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    @Eozeda - Well-spotted! None of that would surprise me, since there appear to be some functional similarities between the two devices. The Mermaid Aqua Pot, as it's shown here, reminds me a little bit of the Game Boy Camera... I wonder if the same will apply to the Tamagotchi Pix?
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    Sorry if this has already been confirmed, but I definitely think the top of the tama is a button too, now that I've seen the direction Bandai took with their Mermaid Aqua Pot. I don't understand the Japanese but there's definitely some visual explanation in this image. There also appears to be a game associated with this one's camera, as seen in the bottom pic? Maybe I'm getting it all wrong... I just wonder if that's the same top button feature ported into the shell.
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    I've noticed this too over the past few years! Music Stars are really high in demand, especially recently, and that really sucks you can't find one! ;A; Your feelings of frustration are totally valid, and the fact that you've been waiting for one since you were a kid?! That's a terrible position to be in! Tamagotchis have become collectibles, unfortunate at is is, appealing to former 'gotchi owners and shell hoarders alike. There's so many people like you in the same position - I've been searching for a V5.5 myself over the past year! And they're very hard to find, along with a good price. Most listings I've mistaken for one are just the original V5 too! so many heartbreaking visits to Tamashell.com have ensued XD Trust me, there's many people all around the world who have a Music Star in storage and don't even know how valuable it is. You will get your hands on one someday, mark my words - my first Tamagotchi back when I restarted my collection was the Glam Rock V6, listed under 'tamagotchi' with nothing hinting towards the type of tama it was! And I didn't even know there were different Tamagotchi versions at the time! You have to be patient, no matter how painful the wait is. I have a search under "tamagotchi" listed on my favourites bar that I check every morning, set to newly listed + used condition as new in package listings are usually the newer models or unfairly-priced new-old stock. The less specific you are with your hunting, the more rarities you may be able to find. You might already do this though, haha! I'm just rambling now, good luck finding your dream Tamagotchi! We're all rooting for you! ^^
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    Panda turned 3 today, still won't eat anything other than apples and candy, and these don't raise her hunger hearts. I just made her watch tv for most of yesterday in an attempt to keep them from decreasing, and am planning on doing the same today. Wanted to put together a little log of progress so far, if any other Panda Byte players come along and want to add their own info, feel free! Really hoping there are some active BPB players around here somewhere. 😔 Ages 0-1, she's a baby panda and only drinks a bottle to keep her hunger and thirst hearts full. Aside from this, she'll only play the two games in the game section (shell game and rock, paper, scissors). She can also watch tv but I only turn it on if I'm going to be away for a while and want to pause her progress. Can't really do much with her for these days, which is why I've been looking forward to getting her to grow a bit. She changes her appearance once she turns 2, but this is when it seems to become difficult. She no longer drinks the bottle, and only wants to eat apples and candy, which won't fill her hunger hearts. She does drink water to stay hydrated, but if it's possible to get her to actually eat bread and bamboo at this stage, I have no idea how to do it. I try feeding them to her and then scold her after she refuses, but this still doesn't change anything. She still plays games (though I've been avoiding this since it seems to drain her hunger hearts) and she can now read as well, to increase her IQ. She also lets me wash her face and bathe her more at this stage, seems like she doesn't want it much as a baby. She still doesn't exercise or do the other "learning" activities (hula hoop and swing set) yet, so maybe that'll be once she's 5 and reaches her next stage. If anyone who hasn't played with Panda Byte is interested in learning about this pet (and maybe offer suggestions to try to get her to eat), here are the icons and options within each one: Food: She can have a bottle of milk as a baby, and then also has a glass of water, bread, candy, apple, and bamboo Games: Shell game and rock, paper, scissors. These mostly just fill her happiness hearts and boost her IQ when she wins. I always pet/comfort her if she loses. Training and discipline: hula hoop (doesn't seem to want to do this yet), reading (starts reading at age 2), swinging (doesn't do this yet), comfort (for when she's been good or seems sad), and discipline (when she won't eat or play after beeping for attention). Medicine: I haven't had to use this yet. If a skull appears, you need to decide if your panda needs medicine, a shot, or a ride to the doctor. Exercise: Swimming, weight lifting, golf. As of right now, mine doesn't want to do any of these. Weather: If a weather face appears, you need to decide how to dress your panda for the weather. I haven't had to do this yet. Home: This is where you can turn things on and off, like the lights when she goes to sleep, letting her watch tv, turning off the sound (this is a very loud and musical pet!), and the air conditioner to keep her at a comfortable temp. Checkup: This is where you check her stats, such as age and weight, hunger, thirst, happiness, and IQ. Bathroom: Cleaning up after her when she goes to the bathroom, washing her face, giving her a shower. These are her age groups where she changes appearance: 0-1, 2-4, 5-9, 10+ I've been trying to feed her a bunch of apples to see if she'll either stop eating them or maybe even get sick and need medicine (and maybe this will get her to eat something else), but as of right now, she just keeps eating and eating apples, and her hunger hearts don't increase. This is kind of frustrating... Age 4 update (March 3): Today panda turned 4, still won't eat bread or bamboo, and is down to half a hunger heart... I have her watching tv now, am a little scared to let her spend much time away from in because she'll probably die. 😑 Once I saw that she had turned 4, I shut the tv off and fed her some apples and candy. She probably ate around 10-12 times but her hunger hearts didn't move at all. I'm hoping I can get her to last until 10 am tomorrow (when she turns 5 and grows again), but I won't be surprised if she doesn't make it. I she does die, I suppose I'll start over again and maybe keep a daily log on here to see if anything will change.
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    I MISSED LAST YEARS CHECK IN... How are you doing, Tamatalkers? I hope you've been well! Even though it's been nearly a decade since I was active, Tamatalk still means a lot to me. I hope all members, old and new, have a wonderful day!
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    That is totally normal, that means you’re taking good care of your tama.
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    oh yeah id completely forgotten about the tamagotchi on app LMAO, i really hope that w the pix it does get a big update like that! it would be so fun for it to become its own little social media kind of thing, maybe like miiverse or something?
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    I just passed three years of being a part of this Tamagotchi forum. I am very happy to still be here. Thank you to everyone for all the fun Tamagotchi adventures I've been able to read and share with.
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    Thank you for all the kind words. I definitely feels like I'm fighting a losing battle. I know they're just toys, but I remember how much I wanted one and just want that to come full circle so badly. It's probably going to be impossible in the near future, but I'm holding onto hope someone is nice enough to sell.
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    A while ago, I bought 2 used Tamagotchi Connections at a pawn shop. They worked just fine, but the battery cover screw was corroded in both of them: I searched the internet for ways to remove the corrosion. Some people would even use ketchup, but the most effective way was letting the screws sit in vinegar, then using a toothbrush to remove the rest of the corrosion, and finally cleaning them with alcohol. However, due to me being busy with school, a year passed and I still hadn't tried cleaning the screws, until a few days ago when I had some spare time and decided to try it out. I thought, why not demonstrate the whole process on TamaTalk to help people out? First, I removed the screws from the battery covers. Tamagotchi Connection battery covers have some sort of retainer that keeps the screw from falling out. To remove the screw, I had to hold the retainer using my fingernail, then pull on the screw while twisting it counterclockwise. Now, both the screw and the retainer came out. The retainer was also a bit corroded, as well as the screw hole in the battery cover. I cleaned those with alcohol. Now, the fun part. I let the screws sit in apple cider vinegar for around 30 minutes. Then, I scrubbed them with a toothbrush several times. Both the screws came out looking way better, but one of them still had some ugly black marks where the corrosion was. As a last resort, I sandpapered it. I have no idea what the exact grit of the sandpaper was, but eyeing it, it seemed to be around ~200 grit. This improved the appearance of the screw drastically. Here are the results! Comparing it to a non-corroded screw of another tama, the finish looks less shiny. But it's a lot better than a corroded screw! I hope this tutorial was easy to understand! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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    Thank you for your kind words. I honestly felt so childish for crying about it, but my biggest regret now is not putting up enough of a fight for a Music Star while I was younger. The tips are very helpful! Most of the searches I find are NIB but I really don't need anything in a box - I just want to play with one. While on Facebook yesterday, I lost out to someone I know already has a Music Star. It's petty, but that really made me upset. There are people that have 4 sitting around while I only want 1 and it's nearly impossible. I'm hoping someone sells for a fair price one day and maybe if you check that tag enough and see one, would you be able to let me know?
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    try this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bandai-Tamagotchi-V6-2009-Music-Star-Idol-Dream-Blue-Silver-Virtual-Pet-Vintage/123874085225?hash=item1cd7788969:g:PBEAAOSwAH1dU3qP
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    It’s impossible to marry another pet that doesn’t exist on that particular device! Unless you have another Meets version which you can marry the pets. If you don’t mind can you take a picture of the pet? Same here! That would be awesome
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    so its been a bit but .. things went wild so. heres a list -we're moving -i got my tamagezi and tamaphone! -no new p's or 4U yet, but keeping an eye out -the tamas i ran during the snow storm got turned off once the power came back because i find more than like.. one maybe TWO tamagotchis at once overwhelming 😔 ANYWAYS im excited to get a new p's, i have a few that im watching but i reaally have to wait about a month til we move to get anything so in the meantime i just have to wait. ive been running my tamagezi ever since i got it and im REALLY enjoying it. i love the art.. animations.. that he doesnt let you spam him with treats aha (i get lazy a lot). im really excited to see him grow up! he's six right now, but i think ive had him for about eight days? he DOES keep freezing or the batteries will get out of place so ill have to finagle it but. its fine. i think i lost a lot of hours because he froze in the middle of the night once. literally would not turn off i was too tired to get up and do anything about it but when i woke up and checked on it none of the buttons worked. i messed w the batteries and put them back in and then he was fine! the time was like.. around the time i went to bed, so a little before 11, just a bit before he woulda. this morning i woke up and he wouldnt turn on but i readjusted the batteries again and it thought the time was 8am when it was 9am, so i only lost an hour. i think it just... freezes sometimes. when i drop it itll reset too, like my pacman nano. i might have to bust into it soon but its not anywhere near as frequent as the pacman so im not too concerned. ANYWAYS i hope ur all doing well !!! lov u all (:
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    https://puu.sh/Hl6BV/9d52dc9459.mp3 Another WIP Preview for everyone to listen to! : D I think it's coming out great, but what do you guys think?
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    penguin-keeper is a mod, so by posting she broke it, that's why we started over 4
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    That thing may be Tamagotchi Pix´s japanese Release.
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    I think you meant “paused” it, because when you pause your tama they won’t age so I suggest you don’t do that unless it’s necessary.
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    Yep, I can also confirm what @iTamannadi said about the heart meaning it's an add on They just get the happiness boost when they just put on the accessory. They won't get any further boosts just cause they're wearing it while you're playing a game with them or doing some other activity that raises happiness.
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    I believe the little heart means that this decoration is an add on, you might have downloaded it either by the official or the fan made app. Definitely! Not only the accessories but their favorite food and toys will help raise their happiness meter as well.
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    I was thinking that maybe the Tamagotchi On app might get a massive update for the pix. Maybe the social media part will be integrated into the app? Since maybe the pics you take on your phone can be transferred to the Tamagotchi or the other way around. Maybe the app will let you add stickers, and you can "share" a new picture on the app? I'd figure maybe there might be a staff to moderate what kind of pics get uploaded.
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    OH THIS SEEMS VERY CUTE???? I never did these tamagotchi logs on here as a kid omg I’ll just share all my ramblings here then so I don’t clog up the status update feed 🤣 AIGHT SO FOR CONTEXT I have this famitama which was like my absolute pride and joy as a kid and I was going to sell it but I popped in a battery just to “test” it and then I was like oh hey this is in japanese & it probably uses rly basic japanese too bc kids toy soooo tldr now I’m raising a family DHDJFKGL ANYWAYS here’s them as babies from yesterday ARENT THEY CUTE THEYRE SO BABY so I named the family かみしろ (typing the hiragana to get used to it) bc I didn’t know what to pick but I saw a pic of rui kamishiro from pjsekai so that’s what I chose hdjffkgl Uhh two are girls and one is a boy im p sure?? They’re all very cute lmao so they grew into toddlers last night and here’s them now CUTE BABIES ok I think that’s it for now the word of the day is おやつ which means snack according to google translate which makes sense bc when I clicked on that it showed a lollypop LOL OK BYEEEE HOPEFULLY ILL UPDATE THIS
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    Sorry if this is in the wrong area. Just needed somewhere to type this out. It feels nearly impossible to just find a Music Star for sale anymore, and anyone selling it is just trying to make a buck on it. I know it's stupid, but I kinda cried about not being able to find one today because I was never allowed to get one as a kid and now that I finally have my own money to buy one, they're just gone. Not sure if anyone else is going through this too right now.
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    Thanks for the reply! They actually are inactive on ebay. Pretty sure every one of those 110 watchers tried to buy it and couldn't because the payment wouldn't go thru LMAO
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    *does the shifty eye thing* hiya again.
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    I'm looking for some help with Bobo Panda Byte, if anyone is familiar. I had and loved this giga pet as a kid, but could never get it to grow into an adult, and now that I have a new one, I'm learning why. When she reaches 2 years old, she'll stop drinking her bottle and only eat apples, but this doesn't fill her hunger bar... how are you supposed to keep her full?? She reached 2 the other day, I kept trying to feed her bread and bamboo (and occasionally scolding her when she wouldn't eat), thinking that maybe she'd either get sick and realize she needs to eat, or just start eating once her bar got too low. However, she just ended up dying and I had to start over. Am I missing something? I got her to 2 again today and was determined to try again, but it ended up resetting by mistake when I had it laying on the bed and my cat jumped up and ran by it really fast... I swear this thing resets if you look at it wrong, lol. I actually did see a thread about this same issue from years ago with no answer, so I'm hoping that maybe someone who is familiar with Panda Byte will see this and offer some help. I've been looking everywhere for suggestions! Also came across a webpage called Bookmice which has someone's daily logs while playing with this pet many years ago, they address the same issue but don't seem to mention how they got around it. 😓
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    TAMATALK NATION WHO IS SHE???? SHES SO BABY I HAVE TO KNOW 😭😭 also is she related to tanpopo i also have to know
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    God why did I like Actually kin her so hard in middle school I hate this for me forreal 💔
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    They went to bed already???? Ok babies sleep well 🥺🥺
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    Thanks for moving it to the correct area! Also thanks for the link and resetting suggestion, I'll have to look into both of those. 🙂 Unfortunately my panda reset again over the weekend but just turned 2 today, so hopefully someone who is familiar with Panda Byte will see this and offer some help with getting her to eat... I have her watching tv at the moment so her hunger doesn't go down. 😶
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    I wonder if you're onto something!
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    For most types, there is no way to make it age faster- just be patient However, on a V1-V4 you can debug it and once you do that, there's an option to make time seem to go much faster.
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    Wait? Penguin-Keeper said that its popular?! We didnt have to Start from 1 again! Well. 3...
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    So today I went to go look at the room makeovers in the TamaDepa today, and when I looked at one of the rooms there was a little heart in the corner! It wasn't there for any of the other rooms. Does that mean my tama likes this room the best or something? I had the room made over into that room, but it didn't seem any happier than normal. Does that have any benefit at all do you think on raising happiness?? Also, does anyone have any idea about the impact on accessories on the tama? I know each tama has its own favorite(s). If they're wearing a favorite accessory, does that raise their happiness more when doing other things? Or do they just get a happiness boost when they first put it on? I'd love to know if anyone has figured it out!!
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    Oh my god did anyone else who grew up on this site like actually cry when the thread u made got locked. like I’d spend so much time making sure I was following the rules but then ig there was already a thread on whatever I posted or smth and it gets locked and I’d straight up cry ahdjfgkl is this a relatable feeling or just yet another indicator of my whole Trauma Situation of being deathly terrified of punishment and making mistakes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mean either way I’m still gonna Laugh
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    Helpppp oh my godd I made the mistake of going down a nostalgia trip and now I’m frantically looking for the second tamagotchi movie sobss I found some links to it subbed but ig it got taken down?? Does anybody have a download link anywhere or smth I rly wanna watch it now this is so unfortunate 😭😭 back on my bs from 12 years ago help
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    The Bobo Panda Byte was by Trendmasters, and wasn't part of Tiger Electronics' Giga Pets line, so I've moved it over to Virtual Pets - General, where it will hopefully catch someone's eye. Unfortunately I've never owned one of these, but I do notice that the long-lived virtual pets site Tamenagerie suggests that the Bobo Panda Byte and the Bobo Baby Byte had similar functions - perhaps information about the Baby Byte might also be helpful for the panda? Regarding the resetting: If it does it again, it might be worth your while to take the batteries out, and use a tiny flat-head screwdriver to carefully bend the contacts upwards a little bit. Chances are that the resetting is due to an insecure connection to the batteries.
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    Still here... *posts*
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    Have you ever noticed that there are lots of secrets that are not shown on the instructions? I have just found one for all those people who think their tamagotchi screen is too bright or too dark. First you press B to get you to the time screen. Next you must press B and C at exactly the same time and the screen will then say CONTRAST and to lower the contrast to make the screen brighter, press A. To increase the contrast and make the screen darker, press B. When you are happy, press C and you will return to the time screen. Hope it helped!
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    maskutchi!!!! and thennnn ura mametchi ((:!!
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    Devilgotchi. Although the color I wanted was the purple and white...but I still got a devilgotchi
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    I have glow in the dark duck tape and I want to put it as the background in my Tamagotchi Friends original. I do not want to break my tamagotchi trying to change the background, but I can not find instructions on how to do this. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some tips?
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    whats going on?! my tama v4 is now a teenager, and his age is still 0. but i have to say, i did reset it and downloaded it a few days ago.. i think thats when the age turned back to 0, but now it stays this way! do you think my tama will evolve even if the age is 0?
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    Sadly the nanos always reset if you change the battery and there's no way to save your data. Same with the vintage tamagotchis. I'm not sure what's the reason for it, but it might be because the device is too small to have it store any data.