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    Happy new year to all of you! Make sure to give your loved ones (both real and digital) some extra love to celebrate a new decade!
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    I actually thought this was a very good idea- the trick doesn't harm other devices and both parties are happy! The other person got the genes they wanted and the person who didn't go through with the connection can keep searching for the genes they want while making other people happy. I don't really see any reason to stop this? Unless of course they're a mymeets user, but majority of them have been kicked off the app and you can check for corrupted data by looking through the family trees (eg tamas without eyes, black blobs etc)
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    I’ve compiled a work-in-progress list of changes made between the ON and the Meets tamas. Contributions from ON owners are appreciated, and the list will update. The list will only include major/semi-major changes made, including character/land names and functionality changes. Here’s what I have so far... - English language (most obvious change) -Screw instead of push-button (again, obvious change) -No M!x connection -Livings being renamed to Rooms -Friendship meter horizontal and shows stars instead of words (needs clarification) -Gourmet Street renamed to Food Town (needs clarification) -Tama Depa renamed to Store/Shop or something similar (although the sprite still reads “tama depa” on the sign) This is all I have so far, but if you have an ON and can tell me more changes, that would be greatly appreciated. (Asking since I don’t have one of my own yet, and cannot check myself.)
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    Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays! Don’t forget to spend some time offline/IRL with your loved ones. TamaTalk will still be here wsiting afterwards...
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    Haven't seen anyone talking about it yet so thought I'd make a post Anyone seen the new tamagotchi yet? It's coming out in late November and it seems to have a diamond kind of thing at the top. Would consider buying it if i wasn't broke lol,,, recently just bought a tama on + I'm a student with no income so I'll have to save up again ;_;
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    @KidRetro64 already mentioned this on their profile, but this is what Bandai Namco US posted on Twitter before the weekend. It’s to celebrate Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary. Hope it comes to Europe as well. Would be a bit disappointing if it was just yet another Tamagotchi Nano version (with Pac-Man instead of Gudetama or Eevee), but either way, I am very excited for its unveiling! Come to think of it, the Tamagotchi Mame Game hardware was used for Pac-Man once.
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    Hello there! I decided to track some of my little berry's new adventures. Of course, he fell asleep right before I thought to take pictures. Maybe I'll come back and make this post a little nicer soon~
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    I've faced similar before Don't be sneaky tho' - that never works and basically breaks down trust and friendship between partners or family members. I can only suggest doing something similar to what I used to do. Tell your husband that you want to buy the sanrio and pastel meets because they're good value right now. Tell him these tamas are something that you enjoy using and playing with - like a hobby. They make you happy, so you hope that he's okay with it even if he himself can't see the appeal. You could add that you know there's enough savings for "fun" stuff but you'd be happy to use your own money from your own account if he would prefer that option. A friendly, rational chat is usually the best approach. But that "guys... it's something that makes me happy and I can afford it; why is that not ok? Please don't make me feel down about it" is the best way to approach things.
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    Has anyone seen the tamagotchi some packaging yet? It looks amazing! Tempted to get one just because of the packaging,,, https://imgur.com/YgMkvdU Photo creds to ratamazone
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    There are a LOT of really cool fan Tamagotchi related projects going on right now. I wanted to draw some attention to one that has fantastic potential: Tamagotchi-Re-animated I can't describe their project any better than they do: I can't wait to see what comes out of this collaboration! Check them out here or on Twitter
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    Hello guys! Umm... I don't know how to start. So... It has been a rather interesting week for this project. I discovered that my old laptop was still lying around in my attic. This laptop was from 2008. My cousin had formatted it a few years ago but I was certain that I had visited the old Tamagotchi Europe quite a few times before the format. Long story short, I contacted a recovery service and told them about the situation. Two days ago they told me they have found some files. Some of them were OK but some of them were corrupted. So I have to wait for their next reply when they have finished working on the hard drive. I am confident that this time it will be A FULL RESTORATION PROJECT! I AM SO HYPED! See ya in the next one!
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    Woohoo! Just got our 200th folower on twitter ( @tamatalkdotcom ). What’s cooler than that? Next month we celebrate 15 years online!!
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    If an American studio acquired the rights to make a CGI Tamagotchi movie, who should it be?
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    https://nintendowire.com/news/2020/01/16/pac-man-nano-tamagotchi-revealed-available-in-two-variants-cases-included/ Exciting times.
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    This is my reply to this. The Space Monster Vpet that nobody seemed to know about back when that original thread was posted. I have had one of these since 1997. Let me be first to say it's difficult to get used to its strange control style. A is clock as well as cancel (but in some cases b is p... but never c). A also scrolls back through icons. C scrolls forward. He has a left and right guessing game much like the Gen 1 but also has an alternative game. You can set an alarm on the clock screen and I will share more later as I'm heading out now.
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    :To start first feed your TamaGotchi Sweets repeat that till it gets a toothache , Give it Medicne / AID , It will become happier cause you healed his toothache , Next Tip! Connect your tamagotchi to your iphone/ app keep it there for 1 hour otr more , then bring it back to your tamagotchi thing and it wil make his happy chart higher ! Hope That Helps ! Credit to : PandaBunny Toys :D
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    In early 2013, Tamatown was permanently shut down, completely locking players out of the password-only features on the V3, V4, V4.5 and Music Star. Upon logging into Tamatown, the V3 version of the site would request the user name you'd typed into your V3. Any passwords you received on the site would be generated using your username, so they only worked on Tamagotchis using the same password. On the V4, logging into Tamatown requires a login password, too. This password gives Tamatown details of what character you're currently using, as well as your parent and grandparent characters, how much you've donated to the Tamagotchi King, and any travel tickets you might have used recently. A logout password is generated which gives players the points they gained while using Tamatown, and individual items obtained in Tamatown are obtained by typing in their passwords like on the V3. Additionally, for both of these versions there existed passwords which only worked under specific conditions, like whether a plane ticket had been used that generation or what the parent characters were. It's not yet clear whether these passwords are generated by the same means as every other password but only work when the right conditions are set on the Tamagotchi, or if they are generated with a different algorithm using the login password or the password obtained on the device (e.g. like the passwords given after using a ticket or donating enough to the King). The Music Star worked a little differently. In this version, item codes are entered before logging out, and they're only six digits long now. As such, it's much easier to scroll through all the different passwords until you find a working one. Unlike previous versions, all item codes depend on the login code now, as they're entered before logging out. If you've been around a while you might remember previous password generators for these versions, and you might also be wondering why we can't just use those generators. Aside from the fact that all those generators were taken down over time, they didn't actually use the password algorithms directly - instead, after typing in the required login details it requests the password from the Tamatown servers (which, as it turned out, was surprisingly easy to do). All the generation was still done behind the scenes. When the Tamatown servers died, so did generators. Not all password generators have been this unsuccessful, though. Binary's EnWarehouse uses an algorithm which consistently gives the correct passwords for the Entama - there's a thread about the initial discovery of password generation for the Entama here. The Entama was a little different from the English releases in that it didn't use a user name to generate passwords. Passwords were instead only generated using the login password. After figuring out some of the patterns in these passwords, Binary was able to construct an algorithm to obtain any password you want. Here's how it goes: This gives us a glimpse into how to generate passwords for the V3 - it's likely a similar algorithm was used. But what algorithm was used, how do we find it, and how to usernames come into play? Some useful materials I encountered when researching this information was the original xml files that Tamatown used to store all the item and character IDs. I'm not sure if these xml files were the ones used in unfinished versions of Tamatown (the site was under construction for months after it first released) but the V3 xml doesn't seem to contain all the souvenirs. Furthermore, two of the souvenirs seem to have been accidentally marked with the same ID number, which I can only imagine causing problems for players. Nevertheless, the remaining gaps can be filled in. These IDs might serve useful when figuring out password generation. The ID number has to appear somewhere in the generation algorithm so that the device can decode the password and decide which item is being requested. To start analysing passwords I began with the V3 password list on Tamenagerie. Of course, these passwords are only valid for one specific username, but I had to start somewhere. Almost immediately I noticed one potential lead: the surf board password, 37139 06723. Digits 3, 4 and 5 form the number "139" which, perhaps coincidentally, is the decimal ID code for the surf board souvenir. I noticed another thing strange about this password when followed by the panda bear and maracas souvenir passwords which immediately follow it: 37139 06723 56851 07059 76563 07395 Can you see the pattern? These three numbers form an arithmetic progression. That is, the difference between the first two is the same as the difference between the last two. This is no coincidence, but I still don't fully understand how or why it happened. It wasn't long before I realised that some numbers were appearing more often than others. For example, a lot of the passwords - for some reason - ended with a 7. I tallied up how many of each number appeared in each position of the passwords and found the following: - The first digit had a roughly uniform distribution but 5 and 7 appeared more frequently than other digits, perhaps coincidentally - The second digit was more likely to be 7 than any other number - The third digit was most frequently 1 by a relatively wide margin - The fourth digit had a roughly uniform distribution with 9 appearing the most - The fifth digit was odd in all but two passwords with the remaining passwords having a 4 in the place of the fifth digit - of the odd digits, 1 appeared most frequently - The sixth digit had 0 and 5 appearing the most - The seventh digit was mostly uniform with 7 appearing the most - The eighth digit was most frequently 1, 3 or 7 with the remaining digits appearing less frequently - The ninth digit was mostly uniform with 8 and 9 appearing the most - The tenth digit was most frequently 7 by a relatively wide margin I don't think there's all that much I can do with this information, but it might gesture in the right direction. The fact that the fifth number was (almost) always odd was of particular interest - there's no way that's a coincidence. Passwords associated with other usernames were similar - for some usernames, the number in the fifth position was always odd. For others, it was always even. It might be worth noting that the only passwords bucking this trend were passwords for the cellphone and bicycle souvenirs - these were given out by the parents / grandparents, which seem to have handled passwords differently (in particular, the passwords for those items only work under specific conditions). I haven't been able to examine the distribution of the other digits with other usernames just yet, but I'm not sure the results would be all that helpful. One thing that hasn't been considered up until this point was that one item can be obtained with multiple different passwords. Finding patterns is a lot more difficult to pin down when there's also a random component involved which could influence how the password is decoded - some passwords might follow completely different patterns to others, so spotting a common pattern between them is impossible. To attempt to get around this, I'd need a list of all the passwords for a given item and username in order to see how different passwords can give out the same item. Fortunately for me, I found this thread where Binary dedicated what I can only imagine to be at least an hour generating hundreds of passwords for the Passport souvenir under the username "TMGC!". As it turns out, this list alone provides some vital clues to understanding how passwords are generated. But before we can figure out the passwords, we need to go a couple layers deeper: I arranged these passwords in numerical order and took the difference between consecutive passwords. According to Binary, they estimate that there's around 500 passwords per item, so it was very likely that there'd be entries missing from my list. Despite that, I immediately started to notice that many of the differences between consecutive passwords would appear multiple times - for example, there were a total of 11 times where the difference between consecutive passwords was found to be 23440258. This actually complicates things a little. The patterns and generation techniques used on the Entama were to do with the individual digits in the password. Numerical patterns, on the other hand, indicate that the generation algorithm may actually rely on the numerical properties of the password as treated as a number, rather than treating all the numbers separately. This could mean the V3 uses a generation algorithm far too dissimilar to the Entama's algorithm for us to even hope one could be used to get an idea of how the other works. How could it be the case that patterns were starting to emerge in the differences between the passwords when we'd just figured out that the fifth digit can only ever be always odd or always even depending on the username? And then it got weirder. Assorting these differences in numerical order once more and finding the differences between the differences, we find that these differences between differences are either 0, 48, 329, 589 or a sum of these four numbers modulo 2048. In other words, they're either a multiple of 2048, or, when divided by 2048, the remainder they give is 48, 329, 589, or some sum of these numbers (like 329+589). There's also one case of the difference being 145; I'm not really sure how this one happened. When it's a sum of some of these numbers I'm guessing there's gaps in the list of differences - for example if our list has A and B as consecutive differences with B-A=329+589, then maybe there's a C between A and B such that C-A=329 and B-C=589, or vice versa. There's a very clear pattern emerging here, but what it means and whether any information can be extracted from it is unclear. Actually, whilst writing this I found that 48=329+3*589 mod 2048 and 145=10*329+19*589 mod 2048, so I guess that solves that mystery. Upon closer inspection, I also noticed that there was a pattern emerging amongst these numbers - the order with which a 329 or a 589 would appear took the following pattern: 589, 329, 589, 589, 329, 589, 589, 329, 589, ... Even when taking the differences which were sums of 329 and 589 into account, the number of times each of these numbers appear in each sum exactly corresponds to what we'd expect if the pattern above were to continue. There's some patterns in the amount the multiple of 2048 increases too but I haven't been able to pin it down just yet. This all has the effect that the difference between two passwords on this list takes the following form: 2048n + 329a +529(2a+d) Where n is a "large" integer (usually well over ten thousand), a is a "small" integer and d is either -1, 0 or 1. In case you're wondering where the 2a+d came from, it's due to the fact that 529 appears twice for every time 329 appears in the sequence I noted above. In fact, the values for n seem quite restricted too. If I've got a password and I wanted to use these numbers to take a guess at what the "next" password giving the same item is, I only really need to check the values of n that I've observed already in the passport list, since there's not that many of them at all relatively speaking, yet still enough to make the list seem comprehensive. There's quite a few variables to consider when trying to understand the password system, especially when we take the variables used by the Entama into account: - Is there an initially generated password, like the login password? - How does the username come into play? - Where do the item IDs appear? - Where do randomly generated numbers appear? - Is there a pattern controlling variable like on the Entama? - Is there a checksum variable? - What order does are all these variables applied? I think understanding the order in which each of them appear might be the trickiest part. Maybe there's some specific algorithm that's applied to passwords to transform them into a password which contains the ID and a checksum and the pattern variable like the Entama passwords, but it could also be the case that some of the controlling variables appear earlier on in the decoding process, which would create some wildly different results. Even if we start noticing patterns in what we already have available to us, it's really only the tip of the iceberg. You might be wondering what the point of making such a generator is. Souvenirs never really did anything, and making a generator wouldn't bring Tamatown back. Plus, without Tamatown, using passwords taken from a generator takes some of the challenge and reward out of the items. Despite that, I think it's still important to be able to preserve this feature of a Tamagotchi, particularly as it provides a view into content that can no longer be obtained. It's also a convenience for players looking to buy a specific item without having to wait until it appears in the shop. Aside from the souvenirs, there's also a few food items which go unused because they're only available through the password system. Unlike the other food items, they're given directly to the player instead of acting as an opportunity to purchase the item. There's also a chance that some of the items on the V3 or V4 are completely unused, can only be obtained using passwords, but were never made accessible through Tamatown. It's actually already known that sprites for some of the ticket items on the V3 are present on the V2 (they can be occasionally seen using obscure glitches, though it's not known if these items are obtainable or if they'd do anything when used) and the Music Star had a few unused ticket items too (which can be obtained by guessing the right item passwords). With a generator, we could see items we've never seen before. On top of all this, I think it's just interesting to be able to learn more about how Tamagotchis work, and it's a good idea to take the opportunity to document these findings, even if nothing comes of it. Even if we don't get working passwords, we'll have an opportunity to learn something new. The next step will probably be to more closely examine the Passport passwords once again. I'm considering trying to use the patterns to limit which passwords have the potential to be valid, and then once I've limited the number of potential passwords to a more palatable number I can try them out until I start to create a more comprehensive list of passwords. This'll help me pin down the patterns more easily. I hope. Once the passwords for one item are understood we can move to looking at other items - we may want to investigate the following: - If we've got two passwords giving the same item, is it guaranteed that there exist passwords for every other item between these two passwords? In other words, is the password distribution uniform with respect to the items they give? - If, say, we shift a passport password by a value k to get a password for the second souvenir. If we do the same thing to another passport password, will we get another working password for the other souvenir? It may well be the case that neither of these points are proven to be the case, but the more structure the passwords have, the easier they'll be to understand. Ideally, more passwords would be helpful to figuring this all out. Though given how long it's been since Tamatown stopped working, I doubt there's all that many "complete" password lists, and certainly not that many lists of passwords which all give the same item. The impact of usernames will be interesting to see though, and at the very least, more passwords will mean we can take a closer look into how the number distribution in the password changes with the username (if that turns out to be at all useful or necessary). For people more experienced with Tamagotchi hacking, perhaps it'll be time to dump the Tamagotchi's ROM. Doing so won't be particularly easy, and it won't be guaranteed to give us any results, but it might be the best bet we have at understanding how passwords work. I know this post has already been pretty wordy, but if anything else comes of my research I'll be sure to continue to document it here.
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    Hi there and welcome to the community! The tamagotchi ON is the equivalent of the tamagotchi Meets (Japanese version) as you might know that the point of this newer version is to be bale to mix the characters which I personally think is amazing. The difference between Magical & Fairy is that the shell colors are diffrent and the characters/locations are also different depends on what version you want. If you look into this characters and locations chart you will be able to see all Meets versions, since you are asking about the Magical/Fairy ON you will only look into the first and second coloumns from left. (ON and Meets are identical the diffrence is that ON is in english, Meets is in Japanese and the Meets has now up to 6 diffrent versions while the ON so far is only two versions) I hope that was helpful and is not confusing!
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    To all the new visitors to TamaTalk this holiday season... welcome to our little community. hopefully many of you are enjoying new digital pets!
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    Probably will be coming out of Japan, as the announcement was in English.
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    I'm fully expecting another licensed Tamagotchi Nano, for this one, but I'm fine with that. I just hope that this one makes it out of Japan, or at least isn't underproduced, which were both issues with the Eevee one.
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    Fake Tamagotchis and generic virtual pets occupy a strange place in the virtual pets fandom - they can be a common pitfall for newcomers, but they also sometimes have appeal to enthusiasts who know what they are and who specifically want to add something weird to their collection. Then I realised that, although there are several TamaTalk members who discuss and/or own such devices, we don't have a database of them that others can check out in order to learn more about the suspicious offering that they saw on eBay, or that oddball creation that somebody was happy about adding to their collection the other day. So let's make one, and let's use the following format for it; [Picture goes here.] Name: Name goes here. If one does not exist, use a defining trait or an auction title - for example "Green, tomato-shaped generic virtual pet" or "Funny happy lovely designer retro nostalgic handheld pet game 1990s intelligence toy gift". Type: Fake or Generic - delete as applicable. Notes: Brief information about the pet goes here. Delete this line if there is nothing of note to say. You can copy the format from here and paste it into your own posts; [b]Name:[/b] [b]Type:[/b] Fake or Generic [b]Notes:[/b] Remember that a fake/counterfeit is an item that is in some way trying to fool someone into thinking that it is something else, whereas a generic item may be a workalike but it isn't trying to decieve anybody. This thread is not for virtual pets from known "families" like Gyaoppi, Akachan, Dinkie, Hitorikko, and so on. For the purposes of making this a useful reference, please follow the provided format, and please don't discuss the devices here - especially counterfeits, which tend to attract large amounts of discussion. For discussion of counterfeit Tamagotchis, please refer to @KidRetro64's epic thread "Fake Tamagotchis Are All over the Internet", which is TamaTalk's hottest place to discuss fake devices and unusual bootlegs. Now let's get started! Name: Tamagotchi Connection Type: Fake Notes: Possibly the most widespread counterfeit Tamagotchi of all time! It has four buttons instead of the genuine article's three, and uses generic 168 in 1 software that is commonly referred to by virtual pet enthusiasts as the "Bunny ROM", due to many eBay photographs of these devices showing a rabbit on-screen. If you're looking to buy virtual pets online, you will inevitably run into these infamous fakes sooner or later - most likely sooner. ---------- Name: Cyber Pet 168 in 1 Type: Generic Notes: Also available in heart and apple shapes. The heart-shaped version is also sold by Keycraft Global as "Digi Pets". The box-art appears to imply that you can choose Slush the Husky (from the Ty Beanie Boos toy-line) and Abu the monkey (from the SNES version of the Disney's Aladdin video game) as pets on this device, but they are not part of the software. Uses the same 168 in 1 "Bunny ROM" software as the common four-button Tamagotchi Connection counterfeits. Distributed in the UK by the long-established toys and giftwares company PMS International. ---------- Name: Virtual PETs Type: Generic Notes: A multi-pet from the long-established toys and giftwares company Funtime Gifts, which is available in 32-in-1 and 49-in-1 versions. The clock on these virtual pets gains time rapidly, making them almost impossible to raise to adulthood. These were sold in British high-street stores such as Hawkin's Bazaar. ---------- Name: Virtual PETS - Tamagotchi Connection Type: Fake Notes: This is the standard 168 in 1 Tamagotchi Connection counterfeit, apparently this time from a company called Aquarius, but it's sold in packaging that steals its text from Funtime Gifts' generic Virtual PETs - even down to erroneously claiming that the fake Tamagotchi Connection is a 49-in-1 device. This virtual pet is therefore trying to fool people into thinking that it's two different things at once! ---------- Name: Digi Pets Type: Generic Notes: Also sold by PMS International as the heart-shaped version of the "Cyber Pet 168 in 1". Uses the same 168 in 1 "Bunny ROM" software as the common four-button Tamagotchi Connection counterfeits. Distributed in the UK by the long-established impulse-buy toy company Keycraft Global. ---------- Name: 49 in 1 Cyber Pet Type: Generic Notes: Uses the same 168 in 1 "Bunny ROM" software as the common four-button Tamagotchi Connection counterfeits. Uses the same shell as the common four-button Tamagotchi Connection counterfeits, but with a generic "Cyber Pet" logo. The packaging erroneously claims that this is a 49 in 1 device. ---------- Name: Dinkie Dinoa Type: Fake Notes: A 24 in 1 pet that is sold in a convincing copy of the legitimate Dinkie Dino packaging. The pet itself is housed inside a convincing copy of the legitimate Dinkie Dino shell. The logo on the shell misspells the name as "Dinkie Dinoa". ---------- Name: House-shaped generic virtual pet Type: Generic Notes: Uses the same 168 in 1 "Bunny ROM" software as the common four-button Tamagotchi Connection counterfeits. ---------- Please contribute to this list if you can - let's make this a great resource for newcomers and experienced collectors alike!
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    Language of the tama doesn't matter at all, people have had Japanese tamas for years without knowing the language and they are just as fun as English ones since the text isn't very important anyway. You will understand everything maybe except for what the characters are saying but honestly even in English they aren't making much sense. However I suggest you to go with the ON JUST for one reason - the ON doesn't have the glitches Meets has, at least the most game breaking ones. I don't know what about the newer versions but the older versions of Meets are almost unplayable with the glitches.
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    Not sure if anyone is interested in this, but thought I'd share a little hobby project I'm working on. I've made a lot of games in the past using the DOOM Engine. Most are mature horror based games, but I thought I'd share this. A small fps adventure in which a man in his 30's who used to love Tamagotchi's as a child gets sucked into the world of Tamagotchi. He then remembers it was a place he used to visit every night as a child. There is a threat, and enemies, but I won't reveal those here yet. But here's a screenshot I took from the Sick Bay area of the game (it's still a work in progress). Hope you like it, and if you do, I might share a little gameplay video.
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    GUYS! This is on amazon? It is called Tamagotchi On and it seems like it is a localised tamagotchi meets?? Have our prayers been answered? https://www.amazon.com/Tamagotchi-42834-On-Magic-Purple/dp/B07R18MJGM/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Tamagotchi%2BOn&qid=1557159747&s=gateway&sr=8-1&pldnSite=1&th=1 This box looks HUGE
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    I think it’s interesting they added the diamond bit on top! Is it just a decoration or it has another purpose? The other thing is the characters are absolutely beautiful, so far I think they’re best looking for the Meets lineup (besides Snario of course ) Here’s also another leaked pic of what it appears to be changing the characters color by dipping them in chocolate? This seems interesting, can’t wait for more official information
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    You read that title right: one Cheesy running twenty tamas at once. No pausing. I've already spent money on batteries, so it's too late to back down. Here's what I've got: P2, Angel, Ocean, Osu & Mesu, Morino, Ocean, V1, V2, V3, Oden-kun, V5.5, V6, Tama Go, P's, Dream Town x 2, Mix, 20th anniversary Mini, whatever you call those original remakes, and an ON. If that doesn't add up to twenty then I typed something wrong. I'll be starting in the baby stage whether that means resuming from where I left off or resetting the tamagotchi. I've already resigned myself to the fact that the Ocean will be dead within an hour, but hey. Some of these will be extra fun since I haven't played with them before. I'm trying to figure out my set up/transportation method. I'm certainly going to be putting these in my work locker. My batteries should arrive on the second, then I just have to figure out when I'm off work.
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    WAAAAY back in 2004 TamaTalk first appeared online. Thinks were very different back then. I was still learning how to manage a web site... The member count was tiny... Things were simple. Then TamaTalk started growing... And growing... And growing. Back then in 2004, if you told me that in 2019 this site would still be online I would have laughed and thought you were dreaming. Well... No dreaming required (though there are lots of blinding fast years in between). So June 15 is TamaTalk official birthday. This little community is now 15 years old... 15!!! Like any 15 year old, we've gone through many changes over the years. Uh... I guess 15 puts us into awkward puberty age... *checks for pimples on the site* It is times like this that I am left feeling very grateful. Grateful to all of our wonderful members... Our wonderful Guides... Our wonderful Angelgotchi and Lifetime Angelgotchi donors... Even grateful to Google for helping people find us for the first time. So thank you to all of you! Fifteen years is pretty amazing, in my opinion. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMATALK!!!
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    I am so happy to announce that @Penguin-keeper has accepted our invitation to join the TamaTalk Guides Team! Congratulations, Penguin-keeper! We are very happy to have you helping out!
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    I took some collection pics this morning (because my neighbor was out yelling at her dog again). I laid all of them out on my desk and unsurprisingly, they took up every inch of space. I only have two tamas running at the moment and while I was taking these pictures, they woke up . First here they are all boxed: And then unboxed: My pink Angelgotchi doesn't work and I included those two Poke walkers because they are psedo-Vpets (one of them is my brother's). That light pink, oblong device at the bottom is actually an Angel Scope and technically not a virtual pet but some kind of fortune telling machine. I mistakenly bought it thinking it was a virtual pet and for that reason I included it in the group shot (it is also made by Bandai). My full collection list is in my profile if anyone wants to know their names.
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    KEEP THEM COMING! Bandai Japan is on a roll with all these Meets versions, and they just keep getting cuter and cuter! Behold - the Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy version! We’ve got some information from the leaks that you’re just going to LOVE! The Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy Version will be available in two different color shells, purple and blue. Both are very pastel-like colors and have adorable shell designs that are decked out with jewels and a rainbow ombre. Both shells will feature some jewels, very similar to the Tamagotchi P’s design. Princess Palace, Arabian Night, and Wonderland are the three new locations that will be featured. Let’s talk about those characters. Fantasy Mametchi, Loveli Princess, Yumei (Dream) Alice, Kirari (Shiny) Hatter, Meloarabian, and Lamppatchi. The mixes are just SO cute, and we love seeing these characters all dressed up. You can expect to get your hands on the Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy Version this summer, August of 2019! Pricing is sure to be similar to the original Tamagotchi Meets, Pastel Meets, & Sanrio Meets. More information is sure to leak before Bandai Japan officially announces the newest version, its basically tradition at this point, and we will be sure to keep you updated! Stay tuned!
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    I'm glad to have you aboard the project, @Hohotchi-HO7! I love the name Mewtwo for a test subject. I just wanted to update on Guava really quick. She got married to a Minotchi because I would like to try for another Mizutamatchi. She might be leaving her baby tomorrow (definitely on Monday), so I'll update then.
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    Hi! I've just been reading this thread and I'm very intrigued by the progress you made through Version 4 evolution research. I encountered similar questions (especially surrounding genes) when I was using my Version 4s, but couldn't quite figure out the complexities behind Child/Teenager evolution. So, great work! If the Tamagotchi was an academic subject, you would have come through with a significant discovery! If you'd like, I can boot up one of my Version 4s and help your research. That way we can test theories and answer some remaining questions faster.
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    Sadly, it looks like Tama-Zone has been abandoned. I looked into that website a year or two ago and found that there were barely any recent posts. The posts that were there seemed to be new users trying to start something and most of them didn't accomplish anything. It really functions as an archive now since back 5-10 years ago, there was genuine interests in all things virtual pet and it flourished. It looks like users gradually moved on to other social media platforms since logging, the main forum activity, is highly social and allot of people are contented with an informal structure. Naturally, people moving onto other places means they take all of their other Vpet curiosity with them, making the discussions on Tama-Zone die even further. Judging from what I've seen there - and what has trickled onto TamaTalk - people moved to Tamagotchi Facebook groups and those are starting to break down. People are trying to make new forums to hopefully rekindle the old enthusiasm - someone even mistakenly tried to do that here - but really TamaTalk is the only active Tamagotchi forum. I reckon allot of that is due to the community collecting here because it always has and there is still interesting content. I'm telling you all this as another way to say that you are better off staying on TamaTalk because you wont get the same interaction on Tama-Zone - since its practically abandoned and any contributing there would be equivalent to screaming into a void. If you still want to contribute there anyway, you could PM Ra on instagram since he's still active there. Just in case there is any confusion, I'm perfectly fine with people going to Tama-Zone instead of TamaTalk and if Tama-Zone ever gets its community back, the more the merrier!
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    A few months back, in my password experimentation topic, user Eggiweg noted that whilst using an unfinished version of my password generator they'd managed to obtain "glitch souvenirs" - item IDs 114 - 127 would give the player a "souvenir" of sorts that looked like a small section of text taken from somewhere else. The souvenir is only briefly seen and doesn't appear in the souvenirs list, but is an interesting example of "glitch items" on the V3 nonetheless: ID SOUVENIR ID ITEM 114 Untested 0 BALL 115 CIL 1 PENCIL 116 Untested 2 WIG 117 Untested 3 SUNGLASSES 118 Untested 4 RC CAR 119 N 5 (Unknown) 120 HTS I 6 WEIGHTS 121 OY 7 RC TOY 122 AR2 8 (Unknown) 123 W 9 BOW 124 TS 10 DARTS 125 G CK 11 BLDG BLOCK 126 P 12 CAP 127 TIE 13 BOW TIE The items listed above are all the glitch souvenirs I've recorded so far. I don't currently have a V3 running so I've basically just had to go off what others using the password generator have found. In the left two columns you'll the the item ID of the souvenir in question and how that souvenir appears to look on-screen. On the right I've listed the first 14 items by their ID number. Clearly, there's a correspondence here like some of the items we saw on the V2. From this, we can conclude that RC CAR2 is probably item ID 8 and item ID 5 is probably PEN. You can see the items I've obtained images of so far below: I've left 15 slots here instead of 14 because I've actually not seen item ID 113 tested yet and I'm not sure if it'll be rejected as an unused item ID or if it'll contain yet another glitch souvenir. Ideally I'd like to fill in all the empty slots as part of an effort to document all the absurd glitch-items Tamagotchis have to offer, so any experimentation with and photographs of the glitch souvenirs using the password generator would be helpful
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    Okay, sooo, Templechi grew up to become a wall-eyed adult with the same fashion problems as his forbears. I didn't get many pictures of him, here's one when he married Miss. Apple And finally FINALLY THE DRESS WAS NO MORE FINALLY GOT RID OF THE DRESS I HAD FROM GEN 1!!!! This little guy was called Cupar and that was one of the only pics I got of him. He was cute and wall-eyed like his dad. I liked him so much that I kept him for a few days before marrying him to a dog. This little one is named Lunachi, after Luna, my puppy that I will be picking up in 2 weeks time. Here's a pic of her :3 Until next time!
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    This is absolutely true. 🐧 Well *I* was going to let them get to 99. Time to pick a new number - tell one of my penguin minions helpers to fetch my dice-bag, will you, please?
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    I have a feeling my logs are going to 100% consist of "my tama grew up and looks like a dingus, here's who married them" type posts Anyway Joopchi grew up and looks like a dingus I like the white/yellow/blue colours together but of course he is wearing the "family dress" This colouration actually reminds me of the two-toned chao from SA2... This is who married him, can you tell what genes I am interested in? I really want a "w" shaped mouth haha The whole purpose of these guys is to breed...I feel like i'm just practising tamagotchi eugenics rather than caring for them as pets.. but I guess the game encourages this. Lemon, who for now has her dad's weird cake topper swirls. This is her pet, Floosie Don't worry, it won't be long until Lemon joins the next phase of my anti-pink dress breeding programme
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    I'm still loving documenting my time with my tama but I returned to work today after the holidays and have less time, so my logs will probably be a bit shorter. The day began with Jojo brutally fleecing a bunch of oldies for their money (I found out about the 'leave with parents' feature - since it was new year-ish time both the parents and grandparents gave jojo money) Jojo evolved into basically a big version of her teen form with Bob's dress. That thing is quite the hand-me-down by now. She was light blue but I dyed her white, because honestly I think I prefer lighter/neutral colours to help her stand out from the background. Honestly the amount of pets my guys go through is worrying. I think doink lasted the longest. This new lop-eared ghost thing is quite cute and matches Jojo quite well. It's name is Floopy. I think I got bitten by the bug when it comes to marrying off characters and seeing what combination comes up. I'm pretty sure Jojo will be married soon :3
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    Finding a nice girl for ding dong wasn't easy. I took to proposing to random characters in the app, the first three of whom rejected poor ding dong probably on account of his cabbage-like hue and questionable fashion sense. It's not easy being green. "anata to kekkon dekinaiyo" (I can't marry you.) Eventually we came across a tama who would have him, "nakayoku shiite hoshii no" (I want us to get along) Soon Ding dong was looking forward to being a proud father Welcome jojo! I didn't realise that ding dong's greenness would persist into the family tree. 😕 does that mean his colour can be expressed in his offspring? Jojo soon became a marshmallow ballerina like her grandmother, bob, with green and gold head accessories. Her pet is also a fish, but unlike ding dong's Hootie, this fish isn't just stupid, it's completely vacant real estate in the brain department. I have named it "doink." I don't expect it to last long. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of jojo!
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    I don't think its me being a Tama enthisuist that I noticed it. More like I'm a stickler for details and I notice this about anything really. 27 years of playing video games have trained me to be sensitive to color. You could take a screen colored completely light gray and make one pixel just barely a lighter or darker shade and I'd zero in on it the second I look at it. If something is wrong with my green magical at least my sister got in a purple magical for Christmas along with the pink fairy one.
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    It's been less than a day since my last update - normally I'd just edit my last post but I feel like it might be worth bumping the thread for this update. Unless I'm mistaken... I've figured out how the checksum works in the V3 passwords, thus cracking the algorithm. There's still more to understand - with this I'm only capable of generating half the allowed password combinations (which is still obviously more than is necessary, so it's not really a big deal) due to that one variable which, when turned on, seems to make everything more difficult. I think, after this most recent revelation, it should be easier to figure out, though. Recall that there's a five-byte structure to the passwords, which we'll represent as follows: BYTE_5 | BYTE_4 | BYTE_3 | BYTE_2 | BYTE_1 For now we'll set BYTE_5 to zero to make things a bit easier. Recall also that a username constant is XOR'd onto this structure - for now we'll pretend we've already XOR'd out this username factor so the username is no longer affecting the password. Since BYTE_5 is zero, we get the following password structure, just by the nature of how these passwords work: 0 | BYTE_4 | BYTE_3 | BYTE_2 | 199 BYTE_2 = ITEM_ID XOR 70 BYTE_3 may be any integer from 0 to 255 BYTE_4 may be the checksum? That random 70 was definitely raising my eyebrows and when adding together all of the bytes I noticed that the result I got most of the time was exactly 140 away from 256, a power of two. So I tried XORing out a couple 70s here and there: 0 | BYTE_4 | BYTE_3 | BYTE_2 | 199 XOR 0 | 70 | 70 | 70 | 70 = 0 | BYTE_4 XOR 70 | BYTE_3 XOR 70 | ITEM_ID | 129 This seems like it's in a format that would make more sense for the password decoder to read - the item ID can now just be read out instead of needing to apply a random 70 to it. It should also be noted that BYTE_3 XOR 70 is once again just another integer from 0 to 255 so we can consider this the random element (if you'd like a more technical definition, the XOR 70 operator is a bijective function on the set of integers from 0 to 255 to itself). We'll notate BYTE_3 XOR 70 as just "RAND" and BYTE_4 XOR 70 as "CHECK". Here's the breakthrough: 129 + ITEM_ID + RAND + CHECK = 0 mod 256 Hence, CHECK = 127 - ITEM_ID - RAND mod 256 A slightly unusual checksum, but it makes a certain amount of sense. To verify the checksum, all the device would need to do is add the four bytes together and check that they equal zero (mod 256). I have a generator spreadsheet ready for those who want to generate passwords using this now, but I'd prefer to get it into a more accessible state, so I'm writing up some javascript for this purpose instead. I'm also considering creating a sort of EnWarehouse-like program for this purpose too, once I figure out some of the other password systems as well. I'll get the script out as soon as possible. Thanks to all those who have helped me on this journey! --- EDIT: I've embedded the script into this page: https://hazzabobbo.wixsite.com/mamemamelabs/password-generator The presentation is a bit sloppy for now but it's something I'm working on! There'll probably be some item IDs which don't work so any feedback is helpful.
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    First impressions of the Tamagotchi On: This thing is freaking sweet!
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    Your permissions don't mean anything since the anime is Bandai's property.
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    The tamagotchi on must be doing well for bandai to consider this release,, hoping we get more English releases in the future https://imgur.com/aHgmwY8
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    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, im new to the fourm. So. i was feeling very nostellgic when i found my old tamagotchi v5 (surprisingly, it still works!) i remembered there was a TamaTown Website thing you could goto to send your Tamagotchi data (it used like some password system) and then it would generate a code based on what you did, unfortunately this website does not exist anymore (doesnt even load on the web archive (except for V3 which gets to the login screen, but it cant get much further than that) Now, these days i do alot of Software Reverse Engineering (mostly of the PlayStation Vita OS..) Which got me thinking about how this thing probably works behind the scenes: Obviously the Tamagotchi device itself doesnt have an internet connection, which means there is probably some password generation algorithm on TamaTown (as well as a inverse of it on the device itself but, mainly due to lack of hardware knowledge and also because this is my *original* tamagotchi, im not about to open the thing up to try dump out the ROM (though i could maybe get another one..) (as nice of a resource that would be for static analysis) i did a quick google search for "Tamagotchi ROM Dump" it seems some people have mannaged to dump the rom of some of the older devices (but i couldnt find any downloads) its possible the password stuff was done server-side in which case reversing the ROM would be the only way to get the secrets. i figured the clock is probably how it does everything, it seems its even used for login password generation since changing the clock also seemed to change the password. im guessing your tamagotchi probably had to have the right time (to some degree) to be able to login to the server? besides that i havent been able to find much about how the device works internally, so i assume id have to take a look at the TamaTown Binaries at first i wondered if anyone ever made a private server for TamaTown (simular to the club penguin private servers) i came across this (also dead) site http://tamagotch.org/tamatown/ and this GIT repository https://github.com/loociano/tamatown which has a link to a few SWF files and goes over how the authentication worked for a few of them, so it seems like attempts where made? (though there was just a post with some more swfs for v4 posted just a few ago here) So basically im posting here, what (if any) progress has been made on reversing and hacking tamagotchi in general, what has allready been done ?
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    My least favorite is the V5. The characters are cute, but: -The games are super boring, difficult and time consuming. I prefer fed them candy to make them happy. -The design of kuchipatchi is different and not-so-cute looking :c
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    Today my Spacey M!X evolved bright and early into the teen stage. Thanks to locating a handy character sheet made by Tama-Star_Girl, (or at least posted by her if she didn't create it) I can now say that the "yellow spoon thing" toddler was a Tantotchi, and she evolved into a Haretchi. I also was taught how to play Star Catcher correctly XwX (Thank you, Penguin-keeper and iTammanadi!) The translated guide I read just said "Press button to catch star, do not press if UFO" so I was doing things completely wrong >.< Feeding times for the Pocket Neopets continue to be completely erratic. Breakfast at 10 am??? Is this a result of all the pausing? How can I undo this?? I wish there was a dedicated internet community for these guys like TamaTalk is for Tamagotchis... Got the Harris Reflex trophy on the Faerieland one though, which is good because on hard mode that game is actually just broken/unfair. 2 trophies left: Copy Cat on the Aisha and Fiery Faerie Chicken on the Faerieland one. (This one is going to be the hardest I think because my reaction time has never been very fast XwX)
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    Me again! I bundled my modest little collection together and I think they all look rather dashing! The two Jensei's turned up today Still pleasantly surprised about Japan -> UK shipping times! From top to bottom: 3x 20th Anniversary Tamas 1996 P1 • 1997 P2 V2 • V3 • V3 • V3 • V4 • V5 Jinsei Entama Hanerutch 2 • Home Deka v2 • Jinsei Entama
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    The Tamagotchi ON just received FCC Approval: FCC ID PQ342830 The FCC approval indicates it will be Bluetooth-enabled. At least 5 Model Numbers: 42830 [Pink?], 42831, 42833, 42834, 42835 FCC ID Attachments: Low-Quality User Manual: https://fccid.io/PQ342830/Users-Manual/User-Manual-4215747.pdf Another source for the user manual (screenshots of each english page): https://manuals.plus/tamagotchi/tamagotchi-user-manual/ Internal Photos of the device: https://fccid.io/PQ342830/Internal-Photos/Internal-Photos-4215757 External Photos of the device [Pink, Blue, Green Models]: https://fccid.io/PQ342830/External-Photos/External-Photos-4215755