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    It depends on the type of evolution; care only affects child-to-teen evolution. Care has no effect on teen-to-adult evolution within the three main family groups (Ura Mame, Ura Meme, and Ura Kuchi). You could give an Ura Young Mametchi horrendous care and it would still evolve into an Ura Mame adult. In the Universal family, it's the opposite. Teen-to-adult evolution in that family is seemingly based on care, and skill points have no effect there at all. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how it works, though (it's tough because the Universal family is very difficult to obtain ). Side tangent: child-to-teen evolution isn't just based on care, it's also based on what the child character is; for example, KuchiTamatchi and Hitodetchi evolve into Kujakutchi and Ura Young Violetchi with sub-par care, but Kuribotchi evolves into them with very good care. Sometimes it's also based on skill points; Kuribotchi and KuchiTamatchi are more likely to evolve into Kometchi and Ura Young Yattatchi with high Spiritual points and three care mistakes. Anyway, I hope I helped
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    Update #2: I wasn't expecting this to happen, but the Tamagotchi gods seemed to want me to try this experiment again, because the CR2025 battery I had on my V4 caused the screen to blank out one day. However, when I took off the cover and slightly adjusted the battery, it turned back on, so I assumed it was just the battery that stopped making contact. However, the same thing happened the next day but when I pushed any button it would make a long beep even though the screen was blank, so it seemed like the battery was still making contact. I panicked and put in a CR2032 battery as soon as possible, because I've heard that the V4 is very glitchy and I think mine is one of the first shell designs released which means that there's even more glitches. It seemed like everything was normal at first until I got to the name screen, and the name was turned into some weird characters and the letter Q. I have an Oyajitchi (the secret character you get when marrying Ojitchi and Otokitchi) and wanted to keep him for a while, but I think I'll marry him off the next time the matchmaker comes, just so I can get rid of that glitchy name. It hurts a little bit because I waited a long time for both my Tamagotchis to become oldies just so I could get him, but oh well. At least I learned my lesson: Never use any other type of battery in a Tamagotchi other than CR2032. There weren't any more glitches after that, however. I think I'll have to ROM-Test that V4 just to make sure that the ROM isn't corrupted. Also, I don't know how, but I forgot to mention something about the V3 that I did my last experiment on: The "character -> item" glitch actually worked, but instead of turning it into item sprites, it turned it to a glitchy pixel pattern that changed every time the Tamagotchi moved on the idle screen. That's actually one of the main reasons I decided to reset it and ROM-Test it.
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    Thank you so much for your help! The descriptive nature of your post worked wonders for learning about Tamas! 😊 I greatly appreciate it 😉
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    Update: I tried this experiment with the same V3 (however, this time with a regular CR2032 battery) and some interesting stuff happened. But first, I have to get out of the way that "tilting" the battery while it was on the "CONNECT" screen did absolutely nothing. If you did it too fast, nothing would happen because the screen had a low refresh rate. Even if you did it at just the right time, it would say "FAIL" on the other one because AFAIK, IR data is transferred at an insanely high speed, so even tilting the battery within 0.5 seconds would cause a lot of data to be missing, which would make the other device display the "FAIL" screen. Now, the interesting stuff: One time, the screen turned off and it played the happy sound (the sound your Tamagotchi makes after winning a game or gaining points.) Another time, it displayed some pixel squares on the screen in the usual glitch pattern but also displayed the "HOW MUCH?" screen you get shown when you want to donate to the Gotchi King and below it, the screen showed 1000 points. That's basically all the interesting stuff that happened. I doubt I'll be doing this experiment again, because I don't want to brick one of my Tamagotchis. (I also took this opportunity to ROM test it, and its ROM version is A3 3. Nothing special or new, but I thought it would be interesting to include.)
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    Ahh, that's awesome! I think there's a few more glitch souvenir sprites that I've not had the time to personally try out myself, as I recall, so they might be an addition for the future. And yeah, I think there must still be a bit of a mystery surrounding the ticket items and souvenirs. I'm wondering if it depends on the ROM version of the device the passwords are entered into?
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    https://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/186883-v3-guide/ So I tried out the codes here and they all worked without needing to use the tickets or be any generation later than first. Strange, since I distinctly remember a few years ago any codes for these souvenirs didn't work for me despite using the correct username. Additionally, I wanted to add that I've uploaded a sheet of the souvenir sprites to TSR and I've credited you for the work you did for the code generator. Let me know if you'd like any changes to the name used or anything else. https://www.spriters-resource.com/lcd_handhelds/tamagotchiconnectionversion3/sheet/128510/
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    This happened to my V2 a few weeks back, although I was using a Duracel CR2032. It made the long beeping noise continuously for what I'd like to say a minute, while there were the infamous 2 black lines across the screen (according to my Dad who was doing all of this). We took the battery back out, popped it back in to see a nice little egg on the screen. I don't think you shouldn't use any other battery compatible with the device besides a CR2032, I think its just because its recommended and known to be used the most.
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    No problem! The V4.5 was my first Tama, so I have a lot of experience with it
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    Hi everyone! I am very new to the Tamagotchi 4.5 and I'm not sure whether or not it grows by care? Every growth chart I look at just has the skill points on it and wiki articles also just reference the skill points. Is that the only influence in this Tama's evolution line or is care still a factor? If you could help, I would really appreciate it 😄.
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    I got the AR T-Rex and I've been running the Jurassic Park Giga Pet for months since I'm dead-set on trying to get it to live longer than 4 days (it always dies as soon as it celebrates its birthday on day 5). I love both. They're both adorable and fun and I think it's kinda unique to have a dinosaur Giga Pet since before they've pretty much just been the standard cat and dog, as well as the monkey, frog, and koala. I like how they kept some bits of the original T-Rex design, but I LOVE the new animations. I know it's just pixels on a screen but it was adorable and endeared it to me. I also like how there were multiple games to choose from. What people were saying on Amazon about it re-starting itself was true though. Unlike those reviewers, who actually had a week with their AR T-Rex, mine restarted itself after about two or three days. The noise was pretty obnoxious and eventually I had to take the batteries out to stop its god-awful ticking noise. The controls when naming it was pretty weird too. It took awhile for me to figure out how to finish naming it without stretching out the name to fill out the allotted character space since I wanted to name it Sue. It was easier to name the pet on the Jurassic Park one, since the controls were more or less the same as the other Giga Pets. Take this with a grain of salt though since my point of comparison is Floppy Frog; my first Giga Pet was the dog and that was over twenty years ago. IMO the app was pretty pointless. I think I'd have liked it more if they could expand it to playing, like, mini-games with the pet or exploring some kind of world with it instead of just playing fetch with it or whatever. I hope they fix the resetting issue because I love the new AR Giga Pets and would love to have one that actually works instead of resetting itself after a couple days. Also, if they could get rid of the ticking noise in the start-up animation, that'd be awesome too.
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    Just bought a gray 20th anniversary ver. Digimon off Amazon! It'll be my first Digimon, but don't worry, I've done my research (including watching Digimon Adventure episodes). Put a couple of my own vpets/tamagotchis up for sale on ebay to make room (and $) for the new arrival.
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    Ettchi evolved! i kind of love the Maskutchi eyes on Tamagyaotchi Kuriten has arrived! we'll see if it can become the Twin Angels next
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    This Reddit post says a Fantasy On might be coming, but the comments link to this tweet. So... what is it? Can we really wait that long?
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    I would highly recommend getting a P's or iD L! They are both great devices and have great features on their own, and if you plan to take the extra step in getting a device that has infrared that can beam downloadable content to your tamagotchi, they're even better! Palm treo phones are probably the cheapest option for downloading content via infrared, they are usually $15-20 used on ebay and all you need is an SD card to use with it. Also, think about what you enjoy in a tamagotchi and see how/if each version caters to that. I would recommend you check out the growth charts for all these versions since they vary a lot. Other than the english patch for the P's and the differing possible characters, the P's and iD L devices are very similar and are both very enjoyable! Both the P's and the iD L have infrared, while the 4U uses NFC. If you already have a device (phone or tablet) with NFC and is compatible with a 4U (use this link and scroll down to find the list of compatible devices, keep in mind it hasn't been updated in a few years), then that may be your best bet. Without added content, the 4U is notoriously "bare-bones" since it was made to be a much simpler tamagotchi so it would have more room for downloaded content of the owner's desire. Unfortunately, not all devices are compatible with such 4U so if you don't already own a compatible device, I would advise against it. As for the meets, I can't speak on that since I don't own one, but it sounds like you're interested in trying out something new and the meets would be the most similar to your mix out of all the devices you're looking into. Anyways, I hope that helped! I hope you enjoy whichever device you get!
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    Ettchi evolved! it looks like i'm going to end up running two Tamagyaotchi at once Tamatenshi is here as well! i might go for Kuriten this time, but i'm not sure yet
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    About the only thing that changes with twins on the Meets/On is that you get to choose which one gets married. As far as I know, it doesn't seem to change anything else.
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    nono, i mean im sure it DIDNt have a port ☺️
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    I wanted to drop a quick update while I have the time. Samus got married to a Minotchi instead of a Universal adult by accident. They had a baby boy (Shane) that evolved into a Mohitamatchi. I'm hoping to get him to evolve an Oniontchi, but I'm worried that the pausing will cause him to also miss training calls. Maybe I'll keep him paused overnight whenever I'm able to run him... I probably won't be able to post for awhile again, but it was nice to make some progress!
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    Well it's sure been a bit, hasn't it? As I expected, I haven't made much progress. There is a little bit to talk about though, so let's start with: V4 The 23rd marked the start of my first weekend with this new job and was the day I first unpaused the Tamas. Samus got married the next day. I intended to marry Samus to another Universal adult, but I hit the wrong button and she got married to a Minotchi instead. They had a son that I named Shane who was on pause with his mom until yesterday. Samus ended up leaving him today and he evolved into a Mohitamatchi. Now I can try evolving him into an Oniontchi, but I'm worried that the pausing will lead to similar issues that I had with Samus (training was too low)... (Mohitamatchi really just 😞, don't they?) V2 Even though I've had no time to run any of my Tamas, I decided to start up my V2 today. I'm not entirely sure why, but I just really wanted to. When I started it up, I was greeted with a baby boy that I had previously named Danny. Danny evolved into a super cute Kinakomotchi! I don't feel like I see a lot of this character, so it was a nice surprise. (I didn't notice this photo was messed up until I downloaded it, so whoops.) Of course there's no Gus news... some things never change. I hope everyone is staying safe! Luckily I don't have to interact with many people in my new job, but I'll admit that I still get a little nervous being out there (mostly because my little brother has a lower immune system and I don't want to bring anything home to him)... It's shocking how many people I saw entering the store over the weekend not coughing into their elbows and touching their faces. Just remember to be aware for your sake and the sake of those around you. I'm not sure when I'll be posting again, so goodbye for now!
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    thank you for reviving one to see the stages! unfortunately it doesnt look like mine. im quite sure it didnt have a seahorse stage, nor a volcano, also it was even more egg shaped, not exactly elliptical like the pink one there. No infrared port either. Man i really hope ididnt hallucinate all of it, it was so cool. I cant remember the first stage, if it was just a round shape or already dinosaur shaped. I bet on the latter tho, because i always looked at the other tamagochi first stages with disappointment... It required a lot of attention, but you could mute the sound i believe.
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    Ettchi evolved, and is no longer yellowish Ghost Jr. has become Marutenshi as well
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    ohhh the imaginado sounds promising! did some urapet come without the antenna? mine didnt have one. Awaiting hopeful!
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    it took me a bit to find an interesting marriage partner, but i ended up going with a cute Tamagyaotchi Ettchi is sort of yellow, for some reason Ghost Jr. is here again i enjoy his opened mouth sprite that is also used for his angry animation, it makes him look like he is furiously spitting
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    Oh i wouldnt be so strict on the date, considering it was an ambulant vendor on a cart (very bootleg) ! late 90 early 00 is more probable! I cannot wait for the pics!
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    I updated my computer and I'm very happy with it, everything is faster. I think it might be because I do connect my Tama to the App and so now I can't apparently connect it to MyMeets. Maybe I'll reset later but I guess MyMeets just isn't going to work for me. :/ Anyway, thank you everyone for the help!
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    Strange. I was just talking about My Akachans/Bobby's in another thread in an attempt to help someone trying to locate their childhood vpet, and then I got 2 blings on my phone from ebay saying two items have been delivered. And it was these. That's a total of 6 Akachan 1's I now own, 3 Bobby's and a few other variants of the Dragotti workings.
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    thanks yall for the responses! Now, i wouldnt put my hand on the fire for the number of buttons, i could be wrong... even the paw/bones on the side i could be wrong about! but the bomb think i cannot be wrong about, of that im sure. I am sure it didnt have a cover, and i do remember it had the writing "tamagotchi" on the front, top. I never seen one of those before, and thus i called it "Tama". It was easy to remember because it was written on it. The shell was one color only, yellow, with no color change near the screen. But the shell is to be considered only if it helps narrow it down. I care not of it. To be fair i only care about the program, and wouldnt bat an eye of it in another shell. I have never once seen the bomb thing anywhere else, nor the spontaneous walks and requests of "hugs", which had an icon reserved to them that lighted up on the menu when he was in the mood for them. I never got to the adult stage, (i was quite young and careless lol), but i remember one of the early stages to gave the dino on its back paws, with eyes quite round, like it had glasses (probably just googly eyes, ) , As for foods i remember a tbone steak and some milk, but not much else. (i wonder how many more details i am forgetting) Such a peculiar program! Im not sure of what it looked like when it slept, would you have some pics of the mega pet awake? In fact i think i could only recognize it by the programming, since i doubt the shell will be of much help, since most of my attention was focused on the little fella more than what was around him. Edit: when i say hugs i mean the 'cuddle' or 'kiss' option, there was no animation of a hug. Also i do remember the shell to be as oval as the tamagotchi shell, in fact i was very surprised of the original legit ones when i bought one, because it was identical in shape, even if the programming was so different, quite the shock XD
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    Bobby Pets are one of my specialties. I admit, the dino idea sounds Bobby-ish, but I've yet to discover a Bobby that uses a bomb as an egg or with functions like what were mentioned. Unless Bobby made sequels, which I doubt, but who knows. These are all the Bobby types I am currently aware of, but they always have 3 buttons, and their functions are mostly identical to a classic Gen 1 and Gen 2 Tamagotchi. And, as you said, it feature Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble on its packaging *(only under the name AKACHAN)* and also as its alert icon. However, the pet itself does not look like them at all. They were also, to my knowledge, never sold as a 9 in 1. I could be wrong, considering how many variants they took on. There are a few more I don't have pictures of at hand. I'm thinking it could have be an Akachan II? Again though, the year 2000 would have been a late lifespan for it... they were also from 1997. But if you're wondering, these are what they look like. However, they do have four buttons. I'm still pretty sure these are not the ones you're looking for either though. These ones ran on the same chip as the Nano Pets. Another option... Did it have a lid on it? If so, could it have been a Virtual Reality Creature T REX DINO. Not all of these have lids. They do have various differnent animals advertised on the packaging... but only has one in the egg. Another option... Mega Pets released a dinosaur with four buttons. ^^^^^ Here's a picture of one sleeping. Does it look familiar? Also, there's the Pocket Dino. Again, though, these are late 90s'... it does have the paw prints up the side of the screen though. Any luck? If not, I have many more options we can narrow it down some more.
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    Hmm... interesting! Now, I'll admit Virtual Pet models (specifically) are not my cup of tea but I think I can help you out! From what you've said, it could sound a bit like the Bobby VPets! Although.. they were sold around the original Tamagotchis hit so I think the 2000 era seems too late for this to be canon. But, there could be a chance this retailer could have carried it for a little while longer. But, I'm not sure about the initial ROM it has, so my guesses could be off. I'm simply just taking from the exterior, how you said it had bones and/or paw prints. You also mentioned how one of the models were grey, but I can't confirm if they Bobby's came in grey.
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    Ginjirotenshi left today well, it's been fun i've been a bit preoccupied with Animal Crossing, but i think i'll be marrying off Mastchi and starting up the Angelgotch again tomorrow, so i should have more to update on then!
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    the Tamagotchi On, the english release of the Meets Mastchi's adult stage! probably the closest i've gotten so far, i don't think i'll have time to propose to Maskutchi again before march ends because Mastchi can't do that directly, but i'm happy with this
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    I hate to post four times in a row, but I really don't have any choice here Kandi's daughter, Hanna, evolved into MizuTamatchi. I got distracted for a bit and her hungry hearts emptied, so it wasn't very surprising. I really wanted her to evolve into Young Dorotchi, so I tried what I did with Debbi a while back. I thought I gave her four care mistakes, but there was one instance where she made a call for empty hungry hearts while her happy hearts were already empty, so I filled her happy hearts just in case. But I must have made a mistake there, because she evolved into Ichigotchi. There was also one instance in which she made a "for no reason" discipline call when her happy hearts were only at one, so I filled one heart before giving her a time-out, but I think that may have been a mistake as well and most likely also had something to do with her evolution. From my experience, a care slip -- filling the hungry/happy hearts when they're only at one heart -- instantly results in an evolution into the "bad care" teens (which is unfair if you ask me). Side tangent: I thought that wasn't the case on the V4.5, but I just had a KuchiTamatchi evolve into Kujakutchi with only three care mistakes, but one instance of a care slip, so it most likely does apply to that version as well. I think I'll marry Erin to a Kuchi adult so I can try again. She evolved into Memetchi this morning
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    Yes probably. But apparently the tamagotchi some can't connect to the app. I dont really understand the logic... and well each country has his own bandai branch...
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    What happened with mine was the same, but now my Magical Meets works perfectly! There has only ever been 1 error connecting it to my laptop, and every other time its worked like magic. But, with what your saying I'm thinking you don't have Bluetooth Low-Energy support. Granted, I know very little about Bluetooth, but downloading the application doesn't effect anything to do with Bluetooth. Once you get to the screen when it shows you what you want and how to get to the corresponding menu, its enabled as soon as you click connect. So, if there's an option on your computer to see what your energy support is like, double check it. If you want to bypass this, you could always buy a Bluetooth Dongle. You'll be able to get them in most computing stores near you. If this isn't the case, you can buy them from Ebay and Amazon, linked here. Granted, they are quite pricey depending on how frequently you are going to be connecting, but it does all of the work. You also mentioned about both computers of yours having Windows 10, and that's a requirement. But it also states that it needs 'Windows 10 FULLY UPDATED' to function. So, if you haven't done so already make sure to update your computer(s) before proceeding. Lastly, due to Bandai being difficult (honestly!) they have stopped connections between non-'licensed' applications to do with ONs or Meets. By this, its impossible for you to have one device and connect them both to each platform. Bandai (if I'm correct) will stop you being able to pair your Tamagotchi to both. So, if you use or have used the app, then this may be the culprit.
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    These are not all from today, but over the past week! 2 Japanese Angels, a Morino (which I have wanted since I was little!!), A handpainted Japanese Angel, a Peacock v4.5 (my holy grail for the v4.5 along with the globe set which is being shipped to me!!!!), And some Tamagotchi sticker sheets and a Morino trading card #109, which is not only my fave Tama but my lucky number that I have a tattoo of 😊 I also have a Magic Purple On coming to my house this week which I'm so ezcited about! Been a Connection girl for like 15 years lol, excited to finally have a color tama
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    The nanos can't actually link to the IDLs, they were marketed as a keychain-type accessory for the IDLs. Also unfortunately, the IDL can only connect to the ID, IDL and Ps units and can't connect to the 4U or meets.
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    Oh nice - right when I thought that things had gone quiet with these! I'm still hoping that they'll actually release the Giga Pets AR penguin that they teased before, too.
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    Ok here's what I got. I brought the pink one to life, like I said I would. I forgot how much I loved this pet. This was one of my favourites as a kid. Also, fun fact... it was the last one I ever had active in the 90s. After this one, I didn't bring another to life until 2010. This pet, upon bringing it to life, I can now say this. He is NOT born from an egg, but he's also not born from a bomb. He's born from what looks like a volcano. It begins life as a Seahorse creature, and has mostly the same functions as the original Tamagotchi. When I brought this to life, the first thing on the screen was the memory of when it died in 1999. So it has a memory inside it. I'm going to share a short video of its life in baby stage shortly, so feel free to watch that too. But I'm going to let him live his whole life out to photograph his later stages of aging.Do you recognise any of this yet? I must admit, I didn't see anything for hugs or travelling for walks and bringing back gifts... its mostly a very high quality Tamagotchi gen 1 and 2 clone. If this isn't the same one you're looking for, I'm probably going to make a thread hunting more of these down myself. They are really good ones.
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    The 4u is really basic. I love the on, and i find the 4u a little bit limited. Sadly it's all i can say since i dont played with other color tama.
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    I would not actually recommend bending the battery contact.... get a piece of art foam and cut it to size. Then put it on top of the battery and close it up. I had to do this with one of mine. Be sure to make sure it’s is a cr2032, not a cr2025. They both work, but 25 is thinner and will be used more quickly due to charge imput.
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    Hope everyone is doing well during these hard times.
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    I think bandai plans to release worldwide. The thing is that they can't for the moment. If you go to bandai america webside ans check the retailers, you will see that all of them have problems to keep all the références in stock. They just cant supply the usa, Canada, japan, and corea. And the rest of the world too. Because the tamafans in france for exemple, already got the on and the meets. ( and mix, ps etc...) as you can see, one ou two days ago, they release new contents on the app with the challenge section. That shows that bandai plans the on for many years. They have annonced a big news for fall 2020. So maybe the release of an american fantasy as shown at the New York toy fair. Concerning the fact that they are afraid of the on vampirising the sell of reeditions: no bandai said that the strategy was to call back the fans of the original that are now in they're 30, so that they can make discover tamagotchi to they're child. The proof is that the last reeditions of the 90's models wasn't release in europe. They release them in north america, where they sell the on too. Concerning the language: no. The on box already contain some french. And they lost time to release tamagotchi some in korea, a tamagotchi only for south korea? Is it really a good idea? They could patch it in chinese and sell it to more people, or on spanish for spain and a lot of south american country... in europe we always got english tamagotchi, and if one day they release the on in europe, they surely just choose the english version as usual.
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    Do you mean the 12:00 AM animation where the parent wakes up, turns on the light and leaves the baby? That's present on most tamagotchi connection models.
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    Hi, if anyone is interested in keeping up with my Tamagotchi Life Cycles, I now have a special page on my website. You can view it here: TAMAGOTCHI LIFE CYCLES. It displays life cycles of my Tamagotchi's in small paragraphs, like a documentation. It begins in MARCH 2020, as I have trouble backlogging these from the past 23 years. So enjoy what's happening now!
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    Thought I'd add to this: you can also obtain jewellery via 'Bumping' with another device. If you go to the treasure chest, you'll find that you can't get some of them. Thats because they are online exclusive!
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    ☆ Welcome to my Tama Log! There's no pictures (due to some technical issues), but I hope you can enjoy! ☆ 24th March: New Generation! I forgot to update this, better update. Gen 7, Magaketchi got married to Maskutchi. And so Magiskutchi was born this morning! Currently it's a purple Hoshipontchi with Maskutchi ears, I'm hoping it doesn't grow up to have the Korobattchi body, I'm sick of it now... I basically bought a whole ton of food until my inventory was full and unlocked the salon! Now I'm waiting until I can get my new Tamagotchi (my godmother is getting it for me! ) so I can unlock the final location on my Magic Purple, the Sports Plaza. Current Stats ☟ Generation: 8 Age: 0 Y/O Evolution Stage: Toddler ✰ Rose ✰
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    I'm glad to help! I think that the dolls here look considerably more goofy than the ones in real-life, I must admit, but it's fun seeing it get a nod here. I was first introduced to Hinamatsuri by its appearance in an episode of the Pokemon anime back in the late 1990s, myself.
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    It's probably something I've done wrong - I think there might be extra information encoded into the password that I haven't accounted for. I think the character ID is supposed to go in there somewhere - probably in place of the random byte. As for the parent password, it's curious that you had to type several passwords in before it worked. I guess, as you say, that this is to do with the fact that you hadn't viewed the "Password for PC!!" thing first, but it definitely requires some investigation. --- So I've been continuing to experiment with various password types and it seems as though the V4 login and logout passwords use a similar checksum to the item passwords, but instead of adding each byte of the "base" password it adds each hexidecimal character of the "base" password (obtained after removing the pattern information and the username). Logout passwords seem to change one digit according to how much money you are to take back from Tamatown, and one binary digit is flipped, too, before recalculating the checksum and reapplying the pattern and username variables. However, in practice, logout passwords I've attempted to generate have not worked so far. Either the pattern of the logout needs to be something very specific with relation to the login password, or my calculator has a mistake in it, or these passwords have more information I've not yet accounted for. I'm hoping it's not the latter due to how infrequently valid pairs of login and logout passwords appear online (I've only managed to find one pair so far, so any old logout passwords you might have would be appreciated, though I understand many people won't still own these passwords because they're basically useless). --- EDIT: Okay, I think I've found the problem with travel passwords. And possibly parent passwords too? It seems like the random component of the travel items are instead replaced with the numbers 129, 130, 131, 132 or 133 depending on the item. Not really sure why, but it's simple enough. As for parent / grandparent items, these ones I've observed to use either 1 or 65, which might just be a coincidence. Interestingly the fact that the travel passwords require the numbers I listed above - an arithmetic progression - is part of the reason why some of the passwords I observed in my very first post on this topic formed an arithmetic progression!
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    Yes, hypergotchi. I've heard of the trick, but it brings you back to 1st generation and a new member, and it leaves the character of your tama that died in the history file.