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    Though it's entirely possible that it could be a sign of something, don't get your hopes up too much. After all, commercial social-media presences tend to revolve around getting people to generate free publicity, which companies do by leveraging people's feeling of having some form of relationship to the company and its employees because they enjoy their products - that's why Twitter accounts like this use non-committal language and friendly wording and emotes. People see Tweets like that, spread them around, and thus are doing free advertising for the company - it lets them stretch their marketing budget further.
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    I've had this picture for awhile now and I thought I'd just leave it here...
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    That's normal for the V1-V3. It's their "heartbeat".
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    Yay. I'm logging again (for now). At best, I'll be able to do it until I start my new job.
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    My birthday was pretty great! Got myself a sweet new laptop, a Gudetama, a new pair of headphones, and a statue of Guido Mista from JJBA: Vento Aureo via GameStop's site. Best birthday I ever had!
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    A new version of the software running this site has been installed. Lots of little tweaks to speed and stuff but, overall, you will not see many differences... Well except maybe for the GIF button Please post here if you notice any little bugs (or big ones)!
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    You couldn't keep breeding with the same friend each generation as the V3, along with others in the Connection Series, would always produce Twins of the same sex. You would have to skip a generation and hope to get different sexes next time either by Matchmaker or connecting to a different friend.
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    Makes me think of Animal Jam or Club Penguin Apps. How they branch out from a mother website and are like children/child sites. The last few Twitter shares do. If they do a connection revamp... It would be interesting, but one would hope they finally try color. Even if they just use the same exact programming but color. It's been proven that color still sells. (Pokemon Pikachu/2) and definitely would bring back nostalgic feelings. Maybe more generalized stores might be a better choice for whatever is next? Gudetama is doing alright...
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    Break. Hi guys and gals!
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    Tamagotchi and Doctor Who have the same anniversary day. The first episode of Doctor Who was aired on November 23rd, 1963 and Tamagotchis were first release in Japan on November 23rd, 1996.
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    This is unfortunately one of the many glitches on the Tamagotchi Meets. I found a Reddit post that may help, "From my understanding, there were some reports about it freezing on a black screen, not registering inputs. For this glitch, I read that just taking the batteries out to reset helped the issue." So, it seems that taking the batteries out may fix the problem.
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    There's been a few threads on it in the past, I don't personally see too much value in making a new one. However, I am soon to post a more general thread about passwords which it could potentially fit into at some point.
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    I mean, they're not as unobtainable as you might think. There's only a million item password combinations on the V6 - okay, a million is a lot, but it's a smaller number of combinations than previous versions and quite a decent portion of those are taken up by working passwords. It takes a decent amount of luck but it's not that hard to get the destiny stars by using trial and error. It's still not that easy, but if you pick a good starting point you could literally be getting now-unobtainable or otherwise entirely unused items in a matter of minutes. In my experience? Picking a number in the 900s for the first three digits and cycling through the last three digits can quickly get you items.
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    If the Tamagotchi is new and you pull the tab out best practice is to still press the reset button. I’ve never personally noticed this issue but I haven’t ran a V4 is many years now.
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    I probably would not play with one of them, just the other one. It's fun to have something unobtainable in one, I think.
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    im gonna get an akai this wk :>> my keitai has someone to play with now!! 😆
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    Yeah I don't understand a single word of Japanese, but I've just remembered where all the options I want are on my ID L. I started out using a guide though
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    Most people who have the colored versions don't know Japanese, language is not a barrier at all since you don't need to know the language to enjoy the toy. I mean, how much do you look at what's written on the tamas you have? It's just a matter of memorizing the menus which isn't too hard.
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    Long time no see! As I said when I started this log, I go through phases of playing with my Tamagotchis and turning them off. I didn't lie. I started up my V4 and V4.5 again a few days ago, just before Lucky and Rey left their babies. Rey left her baby first. I named him Todd. He's a Mizutamatchi with a very smug face. He'll probably become Meme. After Todd grew up, Lucky left his baby. I named him Giles, and he'll probably become Mame. Based on my analysis of the other logs on here, Hitodetchi overwhelmingly grow up Mame. There's a slight chance he'll become Meme, though. I'm only attaching the full family tree this time to catch up anyone who wants to see the full lineage. It's huge, so I'll probably avoid doing that too often in the future (maybe just every time I get an adult). EDIT: Huh. I messed up the image sizing horribly. I made them all the same width and not height. I'll be more careful next time.
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    So.. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a Bandai VPet so you know what that means! The trouble with asking my Dad is that he gets bothered very easily when I ask him about new VPets, so I’m not sure he will be very happy if I come up to him asking about one. (I’m only a kid, so I don’t have a bank acc or anything :P) I also think I want a P1, because they’re a lot of good priced ones on EBay rn. So I don’t know how to ask him at all! Sese xxx
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    Do you get any sort of allowance? Maybe you can pay him back the cost. If not, maybe you can offer to pick up a few regular chores around the house in exchange? When I was younger, my dad always appreciated my helping out, and maybe it'll help with any stress your dad is feeling.
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    Found this article about using a Tamagotchi as a good measure of seeing how ready somebody is to take on the responsibility of having a pet… I have to say, I could not agree more! https://gametruth.com/editorials/dont-get-a-pet-get-a-tamagotchi/ Have you all seen any relationship between caring for a virtual pet and how that relates to caring for a real one?
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    In Sims 4 it’s more like same gender couples can have babies, not same sex. Sex and gender are separate concepts, in Sims 4 sims with custom gender are emulating experiences of transgender people. While I’m a trans guy I do think that being transgender would be a bit too much to include in such a simple toy for kids though, so let’s stay within the same sex scenario. While humans in real life cannot reproduce on same sex basis without scientific help (it’s possible for two cis female individuals to have biological offspring via bone marrow but it’s costly and still experimental), a LOT of animals can: -All animals that have some sort of hermaphroditism (snails) -All animals that can change sex at will (a lot of fish, including clownfish) -Animals that just happen to be able to reproduce despite being of same sex (mexican whiptail lizards are all female- males do exist but they are „useless” as its the females who mate and reproduce. Yes they do need to mate, they don’t produce eggs asexually) -Animals that do not adhere to the human perceived gender binary, like bees. We think that all bees except drones are female but scientifically speaking, it’s more accurate to say that every „inherent role” in a bee’s world is a whole separate sex. All of this is 100% scientific, biological, supported by facts and non-political. Tamagotchi creatures are nonhumanoid aliens that lay eggs, and after all the toy DID treat the whole gender thing very loosely in the early versions. I think getting rid of the gender marker would be the best possible option, and not impossible- Gudeta in Sanrio Mix is genderless! Japan is pretty accepting of the idea of genderless characters, you can see them quite often even in media for children. A lot of people complain about male characters in the color versions, especially one where mixing is an option, are „ugly”, so making all characters gender neutral would be the best bet for this problem.
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    I have two things to say: 1. Same-sex couples in the Sims 4 can't Try For Baby without mods or flipping the sex settings of one of the Sims to the opposite. 2. I'd just prefer they remove genders from Tamagotchis entirely and make them all able to "spawn" eggs upon meeting a partner (or maybe even alone if they never mate). They are aliens. They don't need to work like earth creatures do, and it's rather implausible that they do.
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    Honestly it's still impressive you can find a Tama Go, considering how long it has been off the market. But in all honesty it is not weird at all that you can't buy any tamas in stores. People on this forum are collectors, we pretty much -exclusively- get tamas from second-hand online deals, not stores. The exception are places that sell the new Mini, P1 and P2 re-releases as well as the new Gudetama Nano, but that's only a few places compared to other countries that used to sell tamas. Here in Poland we didn't actually get the Tama Go at all - only Tamagotchi Friends but it was short lived. After a few years things just stop being sold anymore, sometimes stores even send back the unsold pieces, though some smaller shops sometimes don't do that and you can get very, very, very lucky from time to time.
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    This is "normal" Zukyutchi, a male character, found on the V4 and EnTama: And this is Ura Zukyutchi, his female counterpart from the Uratama Town, found on the v4.5 and UraTama: While Ura characters are separate from their "classic" counterparts, Ura Zukyutchi is the only one whose gender differs, and basically Ura characters seem to represent either their mirror images or what they are on the "inside". For example, Ura Mametchi is all about playing pranks while our Mametchi is serious, and Ura Kuchipatchi is hardworking, unlike the Kuchipatchi we know. However it doesn't seem to be that way when it comes to female characters - they seem to be just made more feminine and more "extreme". Ura Zukyutchi basically takes Zukyutchi's personality and overblows it, like with the female characters.
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    That's not just Brazil, most countries don't sell tamagotchis anymore. The new 20th anniversary re-releases are mostly Japan, US & SOME parts of Europe (+UK) exclusive. And even then they are hard to find outside of Japan and US. As crazy as it might sound, there is just not big enough demand for them anywhere else. Even for the West they have been brought back just because of the whole nostalgia craze going on now. I'm from Poland and there have been no tamas being sold ever since the original Friends came off the shelves.
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    But if people buy the fakes thinking they're actual bandai's and see how bad they are, isn't that stopping bandai from doing as well as they could? Put it this way: people try the fakes and just 'eh', but if people tried the actual p1's or something maybe - I don't even know how to word this. You get what I'm trying (and failing) to say, right?
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    When you get a fake you really understand why they are hated that spectral ammount, my fake is just terrible.
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    Honestly, even if Bandai did have a full range of older models on offer for the nostalgia market, the counterfeit problem would still exist, and it would still be in no way influenced by them. The sad fact is, counterfeits (of everything, not just Tamagotchis) are extremely commonplace and education about how to identify them is poor, and that is why they persist. It's nothing to do with the companies who produce the genuine products, and due to the handling of copyright laws in some countries, there's very often little that the legitimate rights-holders can do to stop it. To cite a non-entertainment-related example, that's why we see people who are shocked by what's actually contained in fake cosmetics once they have a bad reaction to them, because the common, incorrect assumption is that it's only the packaging that's fake, not the ingredients of the make-up itself. And, worse, there are the sad cases where people aren't aware of fake electrical products until there's a tragic outcome. But that's getting a bit off-track, admittedly. My point is, the only thing that will make a difference is better education about counterfeit products and how to avoid them.
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    Every time someone buys one of these my soul dies a little bit.
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    that doesn't work I had a boy who had a girl who had girl who had a girl. all of this was by the matchmaker
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    You just directly copied and pasted my guide from Tama-Zone. http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=21349 I hope you didn't think nobody would notice. ~OsuMesu21
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    "295.35GB Queued for upload" This is going to take some time
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    Yeah just saw a little girl yesterday with a blue fake one