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    @Eozeda - Well-spotted! None of that would surprise me, since there appear to be some functional similarities between the two devices. The Mermaid Aqua Pot, as it's shown here, reminds me a little bit of the Game Boy Camera... I wonder if the same will apply to the Tamagotchi Pix?
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    Sorry if this has already been confirmed, but I definitely think the top of the tama is a button too, now that I've seen the direction Bandai took with their Mermaid Aqua Pot. I don't understand the Japanese but there's definitely some visual explanation in this image. There also appears to be a game associated with this one's camera, as seen in the bottom pic? Maybe I'm getting it all wrong... I just wonder if that's the same top button feature ported into the shell.
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    joined the tamagotchi reanimated collab! real excited
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    Between the 4u+ and the iD L, the iD L is imo the better Tamagotchi. It has a lot more content, like twice the raisable characters, and is generally just a little complex than the 4U models are. If you want to use downloadable content then the iD L is also better there since it uses IRda, which is much more universal than the NFC the 4U models have. Additionally, if you want to collect more colour Tamas, the iD L can connect all the way from the Plus Color to the P's. As for the On/Meets, I think that's just up to personal preference. If you want a full english Tamagotchi the On is great choice, since english iD L are pretty hard to find (and expensive) and the 4U+ doesn't have a patch (even the patch for the regular 4U isn't a full translation). It has less content than the iD L I believe, but I think it makes up for the content in the actual gene-mixing gameplay.
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    Nanos have become a cash grab for bandai tbh. I only own the Gudetama, Pacman, and Evatchi variations. I would recommend the Gudetama one, I'm not a big fan of him but I find the nano rather fun to run. I think Bandai decided the nano format mainly because they're targeting the fans of the crossover, who they might not know what a Tamagotchi actually does. Chances are big fans of Gudetama/Eva/Demon Slayer will purchase the device, but don't know the basic knowledge of raising a tamagotchi, so the features are rather limited. I personally wish the size could be like the OG Tamagotchi, nanos are kinda easy to lose and roll around the bed. Basically, I think nanos are really just an accessory, since they're pretty low maintenance. I don't hate the variations or what they've became, compared to what they previously were. I think they're pretty neat since Bandai actually made an effort to add references on them. Like the PM nano has cherries, which pacman likes, for a snack and the mini games are so fun. The Evatchi has a watermelon snack which is a reference to one of the characters who owns a watermelon patch. I can understand why some people aren't interested in the modern nanos, since they're pretty limited and based of popular franchises one might not be into. They're literally just cashgrabs, but they're not completely soulless, as effort are put into them to make them unique and appealing. Edit: Also forgot to add, I don't think they're bad for the franchise at all. It's pretty exciting to think that they might make some people interested in real tamagotchi devices. I definitely think these are going to stay for a long time, since they're selling well enough for Bandai to reach out to other franchises.
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    I don't have one of the original Tamagotchi Nanos because they were never released in the UK, but I'm quite fond of the licensed ones - though admittedly I only have the Pac-Man Tamagotchi so far (but it is a very charming release that appeals to quite a wide audience, since everyone knows Pac-Man, and it's got some neat references for both long-time fans and those who are less familiar with him). I also lament the fact that the Eevee X Tamagotchi was so underproduced - I really would've liked to get one of those! The way I see it, the current Nanos are an option for folks like myself who prefer the older devices and find the colour devices too time-consuming, and who would still like to see new monochrome Tamagotchis. That also seems to allow them to experiment a bit with various gameplay elements. The fact that they're affordable like the original devices is also a big bonus - it's a big contrast to the £80 price that Amazon UK leaked on their now-revoked pre-order page for the upcoming Tamagotchi Pix! Speaking of the Pix, I don't think that the Nanos mean anything with regard to where the colour line is going - they seem to be aimed at different segments of the market. The Nanos are never going to be complex versions - they're not even as complex as the original 1990s devices and their more recent re-issues - but they're a concession to folks who prefer the simpler ones, so that's A-ok. Last but not least, regarding the amount of crossovers, my take on it is this: They're a good way of pushing the Tamagotchi brand forward, whilst also providing something for fans of various popular franchises* - and the affordability plays into this, too, since £80 devices might not push the brand in the same way. And I think that, in the apparent absence of Bandai re-releasing further 1990s versions (including those that never got English-language releases originally), this is fine - the more the merrier! *On that note, Nanos based on HAL/Nintendo's Kirby series (the Copy Abilities make this a no-brainer), and Marvel's Groot (they've spent several movies and an animated series showcasing his different forms), would be great!
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    I'm weird in that I really like the mixing feature. I think I'd be disappointed to see it go. I usually wouldn't bother with buying new versions of the same model of tamagotchi just for new characters but I have all the meets and all of the mixes except the melody mix because I wanted the new characters to mix with. On the other hand it is fun to try and get specific characters with care misses etc on the older models.
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    yeah same here. i wont lie, the mixing thing was really unique and innovative and i had a LOT of fun playing my mix and on because of that. though it does get kind of old after a while. I hope this version either doesn't have that feature or has it programmed in a different way, i feel like ive seen every single part of each character and it barely feels like im mixing anything anymore. I'd like it if they had the same number of adult characters that the mix/meets/on had (wasnt it like around 30 adult characters to marry on the tama itself?) but they were all raiseable characters
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    oh absolutely. i am... very tired of mixing my tamagotchis aah.. i mean its CUTE but. i miss being able to tell how well i did like with my connections yknow?
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    it's definitely a great idea, but after 4, almost 5 years of the same gimmick it's just become very meh for me. It would be great if they released a Tamagotchi with both mixing, and the ability to raise regular Tamas (without have to kill of your current one, lol). For this I actually meant changing it like you can on previous colour Tamas by prying up the faceplate and replacing the paper that's under there, I didn't even think of it being intentionally changeable like the Tama-go and 4U are! ...Man I hope there's some official news soon. Please Bandai I'm begging you!! I am impatient lol
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    I wonder if the Pix will have the gene mixing feature. I have heard people say that it probably won't based on the fact that the leaked images show only 'regular' tamagotchis, but on the other hand I feel like 'Pix' could be a play on 'pics' (pictures) and 'mix'. What does everyone think?
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    I've noticed this too over the past few years! Music Stars are really high in demand, especially recently, and that really sucks you can't find one! ;A; Your feelings of frustration are totally valid, and the fact that you've been waiting for one since you were a kid?! That's a terrible position to be in! Tamagotchis have become collectibles, unfortunate at is is, appealing to former 'gotchi owners and shell hoarders alike. There's so many people like you in the same position - I've been searching for a V5.5 myself over the past year! And they're very hard to find, along with a good price. Most listings I've mistaken for one are just the original V5 too! so many heartbreaking visits to Tamashell.com have ensued XD Trust me, there's many people all around the world who have a Music Star in storage and don't even know how valuable it is. You will get your hands on one someday, mark my words - my first Tamagotchi back when I restarted my collection was the Glam Rock V6, listed under 'tamagotchi' with nothing hinting towards the type of tama it was! And I didn't even know there were different Tamagotchi versions at the time! You have to be patient, no matter how painful the wait is. I have a search under "tamagotchi" listed on my favourites bar that I check every morning, set to newly listed + used condition as new in package listings are usually the newer models or unfairly-priced new-old stock. The less specific you are with your hunting, the more rarities you may be able to find. You might already do this though, haha! I'm just rambling now, good luck finding your dream Tamagotchi! We're all rooting for you! ^^
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    Panda turned 3 today, still won't eat anything other than apples and candy, and these don't raise her hunger hearts. I just made her watch tv for most of yesterday in an attempt to keep them from decreasing, and am planning on doing the same today. Wanted to put together a little log of progress so far, if any other Panda Byte players come along and want to add their own info, feel free! Really hoping there are some active BPB players around here somewhere. 😔 Ages 0-1, she's a baby panda and only drinks a bottle to keep her hunger and thirst hearts full. Aside from this, she'll only play the two games in the game section (shell game and rock, paper, scissors). She can also watch tv but I only turn it on if I'm going to be away for a while and want to pause her progress. Can't really do much with her for these days, which is why I've been looking forward to getting her to grow a bit. She changes her appearance once she turns 2, but this is when it seems to become difficult. She no longer drinks the bottle, and only wants to eat apples and candy, which won't fill her hunger hearts. She does drink water to stay hydrated, but if it's possible to get her to actually eat bread and bamboo at this stage, I have no idea how to do it. I try feeding them to her and then scold her after she refuses, but this still doesn't change anything. She still plays games (though I've been avoiding this since it seems to drain her hunger hearts) and she can now read as well, to increase her IQ. She also lets me wash her face and bathe her more at this stage, seems like she doesn't want it much as a baby. She still doesn't exercise or do the other "learning" activities (hula hoop and swing set) yet, so maybe that'll be once she's 5 and reaches her next stage. If anyone who hasn't played with Panda Byte is interested in learning about this pet (and maybe offer suggestions to try to get her to eat), here are the icons and options within each one: Food: She can have a bottle of milk as a baby, and then also has a glass of water, bread, candy, apple, and bamboo Games: Shell game and rock, paper, scissors. These mostly just fill her happiness hearts and boost her IQ when she wins. I always pet/comfort her if she loses. Training and discipline: hula hoop (doesn't seem to want to do this yet), reading (starts reading at age 2), swinging (doesn't do this yet), comfort (for when she's been good or seems sad), and discipline (when she won't eat or play after beeping for attention). Medicine: I haven't had to use this yet. If a skull appears, you need to decide if your panda needs medicine, a shot, or a ride to the doctor. Exercise: Swimming, weight lifting, golf. As of right now, mine doesn't want to do any of these. Weather: If a weather face appears, you need to decide how to dress your panda for the weather. I haven't had to do this yet. Home: This is where you can turn things on and off, like the lights when she goes to sleep, letting her watch tv, turning off the sound (this is a very loud and musical pet!), and the air conditioner to keep her at a comfortable temp. Checkup: This is where you check her stats, such as age and weight, hunger, thirst, happiness, and IQ. Bathroom: Cleaning up after her when she goes to the bathroom, washing her face, giving her a shower. These are her age groups where she changes appearance: 0-1, 2-4, 5-9, 10+ I've been trying to feed her a bunch of apples to see if she'll either stop eating them or maybe even get sick and need medicine (and maybe this will get her to eat something else), but as of right now, she just keeps eating and eating apples, and her hunger hearts don't increase. This is kind of frustrating... Age 4 update (March 3): Today panda turned 4, still won't eat bread or bamboo, and is down to half a hunger heart... I have her watching tv now, am a little scared to let her spend much time away from in because she'll probably die. 😑 Once I saw that she had turned 4, I shut the tv off and fed her some apples and candy. She probably ate around 10-12 times but her hunger hearts didn't move at all. I'm hoping I can get her to last until 10 am tomorrow (when she turns 5 and grows again), but I won't be surprised if she doesn't make it. I she does die, I suppose I'll start over again and maybe keep a daily log on here to see if anything will change.
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    I MISSED LAST YEARS CHECK IN... How are you doing, Tamatalkers? I hope you've been well! Even though it's been nearly a decade since I was active, Tamatalk still means a lot to me. I hope all members, old and new, have a wonderful day!
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    That is totally normal, that means you’re taking good care of your tama.
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    oh yeah id completely forgotten about the tamagotchi on app LMAO, i really hope that w the pix it does get a big update like that! it would be so fun for it to become its own little social media kind of thing, maybe like miiverse or something?
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    Oh yay!!! Thank you so much!!!
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    My fav tamagotchi is maskutchi. whats yours?????
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    For the ON they don’t die or age pass the adult stage unless you neglect them and don’t care for them. So don’t worry you will keep your tamagotchi for a while
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    I haven't had my meets for a long time yet, and I was so surprised to see him celebrating Setsubun today!! What other holidays will show up? Have you seen any others?
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    With virtual pets, as in life, this is totally random - she'll definitely get a girl eventually!
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    This is my baby boy that was just hatched today! now he has grown into a toddler. My husband says he looks like a giant head of broccoli haha.
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    You have Fairy (pink) and Magical (green)
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    Ohhh ok 😅 I'm gonna try my best (this sounds weird....because normally it is something you shouldn't do 😅)
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    Oh ok, thanks for replying and letting me know.
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    He'll pass on due to old age on his own - it's just that the lifespans for certain characters on the remakes are slightly different, and I'm pretty sure that this applies to both Mametchi (Gen 1) and Mimitchi (Gen 2).
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    i tend to focus on what gameplay elements i think i would like the most when tamagotchi shopping to expand my collection! thats why i prefer connections over the earliest tamas, i like having minigames and items 🙂 i havent done a lot of looking into IDLs, and i know i personally have more interest in a 4U for the english patch, BUT, i think theyre both fun versions from the little digging ive seen! it really just depends what you're interested in as far as features go. that's always what i use to make my decision, anyway. i can also tell you that personally i am... getting sick of the gene mixing on the m!x, meets, on, etc. i find it interesting the first few generations, but then it gets old. which isn't a big deal! that's just me. i like knowing how well ive done and the gene makes that... hard, i guess? it's cute though. the m!x was my first color tamagotchi and i definitely wish id waited a bit for the on/meets to come out, but of course i had no idea about them at the time. and thats ok! but if you think you'd like the gene mixing then i definitely recommend those, they are really cute.
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    I can tell you about the Meets/ON, their main feature is that you can mix the genes and get a unique character, that’s all. The 4U and iD L both focuses more on raising the tamagotchi and their personality. I haven’t played with neither the 4U or iDL I hope someone can help you with their gameplay.
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    It sounds like your mom's childhood virtual pet was either a RakuRaku Dino-kun (which was also sold under the English name of Dinkie Dino), or a Hitorikko. RakuRaku Dino-kun was, of course, a dinosaur, and it can be seen here. Meanwhile, the Hitorikko line was sold in several different animal variants (dinosaur, dog, fish, or chicken) - a Hitorikko pet can be seen at the bottom of this page. Please note that Hitorikkos are not Dinkie pets, but are sometimes listed alongside them because their gameplay is similar to the Dinkies. I'm not aware of any pink RakuRaku Dino-kun/Dinkie Dino shells, but as you can see, one of the available Hitorikko colours was pink with white buttons. I hope that this helps!
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    I am filled with mixed emotions about this thing. Firstly those faceplates aren't exactly what I like, but I'm feeling that purple one. Secondly and the point you brought up, the buttons man. Where are my tiny clacky button mashing sounds going to come from if Bandai chooses to pitch them now? What about feeding our tamas in the freezing cold winters if we're outside, and must take our cozy gloves off to do so? Now I'm just nitpicking.
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    Thank you you’ re very kind ti was just curiosity I don’t have any intention of selling my tamagotchi
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    A quick eBay search shows around 30 - 60 USD average without packaging (https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=tamagotchi+connection+v1&_sacat=0)
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    I would say between $20 - $30 but I’m not an expert as I’ve never sold a tamagotchi before. I hope people on here will help you more with the price.
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    On eBay if you are looking for a new one in a package the price is around $40 to $90
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    To add on what @mizutamatchiman said, you can always check TamaShell Project to see what Tamagotchi shell you have or looking for.
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    This looks like a Connection V1! Was able to confirm by looking up the shell. Here is a simple growth chart I found - but you might be able to find more information by looking up the V1. PS - your English is very good! I didn't have any trouble understanding.
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    Tarakotchi. He's been my favourite ever since I failed in an attempt to get a Maskutchi a few years ago and accidentally got a Tarakotchi instead - I think that he's got a lot of personality! I'm quite fond of the "ugly" Tamagotchi types in general.
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    maskutchi!!!! and thennnn ura mametchi ((:!!
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    Ah, I missed that. Thanks!
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    My favourite tamagotchi is Mametchi
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    Yes all pre-orders are cancelled, I mentioned this in my topic here
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    I'm really happy to see that you know what Setsubun is! Usually when people post about the non-localised holidays on the colour Tamagotchis, it's because they don't know them - or occasionally have misinterpreted them as a problem with the device. There's nothing wrong with that, of course - it's just fun to see it the other way around for once! I know that Hinamatsuri is featured on at least some devices, as well as a characterisation of the large ceremonial New Year's mochi. There are definitely others that I'm forgetting, and that doesn't even touch on the random seasonal animations.
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    Ooh, this sounds like an interesting quest! It sounds like a much smaller version of the 1990s Epoch/Tomy toy, Barcode Battler (which was sold with the laughable on-box subtitle "Commerce Conflict" ), though with that the creatures were never shown on-screen and it was entirely a game of numbers (the British press overhyped it as being superior to the Game Boy and Game Gear because it would help kids with maths - that didn't help its sales ). I'm doing a bit of searching because I've never heard of this one, or of Skannerz, but it doesn't look like Skannerz ever came in a "for girls" version or a watch version, so I guess that you can rule that one out. Do you remember anything else about it at all? I'd love to help out if possible. EDIT: The closest thing that I've found so far seems to be Barbie Scanimals Pet Rescue - could it perhaps have been an offshoot of this? (It was produced by the same company as Skannerz - an electronic toy manufacturer called Radica.)
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    I think you meant “paused” it, because when you pause your tama they won’t age so I suggest you don’t do that unless it’s necessary.
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    (Sorry for being very inactive :-'( ) I saw people before having the same problem that's why I first checked everything I found before open this topic again. It's about getting violetchi on the music star. I just don't manage to get her! I once had a chamametchi which I really try to neglect (but not too much) overweight and increased the stress and it still does evolve to mimitchi! Then the next time I got Ichigotchi. I try the stuff out what I read and everything went well (like fem. Petition>Hitodetchi>Ichigotchi) but still even if I neglected more than before (just only fed it when they had two or one heart on ther happy and hungry bar and rarely played with it only making poop away when it was beeping and letting it even sleep with poop) it still became Mimitchi HOW!? Could this maybe a glitch for trying out this reset method to get more instruments?? I hope not 0_0 So currently I am trying again. This time with only feeding when it either beeping or only have one heart and no playing games at all. My tama is currently a tamatchi would this maybe increase the chance to get violetchi??
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    Oh my gosh I remember Skannerz! I had two, a blue and a green, however I could rarely get them to work. Probably because I went to work on all the canned items in our pantry which have rounded labels instead of better-suited flat. 😆 That was the first device i thought this thread was about, but I distinctly remembered them not being "girly" for whatever that even meant to me. 🙄
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    I doubt that Bandai Japan is planning to release a new Meets version, they will keep releasing nanos and might come up with something new by the end of this year.
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    Heya,new to tamagotchi. Found a morino tamagotch in a thrift store But it wasn't working so i replaced the very old batteries with semi old ones. It kinda worked until the batteries ran out Though i noticed that theres something wrong Like,it turns off and on with a light slap So it means egg after egg after egg Then i bought some new ones but while screwing it on to close the screen fades to nothing But when the lid isnt fully closed,it works just fine.though that'd make it hard to put in a bag or my pocket Also works without the lid except everytime the batteries move it turns off then on again.