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    Started up my Pocket Biscuit since it's about time I ran an oddpet. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing even though I did find some basic information - and some conflicting information. The thing has a meter for stress and I'm not sure if its good that it's full or not - which was stressing me out. Perhaps I might do a more update-style forum post about it since I realize that some Vpets would benefit from that information even if it's not compiled into a cohesive review.
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    The tamaOtch is notoriously enigmatic, to my knowledge, there are certain characters no one has been able to get yet. http://www.bladesplace.id.au/bladeagotchi/tamaotch/index.html
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    Looks real, but you can ask the seller for pics of it working to confirm.
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    Yeah, I reckon it has more to do with the body type rather than any of the other genes they inherit. Same as you stated where favourite toys and food are tied to body type also.
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    Heyyyyy! I think I found a good seller of tamagotchi meets on public eBay! Tell me if you buy from him if it doesn’t work out. https://www.ebay.com/itm/rare-pink-Japan-Japanese-Tamagotchi-ON-42830-next-generation-virtual-pet-used/383736577730#rwid
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    Hm, maybe hunger deleption level depends on body type like with the Tamagotchi On and Tamagotchi Meets with their favorite toy or food?”
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    TL;DR: There is no difference, the second listing is just cheaper. Below is surface-level info I gathered, before I bothered to scroll down further. Tacoburritotchi answered it for you, but I wanted to look into it further, just in-case... I just bought a stand-alone version of one of these! I've got two theories, the first being that the second link's seller either neglected to mention it was a deluxe version - or it's not the deluxe version at all, and it's just using a photo of the deluxe version in it's place. That's quite unlikely though considering most of the photos are seemingly chosen with the deluxe edition in mind - though it's also ten pounds cheaper. The second listing also doesn't have a photo of the packaging, while the first listing does. I just got mine off eBay (it was 75% off, $10 for me not including shipping!!!), though as I said before, it was just the stand-alone version, no case included. ...However! There is a comment on the second listing asking your exact question... and it has four answers, including one from Bandai themselves (authorized as the manufacturer), saying that yes! It comes with the case! So it's the first theory, not to worry: The second listing is the same as the first, just at a better price! >w< Go ahead and snatch it up!
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    There are no differences. The seller just named it "Deluxe".
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    Haha good one lol It really is weird. The only difference that happened is that I'm on Gen 13 now instead of Gen 12, so maybe it really did glitch in Gen 12 when I was trying to figure this out, or maybe the new Tama I have (Gen 13) is getting satisfied when the previous one was more picky? Kinda like when they have certain toys that they dislike and they simply refuse to play with? (my previous Tama HATED the Flying Disc, and would not only refuse to play with it, but also get angry when presented with it!) I did notice that Tamas do have personalities to them, like some get hungry more frequently than others (I had this particular ghost-pumpkin that was ALWAYS hungry), and others get happier quicker than others (I had this particular set of twins that required playing with 4 or 5 toys to get the happy meter up by one bar, when others usually are satisfied with 3 toys). So maybe something like this really is at work here? On another note, I also got the 'I need a new look' message yesterday, just gave the Tama an accessory and BAM, message left. When the previous one I also had tried giving 2 accessory changes in a row (even a favourite accessory where they jump up with stars around them) and the message persisted 😕 Quite interesting, yet also confusing.