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    After having evolved into a Marutchi in between the last log entry and this one, Bimmy grew into a Tamatchi today. Tamatchi always amuses me because it looks like a badly-drawn Kirby. Tamagotchi GB's sports game only accentuates this further, with the character hopping between ledges in a hilariously-wonky-looking fashion. Unfortunately, a little while later, Bobbo passed on. I'll actually miss him (in as much as one can miss a fictional virtual alien creature from a simulation game), since my fondness for the Game Boy line means that I feel more of an attachment to this game and its creatures than I typically do with the dedicated virtual pet devices. Goodbye, Bobbo - it was a fun time. A nice touch is that Tamagotchi GB has a built-in memorial feature as part of its save-file, with spaces to save data about eight favourite Tamagotchis that you've raised. If you have a Tamagotchi in another room when the one in the first room passes on and you resume the game after the memorial screen without choosing to hatch another egg, you'll see that the first room is now empty. Though the same jolly music as before plays, it seems sad since now your Tamagotchi is no longer there with it. This game's emotional beats are very well-thought-out, I think. Meanwhile, Bimmy went on with his life, blissfully unaware of what had just transpired next door. Given what I noted above about Tamatchi looking like a badly-drawn Kirby, this picture entertains me more than it should. At one point, I briefly forgot the carrots-only rule that supposedly yields Mimitchi, and ended up feeding Bimmy a cake - hopefully that won't have a negative effect on the end-goal! Soon enough, the in-game night fell, and it was time for Bimmy to get some sleep - isn't he cute? Whilst it was fun raising two Tamagotchis at once for a while, I don't think that I'll do so again anytime soon, if ever, and I certainly don't plan to raise three at a time, either - it's just a bit too hectic for my liking, and I prefer the game's more chill nature when you're raising just one pet at a time. So, for now, it'll just be Bimmy, until his time is up. While I'm here, I just want to draw everybody's attention to @LucidLyes thread, "How to make Tamagotchi for Game Boy more like a real Tamagotchi", as it's a great effort at bringing more community attention to the game by providing a ruleset for playing it that puts it more in line with the dedicated virtual pet devices that run in real-time. If you're at all interested in Tamagotchi GB, I highly recommend checking it out!
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    Yep, this is quality content, and that's exactly what I like to see around here.
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    At this point for me, it's less of a tradition to keep a log than it is to start one. Half of the posts on Tamatalk are just going to be all my unfinished logs! ;A; But not this time, my dear readers. For I have dug out a Tamagotchi version that is very special to me, and with... a lot of hesitation, actually, have started it up for the first time in what feels like forever! As the title may give away, I am running (and logging!) my pink iD L! Back when I first joined Tamatalk, these were very popular, and also everywhere unlike the listings you see today. I got both my iD Ls - the aforementioned pink version and my now-rare Princess Spacey ver - back in 2013 for less than $100 each, and I'm glad I did because nowadays, oh boy do you have to sell your own soul to get your hands on one mint in box. Of course, this comes with its own issues - being that I've had these for seven years now, they've accumulated a ton of scratches, which is where most of my hesitation comes from. For those who aren't in the know, colour Tamagotchis - particularly their screens - are highly prone to scratches if you're not careful, and they can show up real easily on the screen as these annoying rainbow-like textures. My 4U and m!xs have managed to stay safe, luckily, but my iD Ls and my precious little P's have not had the same luck nor fortune. And don't even get me started on their front faceplates - I'd be able to actually afford a mint iD L with the amount of scratches they have. However, it is all cosmetic in the end. And it's not like I'm ever getting a new iD L unless I risk it for a used version, so I may as well take you all down with me. I've got a Pac-Man Anniversary Mini/Nano in the mail right now as we speak, so with a little patience I'll hopefully be able to log it soon! Let's begin! ~*~*~*~*~*~ iD L I put some new batteries in a few days ago, and was welcomed by a little Kingyobotchi! For those not in the know, they are the best-care female toddler character on the iD L. I also discovered that my iD L was on its 3rd generation last time I played it - I had previously raised a Kikitchi and an Agetchi, respectively, both of which are bad-care adult characters. Determined to take good care of my next Tamagotchi, I proceeded to get the next highest-care teenager, Painaputchi - and didn't look at a growth chart, which is extremely rare for me! I ended up raising an adorable little Chamametchi: I forgot how photogenic the iD L was. You can't even see any of the scratches on it's screen! (While writing this, I realized I hadn't given Chamametchi a name yet! I searched up the nearest random name generator, and blessed her with the title of London.) While Chamametchi isn't the... highest care character out there, she's still very cute (and not a teen, strangely). I decided to go for her Tamatomo Stamps - for those who don't have an iD L, every adult 'gotchi has three special likes that cause them to do a cute little animation + give you what's dubbed a Tamatomo Stamp. You earn the last Tamatomo stamp by having your adult-stage Tamagotchi for 72 hours (or, at least 5 years old, if I recall correctly). You can earn any Tamatomo Stamp in any order, and they're a fun little incentive to spend more time with your tama! Plus, it also gets them stamped in the memory book (which is how I discovered the previous tamas I raised), as well as a bonus cutscene when they get married. Anyway, I decided to go for London's Tamatomo Stamps straight away! We decided to head to the park, as the market was currently being held: It's Kuchipatchi's mum! What she's doing here, I have no idea. Items at the market are usually marked down by 30%, so I wanted to get a good deal. I accidentally ended up leaving by way of the C button with London in tow. It was raining outside when I took this photo! Who knew Tamagotchi Planet had the same weather cycles... and timezone... wait a second. We decided to visit again later - for now, it was off to the TamaDepa to get something I thought London would like. The hunt for her Tamatomo stamps was on! I rarely search for these without consulting a guide, so there was an exciting factor to our adventure. I quickly swept into the accessories aisle, and bought London a pair of cat ears! It was time for the moment of truth... ...I mean, she's still happy at least? Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. If your Tamagotchi's latest item/accessory/food is Tamatomo-worthy, they'd usually start jumping high in the air with hearts everywhere! But London was quite mellow. She still defied gravity in her celebration, though. I didn't want to stop there, however - maybe an outfit was what London was looking for! We went back to the market again, as outfits can be super expensive: It's Makiko's mum! ...I just remembered that Makiko's name doesn't end in 'tchi'. I was running low on money, so we sold off the Tamamori Tree item I got out of the toy seed I planted in London's backyard yesterday. Don't ask. Anyway, we had enough money to buy London a lovely red kimono: I forgot how fun it was to dress up your tamas on the iD L... And thus the moment of truth began once again! Guess what happened next. ...And yet it also was not meant to be! Not only had I spent a ton of gotchi points on two outfits that weren't Tamatomo-worthy, now London looked like a weird anime character. She didn't seem to mind though. One last photo before the post gets too big... I decided to stop our Tamatomo hunting there for now. I took London to the different locations in the food menu, but none of the meals and snacks there seemed to activate a Tamatomo Stamp... not even the sweetest treats around! ...That, and it ended with me accidentally discovering Chamametchi's least favorite food. By then my pockets were totally empty. I'm sure I'm missing something here... maybe I should be more open to London's tastes and stop assuming that all she likes is pink stuff just by the colour of her ears? The irony is real. Next post: more stamp hunting! Meeting a Tama-pet at the park enough times to create a bond with them and take them home... I missed those guys on the 4U and m!x, they were useless but I loved them anyway!
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    @Alex Grigoriouhas a tamatown mirror up on his website https://alexgtama.tk/ and last year@hwd45managed to crack how V3 and V4 passwords are generated https://hazzabobbo.wixsite.com/mamemamelabs/password-generator
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    You have such a wonderful log, and it was so much fun to read through all of it! Thanks so much for this! You even inspired me to start running my V4 again!
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    Though, going by the picture, he might also be one of the Village People.
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    It's been over six months since I've posted here... I haven't been running any tamas during this time like I thought I would, so you guys haven't missed much. My seasonal position should be coming to a close soon, but my employers haven't said anything about letting me go yet. It's been crazy working during the virus and the fires, but despite all this my family and I are surprisingly doing fine. I'm not sure what's next, but I'm really hoping to get a permanent position with the company (or at the very least an invite to work again next March). There aren't a lot of jobs in my town that are as socially distant as I would like them to be, so I'm hoping for the best here. Anyway, enough of the personal stuff. I was inspired to run my tamas again because of the release of the Pac-Man Tamagotchi and with that comes the continuation of this log! I can't promise that I'm back for good, but I would certainly like to be. However, I'm going into a full seven day work week tomorrow so rip. Pac-Man Tamagotchi I found myself a Pac-Man Tamagotchi at Target on the sixteenth and it was this event that inspired me to run my tamas again. Upon starting the tama you are greeted with the classic Pac-man jingle and an egg. After a minute my egg hatched into a Babytchi. I named him Mr. Jac and he later evolved into a Mimitchi. Mimitchi is one of my favorite characters (aside from the obvious), so I was very happy to see one! Now if this nano is anything like the Gudetama one, it looks like I will eventually just need to ignore Mr. Jac until he dies. I wish it was like the mini where they die after a certain number of days because I always feel bad about just ignoring them to death. I may just leave him unpaused when I go to work tomorrow and just get it over with... Entama It's been a long time since I've ran my Entama, so I figured it was about time that I revisited it. I started it up yesterday and it turns out I never married off the last generation, so I was greeted by a Togetchi named ら. Today he got married to a Ponytchi and they had a baby girl! P's It's been such a long time since I've seen my sweet baby boy, Gus. I started him up at the same time as the Entama. I did the math and he's been paused for 177 days since I started this job (for a total of 275 paused days). This puts him at about 412 (unpaused) tama years old. Of course, I have no real news involving Gus, but here's a picture of him working at his part time job (I like to imagine he's a security guard). And that's all for now! Work just really gets in the way of running tamas and my job involves a lot of water, so brining them with me has always been out of the question. I'm really hoping I'm back, at least for a little while.
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    Quick update! So I've been playing the game(s) this way for almost 48h now and so far I can say that the Tamagotchis I'm raising feel more "real" to me because they don't only exist for a short, abridged play session. Since I'm forcing the in-game time to advance at the same pace as in real life, I'm thinking about my tamagotchis for a longer period of time, thinking about how they'll evolve, how long they'll live etc. The in-game limitations also feel more real to me, for instance when the game says I have to wait tomorrow for a new tournament, I actually think about my own tomorrow and don't just interpret that as meaning "just wait a while". I've also added a new rule for myself: 3/ If you're playing the game at e.g. 9:58, and the in-game clock shows 9:00, and the (real-life) 10:00 mark comes to pass, you have to wait for 10:00 in the game also, doing nothing. Basically all these rules could be summarized as: "You can only take care of your tamagotchi when the in-game clock shows the same hour as the real life clock." So if the in-game clock is too late, you must let it catch-up doing nothing. And if the in-game clock is in advance, you must shut off the game and wait. I haven't hatched a new egg when I started playing this way, but maybe when my current Hashizotchi dies, I'll hatch a new egg and start a log!
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    Oh gosh thank you guys!! I had no idea the carousel is what I needed...I was literally looking for a Fairy room or something! Totally got it to work. Thank you again!
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    Guys, I think I cracked the code and it actually is super simple after all. In fact, it's one of the Keitai series many hidden features. There are four items on the Keitai variants that can be used by all characters: the balloon, the ball, the jump rope, and the trumpet. What makes these all special is that they have a symbol resembling the connection icon in their menu sprite. I recently learned from the Tamagotchi Wiki's article on the Akai that if both Tamagotchis are playing with the same toy that is one of these four kinds and then they connect, they can play a special minigame. Each toy has a unique minigame and the unique things about these, as the Tamagotchi Wiki notes, is that the user has input into these game. And this input occurs right before the connection as when the user selects the toy, goes over to the connection icon, and chooses the same-version-connection option, the user is then brought to a special screen to influence the game. Both the balloon and the trumpet have unique play methods while the jump rope and the ball use the button mashing game I found! If I had bothered to read further on the Tamagotchi Wiki, I would have read about the 10 second opportunity to fill a meter through button mashing and that the device with the fuller meter wins the game - which immediately ensues after the 10 seconds are up and the devices are made to connect. So the mystery is solved! Honestly, the Keitai versions are full of surprises from all of the item codes, to these mini games, to being able to beat off shinigamis by visiting the shrines of your deceased tamas, to the grave item which gives a special death scene. No English connection has this depth and the best part of all of this is that the Keitai version don't lose these extras when an external site goes down - which is the case with the V3-V4.5 (the V5 actually has consistent codes for items). Anyway, it makes perfect sense that this discovery happened the way it did because despite seeing that connection symbol countless times, I never connected the dots. I needed to be told there was a special feature because I assumed that based on my experience with English connections, everything should be taken at face value. That's just proof about the programming uniqueness of the Japanese versions. The reason I kept stumbling upon this partial minigame by accident was because - I think unlike the English connections - losing a minigame actually depletes happy hearts on the Keitai versions and thus I made either of mines play with an item to up their hearts before connecting them again. It was always one-sided with usually Sotilde losing eating contests to everybody under the sun which thus led me to believe it was a mechanic unique to only one tama. I never clued into the fact that the reason none of the four items stopped their animations when I clicked a button was because they had a broader function. I'd take advantage of toys increasing hearts frequently and in those moments I pressed a button during an animation, I'd usually just go and check the stats screen (especially because I'm paranoid about Sotilde). On one hand, I feel a bit foolish making this topic only to learn I had discovered something known but undocument because it was merely a part of something bigger. On the other hand, now people can learn more about why the Keitai tamas are awesome
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    Welcome back!! Lots of things happened today, so let's get logging! I totally forgot to mention some things about Tamatomo Stamps yesterday: for one, getting your tama into the memory book is important because the more tamas you have in there, the more locations you unlock! Unlike future versions, this is how you unlock new places on the iD L (though there isn't really as many as there are on the m!x and meets/ON). They also extend your Tamagotchi's happiness meter, so you don't need to constantly check on your tama if you're busy and such. ~*~*~*~*~*~ iD L 26-09-2020 Before I went to bed last night, I quickly stopped by the Tamadepa to get a new seed for our backyard: It was so dark by then! This is a rare toy seed, which costs 200 gotchi points. It's always fun to see what products are available! You can purchase clothes and accessories at another store, of which I forgot the name of. Planting and watering! A little sprout blooms after you do so. Now all we had to do was wait until morning... 27-09-2020 ...And that brings us to today! ...Uh... London? But first, I had to wake up to this sight. London had seemingly gotten dirty overnight, which... well... I mean, it happens sometimes. I think. Of course, this is normal on the iD L, so she had a quick bath and was back to normal instantly! The bathroom as well?! I also neglected to mention that certain parts of the house can also get dirty, but luckily for us London inherited the cleaning tools from her previous generations (of which you can buy from the Tamadepa as well), so the bathroom was spotless in an instant! Clean as a sponge! Now was the perfect time to check on our seed, so we toddled off to the backyard... I should really start getting into gardening if my plants are able to give me things besides oxygen. ...and it successfully bloomed! We obtained a snowcone machine for our efforts - perfect for making sweet delights! What fruity treat will London concoct for us today? This wasn't one of London's Tamatomo items - this was actually my second time getting this item from this seed! -, but she enjoyed using it either way. That bowls' bigger than her! How is such a small machine capable of such feats... It doesn't turn into a food item to eat, unfortunately. London was feeling quite hungry, so we headed off to the bakery to chow down on something sweet. The moment of truth...?! We purchased a lovely little cake(?)... and London found herself really enjoying it. In fact, she enjoyed it so much that-- The beginning of great things to come! London's first Tamatomo Stamp! --It was revealed to be her first Tamatomo Stamp! Or, at least, the first one we obtained. A version of a song from the 2009 anime, 'Happy Happy Harmony', accompanies this lovely animation. And happy she was indeed! We headed off home to celebrate in our yellow submarine - of which I also forgot to mention, is an interior you can buy at the interior store! The default background is a more home-like setting. While we were settling back in, I checked London's stats and remembered that her happiness bar was now extended, with a cute little hot-pink bar to boot: She was still hungry, so I fed her a rice bowl. She was not happy. Our last event for today involved adopting a Tama pet! You can find them at the park every day, rotating every few hours or so in groups of three. Earlier in the morning, the vegetable market was being held, so we couldn't search for any cute companions at the time. After waiting for an hour or so, we met up with a familiar Tama pet: What a cutie! I think they're saying 'bagu'... as in bag. Woah. It's Bagubagutchi! In most Tamagotchi media, he's depicted as the Mame family pet, so it was more or less fate for he and London to meet - Chamametchi is a part of said family, after all. After three seperate meetings, he quickly grew attached to London, and we took him home. Now he too, can defy gravity with London. Amazing. Note the dog house that gets added to your home! So cute. I never thought of naming a Tama pet before, but I suddenly couldn't resist - we named him Liverpool! (ain't that something.) With the dynamic duo of London and Liverpool, as well as the former's first Tamatomo stamp in tow, we have since been relaxing for the rest of the day. What an eventful morning! I may update later if I find any more stamps... plus, we need to dig a new seed. Maybe a vegetable one this time! They're much cheaper than the toy seeds. Next post: The goal to obtain more Tamatomo stamps! London's new look? Liverpool digs a hole (or a pony), and fixes it later. I stop referencing things in favor of a readable blog.
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    Hey there! thanks for the shout out! I'm not posting about it but I'm actually having way too much fun with the GB game. It's definitely getting the job of replacing a real Tamagotchi done. What it lacks in "realism" it replaces with better graphics and more interesting gameplay. Besides, I've also gotten Tamagotchi 3 to run on an Android emulator. The RTC isn't actually functioning but I can definitely play it the same way as I'm playing the other 2 games, and this one has a whopping 49 characters, so that's sure to keep me interested for a while! I'm currently raising 5 Tamagotchis (classic android app, Tamagotchi GB, Mori and Umi on Tamagotchi 2, and Osu/Mesutchi on Tamagotchi 3 since today). As you said, things are getting a little bit hectic and I think I'm gonna focus on just 1 at a time after they all die off (or go back to their planet if you prefer). BTW, is "Bimmy" a reference to AVGN's Bimmy and Jimmy joke in the Double Dragon review?
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    Hm, maybe hunger deleption level depends on body type like with the Tamagotchi On and Tamagotchi Meets with their favorite toy or food?”
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    There are no differences. The seller just named it "Deluxe".
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    Yes! That's what made me say that it was based on Polly Pocket ;w;
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    Have you all seen the new Pixel Stars it's like a mix of sims and tamagotchi in color. I just ordered one on amazon. You can change the way they look, their room, earn money to buy clothes and furniture. Just wanted to let you all know about them. Check out YouTube videos it looks good. I'll update later on what I think of it once it arrives.
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    My pixel stars will be here tomorrow in the mail. I work Thursday and Friday 12 hour shifts so I'll start it up Saturday. I can't wait check it out though.
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    I just checked these out, and they bear a striking resemblance to a toy franchise that I grew up with - Pixel Chix! Left to right: Pixel Chix, Wave 1 (2005), Pixel Stars, Wave 1(?) (2020) The house display and buttons remind me so much of them! Doing a little bit of research, the gameplay seems mainly the same, except with more things to do. There's three main characters to choose from - just like Pixel Chix, although the character varied only in aesthetic + the house you bought in general -, and unlike Pixel Chix they have a visible status bar and a goal to work towards. I'm actually quite intrigued by this! That, and there's a ton of customization options, which I'm always up for. Before I become a walking advertisement, it seems you can only purchase this from Amazon exclusively for now, so there's one issue at least. Also, they're a lot smaller than I'd expected - in fact, they've seemingly got a keychain! That's just so weird to me, but it makes sense as the interior of the device is just a screen - it seems you access it by sliding the top house-shaped portion upwards -, and not 3D like the toy shown above.
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    3 Canadians 🍁🍁🍁 (sorry) I think you might have thrown it at her and that's why she decided to play along.
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    8- hey wait a minute... 1
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    I second this, it was a very interesting read
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    I would absolutely love to read this! Tamagotchi GB represent! \m/
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    I'm glad you made this topic because I'd never heard of this feature before.
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    I was confused when you said you connected you had a Hanerutchi connect to an Akai. I looked it up, and they’re both Ketais! Although Ketais can only breed with their specific version, they can connect with other versions in all other ways!
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    2 *throws Nerds into the sea, far, far away from this topic*
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    Today, Bobbo finally won another race, which was the biggest event of his otherwise uneventful in-game day. Meanwhile, now that Bobbo is reaching old age, I decided to hatch another Game Boy Tamagotchi, and I'm going to try out the method for obtaining Mimitchi that's outlined here. Supposedly, picking the black egg and feeding the Tamagotchi nothing but carrots for six in-game days will result in Mimitchi. We shall see! Living in the room next door, we now have Bimmy! He isn't very fond of carrots, but unfortunately for him they're all that he'll be getting for the next six days... It turns out that the different rooms have different wallpaper, different music, and even a differently-placed window so that you can tell which room it is at a glance. I think that this is a really nice touch.
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    I've got something a little bit different for you guys today, and I'm almost certain that this is a virtual pet that has never been covered on TamaTalk before! First things first, this is a Psion Series 5mx - a British palmtop computer which is about the same size as a Nintendo 3DS XL. The Psion Series 5 was released in 1997, and the 5mx (a much-upgraded version) was released in 1999, so the device was contemporaneous with the Western release of the original Tamagotchi Gen 1 and Gen 2 devices, and the ensuing virtual pet craze. While browsing for Series 5 software and utilities recently, I happened across a program called "Fred", which was billed as a "virtual pet novelty" for the system. So, tonight, I installed Fred to see what it was all about, with the intent of adding my findings to my log. Upon starting the program, I was greeted with this. It turns out that Fred is a virtual version of a Pet Rock. It also turns out that there are various witticisms attached to the "activities" that you can perform so as to "care for" Fred. Moreover, they're not always the same every time - for example, choosing the Inject option for the first time will inform you that the needle broke, and choosing it a second time will tell you that the needle is still bent from the previous attempt, and there are multiple quips for attempting to give Fred a drink of Coca-Cola. I went in expecting a basic virtual pet program rather than a joke one, and I found myself very amused indeed - Fred gave me a good laugh. The help files charmingly mention that Fred is free and is "Smileware", so if you like it, smile. I did indeed smile. If anyone else around here owns a Psion Series 5 and is interested in checking out one of the only pieces of virtual pet software for the device (I know of one other, Magic Egg/"MEgg", but it was shareware and the full version probably isn't available anymore), you can download Fred here.
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    No problem! It's a great post and it deserves the attention. I assume that you're not running three emulated Tamagotchis at once? They look pretty dead to me. Sort of! I've never watched the Angry Video Game Nerd, so it's just a reference to the "Bimmy and Jimmy" typo from Double Dragon 3 on the NES. Good eye!
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    The only two detailed growth charts for the TamaOtch appear to be this partial growth chart and Tamagotchi Wiki's "growth chart". I do wonder if maybe because you, Yuria Charmaine, played almost the same amount of training games if the programming counted it as "random training", as detailed in the topic for the partial growth chart on TamaTalk. I do wonder also if you had any failed games and if that skews your numbers. And now I wonder even more if all of the growth charts can be made irrelevant if one plays too much of the training game. I don't have a Tamaotch of my own to experiment with so I can't test it. Sounds like a similar case to the Mothra's Moll and Lora that has become so unreachable people even think they don't even exist.
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    Yeah, I reckon it has more to do with the body type rather than any of the other genes they inherit. Same as you stated where favourite toys and food are tied to body type also.
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    TL;DR: There is no difference, the second listing is just cheaper. Below is surface-level info I gathered, before I bothered to scroll down further. Tacoburritotchi answered it for you, but I wanted to look into it further, just in-case... I just bought a stand-alone version of one of these! I've got two theories, the first being that the second link's seller either neglected to mention it was a deluxe version - or it's not the deluxe version at all, and it's just using a photo of the deluxe version in it's place. That's quite unlikely though considering most of the photos are seemingly chosen with the deluxe edition in mind - though it's also ten pounds cheaper. The second listing also doesn't have a photo of the packaging, while the first listing does. I just got mine off eBay (it was 75% off, $10 for me not including shipping!!!), though as I said before, it was just the stand-alone version, no case included. ...However! There is a comment on the second listing asking your exact question... and it has four answers, including one from Bandai themselves (authorized as the manufacturer), saying that yes! It comes with the case! So it's the first theory, not to worry: The second listing is the same as the first, just at a better price! >w< Go ahead and snatch it up!
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    Glad to hear you had a good day with some really good news regarding the new Kirby game, but you didn't have to ruin our streak just cause you're in a good mood Just kidding, always nice seeing you around on the forums 1!!!
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    Oh-I had my boys evolve into toddlers, so for 50 generations I’ll see if low happiness will directly affect if you get the mother or father’s genes, I’ll always marry Mametchi if the tama is a girl, and Mimitchi if the tama is a boy until September ends. I will keep happiness at only one bar.
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    Sorry for My Status being too Long but Tamatalk is No Longer my Highest Priority.
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    All good, I've seen this website actually compare them to Polly Pocket, even mentioning Tamagotchi! The 'tiny girl in a world of her own' trope did become quite popular starting with Polly Pocket (if I'm wrong please correct me), so I totally understand where you're coming from! (that, and I have nostalgia for the 1998-2009 iteration of the franchise, her website back then was the bomb - right beside the best one being Pixel Chix with a dot and a com! Man I miss that place ) Woah, off-topic but I had no idea Polly Pocket was originally British! You learn something new every day, I guess. And I totally agree on the size factor of these, though if I do ever see one of these in person I'll probably still be shocked! XD The keychain is a good idea... and totally stolen from the Pixel Chix Road Trippin' (...vehicle, for some reason the title ends there)!! Don't think you're off the hook yet, *looks at hand* ...Skyrocket... It's all a conspiracy, I'm telling you... or maybe it was stolen from Tamagotchi, who knows, keychains are just cool. Either way, the concept of Pixel Stars is... somewhat sweet to me. It's as if our little Pixel Chix is back from the grave, alongside her groovy modern-day friends. ;A; @nursinggirl747 I'm patiently waiting for your future review! I wonder how it stacks up to the typical v-pet conventions...? I should probably do more research on this device. XD
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    That's actually pretty neat - it shows that a colour virtual pet-like device doesn't have to be gigantic. Nah, the entire point of Polly Pocket was (and still is - it's still around, though it's American-owned these days, rather than British like it was originally) that it's not electronic. @Tamacass has got it - the inspiration is clearly Pixel Chix.
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    If I'm not mistaken, Pixel Stars are based on, uh.. Polly Pocket?
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    2... guess throwing the fish far away didn't keep her at bay too long...
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    I'm a metalhead \m/
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    Glad it worked out! Sorry about using "Dreamy Living" ; I had to rely on an external source since I haven't used my On in months.
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    I think you just click "Report post" and the Guides will take care of it.
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    Well it's sure been a bit, hasn't it? As I expected, I haven't made much progress. There is a little bit to talk about though, so let's start with: V4 The 23rd marked the start of my first weekend with this new job and was the day I first unpaused the Tamas. Samus got married the next day. I intended to marry Samus to another Universal adult, but I hit the wrong button and she got married to a Minotchi instead. They had a son that I named Shane who was on pause with his mom until yesterday. Samus ended up leaving him today and he evolved into a Mohitamatchi. Now I can try evolving him into an Oniontchi, but I'm worried that the pausing will lead to similar issues that I had with Samus (training was too low)... (Mohitamatchi really just 😞, don't they?) V2 Even though I've had no time to run any of my Tamas, I decided to start up my V2 today. I'm not entirely sure why, but I just really wanted to. When I started it up, I was greeted with a baby boy that I had previously named Danny. Danny evolved into a super cute Kinakomotchi! I don't feel like I see a lot of this character, so it was a nice surprise. (I didn't notice this photo was messed up until I downloaded it, so whoops.) Of course there's no Gus news... some things never change. I hope everyone is staying safe! Luckily I don't have to interact with many people in my new job, but I'll admit that I still get a little nervous being out there (mostly because my little brother has a lower immune system and I don't want to bring anything home to him)... It's shocking how many people I saw entering the store over the weekend not coughing into their elbows and touching their faces. Just remember to be aware for your sake and the sake of those around you. I'm not sure when I'll be posting again, so goodbye for now!
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    Monday, my favorite day of the weekend. I wanted to post yesterday, but I was super exhausted. The hiatus will be starting tomorrow, so let's get everyone caught up! V4 Samus unfortunately evolved into the Universal teen, Hawaikotchi. I wasn't able to raise her training enough because of the excessive amount of pausing I was doing... She later evolved into Pyonkotchi, which is a face I haven't seen in awhile! Pyonkotchi/Pyonchitchi are probably my favorite Universal adult characters on the V4, so I'm happy with this. Then earlier today I went to get Samus a job (the mail had the [!] icon blinking), but it turns out she already had one! She was just getting fired from the hospital job I didn't know she had. I know that the V4 can answer the important mail by itself, but I haven't had one actually get a job from doing so until now... Fairy ON Mint got married to Maskutchi on Friday and they had a baby boy. I named him Shy Guy (get it? mask?) and he ended up inheriting the Maskutchi body! That's what I was hoping for the most, so now the ON can finally rest (at least until next month). I married him to a Pichipitchi, but I'm more interested in their children inheriting the frosting hair. That will have to wait though because I deactivated the device yesterday. P's There's nothing really new with Gus, but I just wanted you guys to know that he's still with us as we move into the hiatus. He's 406 as of today! And that's all! As I've mentioned a few times now, the new job hiatus starts tomorrow. I'll still be running Gus and Samus, but there won't be much to post about. We'll be back, of course, but it'll be less frequent. I'll try to post this weekend (depending on my schedule), so see you guys in a bit!
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    V4 Lapis left her daughter on Tuesday. She evolved into a Mizutamatchi after an hour of poor care. I've been working on getting her care misses since then (she has three so far), but she's been on pause since Wednesday. I'm going to unpause her tomorrow and I'm aiming to evolve her into a Nikatchi. Plus Color Krobus evolved on Tuesday into a Kuchipatchi and I used the hero set to change him into Patchiman. Unfortunately the restarting issues came back after that, so I decided to stop running the Plus Color. I'm just going to give it a break because I honestly don't know what else to do. At this point I'm pretty sure the problem is internal (the battery contacts aren't corroded) and I don't feel comfortable try to open and clean it out right now. I'll certainly revisit the Plus Color, but not for a while after this. ON Merlin evolved into a teen on Tuesday and into and adult on Wednesday. He didn't inherited a single Maskutchi trait... so much for getting a head start on those genes. I decided to marry Merlin to a cute HotTeatchi and they had a baby girl! I named her Mint (mint tea is my favorite) and she evolved into a teen today. I'm going to try and get Mint married tomorrow and raise her kid over the weekend. I'll deactivate the device once her child gets married. Now I already said this in the V4 family topic, but I just wanted to say that I will be going on a hiatus soon. I'm starting a new job on Tuesday, so I won't have much time to run my Tamas. I'm aiming to only run my V4 and Gus during this time, but there will be lots of pausing and therefore not much to talk about. Don't worry though, I'll still update when I can. I'll also still be active on the forum as a whole, but just not in the log (or the V4 thread). I'm aiming for a weekend post, so I'll see you guys then!
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    V4 Lapis got married to a Zukyutchi today and they had a baby girl! Hopefully she'll be evolving into a Mohitamatchi, but we'll just have to wait and see. Plus Color Nothing is going on with Krobus today, but I did want to update on the restarting issue. The device hasn't restarted since I replaced the batteries and cleaned it, so I think we're in the clear! I guess the low battery screen was just not showing up. I'm so relieved because I thought there was a major internal problem going on... Fairy ON Xander evolved and got married today. He had a son who I named Merlin. I decided to get a head start on the Masktchi genes, so hopefully those get passed down. He evolved into a Hoshipontchi and he's brought the Mochimotchi orange back into the gene pool. I also wanted to show one of Merlin's half siblings. It took me awhile to find Xander a permanent mate, so I took a break. When I came back, one of his kids was there! Many likes were exchanged. And that's all! Merlin will be evolving tomorrow, but I'm not sure about Krobus. He should be evolving tomorrow, but the restarts have set him back. We'll just have to see what happens.
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    V4 If you've been keeping up with the V4 family thread, then you may already know that Lapis evolved into a Young Dorotchi. Not quite what I was expecting, but getting a Kuchi teen is always exciting regardless. I've been raising her intelligence points over the last couple of days, so she evolved into a Pukatchi this evening. I'm hoping to marry her to a Mame adult so I can get another Mohitamatchi. Plus Color Papaya evolved into a Violetchi, just like I was hoping for. I forgot that the Plus Color had similar evolution times to the connections (teen form lasted 48 hours), so I don't believe she'll be able to marry till tomorrow (or possibly Saturday). I actually don't mind the longer evolution times because it gives me more time to collect all of the happy symbols. Papaya has all of her's. That's all for today! It feels like it's been forever since I updated the log, but it's only been two days. Papaya should be getting married tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I'm going to keep running the Plus Color after that. I'm having a hard time settling on a third Tama to run aside from my V4 and P's. I don't make any promises on switching out the Plus Color though, I'm just saying what's on my mind (and to not be surprised if I do)... We'll (probably) see you guys on Saturday!
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    V4 I managed to give Spyro all five care misses over the course of today and yesterday. There was a moment were he almost died, so I did the download trick. He also only has three training bars, but none of this was enough to evolve him into a Kuchi teen. He instead evolved into the bad care Meme teen, Hinotamatchi. A bit of a let down but again, I love all my Tama children. Then, just earlier today, he was invited to Ms. Flower's class. I'm aiming to evolve him into a Togetchi because it's been a bit since I've had one. iD L 15th Anniversary So something was definitely up with Finnbar's age counter because it jumped from three yesterday to five today. The matchmaker was finally unlocked and he was able to get married. I was left with a baby boy who I named Steven. He evolved into a Daiyatchi, just like his dad. I figure it would be redundant to post his toddler form, so I won't. Morino I've got some bad news about Biddybud. He passed away last night while I was eating dinner with my family (family meals are clearly dangerous). I do feel a little bad because he was right next to me and I heard him get attacked by a predator, but my hands were dirty, so I just ignored him. R.I.P. My sweet bug boy. V5 Celebrity I was feeling nostalgic after posting in the Your Collection thread, so I started up my V5 celeb after Biddybud passed. My first Tama was the Movie Night V5 that I regrettably no longer own. This particular one was my brother's, but I bought it from him when we were kids (we were always buying things from each other). After staring it up, I was greeted by three adorable babies. Two boys and one girl which I've named Wirt (eldest boy), Beatrice (middle girl), and Gregory (youngest boy). After an hour, the evolved into toddlers. Their family bond has been raised to 10% today, so hopefully we're on the path to a family with high bonds. My V5/V5.5 families are normally in the lower percentile, so hopefully I'll be more attentive to them this time. And that's all for today! I told you guys there would be more today. We should have lots of evolutions coming up, so I'll update soon!