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    Personally I'm uninterested in the nanos (mostly bc I dont care much for the franchises they're crossing over to, and the simplicity of the device. just personal taste really) but I'm pretty interested in tamagotchi having a crossover with a franchise as big as star wars ^^^ I'm with you there, I'm genuinely surprised at how tamagotchi is able to keep pulling this off. crossover city babyyyy
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    Hi its me cyac!! my p1 Hey little guy what shoud i call you? Garble!! ok Garble will be your name. Garble? I will be doing chats whith my tamagotchi! bye!!!garble!!
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    Hello there, finally the first day for the vintage run! So excited to do this hatch because I’m here with my new Yuki Penguin Vpet and Angelgotchi. This is my first time trying them both and I would love to see how things turn out at the end of the hatch! Angelgotchi: Right after I inserted the batteries I immediately say this picture: I freaked out because this is my first time with an Angelgotchi, I thought vintage tamas don’t save the previous data so I was very confused! I waited a long time and nothing happened. (See what happens when you don’t play that much with your tamas kids ). When I checked YouTube and did some research turned out that this is an afterlife of a tamagotchi and now you are taking care of it as an angel. Completely forgot that I need to change the time first to be able to play. What a rough start I waited roughly for five minutes until the angel finally showed up. Of course as everyone knows taking care of the baby in the first hour is tough so I made sure that it was happy and not hungry. it evolved after one hour (left is the baby and right side is when it became a toddler) One time it called me to feed it, I was giving it a snack and suddenly a bat came quickly and snatched the sweets from it! That unfortunately decreased the “Good deeds” bar! I didn’t react fast and actually didn’t know that I needed to tap quickly on the shell to scare away the bat. The Angelgotchi unlike its counterpart the Devilgotchi tend to be sensitive, so any care mistakes will affect its health as well as its growth. I’m going to keep an eye on it during the first couple of days! Time to play a game! The game of this one is really difficult! It’s basically about avoiding a shooting star as quickly as you can! At first I was loosing a lot until I figured I need to be quicker to avoid it. And it worked out for me which also filled the happy meter for my angel. And now my angel is sleeping hopefully tomorrow we will get to play and see to what character it will evolve as that will help me decide in what character I would like to get. Yuki Penguin: The very first thing I did was change the batteries it came with it as I wasn’t sure if they are old or new. I changed the time and saw the screen on top: It took a while until that little cute penguin finally hatched I guess? Wasn’t sure about the first screen because that doesn’t look like an egg! Anyhow, I was trying to see how this device worked and what kind of options it has. I was so impressed when I scrolled over the menu to find out that you can pet, teach, turn the heater on/off, play and give your penguin a shower! I really love a vpet that has these elements that focuses on properly raising it! The health meter was nice and simple. This icon represents your penguin mood and at the time clearly he wasn’t happy lol The typical weight, hunger and drinking meters are also included. There’s a stats for the temperature so you can either turn the heater on or off and an icon to show school grade or performance when studying. Couple hours of me exploring the yuki penguin. I finally decided to play a game but it’s not a game where you play in behalf of your penguin, instead you both will go against each other doing “rocket, paper, scissors” and you must let your penguin win! That’s is so funny I made sure that my penguin study hard to be just like his dad, a smart boy Thanks to @Penguin-keeper who made a growth chart that will definitely help me decide which character I want to get next. This can be achieved by feeding the baby a certain foods to be able to evolve into the desired character. I will make sure to feed him certain food and keep him healthy. That’s it for today, I hatched them late and definitely will be back tomorrow with both my angel and penguin and will surly have some new updates.
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    *Waves* Hello, everyone! I'm going to be running my Tako Seijin for this hatch. It's a dinkie-style alien Vpet which is quite fitting considering the group hatch theme. From what I've seen of early virtual pet discussions, the original Tamagotchi and Dinkie Dino were considered quintessential virtual pets back in the day. Unlike the P1 and P2, dinkie programming relies on food to determine growth. It also seems to be that these pets have only a few growth lines compared to the original tamas, but this is made up for by extensive evolutions. I've been running my Tako Seijin this past week but I've discovered that moderate bumps to the back cover cause it to turn off - even though the batteries are sandwiched between prongs on the back cover and contacts on the circuit board. Hopefully, all will go well this run and perhaps I'll develop a solution down the road. Anyway, time to hatch this little alien whom I'm going to name ZigZag (following the z-theme of the earlier aliens whom I called Zipporah and Zebulun). I've decided to push the time back an hour from real time since I think my past aliens rose at 9 and slept at 8. Zigzag was born from a swirl of DNA a minute after the clock was set. I fed her batteries like her predecessors as I was aiming for the same growth line I never got to see the end of. I took care of her thirst with a couple soda-looking beverages, her happiness with a couple rounds of rock-paper-scissors, and her education with a couple book pages. I'll be fiddling with her air conditioner throughout the day to keep it at the perfect 25 Celsius and hopefully prevent heatwave rage, coldness chills, and sickness (this is the most difficult thing about the device). I expect she'll need a few baths throughout the day (she had one around 3) and the usual feeding and playing. Her beeps are a pleasant, musical scale which is a nice change from the sharp watch beeps. Thus concludes this post and ZigZag and I will see you guys tomorrow :^)
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    It totally does! Hell, even the name Jedi was inspired by jidai-geki (literally "period-drama"), which is basically the samurai equivalent to Wild West movies.
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    Hello and welcome to the Vintage Vpet Hatch! This is the log for Vintage Vpet Hatch. Here we are going to log the progress of our virtual pets. The hatch will start on the 10th of May! See you all later!
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    It's an Arduino Nano connected to an OLED screen. So far all it does is show the egg bouncing up and down.
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    Lol on instagram I saw someone say "this better not be another nano," but you juSt know it IS going to be a nano. Anyway Bandai JP also announcing it is pretty cool, it never occured to me that SW has a japanese fanbase. Personally I am not a fan of Star Wars, but it's still a cool crossover. The possibilities for these crossovers are endless, makes you look forward to these surprise announcements.
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    OOH! Thanks for posting this! This is both really neat, and also interesting from a historical perspective, because it's yet another license that previously had a virtual pet from a competing line* which has now ended up with a licensed Tamagotchi. *There was a Giga Pets R2-D2 back in the 1990s. Additionally there were also Pokemon and Hello Kitty virtual pets from Nintendo (the latter being interesting on its own because Bandai also produced a different Hello Kitty virtual pet back in the day, too, so there wasn't exclusivity on that), just to provide examples of the others that sprang to mind. I'm not sure if this one will be for me, though - my favourite droid is C3PO! There's nothing to be confused about here - Disney doesn't own public-domain stories and the Fantasy Meets was not a Disney-based product, so there was never any conflict of interest. Copyright law doesn't protect ideas, but rather it protects the unique individual expressions of them (barring scenes-a-faire, which are not protected by copyright because they're basically a type of trope); This is also why Disney officially refers to their own versions as "Disney's [Title]" or "Disney [Title]". The Wonder Garden more likely existed as it was because there may have been a plan at some point to split the Fantasy Meets into two Western releases - the Wonder Garden, with half of the Fantasy's content, came along after a Bandai survey revealed that most Tamagotchi On buyers were willing to buy multiple devices, which is what suggests this possibility. We know now that they opted for a refresh with the Tamagotchi Pix instead, though. Moreover, a company having the master toy license doesn't rule out other companies from also getting toy licenses for the same properties - they just won't be the master/primary licensee, so they'll be licensed to make a narrower range of products (in this case, just one toy-category).
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    Awesome info about the sleep schedule @Berks Regarding the age up times, it's an hour for baby to child, and 24 hours for the child and teen evolutions
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    Thanks so much for mentioning this here, but I can't take the credit for it - I simply made a corrected version of a chart that someone else created, after my own experiences with the pet didn't line up with the chart. Anyway, my apologies for the interruption! Have fun with this hatch, you guys - I'm having fun reading everyone's contributions!
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    I'm joining at the last minute with my Tako Seijin. It's an alien virtual pet that runs on similar programming to the Dinky Dino, so it's definitely vintage. It's unfortunately reset twice this past week due to not taking accidental, moderate bumps very well but its opportune timing for this hatch. Hopefully, I'll finish this group hatch log in a timely manner since I'm going to do it more of an update log than a journal-style one. See you all in the group hatch log!
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    ?? Day My health is whack lately so I'm temporarily taking a break.
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    Surprised no one has posted about this here yet, so I figured I'd do the honors. In honor of Star Wars day, Bandai has announced an upcoming Tamagotchi virtual pet themed after R2-D2, and its releasing in both Japan & the west! This is a HUGE deal because according to Wikipedia's list of highest-grossing media franchises, particularly the section of franchises worth over $50 billion, Star Wars is #5. This means that Tamagotchi has now crossed paths with all but one of those top 5 franchises. With the numerous Sanrio crossovers involving Hello Kitty, the Mickey Mouse-themed Tama Deco Pierce, the Eevee Tamagotchi from early 2019, and now this, the only one missing is Winnie the Pooh. I can't think of any other franchise that has gotten that close to making such an extraordinary achievement! While I can definitely see Bandai Japan releasing a Star Wars-themed Tamagotchi with minimal legal difficulty, I am curious on how Bandai America was immediately able to follow suit in localization when its biggest international competitor, Hasbro, has the Star Wars master toy license. One year they release the Wonder Garden On instead of localizing the Fantasy Meets to avoid a conflict-of-interest with Hasbro's Disney Princess toy license (which includes Cinderella & Aladdin), and the next they're releasing a Tamagotchi directly themed after Star Wars. It's still a grand achievement, but it's kinda confusing to me.
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    Hello I’m new here. I just recently got a tamagotchi on Wonder garden and I’m on gen2. I was wondering what the sleep schedule and age up schedules are. So far I’ve missed every age up animation. I used to have a tamagotchi in the 90’s and I really want to see what the animation looks like now
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    You might want to look into Displex or Polywatch to buff those scratches from the screen
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    oh man it's been months since i last touched acnh... i just got super burnt out on it, i did check in for birthdays of some of my beloved villagers, and new year, but that's about the last time i touched it, and it was already a wreck at that point, i shudder to think how bad it must be by now the sanrio villagers look nice though! i especially like etoile but even if i booted up the game again, and managed to get my hands on the amiibo cards, i already have two normal villagers who i love dearly and would hate to part with.....
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    Hello TamaTalkers! Welcome to the Vintage Vpet Hatch! I think it’s time we all take a break from everything we are doing and spend some time with our Tamas! This group hatch is focusing on vintage virtual pets. That includes Tamagotchi, Digimon, Giga pets or any other virtual pet you would like to run. The hatch will run for one generation only and it will start on the 10th of May The rules are simple and easy: 1- Only vintage virtual pets are allowed for the hatch. 2- You can run one or more devices at a time, it’s up to you. 3- Please make sure you keep updating, not necessarily every day but that would be great if you do. 4- Post a picture if it’s possible. 5- You must start the hatch with a new generation. Please register below if you are interested. See you guys on the 10th of May!
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    yooooo thats awesome! god that reminds me how its been way too long since i last touched acnh.... my island is probably a wreck
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    WHEE! I was able to get the Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Amiibo cards for their standard £4.99 retail price from Nintendo UK's online store! That wins, right?
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    Hello everyone! I decided to share with you about this game I just recently installed on my phone like a few weeks ago (or maybe a month ago? I’m not sure), it’s called Dunpets! As you can see, I’m crazy about virtual pets and any kind of them! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one here. I hope it's okay to post about a virtual pet that's not a Tamagotchi... I'll be logging about them soon too! After watching Jaiden Animation’s videos about virtual pets and the Pokemon Nuzlocke run, I kinda wanted to play Pokemon too. But seemingly I was getting buried in a pile of assignments, I didn’t think getting into Pokemon again was a good idea. Then I thought about looking for a game that isn't actually Pokemon but is similar… Thus, I stumbled upon Dunpets! It was the combination of what I wanted and needed: taking care of a virtual pet and BATTLING. I was very excited. But in the game itself there wasn’t really much to do. I hadn’t really explored all options yet. And as my assignments were piling up and the semester was getting difficult, I paused the game (which only told me I can do so once in my entire life). And now, it’s semester break and I felt like wanting to explore the game again so I finally resumed the game.
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    I also like reading logs of virtual pets ive never seen before, its really interesting to learn about them
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    Hi, welcome to tama talk Sleep schedule for babies: Naps five minutes during the hour. Sleep schedule for toddlers: Goes to sleep at 8pm, wakes up at 7am. Sleep schedule for teens: Goes to sleep at 8pm, wakes up at 7am. Sleep schedule for adults: This can vary depending on which tamagotchi you have. For example, Kuromametchi will go to bed at 10pm while other adults go to bed at 8pm or 9pm. I believe all adults wake up at 7am (but I could be wrong but the majority of adults that I've experienced wake up at 7am)
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    That's what I was thinking too, but some of the color tamas also have a work function, so I wanted to be sure. If they did note they had a connection, I was going to double check the manual as it's been a minute for me, and I'd have wanted to double check if it was a glitch or not.
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    Thank you! And I don't know if it is possible to answer, but do you think that it could be a problem with my tamagotchi and there is a risk that it happens again when I have to change the battery later?
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    It sounds like OP has either a v4 or a v4.5, I know the the v4 is infamous for it's glitches. So it could be that your tamagotchi is glitching a bit. Sadly I don't know how to fix that glitch, maybe press the reset button, and then press download and it might go back to normal.
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    id love to join! i will use a tamagotchi p1 and or p2
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    I'm still new to raising my Tamagotchi. I'm wondering what's that thing behind him? Thank you
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    It's a decoration, not sure what holiday it is from Japan, but usually around holidays, there will be a decoration in the living room. It will eventually go away, so it's nothing concerning.
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    Quick update: I've started re-coding the app in Python. I know most users would not want to install Matlab's MCR to play the game.
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    Ayee so cute!
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    Oh no! Did you accidentally drop your poor tama in the bathtub? Why did you have it near a full bathtub in the first place! Oh well, no time for questions. A wet virtual pet is a virtual emergency. If you act quick enough, you might be able to save it! This method can also be used for cellphones, hand-held video game systems, keyboards and more! 1. GET THE BATTERIES OUT! Get the batteries out! Get the batteries out! Get them out! Quick! Don't stop and ask questions, just get the batteries out of there as quick as possible before the water causes your poor pet to short out. You do not want to put new batteries in until you're 100% certain that your pet is dry. This is the most important step of all. Optional: Rinse your pet out with rubbing alcohol (that means isopropyl alcohol, not vodka...) and then follow the next steps as usual. This is not necessary, but it'll speed up the drying process and might increase your pet's chances of recovery.[/b] 2. DRY IT OFF! Shake the water out and then dry it off with a towel. 3. VACCUUM THE WATER OUT! Take a vaccuum with a tube and put the thinnest attachment on the end. Put it on a low setting and try to vaccuum the water out through the cracks and holes on your pet. Note: Do not use a hair dryer or anything that blows air into it, as this could force the water deeper into your pet and ruin it. You should also avoid using anything that creates heat, because it could damage the internal components and melt the glue that holds the screen in place. 4. PUT IT IN A CONTAINER OF RICE! Now you're probably thinking, "Uh, what?", but it really does work! Rice naturally absorbs water, and it'll help get the remaining water out of your pet. You'll have to leave it in there for a while -- leave it there for no less than two weeks just to be safe. If you dropped it directly into the water, you're probably going to want to leave it in there for at least a month. If, for some reason, you don't have rice available, you can put your pet on top of your monitor. The very slight amount of heat and air will help dry your pet out, but it'll take a lot longer than the rice method. Please do not try this if you rinced it with rubbing alcohol. 5. GET NEW BATTERIES! Rusted batteries can explode or leak and damage your pet. You're probably going to need to buy new batteries. Save your old ones and bring them to the store with you so that the people working there know what type you need. Do not put your new batteries in your pet until you're 100% sure it's completely dry. You might be tempted to test it, but doing that could cause it to short out and stop working. But wait! What if you dropped it into a glass of juice or pop? If you've gotten anything besides regular water on it, you're going to need to remove the batteries immediately as usual, and then wash it out with fresh or bottled water (and optionally rubbing alcohol). This is especially important if you dropped it into the ocean or anything else containing salt.