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    Unfortunately, this theory is not possible, since the tamagotchi would register Lovelitchi (of the example) as the mother, making it impossible to marry her again. However, you can marry with her a generation yes, a generation no, a generation yes, a generation no ... although you would need male children (I think it is possible to restart before the end of the animation of the newborn to repeat the wedding until the desired gender is achieved).
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    Entry 46 Last night the TS turned into Ichigotchi. It’s getting to the point where the TS will get sick even if all it is missing is one bowl (not heart) on the Health and Happiness meter. I need help with this, so if anyone has one and knows how it works or has an instruction guide, please help! I especially need help with what time it goes to sleep. Here’s something funny I forgot to show. Instead of the Happy meter, it’s the... wait for it... SCOK METER
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    The majority of Tamagotchi devices have a ROM test mode but the activation methods differ between versions. On vintage devices, a screen test can be activated by pressing A+Reset. This mode does not display a version number or test the ROM functionality, however. For most Japanese devices, B+C+Reset is used to activate ROM testing features. More recent releases (from the P's onwards) use a different method - first the device must be reset, and then on the ちょっとまってね screen the buttons A, C, A, B, C must be pressed in succession all within about 2.5 seconds. This method is also used for the Tamagotchi On Other international devices - like all the connection era devices - use A+B+C+Reset. I think the Plus does too but I'm not entirely sure. If it helps, you can use this diagram.
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    wAIT every1,,,, we shyld b frens,,,, enuff of dis war,,,, we all winner in the end!!!11!1! psyche its me im the winner, everyone get out
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    Due to the Meets and ON being found by several reviewers of the ON to be able to connect, after Bandai US stated they would not be able to, some in the community began to feel that if they were wrong about the two connecting that Bandai US was wrong about the bugs and glitches in the Meets being fixed in the ON was also not correct. I messaged Bandai US about this. Bellow is the message I sent them and their response. The blackout information is my name to protect my privacy. Bandai's Response to a Message I sent regarding The ON and Meets Connecting and Possible Retained Bugs
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    It wasn't there when I reviewed and approved the thread, so I'm guessing that something went wrong when the post was made (though what that is, I don't know). For additional clarity, here's an embed of the image, as well; I must say that I appreciate their honesty! Their department doesn't know for sure, and they don't mince words about it - that's far better than vague, non-committal answers that might get people's hopes up (as is the norm, on, say, a company's social-media channels).
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    Canadian fans have theirs early so maybe if anything turns up before the release on the 28th they'll let us know. There's also the people Bandai sent Tamagotchi ON's to in order to review them and give their thoughts and they've had the ON's for a while now. So I think any bugs or glitches would have shown up by now if their still playing with them. And I haven't heard of any bugs or glitches from the reviewers.
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    There's suppose to be an image with the messages in it under my comment. I don't know if its going through review or something happened when I posted. So I uploaded the image on Imgur and put a link to the image here: Bandai's Response to a Message I sent regarding The ON and Meets Connecting and Possible Retained Bugs
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    Mimitchi was breedable in the app, there's a possibility they might make an anniversary version in the future.
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    Thanks for letting me know! I didn't want to get too attached if my device was defective. Canada got them early, and I think my EB Games was actually one of the first to get inventory... Anyhow, here she is:
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    I don’t think marrying your tama with a certain character will affect the offspring in the V4! It all depends on how you take care of it and also the skills you earn. The first skill (pencil symbol) will get you a character from the Mame family, second skill (flower symbol) will be someone from Meme family and the last one (sparkles symbol) will be from Kuchi family. Make sure you play the games and sending your tama to school/work it will help increase the skill you’re trying to get. here’s a link that might be helpful: Hope this helps ❤️
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    They’re currently being sold NIB on eBay as Tamaguchi. If anyone wants to see one logged, I’m working on that right now
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    still there is the possibility your brain is just making up ways to cope with the death of your grandfather (and i quote hopper from stranger things 3)... or this could be lies.. you see some weird stuff on the internet and not all of it's true (see: the entire internet)
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    A polite reminder, Kurb, TamaTalk isn't a chat-room or Twitter, and single-word/single-abbreviation posts don't add anything to discussions. You can use the "Like" function (the little heart-symbol found at the bottom-right corner of a post) to express the same sentiment without actually posting about it. Don't worry too much about it as it's by no means a new phenomenon*, just please keep it in check. *See: "Me, too!", and "The September that never ended". I must echo this sentiment. I've kept an eye out for follow-ups after @InCyberspace posted this thread, since I was interested in seeing the mentioned footage and maybe some stills get a mention. The story is fascinating!
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    That still doesn't account for the Twitter posting concerned having been made roughly two months after the product was already revealed and almost two months after pre-orders for it had already taken place. The Twitter posting was made just sixteen days before the product's release - it takes at least six months to manufacture a run of a toy like this once the design phase is complete. The licensing legalities alone would have taken months to sort out before the device was revealed and manufactured. Unless the Twitter poster somehow time-travelled to early 2018 at the earliest, got a job with Bandai's Japanese arm, and was involved with the product before returning to early 2019 whereupon they commented on it months after it had been announced, then they simply aren't anything to do with the existence of the Eevee X Tamagotchi.
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    No need to be rude, this thread is from MARCH, back then we had no idea about Tamagotchi On.
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    I've stuck around for almost 10 years. Definitely a lot longer than I ever thought I'd be here for
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    Both look legit. The signs of a bootleg Dinkie Dino are transparent shells and anything other than yellow, red, white, and teal. The best way to tell is to compare the graphics to a real Dinkie Dino, which in that case the the first one matches. Be care though because some that do have correct-looking shells are actually Hitorikko.
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    What do you mean? Do you mean people and kids who will buy it because it looks neat or they missed out back when Tama's were really popular? Because a lot of people with a Meets are those big into the Tama community and imported them. Either way those glitches in the Meets can be game breakers for a lot of people. Some of the glitches on the Meets from what I've heard are: Draining the battery sometimes as fast as a day despite the brightness being at its lowest. Tamagotchi won't grow up (called the Peter Pan Glitch by some in the community) Resetting on its own. Lagging.
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    Got my ON yesterday (Canada)! Pink and purple. Loving them so far. Never had the Japanese ones of the Magic and Fairy so I'm very excited to have them grow up and see what I can what they become.
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    That's a really good one. Thanks! As far as I know, "Qpet" was used as a brand for a set of (I think) three generic virtual pets, before the Qpet Qolor existed. It used the same logo, and I presume came from the same manufacturer.
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    There’s one I have that is at least similar. It is a 49-in-1 (or so it says) fake Gyaoppi that features a giraffe as the bootup screen. Here’s the thread where I just ran one recently. The icons are the exact same as the instructions, and it also says “Bye” as the death screen. Edit: Whoops, should have looked at more than the manual. Anyways, if you’re curious as to why it won’t do anything, you have to wait for it to take a few naps first and then the other options become available. I kind of doubt this is the same, but there’s another rare dinosaur vpet that also connects I wonder if they’re related?
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    Just a question- I’ve heard of both the Qpet and the Qpet Qolor, but are they the same pet, just under a different name?
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    WAAAAY back in 2004 TamaTalk first appeared online. Thinks were very different back then. I was still learning how to manage a web site... The member count was tiny... Things were simple. Then TamaTalk started growing... And growing... And growing. Back then in 2004, if you told me that in 2019 this site would still be online I would have laughed and thought you were dreaming. Well... No dreaming required (though there are lots of blinding fast years in between). So June 15 is TamaTalk official birthday. This little community is now 15 years old... 15!!! Like any 15 year old, we've gone through many changes over the years. Uh... I guess 15 puts us into awkward puberty age... *checks for pimples on the site* It is times like this that I am left feeling very grateful. Grateful to all of our wonderful members... Our wonderful Guides... Our wonderful Angelgotchi and Lifetime Angelgotchi donors... Even grateful to Google for helping people find us for the first time. So thank you to all of you! Fifteen years is pretty amazing, in my opinion. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMATALK!!!
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    No picture, but how about the Q-pet? The fake TMGC + Color.
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    This is not a fictional story, this is something I've just wanted to share for quite a while. If you know me, you'll know I've collected virtual pets in the hundreds since I was about 10 or so. (back in 1996-1997). One of those pets was called Bobby, and I made a whole thread about it here. People who know me even better will know I'm a paranormal investigator, full time psychic and demonologist/exorcist. (not a joke, this is how I earn my living). Back in late 1997, my grandad passed away. It was very sad, and I remember family was at the hospital with him, and while they were there, me and my mum went to get something to eat from Morley's Chicken. I had all my virtual pets with me, and one of those was Bobby. Upon returning to the hospital, I realized he had passed away and the whole day felt like a downer. I didn't expect him to pass away, I was just a kid I thought he'd get better. I remember my dad telling me just before he passed, he opened his eyes and looked up at him. As if to say, thank you for being here. (There was more to it but I won't go into that). He passed away looking at my dad like that. The doctors said it didn't mean anything, and that he probably didn't even know my dad was really there. But my dad was a paranormal investigator roo (which is where I picked it all up from) and understood that "death" isn't what people make it out to be. A few days later, me, my mum, my dad and my aunt were out somewhere and I was on my Bobby. I was playing a game or something with one of my other Tamagotchi's when I heard Bobby beeping. I had used Bobby a LOT so I knew it's growth chart pretty well back then. I looked at Bobby to see what was it was wanting and ... to my surprise, the usual happy smiley face that usually floats around the screen had been replaced with a sprite of my grandad who had passed just a few days prior. I even showed it to my family who were in shock to see my grandad's face on the screen. This was all in late 1997. I had played with Bobby TONS of times over the years since then with NO sign of it ever happening again. But. Yesterday, on the 1st May, which was also my Aunt's birthdau (the one who saw it back in 1997, who was incedently, his favourite daughter), I was celebrating Beltane with my most precious lady and my mum. I had brought Bobby to life afew days prior as I often do. I had woken up yesterday morning to incessant beeping and it was coming from Bobby. I looked at it and would you believe it. My grandad's face was on there. I quickly grabbed my phone and recorded it, took screenshots and film of it as proof... proof I have wanted for over 22 years. HE WAS ONLY ON THE SCREEN FOR A FEW HOURS. I saw it, my mum saw it again and so did my precious lady. Evidence was captured this time, and I will be sharing it soon on Youtube. My grandad has spoken through mediums many times before, but this was the first time since 1997 that my grandad actually visited me through a virtual pet. The same kind of pet, too. And it was most likely to celebrate Beltane with me. Within a matter of hours, the usual smiley face returned and he was gone. And has been gone ever since. Nothing I could do would bring him back. He just visits when he wants to. It was a wonderful experience, and I never thought it would happen again, considering the gap of 22 years between the times it happened. So what's the point of this thread? Nothing. I'm just sharing a story that I hope will bring people comfort in knowing that our loved ones are eternal. And we all will survive always. Blessings.
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    I’ve found this topic where someone asked the same question regarding the SMS feature: After a quick research, I found this very useful topic talking about Tamagotchi Friends growth chart thought it might help you
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    @Penguin-keeperI sent a second message to Bandai with the same message above when I sent the first (I was worried at the time I misspelled my email address so I sent another message right after the first) so I might be getting another message relating to this issue. Most likely from a different Costumer Service person who might be able to give us different information. I'll post it if I receive another message.
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    Addiction sounds extreme. It seems like you are an avid collector with a large collection. Collecting is a hobby. Ask yourself: Does your hobby have negative consequences - on your relationships in real life - social, romantic, family? Do you spend more on tamas than you can afford? Do you have enough money for important living expenses? Do you find yourself buying more tamas than you actually want? For example, you see a tama you would like to buy as you're browsing online, then spot several other tamas that are also possible purchases but then can't decide which one you want the most... so instead of making a decision on which one, you just buy them all? Playing with tamas can be used to escape real life problems, relax, or reward yourself, but if you believe genuinely that you need them to enjoy life, or that you can’t cope without them, this is something that should ring alarm bells.
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    You’re right! Especially when it comes to the sizes and shapes! most of them are a bit similar which is annoying at times I myself get worried sometimes that they will look something similar like the previous generations! and yes OMG who doesn’t miss Tarakotchi? and so many others, I personally miss Mimitchi and Togetchi
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    It’s actually a clone of the 24-in-1 Smart Baby and Pets, which in turn is a Gyaoppi clone. Unlike the two different bunny roms (one also being a generic Gyaoppi), the pets on this have actual growth stages.
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    It would be nice to see a bit more variety in terms of shape and size, for sure - I feel that it gets a bit samey seeing the same format for the characters so often (basically, it seems like a lot of current Tamagotchi characters are very Mametchi-shaped ). Myself, I would like to see the return of Tarakotchi, who is my favourite character from the originals and their recent anniversary re-issues. I'm a big fan of the "ugly" Tamagotchi evolutions, who have typically gotten sidelined in more recent times.
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    i am, an artist(tm) also lol nice reference to the cipher legends dlc from fire emblem echoes: shadows of valentia there
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    I highly doubt that. See my post in the other topic.
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    I've moved this to What's On Your Mind?, because it isn't related to the Comments and Rumours section. Moreover, this person's Twitter posting clearly had nothing to do with the production of the Eevee X Tamagotchi, and the official reply to it is the typical non-committal reply that companies' official social-media presences tend to give when they're not allowed to comment on something. The Twitter posting was made on January 13th of 2019, whereas the existence of the Eevee X Tamagotchi was revealed via an image leak in early November of 2018, and was then officially confirmed in late November of 2018 - and this doesn't even include the time for the product's development before the reveal.
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    Tamalympics starts on August 20th/July 30th! Tamalympics is an Olympics for Tamagotchi's. Keep yo0ur pet alive the longest... Or ELSE... you lose. Anyway, it's mainly on the Tamagotchi ON, but you can use the other color japanese tamas. It looms, so prepare. Sign up:
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    Speaking of customs, my Meets just got "approved by origin shipping" or whatever... About your problem, just take a flight to sunny California, enjoy E3, pick up an ON, and have a good time. If you can't, find one without a box, and order it. Also, the merch sales were prob from fans like us desperate to find some merch in the US/Canada/UK/wherever you live.
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    They issued merchandise after the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini and it sold fine It's not a problem for me - I already own a Meets. The UK has an insanely low import limit, hence why UK fans who want the On aren't enthusiastic about the release situation. If a person spends more than £18 (including the cost of shipping) on foreign goods, they get customs fees (perfectly reasonable) and enormous handling fees (ridiculous). Those handling fees also happen to be partly determined by the size of the box, and as we all know, the Tamagotchi On has a disproportionately large box, making it more expensive to import than a Meets. Most countries allow for a lot more than that.
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    Just a little thread I decided to make where everyone can share their Tamagotchi art. I’ll start with this picture of Pizzarinatchi: She’s cute, I like her. When I get the ON I’m going to get the pizza genes as early as I can.
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    I'm really looking forward to reading this. My favourite virtual pets are 1990s ones (Bandai or not) and oddball generics and bootlegs from all eras*, so this is my favourite sort of content with this hobby. *If you've ever heard of the "Tamagochan", which was one of the first virtual pets that tried to fool the unwary into thinking that it was related to the real deal whilst not actually stealing any logos or artwork, that's where that particular interest comes from. Thanks very, very much for the kind offer, but that's ok. Also, we don't allow for trading and similar here anyway (there was formerly a section for this, before I was here, but I gather that it was closed due to problems that occurred), and I'm pretty sure that this would fall under that. Many thanks again, though!
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    Yo! Total music star veteran here, hopefully I'll be able to help you Anyway, the V6/Music Star has a whole ton of growth charts that you can easily search up -- for most, if not all of them, Memetchi is required to have been taken "great care" of. Luckily, you're on an odd generation, as you noted in your post - so you're super close to getting her! So, if you want to know how to obtain Memetchi, you're gonna have to utilize something known as "care misses". Basically, if you let your tamagotchi's happy or hungry hearts drop to 0, every fifteen minutes they will call for your attention - signified by a little beep and the tenth icon on your screen lighting up. If you don't answer the call in these fifteen minutes, the icon will blank and you'll have obtained a care miss. This link here explains more about care misses, probably better than I did. Scroll down to the Connection Tamagotchis section and it'll be able to inform you! If you know what these are and how they work, great! All you need to know is that when your tama is a teenager, you'll have to miss 2-3 calls for attention (if I remember correctly) in order for it to evolve into Memetchi. Hope this helps!
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    Congrats!! You are one of the most helpful members on this forum, glad to see you getting a promotion, and hope it means you'll stay around
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    For me it would've been finding out about the V3. I was 10 at the time, and it'd been about four months since I got my first Tamagotchi. At the time, I wasn't still unaware that the V3 existed - it hadn't come to the UK just yet and I didn't have an internet connection that I could use to learn about what was going on with Tamagotchi outside the UK (remember the days when not everyone had a solid internet connection? I don't know how I survived!) After school one day I went to a friend's house and along the way we chatted about whether we thought they'd be a V3. I was convinced there wouldn't - my reasoning being that "I don't know how it would connect to the V1 and V2" (pretty terrible reasoning, in retrospect). He had an internet connection, so naturally we were planning to take a look at the Tamagotchi website when we got to his house. We started up the computer and immediately went there - this is what we were greeted with: http://web.archive.org/web/20060412050550/http://www.tamagotchi.com:80/ I remember my friend turning to me and we both said "V3!" in unison. We watched the advert - which, in retrospect, kinda sucks - but at the time? It was the coolest thing, god were we excited. Even the little antenna on the side of the shell was genuinely fascinating and interesting to us. We had a little Tamatown journey too - I think I still have the passwords I collected on that day, too. Something about that day is just totally cemented in my memory and I get seriously nostalgic whenever I think of it.
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    I don't feel like it's likely, but I would really, really love it to happen lol
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    my tomagotchi died three times i was sso mad
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    sorry but i like to express my opinion!