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    Hello everyone! I have really good news for us tamagotchi lovers, especially for those who are outside Japan! Yesterday, @tamapalace made an article that can be found here and it’s talking about Mr.Blinky’s upcoming project. He is working on the Tamagotchi Meets Station downloads/content, and according to him it will be soon available for everyone, that means we don’t need to be in japan to have them! This is a screenshot I took from his twitter account: I can’t wait to see the finished project and try it out myself!
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    I think I have a weird bug since for 6 generations straight I'm having twins on my tamagotchi on, since I had twins 1 time it didn't stop for 6 times in a row, it was fun at start but now it's getting pretty annoying since I always need to think of 2 names for my tamas and I'm tired of deciding which one to marry. So my question is..is there a way to fix this? If I let my tamas die will I lose all progress in worlds and the coins I have? Will killing my tamas actually solve the problem? I would add a picture but the files size is too big unfortunately. Please help Edit: I managed to compress the pic file size.
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    I haven’t gotten to generation 6, but I do quite frequently get twins. I have an on and a meets, and have played each one 4 generations (one died and now I started over, but 4th Tama) and I’ve gotten twins at least 50% of the time or more.
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    Hopefully these will answer your queries: How did you figure out where the letters are stored by connecting japanese and english devices? Maybe I didn't explain well enough in the previous post - basically, I worked under the assumption that the index that's used matches the order the characters appear on Japanese devices, and the English characters are placed in such a way to fit around that. When you connect a Japanese device and an English device, sometimes the name in the friends list will appear incorrect on the other device. Hiragana are present on both devices and so they always show correctly, but most of the punctuation symbols are replaced with letters on the English devices. Connecting Japanese and English devices together and seeing how the names change reveal the correspondence between letters and symbols - ー is replaced by A, ~ is replaced by B, … is replaced by C and so on up to .being replaced by J. Then, on the Japanese devices, you have ! and ? which don't change during the connection process. Afterwards you have & which is replaced by K and so on. You said that the alphabet replaced punctation starting at 81 (A), but why is A assigned to the number 1? I'm not sure, but I assume it was convenience on the part of the programmer. Adding 80 to every value just results in a sort of redundant couple of bits, and it means that 7 bits have to be used to store each character instead of 5. Choosing the 5-bit option means they can get the most use out of the username - using all 7 bits could result in them being unable to use the same method to produce a username constant which actually uses all five of the characters in the username. Where do the values 70 and 199 come from? I'm not sure! They were basically what just popped out of my calculations, but they work for all usernames and items so I guess they were just chosen to add some additional "encryption". It also means that they could use the same password algorithm on later versions and all they'd need to do is change these two numbers to guarantee that passwords that work on the V3 won't work on, say, the V4 (I'm expecting to tackle this version's passwords next so this'll be the first thing I try). Is there any way we can help by generating and testing passwords? Yes! Though it will be somewhat time consuming, so if you'd like to give it a go I'd recommend doing something else at the same time so you don't get bored out of your mind. Let's recall what the two unknowns are - the item-user variable d and the fluctuation variable E: Calculating d One thing I'd like help with is calculating some values of d for different items and usernames. Here's the process: Copy the generator spreadsheet Set Byte 5 to zero Set Byte 4 to zero Choose a working ID number (there's an item ID list in the spreadsheet) and set the ID field to that number Cycle through different vaules of d_item_user to generate different passwords, trying each one until one works If none work then either an invalid ID has been chosen or the spreadsheet doesn't work as intended. Either way, it'd be good to inform me of the issue! Eventually you should find a value of d that works. Note down the value of d somewhere along with the item ID and username and try a few different values of Byte 4 to check that it always works. If it doesn't, inform me of this too! Assuming that it always works, this value of d will either be of opposite parity to the item ID (i.e. one is odd and one is even) or the same parity (both odd or both even). All values of d will follow this rule for your username, so you can limit your search for other values of d for other item IDs in the same manner. For example, if my item ID is 128 and the value of d associated with it is 78, I know that for item ID 129 I only need to try values of d that are odd. Calculating d E is related to the values of the ID, the username and the value of Byte 4. Here's how to calculate it: First, set Byte 4 to zero and Byte 5 to one. Try using the same item ID and the value of d that was calculated in the previous part and check that the output password works If it does work, change Byte 4 to a few different values to check that it always works. If it does then note that down. If it doesn't work, or if it only works for some values of Byte 4, then duplicate the generator sheet and in the copied version edit the "E" and "e" values on the right to 0, as well as Byte 4. This means deleting the formulae that are in those cells, even if they currently appear to equal zero! Now change the value of d by adding or taking a way an odd number and trying the result until a password works. You will usually only need to add or take away a number less than or equal to 15, so try these first. What I had written here before is not a good idea. Instead, keep d the same as it was before - and definitely set e to zero - but edit E to be one of the following integers until a password works: 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, 127, 255 Jot down the working d E value, change Byte 4 to something else (increment it by 1, for example) and try to calculate a working value of d E again. Keep a record of all the working values of d E, the value of Byte 4 that they correspond to, the item ID and the username. If this all sounds a bit much then no worries! It's what I'll be trying myself, but of course I can only try it on one username currently.
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    Never heard of bug like this, but having twins and what gender they are is totally random and it seems fine! If they die and you start with a new egg you will still have the money, items and locations.
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    Connecting and then returning from the app always half-fills the happiness meter for me.
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    According to this status update by @OneSummerDream, which was answered by @Moosestatue, that's a photo-opportunity.
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    Caved and bought the Tamagotchi On I knew I wasn't going to let an English release slide and its been popping up on my Tumblr dashboard. At Toysrus, I had a choice between pink (disfavoured), purple (neutral), and blue (favoured but tips the colour population to three blue). Settled on blue because while green is nice, it seems to have become pretty common. A little upset about the price that now I vow to never buy a single tama for more than that.
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    I've made sufficient progress that I think it's time for an update - let's once more go over how the passwords are generated. Passwords can be thought of as a five-byte number. Using zero as an example we have: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 Each byte does something different. The rightmost two bytes seem to be the simplest to understand - they're essentially just random numbers that determine the rest of the password. The leftmost byte (which we will call B_5) may only be 0 or 1, while the other byte (B_4) can be any number from 0 to 255 (00000000 to 11111111 in binary). The other three bytes are in part determined by the username. Let's consider an example username: "TMGC!". Each letter of this username can be represented by a five-bit integer corresponding to its place in the alphabet... except, it's not quite that easy. If you've ever connected a Japanese device to an English one before, you'll know that they don't always handle eachothers' character sets perfectly. Here's a summary of the character set used by the Japanese devices: Characters 0 - 80: Hiragana Characters 81-90: Punctuation Characters 91-92: ! and ? Characters 93-105: Punctuation and symbols I distinguished ! and ? here for a reason - they're also in the English character set. The English characters - as they appear on the device - cycle through each of the letters before cycling through the symbols. However, connecting an English device to a Japanese device hints that, internally, the ! and ? characters may be stored in the middle of the alphabet instead of at the end. You see, the alphabet replaces the punctuation from the Japanese devices. All the hiragana characters remain in English devices, but from character 81 onward the letters begin replacing the symbols. Characters 81-90 get replaced with A through to J, but that's when something different happens. The ! and ? characters on the Japanese devices are actually the same as the ones on the English devices, so connections between devices with these characters in the name will result in them remaining when viewing the names in the friends list. Then, characters 93-105 get replaced by K through to W. The Japanese devices have no characters for 106-108 so X, Y and Z in an English name will appear blank on a Japanese device. What this all means is that the naive approach of assigning A to 1, B to 2 and so on is not necessarily the right approach. Instead, we should assign numbers to each of the letters as follows: Blank character - 0 A - J: 1 - 10 !, ? - 11, 12 K - Z - 13 - 28 Converting each of these numbers into a 5-bit binary integer and concatenating them in a certain way gives us our username constant - returning to our example of TMGC!: T = 22, 10110 in binary M = 15, 01111 G = 7, 00111 C = 3, 00011 ! = 11, 01011 We concatenate them in reverse order: 01011 00011 00111 01111 10110 Splitting this up into bytes: 0 10110001 10011101 11110110 As I understand, this constant is probably XOR'd with the password at some point in the encoding / decoding process. However, I'm not really very confident in what the leftmost 9 bits do, so we're going to ignore them for now (they probably still play a predictable role in the passwords though). With the two bytes we have left, let's XOR the first with 70 and the second with 199. This gives us: 11011011 00110001 In decimal, these are 219 and 49 respectively. You may recognise the 49 as being the C_user constant for TMGC! that I mentioned in an earlier post. XORing 219 and 49 gives the D_user constant I also mentioned before. Next, we XOR the left byte by the ID of the item we're producing a password for, and after that we XOR both of these bytes by 106*B_5 - if B_5 is zero this has no effect on the password. The two bytes we have left after all this are the rightmost bytes of the password, B_2 and B_1. So, using item ID 128 as an example and setting the left bytes to zero we've been able to produce the following password: 00000000 00000000 ???????? 01011011 00110001 (If you're wondering what happened to B_2, that's the result of XORing with the item ID 128). The only bit left to figure out is the middle byte, but sadly this is where it all gets a bit unclear. Here's what is known about B_3: When B_5 = 0, B_3 XOR B_4 is a variable which depends only on the username and item ID - changing either of these will change the value of B_3 XOR B_4, but equivalent passwords will always give the same result of B_3 XOR B_4. When B_5 = 1, B_3 XOR B_4 fluctuates slightly and these fluctuations depend on B_4 and the item ID. B_3 XOR B_4 will either be: Always the same parity as the item ID Always the opposite parity to the item ID I haven't really figured out what's going on with Byte 3 yet but this information means that, at the very least, we can narrow down the number of potentially valid passwords from the 10,000,000,000 figure we had prior to finding any of this out to only 128 potential passwords. As it turns out, for the above username / item ID / B_5 trio, B_3 XOR B_4 = 78. Since B_4 is zero here, B_3 is 78: 00000000 00000000 01001110 01011011 00110001 After B_3 is generated, the entire string is converted into a decimal integer - in this case, it's 5135153. This is padded with zeroes to make a ten digit integer - 0005135153 - and then the first five digits and the last five digits are switched to give the following: 35153 00051 I've tested this password and can confirm that it works So that's (most of) how the passwords work! Next I'm going to brute force a bunch of passwords to see how the B_3 XOR B_4 value changes. It nearly correlates with the item ID (XORing with the ID results in something which generally remains constant) but after a while it starts acting completely unpredictably, so more research is needed. Once this one variable is understood, the V3 password system will be entirely cracked (apart from travel, king and parent related passwords because there's not enough information to crack those). I've produced a sort-of-working password generator for people to copy and use (I think you can copy this entire document to your own google drive but I'm not certain?) but it still requires finding the value of a mystery constant and it generally doesn't work when B_5 = 1. If you're willing to brute force up to 128 different passwords to get what you want, then this spreadsheet should help you do that. I can't guarantee that I haven't made a mistake in the formula somewhere though!
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    Hello and welcome to my mega bootleg log, and also first log ever! I will be running a bunch of different bootlegs and knockoffs, some of which are obscure. If you have any questions about one, please leave a question and I will reply to it in the next entry. Where to find fakes: eBay is good for older knockoffs from the 90's, while Aliexpress is great for finding new ones. Taobao also has a lot, but you might need a middleman depending on where you live. I don't recommend buying any besides M&D ones (QPet, Nana Moon, etc.) because they tend to be really bad otherwise. First up is the Crystal Warriors 10th Anniversary game. Info links: English instructions here. Baidu article here. All 130 episodes of Crystal Warriors here. Pics of the box. After doing some research it turns out the cartoon was only 8 years old at the time these were released, but apparently in order to coincide with the Pendulum 20th Anniversaries M&D made this rerelease. The instructions also state that there are 4 different versions, similar to the real Pendulum releases, but this is false and they all have Vritramon. (However, the original release of this did have 4 and had more care features, and there's always a possibility of M&D releasing more in the future.) This probably isn’t going to fool anyone, but is it a bad knockoff? Surprisingly, no. I’ve never played a Digimon before and am not that familiar with them, but from what I’ve seen it is kinda similar. There are 6 different tournaments, and I have 3 more to go. Then, there is a final boss. After that I have to replay through everything again in order to get 200% completion, so nothing will be missed. Recap of Day 1, Sorry no photos this time: I started the Crystal Warrior up, and right off the bat I knew this wasn’t going to be a standard vpet. It’s more of a game that mimics a virtual pet. This was surprising since the Nana Moon minis have all their features entact, but not these. Unfortunately, when M&D pumped these out to cash in on the anniversary Pendulums, they got rid of pet functions. There's still an incentive to check on it, since its power will slowly deplete every few hours. I just put the tab back in when I'm busy since it has a save feature. After reading the instructions and grinding with the 3 games to buy a crystal, it was time to enter the first tournament. Evolving the monster makes it very OP, rendering the Help feature obsolete since using crystals to evolve is necessary to win. I had no idea what was going on, but it was a swift victory. The second one was harder, since I tried relying on the Help. That ended up backfiring, and I lost during the 4th round. For “Help,” there are 3 other characters to choose from, which are from the 3 other versions. Each swapped warrior replaces Vritramon and evolves into its second form to attack, but can only be used once per tournament. Battles only last a few rounds, even if both are still standing. Whoever has the most HP left wins. Since HP doesn’t replenish between rounds, I was lucky to have even made it that far. When you lose, the warrior’s power/training bar stays the same but you have to try again. There’s a progress page that shows total battles won (regardless if the tourney is lost) and the total completion rate. After grinding for more money and rebuying the crystal, it was pretty easy. Rinse and repeat for round 3, and I have 3 more to go. Now, this is kind of a nitpick, but the spritework on this is kind of mediocre. Some of the characters look poorly drawn. I understand that a lot of detail needs to be added in a small space, but sometimes the results leave me scratching my head. I mean, I can kind of see how the sprite matches the drawing, but this was my first impression without knowing what it was supposed to be.
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    So... Okay.. Dont Forget That the Windows 3.11 iS Unsupported and Dont Receive Apps anymore! You Need to Upgrade tO 95 or ME!
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    I think it is unlikely bandai will do anything to your device, considering mymeets genes are so prevalent within the app.
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    You're right, that was pointless use of the word. And I should have quoted you both.
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    Oh i see..having my gold and locations i opened is great..so i might actually let my tama die and see if it stops. still not sure tho, thanks for the reply too
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    That is some amazing sleuthing you've done, and I'm sure generations of V3 fans will be grateful for this development! Just some questions for interest: How did you figure out where the letters are stored by connecting japanese and english devices? You said that the alphabet replaced punctation starting at 81 (A), but why is A assigned to the number 1? Where do the values 70 and 199 come from? Is there any way we can help by generating and testing passwords?
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    I’m going to try that! That’s even better actually. Don’t mind staying away from the marriage/character creation to avoid the soft ban. As long as I can get some accessories or toys , I’m more than happy. Thank you so much for the share. Downloading it . 🥰
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    Feeding your tamagotchi their favorite food can help, also playing with their favorite toy, visitng locations and logging in into the app will raise their happiness meter.
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    I love to repairing and restoring electronics. And I love my nano fighters. My Alley Rumble one has damaged lines of pixels and the screen isn't the greatest , but works just fine . So I'm thinking about transplanting the internals from that one into this one . One way or the other , I can always clean Alley Rumble's screen while I'm at it. But wait.....some v pets aren't possible to disassemble without breaking them I thought!
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    Sooo , my aunt is in Japan and she bought me a purple tamagotchi meets ! I can't wait to get my hands on it ! ⛩️
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    Yup, this just means that your gudetama has died and has been "cooked". Certain conditions will give you certain egg dishes. Here is an incomplete list of the dishes you can get https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Gudetama_Tamagotchi/Character_list
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    Not sure what is it exactly but you said it died so probably that is one of its death animations!
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    If you’re asking which one will get married? you will be asked to choose which tama you want to get married
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    So when I got my ON I noticed in the connection icon that it lists "Tamagotchi", "Download" and "App" as connection functions. Tamagotchi is to connect with another Tama, App is for any interactions with the ON App, but then there's Download. I assume this is how Meets interact with the Meets stations over in Japan because that's the only other connection there could be. So I figured Bandai had something in mind for the west, either with our own ON Stations or something else. After all why keep a feature in the unit that users have access to if it wasn't something that was going to be in use. If it wasn't going to be used Bandai would have removed the feature or prevent access to it by removing it from the connection icon menu if removing the feature overall would glitch the programing. That's why with video games there are test rooms and text textures and stuff still there, because removing them would glitch or severely break the game. And Tama Palace showed this a while back: https://tamapalace.tumblr.com/post/186961460353/tamagotchi-on-stations-bandai-america-has-another Bandai had something planned but it fell through and theirs a chance their working on something else. I think we could get our own versions of the stations like Japan, who knows stores might be willing to set aside shelve space if it means an intensive to get people into physical stores after the internet has made less reason to go to physical stores. I'm not saying they have to be the same size as their Japanese counter parts. Maybe you could use your phone in connection to the unit with bluetooth to download stuff from certain areas via Bandai's website. Like go to a major spot (Like Times Square for example since Tokyo has a station), open your phone and go to Bandai's Tamagotchi page were there would be a special button to interact with, put your Tama in front of the phone and select download on your Tama after taping the button on your phone on the webpage? I'm not the most well versed in this stuff so I'm now sure how it would work out if this is possible or not.
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    Since the last reply to this thread before now was back in March, and since, @Gaia_tamagotchi, your latest post doesn't suggest that the problem is still ongoing, I'm going to lock this now, since we prefer to avoid bumps to topics that are more than three months old unless there's substantial new information to add.
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    My girls turned out interesting as adults. Get ready for a long post because this covers two generations on my ON due to not having time to really post pics to my log. The little ladies as teens, I like to think the red hearts are pizza sauce because of their mom instead of red paint. The girls as adults, its interesting to see what the kids look like when they don't have a parents hat or something and you can see what's under it. Kinda looks like a boiled egg with ketchup. Wedding with Korobatchi because I was curious and wanted to see if I could get his wings to show up on my next generation. Their little boy Koumoritchi (Koumori means bat in Japanese). The little guy as a child. As a teen when I went to pick him up at his parents. Never saw this one, I wonder if the scenes of picking your Tama up from their parents house changes with the seasons too. And Koumori as an adult! Haven't decided on who to marry him to yet.
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    There are always links to the iOS and Android versions of the app at the bottom of the Bandai website. https://tamagotchi.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bandai.tamagotchion https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tamagotchi-on/id1473416735 If you live in a country where the app is unavaliable, you can change your iTunes store location or create a new US iTunes account. For Android, you can download the apk using an apk downloader like this https://apkpure.com/tamagotchi-on/com.bandai.tamagotchion.
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    Many of you will tell me that you don't have a V5. That is not the problem. If you don't have a V5 and you are trying to play a login dependent game we have a solution for you. You can use this dummy code to log in and when you finish the game, just simply press logout. Dummy Login Code: 31906 10011 If you don't have a V5, you can thank me later.
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    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamagotchi-Heart-168-Pet-Game-Keychain-Toy-Playable-Random-Color-2-5-US-Seller/163066553651?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item25f7862533:g:YTgAAOSwPHxa87fK:sc:USPSFirstClass!31904!US!-1&enc=AQAEAAAB0BPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qWwKKlZKsAHgax%2F3ICMdGiFu0CZ4W61WebHFXoupTsBsCUdrf5nbsvD5gf5WB2FuT9cTvKug3ZH46unhLwCOkzZJMAVaKCnMO8ItNY48N05j46kEP5MAfSPP%2Be07jfbOfj8j%2B9ZKoeQJzsKjqhTcedKkw8YQI%2F9UnIBIV13CGZ%2FL%2FBmhCZHUjJeJcX90aGWWYn4ZjJjqr6ng5O0z2QkntShOTTrFZmmClLpnOSCrPrbgIGtoNE7Ojl6GhLaTi6mXVbPBda3ddI0aUkrOtbG0IeItZ0xtOJw1n7QaAcjnVrMQddfOSWyXwkKjOayTzfurqrooCuki6onfShggteMMjLKFRf9pUVxdhX3JvIn0y6gUGOLjoYgkPpz21Cu%2Bc0P2G5T5ggV6w3lYAvADbe5AqTAUZk8ww5JlsBXQwW0%2Bvk5TUKtK%2FxmTiSSd31qZKInoPDdT8xsaiM8sNT3sKCwMIP8hfNbjKoN3QJRk2gHHXbK9dV1a09hT1yuDp1oqJ0SObFCcPRIHKIEpdXf%2FIHPPRyBPzWLbHk5PsLFllmh3E6ZRTeknLx%2Fj5ur69rpT2PC0XLkho9%2BCP%2Bfqbiq3i9jw1HG&checksum=163066553651fb8a5a06dbab46568c1db68d272d2663 name: heart thing type: generic notes: a.k.a bunny rom except it's in a clear heart shell with rubber buttons also, currently screaming in my pillow waiting for the nintendo direct
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    https://imgur.com/a/CJT8Xpr What about the interesting shell on this pet? I'm still waiting for mine to show up in the mail, so I'm pretty ignorant about the program for now.... The packaging says "8" on it, and shows 6 dinosaurs , a turtle and a snail.
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    What do you think of this ad? I think the sheer girlyness chases most people away.
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    A couple pages back I posted a link to a document I've been working on where I'd listed all the known Tamagotchi firmware versions. Previously, the document had basically just copied the version list post I made, but since this turned out looking like a bit of a mess, I've completely remade this part of the document to make everything much nicer to look at. This list is a bit too big to put into a single Tamatalk post now (without making the page really long!) but it now also includes all the known gaps where extra information is needed. You can find it here. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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    With those specific tamas, no data is saved. Just replace the batteries and start over.
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    Disclaimer: All of the following is not information about a new or upcoming product and is just my idea for a new vpet. Introducing the Tomodatchi! The Tomodatchi (coming from the Japanese word for friend, “tomodachi”) is a simple tama with a simple task: get as many friends as possible! There are two versions: Island and Nature. Depending on the version, there are different shells and a different character to befriend on both; Beatchi and Forestchi respectively. At the start of the game, you are introduced to the main/titular character, Tomodatchi. You can choose if they are a boy or girl, but the only real difference is the color (blue or pink). As you evolve into the adult stage, you can build relationships with other tamas- bringing their favorite food/item, playing with them, and the like to raise friend status. To move on to the next generation, you must get at least 5 tamas to the “Best Friend” stage. There are four stages: Stranger, Acquaintance, Friend, and Best Friend, similar to the ON/Meets’ friend levels. Once you’ve befriended five tamas, you can marry, and the process starts again. Depending on how well you did, the difficulty of building a friendship changes; the faster you befriended 5 tamas, the harder the next generation will be, and vice versa for the slower. However, on the next generation, you cannot befriend the same 5 tamas. You “beat” the vpet once you’ve befriended every tamagotchi character- but this is not an easy task, as there are a lot! Once you’ve beaten it, you can choose to start over at a harder difficulty with more characters, letting there be some replayability. Let’s look at the actual vpet and what you can do... This example is a Strawberry Nature shell, but the functions are the same for both versions. There are 5 buttons and a simple color screen, and the device itself is between the size of a Connection and a Tama-Go. The bottom three are for your usual menu scrolling, selecting, and cancelling, but the arrow buttons are for some of the games and to go to different parts of each world to find more tamas. There are two connection sensors- an IR and a NFC. The IR is for Connection-era models to connect, and the NFC is for other Tomodatchis. There is also a hole for a lanyard or keychain. The options are similar to a regular vpet: you have status, eating, bathroom, games, connection, exploring the town, items, and a friend list. There is also another icon, a generation viewer, that lets you see what every generation has befriended so you don’t get confused on if you’ve befriended a tama already. That’s about it for my vpet concept, hope you enjoyed!
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    Another massive update. Edit: On second thought this looks a lot shorter than 1000 words, but there was a lot that was shortened Lol Day 16 With so much disposable GP, it was time to renovate a little bit more and try new things. Yeah, I’m a bad Tamagotchi parent. Day 17 It became Kuchipatchi! This is the teenager stage now. I wonder what the adult will be? I got a Touma Pet, so that’s next. I’m so excited! Going off of the instruction manual, it has a lot of new stuff!! When the Touma hatched I pressed the right side button and this Chain Chomp thing came and ate my Tama then farted it out O_O When I saw this I needed to do a double take. There are a few other little animations that happen when the two extra buttons are pressed. Pressing A causes the Touma to jump. If you get the timing right, you can even make it hit the ceiling and light. Ouch! Making the light flicker Charizard also makes a cameo. I originally posted this as a status update but realized the pic didn't show up Not much to say gameplay wise. It's just a graphically-better QPet with added games and a texting feature. Day 18 Not much. Just basic care. I realized that in the upgraded bedroom the QPet sleeps on a log. Day 19 Kuchipatchi should grow any second now, and so should the Touma. *Later* Only the Touma Pet grew, and it was the one I chose at the beginning. Rambling: (Not to go too off topic, but I hope the Tamagotchi On is popular enough to spark another v-pet fad even if minor. Imagine something similar to the original one, except with some color v-pets! M&D is doing a really good job at improving and I can’t wait to see what they create next. It would be nice to see others attempt the same. I also wonder if it would be possible for another company to rerelease/remake the Tamagezi. I’ve seen newer fakes use shells from JiDan and programming from Apollo, so the idea of others obtaining Tamagezi software isn’t too impossible.) Day 20 Even though Kuchipatchi hasn’t grown, my Touma Pet did, and now it’s an adult! It will be another day before it can marry, just like the QPet. This one takes only 3 stages to become an adult, and since it’s basically a graphically upgraded QPet I’m thinking Kuchipatchi isn’t going to grow. This is really weird, as I could’ve swore it was 4... Oh well. In other news, Touma Pets are now on Aliexpress. Ughhh I should’ve just waited another week 🙃 Day 21 Kuchipatchi got married! And so did the Touma Pet!! The big difference between the Touma and QPet is that in the Touma, the baby can be the same gender as your previous pet. On the other hand, the QPet follows a pattern between them depending on the gender of the first generation. An hour after baby stage, the QPet mutated into Lavuzutchi. What?! Now I’m really curious what it will become. Fingers crossed for Memetchi. Next gen I’d like to get ShimaShimatchi. When the Touma Pet evolves it sort of shakes and then switches immediately into the next stage. No special animation or anything. Day 22 Not much besides playing minigames. The weirdest is Flappy Bird, an 8bit port of the original game. It’s as good as you’d expect, as in, NOT. Somehow I managed to get 24 despite the non-existent physics. (Edit: Now my high score is 84!) The most amazing in concept is the shmup game. Unfortunately, it plays as well as a shmup on a Tamagotchi would... To make it work on a Tamagotchi everything is really laggy and awful. Still, E for effort. Day 23 I got Makiko! I’ve had this evolution line before last year. Nice to confirm these actually have growth patterns, however distorted and abnormal. Day 24 My baby QPet evolved into Kuchipatchi as the toddler/teen stage. I think I’m finally going to get ShimaShimatchi!! (Edit: Nope!) After that happens, I will take a break from QPet and only run Touma until I get busy again. My goal is to get every QPet character eventually. The Touma Pet also got married This time I got a boy, which is the same character except blue. What a disappointment, but I will cut slack because of all the effort that was put into everything else. I discovered a funny graphical glitch that can happen by pressing the C button repeatedly when it sleeps: If this was 2011 someone would probably write a creepypasta about this. A few days ago I also discovered another graphical glitch. I don’t know the correct terminology, but basically a certain line of pixels was repeated down to the bottom of the display for a split second. That was more of a one off thing I guess. Iirc it’s the same method. Maybe it was trying to load the next animation frame but then I interrupted it with button spamming? Day 25 Just more basic care til’ tomorrow when Kuchipatchi will grow. I want a ShimaShimatchi because the sprite for him on mine are different than the ones I’ve seen online iirc. If this is correct, then that means I have an earlier version of the QPet software! I noticed that the QPet's clock is slow. Every time I put fresh batteries in it I always notice this. Right now it is 8:59 but on the QPet it slowed down to 8:53 after 3-ish days or so. This isn’t the first bootleg toy I’ve had problems with. A fake Gyaoppi I’d like to briefly cover runs too fast. One week I had set the time 20 minutes behind on accident, but within a week it was almost 2 hours ahead of real time. Moral of the story: Don’t trust bootleg toys to keep the time... Day 25 Kuchipatchi turned into Mametchi. It would take another week to attempt getting ShimaShimatchi, so I’ll take the batteries out for now. I also went ahead and reset the Touma Pet. I hope it has a save feature 😬 This will be the last post for a while. Later in June, I’ll be back for more and eventually the Nana Moon, even if it technically isn't bootleg. After that, I’ll be out of bootlegs. Oh, and one last thing. Remember how I said the QPet has little icons based on Chinese holidays? Here's what happens when the date is set to 7/1: Silly M&D, we didn’t need to be reminded that this was a Chinese bootleg. In the meantime, more pics: https://postimg.cc/gallery/1yjtch15y/ Also, more drawings Not bootleg but whatevs I'll be hosting fanart on DeviantArt at https://www.deviantart.com/onewinterwish
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    Day 14 Continued The interesting thing about gardening is eventually I could buy the next best seed plus the Rapid Growth serum and it would be more efficient than waiting. Within a matter of minutes I was able complete this goal. The end result was an extra 3000 Gotchipoints, well worth the time and patience for hardly having to do anything. Here’s a tip: Rose seeds cost 1000, Rapid Growth is 250, and the pawn shop pays 2000 for it. At a 750 profit, this is even better than spamming the Work option! After discovering this, I was able to keep repeating it until I had over 10,000 GP. Then it was time for some well deserved rest after all that hard work. Day 15 The QPet is 4, so it can now marry. Here’s what the entire scene looks like: With my new money scheme in play, it is time to rack up even more cash and aim for the best character, assuming this even tracks care. Like mother like... son. Eventually it grew into what it’s supposed to, Ahikurutchi. Huh. Maybe taking good care actually makes it grow normally. I was working on the GIFs for this when it grew so I unfortunately don’t have pics, but it’s basically the same as a normal Tamagotchi growth animation (whenever it actually plays). I’m liking this part so far. The QPet turned out to be really fun even for the simplicity. Hopefully this is making up for the mediocre handwarmer run.
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    Day 13 Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the screen light up and when I picked it up Chamametchi just stood there and turned into Lavuzutchi. There was no special animation or anything, which is disappointing. She should turn into Makiko next, and then Memepetchi. My question: why didn’t the bootleggers just include the oldies? Or better yet, why did they make the toddlers the oldies? Oh well. For extra money I’ve been growing veggies, which can then be sold at the pawn shop. One of my minor goals in this part is to save enough by just growing plants to eventually plant and sell the most expensive one for extra Gotchipoints. What a seedy-looking cashier. This is what it looks and sounds like when a QPet’s batteries are dying: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sn6gifsqyhdmde7/New%20Recording%2012.m4a?dl=0 Day 14 Lavuzutchi is 3 now, so she’s old enough to work. Selecting that will have your QPet working at a construction site, doing some sort of digging, or whatever that is. This is a great way to get Gotchipoints without even trying. Just push the B button every now and then and wrack up enough to get food or even remodeling. After that, I pawned off some apples for 600 Gotchipoints, with a profit of 200. For happiness, I just spam the Park feature until the meter is full. The QPet will only play with other QPets of the opposite gender. Besides that and the lack of non-raisable characters, it’s the same as the one on the real deal. I’m thinking maybe Lavuzutchi will grow tomorrow morning, but I’m not sure. Maybe it will even happen later today. As a question to everyone, what happens when QPets connect? Is it worth getting another one? @Eggiweg Thank you! I’m still getting the hang of this.
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    Love your work
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    Day 10 On no! Dan died after being left alone for too long! Not to worry. Yes, a Tamagotchi with a revive option. That totally doesn’t defeat the purpose of the game. This is the last day so any additional photos taken in the future will be at either of these 2 links: https://postimg.cc/gallery/21dlqs3pi/ https://postimg.cc/gallery/ I did a reset to see if this thing can save your progress. Apparently, it does. I pushed the super-tiny reset button on the front and went through the usual time set, discovering that it wasn’t a hard reset. Soft resetting will only reset your pet’s stats, and if you turned the volume off it will be turned back on. This Tamagotchci does not keep age or Discipline, so you only have to feed it food and snacks and it will be back to normal. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the QPet Quolor. This next portion will cover everything from marriage to birth, growing up, and then death. It might not even take a full week to go through all of that, but we’ll see. Day 11 I got mine last year not too long after they came out. This bootleg interested me because a few years before getting back into Tamagotchis I saw the Tamagezi come and go, and passed every opportunity to get one. By the time I became a fan again, they were all gone! Then suddenly, this entirely new bootleg popped out of nowhere. Is it the same in quality? Not by a long run, but for a bootleg it’s not bad at all. This pet is the first color Tama I’ve seen to feature 2 languages built in. There isn’t nearly as much character dialogue than in an official, but it’s nice being able to have that option. When I put the batteries in, I discovered that it had saved my previous Tamagotchi from my last run. It’s a 5-year-old Ahirukutchi, who had grown from Kinotchi to Mametchi and Kikitchi. Woah. So from my understanding, the first character you pick will be the adult for the first generation, and from then on it’s different. I can’t tell if it actually keeps track of care, but doing the bare minimum might make you get Mametchi. How ironic. And now for one of the most disturbing moments in virtual pet history. Umm, what? Ahurukutchi is a toddler character <____< Anyways... The baby character will always follow a pattern, being the opposite gender of the parent. The name you enter at the beginning will be the same for every single one as long as it doesn’t die or get reset. I usually just take the bare minimum care with the QPet for the first 2 days. Even if the Tama is determined by health, what’s the point if I can just reset and choose? The QPet Quolor omits many of the original Tamagotchi Color features, but there are a few originals in their place. Let’s have a look at the School. This option is available until day 3, where it is replaced with Work. Solve a simple arithmetic problem, and your Tama will become happy. Get it wrong and it becomes shocked. As with most of the new additions, it doesn’t seem do anything except simulate real life. Again with the ToumaPet (can you tell what fake I want to get next?) this feature was also carried over, further proving that M&D also made that. Afterwards, a few hours went by and while I was doing homework it grew into Chamametchi! Day 12 When I checked on Chamametchi this is what was in the living room. The QPet has little holiday decorations like the real one does, except in the QPetthey’re all Chinese holidays. A while ago I found a list that had all of the holidays, but now I can’t find it -__- Go figure. One of the main Tamagotchi Color features that sort of got included was the Happy item quest. The only example I’ve been able to find on the QPet is when there’s a heart-shaped cloud outside But since this thing doesn’t keep track of all the secrets you’ve found, there’s no real incentive to find them all. Additionally, many of the items from the original were removed. Like I said, this is my first Tama log so if I’m doing this wrong let me know. And as always, if there are any comments/questions about what’s currently being ran please comment and I will answer in the next entry.
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    Day 10 On no! Dan died after being left alone for too long! Not to worry. Yes, a Tamagotchi with a revive option. That totally doesn’t defeat the purpose of the game. *Tomorrow is the final day for this fake Tama. Any additional photos taken in the future will be here* Also, I was thinking of getting one of these pen vpets. Not a guarantee, but I’m kind of tempted because the programming is from a rare 90’s multipet. Each pet has their own growth stages and even animation, and it seems really neat.
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    Day 8 Meet Dan. Say hi, Dan! Today I didn’t do much outside of basic care, but I did manage to get one more very special closeup... The Bootleg Log mascot! Day 9 Dan’s happiness dropped by 2 after I left the handwarmer alone for a while. This was a great opportunity to get some snaps of the games. There are 8 in total. In the “A-Watch” thread under Tamagotchi Cousins I linked a video from Ashens (of all people) where he reviewed a bootleg GameBoy. Just about every game on this comes from that system. These games have also appeared on the Touma Pet, another fake Tamagotchi that came out a few weeks ago. But more on that on a later day. My favorite is this bubble dodging game. It’s really frustrating trying to play on such a small screen, but it was mildly addicting trying to score 100. The handwarmer also has the basic Tamagotchi Color games. The weirdest is this game where you have to catch fruit falling from a fighter jet while avoiding bombs. What?! The second weirdest is a game where you have to control a bridge to get the jumping bears across the lava. If one falls in, it’s game over. Poor panda The last one I played was the driving game. It’s a bare bones driving sim that hardly counts as a game. There are no objectives like collecting items or racing. It’s just driving for 100 seconds. The speed can go all the way up to at least 300 kmh, but I can’t stand anything more than the default 100. After that, Dan played in a thunderstorm O_o Oh yeah, and did I mention this thing has a built in pedometer? In order for it to detect steps, you have to hold it sideways and carry it the entire time. I don’t think it’s very accurate. I took, like, 20 steps and it said 80 when I checked it, and this is after I calibrated my height and weight correctly. Like most cheap pedometers, it uses a little metal ball inside that clanks around, so the results are to be expected. One last thing: This time I had the sound on when it happened. It makes all sorts of disgusting noises when it "goes". Well, points for realism I guess 🤢 Also, it makes QPet noises afterwards. Maybe this was a quick cash grab by M&D for the winter season?? Who knows.
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    Day 7 Victory! More closeups! Sunny randomly got sick so I gave her some tea again. Her happiness then went down by 2, so I sent her to the park to play. https://postimg.cc/gallery/37zz8jlja/ It also began to rain. Food for thought: Would this count as cannibalism? Edit: This is the last of Sunny. Tomorrow she will be replaced with Kikitchi.
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    When I woke up there were 3 poops and Sunny got sick from it. This was an easy fix. After cleaning the mess she drank some tea at the morgue from the original Tamagotchi Color. The tea part must be original since I don’t recall any Tamagotchis having a choice besides medicine. Today I put Sunny in her mango costume, which is definitely one of the funnier ones: These things don’t have incentives like growth stages or Gotchi points, so Sunny will be cared for one last day before I show off the other character and some of the games. After 2 days of trying, I finally managed to get a closeup of Sunny: I will try to get one of her in the pineapple costume tomorrow. There are also a few Kikitchi costumes I want to try and snap like the Doraemon costume.
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    Sorry for the delay, I haven’t had the time to continue my log until now. I will be running this handwarmer pet for a week. These don’t have a specific product name, but on Aliexpress they show up under “Handwarmer pet.” If you want to learn more about the programming and the watch version, see the “OK by A-Watch” thread under Tamagotchi Cousins. Day 5 It begins! I chose Ichigotchi and named her Sunny. I didn’t end up having to do much after that besides feeding and cleaning. Hungry and happiness take 2 meals to fill each heart, and there are no penalties for using lots of snacks. There’s also a separate health meter used to measure when the Tamagotchi will die from neglect. Another way to increase happiness is by playing minigames, many of which are similar to those on the new Touma Pet that came out recently. I’m convinced they’re by the same company because of that, which might actually be M&D because of similarities between the QPet Quolor and the other two. The “warm pet” is very easy to care for, but there are also lots of costumes and it’s always nice getting to mix it up. Which costume should Sunny wear next?: • Tomato • Pineapple • Mango Also, if you have any questions then I will answer them in the next entry. Thanks for reading and again, my apologies for the massive delay. •On a different note, the handwarmer function is nice. It heats up quickly and can get very warm. Fortunately, this can be turned off. From my experience the Tamagotchi side of the unit doesn’t get hot from it either. I haven’t tried the power bank function yet, though.
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    Day 4 Same old, same old. This time I had to grind after leaving it alone for a few days; the power meter was almost empty. I mostly played the first minigame again, forming strategies like constantly shooting or doing so in a wave pattern. I also played the third game a few times too, since it’s easy to just mash B when doing something else. This is where things get real. You will want the power bar to be at 100%. After training, head over to the tournament and get ready to fight again! In order to be successful, it’s recommended that you use the tip in the last entry to ensure Vritramon does his special attack, because failing to do so will make it very hard to survive the tournament. The AI is smarter at this point, and will constantly dodge attacks. They won’t do much damage per hit, but it adds up! Either defeat or outlast each opponent to win. If you succeed, that makes only two more tournaments to go, and then the final boss. Yay! Pics: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ykg3osjmnhc5ot3/AABeXHK7xG2hhn7tUiF-toGua?dl=0 Tip: Do not buy/use cheap weapons especially later on. If the spirit unleashed from the weapon dies, so will Vritramon. It’s a really awful mechanic, so be forewarned.
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    Another day, another tournament. Again, apply all the stuff about minigame training from the previous days, and done. I prefer the first minigame, since you’re almost always guaranteed to get $200, as opposed to the other two. The catching one is also okay, and sometimes gives more than $200, but sometimes it only goes to around $100. This is getting so boring T_T Going for 200% doesn’t seem worth it, so I’ll just complete the main game. I really want to see the final boss, and after you beat it you get a special crystal. If it can be used repeatedly (to avoid endless grinding), then I’ll go for it. Tip: How to mega attack: Quickly start pressing B and gradually slow down as the counter goes down, but never stop. If you can pull this off successfully, it will work. Images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9qzxvkjfn4dyccu/AABkF49vUTWTRmKyjHbClbkwa?dl=0
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    @darkmagic616 It is. A lot of the graphics are copied or at least heavily borrowed from those versions. It even has the same RPM screen, and the mechanic where stopping at a certain point on the meter unleashes a more powerful attack. They didn’t change a thing! What an odd knockoff- the case rips off one version and the gameplay rips off another. @MarcoFusion Sorry, but no. Any more drawings will be for this log. Now, if you request a character from stuff I’m currently running (like Crystal Warriors right now), then okay ;D Day 2 Using the reset trick to pause it caused the memory to wipe last time, so I’m at square one. This entry will mostly be pics I wasn’t able to get last time. Pics will cover tournaments 1-2 There are a ton of photos, so here is a link to the PostImg gallery: https://postimg.cc/gallery/1t219npvq/ In the meantime, I will be looking for a better image hosting site and working on day 3’s entry.
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    I know this is kind of off-topic but, if you can draw can you draw Lovesoratchi x Yumemitchi? If you could that would be much appreciated. (Why Yumemitchi x Lovesoratchi you ask? well i think they look so similar. I think they where made for each-other! ^-^ )
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    Based on the instruction manual, this thing seems to be ripping off the Digivice iC x10-x20