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    Has anyone ever made their own custom shells? How did they turn out? I drew up these designs for shells I'd like to make one day! Im actually currently working on making the middle one right now, but its nowhere near done yet! :3
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    Haven't been here in a couple months but I'm back! The holidays always have me thinking of tamagotchi... it's the time of year that I first discovered them and collecting and every year something about the snow and staying cozy inside my house makes me want to pop a battery in a connection and reminisce lol
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    Happy 24th anniversary Tamagotchi!!! I remember when it was only it's 17th, time flies by so quickly!! ;A;
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    Hey guys! The long-anticipated moment has arrived.. I got my very first Tamagotchi! It is the Magic White version of the Tamagotchi ON. So in this log, I won't be posting pics, sadly. LET THE LOG COMMENCE! Friday, 27/11/2020. I started up my new Tama, filled in everything, and got ready for my egg to hatch! It hatched into.. a girl, which my dad named Daisy. I took care of it, then it took a nap for, like 3 minutes. I woke up the screen to see that it had pooped on the spot. Not long after, it had evolved into Chiroritchi, a good care character! So I immediately got to getting out and earning gotchi points. That's it for now, see ya next time! >w<
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    https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Jordy_Tamagotchi Omg!!!! I'm definitely going to try to get this! Edit: For those that are interested in it as well, I'd keep an eye on the following website to pre-order!! = https://store.kakaofriends.com/en/products/category/character?categorySeq=131&sort=createDatetime,desc
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    Osu Mesu Book here as well, only have the PDF the scanner gave me though. To excited not to share! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1O4y7KGRqAPmvP9dd5DcrnFgo05CdrcSW?usp=sharing
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    My mom just bought a 20th anniv mini for her friend's son... he saw mine while I was visiting and had to have one. I got to help find one and pick it out! That was fun. His favorite color is yellow, so I got the yellow w/ orange buttons.
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    Oh, duh! Why didn't I think to look for that? Answered all my questions. It seems it runs on a real-time clock, and approx 24 hrs = a year as usual. I was able to find a growth chart on the last page. Looks like you get the baby from either generation at random. I'll just drop the link here for anyone that comes in the thread looking for it: https://archive.org/details/manual-tamagotchi-win95/mode/1up
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    I think it's pretty well documented actually, between this: https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Tamagotchi_CD-ROM?mobile-app=false and the manual pdf which you can find online (I think I got it from archive.org).
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    i got really into watching doraemon this year, its such a nice n funny anime. tho it made me REALLY want to buy the doraemon tamagotchi from the 90s, unfortunately its out of my budget but one day i hope i can buy it. also since tamagotchi is doing a bunch of crossover versions now, why dont they make a remake of the doraemon tamagotchi??? i'd be so down for that
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    I've got some V2 bootleg shells I'm thinking of painting. If they turn out nice I might swap in the guts of another tama.
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    hi yall, its been a long time! i really miss using this site, the layouts changed a lot since i was last here. idk if anyone i was friends with is still around on this site, but happy 24th anniversary to tamagotchi! (i think im a little late now tho oops) I'm in the middle of my 2nd year of college as an animation major right now, which is funny thinking about now because i remember being on this site a LOT when i was in just middle school. currently working on a lot of projects, i got some comic series going and many MANY little animations done. ive been kind of on-and-off playing my tamagotchi mix and tamagotchi on, still love tamagotchi to death after all these years!
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    23/11/20 - Cont. Today marks the start of the second generation! I was left a baby Kuroteletchi. I decided to name him Mouse. After the usual hour of care, Mouse expectedly evolved into a Mizutamatchi as Jal was a bad care character. We played bump to exploit the points he could earn at his low weight class. My best game got us all the way to the 8th round! Unfortunately, we came just short of the overall victory. That being said, coming in 2nd place overall still gave us a handsome sum: 24/11/20 Today was bittersweet. We started the day off normally, I caught Mouse rolling around on the floor. Despite taking near perfect care of him (or what I thought was perfect care?) he evolved later on in the day to a Hashitamatchi. I adore this character, but according to my growth chart, he's 'horrible care'. Going back over my care in the past 24 hours, his hearts never got below 3, and his poo never stacked multiples. I did take an extra hour or so to turn off his light - but I didn't think that would affect care that drastically? There must be more to care than I remember... Anyway, here's Mouse! I caught him taking a bath this evening. Time to look at some new growth charts perhaps!
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    First time poster, so please correct me if I get anything wrong! I'm currently running a P2, but on the side I've been messing around with the old CD-ROM game. There's a surprising lack of information online about it. I'm not sure how time passes, or how long evolutions take. Speaking of evolutions, are there growth charts anywhere? I'm thinking that I might take it upon myself to log it and figure it out. Anyone else wanna get in on that?
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    First set of scans up. this is for the angel Tamagotchi encyclopedia. Its missing one cut out page. I will be making a archival website for these soon, but please take a look at these and enjoy! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yxFCf0lCRCY2QUw1YpZTA4v7sLedsuBP?usp=sharing
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    The one i'm working on was a Zebra-print V3 I've had for years, it's been played with so much that the stripes were almost all worn off lol. I used 100% Acetone to remove the rest of the factory paint, sanded the shell down, and I'm currently using enamel paints to repaint it. I sprayed the shell with an enamel spray paint twice, and now I'm currently working on details with a paintbrush and the little glass jars of enamel paint. Oh and I removed all the insides first of course! All I did was use the selection tool on an image of a V3 on procreate! But I can make a template quickly for those that want one :3 Edit: Here's a little template I quickly outlined of a V3 Shell :3
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    you're welcome you should check out if your save file remains when you close the app and reboot your computer before putting too much effort and heart into it. On my computer the game would save alright but the save file would be gone if I shut off my laptop
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    I know, right?! I looked online for pre-made 3D models of Tamagotchi shells because my school has a 3D printer and I was thinking about printing one and painting that, but I cant find a 3D modeled shell anywhere online !!!! That would be so awesome!! I'd be honored if you did. ^___^
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    Wow your designs are so cute! I love the baby pink and blue one, but my favorite is the alien one! It would be sick if you could 3D-print new shells... I have yet to paint a tamagotchi but I've always wanted to. My little cousin painted her digimon and its super cute.
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    I'd love to brainstorm something up with you if you need help thinking of a design! Which of your pets are you thinking about repainting?
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    Oh these are so cute! I have the paints, but no design yet. ;(
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    Haha, this is a bit of a random post, but I thought I'd share. Has anyone else had any dreams specifically about Tamagotchi's? I haven't had any recently but MANY MANY times I've had dreams where I've gone into a store or somewhere and there were Tamagotchi's lining the walls, and I'd grab as many as I could and put them in my cart or even in my shirt holding it like a sack to collect them all, lol! One time I even had a dream I went outside to take the trash bin to the curb, but when I opened the bin to put a trash bag inside it was over-flowing with tamas! I grabbed as many as I could and ran to my room, shoving them under my pillows for some reason?? And then when I woke up I looked under my pillows and the Tamagotchi's weren't there. I was heartbroken. 😆 I don't think i've had any dreams about characters specifically, but I definitely have frequent dreams about collecting Tamagotchi's. What about everyone else? Any interesting Tama-related dreams?
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    Thank you! I actually don't use a phone or anything to take pictures- I use a digital camera. Well, when my egg hatched I said "iT hAtChEd iNtO a gIrL aHh" and my dad said "Why don't we name it Daisy?" XD Thanks everyone for the nice comments Alright, here we go with today's log. 28/11/20 On Saturdays, me and my family usually buy something for breakfast, so today we went to my brother's house (and i brought chiroritchi ofc) Well, juust before that we zoom back in time to 7 am. Chiroritchi woke up. She wasn't crying of hunger. She was fine. Happiness bars were in the green. Totally not what I was expecting. (Is this normal? Idk, just totally weird to me) Alright, now we zoom to after we came back from my brother's house. I was quite sleepy after lunch, so I played with Chiroritchi for a while then dozed off. I woke up to the sound of beeping. Sleepily, I woke up the screen- to see that Chiroritchi had evolved- into Hanbunkotchi! Now, we zoom to 6 pm. I was just playing with Hanbunkotchi, when Kandentchi came. (You all know what that means.. ) Yep. I got the "low battery" notification. But actually it wasn't a big problem. I took my AC remote batteries and Tama batteries and switched them. Simple. Ah, now for updates. We have unlocked Food Town and Tama Farm! We have a Tamapet and after quite a few marriages, we are left with this blueberry-coloured squirrel. Hanbunkotchi should be an adult by tomorrow! I will create a vote tomorrow on who she should marry! That's all for today, see you all tomorrow! >w< Hanbunkotchi: *snores while sleepwalking* ..Uhh, good night everyone! 29/11/20 Hanbunkotchi woke up in the same condition as yesterday. 😕 Happy, but not quite full. And with a poop on the floor. XD Ok, here are the weird things with my Tama so far. All the diary pictures show the same date, Nov 29. Hanbunkotchi, well, isn't as needy as I expected to see. She hasn't even gotten sick even once! She doesn't even do those little things, like go off on a mini vacation or host a random concert every now and then. She doesn't even dream! Ah well, now for updates. Our tama pet is now a floofy white squirrel. I hope to get Memetchi later. We'll see if eating 5 donuts worked. That's it for now! >w<
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    Hello everyone, as many of you probably know I have began archiving Tamagotchi books and interesting content, I even have uploaded the first ever scans of some books! Because of the rapid progress I am making, I thought it would be only natural to make a thread dedicated to my findings and here it is! My only request is that if you repost any of these scans PLEASE credit whoever scanned them, especially mine. I know none of us technically own the content within the books but I am buying these books specifically to scan so other people can enjoy them without spending a ton of cash. Plus, scanning can be really tedious! Speaking of, if anyone has scans or books they are willing to donate that would awesome but of course no one is obligated to! If you use something from this archive that isn't mine, a link back to here would help me out a lot so people can find this page! F.A.Q. Will you be posting Manuals? Manuals are not being archived by me considering they are almost everywhere on the internet and would take forever to list anyway. Who scanned ____? Any scans with a specified scanner is credited within a document file in each folder. I scanned ____ and I would like to be credited/removed! If you have a scan listed and would like to be credited, uncredited, or removed, DM me! My Scans Tamagotchi Angel Encyclopedia Osu/Mesu Encyclopedia Other Scans Tamagotchi 4U Guidebook Jetix Magazine scans 1997 Nintendo Power article Misc manga stuff Misc Art and curios Misc Ads
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    Nope, it'll go through the 1 hour baby stage with the meters dropping like crazy, then it'll evolve into a toddler, and then it'll go to sleep. That's how it is for most tamas except, maybe, the 4U. I also did start up my Pastel Meets (a Japanese On) at 11-ish, so I can confirm it still does this. The baby stage on practically all tamas is basically a short, intensive period which is why I would recommend only starting up a tama when you have a bit of free time. Once you've run enough tamas, the baby stage just seems to fly by. In the case of the On/Meets, there is a way to make the baby stage easier. What toddler it evolves into is determined by the happiness level and the On/Meets has a really long bar. So a trick for it is to max out the bar and then just focus on keeping it full and cleaning up after it, as the bar wont empty till almost the end of the baby stage. If you fill it up when it gets low after its nap at the 30 minute mark, it will definitely not empty and you can leave it alone till it evolves - making sure to feed it and clean up after it, of course. Care mistakes in the baby stage don't count, so don't worry about it. You might also want to take advantage of filling up the happiness with the teddy bear as this is the only stage where happiness goes up very quickly.
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    Aww, your dad named your first tama I sometimes let my family do that, mostly my brother. Are you going to let your dad name any more tamas?
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    I've just found that out of curiosity. I wonder if it might be an early patent for the Osutchi/Mesutchi Tamagotchis https://patents.google.com/patent/JPH10235019A/en?q=tamagotchi&oq=tamagotchi&sort=old
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    Congratulations, Taco! I'm glad that you've finally gotten one! Good luck with the raising and the log, and don't forget that if you do want to start adding pictures, it's best to use an outside hosting service like Imgur to do so.
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    @mimitchi ^o^, thanks for the template! You've GOT to post your custom when it's finished. I think we'd all love to see it!
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    i absolutely love the 20th anniversary m!x's design! this is like my exact aesthetic i would've bought this one if it was $25 extra, so i ended up going with the melody version
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    I know that penguin! That's Sir Nils Olav III, mascot of Norway's Royal Guard, at his home in Edinburgh Zoo!
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    Well, I'm still working on the basic functionalities but when I'm done I'll remember to come back here.
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    maybe I should use some of these for my Tamagotchi fan made app (with your agreement of course)
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    She. But yes, this is very accurate! Many thanks for the image - I've saved that one! GO, PENGUINS, GO!
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    5 <insert baby penguin climbing on man's chest video here> Also, this is penguin-keeper when he returns:
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    15 of those monkeys went bananas! 🍌🍌🍌 x_X wow that's corny. . . 🌽
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    14 of those monkeys then decided to take a trip to the snow, and became the arctic monkeys instead.
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    i'd rather not think of eating penguin meat 11
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    6 why can't we all just get along
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    Sounds like a pure case of . . . 1!
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    Because you all kept poking the hornet's penguin's nest and calling it a chicken-coop.
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    He doesn't have them - he's not an Earth penguin, so he's just got a normal tongue and normal teeth. Oh, did I break it again? Too bad!
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    You guys are right. We are loud and proud. 3!!!!!
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    Not quite, but kind of: http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~heap/270F02/node54.html Good news is, now I have a name for it (it's an Event Driven Simulation) and I can learn more about how implement one.
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    she keeps coming back because you guys keep posting penguins you are luring her here every time 1
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    2 🐧: peace was never an option
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    Sneak peak while I wait for my scanner to be configured ✨💕 https://tubulartama.tumblr.com/post/635606575421276160/sneakpeak-at-the-new-book-i-will-be-scanning-for