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    Something about the winter season always gets be super nostalgic for Tamagotchi. Probably has to do with getting most of my first few tamas around this time. Despite not really being around for years now, I'm really happy to see how many people are still around the site
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    Oh my gosh. Some of the genes on these things are super hard to get rid of. My first run on the Meets I was stuck with that ninja mask for like 10 generations. It was crazy! I was mildly happy when it died so I could try again LOL
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    Oh all the languages are there, there accessed by flashvars. it seems- it loads a locale file *.ace? not sure what the format is but it looks zlib-compressed in mmog.cebd we have them defined here: <lang> <!-- Path of the one .ace file to load --> <!-- :: Values :: --> <!-- relative path, root is the project's bin folder --> <!-- You will need to replace the ${lang} token by the current language at runtime. --> <var name="localization_section_path" value="config/ace/resource/#lang#/localization_section.ace"/> <!-- Path of ace files to load --> <!-- :: Values :: --> <!-- relative path, root is the project's bin folder --> <var name="available" value="de,en,es,fr,nl,pl,pt,ru"/> <var name="default" value="en"/> <var name="de" value="config/loc/de/"/> <var name="en" value="config/loc/en/"/> <var name="es" value="config/loc/es/"/> <var name="fr" value="config/loc/fr/"/> <var name="it" value="config/loc/it/"/> <var name="nl" value="config/loc/nl/"/> <var name="pl" value="config/loc/pl/"/> <var name="pt" value="config/loc/pt/"/> <var name="ru" value="config/loc/ru/"/> <var name="debug" value="${debug.localization}" /> </lang> basically you just pass "lang=<language "name">" to flashvars and it loads with that some of you may have noticed theres an italian language thats defined but not avalible- i was curious so i edited the config to add it to the list and *this happened* anyway i addded a language selector to the site famita.ml/friends for easy usage .
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    Before we get into the update. I had to change the batteries in my ON Friday November 15th. My ON's volume was turned off and the brightness at the lowest level regular Duracell AAA's are still whats being used.
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    I've fixed the title of your post and merged the second post that you made with your first. If you check the bottom-left corner of your posts, you will see that an Edit option is available for 24 hours after you post a message - this allows you to fix any mistakes that you might've made when writing it, or to add extra information that you might've forgotten about, which will save you from having to make multiple posts at once. Other than that, iTamannadi's got you covered here! Though I would add that fundamental operations like this are covered in the instructions that came with the device - they're not just about battery-safety notices.
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    Can you please provide what version is it? I will assume it’s one of the newer versions, simply pressing A until you reach the third icon (toilet) and then B to clean your tama. A = scrolling/chossing icon B = slecet/confirming C = caneling Hope this helps.
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    I haven't logged in here in forever! Hi everyone ❤️
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    There is a theory that how you care for your tama influences what genes it will inherit from it's parents. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11EbVpKE5ZP7vjd5ro2rDZB-D78wxJvrZ/view
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    I really only have very minor damage at very littlelest details. I don't want to paint a whole shell. This is an example, what i want to repaint: (Say hi, to Ningyotchi❤️) You see, extremely minor scratch in the painting and my other tamas has similar minor damages. Using sandpaper seems not like a good idea unless i want to completely do a custom shell design... I think i can risk trying gundam markers. If the worst is, that they might faint, no problem. I think i have to free the tama surface from grease first, but i want to do it very gently. What could it use for that?
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    Ordered an ID, a 4U, a Mesutchi and an Osutchi. My collection is finally starting to shape up The ID/4U will be my first ever colour screen tamas!
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    I have bought from HobbyLink Japan many times - mostly for video game-related items, but it was also there that I imported my Tamagotchi Meets from. I've always had excellent, reliable service from them.
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    You can't reverse a colour change unfortunately, but you can change it back to a similar colour.
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    Yep, programming is pretty much the same with the exception that feeding your tama too many snacks can kill them.
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    Is this the same for newer model? (I am assuming yes.)
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    Okay now for the update! I decided to change the color to white for my little boy. This is what the screen background looks like when you don't vacuum for a few days. Normally I get vacuuming and give my Tama a bath first thing in the morning. I guess I missed a few days without realizing it.
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    10 gens... I would of gotten fed up sooner lol. I kind of wish I just let my tama die instead of resetting but I wanted to play again straight away. I kept getting ghost bodies.
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    Hi all I am currently running my pastel meets, my first marriage was to a ghost which i thought was adorable and lucky since someone accepted my lovelitchi proposal. However they are beyond adorable now as I have married other tamas to get cute genes and every tama i've had have come out as ghosts. I get hopeful in child and teen stage since I usually get the other parent's genes but as soon as it evolves into adult stage I end up with a ghost. I'm really fed up with the ghost genes now especially since i've been trying to get pumpkin genes or now at this point any other genes. Please see some off my failed attempts in order of marriage https://i.imgur.com/p0mKjNz.jpg https://i.imgur.com/6yn4ILz.jpg https://i.imgur.com/rQ1Xano.jpg https://i.imgur.com/9CaV0kA.jpg https://i.imgur.com/xPVIj1m.jpg I just married this cute tama so hopefully different genes... Do you think my tama is glitched or am I just unlucky and keep getting the same genes all the time. It's to the point where I want to reset my pastel meets and i don't want to use mymeets since I use the meets app. Any suggestions or help?
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    This would be such a neat idea!!! I would love a tama that followed me around and asked me how my day was going LOL it would be so much more interactive!
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    I think my Tamago's are the least played, primarily because of how bulky they are. But the little character pieces were what attracted me to adding it to the collection. I mostly set them all up on display and rarely play it. I also dislike one of the first faceplates that didn't protect the center screen since I was always worried something might scratch it 😕
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    I ended up resetting since I tried not caring for it and it still turned out to be a ghost
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    https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Zuccitchi Zuccitchi sleeps at 11pm and wakes at 11am. The 'worse' the character is (obtained through worse care on the evolution chart), the more needy they are and the shorter their lifespan. They also get needier as they age.
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    That's a pretty neat idea there. Given Tamagotchi's popularity over in Japan, I wouldn't be surprised if we eventually get something similar somewhere down the line. Holograms might be a while off yet, but I could definitely see some kind of VR experience being a not so distant possibility. Oh, and welcome to the forums!
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    Good luck with getting Hashizotchi on your next run!
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    Yes It is a gen 2 and thank you I will feed it less snacks next time!
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    Thank you @Eggiweg. Following the theory I guess I care for my tamas too much as I try not to let the happiness drop below green or the hunger drop too low either.
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    Hi and welcome to TamaTalk! I've moved this to Help for Tamagotchi Owners, as it appears to be a question about raising methods, rather than a diary of progress with a virtual pet. Which version of Tamagotchi are you running? I'm guessing a Gen 2 (also dubbed by fans as a "P2"), but due to some slight changes to the modern re-issue of this version (namely the consequences of feeding snacks), the methods that were written for the 1997 version of this device may not work quite the same on the remake that can be newly bought now.
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    Thank you! Yeah, I decided to just buy a new one instead. I did try and take it apart which I was able to get the sound to work! But no luck with the screen even though I tried cleaning it carefully! It's very adorable though! I'm excited for my new one to come in!
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    It outlived the battery, a brand new energizer. Atleast now I free from this undying curse.
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    Oof, quick update! I'm terribly sorry for temporarily disappearing. I actually stopped running the Meets for a couple of weeks now due to exams and I wasn't planning on getting to the next generation during that time. Instead of keeping the tama on, I decided to remove the batteries to save it as well. I should be back and available after the 19th or so 😞
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    We begin this update with a little cutscene I've been getting since the start of November and of course my little boys marriage to Cherritchi and their son. Their son met the Eco Triplets on November 10th and got the Eco Fork. The Eco Fork discounts all food items (Meals and Snacks) including the restaurant and all food that can be bought at the shops in the different locations within the Tamagotchi toy. My first set of twins in a few generations and they grew up to be really cute! I think those little nubs on the sides of their heads are a kind of stem for Violetichi's flowers. They kind of look like tiny cat ears.
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    Days 8-9: I kept helping arata's guts points for his kindness stats, I find the card and hammer games to be my pick for quick full happiness hearts, the next day he evolved to Kuchipatchi. Am willing to keep him far far away from the matchmaker as possible. Days 10-12: Been resisting the urge to send him to the matchmaker, it's been easier to just not accept the offer then to crack under pressure from waiting for a long time.
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    Hi all I was curious if anyone has bought from them here? If you have please share how your experience went.
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    You can apply a primer coat before painting if you're having trouble getting the paint to stick.
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    I have the same model too! The animations are super cute. No idea about your touch screen situation, but it's probably be cheaper to buy another unit than find a new screen to replace it with. You could try opening it up, cleaning the contacts and seeing if anything is loose?
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    @KidRetro64 already mentioned this on their profile, but this is what Bandai Namco US posted on Twitter before the weekend. It’s to celebrate Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary. Hope it comes to Europe as well. Would be a bit disappointing if it was just yet another Tamagotchi Nano version (with Pac-Man instead of Gudetama or Eevee), but either way, I am very excited for its unveiling! Come to think of it, the Tamagotchi Mame Game hardware was used for Pac-Man once.
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    YESSS!!! the friends is one of my least favorites!
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    The tamagotchi on must be doing well for bandai to consider this release,, hoping we get more English releases in the future https://imgur.com/aHgmwY8
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    I hope I'm not too late in replying to this, but I found this topic incredibly interesting. Here are some things I've liked from previous iterations (some of which people have already mentioned): - More gender-neutral designs: Today it's so obviously targeted towards young girls and it sucks that boys (or other people who just aren't into super girly things) can't carry a current one that isn't super feminine. I think the constant rainbows, hearts, and glitter is driving away a lot of possible consumers. - Weird/Ugly-looking creatures: I feel like a lot of the new designs look waaaaay too similar. So many of them have giant heads, sparkly eyes, and cute, poofy hair/fur. I feel like we don't need them to look super humanoid, I want more weird ones like these again. Give me something that has to slither or roll around instead of walking, you know? - Secret characters: I love the addition of "genetics" that they implemented in the Tamagotchi ON because of the nearly endless possibilities it brings in how your Tamagotchi can look generation after generation. However, I miss having the possibility of a wildcard character to randomly appear, or having to reach an extreme goal of some sort to get something really cool. I think it makes things way more interesting in general.
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    From the old tamas I miss the skills in the V4 & V4.5 I personally believe it was one of the best features bandai offered, because you can determine what tamagotchi you can get and what job you can go to based on these skills! and actually kind of build a personality/character for your tama! for the current models I LOVE that you are now able to mix your tamagotchi and mess with the genes to make your dream tama 💙
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    ABSOLUTE DISASTER STRUCK!! My Chocolate Argyle V4.5 reset for no reason at all! I had gotten to Generation 18 and never had a Tama die on it since I started it up again two-and-a-half years ago 😢
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    Well, that didn't work. Their children both evolved into Hitodetchi, and today, they both evolved into Crackertchi.
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    I have had the most exhausting 2 weeks since a while now ... i have been so sick, my doctor thought i just had a cold but apparently by the second week he realized i need antibiotics because i have bronchitis 😐 this night i finally had a sleep of at least 4 hours straight without coughing which is such a huge relief. also i haven't been at work since a while now so it's kinda stressing me out..but at least looks like i'm actually getting better! ^^ hope you all had a better week than me, also @chiiruchan i hope you are getting well and better after your surgery ♥ and i hope you have a great week everyone