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    I am from time to time reminded how much TamaTalk has grown and changed with tamagotchi. I get nostalgic of other sites and groups I was a part of. I am going to try and be a little more active with tamas. Wish me luck and I hope to make more friends along the way!
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    My Santagotchi and iD that i bought for my birthday/christmas arrived recently! I got my meets in the mail a month or so ago as well!!
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    I picked up my Tamagotchi Meets today! I got the white one because Japan You Want was having a sale on them a bit ago. It was only $10 more, so I figured it was worth it. They also included a super cute Tamagotchi pencil in the package.
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    That's not just opinion - it's a fact! The voltage drops off quicker with rechargeables (and, at 1.2v, is lower than the 1.5v initially provided by non-rechargable batteries), so they're not as useful for certain applications. That's why manufacturers of certain device categories, toys, and so on, recommend against using them in their products. It'll certainly save you money, and they're better for the environment. There's a page with good information on the topic here: https://michaelbluejay.com/batteries/rechargeable.html The relevant part is about NiMH rechargeables, since that's what you're most likely to encounter.
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    That's really unfair on the original Tamagotchi - the programming for these 168-in-1 multi-pets is nowhere near that advanced. They don't have a life-cycle, or sleep, or die, or even keep time, or evolve in any way, they age by receiving exploding letters from their workplace, they'll poop endlessly even if you never feed them, food makes no difference to them, and you can make them as fat as a house and they'll never refuse to eat.
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    Sorry to start a new log so soon after my previous one but I kinda realized a fault with that one right after I started it: it's hard for me to do a log on a single, specific tama because I'm always switching up what I'm running. So I'm going to return to the style of my previous logs and log all of my tamas instead of just the one. As of right now, I'll be including three tamas in this log: my english iD L from the previous log and two V4.5s I started up recently. One of the first tamas I ever logged about in my OG log was a V4.5 and funnily enough, I have not run a V4.5 since then, so I'm having a lot of fun with them now. The two V4.5s are these shell designs, a transparent purple one that looks like a lava lamp and a green one with a peacock design (I had the purple lava one as a kid but the peacock one is new to me, I like it!): (it's a bit hard to see but they've both got character charms on them as well, the purple one has Yattatchi and the green one has Kuchipatchi!) V4.5 #1 - Maya I actually just got this V4.5 the other day and started it up - I hatched a girl who I named "Maya". She was a Tamatchi as a toddler, which I was happy about because I knew she had a high chance of turning into an Ura Mame teen and I really wanted to go for Horoyotchi. Unfortunately for me, she went and turned into Ura Young Memetchi instead. Oh well, the bright side to that is that now I can go for Ura Memetchi and the secret character, Hanagatatchi. The latter is a character I have not raised in nearly two years. She really is cute, isn't she? I've spent most of the day working on her skill points since she needs 350 Gorgeous points and 50 of the other two categories to evolve into Hanagatatchi. Here's where she stands currently: Oh yeah, and this was interesting too. I've had the dreaded name glitch many times on my V4, but this is my first time encountering it on a V4.5. I've also only ever had the letter move backwards, so the fact that it moved forward two letters is also interesting: I've never seen anyone report that before but I guess it's possible. Oaya! Oh well, for all intents and purposes she will still be Maya in this log. V4.5 #2 - Cody I've actually had this V4.5 for quite some time but this is my first time starting it up. I selected "download" and found a Daiyatchi named Cody - I didn't name him, the previous owner did, but I decided to keep him. It's a pretty rare occurrence that I get a used tama whose download data isn't a dead tama. Since I've already had the other two male Ura Meme adults, I'll be raising his Spiritual points in order to obtain an Ura Togetchi. I've had Togetchi before, but never his Ura counterpart so this should be interesting. Also, it's totally coincidental that I got a boy and a girl both pretty much the same age, but of course the natural thing to do here is marry them, so I'm going to do that when they're older. That worked out great. iDLE I wanted to write this in yellow like my tama's shell is, but obviously that's way too hard to read, so this gold-ish colour will have to do. Not a ton has actually happened since the last time I logged about this one. I kept Perotchi around longer than I probably should have, but I finally married her off last night: She had another girl, who was Momoirotchi and then Paletchi. I'm actually going to be going for Sabosabotchi AGAIN (third one in four gens!) because once again, I'm going to go for Pichipitchi. Now that I know the whole snack thing, it should be easier. I've failed to get her twice now but maybe third time's the charm...
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    found this place again! this was the first forum I ever signed up to, in 2006, time really flies. I was never a very active poster here, but I did lurk a lot. vv weird to be back. I recently graduated from university and haven't had time for tamas in many years, hoping to maybe start up with them again. probably just one or two max, I tried to keep one alive recently and failed miserably... I can't believe that 10 years ago or so I was able to keep multiple tamagotchi alive at once, and even get the best characters 😭 totally crazy
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    Angelgotchi! Still waiting for an ID L to arrive next . . .
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    I can agree with you on the packaging, I like it as well. The little pixel kitties on it are pretty cute too. It may be a fake, but it's a nice one!
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    My friend gave me her old tamagotchis and they came in the mail today!
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    Man it's been just over a year since I truly got into Tamas and other V-pets, and it's been great. I'm never without one now, and there's so much I still have yet to try! Thanks to everyone here for being super kind and welcoming to this hobby. You've all been incredibly helpful and cool!
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    Hello! It's been a few weeks since I've been on here, so here's a quick update! For Christmas, I got one of the P1 remakes! It's really pretty, so I don't even wanna take it out of the box! XD Also a few days before, I found a 1999 Furby at a flea market for $1! I love him to bits, despite my past fear of Furbies. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever you celebrate! :3
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    The moment has finally come! Bandai Japan has just officially announced the Eevee Tamagotchi, which is that fabulous collaboration that was leaked a few weeks back. Tamagotchi and Pokemon fans around the world can rejoice because this one is good. Just as you’ve expected, the details previously provided are pretty much on par with the official details. There will be two versions, ‘Love Eevee’ and ‘Colorful Friends’ which feature different shell designs, but will both have the same content. Each Eevee will hatch from an egg and depending on your care you can get a variety of Eevee’s! Each variation of Eevee is a bit different and all based upon care, there are a total of 8 variations of Eevee; they’re all super adorable! There also appears to be three mystery variations that Bandai has not yet released, but you can see that in the graphic above. You’ll be raising Eevee the whole time, which includes feeding, playing games, and enjoying Eeevee’s close up expressions right on your Tamagotchi screen! How adorable? The Eeeve Tamagotchi’s will be released on January 26th 2019, the MSRP is ¥2300 which is roughly $20 USD. The targeted age group for this device is 6+ due to its simplicity. It’s very important to note that this device is very different from the traditional Tamagotchi as it has similar functionality to the Tamagotchi Nano, and the newer Gudetama Tamagotchi. Bandai will be releasing a video really soon with additional information and functionality. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we receive additional information. How excited are you for this Eevee Tamagotchi?!
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    I know this isn’t a rectangle, but the Yuruppy has a touch screen and metal contacts on top: These were also released under a few other names. I don’t have one and can’t find any videos of it so idk if the minigames match.
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    Yes it is totally true. I have attempted to make my own generator but no such luck.
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    A bit of disappointment...I have done my research and I have discovered that the developers of programs like EnWarehouse have salvaged the elements for the EnTama logout generator from the Bandai servers before they were gone. After that, they were capable of uploading them to their own servers. Last but not least, this is the way that you can still generate logout passwords for the EnTama. To summarize, I will never be able to complete my own generator, unless someone has generated all passwords for all 5-digit combinations of all Tamagotchi V3 and V4 names (letters and special characters are included). This is physically impossible! I am DESPERATE for some help! Someone help me PLEASE!
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    Rechargeables die quicker than normal batteries in general, though, imo. My M!X can last a few weeks/about a month while Meets barely lasted two.
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    The browned out thing is normal, it just means it's dirty. You can clean it by one of the options in the treasure chest I believe (3rd if I'm not mistaken) As for battery life, yes, some people have been reporting this problem. It's most likely related to inclusion of Bluetooth technology in such a small 2xAAA battery operated toy.
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    There's so much that's bizarre about these things that I've lost count, by now. I wrote a big post about their merits as a pocket-change introduction to the virtual pet concept one time, about a year ago (it's over in the Tamagotchi Cousins section somewhere). I did have it as part of my log, back when I was running it and was writing a log, but I honestly just got bored with the thing (Bob the penguin, I'm sorry, but you are not missed).
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    I actually tried something with the same programming before. The bummer is that the animation is limited and a lot of space is wasted on poorly made anime sprites. For reference it's about as basic as an original Tamagotchi. (Also, all the items just randomly change your pet -_-)
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    You've done such an amazing job reviving the site! I love what you've done with it. It's so nostalgic and I can't wait to see where it goes! ...and after all these years, I'm still terrible at the claw game!!
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    i dug up my old account just to reply to this , i absolutely love what you did w the music for the grandparents in v4 im dying from that ♥♥♥ i wish i knew anything abt flash to be able to help u on ur honorable quest but since i cant u have my thanks !!
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    I finally got my Tamagotchi Meets in the mail today! Unfortunately, I have no AAA batteries, so I won't be able to get started with it until after Christmas. That's just as well, though, since I'm going to be too busy to deal with it! This is my first colour Tamagotchi, and I'm really surprised by how small it is - they always look huge in photographs, for some reason!
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    I never thought you could get a chain of inspired v-pets! I mean the gigapets were inspired by tamagotchis (I think uwu) and the digapets were (probably) inspired by gigapets! Also I definitely prefer the packaging on the digapets! It looks so cool, not as good at the generic tamas thoooo
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    (This isn't my image, for some reason the one's I took with my phone weren't working. I found this one on Google.) This is it! Although mine has some weird cursive writing across the top that I can't quite make out. I tried it out and it was just the generic programming they use in most of the fakes.