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    So much for more frequent updates. Fairy ON Travis and Justin evolved into teenagers on Monday. They evolved into adults yesterday. They look almost exactly like their grandma! The only difference is in the eyes. As for marriage, I've been looking all over the app with no luck. Travis did accept a proposal from someone, but we didn't take home an egg. Who am I to deny someone of these cute genes? I'm going to keep looking today, but I won't update on their marriage until tomorrow. V4 WHAT'S THIS?! A KUCHI TEEN! It's been such a long time since I've had a Kuchi family member. We celebrated by visiting a gene. Even more good news! Clyde should be evolving into a Kuchipatchi later this evening since I've been keeping his kindness points high. I enrolled him in Mr. Canvas' class to help with this goal. P's HAPPY BIRTHDAY G- Nani?! Trying to run away, on his birthday of all days! I was doing a water change on my fish tank when he called, but I didn't think he was going to do this... I offer his favorite snack as a token of my apology. Now let's celebrate! Happy birthday buddy!🎉 I hope we'll be celebrating many, many more!
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    Your tama must be from 2nd generation and onwards.
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    Just preordered the pacman tamagotchi!
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    New Character I love this female character, as far as I know her name is Hanitchi, apparently the name is similar to the Genjintch tamagotchi adult character. I really do like how her eyes look, can't wait for another new female adult from the Taiiku family!
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    I would love to see more English translations as well. Especially the Sanrio, since it’s so expensive right now AND shipping isn’t cheap either. Maybe if the On sells well enough they’ll release more here but the stores near me haven’t even gotten the On, so I’m a little doubtful that they’ll release any more.
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    week 06 Pekutchi and Racutchi continued the adorable curse with the Lovelitchi ears and sparkly eyes. Wish I had the hello kitty ribbon, today I also decided to change their room to the activity room.
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    It must have been the Night Light setting on my monitor, because today they look aqua green in the same image (still look more green IRL though)
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    there IS a dub of the first 26 episodes, but 9Go! stopped airing it after that i think as far as the dub continuing (or being redone, because the voice acting honestly wasn't that good although it's a fun watch anyway,) it's more a matter of whether an english-speaking TV network becomes interested in picking it up than it is about the main producer of the products
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    I stand corrected; @Lovetchi2862 is right. Coffretchi does in fact appear in On (both the Magic and Fairy versions)! She works at the Beauty Salon, and your tamagotchi can marry her. She also appears in the Pastel Meets, but not the other Meets versions.
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    Hello there and welcome to the community I found this list of relases since it started until today. Hopefully it will help you.
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    I'm new to tamagotchi but I recently bought Tamagotchi for the gameboy. I had two baby tamagotchi, and the third slot was empty, but when I turned on the game there was a third tamagotchi?!? That I never hatched?!? It didn't have a name and it was glitched out where it should have had it. It was also evolved I think? (Sorry, I'm new). I played with it for like twenty minutes until it randomly died with full life and fun. Does anyone have an explanation? Thanks!
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    My Tamagotchi Meers finally reached friend stage and I got a Mametchi, but he seems very needy! Even after playing some games, using his favorite toy, and eating snacks he doesn't seem to have gained much happiness. Is there some secret to boosting happiness quickly? Also, I don't see weight in its stats... Is that no longer a thing? Is there any repercussions to feeding it (or toddler, teen) snacks?
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    Weight wasn't in the tamagotchi m!x either, so there aren't any repercussions. The happiness bars also take longer to fill compared to the black and white versions.
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    Alright, so I'm currently waiting on two tams to arrive in the mail, a V3 and keitai! I know that the akai and the plus (not the color tam, the japanese v1) are compatible and some can connect with north american connection versions too, but I want to know is: Can a north american v3 and a keitai connect? Thanks in advance! :>
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    Tamagotchi's Name: Andromeda Tamagotchi's Age: 6 years Date of Birth: 6th gen - 6/5/2017 Date of Passing: 6/6/2017 - on Murdoc Niccals' birthday What Generation? 7th Gen Other Information? He was a great Tamagotchi. Your Comments: I miss you Andromeda. You were a good boy. If only I had just checked on you, and gave you want you needed, you wouldn't have died.
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    Hello! This is my first post here, so please tell me if I need to correct anything. (Picture size, wrong board...) I've been interested in Tamagotchis since I was a kid, and back when it was really popular here, my mom got a couple cheap ones from some dollar stores. Even at the time, all of us at school knew these weren't legit Tamagotchis, but since they were all from the same bootleg "brand", the infrared function worked between them. They used to come in this kind of packaging, and looked mostly like V1 Connexions, with the clear red plastic on the IR part, and the usual giveaways of an unofficial product. (for anyone interested, "Animal Imaginado" means roughly "Imagined Animal", and the packaging came in broken spanish, even though I am from Portugal.) A couple days ago, I decided to go look for my old bootlegs, and found this one! The shell seems to be a pink recolor of a light blue V1 shell, the background has numbers, and it obviously doesn't say Tamagotchi anywhere. I decided to open it up so I could check if the manufacturers based the circuit board on a specific region, and to check if it had debug built in. Well, turns out it doesn't have a debug function at all! So maybe it was based on the European region where it ended up being sold. It also seems way more basic than legit tama circuits. (The pixels seem slightly larger too.) Other than that, it still works pretty well, and it's surprisingly similar to an actual Connexion! I don't believe it has all its functions, but it's a fun little pet anyways, and very different from the "Multi-Pet" type ones you see nowadays on eBay and such. It mostly feels like some kind of clone of a V1/V2, with weird mixed characteristics like some menu names in japanese, others in english, and slightly different sprites from the official ones. If I eventually find my other bootlegs, I'll try to make them connect to see if the IR still works between them. I don't know if anyone is interested in how this works, photos of it running, or if I should make a video, but feel free to ask! One last question: if I wanted to get back into Tamagotchis, which one do you think would be a good start?
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    Wow this is one the most sophisticated tamagotchi bootlegs I've seen. In terms of it's shell and design it easily looks like a real connection version from far away. The icons and the screen background are pretty much identical to the v1 connections which this fake seems to be modeled on. The gameplay is very simple, but still looks much better than plenty of fakes I've seen and played with. The gameplay reminds me a bit of the Nano Kitty I own actually. Also these things can actually connect to one another?? That's amazing! Pretty thoughtfully made fake, I'm surprised. I also advocate for trying out the v4 or v4.5, the v4.5 was personally my first tamagotchi and I have quite a bit of attachment to it. Both the v4 and v4.5 have the job feature and I always thought the games were some of the best out of all the connection versions. The only difference between them, if I remember correctly, is the characters. Anyway! Welcome to TamaTalk! Enjoy the forums and I hope you get the chance to get your own tama soon!
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    This makes me confused though. Would this mean that this is the actual Butterflytchi? The Butterflytchi on the V2 is the same as ChouChoutchi? Or is it a different Tamagotchi? They both have the same English name and character design except for a few alterations. Maybe Butterflytchi V2 was a scratch for ChouChoutchi and wasn't really implemented until the P's? I dunno this is asdfghjkl;' someone needs to ask Bandai k bai.
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    I like them both! Without figures, Tamagotchi Friends is better, but with figures, Tama-Go is better.
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    Part 1: FAQs Q: What's connecting, and what does it do? A: Connecting is how two modern Tamagotchi virtal pets communicate with each other. The idea started off with the Mesutchi and Osutchi pets in 1997, which coupled together and connected specifically for love and marriage through two metal ports. Today, all Tamagotchi toys use infrared sensors to find each other, which allows them to play games and share gifts, building friendships and even love. Q: How do they connect? A: First, both Tamagotchi toys must highlight the "Connect" icon, which appears as a heart. Select the heart, followed by whatever other options it gives, and when the "Stand By" screen appears, point the two Tamagotchi toys toward each other, one infrared port facing the other. then, press "B" (the middle button) on either Tamagotchi. Q: What does connecting do? A: When two Tamagotchi's connect, they start building friendship levels. The more often they connect, the closer their friendship will be. A male and female adult pair may eventually marry and have children, starting the second generation. Q: Is there any way to choose what gender I want the babies to be, or predict what gender they'll be? A: No. Q: But I heard that... A: NO. Q: But I have a theory... A: NO. Q: My Tamagotchi's won't connect! Is there something wrong? A: Either the two Tamagotchi pets are incompatible, one of them has low battery power, or it has a certain connecting quirk (V4, V4.5 only). Q: Is there any special secrets to mating? A: Marrying an Ojitchi and Otokitchi together (all versions until V5 onward) will always result in a baby boy, who grows up to become Oyajitchi. The Tamagotchi Plus Color does this too, but also includes the possibility of a girl baby, who grows up into a special female adult, Gorippatchi. Mating one V5 or V5C/V5.5 with one from another country will result in the birth of a single baby, Iwatchi, who becomes special chatacters. The Music Star/V6 does not feature any special mating. Also, according to Bandai Japan, sending a Royal Famitama adult to live with a Famitama will result in a bonus of 1000G for the Famitama. Q: Who is Nazotchi? That thing in the red hat? Why am I seeing it? A: Nazotchi is a "placeholder" character used by Tamagotchi toys to fill in where other Tamagotchi characters do not exist. For example, if I were connecting a V3 to a V4, and one character didn't exist on the other, Nazotchi would appear on the other toy in its place. This is purely natural. Q: Is there a way I can raise a Nazotchi without debugging? A: Nazotchi cannot be raised by any natural means. It can, however be obtained as a parent on the Family pets and the Music Star. Part 2: Specific Version Connecting As some versions require certain guidelines to connect... ~Connecting a Version 2 to a Version 3 or 4/4.5~ On the connecting options for the V2, select "Version 1" On the connecting options for the V3 or V4, select "Other". ~Connecting Versions 2, 3, and 4/4.5 to the Keitai/Akai series Tamagotchi's~ On the Version 2, select "Version 1". On V3 and V4, select "Other" On the Keitai/Akai select "Tamagotchi Plus" (symbolized with a + next to Japanese text). ~Connecting Version 4 to Version 4.5~ On the V4, select "Ver. 4", and select what option you'd like to use (Game, Present, or Visit). On the V4.5, select "Ver. 4/4.5" and select what option you'd like to use (Game, Present, or Visit). ~Connection Version 4/4.5 Connecting Glitch~ For whatever reason, the V4 and V4.5 both are picky about connecting. Sometimes, when you try to connect them to any other Tamagotchi, they will just say "FAIL" instantly. This usually happens because when first starting a Tamagotchi, most users forget to press the "Reset" button after pulling the tab. To correct this glitch, reset the V4 or V4.5, download your character, set the correct date and time, and try again. ~Connecting Music Star/V6 to V5/Famitama or V5C/V5.5/Royal Famitama~ On the Music Star, select "Others" and wait on the Standby screen. DO NOT PRESS B. On the Family pet, select the first option, then "Game", and then press B. ~ Marrying Music Star/V6 to V5/Famitama or V5C/V5.5/Royal Famitama~ After building up friendship levels on both toys to their highest possible levels, start the connecting process. But for the Family pet, select "Marry" and then "Give". The adult will disappear from your Family toy, and appear on your Music Star as Nazotchi. You will receive an egg with the new baby, and Nazotchi will stay and live with your Music Star. ~Music Star/Family Pet Marriage Glitch~ Please be careful when marrying your V6 with the Family pets. The Music Star will take about twice as long to build the friendship level than the V5 (or all Family-style pets in general). The Music Star's Friendship Meter consists of 8 stages: four static faces, and then four smiling faces. Be sure to have all four smiling faces before deciding to marry the V5. If you don't do this properly, your Music Star will refuse to marry, but the V5 will accept - sending a character away and leaving you with one less character and no way of getting it back. Part 3: The Guide Click here for the graphic version of this guide! Please note: Saying a version can connect and breed with the same version is a moot point, so it's not included. Tamagotchi Connection (Version 1/V1) Can connect with: V2, V3, V4, V4.5, Plus Can marry: V2, V3, V4, V4.5, Plus Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 (V2) Can connect with: V1, V3, V4, V4.5, Plus, Keitai, Akai Can marry: V1, V3, V4, V4.5, Plus Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 (V3) Can connect with: V1, V2, V4, V4.5, Plus, Keitai, Akai Can marry: V1, V2, V4, V4.5, Plus Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 (V4) Can connect with: V1, V2, V3, V4.5, Plus, Keitai, Akai Can marry: V1, V2, V3, V4.5, Plus Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5 (V4.5) Can connect with: V1, V2, V3, V4, Plus, Keitai, Akai Can marry: V1, V2, V3, V4, Plus Tamagotchi Plus (Japanese V1) Can connect with: V1, V2, V3, V4, V4.5, Keitai, Akai Can marry: V1, V2, V3, V4. V4.5 Keitai Tamagotchi Plus Can connect with: V2, V3, V4, V4.5, Plus, Akai, Entama, Uratama Can marry: -self only- Akai Tamagotchi Plus Can connect with: V2, V3, V4, V4.5, Plus, Keitai, Entama, Uratama Can marry: -self only- Jinsei Enjoy Tamagotchi Plus (Entama) Can connect with: Keitai, Akai, Uratama Can marry: -self only- Ura Jinsei Enjoy Tamagotchi Plus (Uratama) Can connect with: Keitai, Akai, Entama Can marry: -self only- All Family Pets From All Regions Can Connect And Marry. This includes: "Family Iro Iro! Tamagotchi Plus" (Famitama) (Japan) Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 (USA and AUS) Tamagotchi Connexion Familitchi (EUR) "Royal Dream Family Tamagotchi Plus" (Royal) (Japan) Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity (USA) Tamagotchi Connection Version 5.5 (AUS) Family Pets Cannot Connect With Older Tamagotchi Pets. Tamagotchi Music Star (V6) Can connect with: Family Series Can marry: Family Series Tamagotchi Plus Color (TMGC+C) Can connect with: Hexagontchi Can marry: Hexagontchi? (unverified; if you have them and successfully married them, please reply) Hexagontchi Can connect with: TMGC+C Can marry: TMGC+C? (unverified; if you have them and successfully married them, please reply) *TM Edit SEE ALSO: Tamagotchi Friends Connecting info (posted by Mandymom) http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/191784-tamagotchi-friends-connecting-guide/
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    I had one that was like the Music Star, but instead of music it was cooking. Instead of playing an instrument, you could choose a dish to make, and then your Tama would make it until it got judged by a panel of judges, and if it was good enough you could become a real chef and maybe like get a job cooking for different people... maybe the king! idk, it sounded like a good idea a year ago...
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    What About Babygotchi? I'm sure Bandai has made some sort of Tamagotchi where you handle little tama's but, this one could be where the tamagotchi's stay babies and then you have to take them to tama Preschool. then after they grow older they go to Tama School then they keep growing and i thought that woulfd be a good idea. Sounds like the same old tamagotchi but, it would have the home Deka Tama, the tama school, the v4, and maybe the rest all in one. lol just an idea though.
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    RxBunnyz was kind enough to do an excellent job of scanning in the instruction manual for the Tamagotchi Nano for everyone to enjoy. Thanks RxBunnyz!
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    I think the games were what first drew me towards buying a tamagotchi. Or maybe it was the items. But I think the link to tamatown, or possibly the characters, are what have kept me enjoying tamagotchis for nearly 5 years.
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    i love all these comments Tamagotchis are unique and most imitated!
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    I like how all the characters are unique and they are more detailed then most virtual pets. I like how you actually have to take care of them, like they are real too.
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    I've had a glitch on my Connections where I try to connect and only one goes through, and either it plays a game with itself or blasts off into cyberspace for a few minutes.
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    Yes, I completely agree. I just lost my love for my lil' tamas, and i thought, ( I'm coming up to 15) well, it's not worthwhile. But, by loving Tamas, I brought the love of Japan and all things Japanese for me. So thanks, Tamas.
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    They're just so adorable! I like the sort of fantasy aspect too, as opposed to the usual dog, cat, etc.
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    Hello all, One of the main reasons I joined TT was to be able to share information about Tamagotchi that I learned while playing with them. This includes the reverse engineering of my little shelled friends. Before I start diving into everything, I'd like to get a feel for what types of Tamagotchi hacking would be accepted by (or even preferred by) the community. There are a few different areas of hacking that are available to you in the Tamagotchi world, and the ones that come to mind are as follows: Logout Code Generation: As you know, there is the D-Best hack that queries the Bandai TamaTown servers and allows you to generate codes for any amount of P or items. Unfortunately, it is reliant on TamaTown's servers being online. If they are offline, you are unable to connect via PC. If they were to go down for good (i.e. Bandai decides it only wants to support from Music Star to more recent tamas), you would be unable to ever generate codes for your tama again. The disadvantage of having this information available is that it would allow people to easily have an unlimited amount of P/items and would be likely to significantly encourage cheating. This is not really too much of a problem as tamas are single player, but some may feel that it will cause people to stop playing as excessive cheating tends to remove the fun from a game. Being able to create Log Out codes without a dependency on Bandai removes the risk of the servers going away, as well as lets other people create minigames/etc that will give you P for your Tamagotchi, and more. I'd like to expand in this area and learn how to generate my own Log Out codes. This is actually where most of my research has been conducted currently. Login Code Generation: Once I had Logout codes reverse engineered correctly, I thought that it would be nice to be able to generate my own valid login codes for a specified Username. This may not be useful to most people, but there are many things that could be done with it. It is necessary to be able to generate TamaTown Login codes to create a correctly functioning Tamagotchi Simulator or even your own Tamagotchi. It's likely not a far walk to get to this point after reversing the Logout Codes. Simulation: Simulation is the creation of programs on different hardware (in this case, likely your PC) that performs functions similar to another piece of hardware/software (i.e. your Tamagotchi) As far as I know, there was a simulator created a long while ago. I would like to create one at one point, that is fairly accurate in terms of sprites, mechanics, and games. Unfortunately the possible issue of copyright comes into play. For it to be accurate, the sprites used would have to be exact to the pixel. I am unsure of the legal status of this (as the graphics are fairly low resolution..) but it may come up at one point. I have begun some work on my simulator, but have only implemented the framework for it so far. IR Reverse Engineering: The communication between the Tamas that we cannot see; IR is what lets our Tamagotchi talk. This falls into a similar realm of Logout Code Generation, as knowing the protocol that they speak would only be useful to a few individuals. I have a few ideas of what could be done if we are able to duplicate the protocol. This ranges from allowing a Tamagotchi simulator talk to a handheld one to adding IR to your own custom Tamagotchi. I also had an idea of creating an online service that would allow people to connect their Tamagotchi over the internet. That would be fun :] Have you ever wanted to connect with any of your TT friends? This would let you do that. It seems like some people have investigated this before a little, but I haven't been able to find any additional information (see: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2005/06/t..._sounds_li.html) This area of reversing would probably relatively easy as IR protocols tend to be unprotected. Hardware Modification: Like debugging your Tamagotchi? By taking those screws out of the back of the case, you open a whole new world of Tamagotchi hacking.. You've seen people swap their Tamagotchi backgrounds. Imagine having a backlight on your v4.5. What about volume control? The possibilities are endless.. Hardware Creation: Sure Tamagotchi simulators are fun, and customizable, but the problem with them is that you're tied to a computer to play with them. What if you wanted to make your own Tamagotchi? Once you have a thorough understanding of the Tamagotchi IR protocol, login and logout code generation, etc, it should be possible to create your own Tamagotchi using parts you can get online or at your local RadioShack. I have done a lot of work with micro controllers and processors and know that it wouldn't be too difficult to create a Tamagotchi of your very own.. (Surely not for the faint of heart though ^^') ---- After I get some feedback regarding the above Tamagotchi hacking fields (what people are interested in, etc) I may create a few threads to discuss what work I've done and what needs to be done (and to find people to help!) If you have any questions or opinions on the above, I'd greatly appreciate your reply. Thank you for your time! --Garrett
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    Honestly, the IR connection and Simulator ideas sound aweome. You should keep going with them, maybe we can get something really big with this.
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    I bought my tamagotchi and it makes me so happy. Have you got the same fealing? You happy too or you angry and why?
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    I dont understand why tamagotchi are so socially unexceptable. Tons of people my age (14+) play video games, and tamagotchi is kind of like a game. But if people at my school knew I played with tamagotchi, either they would think I was nuts, make fun of me, or it would spark their interest and they would go get one. The first two options are more likely to happen. There is nothing wrong with having a virtual pet! So why do we have to hide them? I dont understand how people think it is so childish to have one. People have nintendogs, which is even more simpler than tamagotchi in some ways, and its a virtual pet, but its "okay" to have that. I dont get it. Tamagotchi is not childish at all! Its a rather complex game that takes a lot of time and energy and understanding. But is not "socially exceptable". I hate society. Tamas are cute
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    ZOMG i just got this idea of making a tamagotchi hospital :3
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    i like that they're so portable and they can be fun for all ages.
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    OKAY! Stop fighting about politics, please, peoples. That's NOT what this topic is here for. I just checked on YesAsia and eBay a little while ago -- for us Canadians, the TMGC+Colour is around or OVER $100. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO unreasonable, but.... still! If they DO make the TMGC+Colour here for us English peoples, all of the text will probably be just, like, ....'s or something. And the Japanese actually get WORDS! Also, off-topic here: I will be putting batteries in my Cafe Entama tonight. Wheee!
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    *Tamagotchi Created in 1996 by Aki Maita, Tamagotchi made manufacturer Bandai an absolute fortune. It was hugely successful and spawned countless clones. It was the must-have toy of its day. Why is it an example of terrible tech? Because it was intensely irritating. You looked after a tiny pixellated cretin who, after eating a variety of oversized meals, left piles of dung in one corner of his screen, each as large as the creature it came from. Owners could then punish the little swine or feed it more food. It would also wake up at 7am demanding you clean the huge load it created while you were sleeping. The little beggars disrupted classroom after classroom, caused fights in the playground and even spawned nanny services -- where unemployed housewives charged kids their pocket money to look after the useless b******* while their owners were at school. Nothing this pointless should be spared the stinging lash of geek revisionism, regardless of its commercial success.* This news story was posted by CNET News in 'Top ten terrible tech products'. I totally disagree with them. I am nso outraged!
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    my mom is ok with my four tamas ( i just got five today and she doesnt know yet) but she gets annoyed that i want more and more and that i want to collect im 10 years old i have a good reason to collect something thats interests me and that i love she does NOT get a say in what i like and want.
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    I'm 24, so playing with tamagotchis is actually my own business and my parents don´t tell me what to do anymore. But of course, when I was visiting them only last Sunday and checked my v4 curtly at the coffee table, my mother had to ask me if that wasn´t a toy for little kids "like your sister had one 1997, remember?". Well, I told them, yes kids play with it, but Japanese fully grown men do also, and I love the Japanese lifestyle and little gadgets, AS YOU KNOW (that´s a good trick: making parents fond of a thing because they´d never admit that they didn´t know I love Japan - works at least for mine <3).
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    THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!!!! You are totally right. I would not want a huge, bulky round thing in my pocket. But that would be cool. the idea of charging it! If they ever stop making tamagotchis, this version should be the last one they ever make, it would be like a finale version. that would be the best thing. great idea!
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    don't even worry about that. cnet is like a totally fake place anyway. their stories are all bogus, obviously written by people who have no lives. xD yeah uhm they probably are just real big meanies.
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    i think that those people don't understand how tamas help kids. They teach kids responsibleity by having to take care of them, but maybe these people dont understand that there is this awesome thing called PAUSE mode. They abviously have never had one cause they are not hard to take care of, un less you want them to always weigh good and become cool tamas. I personnally think these people don't have kids.
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    Why would someone say that!! Tamas are soooo cute. So they are a little needy. Thats what makes them fun! I really can't believe some one said that. I know I shouldn't listen to them but... I'm a tama freak.
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    how could they say that!!!!!!!
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    how horrid! That is a discrace to Bandai and to tamagotchi!! (and to me too, i have a tama shrine )
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    I'm sorry I say this but... Don't listen CNET. They're just a buncha computer dorks who will only give good ratings to the latest Dell they enjoy. Usually dorks don't understand V-Pets like us. And yes, they are a little demanding. My mom told me that my older cousin once had a Tama, and my aunt would look after it all the time. I'm sorry but they're just dorks.
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    I could care less what they say because I know its not true,to me the only reason people get angry is because they know its true,but tamas are wonderful I love how needy they are,but in the v5 I wish it was more needy I really do.. but other than that they cant make you stop buying them..." off off and away!".....p.s.-One more thing,its their opinion who cares,its what they say but it looks like they are wrong because look how many people like them...
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    There just close minded is all. The old ones were a bit hard to look after i admit, but kids loved them.. They just dont understand.
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    Name: Katsu Age: 16 B-day: July 7 Date of death: July 20 Generation: ??? Goodbye Katsu! We miss you so much
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