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    Omg the touch screen petting! I wish the P!x kept its little clicky buttons and had this touch screen capability to be honest.. but no hate intended! It's super cute!!!
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    A new Tamagotchi has been announced for Japan! It releases on 11/23/21. No info on international release so far. It'll be a smartwatch-tamagotchi hybrid with voice and touch interactions! It also has additional pieces for new content, kind of like the P's. The straps are removable if you want to use it like a regular tama.
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    Yeah it feels like another 4u/p's situation... I think the worst part about the 4U for me was the fact that so much of the downloadable content was only in japan at specific dlc stations, which really sucks for anyone not in japan. all I hope is that the prices for the tamasma cards don't skyrocket like the p's pierces did
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    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I've wanted a "Tamawatchi" ever since the Tamagotchi line first came to the West in 1997, and it's finally happening! I really hope that this one comes to the West, as well. Though, as with most Japanese releases, it should still be pretty importer-friendly even if it remains Japan-only.
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    im really excited for this one!! to me it just looks fun and im excited to see what they're gonna do! also i like a lot of the new characters!
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    posting extra pictures in the comments due to file size restrictions.
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    Articles usually have clickbait titles, so that the reader feels interested to read the article. I agree, it's rather annoying that they completely skip nearly two decades worth of content. It might also be because the writer doesn't really do any research, so they rely on using infamous features from the device. It's so overused that it just gets annoying to read imo. I think the media will forever see Tamagotchi as "the toy from the 90s" sadly, it's really quite a shame.