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    HAPPY DAY THREE i took more pics of the babies being cute bc they’re cute yay HERES MY STRAWBABY LOOKING CUTE LOOK AT HER!!!! what a baby Uhh not much has happened but their bond(?I think? It says きずなんぱー so I know the first part is bond but I honestly don’t even know if that last one is supposed to be ぱ or ば or maybe even ぼ the pixel font is veeeery hard to read also google translate has like zero clue what’s going on HFFKGL) went up to 90% so that’s fun yay aND NOW THEY DO THIS CUTE THING WHERE THEY COME UP CLOSE TO THE SCREEN HERE LOOK ITS ADORABLE BABIESSSS I love them Ok word of the day is uhhhh sure let’s do きずな which means bond and u can remember it bc the ki syllable き looks like a key and ず is uhh okay so the base of this one is su す and when you add the lines it becomes zu and then な is na and I personally first remembered it bc it looks like a lowercase n?? There’s also hiragana for just the n syllable which is ん and also looks like a lowercase n soooo yea just don’t get them confused lmao I like how I started this to get better at reading hiragana but I’m just going over stuff I already know & acting like a know it all over here pffff Anyway that’s it see yall tomorrow~ (Edit as a footnote I just googled きずなんぱー and it autosuggested tamagotchi alongside the search so I’m guessing it’s something specific to tamagotchi which makes sense why google translate wasn’t helpful?? It might be a pun but I don’t actually know much japanese to begin with I’m just memorizing hiragana & katakana before anything else)
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    5!! I see what you're doing there Penguin-keeper, trying to scare us with your reacts!
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    OH THIS SEEMS VERY CUTE???? I never did these tamagotchi logs on here as a kid omg I’ll just share all my ramblings here then so I don’t clog up the status update feed 🤣 AIGHT SO FOR CONTEXT I have this famitama which was like my absolute pride and joy as a kid and I was going to sell it but I popped in a battery just to “test” it and then I was like oh hey this is in japanese & it probably uses rly basic japanese too bc kids toy soooo tldr now I’m raising a family DHDJFKGL ANYWAYS here’s them as babies from yesterday ARENT THEY CUTE THEYRE SO BABY so I named the family かみしろ (typing the hiragana to get used to it) bc I didn’t know what to pick but I saw a pic of rui kamishiro from pjsekai so that’s what I chose hdjffkgl Uhh two are girls and one is a boy im p sure?? They’re all very cute lmao so they grew into toddlers last night and here’s them now CUTE BABIES ok I think that’s it for now the word of the day is おやつ which means snack according to google translate which makes sense bc when I clicked on that it showed a lollypop LOL OK BYEEEE HOPEFULLY ILL UPDATE THIS
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    this is what alex&i managed to save from the game ... https://mega.nz/file/S4dGlJrB#xEv3QMUYIgEYFPS0FMO7zYljSRLDrA2m6Qu3d6BO7NQ its meant to be from 'https://www.lqtmgc.com/'
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    When panda woke up at 9 this morning, she immediately died... which wasn't a surprise since she was down to half a hunger heart yesterday. I was hoping to just turn the tv on as fast as I could to hold her over until 10:00 when she'd turn 5. I've reset her and once she turns 2 again, if she won't eat bread or bamboo, I think I'm just going to have her watch tv the entire time she's awake until she turns 5 to prevent her hearts from decreasing. While still searching for other info on this pet, I did see a couple videos from a few years ago of someone playing with Panda Byte... the first video was pretty much starting out as a baby, and the next one started at day 5, with a comment saying something along the lines of "when I got to this stage, I felt like I had won the olympics" which makes it seem like it's supposed to be really challenging and not much goes on from ages 2-5. 😒 Anyways, let's hope this attempt works out and I can get her to age 5...
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    I wish I'd gotten a picture of it! I've recreated it as best as I could. I originally had the little leafy green pet (first picture), and then the pet that came afterwards looked more or less exactly like that second picture. I was mystified since I couldn't figure out which pet it had married by looking at the Sanrio pets list, but a different version's pets list had that third picture, which is the only one with the characteristics my pet had, with the crazy ears and poofy, spotted cheeks and all! I don't even know anybody near me who has any Tamagotchi, so it was definitely something in-game.
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    Thank you for all the kind words. I definitely feels like I'm fighting a losing battle. I know they're just toys, but I remember how much I wanted one and just want that to come full circle so badly. It's probably going to be impossible in the near future, but I'm holding onto hope someone is nice enough to sell.
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    A while ago, I bought 2 used Tamagotchi Connections at a pawn shop. They worked just fine, but the battery cover screw was corroded in both of them: I searched the internet for ways to remove the corrosion. Some people would even use ketchup, but the most effective way was letting the screws sit in vinegar, then using a toothbrush to remove the rest of the corrosion, and finally cleaning them with alcohol. However, due to me being busy with school, a year passed and I still hadn't tried cleaning the screws, until a few days ago when I had some spare time and decided to try it out. I thought, why not demonstrate the whole process on TamaTalk to help people out? First, I removed the screws from the battery covers. Tamagotchi Connection battery covers have some sort of retainer that keeps the screw from falling out. To remove the screw, I had to hold the retainer using my fingernail, then pull on the screw while twisting it counterclockwise. Now, both the screw and the retainer came out. The retainer was also a bit corroded, as well as the screw hole in the battery cover. I cleaned those with alcohol. Now, the fun part. I let the screws sit in apple cider vinegar for around 30 minutes. Then, I scrubbed them with a toothbrush several times. Both the screws came out looking way better, but one of them still had some ugly black marks where the corrosion was. As a last resort, I sandpapered it. I have no idea what the exact grit of the sandpaper was, but eyeing it, it seemed to be around ~200 grit. This improved the appearance of the screw drastically. Here are the results! Comparing it to a non-corroded screw of another tama, the finish looks less shiny. But it's a lot better than a corroded screw! I hope this tutorial was easy to understand! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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    Thank you for your kind words. I honestly felt so childish for crying about it, but my biggest regret now is not putting up enough of a fight for a Music Star while I was younger. The tips are very helpful! Most of the searches I find are NIB but I really don't need anything in a box - I just want to play with one. While on Facebook yesterday, I lost out to someone I know already has a Music Star. It's petty, but that really made me upset. There are people that have 4 sitting around while I only want 1 and it's nearly impossible. I'm hoping someone sells for a fair price one day and maybe if you check that tag enough and see one, would you be able to let me know?
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    *does the shifty eye thing* hiya again.
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    Wait? Penguin-Keeper said that its popular?! We didnt have to Start from 1 again! Well. 3...
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    It's popular, so why not?
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    3... This thread from 2012 is Still Running? What the Heck?