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    I do love the quirky ones when it comes to vintage devices! I've been interested in getting a chou jinsei enjoi plus, but is that where I should start with these? Not sure where it stands in similarity to the versions. With vintage Japanese, so far I've only had a tenshi in addition to my English angel so it's hard to have a preference there, being so similar and not a connection. My favorite connections are the V3 and V4 so far! I wish I'd liked the V5 but I prefer fawning over a single tama per device for some reason.
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    Evidently this is what our babies will look like without their straps on!! I'm so happy about how nice they look. As someone who's all-time favorite designs are the Korean Somes and fantasy Meets, I'm actually liking the modern minimalist look. I thought I only liked sparkly things, but who knew?
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    Which do you prefer, the English connections or their Japanese counterparts? I grew up with the English connections, but now that I've tried a couple of the Japanese counterparts I have to say that they have a certain charm to them that I actually find myself preferring--like the weird characters, regional Japanese things and different colored pixels in some versions.
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    I recently got an entama (chou jinsei enjoi plus), and I'm up to gen 2 now on it, I definitely recommend the version! There are two types of entama, the normal one and the CYOI entama (the difference, as far as I know, is only that the games are different. I don't have a CYOI). The v4 is *supposed* to be the English version of the entama, and they do share a lot of similarities, so I think if you really enjoy the v4 you'd find yourself liking this one as well. It is a bit heavy with the Japanese text (mostly with the letters your tama receives), but even if you don't know Japanese it shouldn't be a problem. There are guides online that have the menu/job options translated which I find handy to use. Some differences between the entama and v4: there is a 'secret' set of hatena characters in the entama that takes a hatena dating card to unlock (which you can get with binary's free program, Enwarehouse, I believe), there is a cooking option where you can combine certain foods to make new foods (I honestly don't know why they didn't put this option into the v4), there are seasonal animations for Japanese holidays, and instead of being a shopkeeper a traveling salesman comes twice a day and brings you one item which you can buy or decline.
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    I can understand how you feel! Though, I'm personally relieved it's touch screen instead of sensitive buttons, as I've never had trouble with any general touch screen device recognizing my input. Still, I just hope that Bandai puts more effort into this Japan exclusive than they did the Pix, which honestly felt rushed. Those oddities could have been noticed before launch. Bad Bandai bad. *squirts bottle* I managed a soft spot for the purple guy, while grateful for a full refund without return hassle. He's a reminder of a misadventure, but I can't hold a grudge after that generous gesture on Amazon's part. I had the option to exchange it, but... I obviously passed. Not an awful device, but not affordable for fans expecting reliable touch responses at minimum, being the only form of input. I hope others are as lucky as I was getting that sort of customer support. Maybe it suggests enough people have expressed their feelings? As for the Smart, I was also refunded my first order and went through White Rabbit Express to get ahold of an anniversary set elsewhere by proxy. $180+ less than what many eBay sellers are asking, even with shipping and proxy fees. Basically, I feel less burned lately! Apologies for rambling – my intent was to help recommend some less expensive options to those interested, but also concerned about the cost vs potential issues. Most of us feel a bit burned right now.
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    I just realized why the shell pattern looked familiar, and found out it's one of the V1 patterns!! So it's an entire mixture of V1, V2, and V3 looks-wise in highly convincing packaging... they're evolving guys. 😨
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    Name: Tamaguchi Connection V5 Type: Fake Notes: I have no idea how this runs, I just came across it on a thrift shopping app and laughed. The packaging and shape is so convincing! It has the V2 background and a V3 shape though. Wat made me laugh was how the name sounds like Tamaguchi. 🤭
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    Estaba buscando tamagotchis y encontré uno v3 pero decía akai y arriba al centro no decia Tamagotchi Connection y decía JMGO sweets y quiero saber la diferencia y si es oficial o no pls.
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    thanks... o gracias ya que dijiste que usaste traductor .-. hablo español y sí, es connection v3 pero me refiero que no tuvo hijos ojala tu también.
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    Hello there! I used google translation and hopefully I got it right, you’re basically asking if the new baby or generation will get the money and the stuff. The answer is the baby will keep all money, items and purchased foods. I assumed you have a connection tamagotchi hopefully I am right. Hola Usé la traducción de Google y, con suerte, lo hice bien, básicamente estás preguntando si el nuevo bebé o la nueva generación obtendrán el dinero y todo eso. La respuesta es que el bebé se quedará con todo el dinero, los artículos y los alimentos comprados. Asumí que tienes una conexión tamagotchi, ojalá esté en lo cierto.
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    Yes Oyajitchi! I couldn't remember how to spell his name, but I do recall hearing about how his sake was changed to coffee in one of the handhelds I believe. XD
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    Yeah, it varies for each version but there are definitely differences! I went over some of the differences of the v4/entama a few replies up.
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    Not an entry, but an update ... I left Mochi behind at work on Friday I thought she was for sure a goner! However, when I finally got back to her this morning, I see that the battery has run out and the attention icon is still on. I don't remember if it always does that or not, but I'm thinking there's a chance that the device battery actually died before Mochi did, and a reset and download could bring her back to me. I am stopping by the store today for a battery so I will update tomorrow with a new entry, either about Mochi or a new Tama! Let's see what happens. Until then, thanks for reading!
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    I will have to choose the english connections only because that’s what I grew up with. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy and adore the Japanese versions too, it’s just the nostalgia and how well I can take care of my tamas! @Princess Lovelitchi I agree with what you said the japanese connections have specific features that fits the theme of each device, e.g (blue outline for Uratama characters) which I absolutely love and I think they are fascinating! Wish these details were implemented in the english connections.
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    At least we're getting some funny names out of it, I suppose. Tamaguchi, Hatchihoni, Hey Kitty - all pretty amusing, at least from the perspective of knowing that they're fake.
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    si se convirtió en viejo y no se caso y ademas es igual que la casamentera .-. pero igual existe una posibilidad, tendré esperanza te comentare lo que pase.
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    If your tamagotchi didn't turn into an oldie then there is a high chance of the matchmaker showing up you just need to give it some time. If let's say the current one leaves/dies without getting married, I don't think the new one will inherit anything I'm afraid! Si su tamagotchi no se convirtió en un viejo, entonces existe una alta probabilidad de que aparezca el casamentero, solo necesita darle algo de tiempo. Si digamos que el actual se va / muere sin casarse, ¡no creo que el nuevo herede nada de lo que me temo!
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    Hello! I have used Google Translate to write this message - I hope that it is understandable! This Tamagotchi is not a V3 - it is an official Japanese version, called a "Keitai Akai". The text at the top says "TMGC Sweets"; "TMGC" is a short way to write "Tamagotchi". ----- ¡Hola! He utilizado el Traductor de Google para escribir este mensaje. ¡Espero que sea comprensible! Este Tamagotchi no es un V3, es una versión oficial japonesa, llamada "Keitai Akai". El texto en la parte superior dice "TMGC Sweets" ("Dulces TMGC"); "TMGC" es una forma corta de escribir "Tamagotchi".
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    I suggest you try the new batteries and see what happens.
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    Did you put the batteries again before testing the buttons? If yes, then this is normal because they do make this sound when you put the batteries.
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    It's definitely a game I recommend playing! It's pretty good! I just remember they did a Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart game as well...I might try to also see on adding the characters through that game as well! And me too! I've been wanting to see tamagotchi mods in sonic games, but sadly no one has ever really attempted to do so before.
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    So after playing the new version of Sonic Robo Blast 2 and trying out the custom characters that people have made for the game, it got me thinking about the idea of potentially adding tamagotchi characters to be playable in the game itself. In case anyone here isn't familiar with the game, Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a fanmade 3D sonic game that runs under the Doom Legacy engine. It's known for being the first 3D fan-made sonic game of its time (since the game was originally released in 1998...let that sink in for a moment lol) and it is STILL being developed and updated to this day. I thought I'd make this into a thread to see if anyone here would be interested in such an idea. I don't know who I would personally add myself, but I wouldn't mind adding at least mametchi, lovelitchi, or melodytchi into the game. Unfortunately I'm no sprite-making expert as I only know how to do simple edits with sprites. ;w; So I'd have to commission an artist for a sprite sheet if possible. I've always wanted to see some sort of tamagotchi mod for a sonic game to be honest...XD But what do you guys think? Would you be interested in seeing something like this?
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    You're probably thinking of Oyajitchi! And yeah, in the Akai, your tama can drink alcohol and get tipsy.
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    Yeah I looked up right after I had posted that..lol but interesting nonetheless! The only regional difference I was aware of before was how some tamagotchis got their designed changed and whatnot for international releases, or that they might replace a certain item like how one of them (don't remember how to spell his name) would drink sake in the japanese version, and I think it was changed to coffee in the western version?
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    oooo!!! i would love to see a mod like that! ive watched some footage of sonic robo blast 2 recently and it would be awesome to see a tamagotchi mod for it!
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    I've never played a japanese connection device before (only japanese vintage and color versions) but I've always wanted to get an akai or a uratama. The different colored pixels look so cool!
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    Unfortunately, after finding that the Tamagotchi Pix's touch features resulted in what I felt was excessive busywork, I've found myself put off of the Tamagotchi Smart altogether - I don't think that touch-screen Tamagotchis are for me.
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    Most people use cell phones for this purpose! Not all phones are compatible, though, sadly. Here is a list of phones that have been proven to work with tamas: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tamazone/tamagotchi-id-compatible-cell-phones-t22536.html I used to have an IRDA USB dongle about 10 years ago that worked quite well for me, unfortunately I lost it in a move and I've been unable to find another one for a decent price.
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    One of my favorite activities is to look on the 'sold' section of Ebay and see what insanely high prices people pay for Tama-Gos these days lol
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    The packaging is really convincing it’s scary!
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    Back again with another update. Yesterday was rather uneventful as Ricky was in the toddler stage and didn't do a whole lot. I did take advantage of the nice weather, went out for a walk, and brought him along: Unfortunately, one kinda bad thing happened. I dropped my V2 and the battery became dislodged, which meant I had to reset and download Ricky. The last save point had been nearly 5 hours prior when he'd first evolved into a toddler, so he lost almost 5 hours of growth time. He didn't evolve into a teen until 2:30pm today, even though he would've normally evolved at 10am. He also won't age up now until nearly 5 hours after he's supposed to. For some reason, it's STILL saying he's 0 years now even after he's evolved into a teen. Weird glitch and I suppose a lesson that I should probably be more careful. Anyway, as I just said, Ricky is now a teen. He evolved about 15 minutes ago into... Young Mimitchi! Continuing along with the good care pattern. I'd been hoping for Ichigotchi, my favourite character, but Young Mimitchi will suffice. We checked the shop and there was an action figure in it - I'd previously only had the bear on this tama, which Ricky didn't like playing with as it is meant for girls. The action figure made him much happier: Not sure which adult I'm aiming for - a full sized Mimitchi would be cool, but I'm not quite so sure I have it in me to go for perfect care. I may just give the care I'd normally give and let Ricky surprise me. V2s can definitely be pretty unpredictable at times and sometimes it's fun to just sit back and let it surprise me.
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    July 21, 2021 Entry #002 Helloooo and good morning~ I could not post my log update yesterday as promised because Miss Mochi decided she wasn't going to evolve until after my work day was over, and I leave my laptop in the office overnight. It's not really on her, though- at some point during that first day I logged about her, she got accidentally paused in my bag. I hadn't checked on her in a couple of hours and when I did, I saw she had been paused. I immediately unpaused her and she turned 1 on time the next morning, but did not evolve until sometime last night actually. While she was a Tamatchi I was getting annoyed because every time I checked on her, she was rolling around the screen as if she had nothing better to do . Like girl you don't need to evolve or anything? Mochi is now a Young Mametchi! This is probably one of my favorite of the teenager characters. It definitely feels nice to get her, it means I've been taking better care of Mochi than I did on the previous generations, their teenager stages being Nikatchi and Hashitamatchi. I'm curious to see what her adult stage evolution will be. I probably won't update for another couple of days. Mochi isn't due to evolve for another two, maybe three days since she's behind from being paused a little. When she does, though, I'll make sure to add an entry. Until then, thank you for reading!
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    For me? Honestly, I love having around a little guy, a companion to go with you on your hip (or neck, or wherever you keep them). Everything else is secondary to having a little friend around.
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    i'd say its the character game. but what are your thoughts? do you have any fun memories with your tama?
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    For me the best bit is discovering their evolutionary trees, I'm currently trying to find Moll and Lora on the Mothra and I'm having a blast
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    My Tamagotchi Pix arrived today. Here are some pictures of the packaging and manual; Here's a look at the device itself, along with a size comparison with the Mini, Nano, Gen 1, Connexion, Friends, and Meets models; I haven't had the time to put batteries in and hatch it yet, so right now I can only share my impressions of the initial presentation. The box is pretty fancy, with far-too-nice screen-printing on the thin plastic bubble (which is a bit of a contrast to the device itself, where the faceplate is clearly a piece of paper under some clear plastic), and matte foil and glitter all over the place. The foil reminds me of the old Game Boy Colour game boxes, which was nice. However, even though it's nice, the packaging feels wasteful, as if the size of the box is being used to justify the £60 price of the device - it could be a third of the size, much like the boxes for the Japanese colour models, and do its job just fine. As it is, I've got a bunch of sorting to do in order to get all of this into the appropriate recycling containers! It's a bit unfortunate that the imagery on the box (and the glitter; The foil is fine) feels particularly girly - for the first time that I can remember, the packaging is focussed on showing the target-audience instead of the Tamagotchi characters themselves. I presume that this is due to the camera, but I can easily see this being off-putting to any fans who don't fall into the "girly-girl" category (I'm a lass that never has, personally). Still, it's nice to see from one of the side panels that the blue and green devices (which unfortunately aren't available at launch) seemingly haven't been outright cancelled - hopefully their packaging will be more appealing to the gents and tomboys out there, which is something that I feel that the Tamagotchi line needs if it's ever to hit the broadly-appealing heights that it reached in the late-1990s and early-2000s. Moreover, it feels strange to aim a nurturing-focussed toy/game at only one gender, when things like pets aren't gender-specific and in adulthood both the mother and the father are expected to raise their children. The device feels pretty much the same in the hand, build-quality-wise, as the Meets, to me. The faceplate does let it down a little bit because, as mentioned above, it's just printed paper under some plastic (complete with, in my view, slightly-tacky printed buttons, surrounded by printed button-wells, underneath the touch-dimples - I think that this would've stood out less if they'd just used regular circles with a little bit of shading on them), and the print-quality isn't as nice as that of the faceplate on the Meets. The camera button feels nice enough, though I expected its response to be a bit more clicky given its size. I might sound a little negative here, but really that's probably just my age showing - I can easily imagine that a kid getting this for their birthday or for Christmas would be absolutely thrilled to be greeted with this presentation once they open the gift, as it feels like something special. I'll follow up with some more thoughts once I actually get some time to use the device.
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    Just read through all of this and it was a lot of fun I want a Devilgotchi now...! And those witches seem like a LOT of fun, quite complex!
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    I like feeding and cleaning the poops and putting them to sleep. Honestly I hate the character game because it's random and I lose all the time and it frustrates me. The number game from P2 is much better.
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    who knew a care mistake resulted in a happy accident. guess bob ross knows how to be a good tama-dad.
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    One of my favourite moments was the result of an accidental care-mistake during a (non-remake) Gen 1 run a few years ago - I ended up unexpectedly getting Tarakotchi and found him very amusing because his animations have a lot of personality. He ended up becoming my favourite Tamagotchi character because of that!