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    One of the twins got married this morning They always look so precious when they sleep as babies Then they grew up into toddlers @321Boom, this picture is for you LOL
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    Hello, and welcome to my Morino log! Now, I REALLY like bugs, ESPECIALLY Stag Beetles, or really anything with a horn/pincer. I also just like most bugs in general. After finding a Tamagotchi thats ALL about bugs, I knew I had to get it. The only thing that comes this close to my love of bugs is Fish. In this log, I plan to: Run the Polka Dot egg to get a feel for how this Tamagotchi plays. Run the White egg several times after the Polka Dot egg, and see who I get. Discuss how I got specific outcomes to the best of my ability. Talk about new features the Morino has, and differences it has from other vintage Tamas the best I can. With introductions out of the way, I hope you all enjoy this log of the Japan exclusive, Morino Tamagotch!
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    Marriage between the meets and on is possible, you just wont be able to exchange items
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    You will be able to visit/play and marry them. Unfortunately, exchanging items is impossible!
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    Alright, so I put the batteries in and turned it on. I decided to go with the Polka dot egg, which will always result in getting Kabutotchi. After about 5 minutes or so, he hatched! ...Just to fall asleep. I swiftly turned out the lights, and now he's just sleeping soundly. It's 10:11 PM as I write this, and I'm contemplating changing the clock on my Tama so I can play with it some more tonight, although I'm not 100% sure I want to do so. If I do, expect to see another post later tonight with my progress on Kabutotchi!
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    Thank you for the wonderful tips, these will be very helpful to any new Tamagotchi On owner Just wanted to share a guide that I found to be very helpful for unlocking all of the different locations: *Note: for Unlocking Gourmet Street (FoodTown in USA versions), if you eat the Rice Omelet five times in a row, your tamagotchi will turn orange. When it turns orange there is a possibility that the orange gene will pass on to your children if your Tama is an adult. So be careful if you don't want a long line of orange tamas lol. *Tip for unlocking the Beauty Salon: Feed your toddler one color changing food (recommend Lemon Pie: Restaurant Snack) four times in a row before it grows into a teenager. Then feed the teenager the fifth of that same food. Then feed the teenager another color-changing food (recommend Rice Omelet: Restaurant Meal) five times in a row. This will successfully change the teenager's color twice (Can be hard otherwise to get both color changes in during teen). This way, you don't have to worry about your adult staying a weird color and passing that along to the kids lol. I recommend Lemon pie and Rice Omelet because they are both found at the restaurant and are easily obtained *Additionally, if you have a friend with a Tamagotchi On that already has all of these locations unlocked, that friend can automatically unlock the locations on your tamagotchi by selecting Connection > Tamagotchi > Travel > Invite. Do this for each location. The guide can be found at https://tamatown.com/guides/Meets/ The creator of the guide is SamTheGreat (@Sammytchi_827)
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    One of the twins just had a dream. Flying through the sky on his bed being showered with gifts
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    the twins have evolved! these colors remind me of fruity candies
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    Firstly thank you for reading my Log ! Please let me know if you would like me to do anything particular ect. Today I decided to run the tamagotchi on magic version. I continued on from where i was last time because i remembered that i had adults so i can still have the generation link. So i never know what to do about naming the tama because its not as easy to know whether its a girl or boy , and even though i used the mymeets app i still cant remember - woops ! It has now called to me for the second dose of medication so hopefully it will be evolving pretty soon ! I will update when it evolves !
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    At around 10:15PM, something finally happened! My Tama turned into a cocoon! So, I kept him with me all day, but I never heard the music that plays when a Tama evolves. The sound on this has been pretty low as well, and it's really bugging me. I don't know if its a battery problem, a problem with my unit, or some other third thing. In my next run I'll replace the batteries just to be safe, and hopefully that fixes it. When your Tama turns into a cocoon, the status screen shows this instead of the usual meters, age, and weight: The Temperature Screen! Pushing the A button changes which way the arrow is facing, and the other 2 buttons just take you back to your cocoon. My theory is that over time, it slowly gets hotter or colder (depending on where the arrow is facing), and you have to check in every few hours to make sure it doesnt get TOO hot or cold. I always thought you'd push the B button and it would change instantly, but I guess I was wrong Since this is the polka dot egg, we're destined to get Kabutotchi within the next 24 hours. I wont spend too much time with Kabutotchi, as much as I love Rhino Beetles, I really want to see the other Tamas in this version! I'll stick with Kabutotchi for a bit to document what hes like and stuff, but after a few days, I'll either get more lax when it comes to taking care of him, or just reset, idk yet. Welp, I'll see you guys when Kabutotchi emerges from his cocoon!
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    In this topic i'm just gonna link tmgc's by JD just for people to see. Here is a Spanish one with a laser pen: https://www.tradesparq.com/products/1134978/Handheld-electronic-toy-manufacturers A Familitchi ( named as "Tamagotcha Familitcha" ) with a lanyard: https://www.tradesparq.com/products/1134974/pocket-pets-toys-manufacturers A spanish V3 with a laser penand lanyard: https://www.tradesparq.com/products/1134959/pocket-pets-toys-manufacturers A "Honey Lover" V4 ( TamagoChu? ) :https://www.tradesparq.com/products/1134949/perfect-pet-toy-manufacturers A bit out of topic but I think I actually found a real Familitchi: https://www.tradesparq.com/products/1134966/digital-handheld-game-electronic-pet-manufacturers That's all for now! EDIT: A Fake School?! :https://www.tradesparq.com/products/1134974/pocket-pets-toys-manufacturers
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    Grantchi and Duckitchi's child stage!
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    65?!?!? yeah I smell his penguins
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    Marintchi's creep-faced Makimotchi had a baby with a super cute Harapparatchi and of course it has a creep face too. Maybe someday I will have the patience to wait for a tama pet other than Doyakentchi to show up. Much to my dismay, Marintchi's adult form is exactly the same as his father's, even down to the color (his dad was only orange because I changed his color myself). Ugh, he's still adorable though, dang it. I gave him a pan and he got super excited about it. Oh yeah, and I changed his room. I don't really like it and will definitely change it soon. Since I'm pretty much over his Marintchi's look, I had him put on his Sunday best and we headed straight to the app to see if any ladies wanted to get married. He got 5 proposals, it was quite the confidence booster. So he tried proposing to some ladies who were a bit out of his league and was rejected each time. Poor guy. Just as I was about to exit the app and head to bed, Marintchi received a 6th proposal and I decided to go all the way. I had to stay up an extra hour but it was worth it. Probably. Marintchi and his ninja wife had a girl. Will she look just like her dad and grandpa? If not, will the Lovelitchi ears finally drop off too? I'll introduce her in my next post and we'll soon find out!
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    Saw another one of Mitatchi's offspring. They actually look super cute with the lovelitchi ears
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    The twins grew up today! They kept the Jellytchi body but, as suspected, the infamous teenage red has disappeared as always lol There are absolutely no Kuromametchi genes here anymore and they still love the ball as their favorite item And, as normal, one twin kicks the other with the ball hahahah
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    The picture of the twins with their parents is so cute, I love how they all barely fit at the table haha
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    57!!! On the lookout also!!! (not that we can do anything to stop her lol).
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    As expected, not much happened today. He got attacked once earlier in the day, but sadly I forgot to check the time. And then he got attacked at around 11:14PM apparently, because next time I checked my Tama, he looked like this! I've heard that if you don't react to a predator fast enough, your Tama will end up in bandages, and I'm 95% sure that's what happened here, sadly. Funny thing is, I don't remember hearing him getting attacked. Perhaps the batteries in this Tama are getting so low that the volume is getting quiet, or my hearing is just bad, could go either way lol. If anything, at least I got to take a picture of what it looks like so that I can share it with this log! Other than that, I never let his leaves drop below 1, and was just an uneventful day overall tbh. Oh, and it seems like hes been losing his hunger faster than before, it's been so slight that I think its just my brain playing tricks with me, but I swear his meter is going down faster and faster... Well, guess I could take this time to talk about another feature of this Tama... Multiple Food Choices! Normally (and to my knowledge) Vintage Tamas only have 2 food choices: One that fills up hunger & weight, and one that fills happiness & a lot of weight. This one (albeit not shown in the picture provided) has up to 4 different food options, some of which change throughout the day, and others that are only accessible with certain outcomes! The leaf increases your food meter, as well as your weight by 1. But the other option (which changes throughout the day) raises your food hunger by 1, and weight by 2. Fatter Tamas are considered healthier in this version, so its best to go with the second option rather than the leaf since the game lowers your weight by 1, essentially making the leaf useless. Once I learn more about the food, I'll go more in depth about it and how it works, but for now I figured I'd go ahead and mention it since today has been slow, and it gives me something to write about Tomorrow will most likely be as slow as today, and since I don't think he'll go into a cocoon by tomorrows end, and I don't think there's any other features I can talk about about at the moment, there may or may not be a post tomorrow. If anything happens with my Tama, I'll see you guys tomorrow. And if nothing happens tomorrow, I'll see you whenever something does happen
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    I actually didn't notice this at first but the two twins switched colors. The one that had a white head is now red and vice versa
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    I was pretty busy today so I left the twins with their parents. Checked in on them and they were eating dinner together Then after they came home, they grew into teenagers it's hilarious.. the teenagers always have a red feature that disappears in adulthood lol
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    Found a marriage partner today Got lucky and had two lovely twin girls, I actually love getting twins They always look so sad at the start but then they cheer up after a bit spending some time with Mitatchi until he has to go but they cheer up again later on and they have a normal rest of the day with their regular twin antics such as tossing bathtubs on the other one and sneaking off to go to the pool while the other is asleep LOL
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    The late reply is no problem at all! Just to be sure, has the device seen any drops or other similar impacts? If not, it seems that the best bet would be to contact the manufacturer, Bandai, as they would be in the best position to advise.
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    I went on the app but didn't really see anyone I was interested in having Mitatchi marry but I did accept a proposal from someone and didn't take an egg home Then that person came back on the app right after to show me they got twins I thought that was pretty cool that they came back to say hi and give me ten likes lol Also Mitatchi had a playdate with my friend's new junior pancake lol
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    It's so nice to be back! I'm glad I kept a record of my collection, because I had to sell it and now I know exactly which ones I need to rebuild my collection. Just ordered 3 Keitai (ichigo, apples, and white) and my favorite V3 shell design (Constellations). Super excited to start fresh!
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    From an amateur web designer's point of view, I can understand why it was missed or ignored. Depending on how you stylize a page it may not format correctly on different screen sizes or resolutions. A good example was a page I was making for a friend. It only looked proper when the screen was 1920x1080 and if you didn't resize the browser window at all. As soon as one of these things happened, the whole thing broke I can only assume that this is a similar thing, but its so small it may not even have been brought to their attention.
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    Mitatchi grew into an adult today, looks exactly like his mom but with some sort of adorable taffy apple on his head lol.. As suspected, the teenager bright red went away lol His favorite toy is STILL the treadmill which is really odd because there haven't been visible Kuromametchi genes for like 4 generations or so. Kinda makes me think that jellytchi genes like the treadmill as well (which is hilarious because they don't have legs LOL)
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    For what it's worth, the unit resetting if it's jolted is most likely due to the battery contacts having been flattened either due to long-term use or due to old batteries being left in the unit for a long time. This can usually be remedied by using a very small flat-head screwdriver to VERY carefully bend the contacts up towards you a little bit. It's the first thing that I do with old or used virtual pets. It can't bring the data back (unfortunately, I don't think that anything can), but it might help to prevent it from being lost again.
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    Welp, I'm back. It's been many years since I joined Tamatalk (under a different name) and several since I last visited. Aside from a brief stint with a Tamagotchi Gudetama, I haven't been a tama mama in quite some time, but I recently received a Magic Tamagotchi On as a gift and I've been having a lot of fun with it. I especially love the large variety of tamas and the excitement of waiting to see what they look like as they grow. Evolution happens so quickly with the Tamagotchi On, I thought keeping a log would be a great way to remember all of my babies. I got my Tama-On June 25th and I'm now on generation 3. I have just a few photos from the first two generations so as soon as I remember how to post photos properly, I'll do a single post for each generation and go from there. Yay!
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    hahaha I have no idea but it's absolutely hilarious
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    Same. I kind of hate them but also... I definitely love them.
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    Here's a picture of my 20th Anniversary Mini and Pac-Man Nano together. As noted in my previous post, the Pac-Man Tamagotchi is one of my all-time favourites, but so is the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini - it was the one that got me back into the hobby and brought me to TamaTalk.
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    Hello, I was considering getting a Sweets Meets and wanted to ask if anyone here has any experience with both a Tamagotchi On (USA) and a Tamagotchi Meets (Japan). Are the two able to connect and marry, send along items, etc? Thanks
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    The cherry blossoms animation shown on the PDF are from the mix- the on/meets have a different animation but still have a cherry blossom tree in both animations, i tested that one too I don't think they got rid of all the animations, just a few (eg koinobori and june bride) but the ones they kept have been changed Edit: they've also added new animations in, which i think replaced the ones removed (eg rock concert and surfboard + pool)
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    61!!! (more bouncers and robots to protect this streak!! xD)
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    I'm running my Pac-Man Tamagotchi again, now, too! I think that the close-ups on this version are really cute. I also like how, if you play the games perfectly, you'll see your Tamagotchi alongside Pac-Man, and then get a reproduction of an intermission scene from the original Pac-Man - it's adorable! (And if you fail at the games, you'll see and hear the iconic Pac-Man death, and then get a Game Over screen, instead!) This is the only Nano that I have right now, but it's quickly become one of my all-time favourite releases.
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    I can attest to what @Berks says, here; One time I had a very ordinary Tamagotchi called Blobtchi, who, upon reaching adulthood, suddenly had no defining traits at all - he was quite a shock to look at!
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    Oooh, that is excellent news, thank you! The Lovelitchi ears are cute but everyone so far has had them and I want to see something else. My hope is still alive!
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    it actually doesn't! LOL. First thing I always do when I get twins and they become toddlers is make them play and hide and go seek hahahah
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    Same here, twins are just so precious!! xD I'm always in such anticipation when getting a new egg hoping it'll be twins!! This just *NEVER* gets old lol!! xD Well done on such a heartfelt and interesting log
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    I ended up changing the time so that I could play with it all night, and good thing I did. I squeezed a good 7-8 hours out of this thing tonight alone, which just means less time I'll have to wait to get the the Cocoon stage! (Heres a pic of him awake, since in the last post it was of him sleeping ) At 3:00AM CST he got attacked by a Frog! Unfortunately I was unable to get a picture of it due to me caring about my Tamas well being more than a picture. When I can, I'll make sure to take a picture and post it, probably on another run most likely. Other than that, not much happened tonight, and from what I know, it'll take about 72 hours to turn into a cocoon. So, since there isn't much to report on, I'll take this time to talk about new features/differences I notice! Starting with... The Shell Game! In this game, you must find a leaf randomly hidden under one of these 4 hats/jars/shells (I'm not entirely sure what they are, honestly). Much like the P1's "Left or Right" game, this is both random, and has a "pattern" to it. You must find 2 out of 4 leaves to fill in a leaf on the happy meter. If you manga to find all 4, it will fill in 2 leaves instead of 1 on the happy meter! Personally, This game is alright. I like it a bit more than "left or Right", but can feel slow, and if you cant figure out the pattern to find the leaves, can lead into attempting the game several times which can be annoying. Secondly, I'll talk about... The Screen Saver! A new mechanic to the Morino, after about 8ish seconds of innactivity, the screen goes from showing your Tama, to this cute background of two trees, and your Tama flying in between them! At first I liked this, I thought it was really cool! but after a while, I found myself just wanting to watch my Tamas idle animation due to how cute they always are! So I found myself pushing a button just to view it. If it had a bit more personality, like Babymotchi/Imotchi crawling on the ground (since they cant fly), and the Cocoon/Minotchi hanging from a tree branch, I'd like it a lot more! But regardless of whatever Tamagotchi you have at a given time, they'll always be shown flying around the screen, to my knowledge at least. If your Tama gets attacked by a Predator and you don't stop it, on the screen saver it will be on the ground instead of flying. However I cant prove this since that has not happened to me yet, but I thought id mention it at least while I'm already talking about the screen saver. Well, that's it from me for now. I'll see you guys later with any new discoveries/things I want to talk about when it comes to the Morino! Until next time!
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    Third Generation That brings us to today! Soratchi and his octo-wifey had a boy, and his name is Marintchi. I was hoping he would get his mother's head rather than his father's, but so far he looks exactly like a young Soratchi, except he's a pale yellow instead of white. Maybe there's still a chance it'll change as he evolves? Here he is an hour or so ago with his pet Makimotchi: Right now, we're in the app playing Catching Fruit. I was going to get the trumpet and stop, but the next prize is a fun room and we must have it!
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    Second Generation Lovelitchi and her octo-hubby had a boy. I wasn't sure if it was a boy or a girl at first and I wasn't sure how naming worked (I didn't know it would add -tchi to the end of the name) so I went with the first name that popped into my head and ended up with Soratchi. I looked up a tama pet guide and lured a Chapitchi to the yard: At some point, a Doyakentchi wandered into the yard, married the Chapitchi, and I ended up with this monstrosity: I only have one picture of Soratchi as a teenager and it makes me laugh: Soratchi became an adult and I accidentally changed his color from pink to orange while trying to unlock a new location, but I was happy with the change. I decided to have him hang out in the app a bit to see if anyone was interested in proposing, but not before putting on his best accessory. He got two proposals: It's a longshot, I'm sure, but if either of these happens to be your tama, I'd love to see their babies! I thought about keeping Soratchi a while longer, but I found a cute octo-girl and had to propose. Luckily, she said yes!
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    46! (The cool Memetchis are the bouncers)
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    Usually tamagotchis will cry when they go out in the rain Mitatchi doesn't seem to mind it when he has a pet
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    Okay! Now we shall continue! AFTER YOU HAVE FED YOUR TAMA Go to the home screen ( press C ) and you'll probably find your tama bouncing on the screen happily and smiling. But after that you'll probably find he/she wiggling on the floor with some wavy lines. QUICK! Select A and scroll to the bathroom before your tama does its business on your floor! That's right, you gotta take it to the toilet before it poops on the home screen. ( I think it's potty training? ) If you went to the toilet quick enough, it should poop in the toilet. After that, it may be time to give he/she a bath, because if you haven't cleaned your tama in a while, it'll appear that it's been bathing in mud. You have to bathe your tama at least once a day. The same thing goes for the room. You have to vacuum the room at least once a day, or else the room will also appear dirty and your tama will get sick or die. And you all might be thinking, "Where do you find the vacuum?" So, go right over to the Main Menu and scroll to the Item Box. Select "Special". You'll see the Vacuum there. To use it, press B to select it, and select "Use". You tama then will happily vacuum the room, then the room will be sparkling clean! Oh, yeah, that reminds me. I still haven't taught you guys what the buttons are for, sorry! So, button A is to scroll to the options, B for selecting, and C to go back if you've done something wrong. Oh, and did you know that your tama has a toy? Once again, go to the menu and scroll to the item box. Select "Item". You should see the Bear, basically a teddy bear. Select it, then select "Use". The teddy bear is one of the ways to make your tama happy! The baby stage lasts for about a hour, so after that it will evolve into a toddler! Growth chart: Credit goes to lemon growth, neomametchi ,sammytchi_827 andGantchi! That's all for today-see you in the next post!