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    Has anyone seen the tamagotchi some packaging yet? It looks amazing! Tempted to get one just because of the packaging,,, https://imgur.com/YgMkvdU Photo creds to ratamazone
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    I love this packaging ! It's so well-made and way better than what we got with the ON, at least there isn't 80% of additional useless cardboard. I'm just like you and would like to get one just for the beautiful box... But let's stay reasonable ahah.
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    Connecting and then returning from the app always half-fills the happiness meter for me.
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    Customizing my Mini Tamagotchi I like to customize my toys from time to time, and recently I was getting really tired of my mini tama's bright fuschia. Here's a little step-by-step of how I turned it into a creeper spawn egg! First I sanded the plastic to make the acrylic stick better, carefully avoiding the screen. This significantly reduces the number of coats you'll need to apply, and cuts down on drying time. The collector in you will scream. Just ignore them Then I could paint the base layer. The best way to achieve a factory plastic texture with acrylic is to paint on lots of thin, streaky layers, letting them dry completely in between. Here's the difference between one coat of paint and 5+ coats: Next I painted on the details. I decided to fill the cracked egg piece around the screen with black. I drew a grid on the front of the tama with pencil, then filled in a few squares with different shades of green. Once I got them blocked in, I went back over the pencil with more base color and cleaned up the edges of my details. Finally, I applied a thick layer of Duraclear glossy varnish to the whole thing, let it dry, and came back with a layer of varnish thinned out with water, for a smooth and shiny finish. And there we go!! (Don't mind the crappy pictures, my fiance was trying to sleep .w.) I think it looks really cute! The paint job has held up pretty well so far; it suffered a small chip while hanging from my belt loop at work, so I suppose it'll just have to stay home from now on.
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    Hii, As a child i never had a Tamagotchi but always wanted one. Right now was searching on eBay and Amazon but im afraid of buying a fake. Is there any store or seller i could buy? Or any tip on avoiding the fakes?
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    Another thing I was not sure if I remembered correctly was the growth/life cycles. But they do evolve as they age! At around 20 their clothes change to a new outfit. Supreme Sumo and Rough Rider went from wearing just speedos to full body wrestling jumpsuits. It looks like Alley Rumble just got a little more buffed out. But the screen on that one is missing a couple of lines of pixels, so it's hard to see him clearly! The weights that they lift when they work out also get bigger as time goes on. Sweet! Oh and if you get yourself some Nano Fighters, I highly recommend getting at least 3 of them!!! Way more fun to have 4 of my dudes fight than just 2 that's for sure!
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    So I managed to pick this up yesterday at The Havering 2019 Festival. What do yall think?
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    Sorry about that. I might re-write the text file in a future update. I hope that all of you are as hyped as I am!
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    I think it is unlikely bandai will do anything to your device, considering mymeets genes are so prevalent within the app.
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    That is some amazing sleuthing you've done, and I'm sure generations of V3 fans will be grateful for this development! Just some questions for interest: How did you figure out where the letters are stored by connecting japanese and english devices? You said that the alphabet replaced punctation starting at 81 (A), but why is A assigned to the number 1? Where do the values 70 and 199 come from? Is there any way we can help by generating and testing passwords?
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    It appears the dream town game is now fully gone, as linking directly to it's page (here) throws up an mysql error. This presumably since they've removed the site entirely, as going to the main page just redirects you back to tamagotchi.com (which now has things on it after years of being dormant, lol) @Alex Grigoriou you say you have a complete backup of it, so you could perhaps host it now if you feel like it
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    I have both a pink fairy on and a purple pastel meets! I like the games on the meets better because there's some skill involved with them. The fairy only has a game where you spam the A button and one where you move up and down to meet the dolphins. My pastel has a matching game I really enjoy, and I personally enjoy the backgrounds and characters available on the pastel. It IS hard not understanding the text but since I have both I can compare them when I get confused. The on and meets both connect to the english app, and can connect to each other. The shells look similar to me, the glitter is pretty much the same on both.
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    Guys, I have great news about Tamagotchi Town V4. I have found some swf files and I have parsed tamatown all together. Click on the link for download. Have fun! Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ibdch866cbm37db/TAMATOWN.rar
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    Thanks Eggiweg, that’s a great idea! I think we’re about halfway if there really are 100 unique questions. I’ll keep snapping photos and hopefully we’ll get them all.
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    OK, PROMISED UPDATE! (Sorry for the delays, I had to babysit our remaining dog. PotatoDoggo was technically my brother's anxiety dog but in reality she was our other dog's anxiety dog. She's got some separation anxiety problems.) V1: Ari, Girl, Gen 2, Marutch-- welp, just evolved right now, Oniontchi XD V2 (1): Eril, Boy, Gen 1, Ringotchi V2 (2): Arka, Boy, Gen 2, Young Mimitchi V3 (1): Weys, Boy, Gen 2, Hinatchi V3 (2): Ru, Boy, Gen 2, Young Mimitchi V4: Siliv, Girl, Gen 5, Mizutamatchi Familitchi/V5: PogoFamily, Ahirukutchi, Tororotchi, Mousetchi, Gen 1 (hoping it will hit adult stage before the battery dies and I can save at least 2 of 'em by marrying to the Music Stars buuut I have doubts XwX) Music Star/V6 (1): Ianu, Boy, Gen 11, Hinotamatchi Music Star/V6 (2): Oshiro, Boy, Gen 2, Nonopotchi TamaGO: Insinro, Boy, Gen 7, Kilalatchi Spacey M!X: Been calling her Little Rose, Gen 3, mother was Himebaratchi, grandparents are Lovelitchi and Mametchi Mini: Oyajitchi, again XD Maybe some day I can get a good character.
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    Oh my I indeed meant the tamagotchi on , i was really confused about a few stuff now i understand better..the ball thing was not a glitch it wasn't left outside it was just my pet playing with his own ball. But the original ball was in the inventory already. For the toy location I now realized it needs to be "2gen" means I need to marry my tama first..sorry I'm really new to this thanks for the help :)))
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    I've been away for a while. Certainly I do have pictures. I will share some in the coming week, so keep a look out. My full time job is paranormal investigator, Medium, Exorcist and demonologist so this kind of thing isn't so strange to me as an adult. When it first happened I was a child so that was strange back then. I'll share pictures this week though so stick around.
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    I am 85% sure that it is possible.
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    So, I have told you before that January is going to be a month full of surprises. And I am going to reveal one of them now. TamaTown Music City is coming really soon to my website! With the help of OldSpirit (A TamaTalk member) who has all the music city files saved in the cache folder of his old pc we can bring Music City back really soon! That's all for today! See ya!
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    A bit of disappointment...I have done my research and I have discovered that the developers of programs like EnWarehouse have salvaged the elements for the EnTama logout generator from the Bandai servers before they were gone. After that, they were capable of uploading them to their own servers. Last but not least, this is the way that you can still generate logout passwords for the EnTama. To summarize, I will never be able to complete my own generator, unless someone has generated all passwords for all 5-digit combinations of all Tamagotchi V3 and V4 names (letters and special characters are included). This is physically impossible! I am DESPERATE for some help! Someone help me PLEASE!
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    No problem Eggiweg. I am trying to restore the site in a stock state as much as I can. In a few weeks lots of surprises will be coming. Be patient everyone. See you in the next post!
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    Please check out my website instead of the above mediafire url. New TamaTown website link: http://alexgtamagotchieu.freevar.com
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    I will try giving it a shot. What kind of help can you offer me? (Private message me for further discussion)
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    Hello guys and Happy New Year! Thank you for your support! I won't tell you much. However, the only thing I am going to say is that the month of January is going to be full of surprises and new features. That is it for today folks. See you on the next post!
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    So, before further development I want to clarify something. You need to recommend me some language preferences so I can further develop http://alexgtamagotchieu.freevar.com/ . I will be waiting for your preferences and then I am going to make the statistics. Last but not least, I can edit Tamatown and its xml files accordingly . See ya
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    A minor update: Now the rafting game is available and hosted on the http://alexgtamagotchieu.freevar.com server. You can just pick the ''PORTUGAL'' button or the link below the buttons, select the Portoguese language and enjoy the game.
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    By the way, do you remember the rafting game that was the last remain of tamatown.com? Well, I have learned from my past mistakes and I have salvaged it. Pick the Portuguese language and enjoy the rafting. So there is the link for that. And again...thank you so much! Link: https://mega.nz/#!LqpkwaiQ!6P6xzVvqOjwoRTxiUsyq5bhDUqTy2egskWWCU_5fobM
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    Hello once again guys. My site has been officially updated to the following url: http://alexgtamagotchieu.freevar.com The only language supported is English. I am ready to hear your recommendations about your language preferences and i will translate the whole tamatown's xml files accordingly. Check it out and have fun!
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    Undefined text appears only on the locations and I am still working on it. The initial xml file was corrupted and I needed to reconstruct it. So the only thing you can do is be patient, because in a few weeks I will be updating the site. I do not know if I will be able to fix it, but I will give it a shot. Unfortunately, you cannot connect your tamas yet and my password generator is in an experimental state. I hope that this reply was helpful.
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    Finally, my goal is achieved. No more downloads. TamaTown is officialy revived by me and imported in a web server. There you can enjoy TamaTown being on a server once again. I also added android functionality by using Puffin Web Browser from the Google Play Store (not sponsored).I hope you like it Link: http://alexgtama.freevar.com
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    After a lot of research and hard work I have finally discovered what is wrong with the text appearing as "undefined". New browsers such as Chrome 50 for Windows or higher have reduced the capabilites of flash player. So I have tested the project on a windows xp vm with chrome 49 installed. It works perfectly. In the next update I will be adding the other xml files to the html code and there will be no "undefined text" anywhere. I advise you to download chrome 49 on a virtual machine yourself to test it out. By the way, I want you to advise me if you want tamatown text in other languages. In a couple of days I will be capable of doing that. I would be happy to read your language preferences. Again, thank you for your support. See you.
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    I have pushed myself to the limit and I have managed to to finalize the second version of the TamaTown Project a few hours after my latest post. A little tip for you: When you open the html file, a button called item will apear after enabling flash. Just ignore it. I will get rid of it in the next version. Enjoy: https://mega.nz/#!W7gUASgT!FfA6lMi_9EPX_ZtT0PL-i8j907bd-EqE9R3OK2VlB-w
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    Guys, it is indeed time for an update. I have made some minor optimizations and some major fixes to the project. So, you guessed it. Tamatown project v2 is coming really soon (with some extra pressure i could even release it tomorrow). Anyways, the project is almost ready for publication. I will be using mega.nz instead of mediafire this time, because in mega, projects can be encrypted and it does not contain any annoying popups. That's it for today folks. I hope you are hyped. See you.
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    Thank you for your incredible feedback. I have just subscribed to your YouTube channel, just to let you know and i have an alternative download link if mediafire is too annoying for you. Link: https://mega.nz/#!upElDIAD!MtPq4hYuruavAYMRWMeW2skIbwW3_jHMzlMecBm6idA
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    It is a pretty simple process. You can unzip the file with WinRaR. After that you can open the folder, scroll down and search for Tamagotchi Town.html. Then you double-click on the file in Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to open it. A tab with a message saying"enable adobe flash player" will appear. Click on it and then press "allow". Lastly, turn your speakers on and enjoy a great and nostalgic tamatown experience.
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    I haven't seen any recent posts about this game, so I thought I'd make one! Does anyone else have this game? And if so, do you like it? Also, I haven't seen any growth charts of it at all. Does anyone know of any?
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    This is a creation of my appretiation: https://ibb.co/eURScp
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    Thank you all for supporting my project. Thank you for all the downloads in MediaFire and generally thank you for everything. This project is not being discontinued or anything like that. However now I desperately need the community's help. I want all of the viewers of this project e.g Tinkalila (who has been in the community much longer than I have) to redirect me to someone that has even a single flash file of tamatown stored somewhere and I want you to spread the word around the internet. Goodbye... for now.
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    Dear Tamatalk Community, I do not know what to do any longer. I have searched the internet for so long and I still have not found anything. I think this is vain. If Bandai does not upload the files in some server there is nothing I can do. I do not know if it is worth to continue searching. The thing is that I do not want to end up with a lawsuit from Bandai. There are so many thoughts that cross my mind about this project on a daily basis. Please reply and suggest what I should do. Sincerely, Alex Grigoriou
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    I am currently working on finding the original .swf files. If somebody has an original swf file stored somewhere that would be great
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    That sucks, I still haven't gotten mine... That said the app isn't even available where I'm from anyway... :/ Well, if it says that it just won't be supported it just means new things won't be available, probably. And that there will be no updates. So no new content or songs (but the ones already available will probably stay) This... is very different to color tamagotchis so I don't know. This is kind of saddening though, while I really don't mind toys using apps, what I really mind is that these apps become unavailable at some point. It's unfair. I know that the Furby Boom app is unsupported now and not even available in store anymore as well... But at least it wasn't needed, while for the Connect the app was the main gameplay aspect, wasn't it?
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    Exactly. The packaging seeks to deceive by using real Tamagotchi characters and images, and the product itself seeks to deceive by carrying a marking that's a slight alteration of an official one - I believe that the real product is marked "TMGC", whereas these have something like "TMCG" - and by featuring real Tamagotchi characters, along with some other characters that the manufacturer clearly does not own. No I wasn't, and it's not good conduct to claim something that isn't true. In the other thread to which you are referring (which is here for the sake of others who won't understand what you're referring to), I explained the difference between a counterfeit item and a generic item, because people were incorrectly calling generic items that were in no way deceptive "fakes", "counterfeits", "scams", and so on, because, as I said there, education about the differences between, and how to identify such things, is unfortunately poor.
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    MGA Penguin: The penguin reached old-age and said goodbye, today - rather literally. And I think that that's a fitting end to my virtual pet log. Thanks for reading, everybody!
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    MGA Penguin: I figured that I'd share another GIF today, because I wanted to showcase the happy little dance that I mentioned yesterday; I still can't get over how incredibly cute this virtual pet is! The MGA pets have instantly won me over - I think that they're fantastic.
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    11/27/2017 Apologies for the delay in updates. I had my Tamas paused for nearly the entire duration of my sickness (all but the V4 are still paused). I've been busy as well with a couple of games, so I haven't unpaused the rest of the troupe because I don't want to neglect them while I'm busy. Jaz had a kid though, this time another boy. I JUST activated him. His name is Helio and I have no idea what he'll turn into. I can't remember what I... Oh, that's right! His dad was an Androtchi. I'm not sure which takes priority over which so I'm unsure what kind of toddler I'll end up with. I'll update again once he evolves. He just got sick and should be taking a nap soon as well. I'd really be happy with any evolution, because there are males in both Kuchi and Meme that I want, and I wouldn't mind getting Tensaitchi again from the Mame group. I really can't believe how fast time has gone! I've been logging for over a month now, and it'll only get more active once I get my P's, hopefully within the next couple of months. I've also found some really cheap used iD-L's and was extremely tempted by them. Anyway, Helio just woke up from his nap, ate some food, and asked for praise, which I granted. Annnnd... he's evolved into another Mohitamatchi! Awesome! I'm pretty pumped, because now I can get Kuchipatchi!
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    Hey, all! After much procrastination on the idea of making a Tamatalk log, I finally decided it was time to make one, as at least for now, I am running all 6 of the tamas I currently own. I'm gonna try and fun with this, so let's get right into it!! Just to note, I'm gonna be doing a bit of history to make sure most things are up to speed on my tamas to start off. Tamagotchi V2 My first ever Tamagotchi I got back in 2005 was a Translucent Purple Version 2 which my mother got me after everyone and their mother at school had got a Tamagotchi. It took well over a whole month to evolve into its adult form as I pretty much left it on pause any time I wasn't using it, which means the battery pretty much died soon after it became an adult so I only ever was able to do a single generation as I never replaced it after that. It was basically left in stasis for 12 years until I started it up again, and reset it last month for a couple of days before I left it on pause until a few days ago. My original V2's Growth ended up being Petitchi -> Marutchi -> Ufotchi -> Flowertchi/Violetchi Currently, My V2 is Shiropetitchi -> Marutchi -> Ringotchi and should be evolving into its adult stage soon. Tamagotchi V4 My Tamagotchi v4 was the second Tamagotchi I ended up getting, although I barely used it and there are a few dumb stories I have to tell in regards to it. So my V4's shell is a Silver/Maroon coloured shell, and the main reason I got this colour was that it was the same shell as an older person in school who I thought I was cool and stuff. In hindsight that probably was a dumb thing as I could have totally got a much nicer looking shell but hey ho that was me being dumb. The second story is even dumber, so like I only played with this V4 for at most an hour and I pretty much had it paused as a baby for eternity since. That sounds pretty tame, but then I suddenly got it in my head that it was cursed and refused to go near it. Like, it sat on my desk in my room for like a few months and I was scared to go into my room because of it, I had to basically keep the lights in my room, off and only ever go in there to sleep cause I was so afraid of it. Eventually, I was able to throw it into a box to never be seen again and I thought that would "remove" the curse or something. After that episode, I was scared of tamas for a while until like 2015 where I had a brief resurgence in my interest in them, and again in 2016, and then again my interest in them took on a whole new level as of January this year. Currently, I have *slowly* gone through three generations on this V4, those being Tosakatchi, Togetchi, and My current gen which is only a toddler as of this morning. Entama one of my more recent additions to my collection, My Entama has been through two generations so far and is currently on the third generation. My Previous two generations had Makiko, And Violetchi/Flowertchi, who I let evolve into Otokitchi. my current gen is one of the Hatena groups, this being Meganetchi. P's Currently, I am running two P's. one is mint green/teal P's which I have installed a Nyatchi VDP onto, and the other is a purple P's which I have the Love and Melody Deco Pierce attached to. I've had these two alive for over a week now, I'm probably gonna marry them off soon, but I want to download another VDP to my teal one before I do so. M!X Finally, my Mix is the sixth tama I'm running. I went through 14 generations initially and then I reset to get myself a pure Nijifuwatchi, as she is my favourite Tamagotchi character as of now, I love her design so so much! I then married her to Maskutchi last night and the baby was a bouncy boy. so far it's looking good, I can't wait for the adult stage!! So yeah, that's all for now, sorry there aren't any pictures, I need to find a decent way of editing them so they aren't so dang huge lol, when I can work that out I'll post them in a reply~ Seeya all around for now!!
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    The Nano Puppy clone might have to wait because I tried putting batteries in and it didn’t turn on. When I took the batteries out, they were really warm... Not sure what’s up because it worked the first time I tried it.