/head/etc that only can come about when your tamagotchi receives poor care.
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    Imatchi actually had a dream last night. Out of 8 generations, she is the first to have a dream. She dreamt that she was floating in the sky on her bed being showered with gifts Then she went back into her bed They are actually really cute when they sleep, I like how she takes her bow off for bed and puts it in the ground haha.
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    I was thinking more like this myself
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    The Wal-Mart listing said that there is only 1 new location, when the Fantasy has 3 new locations, so there may be a difference. I would not trust that info too much because this is Wal-Mart, and who says that the information they have or were given is 100% accurate. They did not have the Initial Tamagotchi On, until recently, so I think that we need to wait for more information, and maybe even the official statement from Bandai on the 11th of June! I doubt they are going to give A LOT of details, but they will most likely show the other shell color and we can see what the face plate of the lavender one will look like. Listing Screenshot by Tama Mushroom, on Flickr Wal-Mart Screen Shot by Tama Mushroom, on Flickr In case you can't read the screen shot very easily: We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer Tamagotchi On is expanding with a Wonder Garden theme and turquoise Wonder Garden-graphic shell. Nurture your Tamagotchi character and explore Tamagotchi Planet. The Wonder Garden theme has a number of different features from other Tamagotchi On themes that will keep consumers entertained for hours! There are various activities to keep your character happy including marrying to raise your next My Tama which has features from both of its parents. There are millions of My Tama characters each with their own unique look! You can also connect to your friend’s Tamagotchi On or the Tamagotchi On App for even more things to do. The next generation of kids will be excited to have their own digital pet! Ages 6+ Tamagotchi On is the next generation of the interactive virtual pet. Take care of your My Tama : feed it, clean up after it, help it make friends, get a TamaPet, go shopping, travel and more. Marry to build your family tree! When your Tamagotchi character gets married, your next generation character (your My Tama) will be born and will have features from both of their parents! Are the eyes from mom or dad? What about the body shape? What will it look like? The Wonder Garden theme comes with an exclusive Land, 2 exclusive characters, different games and new home screen, room, accessories, items, meals and snacks! It also has it's own themed graphic design faceplate and turquoise shell. Connect to your friend’s Tamagotchi On device and go on playdates, give gifts, travel together and marry. Works with all themes including Fairy, Magic and Wonder Garden. But in saying that there is only 1 new location (exclusive land), I think it is also worth noting that in the very first sentence it states that they have not verified the information in the description yet, therefore making it potentially stating errors. (I underlined the parts i was talking about for emphasis)
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    Funnily enough, this is one of my long-running gripes with a number of virtual pets, including the Tamagotchi line. I was in my early teens when the Tamagotchi first came to the West in 1997, and I was always big on following the import-scene for games and toys, so I saw the earliest days of Tamagotchi information on the internet, and witnessed the earliest comparisons between the Japanese versions and the Western ones. Personally, I liked how the localised Gen 1 devices replaced the grave scene from the Japanese release with an angel instead, thus keeping the idea and tone but changing the specific imagery to fit with the target audience and cultures (folks outside of Japan seem to view the grave scene as being "scary", so clearly the change was appropriate), but I was never a fan of how the localised Gen 2 replaced this with a UFO and said "Oh no, it's ok! They're really just going back to their home-planet!", and this was the narrative from then on out (I guess that this didn't wash with a lot of people, because they still released the Tamagotchi Angel outside of Japan in spite of this sanitisation). I also don't like how it ultimately influenced the direction of what were originally marketed as virtual pet aliens into nigh-invincible virtual friends. As for as consequences go, I like how the older devices would give you "ugly" or "strange" outcomes for neglect or for fulfilling certain obscure requirements - in fact, these are some of my favourite character-designs, especially as far as the original 1990s devices go. But, again, as time went on, we saw less virtual consequences for poor virtual care of these virtual creatures, and over time things have mostly settled on characters that are a lot closer to miniature humans, with far fewer "ugly" and "weird" characters appearing. At the end of the day, these are virtual creations and the target audience is usually kids, but then again, that was the case right at the beginning, too, and I never really understood these changes when I was still a part of the main target audience myself. Perhaps people have gotten more sensitive about this being depicted in the realm of virtual pets over time?
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    The twins grew into teenagers this morning I read dumdum's log and wanted to bring them to the roller coaster since I hadn't done that before. Both twins ACTUALLY rode the roller coaster at the same time and enjoyed it together. WHAT? no bullying, I didn't know how to react LOL
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    Wow, Tamagotchi twins are even rude enough to exclude each other from dreams.
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    One of the twins got married this morning They always look so precious when they sleep as babies Then they grew up into toddlers @321Boom, this picture is for you LOL
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    Hello, and welcome to my Morino log! Now, I REALLY like bugs, ESPECIALLY Stag Beetles, or really anything with a horn/pincer. I also just like most bugs in general. After finding a Tamagotchi thats ALL about bugs, I knew I had to get it. The only thing that comes this close to my love of bugs is Fish. In this log, I plan to: Run the Polka Dot egg to get a feel for how this Tamagotchi plays. Run the White egg several times after the Polka Dot egg, and see who I get. Discuss how I got specific outcomes to the best of my ability. Talk about new features the Morino has, and differences it has from other vintage Tamas the best I can. With introductions out of the way, I hope you all enjoy this log of the Japan exclusive, Morino Tamagotch!
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    At around 10:15PM, something finally happened! My Tama turned into a cocoon! So, I kept him with me all day, but I never heard the music that plays when a Tama evolves. The sound on this has been pretty low as well, and it's really bugging me. I don't know if its a battery problem, a problem with my unit, or some other third thing. In my next run I'll replace the batteries just to be safe, and hopefully that fixes it. When your Tama turns into a cocoon, the status screen shows this instead of the usual meters, age, and weight: The Temperature Screen! Pushing the A button changes which way the arrow is facing, and the other 2 buttons just take you back to your cocoon. My theory is that over time, it slowly gets hotter or colder (depending on where the arrow is facing), and you have to check in every few hours to make sure it doesnt get TOO hot or cold. I always thought you'd push the B button and it would change instantly, but I guess I was wrong Since this is the polka dot egg, we're destined to get Kabutotchi within the next 24 hours. I wont spend too much time with Kabutotchi, as much as I love Rhino Beetles, I really want to see the other Tamas in this version! I'll stick with Kabutotchi for a bit to document what hes like and stuff, but after a few days, I'll either get more lax when it comes to taking care of him, or just reset, idk yet. Welp, I'll see you guys when Kabutotchi emerges from his cocoon!
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    Marriage between the meets and on is possible, you just wont be able to exchange items
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    You will be able to visit/play and marry them. Unfortunately, exchanging items is impossible!
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    Alright, so I put the batteries in and turned it on. I decided to go with the Polka dot egg, which will always result in getting Kabutotchi. After about 5 minutes or so, he hatched! ...Just to fall asleep. I swiftly turned out the lights, and now he's just sleeping soundly. It's 10:11 PM as I write this, and I'm contemplating changing the clock on my Tama so I can play with it some more tonight, although I'm not 100% sure I want to do so. If I do, expect to see another post later tonight with my progress on Kabutotchi!
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    Thank you for the wonderful tips, these will be very helpful to any new Tamagotchi On owner Just wanted to share a guide that I found to be very helpful for unlocking all of the different locations: *Note: for Unlocking Gourmet Street (FoodTown in USA versions), if you eat the Rice Omelet five times in a row, your tamagotchi will turn orange. When it turns orange there is a possibility that the orange gene will pass on to your children if your Tama is an adult. So be careful if you don't want a long line of orange tamas lol. *Tip for unlocking the Beauty Salon: Feed your toddler one color changing food (recommend Lemon Pie: Restaurant Snack) four times in a row before it grows into a teenager. Then feed the teenager the fifth of that same food. Then feed the teenager another color-changing food (recommend Rice Omelet: Restaurant Meal) five times in a row. This will successfully change the teenager's color twice (Can be hard otherwise to get both color changes in during teen). This way, you don't have to worry about your adult staying a weird color and passing that along to the kids lol. I recommend Lemon pie and Rice Omelet because they are both found at the restaurant and are easily obtained *Additionally, if you have a friend with a Tamagotchi On that already has all of these locations unlocked, that friend can automatically unlock the locations on your tamagotchi by selecting Connection > Tamagotchi > Travel > Invite. Do this for each location. The guide can be found at https://tamatown.com/guides/Meets/ The creator of the guide is SamTheGreat (@Sammytchi_827)
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    A little bit ago, my twins had a play date with my friend's tamagotchi who is currently half a pancake. We made them all wear little chicken hats hahah
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    Imatchi got married today and had two twin baby girls. This is actually the first time I've had twins since generation three. Anitchi and Inatchi are their names. It's actually a lot of fun to do the baby stage with the parent still there. The babies are just so cute when they take their nap in the little bed, especially when there's two of em in there lol It's always a little heartbreaking to see the babies get sick though, even when they are given perfect care. I don't think I've actually ever completed a baby stage where they didn't get sick at least once. Here's the family photo with the father And the girls visiting their parents after Imatchi left They look pretty happy overall and genuinely adorable together
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    Another one of her favorite toys is the treadmill, just like her dad Working hard on her exercise this morning
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    I was old enough as a kid to remember all the hype/tv commercials about tamagotchi. Again in the 2000s and then Tama-On... but all the new stations/adults whom were already adults (in my opinion) keep referring to the first release in the 90s, never the 2000s... or the Japanese ones ... meh. Drives me a bit crazy...
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    Initially, nothing existed, nothing but microscopic atoms the size rivaling that of ants and pieces of rice, but in a matter of moments, our Lord brought everything we know into existence. Delving into the universe, the various galaxies, our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a beautiful blue and green planet that we call home; Earth. Earth is a beautiful, luscious planet, unlike any of its eight fellow planets. It has thirst-quenching water, gorgeous scenery, and most importantly, the presence of life. Life began with a bunch of animals, a man named Adam, and a woman named Eve, and as the centuries and millenniums kept going, regardless of their differing events, all moments of history have one thing in common; life slowly but surely grew swifter, stronger, and most prominently, smarter, and and all associated capabilities of speed, strength, and knowledge lie within a special element of our bodies called the brain. The brain is a sacred treasure guarded by the thick layers of our skulls. It processes every sight our eyes visualize, every scent our noses get lured to, everything our hands feel, every sound our ears hear, and every bite of food our mouths and taste buds consume, and above all this can provide the answers to some of life's biggest questions. Where do babies come from? What's the highest SAT/ACT score? Will we get a spouse or be single until death? Will we succeed in getting our dream job? But later today, at any time, Bandai America is going to answer life's most frequently-asked question, a question that was passed from vocal cord to vocal cord generation after generation, a question that not even the lord himself knows the answer to, a question that humanity has been plaguing since the beginning of time as we know it. WHEN WILL THE TAMAGOTCHI ANIME EVER GET AN ENGLISH DUB?!
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    Pre-Ordered the Wonder Garden's from ThinkGeek and I am more excited about the release, now that I have it pre-ordered. It is a slight bummer knowing that it lacks 2 locations and the characters and items associated with those locations, but I am excited for any English Colored Screen Tamagotchi, so there is that
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    I know, but it only covers 25 (technically 26, but 25 are in that compilation) and has a questionable-at-best voice direction, especially compared to the TMGC Friends Webisodes that came after that (even though those only dubbed 7 episodes and cut them into 14 3-4 minute webisodes). What I want is a dub that covers all 271 episodes with competent voice acting.
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    knew this was coming, penguin-keeper liking everything was just too suspicious 2
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    Someone on FB got it early for review. Pretty nuts. If he posts anything I'll relink it
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    https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/bandai-america-launches-tamagotchi-on-wonder-garden-301072013.html A Website named Cision has an article on the Wonder Garden. The article further confirms that the new characters are only the YumeKira duo Alice in Wonderland variations, one new land (in place of Magic/Fairy land) and describes the two new games in the device. The more interesting part is that they seemed to have received a statement from a representative, named Tara Badie, and she gave percentages stating that 67% of people with a Tamagotchi On play with Friends and 96% of Tamagotchi On users enjoy the device so much that they would purchase another version. She continues by saying ""That's why we continue to innovate and bring new products to the market. There's no slowing down for Tamagotchi!"" I want to hear more statements from Bandai representatives/officials, because I want to understand the thought process behind this release. Is the On doing really well, making them release another version or is it under-performing and they decide to try to garnish some attention by adding a new version to keep the hype up around the devices they released last year. Why only release half of a version that Japan already has? What made them release the device at this time, was there any delays or push back of release date that we never knew about? I mean all these questions in a genuine sense of curiosity and not mean, hateful or defamatory towards Bandai. I am just really curious about the reasons behind this version and also REALLY interested in the sale numbers for the Tamagotchi On itself. ***EDIT*** https://tamagotchi.com/introducing-the-tamagotchi-on-wonder-garden/ The Tamagotchi website has the Wonder Garden models up and with a description, it looks like the description Wal-Mart, Amazon and the Cision article had/have were/are correct. The retailers for this version are amazon, Wal-Mart, GameStop and Target. they dropped a few retailers, but they are not as plentiful around the North American continent.
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    UPDATE The Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden was posted by someone that was to BanDai. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oqiMjE4_LE Screenshots showcasing both shell colors! TamaOnCommerical WG by Tama Mushroom, on Flickr TamaOn Commerical WGG by Tama Mushroom, on Flickr TamaOn Commerical WWG by Tama Mushroom, on Flickr
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    I also REALLY don't like that they changed the 'grave scene' to a 'UFO going back to it's home planet' in the old versions. This makes it seem ok to neglect it, like the consequence is too little, as opposed to the death scene. I remember being a 9 year old kid and I had the 1st Gen 1 as a Japan import, and I cried so much when it died!!! (thankfully I discovered recently that the old Tamas had a lifespan of around 20 days or so, so it wasn't due to any neglect from my side!! Wish I knew that as a kid, cause I felt really bad and still remember that feeling till today!) It's a pet, and like a real pet, with constant neglect, it will get sick or die. Pets are a responsibility and a commitment, be it real or virtual. I completely agree with this. It totally multiples the immersion in my opinion. There are lots of Tamas which have a Pause feature in a way or another. Last Tama I had before my ON was the Friends, and that could be easily paused. The ON also has the Hotel or the Parents' House where you could put them for most of the day if you're really busy (although I've never used these myself).
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    I spent a lot of time with Hanatchi today. She woke me up this morning with her very loud evolution from teen to adult. Not long after that, a Doyakentchi tried to marry her pet Makimotchi. This time, I rejected him! Only Hanatchi is allowed to have a creep-face this time around. The Makimotchi married a Shurikentchi instead. I am pleased with the result, it's a fitting pet for Hanatchi. I messed around with the various games currently available to me and I think the sushi game is my favorite. I love the animations when you choose the plate. The face Hanatchi makes when I choose the incorrect plate cracks me up. She looks so annoyed haha I love it. Later, Hanatchi learned that some super weird stuff goes on in tama-space. Once more, it was time to try to get rid of the Lovelitchi ears. Off to the app, where Hanatchi was rejected 6 times... before finding her true love.
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    One of the twins just had a dream. Flying through the sky on his bed being showered with gifts
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    Grantchi and Duckitchi's child stage!
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    Saw another one of Mitatchi's offspring. They actually look super cute with the lovelitchi ears
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    The picture of the twins with their parents is so cute, I love how they all barely fit at the table haha
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    I was pretty busy today so I left the twins with their parents. Checked in on them and they were eating dinner together Then after they came home, they grew into teenagers it's hilarious.. the teenagers always have a red feature that disappears in adulthood lol
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    The Cainiao global order site has this flaw that I just can't unsee >:/ https://imgur.com/a/uNyhT4s Look at the Delivered bubble Delivere d MY EYES!!!! EDIT: Added image
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    Usually tamagotchis will cry when they go out in the rain Mitatchi doesn't seem to mind it when he has a pet
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    So I had planned on going to the app today to find a husband for one of my twins but I got a bit busy and wasn't able to find the time until around 7:50pm and these girls go to bed at 8:00pm every night. Didn't want to make one of them raise a kid for an hour after they would have been asleep normally lol. Twins are so cute when they sleep. They were wearing the bunny ears all day and you can see them on the floor near their little bed I may have been busy but I did get them to full happiness and no hunger so they went to bed happy and full Also these twins are rich, they are trust fund babies because I love playing the restaurant game (I actually have 99,999 gotchi points sitting the app as well LOL)
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    It's always like that. The angel goes on a walk a few times a day and will come back from it some time later. If you want to get your angel to come back earlier, select the praise icon and tap the screen/upper right side of the device and a unique animation will play. This doesn't count as a care mistake at all and is just part of the feature. As the angel ages, it will go on walks more and more to the point it will have to be called back just to keep its meters full (which is a royal pain for this version). When the angel is praying, which is usually indicated by it making a noise and an doing a looping animation surrounded by pinpricks of stars, select the bell icon. It will act happy, its discipline meter will go up (if it's not an adult), and then it will immediately go to the bathroom.
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    (or: 'We All Live in a Pink Version 3', to kick things off.) Welcome! Now, this may be the millionth log I've started over the course of (almost) seven years on this website, but I'm determined to keep this one running for as long as I can. A post every day would be nice, so I'll try and promise you that. Let's get started with a little backstory first: You see, I've been holding out for a V3 ever since I started collecting back in 2013. I grew up with a V4 and V5 years beforehand - I no longer had them before I started collecting as my precious V6 served as my reintroduction in '13 -, but there was always something about the V3 that attracted me to it. It felt nostalgic, even though I never grew up with it? Anyway, they're a bit scarce compared to your usual V1s and V2s, so it took me a few years until I was able to find a good deal (or cared enough to get one, I dropped Tamagotchis for a good year or so). I'd found a listing for $60 a few weeks prior from now, but someone else got to it first However, that seemingly worked out in my favor, because just last week, a listing for a V3 for $35 showed up out of absolutely nowhere! And there were quite a few watchers that were in the position I was just a few weeks prior. And so, riding an adrenaline-powered high, I made a cathartic decision -- and ruined many, many people's dreams that night. Pictured: A package labelled 'HANDLE WITH CARE', and a certain pink Tamagotchi wrapped in bubble-wrap. With a candy-themed V3 in tow, and a working battery(!) provided by the lovely store who sold me said tama, I quickly got to unwrapping it and getting it started... Pictured: A surprise guest...?! ...And imagine my surprise when the DOWNLOAD option was available, with a Tamagotchi that was still alive! An adorable little Masktchi named Lachy - belonging to his previous user, Blaze - was there to welcome me to the lovely little V3 he lived in. He was only on the first gen, and seemed to be neglected judging by who he evolved into, but he seemed quite chipper (his stats were full from where the 'gotchi was last left off) despite his circumstances. I even messed with the clock to see if I could get him married, but I guess he was too young. So, grabbing a pen, I bid our lovely guest the best of luck, and started a new egg... Pictured: The hatching of a new friend to raise! ...And it's a boy! Because I've recently been enlightened to a famous band I've ignored all of these years (and may or may not have named this blog after a song of theirs :3), I named him John. I wonder if he can play guitar? Pictured: Playing Get♪ for the first time! I didn't get many other pictures, but I did snap a picture of history in the making. Get♪ is harder than I thought, but it's also much more enjoyable than most of the built-in games on the V4 (my childhood is down for the count). Bump still sucks though. Seriously I-- I just want to play a game and not get my tama's stats involved, please Bandai stop making your games interesting for once. Joking of course, I'm just terrible at bump. In an hour or so, John evolved into Tamatchi, which is to be expected for the first gen according to the growth chart I'm referencing here. I'd love to get either Violetchi or Pyonkotchi, but knowing my luck, I'll get Mametchi despite just raising one beforehand (depicted on my previous log). I adore the idea of having multiple characters in the same growth level, it keeps it interesting! I'd love to raise my V2 someday, every time I put a battery in I end up taking it out. It's the coolest-looking shell in my collection as well (transparent blue)! Why am I like this. XD I forgot to take a picture of John after he evolved, and right now he's currently asleep, so hopefully we will be able to witness best bowl-cut boi in action next post before he evolves into a teen. I wonder which one I'll get... So exciting! I'm so glad I got a V3 after all this time, the wait was definitely worth it. I'll sign off here for now. To finish, here's a song recommendation from The Beatles considering this post is full of them. I'll Be Back is criminally underrated.
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    Its the Black Reptile shell. Black with the red scales. I tried to upload a picture but the file was too big. Here are the shells, its the first row second from the left. www.tamashell.com/v45.php
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    What are you guys talking about indeed - I'm not a dude. Oh, oops.
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    Saw the little guy trying to get a little artistic. First, he dropped the ducks and got a little upset. But he picked them back up and continued his drawing
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    I highly doubt they're removing more like renaming the lands. Alot of it was changed name wise but had the same features if compare the last models. If anything they may remove things that culturally wont make sense to other regions of the world. Which would be a shame. From the looks of it we're just getting a different shell. By tommorrow we should know more since that'll be the announcement. Real question: whose preording?